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Emma is a popular mattress in a box company founded in Europe. With their North American entry into the mattress space, these bring an all-foam design, which offers the cooling benefits of their own Airgocell® foam. Versus competitive offerings, the Emma is somewhat more pressure relieving making it ideal for slimmer side sleepers. Looking for the UK model? See our Emma UK reviews.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 9.1/10

No Back Pain: 9.1/10

Price: $599-$1099

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Emma's Specifics

In the US, Emma has launched their all-foam Emma mattress, which features three layers of foam, including their Airgocell® foam layer. Most customers find the Emma mattress to be comfortable, with those that like it the most being side sleepers looking for a very pressure relieving surface.

Craftsmanship & Materials

One of the biggest differentiators of the Emma mattress is the Airgocell® foam that features cooling gel-infusion and superior pressure relief.

Here is what's inside the Emma Mattress:

Cover Layer: The first layer of the Emma Mattress features a climate regulating cover that allows air to move through but whicks away moisture and heat away from the surface.

Layer 2: Emma's Airgocell® foam offers deep pressure point relief and contour while also facilitating cooling of the body with its gel-infusion.

Layer 3: The following comfort layer is a transitional pressure relieving foam layer, which distributes pressure evenly while further diffusing pressure away from common pain points.

Layer 4: The last layer is the support layer, which offers ridges above for extra air flow and also zoned regions to facilitate pressure point relief and targeted support.


The Emma mattress runs medium to medium-soft for some larger body types. Those that are looking for a side sleeping mattress, who are on the slimmer side, should feel superior pressure point relief.

Back Pain Relief

The zoned support base layer helps with greater middle spine support, which enables both back sleepers and side sleepers to be comfortable. However, there were some larger sleepers who may feel less support than desired.


The Emma mattress was developed with cooling in mind and Emma's Airgocell® technology diffuses heat. Also, their moisture whicking cover does an excellent job removing excess heat.

Who Is Emma's Mattress Best For?

For those that are looking for contour and pressure point relief, Emma's mattresses are on the softer side of the medium firmness range. They work best for those that are lighter in body size and side sleepers.

Browse Emma Customer Reviews

Pain no more

I had a chronic back pain, and as soon as I bought new Emma mattress, I was reborned again.

It is a no from me.

It's just not for me, I don't feel comfortable on it.

very nice

Yes Emma mattress! I am so so happy with this mattress.

Emma review

We bought a queen size and twin for our daughter plus the mattress protectors. After trying it out for cca 50 days, I can say this was a really good investment.


Every morning when I wake up I feel so rested, this mattress is a complete miracle.

really really good

my previous mattress can't even compare to this one.


Thank you to my son, he ordered me this amazing mattress. I am really pleased with it.

It is really good

I started sleeping really well! I mean, I can't get out of the bed in the morning.


I am really enjoying my trial period, and after 10 days already I know it's going to be a forever relationship with this mattress.

I am suprised

Really didn't expect that Emma is going to be so good.

Thank you Emma!

I bought me and my husband a new Emma queen mattress, and I can say we are very happy about it. It gives great support, it is comfortable and it gives cooling effect in the same time.

Absolutely love it!

This was the best purchase ever! Yey me! Yey Emma!


The mattress is comfortable, but It did not resolve my back pain quiet yet. Please Emma, help me! :)

Delivery service

The address was right, but they somehow managed to get it wrong, so I waited for ages.


I am still getting used to it.


It feels overwhelming to order a mattress online, but it turned out a really good choice in the end.

Really solid mattress

The mattress is a little more firm than expected but still comfortable. The price exceeds the quality. We paid around $900 including a discount for mattress. I think the value should be around $800 at most. Delivery was to the door. The mattress is quite heavy and would require a strong person to drag it upstairs in its box, but I managed it somehow.

good mattress

It feels so breathable.


Much softer and less supportive than advertised.

Nice fit for me

I am enjoying the mattress so far.

win win for me

I got it as a gift for my new apartment. Great mattress.

Never going back

Once you try emma mattress you will never go back! Such a blessing to have at home

Very Nice!

Overall I would rate this mattress with 5 stars. It is nice and comfy :)

still figuring it out

Still trying it ot, but it feel like it sinks in the middle.

Pleased so far

I am very satisfied with the mattress.

Very Nice!

Overall I would rate this mattress with 5 stars. It is nice and comfy :)

Best night's sleep ever!

Such a interesting concept of bed in a box. Comfortable!

No worries

Woah what a mattress. You will forget all your worries after you sleep on this mattress!!


