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Firm Mattress Toppers Reviews

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Firm mattress toppers are a great way to add longevity to a mattress that has softened up over the years. However, not all firmer mattress toppers will add significant life to your sleeping surface (or support your spine well enough). That's why we're comparing our 5 favorite firm mattress toppers that customers score highly when it comes to back pain relief and support. Read on for our full list...or see the #1 rated firm topper, airweave.

Mattress Topper Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.6/10

Comfort: 9.5/10

Support: 9.8/10

Cooling: 9.7/10

Price: $225-$870

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Firm Mattress Toppers Details

Firm mattress toppers are ideal for those that are trying to add life to their existing mattress that has softened up over time. Also, it can be a good addition to mattresses that are too soft for stomach sleepers or back sleepers. Differing sleeping styles and positions can also be a time to seek out firm support. When it comes to firmer mattress toppers, most of the products out there feature firm foams, like latex or high density polyurethane foam, but others feature revolutionary designs and materials. However, not all foams are equal, with some firm toppers having durability and flattening issues over a short period. We've selected below those that have good scores when it comes to longevity and support.

Mattress Topper Selection

Below, we'll go through our top 5 favorite firm mattress toppers.

Here is a breakdown of Airweave's Top Mattress:

Airweave is a recent addition to the mattress world, with their revolutionary airfiber material that is made of the same polyethylene that is in fishing line, but is weaved together into an ultra-durable, firm construction. Additionally, it is extremely airy so won't trap heat and will sleep cool. This cushion is extremely firm, but has a small bit of response while being ultra-durable. It adds real firmness for stomach sleepers or those that desire more durability in their sleeping surface. For those that want the ultimate in firmness, Airweave should be at the top of your consideration.

Next, here is what's inside Plushbeds Latex Toppers:

Plushbeds is known for its high end latex mattresses. Their latex foam toppers are extremely desirable for those that want all-natural materials and construction. With an organic cotton cotton cover and stringent GREENGUARD emissions certifications, sleepers can rest assured that they are sleeping on quality products. Their latex toppers come in an extra-firm option and multiple thickness varieties, which are ideal for stomach sleepers or those looking for great support.

Next, here is what's inside the Avocado Firm Topper:

Avocado won its fame from its organic latex hybrid mattress. Their latex topper comes in two options -- firm or plush, and their firm version is a welcome addition to those that need extra support on the surface layer. Most customers like their Avocado mattress toppers and the support that they offer, which is ideal for those that want high quality support with a subtle contour.

Next, here is what's inside Sleep EZ Latex Toppers:

For those that want the ultimate in customization and options, Sleep EZ allows sleepers to select the kind of latex, the firmness (including extra firm), and the thickness. This level of customization is great for those that want a specific type of latex and feel. The slimmer options are ideal for those that want additional support, but not at the price of the comfort of the mattress below, while the thicker option is ideal for those that want an entirely different mattress feel. Customers give Sleep EZ good ratings when it comes to their toppers and selection.

Lastly, here is what's inside Saatva High Density Foam Topper:

Saatva's high density topper is firmer than other foam options, but is still much less firm than other options noted above. The high density foam provides a good amount of support, but still some pressure relief, making it ideal for larger side sleepers who are struggling with a softened up mattress.


As you can see from the above scale, each of these brands provide toppers that are either medium-firm or firm to sleeping surfaces. This makes them ideal for stomach sleepers or back sleepers that need more support.

Back Pain Relief

Each of these mattress toppers may help with back pain by adding support to a sagging or too soft mattress. That said, the mattress below still plays an important role in back pain and comfort, which these mattresses may not be able to solve in some circumstances.


Each of the above mentioned toppers get good recognition for cooling. Those that sleep especially cool are the Airweave topper and latex toppers due to their natural cooling properties.

Who Are These Firm Mattress Toppers Right For?

These firm mattress toppers are great for back and stomach sleepers who are sleeping on a mattress that is too soft for them right now. These toppers do an excellent job providing firm support. Those that need less support or need more pressure relief, see our list of top rated mattress toppers for more information.

Browse Firm Mattress Toppers Customer Reviews

Great mattress topper [Airweave Topper]

If you love a firm mattress. And I mean a real firm topping — not a squishy one— this is the best. The only reason we didn’t keep it was because it made our king sized bed literally divided with a shelf between sides and my wife felt like I was on a higher plane. She prefers soft mattresses and so we ultimately had to consider a new mattress altogether. But I would sleep On this every night if I could.

