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Holiday 2023 Updates: Englander mattresses continue to be sold in retailers throughout parts of the US. Recent reviewers have mentioned issues with durability in some cases.

Englander is a mattress brand founded in New York City in 1894. As part of the Southerland mattress family, their mattresses are made in the US and feature foam, latex, and pocket coils. Englander is committed to lowering their carbon-footprint through use of natural latex and recycled steel in some of their mattresses. These mattresses are predominantly found in Southern and Midwest US mattress retail stores. What sets Englander apart is their selection of cooling foams and eco-friendly latex.


+/- lasting support
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Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 250 Overall

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Overall Score: 7.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7/10

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Price: $857-$3499

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Englander's Specifics

Englander mattresses is a traditional mattress company, based in the Northeast. They have a range of mid-grade mattresses that they sell in their showrooms and through partners across the country. They have some complaints from customers about durability and longevity of their mattresses. Although some of these complaints may be related to picking the wrong firmness levels, some sleepers have had issues with the construction and perceived quality.

If you are looking for long lasting comfort, take a look at our top rated mattresses, which customers stand behind. Specifically, the Dreamcloud mattress has a pillow top and fluffy feel similar to some of the higher end Englander mattresses, but comes at a competitive price point and has a great owner satisfaction rating.

Quality of Materials

Englander offers some material enhancements over recent years, such as including Oeko-Tex® certified latex in some mattresses, as well as recycled steel coils for an eco-friendly boost. However, Englander gets mixed reviews from customers when it comes to initial feel and support. There are some that were comfortable with their Englander mattresses, but there were others that reported quick sagging issues with their mattresses. Some have also noted that initial comfort felt worse than they expected in some instances.

Mattress Types

Englander has a variety of mattress lines for customers to choose from. Each of these mattress lines feature innersprings. We'll go through each of the options in detail:

Englander Dreamer® Collection

Englander's Dreamer® collection is one of their newest offerings, which puts a focus on natural and eco-friendly designs. Their Dreamer® mattresses offer latex and latex hybrid models. Their hybrids come in Elect™, Elation™, and Echelon™ models with differing firmness choices and recycled steel coils, while their all-latex options feature a soft or firm version with two mattress thickness choices. Their use of Oeko-Tex® certified Talalay latex provides customers peace of mind about emissions.

The pros: Certified latex mattress with good firmness selections to fit most sleeping positions.

The cons: Latex is more responsive than foam and has a unique, bouncy feel. Englander customers have reported durability issues in some instances.

Englander Supreme Collection

The Supreme Collection is another recent addition to Englander's lineup, featuring hybrid mattresses available in firm, plush, and pillow top varieties. These mattresses are made with materials that promote temperature regulation, such as moisture wicking Tencel covers, natural copper latex and copper infused memory foam on top of fabric encased pocket coils.

The pros: Hybrid mattresses with some materials that help with cooling.

The cons: In some cases, customers have brought up durability issues.

Englander Hybrid

Englander's Hybrid collection comes with layers of gel infused memory foam, latex, and micro-coils. Most customers like what they get in terms of initial comfort, but others had issues with the durability of some of these mattresses. In terms of edge support, these mattresses should provide equal comfort towards the side of the mattress. However, those that are larger may find that they sink too far into the mattress depending on the firmness selected.

The pros: Mattress with cooling technology and pocketed micro-coils for a mid-range price point.

The cons: Issues with durability reported and some reports of issues with material quality.

Egel Hybrid

Egel mattresses by Englander are infused with additional ultra-cooling gel foam that helps with warm sleeping. They additionally have benefits such as antimicrobial foams used. Some customers like the way that they feel initially with these mattresses, but others had issues with the long term longevity of the mattresses. There are some additional issues reported on initial feel with some of the mattresses.

The pros: Gel-infused memory foam provides cooling for warm sleepers.

The cons: Prices are high for the material quality. Some have also had durability concerns with some of these mattresses.

Hotel Collection

Englander's Hotel Collection is its luxury brand of mattresses that are designed to mirror 5-star hotel experiences. They are featured at Hiltons, Marriott, Sofitel, among others. One of the things to note about these mattresses is that hotels usually change mattresses out sooner than the average customer. This means that durability may be lacking more than expected for the quality. Additionally, there are some higher prices for these mattresses, which can be found for a higher value in other online brands.

The pros: Hotel brand initial feel is positive for many sleepers.

The cons: Durability is called into question and some have reported problems.