This is a really fantastic mattress

What a wonder

I am just amazed by how wonderful this mattress is!!!

Best of the best

I had been using the same mattress for 11 years now. I have seen my children growing up on this mattress so I had an emotional attachment with this mattress and I was reluctant to replace it. But I mustered up courage and ordered an Emma Mattress. I am guilty saying that I don't miss my old mattress at all. I wish i had done my back a favor and ordered this memory foam mattress earlier. Highly recommended for people looking for a new mattress

Happy Dance

I literally did a little happy dance when I got my Emma Queen mattress. I heard so much about how the memory foam is of such a great quality. It lives up to the expectations

Instant Love <3

I fell in love with Emma memory foam mattress from the first time I slept on it. It is made with different layers and they offer an extra layer if you are unhappy with the firmness level. So I think everyone can customize the mattress according to their own liking which is perfect


They live up to their promises. I was highly inspired by their service and how quickly the product was delivered. The mattress itself is a wonder. So comfy!


Most satisfying purchase I have made in a long while. So soft and yet perfect firmness makes it worth purchasing

Emma is staying!

I was not sure about my choice of Emma memory foam mattress when I purchased it. But after using it for about a month now, I can say for sure that I am not going to need a new mattress for a very long time. Even if I do need a mattress in the future I would go for Emma mattress definitely! Bravo!!

You won't be sorry

Trust me you will not be sorry if you buy this mattress. It's amazing! My life just got better thanks to Emma's amazing technology of memory foam mattress

Nothing feels better than this!

Sleeping on this mattress is the best feeling ever. I did not think I would come back to write a review about a mattress, trust me you can't imagine what sleeping on this mattress feels like without owning one of these. Try for yourself

Soft as a cloud

Damn! This is the mattresssss!!! So soft yet so comfy, I can't get out of it! Highly recommended

It keeps me cool

The best thing about this mattress is that it keeps me cool at night. The technology used behind this mattress is just wonderful. I sleep better and wake up happy now.

It completes my home

My new home did not have any mattress. I had to buy 3 mattresses for the new beds I purchased. I was not sure which one should I go for as I was spending a lot of money. I thought a lot and after reading the description of this mattress I fell in love with it. It fits my beds so perfectly and beautifully. Emma makes my home look complete. Thank you!!

Never going back to Purple!

Purple was the mattress I chose when I wanted to replace my old mattress, but its memory foam turned out to be of a very bad quality. I shifted it to Emma mattress not knowing how it will be. It was a like a blind date lol but it is the best. It is comfy and soft. I love it!

No more tossing and turning

I hope this review helps many other people like me. I used to have such a hard time falling asleep at night after my husband and kids had slept. Even tossing, turning and changing different positions did not help me. Buying Emma's king mattress has been a life changing event for me. I sleep peacefully and within no time. Thank God i came across this blessing in disguise.


I am sleeping like a bear in winter time.

My Emma Queen mattress

I got the Emma Queen mattress a few weeks ago. My wife had been complainig that our matress is old now and we should go get a new one. I suggested making a purchase online but she wanted to go and try it first before buying. I am usually very busy and travelling so did not get time to go with her. I thought i would surprise her by ordering the mattress online. It came in 2 days and my wife was so wonderfully surprised. She loves it and that makes me the happiest man.

Ready to sleep all day

I can sleep all day! This mattress is so damn comfy man!

Quality is great

My only concern when purchasing memory foam mattress is that they sink in very easily after only a few months and they are not very comfortable anymore. This mattress has proven me wrong. It has a great quality and I am loving the fact that it still has not changed its shape even after using it for 6 months now.

Friendly for my pocket

Such a good value for money. I recently went to the Emma website and purchased this mattress as it looks great and I read some great reviews about its quality. I was looking for something friendly for my pocket and this mattress is exactly what I had in my mind.

Good, not great!

Ehhh, not so good as I expected.

What did I just sleep on?

Guys Guys Guys! I slept on the my twin emma mattress last night for the first time and WOAH! What a mattress! Comfortable, firm and beautiful! Highly recommended to everyone who loves their sleep!

I found the one

After months of research I have found the perfect memory foam mattress that I was looking for. It looks great and is super comfy. I love it

King size mattress

We bought the king size, we are liking it so far

Emma mattress is doing the magic

I was a little anxious of buying a mattress online, before trying it out, but it turned out so nice. I feel like floating everytime I lay on it.

Worth the investment

I am still a student, but this is really a great mattress for its price.

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