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Endy Mattress Reviews

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Endy is a Canadian company that started with an all-foam mattress in a box based on years of extensive research. After the popularity of their original Endy Mattress, they later added the Endy Hybrid Mattress to their lineup as well. Their mattresses are made with a proprietary blend of foams for a medium firmness feel that most customers love. On top of that, they're also socially conscious, donating mattresses and sleep products to a variety of charity partners across Canada for those that need them most.

Mattress Score

Overall Score 8.8/10
Customer Satisfaction: 8.8/10
Price Value: 8.7/10
Back Support: 8.6/10
Price: $675-$1450

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Longevity: 8.8/10
Body Conformability: 8.8/10
General Support: 8.6
Softness: 8.6
No Motion Transfer: 8.8
No Odor on Delivery: 8.6
Good for Hot Sleepers: 8.8
Sex / Bounce: 8.5
Good for Heavy Folks: 8.6
Silence: 8.8
Warranty: 9.2

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Endy Specifics

Endy is a Canadian-based mattress-in-a-box company that has a special social conscious focus to their business. When it comes to their mattresses, they offer an all-foam mattress and a hybrid mattress that both come with a universally comfortable medium-firm profile. Some of their differentiators include less motion transfer and better temperature regulation through their proprietary Endy foam, which allows for additional airflow. Most customers love their Endy mattresses, but those that had issues were mostly concerned with initial-firmness disagreements.

Quality of Materials
Some of Endy's differentiators include less motion transfer and better temperature regulation. Their proprietary Endy foam, which features an open-cell structure, allows for additional airflow helps to keep things cool. Below, we'll take a look at both of their mattresses to see if they might be right for you.

Here's what's inside the 10'' thick, all foam Endy Mattress:Layer 1: The soft, stretch-knit cover is breathable and machine washable for easy cleaning.

Layer 2: A thick layer of Endy Comfort Foam has an open-cell design that keeps temperature regulated. It has a pressure-relieving feel that reacts slowly while adapting to the body.

Layer 3: A layer of transition foam provides the gradual transfer of energy while providing support for the spine while not detracting from the pressure relief above.

Layer 4: The support layer is a thick piece of base foam that provides foundational support to align the spine and keep your back properly propped up.

Next, let's take a look at the 13'' thick Endy Hybrid Mattress:Layer 1: The quilted cover is ultra-plush due to a lining of foam, providing sleepers with a wonderfully soft top layer.

Layer 2: A layer of Endy's proprietary Comfort Foam helps promote airflow and cooling through its open-cell structure. This breathable foam also helps to provide balanced, medium-firm support.

Layer 3: Next up, a transition foam layer helps to reduce motion transfer while also working with the coils below to relieve pressure.

Layer 4: The main support comes from a layer of 6'' thick, zoned pocket coils. These pocket coils are reinforced along the lumbar region to help provide pressure relieving support where you need it most.

Layer 5: A high-density base foam helps provide the Endy Hybrid mattress with stability and firm support for the layers above.

Overall Comfort
Most agree that the Endy mattresses are comfortable, though there are some that have reported disagreements with the firmness. Some may find it a bit firmer than they expected, particularly if you are smaller in body-type.

FirmnessBoth the foam Endy mattress and Endy Hybrid mattress sleep medium firm. That said, there are some disagreements from customers about the firmness overall, side sleepers with smaller body types may find these mattresses a bit too firm.

Back Pain Relief
Due to its design, Endy mattresses, especially the Endy Hybrid Mattress with it's zoned pocket coils featuring ergonomic lumbar support, should provide most sleepers with spinal alignment and back pain relief.

For most folks, Endy's breathable Comfort Foam should provide a good amount of cooling with its open-cell, breathable structure. For extremely warm sleepers, there may still be slight heat retention.

Who Are Endy Mattresses Right For?
People looking for a medium firm mattress will do great with these mattresses. Side sleepers might prefer the Endy Hybrid due to its thicker profile and plush quilted top.

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Fantastic mattress

My husband and I absolutely love our new Endy mattress. I don’t think we have ever slept so well. Delivery was quick and set up was easy. We would recommend this bed highly to anyone looking for a medium-firm mattress.....Support Canadian business!!

Endy Bed

Best bed ever! Perfectly fills the contours of my body, allowing my muscles to relax and wake up rejuvenated. The best therapeutic bed I have tried out.

Love our endy

My hubby and I weren’t sure what to expect when buying an endy. The customer service has been great and the mattress is very comfortable. We are sleeping like babies! ❤️

Highly recommend!

