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Eluxury Supply Mattress Reviews

eLuxurySupply offers much more than just mattresses -- they offer a wide range of home products from towels to rugs. It also is owned and run by veterans so if you're feeling patriotic, look no further. But how do their beds feel?

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8.7/10

Price: $370-$1165

Trial Period: 120 Days

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Eluxury Supply's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Eluxury Supply offers two different brand name memory foam mattresses: 8'' and a 10'' variety. I'll go through the differences in terms of materials.

Layer 1: Both beds come with a top knit panel cover with woven sides. It keeps things cool and provides a top layer of soft material.

Layer 2: The top foam layer is made of 2'' or 3'' of gel memory foam. On the 10'' mattress, it is a Elux gel foam that is infused with millions of gel particles to keep you cool. On the 8'' mattress, it is swirl memory foam, which offers softness and a bit of temperature control.

Layer 3: There is a 7'' or 6'' layer of high density support foam that is CertiPUR-US certified so it doesn't offgas nasty toxins.

Overall Comfort

Some folks report that this bed causes back pain, but report that the return and customer service experience is superb, therefore it is safe to try this mattress.


The 10'' bed is reported to be medium - firm, while others report that the slimmer mattress is much more firm and at times causes some discomfort if you are not used to an extremely firm bed.

Back Pain Relief

We've found that this bed doesn't have statistically more folks reporting back pain relief. Every person is different so this may be something that works for you. There are reports that this mattress is too firm, which can cause discomfort for some folks.


This bed's mix of gel infused foam as a top layer makes it sleep cool. This means that if you are a warm sleeper, you should be able to stay comfortable on this bed no matter what.

Who Is It Good For?

Anyone that is looking for a cool and firm bed for a reasonable price should feel comfortable trying out this bed. For those that are looking for a pillow top or cradled soft experience, this may not be the right bed for you.

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Purchased mattress bc it was referred by a friend. In the past I wake up 5-10 times per night and last night I woke up once. So far so good but I will update again in a few months. Lastly, the two pillows that came with it are phenomenal. Best pillow I've used.

Now I'm sleeping on PuraSleep 10 Inch CoolFlow Memory Foam Mattress and feel much better. The service was very good when I retur

I'm a young medical student and normally sleep on anything. Bought this mattress based on the online reviews but my back was still hurting even after 2 1/2 months with this mattress. Now I'm sleeping on PuraSleep 10 Inch CoolFlow Memory Foam Mattress and feel much better.

The service was very good when I returned the mattress and without hassle.

I cannot express enough how much I love this mattress

I cannot express enough how much I love this mattress. I went from one of the old school cheap mattresses and since getting this one my husband and I sleep and feel better. The smell does go away and really isn't that bad in the first place. Definitely a silly deal breaker.

Great pricing and customer service for the product and company ...

My husband is loving this mattress. Coming from a pillowtop, it is still a bit firm for me, but I am getting used to it. I definitely don't have the aches I did waking up before, but it is taking me some time to get used to the firmness of it when I fall asleep. Great pricing and customer service for the product and company it shipped from, though.

Mattress is Fantastic.

Mattress is fantastic, but when you read the warranty info, the 10 year warranty is useless. If you have a problem you have to ship it back at your expense. When it's shipped it's vacuumed to about 1/3rd it's size, and trust me you will never get it back to that size again. I've used it just 3 nights and got a fantastic nights sleep but they say over time some of the cells may not bounce back like a new mattress and that, is not covered under the warranty, hence the 4 stars. This is a replacement for a Sleep Number Bed I had that for 5 years before it went downhill so fast it was not usable. Well this mattress was only 1/5 the cost of the Sleep Number, I hope it will last at least 5 years.

We decided to try this mattress after all the good reviews. And we are THRILLED

We really, really wanted a king sized bed, but getting that big of a mattress up the steps of our old home would have been very difficult. We decided to try this mattress after all the good reviews. And we are THRILLED! It arrived in a box, very easy to take up the steps. We opened the box, took off the wrapping very carefully and it fit perfectly on our bed. The first night we were hesitant - it was a little spongy and not what we are used to then we got comfy...and it's been heaven ever since! It is the most comfortable mattress we have ever have. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone and we will buy another when it's time down the road. Best nights of sleep in many years! Highly recommend :)

It's so comfortable and supports my entire body Mom!

I purchased this mattress (california king) for my daughter who has back pain from an accident. She tells me it's changed her life! For the first time in two years, she's slept through the night and wakes without pain or stiffness. She told me,"It's so comfortable and supports my entire body Mom." The company is fantastic to work with. They truly embody the term customer service. I recommend this mattress unconditionally.

Good Quality But Very Firm

I can tell this is a high quality item, but is far too firm for me. This has been hurting my back something awful, and I've resorted to mostly sleeping on the couch until I can sell this and buy something else.

Great Bed

I was very hesitant to buy this bed initially. Everywhere I looked it said memory foam mattresses were the most comfortable. Our old mattress was due to be replaced and my back was really starting to hurt. At delivery it came in a box that seemed too small to house a king size mattress. I opened it up and placed it on our existing box springs and cut the wrapping. It quickly took shape. There wasn't much of a smell as I've seen reported about other memory foam mattresses. Within an hour of unwrapping it we were sleeping on it.

It's been 3 months and I don't have a single complaint about this mattress. The company that makes it has reached out to us on several occasions to check on our satisfaction with it.

You can't go wrong with this one.

Love this matress

Love this matress. I sleep so much better. Keep in mind the package does come smaller tHn the actual size and expands. Love the cover that is washable. Love the way it supports me and is able to feel soft also.


Ok - so this was the special of the day the day I bought it and I was skeptical because who buys a new bed online? I ordered the recommend frame to go with it. Our previous bed was a queen size, but the dogs take up so much room, we decided we needed a bigger bed. We are used to the traditional box springs and mattress beds, so this was a new venture for us. Our old bed was about 9 years old.

First night - lots of adjusting to the new bed for us, but dogs were thrilled to have more room to spread out.... Firmer than the last bed and we squirmed a lot trying to figure out whether we loved it or not, but didn't wake up stiff or sore. Second night - slept like two babies, woke up feeling rested. The rest is history folks. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the new bed.

I agree with the other reviewers, it is a firmer bed. However, firmer in the sense that it is a foam mattress and does hug and support you while you sleep. I'm a migraine sufferer and I always thought it was the pillow I used - so I went through a bunch of different types of pillow - turns out - I don't get migraines with the bed, so I feel it is because the old bed was too soft.

The company sent us a thank you note in the mail and it was a personal hand written note - which speaks to the customer satisfaction they work so hard to ensure. I was impressed.

Bottom line - we love the bed. If I ever need one for my spare rooms - this is the one I am getting. It's phenomenal. I recommend this company and it's products highly!!!!!!

Extra Firm Mattress From Great Company

This is a well made mattress from a company with great customer support. That being said, the mattress is much firmer than I had expected. We are almost 5 months in now and my wife can no longer sleep on it. We hoped it might break in or that we would get used to it. Hopefully this review will help others know that you should give it a few weeks but if you think it is too firm, you should return it while inside the return window.

Sleep like A Baby On My AMERICAN Made Dream Matress!

