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Enso Mattress Reviews

Enso makes a variety of foam and memory foam mattresses that are low priced. You can find their products in local retailers and online. Some of their claims to fame are their use of extra materials infused in their foams such as silver (to help kill bacteria and unwanted pests) and charcoal for cooling. Most find them intitially comfortable, but some had issues with durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.4/10

Price Value: 7.4/10

No Back Pain: 7.5/10

Price: $349-$839

Trial Period: No Trial

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Enso's Owner Satisfaction

Figuring out the takeaways from customers can be a great eye-opener for shoppers. Sleepers, regrettably, don't always repond positively towards these mattresses. Some have comfortable experiences, but others have issues. If you are considering buying, there are more details about mattress specifics below.

Enso's Supportiveness

Support is a bit different than firmness. Good support means that it lines up your back and spine -- leading to a healthier night sleep. Overall, these mattresses have some negative reviews when it comes to support. Most folks find the mattress to be supportive at the beginning, but some customers described feeling less supported as time went on.

Edge Support
For those that like sitting on the side of their beds, edge support is key. At first, these mattresses do a good job with edge support, but some had complaints that edge support wasn't all it could be long term.

Enso's Durability

Finding a highly durable mattress is great, and when instead we get a mattress that hurts our backs after a couple months, we feel awful. However, it is getting more and more difficult to find a durable mattress nowadays. With more types of products than ever before, some brands aren't investing as much in quality. When it comes to these mattresses, some folks had issues with discomfort over a short period of time. Not all customers will experience durability issues, but make sure to review the return and warranty policies before buying.

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I am very happy with the purchase

I am very happy with the purchase. I have been sleeping on this mattress more than a month and now i can give 5 stars . The mattress is mild firm exactly i was looking for and finally i can get a good sleep. Thank you

very nice and firm

I really like my new mattress its perfect for me ,it came well packaged and easy to open , I let it set 3hrs then put it on the bed...

All that in a box?

It gave us quite a laugh to see the box--which was small considering what was in it. The mattress is all that I expected--however, my old bed frame is about 3 inches too short in width. No matter, it's not noticeable and I just let it hang over. I guess mattresses have gotten bigger since my bed was made some 50 years ago.

Delivers Comfortable Sleep

There are numerous so-called memory foam mattress makers out there. Tempur-pedic is the original and the name tells you a little bit more about the product. First, the foam doesn't remember how you last slept in it. Your sleep imprint is gone very quickly. Second, the foam DOES react to your body temperature in creating your sleep imprint and the mattresses do feel warmer than standard mattresses - not a bad thing in the winter if you live in a cold climate! More of these are being made to allow air to circulate around your body via the mattress covers that are put on and how they "breathe." Many people in their reviews say they've bought a foam mattress topper to help keep them cooler.

Okay, to this Enso product specifically. First, most people will complain about a smell emanating from these when they are first unrolled from the plastic wrap that they are rolled in when delivered. It's natural that the gas from the foam does this. The good thing about the Enso product is that they use some charcoal filtering to help with that. In our case, we purchased the Enso Dreameaver at a local furniture store 10 weeks ago for $525. Brought it home since it's a mattress-in-a-box and laid it out in a different bedroom to flatten out and air. While there was some odor initially, we put the mattress on our existing boxspring/foundation that same evening. There was virtually NO smell and the mattress was just fine without buying a foundation.

We had a 12-year-old Simmons extra firm mattress that was beginning to feel 'harder' to us. This mattress has a good medium firmness and, despite trepidation about how we'd sleep, it has lived up to its billing and reflects what many reviewers say about moving from boxspring to memory foam. We have fewer aches and pains. I'm a side sleeper and my spine does align better and the achiness I often had with my shoulder and neck areas has been considerably minimized.