We love our new mattress! No more tossing and turning all night. I have issues with my shoulder and this has helped me sleep on that side. My husband has restless leg syndrome and this has lessened it and when it does happen, it's not waking me up anymore as I can't feel him moving around.

Very Comfortable!

I love my new mattress! And the order/delivery was stress free. Thank you Endy!

Endy mattress

Exactly as advertised! Love it. No more sore hips. Thank you 😊

New Endy

Love it!

love my Endy!

love my Endy!

Best sleep!!

The only thing getting us out of our bed in the morning is the kids. We love our Endy.


I love my new Endy mattress, I have not slept this well in a long time.





Wonderful purchase!

I bought this for my 3 year old daughter. She slepts so well on it and called it her ‘cloud’ bed. It has been wonderful cuddling on this mattress.. hard to get out. The most amazing part was that I ordered this mattress on a Thursday night and found it on my doorstep Sat afternoon!


Awesome!!! Highly recommend this mattress. Don’t hesitate buy this mattress!!!

Perfect for our guest room

Perfect for our guest room and so affordable!

Soooooo good

Our old mattress was an 11 yrs old, lumpy pillow top. We upgraded to a king Endy when our daughter was 2 weeks old and even with a newborn we have had the best sleep ever! Sure I wake up for her, but otherwise I am so impressed with how comfortable this mattress. I’m dreading one thing about our upcoming vacation and that is having to sleep on a mattress that won’t compare. Super fast shipping for an amazing product. Win, win, win!

Great sleep & stay warm

Great sleep & stay warm after you get up and come back to bed

I am in heaven.

Sleeping on angels.

My husband loves it, and

My husband loves it, and I am getting it to it


I took a chance buying it and waiting for my body to adapt. It is a little too firm for my liking so I give 3 stars instead of 4. Not my type. It is good only to sleep on my back so I'm kind of using it to force me to do it. I'll probably return it.

Good quality and services, but not for me.

The mattress is way to soft for me.

We love our Endy

Love love love our Endy. Both of of us have back issues and trouble sleeping, But all issues are improved....feels like we we hit the jackpot! We highly recommend!

I am in love with

I am in love with this mattress! Takes a few nights to get used to it as they say, but after that it is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on! And the mattress was delivered in 2-3 days after ordering! Amazing company!

Good Decision

I was hesitant to replace my bed, but after sleeping on an Endy Mattress I can’t believe I didn’t do it years ago.

Love my Endy!!

Can not believe that I could fall in love again, but I did. Her name is Endy. 😉 Seriously though; this is the best money we ever spent. Highly recommend one to anyone who is having sleepless nights.

We are loving our new

We are loving our new Endy bed

It's Perfect!

Finally I can get through the night without my shoulders killing me


This is the best mattress I've ever purchased, it takes a good week to get used to. I'm having some of the best sleeps I've ever had.

It’s been 3 weeks now

It’s been 3 weeks now and we’re really happy with our Endy mattress and pillows! Everything about the service has been great!

super comfortable, just the right

super comfortable, just the right about of squishiness

With my old mattress I get up in the morning having back pains. A week after using Endy I dont feel it anymore! I love our Endy!

Bed is so comfy!

Bed is so comfy!

Great Mattress

Great mattress, great customer service. Would definitely recommend!

Endy, Love it

This was an the Best company to deal with. Easiest mattress ever to install, and rave reviews from our guests! I tell everyone looking for a new mattress how amazing the whole process was, how comfortable it is. Love Love it!! The only negative may be that it's a little "too" comfortable for the "guest"

Finally I can sleep through the night!

I just thought aging brought sleepless nights but since I received your mattress less than two weeks ago, I have been sleeping eight hours a night after decades of thinking that I could only sleep about five. I wake up feeling that all my vertebras are in place too. I am so grateful.

Great Mattress

So far I love it. Never slept better. Back pain gone.

Best. Mattress. Ever.

Both my wife and I were skeptical and were worried that one of us would like it and the other wouldn’t. After 4 weeks we both agree it’s the best mattress we’ve ever had. It’s ruined hotel mattresses, nothing is as comfortable as our Endy.



Great mattress

It's been a month now, sleeping better than ever. Thanx Endy.


Great sleep!

Needed a change

So far so good 😃


We both absolutely love it. Chronic lower back problem not as bad first thing in the morning. Have recommended Endy to several friends.

