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Endy vs. Sleep Number

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Endy is a Canadian company that started with an all-foam mattress in a box based on years of extensive research. After the popularity of their original Endy Mattress, they later added the Endy Hybrid Mattress to their lineup as well. Their mattresses are made with a proprietary blend of foams for a medium firmness feel that most customers love. On top of that, they're also socially conscious, donating mattresses and sleep products to a variety of charity partners across Canada for those that need them most.

Sleep Number

Sleep Number has innovated over the years, from their firmness number technology and now their smart mattress and anti-snore features. With more smart technology than ever before such as sleep tracking and automatic adjustments of temperature and firmness, most sleepers find the Sleep Number 360 mattresses very interesting. However, durability is a concern for many customers with reports of some components wearing out faster than expected given the high prices.

Based on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, we recommend Endy in this match up!

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Mattress Score

Overall Score:
Endy: 8.8/10
Sleep Number: 7.5/10

Customer Satisfaction:
Endy: 8.8/10
Sleep Number: 7.4/10

Price Value:
Endy: 8.7/10
Sleep Number: 8.2/10

No Back Pain:
Endy: 8.7/10
Sleep Number: 8.5/10

Endy: $675-$1450
Sleep Number: $699-$11499

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Sleep Number:
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Endy's Owner Satisfaction

Getting to the bottom of customer satisfaction is painstaking for the average shopper, especially with brands cleaning their online reputation. That said, customers feel comfortable on these mattresses overall. However, there were some complaints from sleepers that didn't feel as comfortable. so look at the specifics below to make sure that this mattress will work for you!

Endy's Supportiveness

Folks usually think that mattresses that are good at support are always firm, but when we talk about support, we talk about material that works with your body to support the spine. Most customers have rated this mattress well on its support, but rarely, there are some complaints.

Edge Support
Most experience these mattresses as having desirable edge support, which is great for those that like to sit on the side of the mattress or sleep close to the sides of the mattress.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
The bowling ball test of even support is important to figure out if the mattress will provide a good surface to support the spine. These mattresses are above average in providing support, but some folks rarely may experience some discomfort.

Endy's Durability

Finding a mattress that is durable is critical to mattress shoppers. However, with brands fighting over profits, it isn't always a clear story for customers. That said, based on the specifications, craftmanship and materials used, these mattresses should be good for durability and provide over 5 years of comfort for most. But, some folks who are heavier may experience some degrading sooner.

Sleep Number's Owner Satisfaction

Customer reviews are sometimes hard to make sense of -- especially with all of the noise in the industry. Customers, unfortunately, don't always feel great about these mattresses. There are still folks that love their mattresses, but there are many others with complaints. Learn more below to understand the specifics.

Sleep Number's Supportiveness

A supportive mattress is important to all, but especially important for back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers also need a responsive mattress for their bodies. These mattresses offer a good amount of support, above average overall. However, others had problems with the support so if you have a heavy build, make sure to do extra research.

Edge Support
This mattress provides above average edge support. But, some heavier customers may experience some dipping close to the edges.

Sleep Number's Durability

Mattresses that last a long a time are great, but not always easy to find. These mattresses, specifically, are not rated highly by sleepers for their longevity. That said, some customers may find their mattress lasts longer than average, while other customers may have much faster discomfort. If you are bigger in body type, take a look at the reviews before purchasing.

Browse Endy Customer Reviews

Fantastic mattress
My husband and I absolutely love our new Endy mattress. I don’t think we have ever slept so well. Delivery was quick and set up was easy. We would recommend this bed highly to anyone looking for a medium-firm mattress.....Support Canadian business!!

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Endy Bed
Best bed ever! Perfectly fills the contours of my body, allowing my muscles to relax and wake up rejuvenated. The best therapeutic bed I have tried out.

Love our endy
My hubby and I weren’t sure what to expect when buying an endy. The customer service has been great and the mattress is very comfortable. We are sleeping like babies! ❤️

Highly recommend!
We love our new mattress! No more tossing and turning all night. I have issues with my shoulder and this has helped me sleep on that side. My husband has restless leg syndrome and this has lessened it and when it does happen, it's not waking me up anymore as I can't feel him moving around.

Very Comfortable!
I love my new mattress! And the order/delivery was stress free. Thank you Endy!

Endy mattress
Exactly as advertised! Love it. No more sore hips. Thank you 😊

New Endy
Love it!

love my Endy!
love my Endy!

Best sleep!!
The only thing getting us out of our bed in the morning is the kids. We love our Endy.

I love my new Endy mattress, I have not slept this well in a long time.



Wonderful purchase!
I bought this for my 3 year old daughter. She slepts so well on it and called it her ‘cloud’ bed. It has been wonderful cuddling on this mattress.. hard to get out. The most amazing part was that I ordered this mattress on a Thursday night and found it on my doorstep Sat afternoon!

Awesome!!! Highly recommend this mattress. Don’t hesitate buy this mattress!!!

Perfect for our guest room
Perfect for our guest room and so affordable!

Soooooo good
Our old mattress was an 11 yrs old, lumpy pillow top. We upgraded to a king Endy when our daughter was 2 weeks old and even with a newborn we have had the best sleep ever! Sure I wake up for her, but otherwise I am so impressed with how comfortable this mattress. I’m dreading one thing about our upcoming vacation and that is having to sleep on a mattress that won’t compare. Super fast shipping for an amazing product. Win, win, win!

Great sleep & stay warm
Great sleep & stay warm after you get up and come back to bed

I am in heaven.
Sleeping on angels.

My husband loves it, and
My husband loves it, and I am getting it to it

I took a chance buying it and waiting for my body to adapt. It is a little too firm for my liking so I give 3 stars instead of 4. Not my type. It is good only to sleep on my back so I'm kind of using it to force me to do it. I'll probably return it.

Good quality and services, but not for me.
The mattress is way to soft for me.

We love our Endy
Love love love our Endy. Both of of us have back issues and trouble sleeping, But all issues are improved....feels like we we hit the jackpot! We highly recommend!

