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Eight Mattress Reviews


+2.9x better cooling

+1.2x side sleeping

+/- expense

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

New Year's 2023 Updates: Eight Sleep has recently updated all 3 of their mattresses to include an additional comfort layer and enhanced sensor technology in select models. Most Eight Sleep products are ready to ship, with mattresses delivered within about 2 weeks.

For those searching for the latest in sleep technology, Eight Sleep has you covered. Created with guidance from their Scientific Advisory Board, Eight Sleep has three smart mattresses that are shipped conveniently and directly to you in a box. The Pod 2 Pro, the Pod 3, and the Pod 3 Max mattresses all feature dual-zone cooling and heating as well as an advanced sleep tracking app to help monitor things like sleep stages, toss and turns, as well as heart rate. Overall, these mattresses really are a gadget-lover's great night sleep!


+2.9x better cooling
+1.2x side sleeping
+/- expense

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.2/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: $2695-$4395

Trial Period: 100 Days

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Eight's Specifics

Eight Sleep started with a smart sleep tracker and has developed over the years to craft some of the most interesting sleep technology in the market. With a line of all-foam mattresses with smart tracking technology built in, The Pod Pro 2, The Pod 3, and The Pod 3 Max, offer the addition of digital dual-sided surface temperature adjustment based on each sleeper's preference, promising to lead to deeper sleep.

Their proprietary app includes added sleep tracking features, and for a subscription fee of under $20 / month, customers can also access premium features, like the temperature autopilot that adapts to the external room temperature and sleeper biometrics to adjust temperature for an even deeper sleep.

With the ability to just buy the Pod Cover for an existing mattress, most customers report happy experiences with Eight. Recent complaints mostly mention the expense of the products and the subscription service.

Quality of Materials

Eight Sleep offers 3 different versions of their mattress -- The Pod 2 Pro, The Pod 3, and The Pod 3 Max. Their mattresses feature high quality, all-foam designs with amazing technological enhancements. We'll go through each of these options below.

First, we'll take a look at their most basic and affordable mattress model, the recently updated Pod 2 Pro:

Layer 1: The first layer is a premium knit cover that is soft and breathable, helping keep things cool and comfy.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer features Eight's revolutionary Active Grid that is designed to regulate temperature, relieve pressure, and track biometrics through the Eight Sleep App. The Active Grid is combined with a 1'' thick ComfortBlend™ topper layer for extra support that will keep you in the perfect temperature.

Layer 3: Three additional layers of high density foams helps to give this mattress an overall profile of 11''. The foams are arranged from softer on the surface to firmer on the bottom and provide a medium firm, universal comfort that is just right for most average sized back and side sleepers.

Side Hub: Along the side of the mattress is the 'Hub' that powers the active grid and communicates with the app. Water flows from the Hub into the Active Grid to help cool/heat the mattress.

If you're looking for the latest sleep tracking capabilities Eight Sleep has to offer, read on to learn more about what's inside the Pod 3:

Layer 1: The first layer is a premium and breathable knit cover.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is Eight Sleep's ComfortBlend™ topper which is integrated with their Active Grid technology for enhanced comfort and temperature regulation. This layer helps provide some new enhancements in the Pod 3 including: enhanced sensor technology with 4000x higher resolution for better sleep and health tracking, daily health check and heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring, and their Gentlerise™ wake up technology which uses vibrations in addition to cooling/warming the bed to help you wake up.

Layer 3: Four additional layers of premium foams make The Pod Pro 12'' thick. These layers include an airflow top layer, a Supportive Air Technology™ layer, a responsive and cradling FlexSpring technology core, and a durable premium base that helps absorb movement while providing cradling support to the layers above.

Side Hub: Next to your nightstand or along the side of the mattress, the 'Hub' powers the active grid and communicates with the app. Water flows from the Hub into the Active Grid to help cool/heat the mattress.

For those who want the most advanced cooling mattress offered by Eight Sleep, read on below to find out what's in the Pod 3 Max:

Layer 1: Similar to the Pod 3, the first layer is a premium and breathable knit cover.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is Eight's ComfortBlend™ topper which is integrated with their Active Grid technology for pressure-point relief and temperature regulation. Just as in the Pod 3, this layer provides newer enhancements such as improved sleep and health tracking using better sensor technology with 4000x higher resolution, daily health check and heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring, as well as their Gentlerise™ wake up technology which uses vibrations in addition to cooling/warming the bed to help you wake up.