The best [Airweave Topper]


Airweave mattress top [Airweave Topper]

It is hard to put a finger on what does it but the mattress top which is neither nor soft with a gentle support (I described to my friends as a mother holding a baby...) improved my sleep. Turning over is easier too. I am a night owl but kinda look forward to going to bed now. On top of that the bonus is I have not had any stiffness in the back (the kind that disappears after moving around)right after getting up in the morning. I can just get up and going without stretching etc.

Excellent top Mattress [Airweave Topper]

The top mattress is working as advertised. It helps with my lower back pain. However, it is too hard for side sleeper. My shoulder/arm went numb after sleeping on the side.

Good purchase [Airweave Topper]

I like the firmness and feel good about my spine health.

Great! [Airweave Topper]

I had back pain but I can sleep without it now. Thank you so much!!

airweave [Airweave Topper]

helped firm up the mattress a bit, but not as much as I had hoped

Good mattless! [Airweave Topper]

I am cured of low back pain thanks to this mattress.Thank you!

Significant improvement [Airweave Topper]

As a long distance triathlete, I spent lots of hours on my bike in aero position and on the trainer. I have been experiencing lower back pain. Since I bought the airweave top mattress (in addition to a more constant stretching routine), the back pain is gone and I sleep so much better. Thank you for making a great product!

Great mattress [Airweave Topper]

I've been sleeping on this mattress for a few weeks now, and my sleep quality has definitely improved. I used to wake up with very stiff shoulders, but with this mattress, I don't have the same issues. I was never a big fan of memory foam or soft mattresses. I am really glad I purchased this mattress, which I've heard a lot of good things about in Japan!!!

Perks up a tired mattress [Airweave Topper]

Very nice improvement.

very good [Airweave Topper]

very good

Happy to purchase [Airweave Topper]

Happy to purchase

The top mattress total fixed [Airweave Topper]

The top mattress total fixed my back pain.

Great topper. Very comfy sleep [Airweave Topper]

Much better and restful sleep now

Ask me later---hard matress for now [Airweave Topper]

I was going to say 3.5 for now. I can probably give more points later once I get used to my topper or my topper gets used to my body. I am used to sleeping on temperpeudic for some years, but I wanted to try something new for my dorm bed. For now, it is pretty hard matress...

Excellent [Airweave Topper]

I am using Top Mattress on a soft mattress and feel much better.

Most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on [Airweave Topper]

Comfortable and doesn't hurt my back. This is amazing to me because I have scoliosis and a shallow lumbar curve. I bought the 2 inch Top Mattress to cover a so-called firm mattress which literally destroyed my lower back. This topper has given me the first comfortable sleep I've had in over a decade and my back has gotten somewhat better. The first time I tried it, it seemed a little hard. But the second time it felt quite comfortable. Its been more then a month now and its still comfortable. It hadn't broken down like every "firm" mattress I ever owned. Everyone who is suffering from mattresses and chairs that forces their back into an uncomfortable curve should consider this topper. The fake-firm mattresses and one-size-fits-all lumbar support office chairs are downright abusive to everyone who doesn't have a perfect lumbar curve. These days even buses have horrible one-size-tortures-most lumbar support seats. I wonder if forcing people to have a big lumbar curve is really good for anyone at all.

Super mattress [Airweave Topper]

Super mattress

Amazing [Airweave Topper]

From the day I used it for the first time, the pain in my body is gone

Comfy sleep [Airweave Topper]

Good lumbar support and a restful sleep

It is amazing mattress never experienced before. [Airweave Topper]

I could experience the fall in sleep for just few minutes, never experienced before. It is very much comfortable not only for my back and also holistic my body, likes in the heaven, so improve my sleep.

Back pain is reduced [Airweave Topper]

Stubborn pain on my lower back is reduced at the first time I used it. Overall sleep quality has not improved much. I wish it is a little softer.

Great topper [Airweave Topper]

I like this topper a lot but am thinking I would prefer the actual mattress since there still some sinking from the old soft mattress even with the topper

I enjoy better sleep [Airweave Topper]

My shoulder pain is significantly lesser when i sleep on this mattress.

added more support [Airweave Topper]

I wasn’t sure about my airweave mattress topper until i slept on it for 30 days. Now I love it. It offers me the added support my plush memory foam mattress didn’t. I also noticed less heat while sleeping. I am happy with my purchase.