I am in love with
I am in love with this mattress! Takes a few nights to get used to it as they say, but after that it is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on! And the mattress was delivered in 2-3 days after ordering! Amazing company!

Good Decision
I was hesitant to replace my bed, but after sleeping on an Endy Mattress I can’t believe I didn’t do it years ago.

Love my Endy!!
Can not believe that I could fall in love again, but I did. Her name is Endy. 😉 Seriously though; this is the best money we ever spent. Highly recommend one to anyone who is having sleepless nights.

We are loving our new
We are loving our new Endy bed

It's Perfect!
Finally I can get through the night without my shoulders killing me

This is the best mattress I've ever purchased, it takes a good week to get used to. I'm having some of the best sleeps I've ever had.

It’s been 3 weeks now
It’s been 3 weeks now and we’re really happy with our Endy mattress and pillows! Everything about the service has been great!

super comfortable, just the right
super comfortable, just the right about of squishiness

With my old mattress I get up in the morning having back pains. A week after using Endy I dont feel it anymore! I love our Endy!

Bed is so comfy!
Bed is so comfy!

Great Mattress
Great mattress, great customer service. Would definitely recommend!

Endy, Love it
This was an the Best company to deal with. Easiest mattress ever to install, and rave reviews from our guests! I tell everyone looking for a new mattress how amazing the whole process was, how comfortable it is. Love Love it!! The only negative may be that it's a little "too" comfortable for the "guest"

Finally I can sleep through the night!
I just thought aging brought sleepless nights but since I received your mattress less than two weeks ago, I have been sleeping eight hours a night after decades of thinking that I could only sleep about five. I wake up feeling that all my vertebras are in place too. I am so grateful.

Great Mattress
So far I love it. Never slept better. Back pain gone.

Best. Mattress. Ever.
Both my wife and I were skeptical and were worried that one of us would like it and the other wouldn’t. After 4 weeks we both agree it’s the best mattress we’ve ever had. It’s ruined hotel mattresses, nothing is as comfortable as our Endy.


Great mattress
It's been a month now, sleeping better than ever. Thanx Endy.

Great sleep!

Browse Sleep Number Customer Reviews

Going with the C2 and adding my own bells and whistles
Very grateful for Candid Reviewer's advice. We were interested in the C2 after seeing the excellent rating it received from Consumer Reports, with high marks for durability, side and back sleeping. We went to the sleep number store, stuck to our plan and avoided being up- sold, and bought (on Amazon) both the recommended fiber topper and a gel topper to experiment with once the C2 arrives. We also are using our old metal frame with a queen-size bunkie board ($69), for a nice savings compared to the $300 foundation from sleep number. More $ for new sheets and bedding!

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Not perfect but best mattress I've had in....well ever.
3.5 stars if I could. Last November, we got the Sleep number C2 due in part to the top review here.

This is my 8th mattress/mattress adjustment in 6 years. We upgraded from my 20 year old twin sized mattress and until now we have been plagued with back problems. The sleep number has been great for good night sleeps and no back problems anymore. My Sleep #35, wife's #30

Why the 3 stars then....

Overly glorified air mattress. Our 5th mattress was an $80 air mattress with a built in pump. I freaking loved that thing but the wife not so much. The sleep number is no different. The problem lies in the bladders. There are two independent bladders so two different firmness can be achieved. The split, there is a very noticeable casm between my wife and I if go to close to her I roll down. If I'm not centered have a tendency to bottom out do to air shifting. That said the bladders are to thin and I bottom out with my side set to a 50. I prefer to sleep on a 35-40 but for lying in bed with my head up I need to adjust the bed higher so my arse isn't on the hard plastic lower mattress. Speaking of lower mattress, this thing is composed of about 12 hard plastic rails that are aprox 4"-6" high. I've got my bed on my old box spring and it slides all over causing me to jam a falling out rail back in every week or so.

Cuddlings a pain with the grand casm to work around. Sex must be planed so the bladders can be at 100 each.

All that said the C2 is a good mattress but I have made some improvements to make it a great mattress: 3" gel topper and a 3" down quilted topper under the bladder mattress to lessen the bottoming out. I'm eventually going to build bed frame for proper height, box spring containment, and support for sides of the bladders.

The sleep numbers best quality is it offers options it's short comings are easily fixed and it's way eaiser to move than normal mattress set.

I will not buy any other bed again.
Best bed I ever had. I'm a big person 300 Plus pounds...At year 10 the pump went out and I called...they still had my info and sold me a new pump at 1/2 price. It's went through 2 moves and is still great! My husband is also big so it stands up to heavy folks. Folks on the phone were friendly and helpful. I'm looking now to buy my son one.

So far, So Good!
We decided to try a sleep number bed based on the other reviews here, and the fact that I haven't been able to sleep for more than 4-5 hours at a time and waking up feeling like I had been run over by a truck. I am by nature a skeptic, not wanting to believe ads and doing my own research is much more important than just taking some ad at it's face value.
We have had the bed for a little over a week now and I can say that I'm up to about 6.5 hours of sleep. We are still adjusting to the concept of setting the number to one that is most comfortable. I'm a 65 and the wife is at 75. Time will tell. Overall, the bed went together nicely, wish some of the zippers were better in quality and it does take some getting used to the foam boarders. They sit a bit higher than the mattress so you can definitely feel the edges. Having said that, I sincerely hope that this will be a long term solution for us.
I did make a YouTube Video of the unbox of the mattress that provides some insight into what it takes to set up this mattress.

Warning: Sleep Number Beds Last Only 6 Years
My wife and I purchased a sleep number bed, a 5000 Queen Set, Dual, Ptop, Wireless in 2006. The bed was installed by the company's installers and has not been moved since that time. My wife and I are the only one who have ever slept on the bed. We do not have children and so no child has ever jumped on the bed.

About a year ago we noticed that the sides of the bed were pushing out and there was a depression on both sides where he lay when sleeping. Even with full pressure this did not go away. This kept getting worse so we called Customer Support.

