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The EcoSleep mattress is Brooklyn Bedding's innovative latex hybrid mattress. One of its core differentiators is its devotion to a more environmentally friendly mission, with Rainforest Alliance and Forest Stewardship Council® certifications. With natural latex and organic cotton, most customers find the EcoSleep comfy and supportive with a competitive price. Read on to learn the ins and outs of this competitive option.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Price Value: 9/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: $899-$1499

Trial Period: 120 Nights

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Ecosleep's Specifics

Over the years, mattress shoppers have been more keen on how their mattress purchase may affect the environment and their own health. The Ecosleep mattress addresses both of these concerns with their sourcing of materials and certifications by Rainforest Alliance, and also their use of natural and organic materials in their mattresses. With a competitive price point for the materials used and a flippable design with both a medium-firm and firmer side, Brooklyn Bedding's EcoSleep mattress is an exciting offering for those that want responsive support.

Quality of Materials

The Ecosleep mattress features both organic and natural materials in their latex hybrid mattress. Here is what's inside:

Cover Layer: The top layer is a quilted organic cotton and Joma wool™ layer that regulates temperature while providing a breathable cozy surface.

Layer 1: The first comfort layer is a 1.5'' plush latex, which contours while being ultra-responsive and features a subtle bounce while adapting to the body.

Layer 2: The following layer is a 1.5'' supportive latex layer, which keeps that ultra-responsive functionality while supporting and providing a subtle give to relieve pressure in conjunction with the layer above.

Layer 3: 6'' of encased Ascension™ provide lasting support for the spine while cutting down on partner disturbance at night. These coils offer a cushion firm profile.

Layer 4: The last layer is firmer 1.5'' natural latex layer which acts as a responsive base on one hand and also acts as a firmer surface layer for those that flip the mattress / prefer a firmer night sleep.

Overall Comfort

For those that are looking for a responsive and eco-friendly mattress, the EcoSleep mattress gets good initial feedback from customers on comfort. With their flippable surface, customers who want a pressure-relieving medium-firm or firmer support will do best.


With a flippable design, the Ecosleep mattress is medium-firm for its standard orientation and firmer flipped. Average to larger side sleepers will do best with the standard orientation, while stomach sleepers may do better with the firmer option.

Back Pain Relief

With the combination of supportive coils and responsive latex, customers that have common discomfort from a sagging mattress may do better with the extra support.


Unlike memory foam, latex sleeps cooler overall. Additionally, with the Joma wool quilted into the cover, customers will experience greater temperature regulation.

Who Is The EcoSleep Mattress Right For?

This mattress is a competitive contender for those looking for an environmentally friendly and responsive mattress without breaking the bank. With its 120 night trial, it is a mattress worth considering!

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I purchased the king size hybrid. Tip: open the mattress on your box springs or near them because it is very heavy, and there are no handles. I opened it on the first floor of my home to let it air out, and we about didn't get it up to the second floor because it is so heavy and cumbersome. My husband and I started sleeping on the plusher side of the mattress and it was good, but I still tended to roll towards him during the night. After a couple weeks we flipped it to the firm side, and that is when I really started enjoying this mattress. It is supportive, but it also contours around pressure points. I can move around in bed and it doesn't seem to bother my husband if he is asleep, so motion transfer is minimal on the firm side. I like it that we have the option of the two sides. The only thing we really wished it had is handles. Read LessRead less about review stating Great

We love it!

Very comfortable, no chemical smell and easy to unbox.

500 pounds

I am down to a slim, trim 370 pounds from 420 pounds. The combined weight on the mattress is about 500 pounds. My reward for losing 50 pounds was an EcoSleep queen. I am a side sleeper and use the softer side of the mattress. It is slightly more comfortable than my old Sleep Number 3000 single bladder air mattress. My only concern, before I ordered, was the possibility of a foam-type odor from the natural latex. There was no objectionable odor at all! The plastic packaging was very easy to unwrap and the mattress only took a few hours to find its shape. I had bought a regular wood bed frame when I bought the air mattress. It had a headboard, footboard, 2 side rails and wood slats.. I replaced the slats with a sturdy platform frame from 3/4" plywood and a 3/4" plywood top; so that the rails were only supporting the outboard 6" of the mattress. It had no problem supporting 500 pounds, static or dynamic. The only small problem I had was that the cardboard box had some holes that appeared to be ripped into it. It did not damage anything inside the box. I wondered how the holes got there; until I picked up the box from my front porch. It was awkward to carry. Somebody probably made some hand-holds. I am very satisfied with the EcoSleep queen mattress. Read LessRead less about review stating 500 pounds


Head and shoulders above our older bed. Very inviting and LOVE the zero factory smells and ECO friendly was very important to us and big plus.

