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Egg Crate Mattress Toppers Reviews

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Egg crate foam is a convoluted foam that provides greater amounts of airflow for sleepers while also adjusting to the body to relieve pressure points. Over the years, these types of foam have been popular with sleepers who have mattresses that are too firm for them. However, not all foams are created equal and with the egg crate design, many low grade foams will degrade and flatten faster. Therefore, we've only selected some of the best rated foam toppers to help clarify your topper search. Read on for our full list...

Mattress Topper Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Comfort: 9.5/10

Support: 9.2/10

Cooling: 9.6/10

Price: $34-$109

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Egg Crate Mattress Toppers Details

Egg crate mattress toppers do an exceptional job with airy pressure relief. However, not all egg crate foams are durable. Due to the grooves in the foam build, they tend to suffer durability and flattening faster than other types of foams. However, don't despair! We have selected only our favorite egg crate toppers that are well-rated by customers to review below.

Mattress Topper Selection

Below, we'll go through our top 5 favorite egg crate mattress toppers that customers love.

Here is a breakdown of Lucid's Duo Foam Topper:

The Lucid Duo Foam topper features an innovative infused foam design with gel infused memory foam with a second lavender infusion that makes the topper cooling, pressure relieving, and have a subtle smell of lavender on the top layer. With pressure point relief and high grade foam without the chemical smell is a big reason this is at the top of our list.

Next, here is what's inside Lucid's Lavender Zoned Topper:

The Lavender Zoned topper provides the scent benefits of the lavender infused foam with a 5-zone supportive topper that has grooves, similar to egg crate foam, but also provides better support in the middle spine, while doing a superior job pressure relieving around the hips and shoulders. This mattress topper gets high customer praise for even comfort and for its friendly lavender scent.

Next, here is what's inside the Simmons Curv Topper:

The Simmons 4'' memory foam topper is one of the highest end in terms of foam. Its slow response contours around the body and is made for increased longevity while still providing the benefits of pressure point relief. With customers enjoying the comfort, the only negative is that it may be too soft for some.

Next, here is what's inside Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper:

For those that sleep warm or need additional cooling, this gel-infused topper provides both air flow with the egg crate design and also extra cooling with the infused gel. With a softer contour, it will help with pressure point pain in the hips and shoulders. Most customers like their Luxury Solutions topper with the few negative reviews concerned with its softness.

Lastly, here is what's inside Wayfair Basics 1.5'' Gel Topper:

The Wayfair Basics 1.5'' Gel Topper is great for those that want moderate pressure point relief and the benefits of cooling from the egg crate and gel infused design. With a low pricepoint, this topper is ideal for those that don't want drastic feel changes on the top layer of their mattress. As an affordable option, this topper gets good marks from customers.


Egg crate mattress toppers are focused on providing pressure point relief for sleepers, which means that options lean towards soft rather than firm.

Back Pain Relief

Although these mattress toppers do an exceptional job at pressure point relief, providing back support is not their primary goal. If your mattress is causing you pain today, you may need a more supportive mattress topper or look into buying a new mattress.


Because of the channels for air to move in an egg crate foam design, each of these options should provide an adequate amount of cooling for most. Those that sleep very warm may prefer the options above that have gel infusion, which will assist with greater cooling.

Who Are These Egg Crate Mattress Toppers Right For?

Egg crate designs are great for those that want a moderate amount of pressure relief and cooling. Those that need something more supportive or want to learn about different kinds of foam, see our list of top rated mattress toppers for more information.

Browse Egg Crate Mattress Toppers Customer Reviews

So comfortable [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

So comfortable, it has brought my bed back to life. My legs don’t ache anymore

My mattress topper [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

My mattress topper came very quickly. Once I opened the package, the topper expanded fast. Within 5minutes I was lying on top! My first reaction...ooooh, ahhhhhh. I didn't move for two hours! No pressure points were felt. I slept on it for six hours straight. Without waking. Woke up with no pains. Yay. No bad smells at all. Lavender scent is very soft. The topper covered my mattress fully. I'm 6'3"-270lbs and very happy with my purchase.