The first person we called told us that we should have put a piece of plywood under the mattress to increase support and if we had done so we would not be having problems. However, neither any of the instructions nor the installers said anything about the bed needing extra support.

When we called back to order the almost $400.00 repair parts this person said she did not know anything about needing plywood support and there was no written indication about this on the previous person's phone call. It seemed the lady was suggesting my wife was lying. I can only conclude that the other person should not have inform us about this design flaw.

Also read the warranty information carefully. I did not. After 7 years I am responsible for over 44% of the cost of the repairs.

I will say these beds are very comfortable and you will enjoy the comfort they afford. However, do not believe that they will last for 20 years. Mine lasted for 6 years. If you have young children who like to play on the bed keep them off this bed!

I wish I had not purchased this bed since I cannot find a good sleep position and will purchase another mattress
This is for the C2 select comfort bed.
There are many mixed reviews about these beds and they are basically very expensive for an air mattress with very cheap and thin padding between the cover and air mattress. My biggest problem with the bed is that it has very little adjustment. While the numbers go from 0 to 100 they are in increments of 5 so there isn't as much adjustment as there would appear to be (intentional deception?). I'm kind of stuck in the middle so that if I make the bed soft enough I wake up with back pain, when hard enough to not have back pain I toss and turn all night. I wish I had not purchased this bed since I cannot find a good sleep position and will purchase another mattress. If you do buy it decide quickly if you can adjust it for your comfort level. I kept thinking I could get the adjustment right and let the return period expire. Also, returns are expensive and difficult.

One moth in and love it, after a few tweaks
Great bed but..... they should call it build a bed. Sleep Number has an odd business model and they want to charge you for all kinds of silly extras.
The key to buying this bed is wait for a sale and only buy the bed no extras as other reviews state here.
The good : The bed is adjustable and you quickly find the right amount of air firmness you need. The mattress is super light so making the bed is a breeze.
The Bad :sleep number charges insane amount for the base get a good piece of plywood, the sleep number base is plastic don't pay for delivery or legs for the base.
The bed feels as others stated like a camping mattress what made the bed great for us is a 2 inch gel memory foam the bed went from bad to a great night sleep, So lets call this a build a bed start with the base model customize it yourself.

After having the bed for the past 10 years, I have had the bed pillow top replaced 2 times because of mold issues. I called the warranty again because the pillow top is coming apart after 4 years and they say i have to pay 60% for a new replacement. This is crazy. Went to buy by Sterns and Foster and they have a full replacement on their beds if they come a much better bed then the Sleep by number.

I purchased a C2 bed and slept on it for a week, and each night woke up with back pain. It is honestly the worst mattress I have ever slept on. I started sleeping on the floor because it was more comfortable. The materials are not worth $1,200, they are probably making over 300% profit margins because the cost couldn't be more than $300 for the whole bed. The side walls and chambers do not meet together well, so there are dips all throughout the bed. A pillow top or cushion could not cover up the unevenness of the bed.

BUYER BEWARE: They will not refund you the $90 shipping it cost to UPS your bed to your house, and they will charge you another $90 for labels to return the bed via UPS

ONLY buy the C2 mattress, no upgrades (comprehensive overview)
My wife and I did extensive research before purchasing a Sleep Number bed, and we were surprised by much of what we learned. I want to share some of that information now, then I'll return periodically to report on how well we're sleeping.

There are two main reasons to buy a Sleep Number bed: (1) so you can change the firmness of your mattress to suit your preferences, which may change over time, such as during pregnancy or while recovering from a back injury; and (2) so you can have a different level of firmness on each side of the same mattress to accommodate two sleepers with very different comfort preferences. If you don't care about either of those benefits, there's no reason to buy a Sleep Number bed that wouldn't be just as well served by other, cheaper options, such as a spring mattress.

All Sleep Number beds use the same quality of pump and air bladder (the size of the bladders may vary, but it makes no difference to comfort). The taller air bladders or "upgraded" layers of padding are not necessarily desirable. In fact, customer reviews are consistently highest for the most basic model, the C2, which gives you the most "bang for your buck" and seems to produce far fewer complaints than their higher-end models.

A Sleep Number bed essentially is a glorified air mattress. The benefit of an air mattress (versus springs or memory foam) is that you can adjust the firmness of the bed from 0 to 100. In practice, this means the bed adjusts from uncomfortably soft (to the point of sinking into it like a hammock) to uncomfortably firm (like laying on a board). Most people will prefer a sleep number somewhere between 30 to 60. Presently, my wife's "sleep number" is a very soft 35, while mine is a fairly firm 60.

You only need the MATTRESS (which includes the air bladders and pump). The Sleep Number box frame is overpriced and not required. Any appropriately-sized box frame will work. The Sleep Number salesperson will likely warn you that traditional wooden box frames tend to expand and contract as the temperature and humidity change, but their "special" polymer box frame won't. Ignore the sales pitch. You don't need it as long as you have a solid, flat foundation for the mattress. We used the box frame from our previous bed, and it works great.

Do NOT buy a "high-end" Sleep Number bed. Customers appear to be consistently and significantly LESS SATISFIED (long-term) with Sleep Number's upgraded models. Search the Internet, and you'll see a distinct pattern in customer reviews: The simpler the model (C2 is the most basic), the happier the customer (on average). The upgraded models also seem unjustifiably overpriced. For instance, in the C3, Sleep Number merely adds a little foam padding and a slightly taller air bladder, but the price jumps by $300 or more! (You could buy a thicker mattress topper of better quality foam for half that price or less.) In short, the most cost-effective (and frankly, most comfortable) choice is to buy the basic C2 model, then purchase a 1" to 3" thick, high-quality memory foam topper from another supplier. You'll spend less money AND sleep better! One caveat: Don't overdo it on the thickness of the memory foam toppper. A topper about 2" thick is plenty to add a touch of luxurious softness, while the C2 mattress provides you with a highly-adjustable firmness level. Thicker toppers have a greater tendency to sink in and sag (a frequent complaint about memory foam after extended use), and thus, can negate the benefits of buying a firmness-adjustable air bed in the first place!