Layer 3: This is where the Pod 3 Max differs from the Pod 3. The Pod 3 Max has a 1'' MaxChill™ layer that's infused with silver, copper, and graphite to help promote maximum heat dissipation in addition to enhancing the effects of the temperature regulation technology.

Layer 4: Three additional layers of premium foams including a durable base foam makes the Pod 3 Max 13'' thick.

Side Hub: Next to your nightstand or along the side of the mattress, the 'Hub' powers the active grid and communicates with the app. Water flows from the Hub into the Active Grid to help cool/heat the mattress.

Overall Comfort

With an aim towards universal comfort, these all-foam mattresses will be comfy for most average sized sleepers, with extra comfort for the Pod 3 and Pod 3 Max, given their additional layer of high quality foam. However, those that are smaller or larger in body size may need something softer or more supportive.


These mattresses aim for a medium-firm comfort level. The Pod 2 Pro may feel slightly firmer than the Pod 3 (which has an additional inch layer of foam) and the Pod 3 Max (which has 2 inches of additional foam layers). Still, all are a good fit for back and side sleepers who are average in body size.

Back Pain Relief

These mattresses focus on providing a good amount of spinal support to sleepers, which should help alleviate some discomfort from an old sagging mattress.


All three mattresses do a great job at cooling and creating a unique sleep climate for each individual sleeper with its Active Grid technology. And of course, the advanced cooling Pod 3 Max with its layer of MaxChill™ will work for even the warmest sleepers.

Who Are Eight Mattresses Right For?

The Eight Sleep mattresses blend comfort with gadgetry, which makes them perfect for tech savvy, warm sleepers that want the very newest innovations in sleep technology.

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Very cool bed

Although I have experienced bugs with my data collection, the overall concept of this bed is amazing. I am excited for future types of smart beds.

Happy with my purchase

I like the Eight sheets because they are soft but very breathable. You can feel the difference from common Egyptian cotton. Glad I bought these!

Sleeping so much better

This mattress has been really helping with my lower back pain, I can sleep comfortably on my back and side and can stay in bed longer than before without feeling that morning soreness. The description say 10 inches thick but it almost seems like 11. You can also buy it with the heated cover and sleep tracker, maybe I'll upgrade one day.

Getting good sleep!

I like my Eight so far. It's nice and supportive. Feels cool at touch. My favorite tech features so far are the home integrations. I connected it to my smart lights and it's quite cool. Recommend it to every smart home owner.

I was sold!

If the Eight lives up to the website, I'll be in sleep heaven.

Interesting bed -- not sure it is for me

I started being addicted to seeing my sleep tracker in the morning. Eventually it was driving me pretty crazy at night thinking about if I was going to sleep well or not. In the end, I don't think the tracking thing is for me. It's just an extra thing to worry about.

Good stuff

The site was very easy to use and the purchase process was very straight forward

Simple experience

Product says it all and I hope it is as good as the hype.

Good mattress

The Eight Sleep Mattress brings a solid mattress and intriguing technology layer to the table.

Solid bed -- tech needs time

It is a good bed, but some of the features didn't work after a short time. I think it may be that you use it too much it stops working? But, it's the start of a new technology so hopefully there future products don't have this problem.

Exactly what I wanted

This is a great bed -- I am really happy that I decided to try something new.

Great mattress for two

I've been using the mattress now for nearly two months. Let me break my review in to two parts for the mattress itself and the smart mattress pad.

The mattress :
As a previous owner of a coil and foam hybrid mattress I was initially skeptical whether an all foam mattress could deliver. Initially me and my wife felt that the mattress was a little too soft for us as side sleepers. However after the first week the foam adjusted greatly and it became a very pleasant sleep experience.
Eight Mattress Pad :
Great build quality. Easy to set up. Took just a few minutes. I had a few issues setting it up on Android first but it worked like a charm with my wife's iPhone. No further issues using the Android app otherwise after that.

My wife loves the ability to remotely control and preset the heat settings for those chilly winter nights. I myself like the smart sleep alarm that syncs with my phone and the IFTTT integration that allows me to activate the heat mode with our Alexa and the Google assistant. Hopefully the company will expand on IFTTT triggers and commands in the future.