Gets better and better

As someone who struggles to sleep it is so nice to have a mattress that is so comfortable that moments after lying down I am out. Then wake up feeling refreshed. So good I am recommending it to everyone

Is too much sleep bad for you lol

I used to average 4-5 hrs sleep a night and now sleeping 6-7hrs without tossing and turning - I ❤️ my endy

Awesome mattress love it’s super

Awesome mattress love it’s super softness

Way better than expected

The bed feels amazing. Movement is completely isolated. It feels like you're floating in the mattress and there aren't any of the usual pressure points i would experience from my last spring mattress.


Well it arrived on three different days but it arrived. I have not used it personally but my first house guest had no complaints

Very happy with mattress, has helped to improve my pain issues.

I don't give 5 stars easily, but for the price, maybe this does deserve 5 stars. I can imagine a better mattress, but not really for the price. Their return policy is excellent. UPS seemed to struggle a bit with delivering a CalKing sized mattress, but I don't really mind because it did eventually arrive intact. The mattress feels great, doesn't motion-transfer much at all, and I didn't have any issues with overheating.

Great so far

Great so far, after a long day of Renovations in the home and going to bed sore, I've been waking up without pain. That didn't happen with my old mattress.

Excellent Purchase

We were skeptic when we decided to purchase the mattress. Then we realized it was rolled in a box. We ask ourself how can this be any good! What did I buy! We unrolled the mattress and let it rise for several hours. We jumped on it but it has no bounce! Interesting! The nights we have slept were perfect! My husband said my back pain is gone! We purchase pillows as well and they are good! I would for sure but for my kids bed when the time comes! For a suggestion you should start making sheets to fit that’s a million dollar money maker! Red plaid would be your first colour put the EDNY name on the bottom! Then right after make dog beds for larger dog like for Great Danes! Make the model to suit long legs and heavy bottoms! Let me know if you need any help! I am a great thinker!

Finally a good nights rest

No more sore back and finally rested when I wake up - now I can’t get out of bed

Excellent customer service saved our opinion!

We were so excited to receive our new mattress but after two weeks were finding it too firm. We contacted Endy via email and received a reply almost immediately, offering a free mattress topper. It arrived quickly and completely saved the day. Now we are sleeping comfortably.

Loving it

Loving it

We found the mattress easy

We found the mattress easy to unpack and put in place.After several n.ights sleep we are very pleased with it

Endy Mattress

We love the Endy mattress. I get up in the morning with no back ache!



The mattress is very comfortable.

The mattress is very comfortable. We hope it will keep its firmness. For now it’s great.


Very good product so far no complaint service product everything was allright

Amazing Sleep!

Very fast delivery. Easy to unwrap. Best of all incredible comfort and sleep results.

Very comfortable mattress

I think the mattress is very good ! I found the pillow not very comfortable !

Absolutely love ❤️ my Endy

Absolutely love ❤️ my Endy

New King

The bed is so comfy.


Bed is working out great , the pillows are the best

Glad we bought it!

It’s comfortable, not as cold to get into during the winter and I’m sleeping sounder.

We are happy with our

We are happy with our endy!

Love it

Finding it. Buying it. Unwrapping it. All very easy and hassle free. Great concept. Great mattress. I am a huge Endy supporter. Thank you so much!


Having always bought traditional mattresses we were a bit apprehensive at first. We gave it a try and from the ease of ordering and delivering to set - up we were hoping it was comfortable as well.We noticed a difference the first night. we wake up ave had a great night sleep and look forward to crawling in every night. Thanks for making such a great product.

amazing mattress!

I love my Endy! I use to wake up with hip and back pain and never felt well rested. The Endy mattress has solved this problem and I've been sleeping way better! I recommend this to everyone!

We returned it

We returned it

So far, so good. We

So far, so good. We are both comfortable to date. Bedding doesn't fit the shallow design. The trial continues.....


As someone with PTSD and nightmares that make sleeping virtually impossible sometimes, this mattress is a god send. I may have trouble sleeping because of whats going on in my head, but I no longer have trouble sleeping because im uncomfortable. I recommend this mattress to everyone I know. Absolutely amazing.

Sleepy goodness

Came in box...unrolled it...and good to go within minutes. The initial new foam smell only lasted a day or two. Feels like a new bed (go figure)....nice improvement from our worn out mattress though, and the right price, too! Definitely happy so far! (1month in, or so) Thanks Endy!!