Bought in June, sat in the box in my hall 'til Thanksgiving when my son could help me set it up... now fabulous! The shipping and packaging is really quite ingenious. Yes, it inflates like a raft when you open it, so be warned. The paperwork provided indicate a company that is all American, and one I am proud to purchase from. The quality of the actual mattress is wonderful. I am 57 and SO is 65. With the age comes aches and pains and this mattress helps us sleep so much better. I have always wanted a foam type one and this might be the best thing ever bought by me on Amazon! With my Prime, I do order frequently... I LOVE THIS! Buy and you won't regret it. LB


I wasn't sure how buying a mattress on amazon would go but I couldn't have asked for a better experience! This bed is super comfy and with all of the company guarantees, I felt like I could take a chance on it. I even received a *HAND WRITTEN* thank you card from the company after my purchase. I have recommended them to friends and family and absolutely love this bed (Note: I formerly had a comforpedic bed so I was already used to sleeping on one.)

It's a very nice soft foam bed

5-star as foam. 4-star as gel. It's a very nice soft foam bed, but I didn't notice that the gel improved it any from the regular foam-topped-with-memory-foam that I've bought elsewhere. It's not as soft as the Sealy gel memory foam I tested in a local store that cost somewhere around $1200-$1400). I had hoped it would be that soft. Not everyone is like me, however, to like beds that soft (I know such a person), and most people will be highly happy with this bed. If you read the reviews of other foam beds and you'll see how happy people are. If we're rating it as a plain foam bed, this is a 5 star bed I know you'll love. I just didn't notice that the gel adding anything for softness. It certainly could be adding a comfort factor for cooling. We only tested it 2 nights before switching back to our old bed combo that has a layer of memory foam on top of a combo foam/memory foam mattress. This one will be used for our guests and I know they'll love it.

Not bad for the money.

Pretty comfortable. We never really noticed much of a smell from it.

1. Price is reasonable compared to other memory foam mattresses.
2. Shipping from Amazon was painless.
3. Overall pretty comfortable.
4. Isn't super hot when you sleep. We had a memory foam topper on our old mattress and it was super hot to sleep on, this one isn't.

1. Not quite "king size" the mattress is about 5 inches shorter than our previous king mattress so it fits our box springs and frame a bit odd.
2. A little more firm that I though it would be. Not horrible but just a bit too firm.
3. No support on the edges so if you are sleeping near the edge you sometimes feel like you are going to roll off the bed.

❤️ this mattress

Great mattress, great price! My wife and I were in need of a new mattress, and the gel memory foam sondsed very impressive, and fit with in our budget. I like the fact that it is made in America, and from what I can tell e-Luxury supply is and exceptional company. The mattress is very well constructed with high quality materials, ans great craftsmenship. It is very comfortable, and cradles my weight evenly and firmly. It holds my husbands 300 lbs, with out sagging. We do not miss the springs in our old mattress! The 120 day trial period make this purchase a no brainer. We will never go back the a convential mattress again!

VERY Firm! Wonderful!

So far we're exceptionally happy with this. It's MUCH firmer than reviews give it credit for... I'd say an 8 or 9 on a 1-10 scale. My wife (who's quite skinny) says it's hard as a brick, and I (who's pretty tall and rather overweight) feel like it's pretty darn firm.

Best Sleeping Rectangle For the Dollars

I went from a ~16 year old springy sleeping rectangle to this thing, so I waited a bit to make sure my positive review was for real and not just a manifesto of hate against my old mattress.

That said, absolutely, completely, 100% worth every cent you'll spend on it. It's easier to move in, considerably more comfortable than a coil spring mattress, and the 90 day return policy is amazing.

I've slept on Tempurpedic mattresses before, so I do have some experience with foam mattresses. This is a different experience than a purely memory foam mattress. There is still a little spring action to it which makes it easier to move on without sacrificing comfort and support.

Give it a try.


When it arrived, I was first amazed at what a small package that such a large King mattress can fit into it. I did read the reviews to make sure that it was placed in the area where you wanted it in your bedroom. Took it out of the box place it on top of the box spring and started cutting the plastic off and POOF! The thing expanded and enlarged to its original size. Vacuum packing is amazing these days. I could not believe the comfort I was feeling when I first laid up on it. I totally love this mattress. What a great quality gel foam memory mattress at a great value inexpensive price. No questions asked guarantee with it. I love it when it feels like I got a great deal. Thank you E Luxury Supply

So far, so good (2 month)

I purchased a King Size and have slept on it for about 1 week now.
Currently, I've found it to be just a hair softer than I like. (A board with plush carpet on it is approx the level of firmness I'm for, so, take that with a grain of salt.)
Compared to other "mattress in a box" solutions, this is about as firm as a Casper.
The king size ships in a box ~4'x2'x2' and weighing somewhere around 90 lbs.
After a period of less than 36 hours the mattress had fully sprung back to full height and did not have an overly long or powerful off-gassing period.
I've slept well on this bed, and find that it does regulate heat and supports my body evenly (much better than my previous traditional mattress + temperfoam topper on all these counts).
As it is a foam mattress, it will compress more under a less distributed load; sitting on the edge of the bed as an example.
One Week Pros:
- Cheap
- About on par with Casper
- Light and quick off-gassing
- Quick expansion
- Good support
- Good temperature regulation

One Week Cons:
- Not as firm as *I* like
- Foam mattress means compression while sitting
- Heavy and unbalanced while packaged.

UPDATE: 2 Months

The mattress has held up well, and I have not seen any long term compression. I had a concern that it was a bit softer on my side after such a short period, but it turned out to be unfounded. Really, there's been no change in firmness level.
It continues to be a good mattress and doesn't seem to be breaking down in any noticeable way yet.
I'll provide updates in a few more months and then again in a year.

Sore back every time I sleep on this mattress.

Edit 7/30/15:
The night I wrote the following review the seller contacted me and made things right by offering a refund on the mattress. They will be donating the mattress to a homeless shelter as well so I am really pumped to see this kind of customer service. I am adjusting my rating to 4 stars based on the fact that with this company backing up the mattress you should be confident in giving it a try to see if it is the right mattress for you. Still have to take a star off just so folks know the product itself isn't for everyone.

I am going to start this review with letting everyone know I really really wanted to like this bed. The build quality is nice, the cover is very nice, and the packaging/delivery were fine as well. I will let you know my wife has had no problems with this bed. I have a fairly large 6'1" 250lb frame that maybe is just too much for this particular mattress. I have gone through a lot of effort trying to make it work for me, last night I ordered a replacement bed and I hope my search for a new bed will finally be over. I travel during the week and stay at a lot of Courtyard Marriots...they use a foam bed and from this description I thought this bed was going to be very similar to those...if it was I would be in heaven!

I ordered this bed in January built a cedar platform bed like the one pictured here I was excited by the positive reviews and couldn't wait to try out this bed. The first night I woke up after 5 hours of sleep to a sore lower back(the reason I was getting a new bed to begin with). I figured that it was just a new mattress and I had to give myself a while to adjust to it. After 2 weeks I still was waking up after between 4 and 5 hours of sleep. I went out and purchased a topper for this bed, it is a 3 inch memory foam topper, hoping that it would provide some relief but it did not. I already had a 3 inch latex topper from my last bed and tried that on this mattress as well...still the same issue with extreme lower back pain when sleeping on this bed. I tried both toppers together with this guessed it still no relief. I began to think maybe the platform bed I built didn't have sufficient support so I convinced my wife to move to the living room for a week...with the mattress directly on our hardwood floors...still no relief.

It has now been more then 6 months of trial and error trying to get a good night sleep on this mattress...most nights I end up on our couch(with no back pain). I ordered a new mattress last night with a 100 night guarantee hopefully it works, but at least I won't be out the cost of yet another mattress.