We needed a topper [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

We needed a topper that wasn't too thick, so our sheets still fit. Perfect for our needs. Plumped up fast, no bad odor.

One complaint [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

One complaint Im so upset that I waited so long to purchase this. Ive been looking and pricing this for years. Wayfair has the best price and I couldnt wake up it felt like I was sleeping in the clouds. I highly recommend everyone to purchase this item. Ive had 2 neck fusions and also back surgery and I love this mattress topper

Very comfy [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

Very comfortable

Comfy [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

Comfy. Cant smell the lavender and kind of wished it was cooling gel.

Very comfortable [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

Very comfortable and can now get a good night sleep!

Purchased [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

Purchased for daughters dorm bed. She loves it

The foam mattress topper [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

The foam mattress topper is very comfy. Adds just enough softness to my mattress. I sleep much better now.

We have an older mattress [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

We have an older mattress and this topper makes it so much more comfortable. Highly recommended!

This mattress topper is one of the best [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

This mattress topper is one of the best I ever had. I got it for a very good price, arrived fast. The quality is really good. It’s not too thick but it gives the extra comfort I needed after my twin pregnancy.

Super comfy! [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

Super comfy!! I love that it’s thick but not too thick and the lavender smell is really subtle and nice, not over powering at all. I’m sleeping so well, why didn’t I get one of these when I was pregnant!

I was really impressed by the quality [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

I was really impressed by the quality of this for the price I paid. I have spent much more for one that was not nearly as comfortable as this one. I really like the duo topper. I have heard so much about the memory foam but was a fan of crate toppers. Now, I get them both. This is the BEST!!

I have gotten a few mattress toppers [Lucid Duo Foam Topper]

I have gotten a few mattress toppers prior to this, they have honestly never been “review” worthy. However, I am smitten with this one! I have had the best few nights sleep EVER. I love how it conforms to my body with just the right amount of pressure. My husband typically likes different types of mattresses than I do, so I was a little concerned with that, but he is also extremely pleased with this one. The only issue we will have now, is the kids sneaking into our bed!

this is worth its weight [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]

this is worth its weight in gold,,,i sleep so comfortable and no pressures it and the smell of lavender relaxes you. I have since then ordered another topper. Excellent product. Recommend it

Very [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]

Very comfortable without sinking

My entire room smells like lavender [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]

My entire room smells like lavender which is actually pretty pleasant. I didn’t notice that big of a difference when I put this topper on my bed but we have it on others and it made a world of a difference.

It was smaller then a king [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]

It was smaller then a king and had a hole in it that was the size of my hand

Love [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]

Love the feel

Awesome [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]


Soft [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]


Lasted about a year [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]

Lasted about a year before it fell apart.

Smell awesome [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]

Smell awesome super comfortable

Awesome [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]

Awesome topper!

I love my lavender memory foam [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]

I love my lavender memory foam. Best purchase ever!

Arrived promptly [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]

Arrived promptly and is quite comfy

It's like sleeping on a cloud [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]

It's like sleeping on a cloud. Absolutely love it!!

I ordered 2 toppers [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]

I ordered 2 toppers, one for a daybed mattress that was a little too firm and a guest room that was also a little too firm. Both of them are just right for these beds and made them super comfy...

Comfortable [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]


I love this mattress topper [Lucid Zoned Lavender Topper]

I love this mattress topper. It feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud and the lavender sent was wonderful, but it eventually wore off. However within a couple months it’s completely ripping apart. I don’t know if this is typical for foam toppers, but I am going to go worth a down topper this time.

I can't believe how different [Simmons 4'' Topper]

I can't believe how different and better my bed feels. It is so comfortable now and I wish I had gotten this a long time ago.

Very soft [Simmons 4'' Topper]

Very soft just what I need ❤️

I purchased this for my elderly mother in law [Simmons 4'' Topper]

I purchased this for my elderly mother in law and it has made her nights so much better. As a matter of fact, when I first put it over the twin size "sofa" she is currently sleeping on in our downstairs, she immediately fell asleep! She has fractured spinal vertebras and this topper is reducing the pressure point pain she used to endure.