Endy Mattress

It's been exactly 1 month today, Dec/ 14/ 2017, that we have slept on the mattress..It took about 1 week to get use to, and we find it very comfortable for sleeping...also, when one person gets up, you don't wake up, as you do not feel the movement, so, you have a very good sleep! We both love it, and certainly won't be sending it back..Very nice!..

Best sleep ever

This is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in! So cozy!! So nice to not have any springs in the bed! We don’t notice each other getting in or out of bed! And I love that’s this is an all Canadian company! Fast and easy order delivery!!

Love it!

Very comfortable.. opened easily.. love the price! Sleeping better than ever!

We are loving our new

We are loving our new mattress!! Have recommended it to many of our friends!

Endy Mattress comfortable

We have found the mattress to be quite comfortable. Having changed from a memory foam mattress, Endy is firmer and does not sag as much as the old, thicker mattress. The edges do sag when you sit on them, but seem quite solid for sleeping. Very satisfied so far.

It's great

Highly recommend

Very comfortable. No tossing and

Very comfortable. No tossing and turning anymore. No back or hip pain! The only negative is when I am at the edge of the bed I feel like l am going to roll off.

King Endy

I love it! Great sleep and super comfortable! And I love that it’s Canadian ❤️


It's nice having your endy bed wrap around you all night!

I love my Endy!

I look forward to snuggling into bed at night! It is comfortable and I sleep great. It was shipped quick and so convenient! Worth every cent…thank you ENDY!!

Love it, especially when I'm

Love it, especially when I'm not disturbed when my husband tosses and turns. Sooo comfortable.

A little peace of heaven

Peaceful sleep, the Endy bed is like sleeping on a cloud in heaven.

Never “Endy” Sleep

Top Notch in Customer Service, Delivery, Comfort, Quality, Better Than Any of our other 4 Mattress we purchased new in a store. We would recommend an Endy above all anothers, try it then decide, you have everything to gain & nothing to lose!

Extremely comfortable mattress

My husband and I purchased the Endy mattress nearly two months ago, and have both been loving it so far. It’s very very comfortable, and has the perfect softness vs support. You also cannot feel the other person moving at all, which I love. I’m not sure about longevity yet, as we haven’t had it that long, but for comfort it’s full 5 stars for us ! Hoping that lasts many years. Great price too :)

Very comfortable!

My husband likes a harder mattress and I like a softer one, but we both agree that this one is comfortable. Go figure!

Better than could be imagined !

very nice to sleep on supports your entire body uniformly, not cold or too hot, but we didn't know what to expect. if we had know about the Black Friday sale we would have waited and put the savings into the purchase of pillows.

Really comfortable. Excellent response and

Really comfortable. Excellent response and delivery

Love it!

We realized after our first nights sleep that we weren't going to return it. My wife was skeptical because she likes a firmer mattress and found ENDY to be perfect. I like a softer mattress and think it's also perfect, so a fantastic balance! We also have a baby and I no longer wake up when my wife gets up and because of that, we are both sleeping a lot better.

We really love it. Sleep

We really love it. Sleep like a baby.


This is, by far, THE best mattress I’ve ever had!

Love it!

Incredibly comfortable, high quality, well made mattress.

The best sleep platform ever

My wife and I fell in love with our king size Endy the first night. In fact we love it so much, we bought another for our son and his wife

Love it

Loving our bed! I was worried that because it was priced on the thriftier side we would be getting what we paid for but friends swear by theirs so we gave it a try and both love it. My husband likes the memory foam beds and I despise them but I actually love this bed so much! It doesn’t feel like you sink in and can’t move around although I don’t toss and turn as much anymore anyway. Great purchase

The mattress is very very

The mattress is very very comfortable. No aches or pains. I sleep much better. Thank you.

Give it a try, you can't lose.

I have never been so comfortable. A wonderful mattress and a great value.

Love it

Love the new Matress!

Best purchase of 2017

I can’t even describe in words my love for my Endy Bed. It’s a total game changer. I finally have cured my insomnia, and fall asleep so fast! I have recommended it to everyone!

Best mattress we have ever had.

We sleep better from the first night and have been telling lots of people how good it is. Thanks Tim and Kim.

Endy Mattress

It firmed up after a few days but is still a little soft , not sure if I wlll be keeping it past the 100 night trial.

So far so good!

We've had our Endy king bed for about a month now and both mine and my husband's back pain is gone! I'm very happy we made this choice and can once again wake up feeling refreshed.

So far so amazing!