Perfecta [Airweave Topper]

Muy buena. Muy recomendable.

Airweave matress topper [Airweave Topper]

A great product!

Great product. [Airweave Topper]

My quality of seep increased after getting Airweave.

It saved me from back pain [Airweave Topper]

Long story short. I bought an expensive tempurpedic bed 2 years ago, unfortunately this bed doesn't work for me, it's consistently sagging in different spot, and we had to switch sleeping position every night. It's also very hot in summer to sleep on memory foam. (I thought I was able to overcome it, but it's just too hot) I heard airweave when I saw the news that Olympics athletic uses their bed, I decide to give it a try when they started to sell in US, at the time, I had nothing to loose, since they have pretty great free shipping & return policy. Well, it's the best 800 dollar spent, ever since I put the topper on my bed, I no longer have to switch position, the topper itself is very supportive, and it doesn't generate heat like tempurpedic. I love this topper, and if time could rewind, I would bought their mattress instead of tempuredic.

Best choice [Airweave Topper]

I don't like too soft mattress and the firmness of airweave is just right for me. Feeling so happy everytime I go to sleep and lie down.

Awesome firm topper [Airweave Topper]

We have a firm temperpedic mattress that was starting to sag after only 5 years, we added this topper and it has given new life to our mattress (although we will never buy a temperpedic again). Love the sleep we are getting with the airwaves!

This saved my partner’s back. [Airweave Topper]

We bought a high end foam hybrid mattress two years ago, and not long after my girl friend injured her back in a car accident. That mattress became to soft for her, which resulted in on going chronic pain for quite some time. Airweave’s mattress topper saved the day. We both sleep like babies on it. And my girl friend no longer wakes up in agony. ...Read MoreRead more about review stating This saved my partner’s back.We actually struggle getting out of bed because it is so comfortable! Read LessRead less about review stating This saved my partner’s back.

Good for back pain [Airweave Topper]

I woke up every day with neck pain during quarantine using my usual mattress. After using the airweave mattress topper my neck pain went away. This is a good topper for people who like hard sleeping surfaces. It still allows your bottom to sink in, so it is not painful like sleeping on a hardwood floor

We Love These! [Plushbeds Topper]

We received our new mattress yesterday (we ordered two of the firm queen size toppers) and, after spending a night on them, we are grateful. Owing to our traditional spring mattress, my husband hadn't had a good night's sleep in years---until last night. These toppers are very comfortable, support your body, and breathe to regulate temperature. You really have to sleep on one to realize what you've been missing. When we got out of bed in the morning, there was no stiffness anywhere in our bodies, my husband didn't sweat in the night, and we felt well rested. I love that these toppers don't contain chemicals (when we removed them from the box, they smelled fresh and natural.) Thank you, Plushbeds, for making such a wonderful, safe product that we will enjoy for many years to come!

Hip pain completely gone [Plushbeds Topper]

I purchased the three inch Natural Talalay Latex topper in the Medium ILD to see if it would help the chronic hip pain I'd been experiencing. Within a week the pain was gone. I now believe that the memory foam mattress I was sleeping on was causing the problem. The Latex pushes back so you don't sink in and get stuck like you do on a memory foam bed but it is still soft. If you are having hip or back pain, I would definitely try out the Latex. I've since purchased a latex mattress and now have my topper on top of that. It is heaven!

Wow! [Plushbeds Topper]

This topper is heavenly. What a difference it made for my bed! I heard great things about the feel of natural latex but I never expected it to feel this good on my body. It soothes my back and it makes my bed feel so comfortable. I sleep so well now.

Amazing Purchase! [Plushbeds Topper]

If you have an older mattress and you are achy because of it, then buy this topper. It is amazing! There is nothing like it. You feel like you are floating on a cushioned, supportive cloud. Wonderful.

So Comfortable! [Plushbeds Topper]

This 100% natural latex topper is AMAZING! So comfortable! It completely renewed my old mattress. I sleep so well now. It cushions my whole body. Feels great!

Heavenly [Plushbeds Topper]

This is the most amazing topper. It completely renewed my old mattress. I had no idea that a topper could feel this good. It cushions your whole body and gives it a nice support. Very comfortable.