One comment on the company, I tried to follow up with them in response to a phone call they gave me to see how I liked the mattress. I was never able to specifically speak with the person that called me so I did not have a chance to speak directly with them about my troubles with the mattress. The phone was answered but the person I was trying to reach was always in meetings or otherwise unavailable.

Awesome mattress from an awesome company.

I will start by saying that I bought this mattress as the Deal of The Day a month or so ago. My wife and I have been through many mattresses, both cheap and expensive. This is our first King as we have always had a queen size bed. I have bad back, neck, and knee problems (degenerative arthritis all over). This bed arrived fast (of course I used Prime) and in a large 100lb box. We waited about 30 days to open this as we were moving to a new house and were waiting until we got moved in. When we first opened the mattress it had less of an odor than I originally thought it would. We could have slept on it that night and not be bothered by it but we did let it air for one night until our bed frame arrived. The first night of sleep on this mattress was the best night of sleep I have ever had. We tried out several name brand memory foam mattresses at local stores and I have to say that this one is the best that I have laid on. The mattress is pretty firm but allows you to sink in to it. We have now slept on this mattress for about a month and it is still the most comfortable mattress we have ever had!

The company ExceptionalSheets (or eLuxurySupply) is a veteran-owned business (important to me because I am a 100% disabled vet) and their customer service is out of this world! I had a few questions after my purchase and they were all answered very promptly and all follow-up calls were made as promised. As if that were not enough, they actually sent flowers to my house because we purchased this mattress.

TLDR Version:

Did not help sleep, or other activities. Great customer service though

First off, 5 stars for customer service. I ended up returning mine just over a month and customer service was outstanding. They had a local Salvation Army schedule a pick up, at my convenience, and I just had to take a photo of the pick up receipt and email it to them. Right away I received a confirmation from them as well as Amazon that my credit was being processed.

As for the bed, It arrived quickly and in a large/medium size box. It is foam, so when vacuumed sealed, it shrinks considerably. I opened this in my bedroom and put the plastic wrapped mattress on the bed before opening. I used an utility knife to very carefully cut the plastic. As you get towards the end of cutting, the mattress is waiting to break out. When it did, it only took a matter of seconds to expand to full form. Others have mentioned an unpleasant odor. There is a slight chemical odor, but nothing more than something comparable to an odor when you buy a new car. In a couple of days it wasn't noticeable anymore. I ordered a King size and the dimensions were spot on.
I have long suffered back and neck pain, due to my physically demanding job. I purchased this mattress based on others saying it practically cured their back and neck ailments. Not the case for me at all. I sleep mostly on the side. The bed is pretty comfortable, but no more than what I currently had. I did notice that in some movements there were significant decreases of support. Now this next part may seem weird, but it's important. During our moments of intimacy, there was very little support. I'm about 165 and the Mrs is about 140, and when together, the mattress is very uncomfortable. If either one of us weighed 200 lbs or more, I can't imagine this mattress offering nearly enough support. After a month of sleeping on this mattress, we decided to go back to our previous one. I felt an immediate increase in back and neck support when going back, and resulting in more complete full nights sleep.

If you are curious about this mattress, go ahead and try it. Just keep your old one. As long as the company is still offering their 90 day guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Great Mattress, Great Customer Service

Best purchase I ever made. I'm a big guy and found myself buying mattress' far too often. I never thought a foam mattress would be so comfortable and supporting. In about two weeks my back ache is gone and I am sleeping all night.
Update 9/06/2015. After 5 months both my wife and myself find that the mattress is sagging and the side support is gone. We now wake with aches and pains that last all day. In the beginning the mattress was great with plenty of support and we slept all night. Now we toss and turn and haven't had a full night sleep for quite some time.
Update 9/8/2015. Spoke to the manufacturer. They stated that they haven't heard of my type of problem before. They are going to make it right and exchange for a new mattress. This should solve the problem. They were very receptive to my complaint and didn't hesitate finding a resolution. Thanks.

No need to count sheep...

As of now, I would give this bed five stars. The bed was well packaged and seems well made.
It was soft when I originally opened the package; however, as it expanded its become very firm. It took about 2-4 days for my body to become adjusted to the bed, but I love it. As mentioned this is a firm bed. I almost spent six times the amount of money for a different brand! I'm glad I didn't. Take the gamble and worst case is the company will take it back from you...

Very, very firm

Very, very firm mattress. I have only had it for a couple weeks now, but I am hoping it softens up soon. I wake up with back pain every morning. It feels like 3 inches of memory foam on top of solid wood, even though I know there is no wood in there. My wife doesn't want to go through the hassle of a return and then moving another king sized bed upstairs, which is quite understandable so I guess I will just deal with it. The company seems to be pretty nice though, as they always responded to my inquiries within 24 hours. I assume they would honor their refund policy if you choose to go through the hassle of the move. If you do like a very firm mattress though, then you would probably like this one.

A good, relatively firm memory foam mattress. Worth to try even if it doesn't work out at the end.

Mattress is always a major investment, and you want it to fit perfectly for your body. Unfortunately, this particular mattress did not happen to be the perfect fit for me, but I have to say that I was in general pretty fond of the process, and encourage buyers to give it a shot.

First off, unlike most foam products, this mattress is on the firmer side. If you know for sure that you won't like a firm bed, this might not be for you. For comparison, my sleep number is 65-70, and I actually liked this mattress a lot. It arrived in a box, which is pretty heavy. Unpacking is relatively easy, and it took couple days for the typical memory foam smell to go away. It might help to not having sheet wrapping it, and lay on it here and there occasionally.

I started to sleep on it like three days after it arrived, and I have to say that I really loved it. Yes, it's a firm bed, but the top layer is gel memory foam, which contours your body. I had a feeling that it didn't sink a lot around my butt, but in general I think it felt very good. Sleeping on your side, however, doesn't feel as natural, but in general I was very fond of it.

The problem started around two weeks of real-night usage, that is for some nights (1/3-1/2 of them, not every night), a lower back pain woke me up after 6-7 hours of laying on it. It'd go away shortly after I left the bed and walk around my place, yet it did bother my sleep. Sometimes the back pain occurred on consecutive nights, and sometimes no problem for consecutive nights. I tried to switch my pillows to see whether that makes a difference, and there was no clear trend either way. Roughly four weeks into the process, I contacted the eluxurysupplies to inquire about the situation.

During a web chat, I was told that if it is a firmness problem, they usually suggest the addition of a mattress topper. But since my problem is not with the firmness, they are not sure how to improve the situation. They asked me whether I'd like to file for a refund, yet I thought I'd give it couple more days to see what happens.

The next several days I continued to have back pain occasionally, and for some good mornings, after roughly 7 hrs of sleep, even there was no clear pain, I could feel like it's about to get me if I don't get up. It's kind of frustrating, so I decided to contact them again to ask about the refund process.

It turned out to be a fairly easy process. They asked me whether I know any local charity that takes mattress. I don't know whole lot about the issue, and they found a charity that will pick up the mattress for me. Once the mattress was picked up, and the charity receipt note was sent back to them, a refund was issued shortly after. While I would have preferred to finding the ideal mattress at the first place, I have to say this process was as easy as possible for you to figure out whether this is the best mattress for you, even when the result turns out negative.

