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Extra Firm Mattress Reviews

Whether you suffer from back issues, are a stomach sleeper, or just struggle to find the proper support, extra firm mattresses have become a popular request over the last few years. Also, numerous studies have come out showing the benefits of sleeping on a firmer surface at night. But, with many name-brands suffering from degrading firmness over time, customers are finding better success with smaller specialty brands. Read on for a full break down of the top rated options.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

No Back Pain: 9.5/10

Price: $699-$6999+

Trial Period: Depends On Brand

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Extra Firm's Specifics

With all the new bed in a box and mattress industry newcomers, finding the right extra firm mattress can be a headache. While we may want to find a mattress that checks all the boxes, there is an uncomfortable truth:

Not all extra firm mattresses keep their firmness.

This is mainly due to degrading of the top comfort layers. Mattresses that weren't designed well can quickly sag. So, when it comes to extra firm mattresses:

Look for mattresses that use ultra-durable materials or specialized designs.

We've analyzed customer reviews across the industry to learn how customers really feel and which mattresses customers have good things to say on firmness and durability. We strive to be as transparent as possible so that you can make the right decision for your unique set of desires.

Read on for our full break down...

Extra Firm Mattresses

There are multiple different extra firm mattress materials to consider, like polyethylene Airfiber®. Latex is another top contender, and offers a sustainable option. Quality latex is sustainably harvested from rubber trees and offers a more responsive feel with added durability. Lastly, there are brands that offer traditional materials (like foam and coils), that are specially designed for increased firmness or for plus-sized sleepers with extra durability. We'll go through each of these distinctions below.

#1 Plank

Plank by Brooklyn Bedding includes three of the firmest mattresses available. Plank's options include the all foam Plank Firm mattress, the hybrid Plank Firm Luxe mattress, and the eco-friendly latex hybrid Plank Firm Natural mattress. Why are they on the top of the list? It comes down to value. Brooklyn Bedding manufactures these mattresses in its Arizona factory and passes on those savings with low prices. The Plank mattresses are all two-sided, so sleepers can flip between a firm and ultra-firm side. Customers love these mattresses and describe them as holding structure well.

Price Range: $749-$2665

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#2 Titan Firm Hybrid

The Titan is another brand by Brooklyn Bedding and similar to the Plank, it drives significant value to customers. Titan is their mattress brand for plus sized sleepers with designs focused especially on durability. Their firm hybrid offers targeted pressure relief without sacrificing firmness in the top two layers. The firm coil system is made of heavy-duty TitanCaliber™ coils. Customers describe it as being very sturdy and providing well-balanced firmness for a low price.

Price Range: $699-$1799

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#3 Avocado Latex Mattress

One of the firmest comfort layers available is naturally occurring latex, which is harvested from rubber trees. The Avocado Latex mattress is one such mattress, which features certified organic materials. The latex mattress is firmer than their other coil hybrid but also has just tiniest bit of give for pressure relief on the surface. Customers have good things to say about this mattress and like its organic firmness.

Price Range: $2399-$4998

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#4 WinkBeds Plus

WinkBeds is a luxury online mattress brand that also offers a top of the line mattress for plus-sized sleepers. This version features a 8 out of 10 firmness while still having a luxury mattress design and feel. It comes with pocketed coils, a luxurious Euro-pillow top, and cooling (and sustainable) Tencel® cover. Customers have great things to say about the WinkBeds mattress and feel well-balanced firmness.

Price Range: $1149-$2399

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#5 Airweave Advanced

Airweave is an extremely firm mattress with a major innovation in its design. The use of polyethylene Airfiber® material that creates an ultra-cool interwoven mesh cushion that is sturdy and firm. Customers describe these mattresses as some of the firmest available. Additionally, its design allows for flipping layers for a softer feel if it is too firm.

Price Range: $3350-$7060

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#6 Big Fig

Big Fig is another plus-sized mattress brand that makes one ultra-durable and extra firm mattress, which also comes with a sturdy foundation. Customers feel good about this mattress with some sleepers describing it as too firm.

Price Range: $1399-$2799

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#7 My Green Mattress's Pure Eco Mattress

My Green Mattress is an organic and latex mattress brand that offers a firm organic mattress, the Pure Eco mattress. It is made with GOTS certified organic cotton and wool, and Leggett & Platt Caliber-Edge coils, which are reinforced for a firm support around the edges. Customers have good things to say about this mattress, describing it as very firm with a little pressure relief.