Cushioned Luxury [Plushbeds Topper]

Wow - extremely comfortable topper. You will not want to get out of bed. It feels amazing on your entire body. Cushioned luxury!

PIECE OF HEAVEN! [Plushbeds Topper]

After much research on latex mattresses after visiting a chain store and was shocked at the cost of talay latex, I discovered PlushBeds on line. I would never think of purchasing a mattress or topper from an on line company. I can not say enough about Plushbeds products! I have purchased a mattress set, two toppers and a mattress for our pull out sofa. The aches and pains of my shoulders and knees have disappeared!! Nothing like a great nights sleep! My 80 year old parents also purchased a topper and love it! They ordered a second one for there condo. Great product, great cost and great customer service! Cant go wrong!

No Odors [Plushbeds Topper]

I absolutely love my new 3" latex topper. It is very comfortable and I have no more lower back pain.

One last tryto save my mattress [Plushbeds Topper]

My mattress is very old (over 10 years) and uncomfortable. I decided to give this natural latex topper a try before I splurge for a new mattress. The topper is wonderful. It's nice to see what 100% natural latex feels like. It definitely gave my old mattress some life and saved my back from it. However, it is not majic and in the end, I still need a new mattress.

Excellent Product [Plushbeds Topper]

I rented a summer home and purchased a few of these 100% natural latex toppers to put over the old mattresses that are in the house. My family really appreciates them. It made the old mattresses feel very comfortable. It saved our summer.

Truly a slice of heaven! [Plushbeds Topper]

This topper is very comfortable. 100% satisfied. It renewed my old mattress.

Perfect Topper [Plushbeds Topper]

My 10 year old memory foam mattress was not giving me the support that I needed so I bought the 3" natural latex topper to get some support and comfort until I can buy a new mattress. It did the trick. It feels amazing on my back. Great topper.

Perfect for college dorm [Plushbeds Topper]

Perfect for my son's college dorm room. The bed in there was too hard. He loves it.

Good topper [Plushbeds Topper]

Good topper but it took almost 3 weeks to be delivered.

I like this product very much [Plushbeds Topper]

It is a good mattress topper. It is comfortable and I would recommend it to others.

Nice Surprise [Plushbeds Topper]

I ordred the medium which was a bit more firm than I expected when I first laid on the bed but I think that's because my innerspring was getting so bad. However, my first night's sleep was amazing. Usually I wake up 5-6 times a night and I only woke up twice - and have not woken up more than 3 times any night since. It has a firm yet slightly cradling feel - I do not have any of the shoulder or back pain that I used to have.

Comfy [Plushbeds Topper]

Refreshed my old mattress. Gives great support and comfort. I am 160 lbs and 3" is perfect.

Great Topper [Plushbeds Topper]

I was hesitant about buying a topper online, sight unseen, that I could not return. I researched various types of toppers and companies online and came up with 100% Natural Talalay as the best. I am very happy with my selection. I sleep so comfortably now. It gives great support but comfort at the same time.

Excellent Latex Topper [Plushbeds Topper]

Great topper. It renewed my old mattress. It feels great on my achy back.

Truly a slice of heaven! [Plushbeds Topper]

I purchased this topper because I'm approaching my mid-fortys and was concerned that I might suffer from overheating at night in the near future and didn't want to buy a full latex mattress that could contribute to my body over-heating. I thought if I got too hot, I could just remove the topper. I am using the topper on my primary bed and it is simply wonderful. The back pain I had disappeared

Nice difference [Plushbeds Topper]

I am 200 lbs and purchased the 2' natural latex topper to refresh my old mattress and give me more support. This topper is great and definitely makes a nice difference, but I should have purchased the 3" natural latex topper at my weight.

WELL WORTH IT [Plushbeds Topper]

I am a senior citizen and have 5 herniated disks in my lower back. I also have had a terrible time because of pressure when sleeping on my sides with pain in my hips and shoulders. "Judy" a wonderful consultant helped me choose the proper Topper for me. She was so helpful and although I was a little nervous because of the "no return policy." After talking to her I just decided to take the chance and boy am I glad I did.

Rubber stamp of approval [Plushbeds Topper]

Very comfortable, restored an old firm mattress. More importantly, it never had a strong odor as would synthetic, petroleum, latex product. FYI, just buy only 100% latex, not the cheap stuff as it will breakdown quick. It comes with my rubber' stamp of approval. Sorry couldn't resist.