A queen-sized C2 Sleep Number mattress with dual bladders (so each "half" of the bed can be set to a different firmness) costs about $700.00, and the Sleep Number mattress protector (which adds a 10-year warranty) costs another $200. After tax, you're looking at around $1,000 for an air mattress with a warranty that, by many reports from other customers, may not actually be backed by the manufacturer. Nonetheless, having had TWO very disappointing experiences with two different high-end memory foam beds (each in the $1,000 price range), my wife and I decided to give the C2 a try. We will be satisfied with our purchase if our bed stays inflated for at least a decade, and adjusts in firmness when we need it to. Only time will tell.

When you buy a Sleep Number bed, you can pay approximately $160 for delivery and setup, or you can pay about $90 for UPS delivery. Unless you're physically challenged or disabled, I'd save money by opting for the UPS delivery. The bed is easy to set up yourself. It arrives nicely packed in a relatively small box with clear instructions. To save even more money, wait for a promotion period when Sleep Number offers free shipping, and then make your purchase. That's how my wife and I escaped paying any setup/delivery costs.

When your Sleep Number bed arrives (assuming you didn't pay for setup), it is easy to assemble. You lay out the mattress cover on a box frame, unzip the top, insert foam stiffeners around the perimeter of the bed, drop in the air bladders, attach the air pump, inflate the bladders, and zip the top of the mattress back on. Done! It only took me about 30 minutes to set up a dual bladder Queen-size bed, and at least half of that time was spent waiting for the bladders to inflate (the initial inflation is slow).

On the first two nights of sleeping on our bed, we tried an old, 4" thick memory foam topper that we had stored in the closet for the past five years. As expected, the 4" of foam was TOO thick and allowed my spine to sag. Even with the C2 mattress itself set to a moderately firm 50 on the first night, and a very firm 70 on the second night, I woke up both mornings with a lot of back pain due to the sinking effect of the (thick) topper. I also sweated a lot both nights because memory foam runs very warm and doesn't breathe well. My wife had no complaints about the mattress itself (she chose a much softer sleep number of 35), but she also sweated and felt uncomfortably hot due to the memory foam topper. We reminded ourselves that we bought this bed to get away from our disappointments with memory foam, so the topper went back into the closet.

On the third and fourth night, we slept with no topper at all (only the C2 mattress and the very thinly padded mattress protection cover we purchased). Initial comfort wasn't great (it doesn't feel "soft as a cloud" because you feel the air bladder pressing smoothly but stiffly against you through the padding). However, the level of back support and sleep-through-the-night comfort were both dramatically better. I woke up with almost no back pain. That confirms the C2 mattress's ability to fulfill the firmness and support needs that we couldn't get from our two previous, high-end memory foam mattresses. Now the task is to find an appropriate topper to add that extra touch of initial softness against our backs.

After a lot of research into memory foam alternatives, we settled on the Downlite Extra Plush Bamboo Top Mattress Pad (sold here on Amazon). Once we've received it and slept on it a few nights, I'll write a separate review for that product, as well as return here to report the overall results on our happiness with the C2 mattress. Stay tuned...
[UPDATE 7-19-2013: After three weeks on this bed, we're definitely sleeping much better. The first week was a bit rough as we adjusted to the new feel of an air bed, but the last two weeks have been great. The C2 mattress, combined with a Downlite Extra Plush Bamboo Top Mattress Pad, is substantially more supportive than the memory foam mattresses we used previously. Although the initial comfort doesn't feel quite as luxuriously soft when you first lay down on the bed, our actual through-the-night sleeping comfort is outstanding. My sleep number has hovered around a (firm) 65, while my wife continues to prefer her much softer 35. We both agree the Downlite topper made the bed feel substantially better since it is just thick enough to prevent us from feeling the air bladders in the C2 bed.

I also noticed that the Downlite topper feels firmer and more supportive than the upgraded beds we tried out in the Sleep Number store, reinforcing my suspicion that higher-end Sleep Number beds use layers of memory foam which probably sink in over time and cause back pain like we experienced with our previous memory foam beds. That probably accounts for why the higher-end Sleep Number beds are reviewed much more negatively than the basic C2 mattress. If you can give up the pleasure of that initial cozy feeling you get from memory foam, the C2 mattress and Downlite topper are a great combination that will give much better (and adjustable) sleep-through-the-night comfort and support for those who suffer from chronic back pain. So far, we're quite pleased.]
[UPDATE 9/10/2013: After two full months sleeping on the C2 Sleep Number bed and our Downlite topper, I am THRILLED with the improvements in my neck and back pain--which have essentially disappeared. Each time I lie down on the bed, I'm still aware that the initial "cushy" softness of the memory foam is missing, but after lying down for a few seconds, that observation immediately gives way to a pleasant impression of how firm and supportive the bed feels against my back. After two months, that same initial impression continues to replay in my mind when I go to bed each night.

More importantly, I can now attest with full confidence that the C2 mattress and Downlite topper combination alleviates ALL of the neck and back pain issues I was experiencing with the memory foam mattresses and toppers we have previously slept on. In two months, I haven't had ANY serious problems with pain--and that's a remarkable change from the almost daily pain I was experiencing before.

More impressively, a week ago, I strained my back badly when I slipped while raising a sailboat mast and strained to catch the mast before it slammed down onto the concrete. The last time that (same incident) happened, I couldn't move out of my bed for two full days and I suffered excruciating lower back pain for three weeks before I recovered full mobility. This time, although the pain and strain felt nearly as bad as last time, I was able to get on my feet the next morning and now, a week later, although my back is still tender, I'm recovering exponentially faster than before with near-full mobility and can again lift modest amounts of weight (like my one-year-old daughter) comfortably. The only possible explanation is that this bed is so supportive, it is accelerating my recovery. I now realize now that the last time I injured my back, the memory foam topper we had at that time was probably exacerbating the strain at night, stretching out my pain and debilitation unnecessarily.