Don't try it just for the fun of it. If you don't like a relatively firm bed, this is probably not for you. If you don't like the feel of memory foam, you won't like this either. Even if you pass both, this can still not work for you (like myself), but at least I know how my body reacts to it. And trust me. Without those real-life whole-night sleeping on it, there is no way I could have figured out this back pain problem if I just tried it for couple minutes in a store.

Got tired of sleeping on a pull-out couch with Frank

First to clarify, I would give this mattress 4 1/2 stars. It is close to being perfect, but I have owned it less than a week, so I can't comment on the life of the mattress just yet.

Similar to other customers, I bought this mattress when it was the Amazon Deal of the Day for $495. I checked other websites (Wal-Mart, newegg, etc.) first and saw that the lowest retail price was $650, so I was willing to take the gamble and give it a shot for $500. Man am I happy that I did!

The mattress provides just the right amount of firmness and I have slept well every night since I set it up. I am an active 30 year old male and would typically wake up with a sore back 1-2 days a week. I was putting off buying a new bed until I moved to a bigger apartment/house, but am glad I did not pass up this offer. Considering similar mattresses can be over a $1,000 (and I really didn't want to waste a day or two mattress shopping), I spent some time reading reviews on Amazon and other sites before I made the decision to purchase. I agree the box was heavy, but you really can't complain when it is shipped in a box that fits in the back of a midsize car and arrives in 2 days (assuming you have Prime). Setup was a breeze - it fit my queen size bed frame perfectly and I did not notice any funky smells or odors. It's also made in the US by Veterans so you really can't ask for more. The cherry on the top was the company offered a free mattress pad topper ($72 value) if you completed a review. I typically don't write many reviews on Amazon, but I am being sincere when I say this mattress is well worth the money I paid and then some.

However, since I've owned it less than a week, it's tough to give it 5 stars when I don't know how long the mattress will last. It looks like every review on Amazon is from 2015, so I'm hoping we are not all the "sheep" for this product. The warranty language is a joke too so I'm really hoping I don't have to send this thing back after less than a year.

Very good mattress for the price

Very good bed especially for the price. Only complaint is slight overheating at night. I might get one of those mattress pad things to help with the heat other than that very good again for the price. And the seller Is very responsive and has sent thank you cards in the mail.

Great replacement to my previous mattress

Great replacement to my previous mattress, fast delivery and the best part...hardly any of that bad "new mattress smell"!

Anyway, it's very comfortable for both my wife and myself and was a great bargain at the price we got it at. Not much else to say really, we get a much better rest on this mattress and so far it's holding form. We'll see in a year how it goes.

So glad we bought this

This mattress is great! My husband and I purchased it almost a year ago. Everyone who sits on our bed is amazed. We tested out several memory foam mattresses in-store before buying this one, and it's just as great, if not better, at a fraction of the price. The gel foam really is nice in the summer months. It is HEAVY, so I couldn't move it from the porch into the house without my husband, and it took both of us to get it upstairs. We didn't notice any offensive odors from the mattress. We're very happy.

I love this mattress so much

I love this mattress so much. I've only recently gotten it but I sleep so well on it. Also, I don't wake my partner with a squeeky bed whenever I get out of the bed at night. It got here quickly and was very easy to put up with the base I got. It only took us a couple of hours to have everything together, including the mattress to be sleepable after it came out of the box. We are very pleased with this product.

Where have you been all my life?

I am so happy we decided to give this little gem a try. Not only did we purchase a "home made" (made in the USA) product, but this company's customer service was unparalleled! The box came with a hand written "thank you." What company takes the time to do that these days? This one! A few days later we received another hand written message, this time in the form of a thank you card.
Now, onto the mattress: It arrived nicely packaged, rolled up into a box. Very easy to set up and most of all: amazing! Best sleep I've had in many years (and my husband agrees.) I no longer want to get out of bed in the mornings, I kind of want to live in my bed! If you're not sure about it, I say give this mattress a try, you won't regret it.
Thank you, eLuxury, and thank you Eric for the card! :)
PS. Thank you for supporting our Veterans.

Very comfortable alternative at a good price

Took a chance based on the reviews and the price. Glad I did. I can't say I sleep better. But it is a fine, supportive mattress with no drawbacks that I've noticed after I guess a couple of months now. I do feel like every part of my body gets equal support. That is very comfortable.

Beat expectations!

I've been sleeping on this mattress for a couple weeks now, and after reading the reviews on here, it's far exceeded my expectations. I would definitely classify this mattress as "firm", and I haven't experienced any sagging or lack of support whatsoever. I am 6'3" and weigh around 190 lbs, so perhaps weight is a factor, but I find this mattress provides me all the support and comfort I need for a good night's sleep.

Good value, great price.

We got this on sale, probably about 10% off normal so we took a chance. So far we have been really pleased with it. We had a similar memory foam matress that we took back after 60 months because neither my wife or I slept well on it. This one seems fine. So we're happy and we've been sleeping on it for 3+ months now.

Good Value and Comfort

I held off on this review so we could try out this mattress. We live in a small town and selection of products is small. Still, we were initially reluctant to buy an mattress online. Then, we stopped to think. If we tried one in a store, how long would we lie on it to try it out? A few minutes? The Amazon deal of the day was an offer we couldn't refuse. How could be go wrong with a 90 day trial? That's a lot better than the stores offer. The mattress was exactly as described. It was well-packed and the video explained how to unpack and set it up. Very easy to do. We have Prime shipping also. Of course their's Cathy's indepth review plus all the other 5 star reviews.

We both have degenerative disk disease in our necks and backs. Our previous mattress had air compartments but the topper was not memory foan so we had to buy a new memory foam topper each year. They had a memory, too--they remembered the indentations for our bodies after 6 months. Our new mattress is firmer but not too firm. No pockets so far either. I guess the gel foam does help by not getting too warm to be uncomfortable. We were given a quilted topper which might also help to sleep cooler. My wife likes it, but I was okay with just a mattress pad and sheet. I don't have as much back pain now, but my wife said she hasn't noticed much difference. For our necks, the pillows we use make a big difference. I bought one of those shredded foam pillows for $69, but it seems to be a big help for me. My wife has a short neck and hasn't tried it. Just mentioning it here, but will write a review of it in a few weeks.

In summary, this mattress is very comfortable for us. It's not too hard and not too soft. The regular price is very reasonable for the product and terms that you get. I would not hesitate to buy another one or recommend it to others. I get a better night's sleep because I don't turn over as much and wake up more rested. To me that's the most important feature of a mattress. I hope this review helps others.

This is the best mattress ever.

Each night on this mattress brings increased appreciation. I probably will not be satisfied with anything less and since travelling and staying in motels is part of my life style I'm going to be hard pressed to find sleeping accommodations with comparable mattresses. Not only that the customer service is without parallel.

Best Mattress Ever

Best mattress we ever owned. About 1/4 of the cost of a mattress at a big named local furniture store in Hanover. This mattress is like sleeping on a cloud and yet with good back support. I recommend it for anyone. Our other new mattress was sinking in the middle and it was only a couple months old. We paid way too much for that furniture store mattress.

Best sleep since!

Had the mattress for about 3 months now and it was the best purchase ever made on Amazon. Was having serious issues with my previous spring mattress and have been sleeping like a baby since this purchase! Baby spilled milk on the cover, be careful when washing and drying the cover. The cover partially melted onto itself in the dryer. I was able to separate it but there's a small blemish where they melted together.