Sleep I can look forward to [Plushbeds Topper]

I've been blaming my back and joint pain on having 4 children. I would get up in the morning to get them off to school and would feel like I was sixty years old, Im only 41, really stiff and very sore feeling. By the 5th night on the 3-inch latex topper, the pain had almost disappeared completely. I am unable to explain how much this latex topper from your company has changed my life after a few days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mattress [Avocado Topper]

At age 75, not big on ordering over the internet. Based on top rating by “Consumer Report”, we took a chance. The mattress with the additional firm version topper feels perfect, with uniform support for back or side sleeping.

Love the topper! [Avocado Topper]

Love the topper!

Great topper for my tempur [Avocado Topper]

Great topper for my tempur pedic, which was too soft

So far so good. [Avocado Topper]

Have had the mattress a few weeks and find it very comfortable. Seems to help with my chronic back pain. If I feel the same way in another month or two it will be a total success.

A good night’s sleep is well worth the cost! [Avocado Topper]

After 30 plus years of my husband and I being aware of each other’s changes in sleeping positions during the night, this bed let’s us sleep soundly.....almost like sleeping alone. My biggest hesitation in purchasing this bed was that I thought it would radiate my heat back at me and make me too hot the way foam mattresses do. Glad to say it does not. The all natural fibers must be the reason why. I love my bed!

Mattress, Topper, and Pillows [Avocado Topper]

We are very happy with our mattress and topper. It took a bit longer than expected for delivery to the east coast, but besides that, a completely predictable and enjoyable purchase. I was somewhat concerned about getting the mattress box up my stairs, but the boxes have hand notches that make lifting a breeze. Our king was easily manageable up a tall turning flight of stairs, so unless you have no helper or are aged, I'd recommend you not pay for set-up. We bought a "box spring" from US Box Spring and it was a breeze to assemble. As for comfort, the bed is wonderful. We were happy night one and each since. Our pillows are a different story. They are SUPER heavy and very thick. We have adjusted them several times by removing fill, but are still trying to find the right adjustment. We may return them. The Avocado team has been a joy to work with. Would absolutely recommend.

I love this mattress topper [Avocado Topper]

I have had it a month & have never slept better!

Avocado Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper [Avocado Topper]

Best night of sleep ever!!

Excellent mattress topper! I would [Avocado Topper]

Excellent mattress topper! I would definitely buy it again.

Outstanding product and customer service! [Avocado Topper]

Outstanding product and customer service!

Love it [Avocado Topper]

I’ve been sleeping well and don’t wake up with back and shoulder pain anymore. Well worth it!!

So comfortable! [Avocado Topper]

We even use it as a second mattress when guests come. And, we put it over a cheap IKEA mattress and I now love sleeping on it! Si comfortable and mine had no smell like other people complained about.

Queen mattress and firm mattress topper [Avocado Topper]

I like it but feel that I am sleeping a little hotter now. It did help some of the soreness that I was having in my hips.

Mattress topper [Avocado Topper]

Thus far, even though I have a very expensive mattress, the topper has added much to our comfort in sleeping. I was happily surprised

Lovin’ It [Avocado Topper]

Our new mattress topper is just what we needed. It’s very comfortable. I would highly recommended one.

The. Best. Mattress (and topper). [Avocado Topper]

The Avocado mattress is simply the best. I love the company philosophy, the customer service, the natural materials, and the guarantee. It is the most comfortable mattress that I have ever had the pleasure to sleep on. After months of suffering from back pain due to an old mattress, we first tried going to a brick-and-mortar mattress store. Little did we realize that selecting what SEEMED comfortable in the store would commit our money to that store forever. From the first 15 minutes of resting on that mattress (supposedly hybrid memory foam and spring) after it was set up in our home, I knew that it wasn't right. My back actually felt worse. Too bad for us. No refunds. We were allowed only one other chance to "get it right," and selected another mattress. We haven't even slept on it because the Avocado is so wonderful. The mattress store told us (horror of horrors) that they were going to "destroy" the mattress that we rested upon for 15 minutes. They wouldn't even donate it. My extensive research and discussions with Avocado customer service paid off so many times over. No more back pain, and nothing but comfortable, restful sleep. Thank you!