I tried out numerous memory foam and latex mattresses in department stores, discount mattress shops and mattress specialty stores. There are differences depending on the mattress maker, the thickness of the mattress and your own sleep comfort preference. At the end of the day, we bought a mattress that we thought would suit our sleeping styles, if you will. I should note that my wife commented that I snore less than on the old box spring - another point made by reviewers.

If you're in the market for a memory foam mattress, seriously consider an Enso product - unbelievably good price for the quality!

Great mattress for the money

Bought this mattress because my husband and I were actually in a double, spring-mattressed bed, and as much as I love him-- he rolls around in his sleep and I was getting fewer good nights' sleep and felt squished (did I mention he kicks in his sleep?). The old mattress (a Serta) was fine, but it didn't suit the two of us as it had the one of me. We took the plunge and bought a bedroom set with a queen-sized bed, like grown-ups. :) So, then it was time for a mattress. Since "memory-foam" was one of the newer choices and neither of us had slept on one, it intrigued us. I researched and found that they can sometimes have a weird initial chemical or rubber smell (which makes sense), and can run "hot" if you are a naturally warmer person, temperature-wise. So with those two concerns in mind, I stumbled across the Enso mattress collection at a local furniture retailer. The gel topper was a great thing-- took care of the "running hot" issue for the most part-- I don't run that warm and when I do, honestly, I just sleep on top of the sheets with a cotton blanket. We do have a ceiling fan that I was running on low when we bought the mattress (it was summertime); however, I truly didn't notice much of a smell at all from it.

I will say that for fall / winter, I did buy a flannel duvet cover, hypoallergenic duvet, and mattress topper (yes another)-- and while I have THE MOST comfortable bed around, it gets hot, but mostly from the flannel / duvet. We are only in Virginia, after all...many winter days in the 40-50s. If I lived in Minnesota, for example, I'd probably throw flannel sheets on there and another quilt (hate being cold).

We've had the Enso mattress for about a year now, and it has softened up a bit. If you like a firm-yet-soft mattress and don't need something springy or super-giving (like an old "grandma's feather bed" feeling), you'll like this. If you like your mattresses firm, know that gel / foam mattresses do tend to soften up over time (something the saleslady reminded us), so go up in initial firmness.

We recently came back from a long weekend at a cabin where the bed used to be our absolute FAVORITE; all we ever talked about was how comfortable the beds were...guess what? They didn't hold a candle to our Enso mattress....we've gotten spoiled. ;o)

I love this mattress.

I bought the ENSO Dreamweaver from a local furniture store. We had an almost new, over $1000, mattress from one of the big name mattress stores. I was waking up several times a night with shoulder aches, hip aches, etc. When I got up in the morning, it took me several minutes to unkink, stand up straight and walk without pain. I researched and purchased the Dreamweaver and moved the more expensive mattress to our guest room. WOW! The very first morning I popped right out of bed with no pain or stiffness and I slept through the night with no pressure pains. For several weeks, I would wake up expecting to be stiff, but have not been even once. There was no discernible odor even the first night. I love this mattress.

Keep looking better memory foam out there.

Bought our Dream Weaver from a local Mattress dealer Saavy Mattress. We had a wonderful expensive pillow top and with back issues I was having decided I needed something a bit more firm. Gave it 3 weeks to convince me this was the right mattress, it was not. 5 Years later the mattress is sinking in the middle and my sleep is beyond lacking. I wake up more tired and with aches and pains. Don't waste your money, not all memory foam mattresses are equal.

Never again.

But this mattress about 4 years ago and it is sagging in the middle. We spend more time in our beds than in our cars, buy a better mattress.

What a fabulous mattress!