Price Range: $789-$1539

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#8 Saatva

Saatva is another top contender for firm mattresses. Saatva crafts high quality, luxurious hybrid mattresses. Their Saatva mattress offers a firm version and also the Saatva HD mattress for plus-sized sleepers. The Saatva HD offers the firmest with the addition of Talalay latex for responsive durability. The Saatva firm option provides additional pressure relief, but is also quite firm and supportive for back and stomach sleepers.

Price Range: $1725-$3295

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Runner Up: Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling is a cooling hybrid mattress that comes in soft, medium, and firm. While these mattresses are more pressure relieving than extra firm varieties, customers report the firm version to be very supportive for stomach sleepers. Customers have great things to say about the quality of the price as well.

Price Range: $999-$2249

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Alternatives to Extra Firm Mattresses

While extra firm mattresses are great options for stomach sleepers and heavier body types, some side sleepers may express discomfort over the long term.

If finding a well-balanced mattress is more important than firmness, read our 2023 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses. In either case, we hope that you find the right mattress design for your body!

Browse Extra Firm Customer Reviews

Naps are back baby!! [Plank Mattress]

Love it!! Just got firmness I was looking for. Thank you Plank for letting me look forward to sleeping again.

It took a few weeks [Plank Mattress]

It took a few weeks to get used to sleeping on a firm mattress. My husband and I both love it! No sagging spots, great support with a perfect balance of cozy and firm.

Perfect mattress [Plank Mattress]

Perfect mattress

Perfect Firm [Plank Mattress]

We absolutely love our Plank mattress! We had been searching for a firm mattress for a few months. Even ordered another brand which claimed to be firm and was anything but. Then we found Plank and ordered right away! We are so happy with it. It’s firm, just the right amount of support and no sag.

It’s nice and firm. [Plank Mattress]

It’s nice and firm.

Best mattress I've had! The [Plank Mattress]

Best mattress I've had! The level of firmness is great for my back/neck and I can sleep well in any position. Product was delivered as planned in perfect condition.

Best mattress for Extra Firm [Plank Mattress]

Perfect for me. It's super firm and comfort.

Happy Husband [Plank Mattress]

Happy Husband

Satisfied! [Plank Mattress]

For the first time in a long time, I am not having back pain. We've only had the mattress for about a month and so far it seems to be holding its structure. That is always the most frustrating thing for me... When mattresses begin to sink in.

Firmest mattress ever. [Plank Mattress]

This mattress is exactly as described. Nice and very firm on one side and just a little less firm on the other side. Firmest mattress ever. Wasn't expecting it to be so firm but I'm pleasantly surprised by it. If it's to firm for you, just throw a mattress topper on it.

Firm It Is! [Plank Mattress]

This mattress is as firm as they get. We returned a competitor's mattress and elected to give Plank a try. We are glad we did! You sleep comfortably.

Very firm mattress [Plank Mattress]

Very firm mattress! Helps me manage my lower back pain recovery. I’m sleeping much better because of Plank. Thank you! We picked the firmest side and would recommend to anyone looking for a very firm mattress.

Highly Recommended! [Plank Mattress]

My husband needed a firm mattress because be has bulging discs and a crushed vertebrae in his back. While I don't think there is anything that will completely take his pain away, this mattress has helped immensely! It is everything they said it is! 100% recommend! My parents are now getting one, too!

2 Week Review? [Plank Mattress]

Great mattress so far. Hard to give a review after less then 2 weeks. My back still hurts and I get up and it takes time before I can walk. But I do get more sleep and better sleep. Ask me in 6 months!

Another Glowing Review [Plank Mattress]

We have been sleeping on our plank mattress for over 2 months and love it! It was a replacement from our previous “air compressor” type mattress. It’s firm, thick and very comfortable. It has significantly helped my back and neck aches. The Plank mattress lives up to the numerous glowing reviews!

A Bit too Firm [Titan Mattress]

It took some time to acclimate to Titan's firmness. This is my third mattress in ten years. I had a sleep number bed for two years then switched to a Nectar mattress. It was good for 2 1/2 years and then I started to experience back and leg pain. I researched Titan and it seemed like it would work for me. At first it felt too firm and after a week I purchased a topper. That made things a little better. I still have a little bit of back pain in the morning but it has become less painful as my body gets used to the new mattress. I'm have high hopes. I also plan to look into the pillow situation to make sure that I am using a pillow that keeps my spine aligned. We will see how it goes.