Avocado Mattress Topper [Avocado Topper]

My Avocado Green Natural Latex Matress Topper is superb! It provides for me warmth, extreme comfort, and a glorious feeling of sleeping in a completely toxin-free bed! I am so happy to have the very best!

Latex Mattress Topper [Avocado Topper]

Both the mattress and the Topper are excellent. Very comfortable, feel great to a side sleeper and very glad we purchased Avacado mattresses for all of our three bedrooms.

Bought a firm top but [Avocado Topper]

Bought a firm top but still too soft for me.

The Very Best [Sleep EZ Topper]

If you want a high quality latex mattress, topper, or pillow at a reasonable price, SleepEZ is the place to find it. And their customer service is excellent! I've purchased several items from SleepEZ (on-line) and I will never shop anywhere else for mattresses, toppers, or pillows - these are the very best!!!

Natural Latex Topper [Sleep EZ Topper]

Excellent quality and full body support. Will definitely recommend and purchase again when the time comes!

Best SLEEP ever [Sleep EZ Topper]

Why did I wait?

Worth every penny [Sleep EZ Topper]

I spent a lot of time researching sleep surfaces and companies, and I'm glad I settled on Sleep EZ. They were personable, professional, and delivered my order in a timely manner, carefully packed. My boyfriend and I are sleeping on the 3" extra firm latex topper without anything but some pallets and a carpet underneath, and it's so comfortable! The latex pillows are luxuriously plush but supportive. Very happy with my order. Thanks!

Comfortable [Sleep EZ Topper]

Put it on top of my firm mattress. Made all the difference in the world for a good night's sleep

Best purchase [Sleep EZ Topper]

I had been searching for a new bed and never thought about a latex topper for my sleep number bed until I read a review about someone who replaced their worn out memory form for one of these. I am so glad I Sleep EZ. The product was priced great compared to other companies. They contacted me and verified my purchase. They were friendly and helpful from start to finish. My topper came quickly and was excellent quality. I would recommend this company and there products. A satisfied forever customer:)

Talalay Topper [Sleep EZ Topper]

Excellent decision. Bought this topper to add to a memory foam bed. The memory foam bed always caused hip pain - adding this topper made for a comfortable night's sleep. I have no idea why anyone would buy a memory foam mattress. The folks at Sleep-EX were great as well - they helped me choose the right firmness and everything went smoothly with the purchase and shipping.

3" Latex toppers [Sleep EZ Topper]

We have an old sleep number bed that the top padding was all concave and was thrown out. Adding the Talalay med on my side and the Dunlop xtra firm on my husband's side has given us an incredible sleeping experience with "no" back pain!

Best latex topper to sleep on [Sleep EZ Topper]

I weigh 120 pounds and I bought the 3" Talalay firm topper 38-40 ILD and it feels wonderful. It give me great spine support since i have back surgery. This latex sleep cooler and is better than my tempur-pedic bed. I have checked other web site and have the best price.

Sleeping in comfort! [Sleep EZ Topper]

We put this latex topper on top of the existing mattress in our camper. We have a Sleep EZ latex mattress at home (which we couldn't live without!) so we struggled with sleeping on a "standard" mattress. What a difference it made! We can now camp & sleep comfortably!

3" Natural Dunlop mattress topper [Sleep EZ Topper]

Higgest quality latex topper. Absolutely loving it!!

Love my Topper! [Sleep EZ Topper]

Previously purchased Talalay latex queen size bed, which I LOVE! Recently purchased a new travel trailer with a "deluxe Serta Pillow Top Mattress". That may be so, but it was hard as a rock! Purchased my 2d SleepEZ latex item, a 3" topper, and am snoozing like a baby! Superior to any other type of mattress or topper on the market.

Third purchase I’ve made with SleepEZ and as always, EXCELLENT product! [Sleep EZ Topper]

Not much to say other than SleepEZ is our go to source when buying mattresses, pillows and toppers. Fabulous customer service and quality products. My kids occasionally use this topper with a fitted sheet on the floor when we have sleepovers and everyone fights over who gets to sleep on the floor. :)

best in market [Saatva Mattress Topper]

Totally worth paying the extra for this mattress pad. Comfortable and doesn't need shaking. Perfect for a hard mattress.

Fantastic company and customer service. [Saatva Mattress Topper]

Top quality zen haven bed, topper and pillow. I will look to them first for any future bedding needs.


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