Tension Ease

Tension Ease is Englander's high profile hybrid mattress -- featuring graphene infused memory foam and posturized pocketed coils. These mattresses are designed to relieve posture and straighten the spine. Most customers report feeling good on these mattresses initially, but there are some reports of difficulties with durability. If you are larger in body type, you'll want to make sure that the mattress firmness is in the firm range to ensure that it will be comfortable.

The pros: Posture-focused hybrid mattress.

The cons: Some high prices and issues with durability.

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Few months in, started sagging

I bought a latex Englander pillow top bed about 6 years ago, in the store it was super comfortable but after I got it (Queen size) and had it for a few months it started sagging. I only weigh 143 and it shouldn't do that. Within a few years it was awful. When it became horrible, I called them and spoke with the customer service team, I sent pictures and documented how bad it was. The bed I had was discontinued, and they actually replaced it with a top of the line pillow top mattress--it was their best model, and probably about an $1800 mattress. I was thrilled, now 6 months into it--I have to turn the thing constantly to avoid the sagging. It is almost as bad as the other one and I completely hate it. I bought a new bed this week. I really wanted it to work out but these are just not great. I can say their customer service was excellent, but I would never recommend these. They aren't cheap and they are so uncomfortable--I can't imagine 2 people on one that weigh more than me.

Started sagging in eight months

We spent $1150+ on an E-gel, cool gel technology Queen, and after about 8 months it started to sag. Englander sent someone over to check the bed and we were told it was 'expected' wear and tear - I'm furious - less than 2 years old - absolutely awful and I am doing everything in my power to spread the word everywhere on the net about this company and their expensive, sagging mattress. :( My $400 mattress was more comfortable after 6 years than this one. I feel bitter about the amount of money and lack of accountability for poor quality, poor durability and crap customer service. Anyone know how to launch a class-action law suit against these clowns?

Bought in the 90s -- still good!

I bought an Englander mattress in December 1996. It was a double-pillow top queen sized mattress with the matching box spring. It is only now that I am thinking of replacing it with a new mattress. I am thinking about a memory foam mattress. This model was the best one that the store carried. For the entire time that I have had the mattress, it was wonderful and very comfortable. The only reason that I am want to replace it, it because of its age. It always had a protective cover on it.

Cheap and good

Just bought a englander capri. Queen size for $396 after tax. So far so good

Best mattress I ever owned

Had a Queen pillowtop for a month now. Absolutely the best Mattress I've ever owned. I saved hundreds of dollars and would recommend The Mattress Outlet and Englander Mattress to anyone that wants a great night's sleep. You do not need to spend thousands to be comfortable. I am completely satisfied with the product.

Love it

We bought a englander back in 05 and have been happy every night since. I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud. Not sure the model but it was about $1200

Worst ever

I bought an Englander Ultimate Visco Pillowtop, expensive, the store went out of business and I am stuck with the worst mattress in the world, it is only two and a half years old and has two holes one on each side and a hump in the middle, pleople learn from my mistake do not buy this mattress. 

Biggest ripoff of my life

Do not buy an Englander mattress. The biggest ripoff in my life of 56 years is the Englander mattress. Only 6 months ago we bought one for over $800.00. I have been sleeping in a hole for 3 months now. Tomorrow i will cut it in half and transport the halves to the wholesaler where I will glue them to the sidewalk in front of the store.

Durability -- NONE

Bought this mattress three months ago and it has a giant hole directly in the middle of the mattress. I am not a big person and can't understand how normal sleep would ever cause something like this to happen. I am so disappointed and all I want is a new mattress, but the store said that the sale was final. I was jipped out of hundreds of dollars.

My back aches and the mattress is falling apart

Six months in and I can't even sleep in this bed because the bedding itself has entirely degraded. I am not a sensitive sleeper and would gladly sleep on a couch any day, but this bed has turned into a painful metal mess. I can't do this to myself.

Constant pain and sagging

Bought this bad a year ago and have been in constant pain since 2 weeks in. The shoddy crafstmanship is unbelievable. Buyer beware!!!

Everyone loves it

I purchased my mattress by chance from an store that was going out of business in 2007. To this day everyone that comes to visit brags about the restful night they get. Nothing but snores from the guest bedroom. I brought my second one, replacing my mattress with an Englander, now I have two. I hope my second one last as long as my first one.