Can't believe this quality exists on a budget [Titan Mattress]

So I ordered the full matress without a cooling top, At first I was irritated with Titan for not disclosing when the matress was actually going to ship, but other than that, the delivery process was smooth and actually arrived a day earlier than it was projected to. The matress for a big man like myself feels amazing I can only describe it as a brick cloud. Its amazing i sleep on my stomach and sometimes on my side. I feel comfortable this bed can actually support my weight but have enough give to let me sleep comfortably I will recommend this to anyone who is on the heavier side and needs something on a budget, I still can't believe how amazing this matress was for only $681after taxes Oh, and please have someone help you out the day it arrives, it's very heavy.

Firmness, just right. Temp okay, [Titan Mattress]

Firmness, just right. Temp okay, but I'm still getting hot flashes so cant really tell. My ONLY complaint is on one side of the mattress, when you sit on the edge, is not strong/firm enough. Feel like I'm going to roll off. I have to be very aware to sit all the way back to my knees. And if I roll to the edge it sinks down enough to feel like I might roll off. This does not happen on the opposite side. Accommodates one 350lber and 155 lbs no problem.

Great mattress but definitely firm, [Titan Mattress]

Great mattress but definitely firm, better be sure you want a firm mattress before you buy this one, I’m 270 pounds so it’s good for me, hopefully won’t sink in anytime soon

Great bed [Titan Mattress]

Amazing bed!! Sleep amazing!!

Nice [Titan Mattress]


Love it [Titan Mattress]

Me and my husband love this mattress we even ditched our mattress topper cause it's so comfortable

We are vary happy with [Titan Mattress]

We are vary happy with our purchase. It's the first time we decided on a firm mattress. And it works great with our adjustable frame. The first night we had a great night sleep. And we did not wake up with acts and pains.

Sturdy [Titan Mattress]

My husband and I are both plus size and go through mattresses and bed frames quite a bit. We have had this mattress a few week and we definitely like it more then others. We have never had a bed so firm which is what my husband wanted burlt we feel it may be a little too firm and should of went with the other bed they had. I can't tell if it's going to start dipping like our other ones but I definitely feels very sturdy.

So far, so good! [Avocado Mattress]

I was reluctant to purchase this mattress due to the lack of reviews, so thought I would share my experience so far for those of you wondering. I ordered the Queen. It arrived on time with some notable dings and tears to the box. It is very heavy. Definitely requires at least two people to get it out of the box and unwrapped. Once we got it openedRead more about review stating So far, so good! and unfolded, we used the side handles and had much better luck positioning it on the bed frame. It does not budge once it is in place, so if you’re used to being able to shift a mattress around with a knee push, etc., it won’t work with this mattress. It will be a 2-person job to rotate it and you need to use the handles. The handles are awesome! As far as smell, it does have one. It’s not the sweet vanilla smell that Avocado describes for their other mattresses. It’s more like a wet cardboard or fresh latex paint smell? Having trouble deciphering. I have had the mattress open for 2-days and still notice the smell when I enter the room. Guessing it will air out soon, hopefully. I have not slept on the mattress yet, but did briefly lay on it. I thought it would be more firm, similar to a firm memory foam, but it is not. It’s a subtle firm — meaning I did sink in just a tiny bit. Anyway excited to try this out for the next 3 weeks and hope it’s a keeper!

High quality product from a great company [Avocado Mattress]

So far we love our new Avocado Latex mattress. We've owned it a little over 2 months. We previously owned another brand of latex mattress and loved it also. When we saw that Avocado had come out with one, we just had to try it. It was well packaged, reasonably priced, delivered in 7 days, easy to set up, and had no unusual smells. We love the factRead more about review stating High quality product from a great company that it's made with all organic materials and made here in the US. It is fairly firm, but very comfortable to sleep on in almost any position. Also, Avocado customer service was excellent to work with from ordering to delivery. If we had a question or a concern, they responded almost immediately. This mattress is a high quality product made and sold by a great company with knowledgeable, dedicated employees. Now if it lasts for 15 or more years, I'll be perfectly happy. Note: the mattress is fairly heavy at 137 lbs, but then that's the nature of latex. That being said, the sturdy handles on each side make it fairly easy to rotate for even wear

A Full night of rest [WinkBed Plus Mattress]

Excellent support and comfort! We are happy to have decided on this bed and can finally sleep through the night. The best thing is my husband wakes up in the morning without complaints of any more back pain.

This bed has been amazing. [WinkBed Plus Mattress]

This bed has been amazing. I used to wake up every sore and aching every morning. I wake up pain free now. So far this has been the best mattress I have ever slept on. I recommend it to everyone I know.