In the beginning my wife thought it was pretty good, and I thought it was OK

I put off writing this review because the manufacturer said to give a little time to get used to it. In the beginning my wife thought it was pretty good, and I thought it was OK, not really much better than the one it replaced. After six weeks we both really like it. My wife had a back problem that had her changing positions all night trying to get comfortable. She is sleeping much better now. I am even sleeping better. If you are considering a new mattress I strongly recommend this one. Easily five stars, and a good value.

Wanted to love it, but had to return. Some return tips included!

I really, really wanted to love this mattress, but the edges are too soft and the husband and I already started squishing in towards the center of the bed. Then when the 3 year old climbs in the middle of the bed, you feel like you are going to fall off the edge because the sides compress too much. It was very comfortable, but the soft edges were a deal breaker for us - besides feeling like I would fall out of the bed, more than once, I got jammed against our bedframe when it squished down. Ouch. If you are one person or two people who like to sleep close together in the middle, it would be great!

I wanted to add a couple of notes on the return process that we experienced because it has been a bit tough and maybe this will help!
1. A less than 30 day return ships back through Amazon.
2. Do not try to just use the return center! Contact Amazon directly - call or chat. They arrange a courier service to pick up.
3. Amazon will tell you that you don't need a box when you contact them.
4. The shipping company will be really annoyed when they show up and you don't have it boxed!
5. Push Amazon about how to package it AND make sure the shipping company knows whatever Amazon has told you.

The company that sells the mattress is awesome. They have been very helpful through all of this and if you ever feel stuck, try giving them a call (or chat online).

A delight

We needed a replacement for a 10 year old Serta memory foam king size.
This mattress is pure comfort: we are delighted.
My wife likes a firmer mattress; I like the gel memory foam comfort for my arthritic joints.
This one made us both happy: she's half my weight so it feels firm for her, my heft insures cloud comfort.
I am pleased: made in USA, quality construction, no fumes from the foam.
We were away for a trip while it plumped up (it arrives vacuum sealed in a card board box).
After our first night's sleep, my wife said, "it's more comfortable than the super mattress at the Hilton Garden Inn".
(The only problem: sawing the old mattress into manageable pieces to remove & take to the dump.)

A best buy and hghly recommended

I bought this for my daughter's guest suite so that I could get a good night's sleep. I was worried about the purchase, but I shouldn't have been. It is excellent. I am 68 and have terrible back problems despite multiple surgeries, so I find it difficult to find a comfortable mattress other than my home Tempur-Pedic. This mattress is a great value and compares favorably to my home mattress other than this mattress is a bit more comfortable because it isn't so hard. I wake up with no pain and sleep very well. I highly recommend this product.

But I LOVE this mattress and highly recommend it

I had to wait a while to write this because I wasn't able to set it up and use it for a few months after I purchased. But I LOVE this mattress and highly recommend it. It was delivered quickly, got a great price on it as it was on sale and it is sooooo comfortable! I highly recommend it!.

Great mattress at great price!

I am so pleased! I have had back issues for years, including surgery about 2 years ago. The first night I slept on this I saw myself feeling better. I wake up without pain for the first time in years.
Unlike some other rolled/boxed mattresses, you're not waiting days for it to expand. Literally less than 2 minutes to set up and it feels great.
If you don't have the money to drop on an expensive version - or even if you do - this is GREAT.

Great mattress

I have been using this for a little over 4 months now and it is great. My previous mattress was very firm so it took a while to get used to the squishy memory foam layer on top when crawling around the top of the bed, but I didn't have any problems sleeping at all which is the important part. I like sleeping on my side and my old firm mattress would put too much pressure on my arms and shoulder. This mattress sinks in and I don't feel the pressure anymore. I also like taking naps on my stomach sometimes, and this is also great for that.

The only minor con I would bring up is that it does get a little warmer than normal spring mattresses, but only by a few degrees. I live in Los Angeles and don't like using air conditioning, and I can definitely can feel a small difference after laying down for a few minutes in the summer. It also had a strong smell when I first opened it, but it was gone after I left it there for a week.

I really liked our old firm bed

I really liked our old firm bed, but my wife was in a car crash recently and hurt her back. I got this for her, but I sleep in it too. It took me a while to get used to it, but I got to say, it is a really nice bed for the price. We have been using it now three months, and my wife really likes it and has less back pain. I can't tell if I sleep any better, but it is comfy.

Spectacular Sleep!

I had waited some time to write this review. I wanted to see how this held up. I can say that this mattes is the best I have ever owned at less than half of what I've spent on spring matresses. There is little to no deflection after months of sleeping on it. I can't recomend this matresses enough. It doesn't seem soft at first but give your body about a week to adjust... you will! As an added bonus the customer service is awesome if you need it!

2 months in

After an aging mattress, I decided to look into the mattress in a box option (especially looked into Casper after all the marketing). When I came across Sleepolis's reviews, I went through all of his videos... Casper was around $850 (for a queen) and there was the highly recommended Purple and a few others that were a tad out of my price range. Eluxury was ranked higher than Casper and it also had a high firmness level and a 120 day trial too, 10 year warranty (though the card insert said 25 year or something of that nature) and it's own by veterans.

First impression is that this mattress feels soft but it's firm. It's also fairly larger than a standard queen as I need to buy new sheets that are deeper. It's comfortable to sit on and to hang out on actually. It's a foam mattress, so when it comes to the warranty, I don't think foam will breakdown unless there's some weird defect.

The first few weeks my back and my girlfriends back hurt when we woke up each morning. I'm not sure if I can attribute this to the bed or to the fact that both of us do strenuous exercises. The other issue I found is it's really difficult to sleep on your side as well. I would wake up in the middle of the night with my shoulder hurting while sleeping on my side. 3 weeks in I was really thinking about giving eLuxury a call.

Here's the turning point, last night I put on a memory foam mattress topper (I had one from my old mattress but didn't use it), and success! No aches or pains. I'll give this another week but I think we're going to keep it.

Again, this mattress is firm... it feels soft initially, but it's really firm.

Great Mattress & Exceptional Customer Service

I cannot say enough about the service this company offers. In a time where once you have purchased a product most companies could care less, this company is FANTASTIC!!! They have refunded me and will donate the mattress to a Homeless Shelter or Veterans Charity. I really wish this mattress would have worked for me.

The mattress itself looks great, has a nice cover and the setup was a breeze. My daughter helped me set the box on our platform bed, we cut the packaging and it took its shape quickly. After 5 months it has held its shape and stays cool. That was one thing I was concerned about and it does not get hot like other memory foam mattresses. You do not sink into this mattress. My daughter slept on it while we were on vacation and loved it. Unfortunately with the back problems myself and my husband (severe sciatica) have it just didn't work out for us. No memory foam mattress will, so I can in no way hold our issue against this mattress. When my back isn't bothering me I get a great nights sleep, so I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a very high quality reasonably priced mattress. I'm really disappointed I have to return it. Exceptional Sheets has gained a customer for life. Thanks to Brett and Rachel for the excellent customer service I have experienced. Top Notch Company for sure!

Early results: Great mattress at a great price. All benefits of memory foam, no downsides.

My primary concerns were:

1.) The heat build-up of memory foam
2.) Buying a mattress without trying it first
3.) Overall comfort

It's only been a couple of days, but it seems that this mattress is great on all points.