I purchased a king sized mattress

I purchased a king sized mattress and box spring January 2014 - from Beds Beds Beds in Crestwood, The mattress is an Englander Mattress OAKVILLE FM is what is on the tag. I emailed Englander Bedding twice and got no answer - I will try calling the company directly later today. The mattress is lumpy my spouse and I weight about 137-150 each so there is no valid reason why the mattress should be lumpy. I don't know if this complaint will do anything but I quite unhappy with the mattress (the box spring appears ok). I keep hearing Englander mattress stands by their product and so far no response. The mattress before we see that it is lumpy in 3 spots is a firm mattress and we both got a good nights sleep.

Englander Geneseo

Mattress has been sagging for 3-4 years now, and it is only 6 years old! I only weigh 135 pounds! Wake up stiff and sore. Just bought a big name competitor's mattress/box springs and guess what -- all my aches and stiffness went away.

Sags in the middle after 4 months

Bought Englander (hampstead model) mattress. I am a smaller than average person and it started sagging in the middle. Every night I end up rolling into the center. Back and hips sore. Contacted customer service twice several months ago and no one ever responded. Will never buy this brand again. I will check the listings from Consumer Reports before I buy another mattress. Thought this would be better because it was a made in USA company.

Horrible Mattress!!

We purchased this mattress after being told this is a "commercial hotel" brand. We knew w/in the 1st week it was not for us. Very hard, most uncomfortable mattress we have ever owned, began to sag after "one" month. I went to the store we purchased from 3 times, I was told by everyone I spoke to "sorry we can't do anything about it" or "you have to call the manufacturer" or "just lay on it more" . The manufacturer sent a bunch of forms to complete but if it did not sag to their "inch" requirement it did not qualify to return. Any sagging that soon is not good, still uncomfortable, we have regretted this purchase of the ENGLANDER mattress & would not suggest you purchase one at all!!

Sagging less than a year!

After only a few months my full size bed began sagging in the middle. It's the Englander Hampstead model. I'm 140lbs, athletic. Now I wake with back & hip pain (combo sleeper- I change positions through the night). Contacted the manufacturer twice with zero response. The box spring is very cheaply made. Horrible waste of money. Now checking reviews before I buy another bed. Will not purchase this brand again. Never had a bed fail in such a short period of time.

Sagging at 5 months. NOT Good

After 5 months from purchase my mattress started getting a depression in the middle of the mattress, AND a big depression on the side of the bed. And which started causing me back issues due to sleeping a bed with defective support.

check your frame

I purchased my first Englander Pillowtop Mattress in 2008. The one I bought, just like many others on this list of reviews was horrible. within the first couple to three months it Started sagging in the middle. I contacted the retailor I purchased it from and they sent out a tech for measurements (a string with 2 weights-one on each end hang over both sides of bed and check depth in middle) and agreed to replace mattress with a new one. Then about two to three months later the same thing with the new mattress-again replaced. When replacing the second mattress, I looked under the box spring to notice that the boards under the box spring were different than customary ones. At this point, I bought a nine leg bed frame instead of the four leg model and the bed has not had this problem again. Check your box spring and maybe consider changing your frame or possible run boards across it for additional support. Hopefully this help some of you..

Englander Brighton Mattress

We bought an Englander Brighton about 18 months ago. It started sagging so we turned it around. Still sagged. Contacted Englander who referred us to the local dealer. Took them pictures and they were great about replacing it with a new one. We have had this one only 3 months and it is sagging as much as the first one. We weigh 150 lbs and 120 lbs. (Not heavy people.) Totally disappointed with the product. Not sure what well do next. Sure won't buy another Englander. The company may be great, but this mattress is terrible.

Lie about warranty

I reached out a week ago for them because I was looking for the warranty for the beat for the mattress I bought nobody reached out sent me an email nothing just completely ignored me until I think that's some professional and I will never buy another one of these again and my bed I got in 2017 so I know there's a 10-year

Worse mattress I have ever bought

after 1 night these mattresses(2 twin xl). the sagging of the mattresses under where we sleep was unbelievable and continues to get worse,. When elevating the head and feet to sit for reading or watching TV the sitting is like sitting on hard board with no cushion. My bones hurt! I called salesman and they sent out their inspection team and they are going to replace. I’m so concerned about this product and will I get the same outcome? Reading some reviews i see.sagging is a problem. I wish I had my old 25 year old-king Serta back. My husband and I are now having problems with aches and back pain. Wise purchase we ever made.

After 35 years, time to replace

We bought our Lady Englander mattress 35 years ago when we were married and never thought about replacing it. When we climb in we always talk about how comfortable it is. However, after 35 years it is definitely starting to sag a bit. But we have certainly gotten our money's worth. Looking to replace with something very similar.

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