So far so good. Mattress [WinkBed Plus Mattress]

So far so good. Mattress is as advertised and very comfortable. Time will tell. One note about shipping: mattress arrived undamaged BUT, the box had several holes and gashes, undoubtedly occurring in shipping. I was actually surprised that the mattress was NOT damaged, but it was fine. I would recommend using styrofoam peanuts in the void areas ofRead more about review stating So far so good. Mattress the box to preclude problems in the future.

I give a 5 WINK Review !! [WinkBed Plus Mattress]

I watched videos from all top bed makers, but the one that made the most sense was the Wink Bed. On YouTube @ with Justin & Crystal. So I called down to Texas talked to Maeghan in the store , than ordered. What all three of them said, was all true. Because when I got the Wink Bed , It was amazing !! Delivery, set up , and mosRead more about review stating I give a 5 WINK Review !!t important the sleep was a PERFECT MATCH. I was worried at first, but now I don't worry I just get a GREAT NIGHT SLEEP. I will say one last thing about the Wink , Yes, It is THAT GOOD !!! One last word about the store in Texas, with Justin , Crystal & Maeghan , Yes THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT !! One last word about me, I own a Wink Bed, thanks Justin , Crystal , Maeghan , & Wink Beds. Finally I get a great night sleep, and it is because of YOU !!

The best mattress I’ve ever [Airweave Mattress]

The best mattress I’ve ever purchased! My sleep quality improved a lot.

Love the firmness [Airweave Mattress]

Didn’t know that back pain and back tiredness was because of a soft mattress until I found this. I had it for over a month and I noticed the firmness is comfortable and helped in the back pain.

New airweave Mattress Advance [Airweave Mattress]

I bought the airweave Mattress Advanced after reading the online reviews and doing my research. I am a predominantly side sleeper - and suffer from shoulder and lower back pain. Received the airweave mattress in quick time, and the set up was very easy. I was pleased with the way the mattress felt initially - and tried it for 6 weeks. Initially the mattress felt good (albeit a bit firm), but then I started developing lower back stiffness and was waking up with lower back/hip pain pretty much every morning. I believe this was due to the firmness of the mattress (too firm) and not enough give around the lumbar area. I spoke with airweave customer service, and they were very happy to take the mattress back. I am currently waiting for the mattress to be taken back and a full refund to be issued.

New airweave Mattress Advanced [Airweave Mattress]

I love my airweave mattress, it's the perfect way to begin and end my day. The supportive quality helps me wake up feeling invigorated and ready to move, while it's also soft enough to cradle me to sleep after a long day of moving. I would recommend this mattress to every dancer I know!

We are sleeping great with [Big Fig Mattress]

We are sleeping great with our new Big Fig Mattress. We love it@

The Fig is calling me [Big Fig Mattress]

My husband and I absolutely love this mattress, can’t wait until bedtime. No more back or hip pain. Best purchase of 2020

No regerts! [Big Fig Mattress]

Honestly I am over the moon with our bed! Big Fig has been the best purchase of my adult life. Incredibly well constructed and my boyfriend loved the easy setup! Feels like the best bed I've ever slept on!

Solid and comfortable! I am [Big Fig Mattress]

Solid and comfortable! I am a mattress killer! I'm 6'2" and weight 330 ( more or less). A regular mattress and foundation only lasts 60 months with me! The Big Fig and solid foundation will be with for-20 years.

Very good investment!! Very sturdy [Big Fig Mattress]

Very good investment!! Very sturdy and very comfortable!! Can't wait to replace other mattresses with the BigFig, too!!

Love our mattress! [My Green Mattress Pure Echo]

We absolutely love our new mattress and highly recommend my green mattress!

Great mattress [My Green Mattress Pure Echo]

Natural, very good for people who have back problems or back pain. Very comfortable.

Best mattress ever [My Green Mattress Pure Echo]

I had to sleep in the guest room after having surgery and this bed gave me the best sleep I have ever had in my life! Now I know why I couldn't sleep well on my normal bed. I usually toss and turn, but on the Echo, I literally sleep all night without moving. It was a lifesaver after surgery and beyond. A+.

I was very pleased w [My Green Mattress Pure Echo]

I was very pleased w the quality for the price. Also like knowing its nontoxic. The Pure Echo is firm, but has a little give on the top. Thankyou for a well-made mattress.

Great [My Green Mattress Pure Echo]

Easy set up- fun to watch it expand. Little smell- not chemicals...I’m very sensitive and was able to sleep on it first night. Very firm... this is what I wanted. Very happy with this mattress, communication with company, and delivery (even in covid times and holidays)!