1.) No apparent heat build-up. I've used memory foam mattress and cooked. Nothing like that. I would say the temperature is very comparable to a traditional mattress.
2.) 90-day money back guarantee, so I wasn't too worried. Although, since the mattress comes compressed, I'm not sure how I would have returned it if I had not been happy with it.
3.) It's a little difficult to compare to my worn out 10-year old mattress, but it has been a huge improvement. I've noticed a significant decrease in some shoulder and upper back pain that I had been experiencing recently.

Time will tell, but so far so good!

Great mattress! Cool, firm, and you won't disturb your partner.

We bought this mattress almost a year ago to replace our pillow top spring mattress. My husband gets hot a lot sleeping and was having some back pain. This mattress is cooler and more firm than our last mattress. I don't hear any complaints anymore. You sink in just slightly to feel supported but definitely not like you are being eaten by the mattress. And your partner doesn't get bounced around when you move around. Plus, you can't beat the price, the warranty, or the fact that it's made in the USA by a vet owned and operated company. Highly recommend.

Well worth the price. Great value and comfort

I love a mattress made in the USA! IN fact it come from University of Evansville land!. Very very soft and well worth the price.We were in the market for a new mattress as our temper-pedic had seen its usefulness but was no longer comfortable. You would climb into bed and the body indentations were overwhelming and from climbing or sitting on the edge the sides were tilted and curved. It no longer provide the support or comfort needed in a bed.

The 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress has a 3" elux gel memory foam topper and a 7" support base all in one attached. The 3" increases air flow and more support than an average mattress. It has a 10 yr limited warranty if you are not or do not remain satisfied. No springs to poke is always a plus and it is a spot clean cover. If you plan on ordering one which I recommend :) It arrives in a cardboard box weighing about 90 lbs :o (agreed, 90lbs ) it came via UPS and the poor guy struggled to get it from truck to hand it to me and my son who struggled to get it to house. I had it in my living room till I could get help to haul down the hall(drag, pull, push)opened the cardboard to find a super well packaged in plastic foam mattress. I am going to be honest, in the box it looks thin and small but watch out taking off that plastic(it is vacuum packed) once plastic is removed the fun begins. It grows and opens to be a very full functional mattress that is perfect to add to your current box spring.Thank you to and for the fantastic products and many opportunities. The mattress itself looks great, has a nice cover and the setup was a breeze. My daughter helped me set the box on our platform bed, we cut the packaging and it took its shape quickly. After 5 months it has held its shape and stays cool. That was one thing I was concerned about and it does not get hot like other memory foam mattresses. You do not sink into this mattress. My daughter slept on it while we were on vacation and loved it. Unfortunately with the back problems myself and my husband (severe sciatica) have it just didn't work out for us. No memory foam mattress will, so I can in no way hold our issue against this mattress. When my back isn't bothering me I get a great nights sleep, so I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a very high quality reasonably priced mattress. I'm really disappointed I have to return it. Exceptional Sheets has gained a customer for life. Thanks to Brett and Rachel for the excellent customer service I have experienced. Top Notch Company for sure!

Great Buy...

I purchased this a few months ago but waited to review until I fully tested it. I love this mattress! At first it felt too firm for me but after many nights I've grown to love the feel. My body feels much better and so much less tossing and turning. My husband has loved it since the first night. I bought this on lightening deal and crossed my fingers. It arrived in a huge box that weighed a lot. I managed to get it upstairs and setup by myself. Very little chemical smell and it was gone instantly. I would recommend this mattress!

Love this mattress!

I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia and LOVE this mattress! Of course I was hesitant to buy mattress online, even with the great reviews, but so glad I did! After throwing out my old mattress, I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. I was so used to being in pain after sleeping, I thought this was slightly 'too soft', by a fraction on the 'soft meter'. BUT, after about 3-4 months, I feel it's perfect. I have ordered pillows from this company, and very pleased with those, too.

firm mattress

Great packaging - easy to unwrap (but heavy!). Quickly expanded to full size with no odor. Firmer than we had anticipated, particularly since we were coming from an older memory foam mattress that was very soft. Husband loved it immediately; took me about a week to get used to it. Good mattress and good service!

hands down the best and most reasonably priced memory foam bed out there

if i could give this bed and company 10 stars i would. this bed is incredibly comfy! hands down the best and most reasonably priced memory foam bed out there! it arrived in a box and once you open it be prepared for this thing to expand fast! so don't open it where you'll have to move it too much. i am a huge fan of made in the USA stuff and this mattress is made right here! we are a military family too and this company was founded by a veteran so this company all around is awesome! this bed is super comfy as i had stated before but its not like some memory foam beds that you lay down in it and sink and then its hard to get up..this bed is perfect! its like you've got an amazing new comfortable bed each night! on top of how awesome this bed is i had received an email and they offered to send me a FREE $175 mattress cover made by their company just because! i couldn't believe it! the mattress cover is water proof and protects the top mattress. if you are ever in need or even thinking about getting a new mattress this company hands down is the way to go!

This is a good mattress for not very much money.

My five-star rating for this mattress is based on its value for the price. I'm sure there are much nicer mattresses, but not for anywhere near this price. It is a huge improvement on the 10-year-old inner spring mattress I had been using. There were many reasons I decided to buy this mattress:

1. I needed a mattress.
2. It was on sale.
3. 120-day return policy? Seriously?
4. Overwhelmingly positive reviews.
5. Made in the USA.
6. Free shipping.
7. Returned mattresses are donated to charity.

I sleep better on this mattress. I've read that foam mattresses can get hot, but this one doesn't. It's not quite as heavy as you'd think, and setup is quick and easy. There was a little bit of a smell, kind of like PVC pipe cement, but it only lasted a couple of days. For what it's worth, I am 6' 2" tall and weigh about 200 pounds, and I don't sink in too much.

... mattress for several months now and we are very pleased with it

We have had this mattress for several months now and we are very pleased with it. We feel it is as comfortable as our Tempurpedic was and not quite as hot. A great value at about 1/3 of the Tempupedic price! E-luxury Supply Co. was wonderful as well. They even gave us a mattress pad cover gratis for choosing their product, a nice bonus!

Great Mattress, but too plush for me. Awesome customer service though!

Based on the description and reviews from other buyers, I thought this mattress would be comfortable, but firm. Unfortunately, it is too plush for my liking. Fortunately, their customer service team is A+!! They quickly refunded my order and found a local charity to haul it away.

So if you like plush mattresses, definitely give this one a try! It's well made, made in the USA, and the company is owned by a veteran :) But if you need something firmer, keep looking.

I had a nice memory foam mattress

I had a nice memory foam mattress, but wanted to upsize to a king. This mattress is a bit more firm than the one I had. It took a few weeks to adjust to. Now I am happy with it. The company has excellent customer service and the price was very competitive.

Sweet Dreams!

I've slept on a spring mattress all of my life so was excited (and a bit nervous) to finally try a memory foam mattress. The reviews on this mattress, along with the fact it is made in America, swayed me to purchase this particular one.

The mattress arrived a few days after I purchased and was delivered in a large, heavy box. With a little help from my daughter, we got the box upstairs and carefully unpacked it. Once we placed the rolled up mattress on the bed, I carefully cut off the wrapping and the fun began. The bed unrolled and expanded on its own in just minutes.

To be honest - I was a bit hesitant about purchasing a memory foam mattress due to the odor many people complain about. This mattress has NO smell whatsoever! Yay! I was also concerned about purchasing a mattress without ever actually trying it out.

While on the firmer side, it supports my body very nicely. Plus, I can no longer feel those uncomfortable and annoying springs from all those "traditional" mattresses I have slept on over the years.