Suffice it to say that I am well pleased with the Downlite topper and our C2 Sleep Number mattress. My wife--who is now pregnant--has remarked a few times that she misses the cushy softness of the memory foam a lot, but even she (with her much better back) agrees that this bed's supportiveness is still much better and gives her better "through-the-night" sleep comfort. She just likes her bed to be very soft feeling, and this topper just isn't as initially soft as a more foam-like material would be.]
[UPDATE 3-11-2014: Well, my wife just completed her pregnancy with our third child and she has said repeatedly throughout the last trimester that she was glad to have an adjustable bed. So far, we've had no air leaks, no signs of premature wear, nor any other complaints. We continue to get good support and comfort from this bed. My wife still occasionally mentions her desire to put a one-inch memory foam topper under the Downlite topper just to increase the initial softness a little, but it's such a small issue, she hasn't really gotten around to it yet. We're plenty comfortable. I can definitely say now that the approximately $1000 investment in this bed was well worth it. We're glad we bought it, and continue to find the adjustment feature useful whenever I have a strained back or my wife's body is changing as it does through a pregnancy and thereafter.]

[UPDATE 12-28-2015: Well, years later and this bed is still holding up great -- with no evident signs of wear, despite three little girls who occasionally jump on it (though we tell them not to) -- and still giving us sleep-through-the-night comfort. Every three months or so, it seems we have to readjust the bed: deflating it down to its lowest setting (20, I think), then inflating it up to its highest setting (100), and then dialing it back down to our preferred sleep number (mine is 55 or 60). This seems to recalibrate the bed's pressure gauge. If we don't do it, we notice that after a few months our sleep number starts to feel "softer" than it is supposed to... as if the bed has let out a little air and/or fallen out of calibration. It takes so long for this to happen that I don't think it can be attributed to a leak (the bed never goes flat!). It just seems to be a quirk that is easily resolved using the recalibration method I described.

Also, having slept on this bed through several more hot seasons, I will say it again: we sleep much cooler on hot Georgia nights than we ever did on memory foam! Overall, we're very pleased with this bed. It's not dreamy soft, but it is comfortable and supportive.]

We spent a fortune on the mattress, base, sheets, pillows, etc. After sleeping on it my husband had an allergic reaction to the materials which caused welts all over his body. We obviously couldn't keep this. I called customer service to schedule a return and after being on the phone for almost an hour was told I couldn't return the base, the sheets, pillows, and mattress topper. The only thing they would take back was the mattress itself, but still charged me another $199 to pick it up. I am disgusted that a company that is supposed to be top of the line has such terrible policies. I spent a small fortune on this, and they won't refund me until 7 days after pick up which is a month away. I will never purchase anything here again, and will warn off friends and family. My neighbor was going to buy one this week, but after telling them my horror story, they have decided against it.

Love the bed, hate the technology
We are on our second Sleep Number bed, going with the adjustable bed this time to help alleviate sinus problems, and had we not loved our older Sleep Number we would have looked elsewhere. All was great for almost 2 years, then for the past few weeks the remotes started to loose their connection to the bed and its associated systems (air-inflation system, adjustable base, dual temperature heaters). Every night I have to re-pair the remotes to the bed, and this is getting old quick. Sleep Number's customer service was absolutely no help, they walked me though the pairing process (I think I can do it in my sleep now), and claimed success … if only they had listened they would know it always works, for a few hours, then the remotes loose their connections again. I hear folks have great luck and bad luck with Sleep Number's customer service, I guess I will just have to start calling each night and having them walk me though the re-pairing process until I get one of the good service techs.

A review 6 years in the making
Sleep Number beds are pretty good BUT... there are few things you need to know before you make the purchase. First, if you like a firm mattress, Sleep Number is great because you can keep it firm over time. Second, if you like a firm mattress and your co-sleeper likes squishy, well, you've seen the ads. That stuff you probably figured out. Here's what you may not know: Sleep Number with no foam on top is hard as a rock no matter how low you set your number. So, be prepared to add a mattress topper. The good news here is that if you bought the thin Sleep Number, like I did, sheets will still fit over it. The bad news is that you are going to struggle finding one that doesn't make you sweat and you'll need to replace it every 3 years or so. There are models that have a thick foam top and that's supposed to eliminate the need for a separate topper. But, foam compacts over time so if you get that model, you are right back into the short lifespan of a standard mattress. Finally, Sleep Number beds will need to have parts replaced. You're going to need new air bags, hoses, and a pump. It will happen a lot sooner than the advertising leads you to believe. And, while you wait for these parts to arrive on your doorstep, you're going to be sleeping on your couch. So, you may fall in love with your Sleep Number the first week you sleep on it but be aware that you are going to spend about $200 every other year on parts. We've had ours for 6 years. We've spent $800 on two mattress toppers, one replacement air bag and a replacement pump. Warranty? Yes. That's with the warranty.

Delivery / Service
Scheduled delivery day was scheduled for a Friday. 30 minutes before delivery was contacted and said would not deliver because of large amount of rain during the night. Delivery company wanted to deliver the following week. I offered next day, but was declined. All around poor customer service. The Sleep Number stores were open and all other furniture stores . Other stores willing to deliver same day.

If I could give a 0 star review, I would. The bed we received was not the bed we tried in the store. When we received our bed, it started to sag in the middle after less than a week. I had a migraine headache every day I slept on this bed either from something it's made of or the way I was forced to sleep on it. I called to return it and they wanted to sell me "accessories" to make it sleepable. A bed this expensive should just work. I am now having to pay $499 to have the bed and the base returned. This is excessive. The bed is crap and the company is a scam with bait and switch. Do yourself a favor and get something else.