Love our mattress! [My Green Mattress Pure Echo]

We absolutely love our new mattress and highly recommend my green mattress!

Great mattress [My Green Mattress Pure Echo]

Natural, very good for people who have back problems or back pain. Very comfortable.

Best mattress ever [My Green Mattress Pure Echo]

I had to sleep in the guest room after having surgery and this bed gave me the best sleep I have ever had in my life! Now I know why I couldn't sleep well on my normal bed. I usually toss and turn, but on the Echo, I literally sleep all night without moving. It was a lifesaver after surgery and beyond. A+.

I was very pleased w [My Green Mattress Pure Echo]

I was very pleased w the quality for the price. Also like knowing its nontoxic. The Pure Echo is firm, but has a little give on the top. Thankyou for a well-made mattress.

Great [My Green Mattress Pure Echo]

Easy set up- fun to watch it expand. Little smell- not chemicals...I’m very sensitive and was able to sleep on it first night. Very firm... this is what I wanted. Very happy with this mattress, communication with company, and delivery (even in covid times and holidays)!

Worth Every Penny [Saatva HD Mattress]

The only better than our Saatva mattress is their customer service! Best mattress we have ever owned. Worth every penny! Our only regret is that we didn’t buy one of these years ago. The customer service is awesome. They kept in touch with us before, during and after delivery.

No-Hassle Delivery [Saatva HD Mattress]

From beginning to end, I loved my experience working with Saatva, almost as much as we both love our new mattress. The website is easy to use. When questions arose, and I contacted customer service, everyone was courteous, efficient, and yet took the time necessary to answer my questions. The sales representatives asked questions about our sleep habits and preferences, and directed me toward...

Perfect Mattress Setup [Saatva HD Mattress]

Love the mattress we bought! Price was much lower than what we would have paid locally, and the service was good. Quick delivery and set up perfect.

Superior Customer Service [Saatva HD Mattress]

I’ve purchased mattresses two times and each time the Saatva representative was courteous, very knowledgeable and helpful, and quickly found what I was looking for. It was easy to navigate the site and the representative made it easier. The company’s policies and procedures are very customer friendly. And, the mattresses are wonderful.

Excellent Warranty [Saatva HD Mattress]

After making decision to relocate, I also made decision to dump my old mattress/box spring and buy a new one. Easier said than done—so much confusing information. I read reviews in an article in a leading consumer magazine, looked in stores, talked to friends, and ended up just as confused. Was online and saw an ad for Saatva mattresses. Read through material, thought about...

Quality Product, Great Price [Saatva HD Mattress]

I had the best customer service experience with Saatva. Everyone was so helpful, professional and knowledgeable. I needed my bed before I moved into my new apartment, and Saatva so made that happen. Quality product at great price backed by quality people. Doesn’t get better than that.

The mattress felt slightly firmer [Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress]

The mattress felt slightly firmer than we expected, but we absolutely love it! It’s like you very gradually sink in just enough for perfect support and comfort.

Its very good mattress I [Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress]

Its very good mattress I noticed That my pain in my shoulder desapear once I stared slipping in this mattress.

The bed is amazing! It [Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress]

The bed is amazing! It is exactly as described. I would recommend this company if you are interested in purchasing a new mattress.

The bed is cool, comfortable [Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress]

The bed is cool, comfortable and stable.

This bed is well worth [Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress]

This bed is well worth the price tag! Most comfortable bed I have owned so far. I did a lot of research on what type of bed was best for my sleep style and body type and I’m so happy I did! Very happy we chose to support American made during these difficult times. I would recommend this bed to anyone who is a side sleeper and tends to sleep hot. You will not regret your purchase!

We love it! [Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress]

We love it!

Was very firm to start [Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress]

Was very firm to start but softening up after a few weeks. Pleased so far

Very comfortable. Much softer than [Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress]

Very comfortable. Much softer than I anticipated.

so comfortable! [Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress]

so comfortable!

Frequently Asked Questions About Extra Firm

Is an extra firm mattress good for back?

Extra firm mattresses can provide an added amount of support, especially for stomach sleepers and those that find themselves sinking too much into normal mattresses.

What is the best extra firm mattress?

The Plank mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is a great option due to it's flippable design, allowing sleepers to choose between a traditional firm and ultra-firm feel.

What does extra firm mattress mean?

An extra firm mattress refers to the supportive feeling of your mattress. Where other mattresses may provide a cradling, sinking, bouncy, or pillowy type of feel, a good extra firm mattresses will provide a more solid and supportive sleep surface.

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