I have had this bed for 4 nights and absolutely love it. Hopefully, this bed will last for many years to come and provide many nights of restful sleep. Sweet dreams!

Amazing mattress, amazing company

I am so happy I decided to try this mattress. I was really unsure at first but after reading the great reviews I decided to give it a try because of the return policy. I have a king bed and was not looking forward to finding a new mattress for it after 19 years. I have always wanted to try memory foam mattress but not sure about the price. This mattress was a great price and it looked simple enough to set up on your own. Arrived right on time I didn't even wait for my husband to get home to set it up. Myself and my 12 year old daughter scooted the box into my bedroom, took off the old mattress and then opened the box and tilted it up onto the bed. We pulled it out of the box and centered it on the bed. Cut the fabric girdle that held it folded and it slowly opened up. The I removed the remainder to the packaging and unfolded the mattress. It came with a really nice cover for memory foam which can be removed and wash. The plastic smell from the bag it was in went away in a few minutes.

I love my mattress! My led would go numb at night and I no longer have that issue. My husband had knee and shoulder aches, the are much better after changing the mattress. The company sent me a thank you letter with a code for a free gift from Amazon which I received a $80 mattress pad which is very comfortable. I will use this company again and I highly recommend them to anyone.

Love a good deal?

I got this mattress for $599 and it was a bargain. At $499 its a steal! Made in the good old USA by Veterens to boot with a 10 yr. Warranty. Whats not to like so far? Good back support, easy set up, and hardly any odor to speak of. AND free shipping!!! So glad found this mattress before I spent the big bucks on a number bed.

The most amazing mattress I have ever had

The most amazing mattress I have ever had. It is firm enough to support me, yet soft enough to take away any pressure points that I have. I suffer from sports injuries and this mattress makes a world of difference in my daily life.

Great, reasonably priced mattress

So far so good! We've had the mattress for almost a week now and we never want to get out of bed in the morning because of how comfortable we are. Great mattress that is firm and soft at the same time. Time will tell how we like it over the coming months (and hopefully years), as I still have skepticism over how well a foam mattress like this will last long term.

Sinking soft

The gel seems to keep it cool but is very soft. It is so soft you sink into it after sinking in you get support but it needs some additional firmness. You really can't sit on it because it is so soft.It is not as comfortable as other foam mattresses because of the lack of initial support.

Good Sleeping

I needed two mattresses - one for me and one for a guest room - which made it very easy to try out this mattress. Even if I didn't like it and chose not to exercise the return option, I could always foist it on my guests. BUT . . . it turns out that this is definitely a keeper.

The mattress is neither firm nor soft - rather it is just right. By this I mean that when lying down it provides good support and pushes back against you, but you do also (thanks to the memory foam) sink down into it - but only a little. If you apply concentrated pressure - say by kneeling or by sitting on the edge - it does give way a lot as foam mattresses will tend to do. If you are used to a standard mattress, this will feel strange when you first climb in, but once you are lying down and ready to sleep, you'll probably find that it is just right.

I haven't had a chance to use the mattress in warm weather, but it does seem to breathe much better than the Serta memory foam mattress that I bought for my daughter a few years back.

There is one point that may be an issue for some users - and that is that even after a month, there is still a lingering odor from the mattress. This is not any issue for me as it has been very slight after the first day or two, but it is still there.

Great Mattress

-No strong odor
-Very secure cover
-Full Queen size
-Price is fantastic for quality

-Mattress cover is hard to remove for washing

-It's a bit stiffer than most memory foam
-There was an odor the first day, but it almost entirely subsided within 48 hours

Slightly undersized, but otherwise great!

I purchased the king-sized mattress just over 9 months ago so have had some time to work with it.

My last mattress was a similarly-constructed memory foam mattress so I'm used to sleeping on that type of mattress and have been for nearly a decade. If you're used to a spring mattress be warned that it will take a little getting used to, but if you're like me you'll prefer a 100% foam mattress in the end.

Other reviews will tell you about what to expect setting it up, softness level, etc. The one thing most neglect to mention is that a foam mattress doesn't bounce back the same way a spring mattress does when you're.... let's just say "doing things" with someone else on the mattress that would normally lead to a little bounce back from the springs. In my experience, that's just one more thing you'll adjust to over a few weeks. Afterwards you'll feel that it's different, but not really any better or worse in that particular regard.

In the comfort department I was quite satisfied with this bed, although I was also rather satisfied with my last memory foam mattress and suspect I'm easy pleased by them. My girlfriend who has some back issues tells me that she thinks this new mattress has helped with those and she finds it to be more comfortable to sleep on.

My only real complaint about this mattress is that it's undersized by an inch or two in both its length and width. I'm not sure if this is due to the foam being cut slightly short or the mattress cover that it comes in being too tight. At first I thought it might grow in time, but seeing as how it's been 9 months now I no longer think that's going to happen. As complaints go this is pretty minor and the missing inches only impact me negatively in one way: Fitted sheets don't seem stay on my mattress on their own and after a few days they tend to pop off the corners and need to be placed back on. At first this frustrated me as they'd tend to come off during the night, but then I discovered "Bed Sheet Fasteners/Grips/Straps" that completely resolved this issue and since then I haven't had a single fitted sheet slip off. If you too are experiencing this problem you then may want to look into those.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with my purchase and other than the minor size issue have no complaints.

Not good for side sleepers

Thought this was a great deal when first purchased. Replacing a mattress many years old and had hoped memory foam would provide needed support. Was very uncomfortable from the start, but was trying to give it a few weeks for my body to adjust. Unfortunately, I never could. Most days woke up achy from side sleeping. Couple of times slept on my back and felt even worse the next day - pain all up and down my back. Similar feedback from the husband. I thought somewhere when I ordered it had a 90 day return policy, which was one of the drivers of my buying it online. Must have missed the fine print as it's only a 30 day return policy - not enough in my opinion to adequately give a mattress a chance. Feeling duped. If you're side sleeper, recommend innerspring over memory foam. Anyone need an extra memory foam mattress?


I was not sure how well this mattress would be compared to my mid-price inner spring but I was very pleasantly surprised by this product. I have lower back pain which keeps me awake at night. That and the pain from my pressure points (hips, shoulders etc) keeps me turning and tossing all night so not getting any good sleep. This mattress allows me to sleep as well as I can. Its on the firm side so I don't sink into it (which I prefer). I like that the cover zips off and can be washed as needed. Overall a good product.

So far so good

Great investment. After reading the reviews we decided to give it a shot and buy it. It shipped and arrived in 2 days. We purchased for our camper since the mattress in it was really cheap and worthless. When re received it we opened it in the camper and let it breath for a day. It grew to the full 10 inches in just a few hours and firmed up very well overnight. I did however write a poor review much to soon because the pillows didn't arrive but arrived the next day. At this point we are extremely satisfied with our purchase. Will update after a few camping trips.

Never again

This mattress offers no support whatsoever and is way too soft throughout. It may possibly be good for a guest that's only spending the night, but not for regular sleeping. That lack of support resulted in painful backs for both my husband and me.
They talk about the gel-infused memory foam that keeps you cool and I'm here to tell you that this is more fabricated than the mattress itself. It is absolutely no different than the Temperpetic in terms of heat retention, meaning it does not keep you cool at all.
Also, the size of the mattress was quite different than the size they stated in their description, so that meant it did not fit on the frame properly and hung over on the sides. They offered me a credit if I would just keep the mattress, but a lousy mattress is not worth any credit or even free.
Then I was left with the hassle of reboxing this mattress and arranging for it to be picked up. Another pain in the back.
The lesson here is never buy something you'll be on for 6 to 8 hours a night without trying it in person first .