The cost of ownership is high
I replaced my original Sleep Number bed 3 years ago with the P6 mattress after replacing the foam layer and the air pump. I regret that decision. The mattress covers do not hold their shape and the foam layer that lies over the mattress air bladders can and does split where the two bladders meet. The air pump on my original bed failed and had to be replaced. The P6 is only 3 years old and the mattress cover has stretched as badly as the 10+ year old mattress cover did. I was offered a new mattress cover at a prorated discount of almost 300 dollars. Be feels great until.....

Just a TERRIBLE purchase!
My king sized Sleep Number 360 i8 sunk in the middle within a year of purchase. I contacted Sleep Number. First they sent me a 1 inch thick plain piece of foam the size of the whole mattress. I followed the instructions on how to use it, Useless. Then they shipped the whole big foam thing. Again we followed the instructions (quite a pain) and it was better for about 3 months. Then it sunk in the middle again! We are less than 2 years into this bed purchase; and for $3,000+ and two replacement parts, I have a useless bed. Sleep Number spends all their money on marketing and pretty stores and then designs and builds and sells shoddy products. The bed was TERRIBLE! I have asked them to resolve it by refunding me. Of course, I get the party line that it's past the 100-day mark for replacement. I guess this is a $3,00 hard learned lesson. Don't make the same mistake!!

Run the other way!
I purchased an i8 after trying it out in the store along with the highly recommended mattress pad. We receive the bed and immediately it doesn't feel like the same bed in the store. You can feel the lump of air underneath you and it was curved upwards for the highest setting which wasn't comfortable at all. The first night we woke up in the morning and the "cooling" mattress pad was so hot we both sweaty. I had to take it off and exchange it (couldn't return it since it had been used) which was a $219 disappointment. After trying to make it work for a month, we gave up and sent the bed back also. It cost $249 to send it back because we were outside of their delivery zone, so after over $500 in delivery fees alone, it was an expensive lesson, but we couldn't keep an overpriced air mattress. Be smart, don't do it!!!!

Worse experience ever!!!
extremely unhappy with the comfort of the mattress, but even more so with all the unnecessary fees they add even to return the product....... $400 in delivery charges. That's ridiculous!!!!!

Overpriced Junk after 3 years.
Paid almost $6,000.00 for this i10 bed, after less than 2 years the bed started dramatically sagging the same way our 10 plus year old innerspring pillow top mattress had. I lived with it thinking the air chambers would some how take care of the problem and that it was a normal thing. Unfortunately living with it this way for almost 3 years has me tossing it out, I can't sleep! I toss and turn, no matter the pressure setting I constantly toss and turn at night. I called to find out about warranty and was told I would need to spend almost $400.00 on new foam. No way am i going to spend another dime on this garbage, just purchased a new Avocado mattress with a pillow top. Half the price and 10 times better warranty, sleep number is a rip off.

Do not do business with this company unless you plan to keep your "bed" forever. If you need to return the bed, they will screw you royally and treat you like dirt to boot. This is the absolute worst company with which I have ever dealt in my entire life. They creep right up to the line of committing fraud with their entire business model. Their business practices need to be investigated by government officials, and I will advocate for this at every level of government -- local, state, and federal.

Long term comfort problem resolved
Our issue may not directly relate to newer beds since we have had ours for over 8 years. However, my husband was never happy with this bed until we decided to dismantle it. We found that the top layer of foam was cheap eggshell type foam that had torn in the middle. When we removed the foam and replaced it with a quality foam, my husband and I were amazed and happy with the results. He is comfortable and getting up without backaches for the first time since we bought it. I am also not experiencing the hip pain that I had for over a year.

Better make sure the bed is right for you
IF not your customer service experience will be horrible. For one, the adjustable base is not returnable. Secondly, returning a high end bed like the ILE we bought for something like a i6 will be a wash financially. Lucky for us our final purchase was over the phone so we did not sign anything that would have prevented us from returning the whole bed. Two weeks on from returning the bed we still have not received our refund. When we called a week ago, the CS person said the claim had to be manually submitted (why did it take the customer calling to initiate soemthing) Every person from the guys that picked up the bed to the two CS people I have spoken to the last 8 days has given a different line of BS on when to expect the refund. I work at a bank and know that it only takes a few presses of a button and you get a credit card refund within 2-3 days tops. Absolutely horrible customer service so please make sure the bed is 110% right for you.

Fullerton shor5. Of my expectations
If I sat up in bed put back against wall bed slid off end of bed when I called about it hey said they were aware but offered no help. Never warned me of issue here itt is 10yrs latter I am soo exhausted positioning mattress all day long exhausted Feel like I’ve been working or sleep nuunnnmbeer for free all these years. I have incurablain disease called corps soo painfully has suiiiide rate 700% higher cancer or aids try to talk call transfers Orr dropped. They have made large real years very painfull having to get up & fdpsttiiioning bed and I’m alone have no help me to move mattress spent a lot trying find way to fix it. I cannot recommend a company that refuses to speak to an unhappy customer they say transfer me to someone then call goes dead hndrescalls unanswered or ddisconncted

It is a rip off. We have had the bed for 90 days and not happy at all. You can play with the settings forever and never find the right position of firmness. Not a good night sleep. Then try to return it and your nightmare begins. I relied on what the sales person told us or did not tell us. The flex frame $2000 is not returnable. Yes it is in the fine print of the brochure but the sales person never said it, He was just anxious to make the sale. Definitely not worth the money, there are so many better and less expensive choices

Use to be good
We have had a Sleep Number bed for 10 years. In 2018 we decided to update our mattress. That was a mistake. There was nothing wrong with my older mattress we just wanted to upgrade to the adjustable bed. The old bed I could easily take part my self when we needed to move, (military). This new bed had to have someone delivery it and set it up, another $200 charge. I hate the magnets that are underneath to hold the beds in place when you adjust the bed. They are too strong and one of them has actually ripped out of the mattress part itself. I called to have it replaced and they wanted to charge another $99 to have someone come put a new cover on the bed. I told them that wasn't going to happen. I was told that because of the magnets they had to do it. I am perfectly capable of doing the work myself. Told them to take the magnets off and I will do it myself. I just find it very frustration and suspicious that I now have to pay someone every time something is wrong with the bed. I had an I8 and the new one I purchased was also the I8. The difference in the quality decline surprised me. The old mattress was definitely better. Why didn't I return it? Well I was hopping I would get use to it, but a year later I still hate it, if I change now it will cost me more money and I already paid $8500 for this set. Why don't I go back to my old mattress? Well I would if I hadn't already given it to my daughter. My old bed was sleeping on a cloud and I can say it was the best sleep we had, made all our back problems go away. This new bed hasn't done that. I will never purchase another sleep number bed.