Love it very much. [Simmons 4'' Topper]

Love it very much. Can't believe how much nicer it feel to sleep on my mattress now. I wish I had purchased it sooner. Wayfair you did have just what I needed. Thank You

They are ok [Simmons 4'' Topper]

They are ok for my granddaughters , they are small so it supports them

This topper is perfect [Simmons 4'' Topper]

This topper is perfect, we went with an 8” mattress to save the money and added this topper making it a 12” total and it sleeps like a dream! I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for something comfortable and affordable.

Very comfortable [Simmons 4'' Topper]

Very comfortable. Has taken care of my neck stress

Good [Simmons 4'' Topper]


Excellent product [Simmons 4'' Topper]

Excellent product, great price! Very comfortable, will definitely extend the life of our bed awhile longer.

It’s expanded [Simmons 4'' Topper]

It’s expanded but not as big as I thought it would be

Very comfortable and cool [Simmons 4'' Topper]

Very comfortable and cool . I drive a truck regional and spend so many nights in my truck . I wasn't sleeping well with the noise and vibration . It is such a big difference now . I can actually rest in comfort with out the excess noise and vibration . I'm very happy with it and it's definitely worth the money . I'm going to get another one for a birthday gift for a long time friend whose also a driver . It's actually that good

So comfortable [Simmons 4'' Topper]

So comfortable !!

This has to be the most comfortable [Simmons 4'' Topper]

This has to be the most comfortable topper I have tried it yet.

Soft [Simmons 4'' Topper]

Soft and comfortable

Very comfortable [Simmons 4'' Topper]

Very comfortable!

It was very nice [Simmons 4'' Topper]

It was very nice

sleeps [Simmons 4'' Topper]

sleeps great

Cushy, cushy [Simmons 4'' Topper]

Cushy, cushy, and more cushy!

I love it [Simmons 4'' Topper]

I love it. So soft. It has helped with my bursitis in my hips.

Very [Simmons 4'' Topper]

Very comfy

Needed a bit more support [Simmons 4'' Topper]

Needed a bit more support, and this feels amazing! Restful nights now

Love [Simmons 4'' Topper]

Love it, not having trouble with my shoulder hurting

It's just what we need [Simmons 4'' Topper]

It's just what we need to have a good night sleep.

mattress topper is great [Simmons 4'' Topper]

mattress topper is great, bed is now more comfortable and all for a great price

I am sleeping better [Simmons 4'' Topper]

I am sleeping better and no more waking in pain from the old hard mattress. Love this memory foam matress pad.

Comfy [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

Comfy and fast delivery.

Everything [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

Everything that I except 4” made the bed better height Would recommend it

No one has actually slept [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

No one has actually slept on it yet - it's on a bed for "company." It will be slept on soon. Mattress unbearably hard without it. So far it looks great. Wayfair delivers when they say they will - I like that.

This [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

This foam mattress topper makes it so I don't wake up in pain anymore. I love it and highly recommend!

Really feels great [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

Really feels great! Best nights sleep in along time!!

absolutely [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

absolutely the more incredible thing ever !!! love love love it !

I ordered the memory foam pad [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

I ordered the memory foam pad, and the down alternative mattress topper. They came in a timely fashion, one day early, and the other on the day delivery was predicted. I have to say, I was terrified after we opened the 4" gel/ memory foam topper. It looked as if it was smooshed flat, hard, and maybe even melted on one corner. Well, we unrolled it as far as it would go, without ripping it. We left the room, and went about our business. After about twenty minutes, I had to look. To my absolute surprise and amazement, the topper had unrolled more, and filled out. Within an hour, the topper looked like it's picture, and felt amazing. We put it on our bed, and have slept on it now for three nights. My aching bones have sighed a grateful relief. It does make the bed higher than it was, and you tend to really sink down into it. But since I am a back sleeper, this only adds to the coziness of the bed. I've talked my father into doing the same thing to his bed, a d will be ordering the same for him. As far as smell goes, I didn't detect any oder, as some reviews had stated. I'm very happy with my purchase, and so is my husband!