Highly satisfied

I've always been used to spring mattresses and since I moved to the US I had hard time to find the right mattress for me. I suffer back pain problems and it took me a while to find the right mattress. I tried soft and hard mattresses but none of them worked well. Since I already had the eight sleep tracker I decided to try their mattress and I'm really happy with this choice. I have had the mattress for a couple of months and the firmness is just right for me. My partner also like it better than our previous one, so we'll definitely keep it!

Beware, their focus is on the tech not mattress

I purchased the Mars plus smart hub thinking the hybrid design would be more supportive. First, once I set up the Smart cover (exactly as the directions stated) it did not work and their support team takes 3 to 5 business days to respond... so I could not use that feature for that time frame. Eventually, it was fixed. However, the smart cover makes the mattress VERY hot and retains heat! I kept waking up with back pain and just assumed I did something the day before. I went to chiropractor and got a massage which helped.. but then every day I woke up with back pain... I decided it was the mattress. It does not provide adequate support for the back and causes one to toss and turn all night. I am going to return it now. Beware don't let the fancy tech fool you into buying this mattress.

Great Mattress

I bought king size Saturn+. It is a great mattress. The best Mattress I have ever had. Fast shipping, easy to set up, firm. Everything is perfect. I wish I could know this mattress earlier.


I'm a week in with my new eight mattress and in love. I've always been given used mattresses and finally decided I deserved a new one. They technology is really what sold me and the fact it delivered to my door! I'm in love. Especially fact I can warm my bed before getting into it!

vic corliss

I bought my king mattress over a year ago. and yes i just set it up on 2/17/2018. but after sitting for over a year in the vacuumed pack plastic It came back to size in no time. i even got to sleep on it that nite. I think i am going to enjoy it very much. Thank you eight team good job

Three stars for the misleading promotion

While I love my new mattress I feel the promotion Eight is running is a bit misleading. After purchasing a purple mattress and returning it and extensively researching other online mattress companies I settled on the Jupiter smart mattress. On the Eight website, they are having a promotion stating 2 free pillows with purchase. Upon receipt of the pillows I noticed these are not the ultimate, adjustable pillow shown on the website (the ONLY pillow shown on the website). I emailed customer service, who has been nothing but helpful regarding the questions I had, and was told that the regular bamboo pillows I received were a product of Eight, however, the promotion does not specify which pillows will be received with the mattress. I don’t see any other pillow options so to me that implies you will receive the adjustable pillow. Anyway, that’s where the three stars come in. Otherwise, I would’ve easily given 5. Just seemed a bit sketchy at the end of it all.

very displeased with mattress and customer service

the bed is uncomfortable to sleep on. i wake up stiff and in a lot of pain in both shoulders and my back. My sleep quality has greatly diminished since using this mattress. ​I have also noticed that my arm goes numb by the morning, and this has only started since sleeping on this mattress. both in purchasing and returning I have not had a pleasant experience with the customer service. it's nearly impossible to speak to anyone, it takes more than a week to get a response via email, and i am continually given excuses as to why it takes so long to return any communication. We are returning this mattress.

Will not refund for my purchase!!

We purchased a mattress and it was too firm for us. We contacted them and started return process---which was to send back the sensor and not the mattress. That was immediately returned and received by Eight. They informed us we COULD donate the mattress and turn in receipt and gave us listing of places to contact which we are out of their service are. Contacted local rescue mission and they only take mattress and box spring sets, so no luck there. THEY WILL NOT REFUND US OUR MONEY!!!! We have sent email to them again a week ago now with no reply---NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Supportive and cool

This mattress is the best I've tried so far. It looks very simple so I was scared that it would be low quality but actually in its simplicity it stands out because it is all about the comfort not the looks. And the tech is a great innovation. I had never tracked my sleep before and I have discovered that my room temp is higher than suggested and have been adapting it so I can sleep better. Interesting little fact..

Pure bliss

love this bed, thanks Eight for making such a good mattress

Goodbye back pain

I'm a stomach sleeper, and this mattress does wonders to support my terrible sleeping habits of being on my stomach. No more back pain for me

Wouldn't trade it for any other bed!

I tried a couple other brands before settling for the Eight mattress and I wouldn't change it for anything. I'm a side sleeper and other mattresses gave me a hard time on my hips. This has been the best so far. I'm sticking with it!

Unique and comfortable

I bought it because of the technology. No other mattress in the box has this. Definitely worth it.