DElivery Problems
I bought a Sleep Number bed because I am suffering from bone cancer and needed something that would help to relieve pain. It wasnt until the end of the purchasing process that I learned it would take two weeks to deliver it. When it came, the base was defective and they took it back and rescheduled a delivery for another two weeks. Afer a great deal of protest they agreed to a one week delay for one that, hopefully, will not be defective. This bed cost more than $4,000 and I can find no excuse for their lack of quality control or ability to resolve the problem more quickly. Had I known this, I would have compared the bed to competitors. The bed may be fine, but I don't know yet.

Most uncomfortable bed I’ve slept in 60 years
We bought a sleep number bed thinking we would be able to control our sides to make it comfortable for two people to sleep. It’s fine for hardness and softness of each side of the mattress but my husband can’t sleep unless the head is elevated and I can’t sleep with it elevated and wake up with a backache with the head elevated. Why couldn’t you put a control on both sides of the bed? It’s a rip off that we would have to buy king size bed to get that feature because a king size bed would not fit in our room. Why don’t you tell buyers that so people know? Do not start off your answer with me with the word “unfortunately”. Sincerely, Lesa Uhlenhaker

Wow their marketing and fancy stores really baited us into buying. Spent $3k on a King and accessories. Could not believe how cheap the materials were upon delivery. This is basically a blow up mattress that you could get at any camping place, with 3 inches of a foam topper. The blow up is rested inside of a very cheap foam frame and sits atop a base with a small fan motor in it. There can't be more than $200 of material cost here. I literally could go to WalMart - get a king blow up by Intex for $50 and add a $79 3" thick gel infused mattress topper and then let the air in or out for comfort. This company is really a sham!! Also, watch it when you go to get out of the bed! Since the sides / frame are thin foam just enough to hold the air mattress in place, it will collapse on you as soon as you swing your legs around to get out. Husband and I have fallen off the bed numerous times when getting out. Last, for one final insult, they will charge you $199.00 to come pick it up when you try to return it with a 10-day window to come out!! RUN !! Don't be sucked into their marketing hype, these products are very low quality. You're paying for their marketing costs, very fancy stores, and commissions of the people inside.

Terrible Bed!!! Awful Customer Service!!
Purchased bed 3 years ago, the men who delivered the king size bed, were in a big hurry and only stayed about 5 minutes because they were behind schedule. Not our problem. the bed was a disappointing from the beginning, Finally when sides were falling out and I literally fell out of the bed to the floor, we called customer service and were told they would for over 100.00 they could send us the replacement pieces and someone would come to put them in since we are both over 75 and handicapped. two very nice gentlemen came and inspected the bed and replaced the one side that had been sent. upon examination by them they said the other side was defective and needed to be replaced. Also when they lifted up the mattress they said the frame only had three roller balls and should have six. they contacted Sleep Number while here and were told we would be shipped items to further make the bed usable and would be receiving a call from Sleep Number in 24 hours.That never happened. After a few days I called Sleep Number and talked to a woman who said she could help but I would have to pay a fee.I told her I felt the bed was defective. She became very belligerent and said she would keep the order for a few days. The bed has now fallen down on side the the rollers were missing and is unusable. So, today we went to a mattress store and spent 7500.00 for a real bed that is unconditionally guaranteed. Habitat for Humanity is coming to pick and try to repair Sleep Number bed. Ironically, while we were in mattress store another couple were in to replace their Sleep Number Bed they had had for about 3 years. Highly recommend if you are in market for a good mattress shop, look closely at warranty, and check out other beds than Sleep Number.

Potential Buyers Beware - Poor Product Quality and Misleading Warranty
Disappointed with the quality of products, limited warranty, and excessive cost for prorated warranty parts. I purchased your product for my daughter's bed and I couldn't be more disappointed. After only three years the pump has malfunctioned. I paid an exorbitant cost for your product partly because I thought I was buying a quality product that came with a 25 year warranty. To my disappointment the warranty is structured in such a way that it is misleading and obviously so limited because your products must have a high failure rate. I haven't lodged a product compliant in many years but I will tell you that the shock of your ridiculously priced replacement parts and lack of meaningful warrant has quickly turned me against your product and I am anxious to share my thoughts and product review with any potential customer I reach.

I bought the ILE mattress over the Labor Day sale. This mattress is absolute garbage! I tried sleep number settings from 35 to 70 and could NOT find anything comfortable where I could sleep on my side. This is nothing but an overpriced air mattress. BEWARE...they will charge you $200 to return a mattress after their "free" in-home trial period! This is on top of a $200 delivery fee! Absolute garbage customer service! And read the fine print about their "25 year" warranty, too. It's a 2 year warranty that's then prorated after that. NO ONE said a WORD about that until the mattress was delivered. NO ONE said anything about a $200 return fee either. I will be leaving 1-star reviews on EVERY website I can find to let people know NOT to buy their products. And ANYONE who asks how my experience with sleep number was will be getting a stern warning before purchasing! STEER CLEAR!