I had purchased a run of the mill mattress [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

I had purchased a run of the mill mattress/box spring and was very uncomfortable so decided to try this on top to see if it would help with comfort...oh sleeping on a cloud...sooooo comfy. I would recommend this item highly.

So far I’ve only slept on it a couple nights [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

So far I’ve only slept on it a couple nights but it’s pretty squishy the picture definitely gives you an idea that it’s thicker than it is even though it is the 4 inches as stated it definitely made my firm bed feel a lot more like a cloud

Good [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

Good quality topper for a low price. We love mattress topper for extending the life of our mattress. This one is comfortable and returns to shape easily.

I like [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

I like this mattress topper its very plush comfortable

Wonderful [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

Wonderful, feel like I am sleeping on a cloud!

Use it [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

Use it on a sofa bed, it's pretty comfortable.

So comfortable [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

So comfortable I did not move a bit st nite and slept like a baby. I have deteriorated spine etc from arthritis This was is first pad to make me comfortable I bought 2 more for other beds. Ivan sleep again!

Old mattress was just not real comfortable [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

Old mattress was just not real comfortable. But on news mattress topper have a good nights sleep it’s wonderful

This [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

This topper is so comfortable, put it on a futon and what a difference.

Comfy [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]


Very [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

Very comfotable

Amazing [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]


Love [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

Love this!! Makes a world of difference.

Love [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

Love it. We don’t toss and turn all night now. Best way to keep from spending big bucks on a mattress!

Comfort [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]


Loved [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

Loved it so much that we purchased a third.

I ordered four toppers [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

I ordered four toppers: 2 queen ; a full and a single. All arrived and looked as they were advertised. They are very comfortable and I am satisfied with both the purchase process, the price, the delivery and how it feels. No scent or odour. Delivery was quicker than advertised and the tracking system was convenient. Just what I ordered and just what I needed!

It's a bit too cushy [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

It's a bit too cushy for me. I'm going to see if I can swap it with my daughter's 2.5" gel memory foam mattress topper. Also, I wake up sweating in the middle of the night with my usual 2 blankets, so I've been trying out using only one blanket now and I'm not too hot anymore.

Amazing [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

Amazing!!! So comfy!!

I love that my 4 year old wants to sleep [Luxury Solutions 4'' Gel Topper]

I love that my 4 year old wants to sleep in his own bed and not mine now! Its a lot more comfortable with the mattress topper on it now.

Makes the mattress [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

Makes the mattress more comfortable.

Made my bed [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

Made my bed complete

The right addition [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

The right addition to a new mattress. Not too plush and thick but just enough. Came fast to my door.

Works [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

Works well.

So comfortable [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

So comfortable! I will probably buy more!

Great [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

Great for my hips and back. Glad I found this.

Love [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

Love it!

love [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

I love it just what I wanted

Great [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

Great mattress topper, at a fabulous price. The topper can be used either side (i.e. the flat/smooth or the 'bumpy' side) and is cool and flexible, and very easy to store away. There was little to no smell on opening, and the topper itself came up a little longer than a standard twin, which was welcomed in my case as it was going over a folding mattress, and allowed it to be folded with the mattress nicely. Recommend!

It's been about a year [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

It's been about a year - it has started to rip and flatten. Not bad, but will not re-purchase.

One year later [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

One year later and still as comfy as day 1. Definitely worth the price

Comfortable [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]


Serves its purpose [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

Serves its purpose. No complaints.

Perfect [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

Perfect for teens bed. Just what I needed to add a little more comfort.

The look on my kids faces [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

The look on my kids faces when. They got them

Very comfortable [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

Very comfortable! Perfect!

I bought this for my boyfriend’s bed [Wayfair Basics Gel Topper]

I bought this for my boyfriend’s bed because it’s only slightly more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. This thing makes such a difference! Even though it’s only 1.5” it really supports all the pressure points on my hip and knees and somewhat for my shoulders (a thicker one would probably cradle the shoulders better for side sleepers, but it’s still quite good). It has a nice texture and I didn’t notice an odour at all when I unpacked it. I’m very happy with it


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