This Mattress is The Best Ever!

I am so in love with my eight mattress. It's super comfortable and I sleep so soundly every night on it. I look forward to getting into bed every night. No other mattress can compare. My other mattress was very expensive and it's sitting to the side right now because this one is the best!

Perfect bed :)

The Eight mattress has been great for me and my husband. We enjoy how comfortable it is and every night it feels like a new bed, fresh, cool, enough bounce and great support. It is a great buy

Great bed, love the bed warming

This bed is so unique. I had never heard about it and a friend recommended it because I feel cold at night. It changed my sleep forever. The bed warming is so amazin keeps you cozy in the cold winter nights. And the mattress is super comfy too!


This is the 3rd foam mattress that I've tried. It is not only the most comfortable, but the technology that it has makes it even better.

Go and test it in their showroom

They have a beautiful showroom in Tribeca NYC. I went there to test the mattress before buying it. Even if they offer 100 days return I did not want to get a mattress I don't like. They were nice and I love the mattress immediately since from the beginning.

Super comfortable

I tried other 4 foam mattress before this but this one has the same comfort, a cheaper price and all the technology. No brainer

Awesome technology

I checked a lot of reviews before buying and this was the only mattress with technology. It is so cool to have the same comfort of other mattresses (I tried Casper and Leesa) and sleep tracking and warming.

Great support

With my old mattress I used to wake up with back pain. Now I feel great.

Second product I buy

I got a mattress first and then I bought a second one for my parents. They love it.

App keeps improving

I originally bought the smart cover and recently the whole smart mattress. I love how this products keeps improving. It learns from my habits and becomes more accurate. Great job!

Perfect bed for two + a dog

We have the King Size eight mattress and really like it. Our bed jumps on it during the day so we have to delete those sleep tracking sessions from the app which is hilarious. Great bed though!

Tried many beds, this is the WINNER

I've been mattress shopping many times in the past two years. Tried many beds. Eight is the winner without a doubt. I will never buy a regular bed again!

Great innovative mattress

This bed is top notch, great innovation and I have been sleeping better than ever. Kudos to the Eight team for creating this smart mattress.

Love this bed

Loving it. Recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable comfortable mattress.Easy to buy, easy to love

Comfortable + amazing tech

This mattress really has it all. They are knocking it out of the park compared to every other mattress you can buy online. It's affordable, comfortable, has technology that is super cool to see how you sleep. I'm enjoying it every night and can't wait to see how it progresses with more software features.

Wonderful soft sheets

Nice feeling at touch and when you sleep. I like that they are light and feel airy - more than usual at least. They fit my Eight mattress perfectly.

I was skeptical but am now a convert...

I purchased my Eight Sleep Smart Mattress because Im a techie and love having cold, hard data. I wanted to see if this smart mattress could tell me how well or how badly I was sleeping. I didn't expect it to be as accurate as it is but it correctly can tell when I have fallen asleep versus am just lying in bed (so far it has only missed one time!) and when I wake up and get out of bed. The smart alarm is also tied into my Hue lights and turns them on when my alarm goes off (another incentive to get out of bed!) I really like the warming feature when the nights get a little colder and have the Eight Sleep mattress integrated into my Nest system so when the temp drops inside the heat will turn on automatically AND when I wake up it will automatically raise the temps up to my "daytime" temperature. Lastly, I can also use my Amazon Echo to turn the heating on and off without having to open the app which is also a nice feature. I am anxious to see what additional functionality they can cram into this package. The bed is comfortable, moreso than my previous spring mattress and I dont wake up with an aching back any longer. I thought the foam would be too "warm" but I haven't woken up overheated or really warm once since I purchased it. It really does what they say it does and keeps you cool and comfortable while allowing you to monitor your sleep patterns and see how your routine, or lack thereof, helps you to sleep better or not as well. Im hooked and am looking for ways to improve my "sleep experience" and have just added some blackout curtains and white noise generators to the mix and that is helping also. I can definitely recommend the Eight Sleep mattress as a critical foundation to improving your sleep and being able to visibly see the improvements.

Very supportive

This mattress feels just right. Comfortable for me and a partner. Loving it! I had a glitch with my hub but the customer care team was extremely helpful and helped me fix it immediately.

Just right for me!