This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. It's an amazing price, and so far I am in LOVE! I would recommend this mattress to anyone and everyone

Love it

Already recommending it to people

Loving it!

Loving it!

Super confortable

Super confortable

Love it

Best mattress of my life!

You’ve gotta try this

This is the fourth mattress my husband and I have purchased in 25 years , the last one we bought was over 5000$ and was garbage compared to the endy. Super comfy and the best part I don’t wake my husband not he I getting in and out of bed at night. There is absolutely no motion transfer which is amazing. Great product.

We love it!

We originally tried your main competitor (Casper) and after about 40 nights we returned that mattress as we just both weren’t enjoying it. So far the Endy has been amazing and we both love it!!

Good value for price

Having had high value and quality mattresses . This one is comparable for a much reasonable price.

So far fantastic

Very pleased with the mattress.

It's so dope. Send me

It's so dope. Send me a pillow

So comfortable!!

Love my Endy mattress. It is so comfortable. I was so surprised when it arrived on the east coast in about a week and it was so easy to unwrap. Thanks so much.

Ok for the price.

Ok for the price.

With my new Endy mattress,

With my new Endy mattress, my back pain has improved, my husband's got worse! go figure!

Love it!

Very pleased with the quality, support and superior comfort of this mattress.

Box Opened /Tattered and Mattress smelt Toxic

So far my experience has been less than great. The box arrive completely tattered, broken, with tape everywhere... looked like it had been opened or completely fell apart during shipping..... the bag inside was fine.. Once unwaped, it had a very horible toxic smell, it had been 5 days and it still smells. Havent actually slept on it, but everything else about the experience so far has been less than stellar, especially for the high price tag.

replaced after 6 months

Version française à la suite Bought it on november 13th 2019, it has left the room today.. I wanted to like it.. but it's way to soft... it got hollow too .. very unconfortable after a few months only ... and that is AFTER they sent me the topper (so i could clear the return date..) They also will try everything to void your return and warantee. I have two friends who returned it as well. I tried a Casper at the Bay .. same thing.. stay away from matresses in a box.. sorry Je l'ai remplacé 6 mois après l'achat. Je voulais aimé cette marque canadienne, mais le matelas est beaucoup trop mou. Il est devenu très incomfortable quelques moi seulement après l'achat à cause du creux qui s'est formé.. et ce même après qu'ils m'aient envoyé le surmatelas (ce qui leur a permis de passer ma date de retour). Ils vont tout essayé pour annuler la garantie et les possibilités de retour. J'ai 2 amis qui l'ont retourné.. J'ai essayé un Casper chez LaBaie et c'est la même chose. Éviter les matelas en boîte.. désolé

What a service!!!

We ordered the mattress on September 22nd, at 11 am and Fedex stopped at our place exactly 48 hours later !! What else can you expect beside getting a mattress like one never had before!!?? Outstanding service and a very good mattress!

Firm mattress from a Terrible Company

I tried the Endy mattress and it was too firm for me. I gave it 6 weeks and could not take it any longer because I would have some nights where I wake up in pain. The mattress was just too firm. The review posted here is totally wrong on their firmness rating. Endy must have paid them for this article. When I started the return process I was absolutely disgusted. Endy simply hired 1-800-GOT-JUNK to pick up the mattress and throw it in the garbage. They had no interest in giving it to someone in need (I pointed them to classified adds of people in need). Instead they would rather pollute our planet. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT A COMPANY THAT IS CONTRIBUTING TO A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF WASTE.

Gets softer before one year use

For the first 8 months it was nice, but then it started getting softer to the point that I should get up of bed at 6am every day due to pain in lower back, and I never had back pain before that, me and my wife are light sleeper. I contacted Endy, they were kind to sent another mattress as replacement, but turned out that the last as soft as the defective one and all they said was that they could not guarantee the firmness of the product. Now I'm looking for pocket coil mattress.If you care about your mattress firmness, run away from Endy , that's my experience with their product.


We bought the Endy mattress, pillows etc over a year ago and have really given it a chance to work for us. It’s not. We are both side sleepers and find ourselves tossing and turning due to discomfort and mattresses pitting. There is a raised section in the middle of the bed which shouldn’t be the case after a year. The pillows are in our closet as we could not get them to work for us at all. Great concept though. Sadly we now find ourselves shopping for a new mattress. We wanted to buy Canadian and are disappointed this purchase did not work for us. We bought a high end mattress topper which is helping for now. If you purchase, pay attention to the time limitations and return policy.

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