Great mattress, good price.

Great quality as far as I can tell (my first memory foam mattress purchase). Maybe a bit more firm than I would like, but I'm guessing it will break in over the next few months. Packaging was kind of amazing; it showed up and I was like "no way there is a queen sized mattress in there". Opened it up and poof! Sprung to life. Perfect size. The smell was a bit much at first but it went away after a day or two, no big deal. Very happy with my purchase.

Best Mattress Ever

Bought this month's ago but just put on our new bed that was ordered 2 weeks ago. My husband had had 2 back surgeries & we have been having bad luck finding a good mattress for him. Well is been 2 weeks now & so far his back is feeling so much better & he's sleeping through the night note. Amazing. .... thank you for this mattress. Shipping so so fast & the customer service is amazing, the thank you i recvd at my house was so beautiful & very much appreciated.

Comfortable sleep right out of the box!

This mattress is perfect right out of the box...which is heavy but the built-in handles make moving and positioning much easier. No unpleasant odor was noted so I didn't have to air it out before making the bed. I set mine up on top of my box spring and it works great. I slept wonderfully the very first night. Glad I finally got a decent mattress to sleep on and this one has a nice balance of firmness.

Great balance of price and quality

Worth the money, it almost feels as if I was taking advantage of them. Never had a better night sleep than with this mattress, it is built sturdy and soft enough to support your full body as if you were floating or something. My body is thanking me for buying this mattress and I have the hardest time trying to leave for work since it is so comfy.

Mattress is fine, but not for us

Further Update: I will say that customer service earns 5 stars. They have been very responsive and helpful in troubleshooting. If you're interested in the bed I would give it a go, because this team is willing to help in any way they can.

Update: it's been about 6 months and I am more than frustrated not with the bed, but with the sliding. The topper slides off of the mattress, the mattress slides off of the box springs and the dust ruffle gets all sorts of messed up. My husband nearly slides out of bed each day because mattress becomes unsupported on his side. Every night I try to shove the mattress to line up with the box spring. Every night I tug on the sheets and topper to try to align them with the mattress and every month or so I pretty unsuccessfully yank on the dust ruffle so that my under-the-bed storage isn't visible. The daily frustration makes any gains in comfort moot. I will say that customer service has gotten in touch and is being very helpful. So the mattress is fine, and while I haven't seen anyone else complain of this problem, it's just not for us.

Original Review: My husband and I have been sleeping on the same pillow top traditional mattress for years. Having created our own ruts on each side, we knew it was time for a change. I had looked into some of the similar memory foam mattress offerings from Casper and the like, but when I saw the deal on Amazon and the reviews, I decided to pull the trigger. We've had it for a week and a half, but our old mattress is still on the living room floor just in case.

Never having a foam mattress I was concerned about the following:
1. Heat retention - I haven't noticed that it's any better or worse than our traditional mattress.
2. Could I sleep on my stomach and still be able to breath - yes, yes I can.
3. When I rolled over, would the impression take a while to go back to normal - I haven't noticed this bothering me at all

I hadn't considered that sitting on the edge of the bed would be a bit strange as it's not as rigid as the traditional mattress. Not an issue, but something that surprised me.

We are also using the mattress cover which makes it even more plush.

Why haven't we made our final decision yet? I think I was hoping for THE BEST SLEEP I'VE EVER HAD. That's a bit of an unrealistic expectation. We're sleeping well, and I think we like it, but the kids still wake up in the night and insomnia is still an issue sometimes. I don't think any mattress is going to address these issues unfortunately.

After all of this, I would say that If you're thinking about this type of mattress, this is a perfectly good one to try. In fact I would recommend it.

New mattress

We have had this mattress about a month now. It is a little firmer than I like, however, my husband likes it. He has a lower back issue and a shoulder/neck problem and finds this mattress comfortable and that he when he lays on his bad side it does not hurt as much as our old mattress. Deliver was very quick and it was amazing to watch the mattress "inflate" before our eyes once the packing was off. We had a concern about the "over heating" issue we have heard about other gel memory foam mattresses and have not yet experienced that issue with this mattress. Since summer is a few months away only time will tell.

Literally the best money I have ever spent.

I have degenerative disk disease, arthritis and a host of other issues that means my back is pretty much shot. As a result, I really don't sleep very well. All the pain pills and muscle relaxers help, but I always wake up incredibly stiff and sore.
Then I bought this mattress. I am in love. I sleep much, much better and wake up able to move without wanting to cry. It's not a cure-all, but it does help me a great deal. I've been telling everyone I know to buy this mattress, it really is that amazing.

A year later and we still sleep soundly on it!

Almost a year now, and my wife and I love this mattress. We did not have an adjustment period, we loved it from day one. I was a little skeptical about buying a mattress online, but because of the good reviews and the companies values and guarantee, I thought it would be great to try and we are so glad we did!

Best Bed Ever?

this bed replaces a Tempurpedic -- and it seems to me that it's a better bed at about a third the cost. I'm impressed. Additionally, their delivery service was so good as to be virtually unbelievable.


AMAZING! Not only the mattress itself, but the company! I've never done business with such honest, true, caring business people. The mattress is the perfect amount of hardness with a touch of soft. It's perfect for me and my chronic back problems. It also works amazing for my boyfriend who is a concrete worker. He is 6"2' and 240lbs and is now getting the best sleep he has ever gotten. We are both so please with our purchase. We couldn't have picked a better company to buy from! The price match and free king size pillows didn't hurt either! Buy one!! You won't regret your purchase!

The mattress was incredibly easy to set up (just open the plastic packaging)

The mattress was incredibly easy to set up (just open the plastic packaging). It took a few nights to get used to, because I was so used to my old spring mattress. It does sleep completely different. My sleep got noticeably better night to night, and by the fourth night, I felt like I was getting some of the best sleep of my life. This again, is probably due to how horrible our old mattress was, but I can't say enough good things about this mattress so far. AND IT WAS HALF THE PRICE OF A CASPER!

• Supportive
• Perfect amount of firmness
• Doesn't sleep warm
• Can't feel spouse get out of the bed
• Don't want to get out of bed

• Slight chemical smell (went away after two days)
• Took a couple nights to get used to new sleep style

I will update this review at the end of the trial period.

<-------- UPDATE --------->
Still love this mattress. I haven't slept this good in years.

great mattress and price

Excellent mattress for the price, I wish I had purchased something like this years ago. I bought this Queen size 10" gel mattress on a "deal of the day" sale. I have slept on this for 4 nights so far, already a big improvement with my back. This one seems a little softer than my other Broyhill King Gel and I am not sure which one I like best yet (The other King Gel was probably $1000 more on sale at a store). The installation was very easy and the box it comes in is much easier to maneuver than a spring mattress. I am using an old IKEA slat based frame, it sits very well and makes much less bed noise than the old spring mattress. I highly recommend this product, but I realize everyone has a preference regarding firmness and it might not be for everyone.

Very good value.

A little less firm than my king from Costco but I sleep just as good and my wife likes it better. I have only had for 3 months so we'll see how it holds up. So far it was worth the price. I would have purchased this instead of the 1200 dollar Costco mattress if I would have know about it. No problems with delivery.

I have this one in my condo and the Costco is in my summer home.

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