We just purchased this mattress from a local furniture store and we LOVE our bed so far. My husband and I switched from our spring mattress. While our old mattress was a good one ($2k+), it was time for a new one. I was sleeping upside down in attempt to find comfort and the hubby was tired of waking up to feet in his face. We went shopping around and tried a few memory foam mattresses in the store. The hubby is not picky, he could fall asleep on gravel... I, on the other hand, need pillows just so, mattress just so, and sheets just so! What drew me to the Enso Dreamweaver is the initial cushion when you first lay down but then the firmness that supports my back (I have a bad back and neck). I don't like to sink into a bed too much and this mattress had good firmness (but knowing that it will soften a little will still be ok). It was slightly firmer than the others in the store. The other thing that helped me make my decision in choosing a mattress was the firm edging. On most memory foam mattresses, you'll find that sitting at the edge will have you sliding right off. This support means that you have more snoozing real estate! Again, compared to the others in the store, this product provided better results. The price was decent ($1k for a Cal King), so that made it easy. And regarding "sleeping hot", I am perfectly fine! I have an insane amount if body heat, and the gel topper keeps me cool (and we live in Hawaii, it's summer, nights are 80 degrees). We unpacked the mattress at home, let it air for 6 hours and put it on our platform bed. There was no odor! When I wake up in the morning, I don't have the aches and pains that I did before (I was taking 4 ibuprofen by lunch daily to deal with my neck pain and headaches it gave me) AND my husband wakes up to my face instead of feet. :) Now, the only thing I have to get used to is how low the bed is now. My old one was a 16 inch mattress, I believe, and this 10 inch is a lot smaller. I'm considering getting the foundation, if I can't adjust my platform to be higher. My point, this will be the best money you've ever spent. I love my bed!

enso mattresses rock

after doing months of research and checking in local stores, i found the 10 inch dream weaver in queen size on a different e-tailer and compared to the prices here on amazon, i got a fantastic deal.

there was no smell when i unpacked it. let it sit for about 12 hours to get its shape back. and now after a solid year of use, it is still an awesome mattress. it will hold body heat and can get hot but i put a sleep tite waterproof mattress pad by malouf on it and it isn't quite so hot. i also make a habit of rotating the mattress once a month and it seems like it is retaining the firmness.

if you're not familiar with enso mattresses, just do a google search for enso sleep systems. the next time i'm mattress shopping, that is the brand i'm going to look for.


we absolutely LOVE LOVE this mattress! looked around for quite awhile, found this in one of the big box stores and decided on it, because it felt the best, good firmness, and were inticed by the advertisements of it not off-gassing as much out of the box. although it did have some smell for a couple of hours, it was very minimal and we were able to sleep on it the same night as it arrived in the mail. also- the price on amazon was significantly less than the lowest price out there we could find, by about $300! great deal for a great mattress! also, purchased the Malouf Mattress Protector, which if you purchase on the same day has a warranty on it, worth it for a little extra protection on the mattress, and also much cheaper on amazon than the mattress stores.

worst mattress ever

You know the mattresses that grandma would throw on the floor when you went to stay overnight at her house. This is it. When I get up in the morning I have to climb out of the pit that I have sank into. There is no support here.

adjustable frame with Magnets?

I purchased ENSO Mattress with the PB475 adjustable frame. I have a pace maker /difibulator implanted. Your owners manual advised some frames have Neodymium Magnets that will negate the effectiveness of my devices. Until I can make that determination I can not sleep on this bed... All calls to your company can not tell me if the PB475 have these magnets.... Can somebody please tell me if the Magnets are in fact part of PB475..

Excellent mattress

I have been buying these mattresses for myself and my family as well as my condominiums for over 18 years with nothing but rave reviews.. People ask all teh time where can they get a mattress like the one they slept on at my house or in the condo.. Wonderful value and comfort.. I highly recommend for the money any of their products as I have had both the memory and hybrid products and have been very pleased !!!

8 years and still love it!

We purchased the Enso with the gel topper in 2012. We love the mattress. We rotate it properly. We both sleep well and it is very easy to clean. My husband had a stroke and I was able to get it perfectly clean. I do wish it could be flipped over but otherwise. I love it!

Buyer Beware

I have had bedbugs ever since I purchased this mattress.

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