Comfortable at First!
I bought the C4 mattress almost 1 year ago. Its comfortable at first but then starts to lose its structure and sink in the middle between the two sides. Mattress first of all is too light in weight. Its hard to keep in one place. When you put pressure on the sides, its sinks like a Walmart air mattress does. If you like to cuddle with your significant other at night, you might want to try a different bed. After 6 months or so, the center of the bed loses its strength and becomes a deep hole. I called customer service and complained and they said nobody else has complained about that, but I see in the reviews many people are experiencing the same thing. Keep in mind, this mattress arrives in a small box similar to a $75 mattress you would buy at Walmart. Its not a full mattress with material support that just gets filled with air. It has to be inflated and the air is the support. I'm very disappointed I wasted $2000 on this.

iq10 not worth the money
The iq10 I bought , has had 3 warranty problems, and now it's having more. They replaced the foot warmers, the remote, and the brain. The brain was replaced 2 weeks ago because of E3 connectivity errors, and now they say they are working on a fix, but have no time frame for a fix. I have been on the phone with them so much and am getting no positive response .I have to reset the bed every night , and they tell me that I will have to continue this and give me no time frame. I would not recommend buying a sleep number bed

Worst mattress ever
Hands down the worst mattress ever. The 1st one was a perfect mattress with one flaw. .. the sides break down but a perfect sleep. New mattress. And it sinks everywhere Not firm at all. And hate it. The mattress stinks. Have had a support ticket for 3 months and they will not replace the mattress. And they won't answer my calls or emails. Absolutely bad Investment in the mattress. They give Zero Refunds This company is a fraud. .. Stay away from Shady company.

Poor Customer Service
One star is too much. I am sure this mattress and system works for some but not for me. And frankly, I think their customer service and policies are a scam. I bought the ILE. Should have known there was an issue as they later discontinued. Basically, the sides sloped. We called right away and they told us to try different settings. Called again and they extended the trial time. Called again and spoke to a supervisor but instead of sending someone out they said they would just pick it up. That is nice but you cannot return the $3000 base. Yes that was discussed but was not clear that was the case when we went to the store right after purchase, found out they could do nothing and had to call, contacted them on the phone a few weeks after purchase, and then 2 more times. Frankly they strung us along on telling us to try different numbers. The last time we called and inquired about the base they said it was against the law to take it back. Not sure what that law is...maybe the law of good customer service. Now I have a $3000 base and forced to buy 2 doubles or a king and use the functionality of the base the same on both sides, which does not work so I guess I buy 2 twins. And the app to change the bed settings id no longer available, not discussed but I am sure nits somewhere in the fine print. They are more than happy to have you return the mattress because they have you locked into the overpriced base that has issues. The guys picking up the mattress did not seem surprised. Don't get sucked in by the commercials and fancy sales reps. Do not buy the base, period. And for me, there are better mattresses on the market.

We purchased a high end sleep number and I have never had so much pain in my body. Hips, elbows, all my joints ache since getting this mattress. I have tried various settings , do not get this bed.

All the other companies who have an adjustable base will take back the base and mattress within 100 days and refund your money...... this company WILL NOT. Yes they shove a thing for you to sign which no one takes the time to read which says they will not refund the 2 grand for the base. So buy it if you must knowing they will take back the mattress but just know you will be out 2 grand if you return it.

I would recommend avoiding
My "comfort foam" failed in a little over one year making the bed way too soft and painful. I was forced to troubleshoot the issue myself wasting hours. When I finally diagnosed the issue, despite it being under warranty, Sleep Number insists on charging me over $100 for a "technician" to come install this simple part and would not let me replace it myself. Their product was defective in under 2 years, costing thousands of dollars, and they still feel entitled to go into my pockets again!? BUYER BEWARE.

PLEASE READ ALL! BUYERS BEWARE! This is review is based on Sleep Number the Company. Not per store. My wife and I purchased the i8 queen and the Flexfit 2 base which we tried at the store. It felt good. After trying it at home. Our backs and shoulders hurt badly. Nothing like at the store. We figured let it break in. So for 2 weeks, we tried all adjustments. From 0-100 it just didn't work for us. We called support. They were very nice. They said try for at least 30 days so your body gets used to bed and the bed gets used to you. We did. Sorry to say, Still no good. It just didn't work for us. It happens. Here is the complaint at this point though. We then had to try another model because to return it would cost $250 restocking fee. They told us the C4 would be firmer. We were confident one of the sleep number beds would work for us. Well it was firmer. The problem is with the C4, it is only 9 inch. I am a 270 lb guy. Even set at 100, I felt the platform nozzles under the mattress. So now we called, explained our issues. They said you only get one exchange. We thought we were stuck with this thin mattress made for a 9 year old kid. Well after putting up a stink. The manager gave us an ultimatum. One more exchange. But no return allowed. Not even for the $250 fee. The P6 was now suggested. But if we didn't like it we were stuck with it and we would have to pay around $5000. So we made the harsh decision to return and pay the $250 fee, not to mention the original delivery fee of $200 and take the loss. Now they tell us the base is non returnable, but it can still be used with most mattresses. So at $1899+ as long as it worked the SAME with other mattresses we would deal with it. Well here is where the MAJOR COMPLAINT COMES IN PLAY. The delivery guys come and take the mattress away and put on a support bar and give you a free remote. Well what sleep number sneakily does is, - THEY STEAL the pump from your base. The Bluetooth feature that makes the base work with the phone app is in that part, which is now GONE! ACTUALLY STOLEN! The Remote must be is subpar because it loses connectivity every time you go to use the thing. So here is the problem in a ripped-off nutshell. Flexfit 2 Base that you are stuck with if you purchase from sleep number no matter what, that is supposed to work with your Smart Phone. Endless head and foot positions Partner Snore Technology Under bed lighting WELL WITHOUT THE PUMP THE FEATURES YOU PAID FOR, DON'T WORK. NO SMART PHONE TECHNOLOGY HEAD AND FOOT POSITIONS WORK SOMETIMES, CONNECTION ISSUES. I SAY AGAIN! SLEEP NUMBER WILL NOT LET US RETURN THE GARBAGE BASE! PRICE $1899 + TAX PLUS DELIVERY!!! WE GOT SO RIPPED OFF. PLEASE. PLEASE THINK BEFORE BUYING A SLEEP NUMBER. WE LEARNED THE HARD WAY. WE NOW OWN A PURPLE. It is Awesome !