Great bed, nice design, smooth and elegant. At touch it feels great. And when sleeping on it it's just perfect. I'm a side sleeper so I struggle with mattresses that are too stiff or too soft because they either don't support or they make my arm and shoulder ache from how stiff it is. The Eight is just right for me!

the Eight mattress

I've had the Eight mattress for a few weeks now, and all I'm going to say here, is that I've noticed I spend more time in bed whenever possible, specially during the weekends. It's now breakfast in bed, lunch in bed, snack in bed, dinner in bed, movie in bed, reading in bed, nails in bed, studying in bed...I mean, it's just amazing!

My whole life had been a lie...

I didn't know what I had been missing out EVERY NIGHT OF MY LIFE, until the Eight mattress came along. A fantastic mattress!

A most restful night

Since I received my Eight mattress, every night is the most restful night of my life...

Perfect so far

I'm liking my Eight mattress quite a lot. Changed from an Ikea which was not very good towards the past years. At the beginning the ikea was ok and then it degenerated very quickly. Glad I bought Eight.

Comfy cool cozy

I've been sleeping on my Eight mattress for a few days now and like it a lot. My wife likes the bed warming feature -specially now that it's very cold at night. I like the bed cause it's comfy, stays cool and I like the sleep tracking feature. Adds a nice touch to the regular boring bed.

Ruining my marriage!

So, this mattress is so good, I've been purposely sending my husband to the couch at night just so I can have it all for myself. My marriage may be on the rocks now, but this mattress makes it all worthwhile. Disclaimer: my marriage is just fine; I just wanted to have a little fun with the review. My husband loves the Eight mattress as well ;)

Feels luxurious

This mattress was the perfect compromise between a 3k one and a simple bed in a box. All the tech features add a nice extra something that you can enjoy. Instead of just having the regular bed that can really do nothing for you. My pet loves it as well (I can see it in my data, he spends a lot of time in bed while I'm at work! hilarious)

Perfect for those long days

I look forward to the moment I lay in bed every day. The Eight mattress is the perfect way to end and start my day.

Mind-blowingly good

Whatever the Eight team did, they got it right, cause this mattress is superb and so so smart!

Comfortable great mattress

upgraded from a tempur pedic and was impressed by the quality of this mattress. Much more affordable and easy to setup at home. Enjoying it so far


Best mattress I have ever laid my body upon. I feel more rested in the morning and it does all these other amazing things too! I had a friend house sit during the holidays, and she said she liked it better than her Casper mattress! lol

the eight bed

Both the app and the mattress have an amazing quality and work very well. Pairing the app to the mattress was very easy. Kudos to the Eight team! Can't wait to see what else they come up with.

New mattress, new life!

I recently decided to purchase this mattress, going out on a limb since Eight is a rather new company, but I am glad I took the risk. My girl and I have really enjoyed all the perks that come with this mattress.

THE perfect mattress

I don't think I will ever be able to sleep on anything else other than an Eight mattress.

Much better than my previous bed!

I am so glad I picked Eight as my new mattress. I was skeptical at first because it's a new bed brand however they did an amazing job at putting this mattress together. I read about all the data they analyzed to design it, and was sold! I like this approach to design of a product, instead of just assuming what feels good. So far the bed is a big upgrade from the Tempur Pedic I had before.

The perfect mattress

I don't think I will ever be able to sleep on anything else other than an Eight mattress.

Better than I expected it to be

I don't like getting my hopes us when buying something online, but the Eight mattress was a pleasant surprised when it comes to quality, comfort, and overall performance.

This makes for better sleep

So we have had this for 3 weeks and its been great. The best part for us is the warming of each side. My husband can now keep the temperature in the house lower at night like her prefers since I can warm up my side of the mattress. The sleep tracking has been great as well. Its fun and motivating to see how much better we sleep when we exercise longer or eat/drink healthier foods etc.

Feels like heaven

The new Eight mattress makes it feel like you're sleeping at a really, very, extremely fancy and luxurious hotel, where the beds are just to die for. Aside from this, it tracks your sleep, warms you up at night, preps your coffee, controls your lights and thermostat...I mean, is there anything this mattress can't do???

#1 mattress on my list...

As a 60-something year old, I've had my share of mattress experiences, and this one is the best I've had! Wouldn't change a thing about it. Great work, Eight team!