So far, so good.

So far, so good.

Nice Mattress

I’ve had the mattress about a month now. Shipping was quick. This is a solid mattress and very well built. It’s heavy (118 lbs) but I’m still able to move it around on my own. It’s set up on the medium firm side. I sleep very well without any numbness in my arms and it sleeps cool. I had lower back pain from my previous mattress that went away after the first couple of nights. My only quibble with it is I wish it had handles on the sides. If it’s too firm, you can always add a topper later on. I’m very pleased with this mattress and look forward to going to bed every evening. Read LessRead less about review stating Nice Mattress

Just what I hoped for!

This mattress is exactly what I was looking for! The fact that it is 2-sided (flippable) with a firm side and a moderate side is awesome. This is a high quality hybrid foam/coil system that should serve us well!

So far so good.

I’ve only owned and slept on my new ECO Sleep for one week, but so far, so good. It’s a comfortable mattress, with a little bounce from the latex layers, which is exactly what I was looking for. I’m a side sleeper of average weight, who sleeps on the medium soft side of the mattress. I love that it’s a flippable mattress, it’s like getting two mattresses for the price of one! Once the medium soft side wears out, (all mattresses wear out eventually) I plan on using my 2 inch latex topper that I already own on the top of the firmer side of the mattress making it plenty soft to side sleep on that side too. I recommend buying this ECO friendly mattress. Read LessRead less about review stating So far so good.

Absolutely amazing!

I have had back issues for years and can't sleep on most mattresses. I was nervous to try a new one, but it was time to retire the old one. We took a chance on this one based on reviews and couldn't be happier! This bed is so comfy and my back doesn't hurt when I wake up! Love everything about it!

Not just comfortable

I love that the bed is eco-conscious and using sustainable materials! The bed fits my eco-friendly lifestyle and helps me sleep great at night.

5 Stars

I am so happy I went ahead with the EcoSleep. Leaves me feeling great about my sleep and about my footprint!

Loving this bed!

I know that I have made a great choice by choosing the Ecosleep mattress because I finally sleep through the night and all my tossing and turning is virtually non-existent! I do prefer the medium side of the bed because I am a side sleeper. I have had this bed for a couple weeks now and I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day!


When the mattress I bought two years ago became way too uncomfortable, I knew I had to get a new one. After enough research to make my head spun on different mattresses in the market, I finally decided on this Eco Sleep mattress. I don't think I could have made a better decision. This mattress is the most comfortable thing I've ever slept on. I've slept like a baby all week, and no longer wake up with pain like I slept on a pile of rocks. I would highly recommend this mattress to everyone! Added bonus: it's prettt eco friendly, which makes me feel even better about this purchase. Read LessRead less about review stating BEST MATTRESS EVER!!!


love this bed! It was really hard for me to decide on a new mattress because there are just so many choices out there these days but the customer service here was awesome and super knowledgable. They helped me feel like I was making a great choice from the start...... and they were right!! never had a better night's sleep, and the sustainability factor is just a great plus Read LessRead less about review stating GREAT BED

Love my new latex mattress!

Couldn’t be happier with this bed. I spent months researching latex mattresses and bed in a box companies before finally decided on Ecosleep. I chose it for the natural materials, and the fact that it’s made in America. Currently sleeping on the medium side because I’m side sleeper, so comfortable!

Just what I have been looking for!

I have been searching for a mattress made from sustainable materials for a while and haven't found one that I felt really hit the nail on the head with what I was looking for. I have never tried a bed in a box so I was a bit skeptical, but it has been a few weeks now and I have never slept better. I was really drawn to the Joma wool and the Rainforest certified latex. The wool really adds some softness to this mattress and feels like I am sleeping on a cloud. I also LOVE that there is a plush side of the mattress and a firm- giving my husband and I lots of options. Really well made- super comfortable. 5 stars all around! Read LessRead less about review stating Just what I have been looking for!

So Far, So Good

Loving the sleep I'm getting - and that it is all natural.

thank goodness for the 2nd side

Thought we wanted something a little softer, but ended up sleeping on the firmer side. It isn't too firm, just right for us. Love the bed so far.

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