Best mattress I have ever laid my body upon. I feel more rested in the morning and it does all these other amazing things too! I had a friend house sit during the holidays, and she said she liked it better than her Casper mattress! lol

affordable luxury

I'm enjoying my Eight so far. Great purchase, very elegant mattress.

Zzzzs all night long

Such a big upgrade from my old Ikea mattress. Loving it!

Relaxation to the max

Mother to two toddlers over here, so any moment I have to relax, I take it. My new Eight mattress has been very helpful with that. My kids love it too!

MY whole life had been a lie

I didn't know what I had been missing out EVERY NIGHT OF MY LIFE, until the Eight mattress came along. A fantastic mattress!


I had been sleeping on a serta mattress for 10 years, was time for a change. Found a promotion to purchase the Eight and read great reviews about it, specially about the technology that is really quite cool. Happy with my purchase and my husband - even more! He connected Eight to our Nest, and he's loooooving it

Keeping this one

The eight mattress is quite unique, it stands out because of this technology which is quite impressive to be honest. I like how the bed feels even though my girlfriend finds it a bit hard. But she's getting used to it. Our dog loves it too. Keeping it.

Hub has had intermittent issues, but overall wonderful product

This product is literally one of my favorite things in life. It is a simple pleasure to slide into a warmed bed on a cool evening. If you aren't feeling good and just want the warm embrace of a cozy spot, there is no better place than on this mattress and smart pad. I take my bedding seriously and was intrigued when this product became available. The features available are light years ahead of other products on the market and while it will likely be improved upon, this is a good item to have on the wanter list. There have been few issues with this product. I did have to have my hub replaced within the first month. The process was straight forward and went about as good as one would hope for. The replacement has been better but did randomly disconnect once so far. In my experience the product would randomly disconnect, usually overnight, and then you are left without sleep data for that evening. Not that big of a deal. Reconnect and voila, good to go. The sleep tracker app is pretty neat too. I apparently don't sleep anywhere near as much as I thought. I don't toss and turn much, and I find the data interesting. I can't say that I am improving my habits, but at least I'm tracking them. LOL Finally, the mattress. This thing is just great. It really does have the ideal firmness. I sleep on my back and side, with side sleeping being very comfortable on this mattress. Overall, this is an amazing product. I always enjoy heading off to bed. What would I desire to improve the product? Although I have not had this in the heat of summer yet, I'm sure some form of cooling feature would be nice (Peltier device maybe?). I could use more timers and the ability to link this with other smart devices a little easier. Although I have gotten into SmartHome and iHome products, IFTTT is still a littler fuzzy for me. That takes a little more skill than what I imagine the average consumer would be able to commit.

A bit firm

Initially I found it a bit firm because I was coming from an 8 years old coils mattress. After a week sleeping on it I feel it very good. And I still have 90 days to try it.

great bed

The right firmness and sooo easy to setup and use. I was scared initially with the tech component of this mattress but it was actually very easy and it's cool to see how I sleep every night

Worth the price

It took me some time to get used to the foam feeling, before I had a coils mattress but now I like it a lot. Great price for this comfort and all the technology

Great sleep

Since we upgraded to our Eight smart mattress we have been sleeping like rocks! nothing can get us out of bed. Is that a good thing? not sure but we are lvoing it

Very comfortable

I love this mattress in a box. Super simple to install and ready to go. I just moved to a new place and I love technology. It was just perfect for me.

Just right

After unpacking it it was ready to sleep on in just 10 minutes. I was so surpised, had never seen a mattress that came in a box. It's a medium firmness, just right for both me and my husband. Son far we are enjoying our purchase and it's great to see the app improvements every month!

Great product, at a great price

The Eight Mattress is a sweet deal. All this technology alone probably costs hundreds of dollars and you get it in a comfortable mattress for free! My favorite part is how easy it is to setup and use every day. The team is easy to work with if you have any questions or issues. I had a small wifi glitch which they helped me troubleshoot immediately.

Bounce and no sink

I was surprised by the quality of the mattress. Honestly for how much I paid for it I was expecting it to be ok, but it's much better than that. It's comfortable, bouncy, I don't sink like other foam mattresses. Plus the features are a good added value. I recommend it. I use it over a slatted base and it works like a charm.

Good quality mattress

Happy with my purchase. The mattress feels great, and the tech piece is a big plus!

Good option

First mattress I purchase myself and I really like it. So far, no complains, just happy times!

Sleep better than ever

The Eight mattress has improved my sleep is so many ways: it's extremely comfortable, it tracks my sleep, has an alarm, heating system, and home automation system. Everything works amazingly. Superb mattress!

A fun mattress

Aside from being a great mattress when it comes to comfort, having all the extras like sleep tracking, heating, alarm, etc., makes falling asleep, sleeping, and waking up a way more fun experience.

the best mattress out there right now!

Simply put, the Eight mattress is the best mattress out there right now. Not only is it comfortable, but the 'smart' component to it is very well thought out, achieved, and presented.

top quality bed

Great amazing bed, very glad I bought this. I saw an ad for it and was hooked after reading the reviews on the technology. It's been great so far. Plus it's a top quality comfortable mattress.

Relaxation to the max

Mother to two toddlers over here, so any moment I have to relax, I take it. My new Eight mattress has been very helpful with that. My kids love it too!

A more restful night

Since I received my Eight mattress, every night is the most restful night of my life...

If you must...

If you must buy a new mattress, I would recommend going for this one. Perfect comfort and the home automation is amazing! Oh, and the sleep tracking app is pretty good too!

It's truly affordable luxury

This mattress was the perfect compromise between a 3k one and a simple bed in a box. All the tech features add a nice extra something that you can enjoy. Instead of just having the regular bed that can really do nothing for you. My pet loves it as well (I can see it in my data, he spends a lot of time in bed while I'm at work! hilarious)

Better than...

I'm very picky when it comes to mattresses, and I have to say this is a great one, better than, dare I say, any other I have ever used before.

The best mattress out there right now...

Simply put, the Eight mattress is the best mattress out there right now. Not only is it comfortable, but the 'smart' component to it is very well thought out, achieved, and presented.

comfy, cool, cozy

I've been sleeping on my Eight mattress for a few days now and like it a lot. My wife likes the bed warming feature -specially now that it's very cold at night. I like the bed cause it's comfy, stays cool and I like the sleep tracking feature. Adds a nice touch to the regular boring bed.

So far, amazing...

The Eight mattress has the perfect firmness. Very comfortable and super smart! Tracking my sleep has been very helpful, and I have been able to tweak a few things during my day to improve my sleep. I love seeing my sleep numbers going up!

Perfect way to end my day

There's really nothing like plopping onto my new Eight mattress and waking up in the morning to see how well I slept. Just amazing!

So comfy!

Superb mattress. Comfortable and fun app. My husband loves it too...


Best mattress out there!

Eight smart mattress

Simply put, amazing mattress. If you're in the market for a new mattress, I really recommend this one. Comfortable AND smart!

For the older folks...

My mother spends a lot of time in bed due to old age, and she loves how this bed is not only is extremely comfortable, but also keeps her warm. We can also track her movements at night, and deep sleep, etc, which is great. She likes is so, I'm thinking about getting the mattress for our bedroom too!

Excellent purchase

I needed a new mattress, and I stumbled upon this new smart one and I just had to try it. Great purchase! Glad I gave it a try. Extremely comfortable, btw...

Perfect mattress

Great as it is, and already looking forward to everything they could do in the future! My mattress was a great purchase.

Perfect addition...

Perfect addition to my home remodeling. It's great to have such an amazing and smart mattress to lay on after all the remodeling work we've been doing in the house. I've noticed my husband hangs out more in bed during the weekends...he loves it too!

So far, it's good...

Got the mattress about a week ago, and my wife and I are enjoying it. She has some back problems, so we were a little hesitant about getting a new mattress, but we're adventurous that way. Glad we got it!

Comfortable mattress

I've had my fair share of comfortable mattresses, and this one is right up there with the best of the best. I'm quite enjoying all the added features is has as a smart mattress. Highly recommended!

not in love with the tech layer

I tried the mattress with and without the tech layer. The tech layer makes me sleep a bit hot. I prefer it without it.

Too hard for me

This mattress is a bit too hard for me. I like very soft mattresses so it didn't work out so well. I got it because of the technology which is amazing but unfortunately had to return the mattress and get a softer one.

Not quite done

I like the mattress so far. This is my first foam mattress, and I'm liking the way it conforms to my body when I sleep. It seems like I've got a few less aches rolling out of bed in the morning. Initially, I was a little put off by the strong offgassing. I'm not sure if this mattress is better or worse than others of its type because this is my first, but there was a strong chemical smell that permeated my bedding, and is still detectable weeks later. My second complaint, and the one that may be a dealbreaker for me, is that they can't seem to figure out a way to combine the two sides of the bed for those of us who normally sleep alone in a larger bed. You must designate one side of the bed as "yours" and if you roll to the other side of the bed it does not track your sleep. I got a solid 8 hours last night, and according to the app I slept only 5 hours with a big break in between. It's hardly useful if it's not accurate at all. That all said, I love what this is system is capable of, and I hope they add a toggle for solo sleepers soon!

Pretty good

I like mattresses a bit firmer, so I wish they would have that option, but other than that it's a great product. Good quality and fun additional features. I still recommend it though. I must say my wive loves it!

Comfortable, but a bit too firm for me

The mattress is very nice, looks and feels great at touch. It was just a bit too soft for me at the beginning. However I kept it because I think it will get softer overtime. that has been my experience with other mattresses before. My wife likes it, so I had to compromise for now.

Nice idea

Nice idea, nice mattress and I like the things it can do, but I'm not as excited about it as I thought I would be. Maybe I need to use it for a little longer?...

It's a cheap memory foam mattress with a heated mattress pad, not done high tech bed

The ads strongly emphasize the ifttt integration. "Automate your morning activities". The ifttt integration is the biggest joke I've ever seen. It can only react to the eight sleep app button presses, which means that even though the app knows I'm asleep, it can never communicate this to ifttt. It actually ads nothing that ifttt already has. It can make a day/night button on your desktop, and can react to alarms from the stock alarm. So, I'd recommend getting a wemo socket and a heated mattress pad, plus a 700 Walmart king mattress, and you actually end up with a better setup, that does everything this mattress can.

Very firm matress

I jave given it almost a year to "break in" but it does not appear t get any softer. I am a side sleeper and my hips and back hurt almost every morning. I would have switched beds long ago but needed more time to save money for the bed I really want. If you like firmer bed I am sure this perfect as it has a slight give to the bed so it is not like sleeping on the ground but I would not recommend this bed for side sleepers at all.


I have used the eight tracker since the crowdfunding. It’s really useful when it works. The first time I received the cover it was not working. They send me back another hardware in order to fix the issue. It was working pretty well. Once the warranty has expired the cover started to have some issues in mainly linked to the connection. After some weeks the cover stopped working. I contacted the support to have a solution. They don’t have any solution to submit because the warranty has expired. THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO PROVIDE ANY SPARE PARTS. I told them that I can pay the spare parts, but they don't want or can't provide this solution. WHY ? The only solution is to buy another cover with 50% discount but with 90 days warranty.... why only 90 days ? Probably because they don’t trust on their products. My solution is to put the cover in the trash ... Really bad experience with this company.

Long Wait Times

Unless you want to wait 5 weeks to get shipping for your item, would not recommend ordering from this company.


Stay clear. Ours sprung a leak less than 4 months. Find another product

Highly recommend

I ended up buying one a couple months ago. Best purchase I’ve made. First night or two took a little getting used to. Bed was slightly stiffer. Once you get your settings figured out it is life changing though. Highly recommend.

Not For Me

The bed was not for me after about 75 days. I have done Oura sleep tracking for over a year and the data was pretty conclusive that in my case the 8sleep did not improve my sleep at all, and probably decreased it. I understand the mattress is not for everyone. The one star review is for the truly awful service that I endured during the return process. This took about a month from initiating the return to actually receiving return payment, and it took constant badgering by me to get their customer service folks to move the process along. Truly awful.

Eightsleep doesn't work

My eightsleep stopped working and the eightsleep team stopped answering. I think my eightsleep stopped working due to the software update to release the new version to force people to get new version or something. I've spent hours and hours trying to connect it to the internet. Once I mentioned the software update and new product release possibly being the problem the eightsleep team ceased communication and has not responded since.

Now charging large monthly fee to use bed tech!

Our current Pod 2 cover uses auto pilot to adjust to our room temperature - it is a good product and works well. With the introduction of the Pod 3, they now require a paid monthly membership (listed now at $20 a MONTH!) to access many of the tech features that made the Pod 2 successful. We are worried that the Pod 3 would not be able to adapt to temperature variations. So the mattress is now $4,000 - but then over 15 years, it would cost another $240 a year! If it lasts 15 years, that's almost another 4 grand!

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