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Eclipse Mattress Reviews

Eclipse offers a variety of pocketed coil mattresses that feature thick layers of memory foam. Since 1905, they have innovated their mattresses and brought them to market at a competitive pricepoint versus many retail offerings. Though customers find their products mostly comfortable at first, there are some customers that reported durability issues.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.9/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

No Back Pain: 8.7/10

Price: $299-1999

Trial Period: No Trial

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Eclipse's Specifics

Eclipse's mattress lines focus on high profile pocketed coil options with generous layers of memory foams above the support system. Customers like their mattresses at first, but there were some complaints about durability and quick sagging issues for some.

Those that are concerned about durability and long term comfort, take a look at our top rated mattresses for great alternatives. Specifically, the Dreamcloud mattress provides a high profile pocketed coil mattress that is high rated by customers.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Eclispe has two mattress lines, the Serene and the Harmony lines. Both of these mattress lines use pocketed coil support systems with many layers of foams on the top layer. While thick, some of these foams get complaints from customers when it comes to sagging.

We'll go through each of their mattress lines in depth below:

Here are the details about the Eclipse Serene Line:

The Eclipse Serene line has three firmness options -- a pillow top, plush, and firm option. These mattresses feature Memory Sense™ and VFD Foam™ comfort layers that are tailored to the firmness. Most customers like these mattresses initially, but there were some complaints about sagging.

The Pros: Thick mattresses with multiple firmness options.

The Cons: Complaints about durability and sagging for some sleepers.

Here are the details of the Eclipse Harmony Line:

The Eclipse Harmony mattresses come in three firmness options, the pillow top, plush, and firm. These mattresses also feature pocketed coil support systems. Alike to the Serene line, there are generous layers of memory foam and higher density foam that strive to cradle the spine properly. Overall, most customers like their mattresses at first, but there were some that had issues with the durability and sagging.

The Pros: Pocketed coil systems with multiple firmness options.

The Cons: Some issues reported on sagging.

Overall Comfort

The Eclipse mattresses get good marks on initial comfort from sleepers, but there are some issues when it comes to sagging reported by some customers.


Eclipse mattresses come in firm, plush, and a fluffy pillow top. These will serve most customers initially, but sagging may degrade the firmness of these mattresses.

Back Pain Relief

While the pocketed coil systems will do well to support the spine at first, there are some complaints about durability, which may cause longer term issues with relief.


Most sleepers sleep cool with these mattresses due to the use of gel-infused foams. Some who are very warm sleepers may still experience heat retention.

Who Are Eclipse Mattresses Right For?

These mattresses are ideal for those looking for a temporary solution. For those looking for long term comfort, take a look at our top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

Browse Eclipse Customer Reviews

No complaints thus far

Me and the wife are sleeping well since we bought one of these. We were happy with the eco-friendly score and the low impact on the environment. It's a pretty decent bed. Not a lot of tossing and turning, but still wake up sometimes in the night. May just be me.

Not a fan

Tried to love this mattress after the salesperson told me it was going to be the best thing I ever sleep on. However, kinda dissapointed because it doesn't feel quite right for me. I am a bit heavier and am a side sleeper so it could just be that the bed doesn't fit me.


Meh is all I really have to say. Don't hate it, don't love. After seeing more reviews on things people love, I feel like I should have bought something else. But, at least I don't hate it.

Best bed ever

I'm a back sleeper and pretty light -- I definely love my bed. I put on the comfy comforter over it and it immediately welcomes me to it every time I come home from work. It is becoming a part of me and my cat loves it too!

My wife loves it

My wife conviced me to get a new bed for the holidays and so it was our big gift this year. She loves it so I'm happy. For me, it's just okay -- I don't really notice the difference between it and the old IKEA bed that we had that suited me just fine.

Love this bed

The Eclipse gel memory foam mattress is really nice on my back. I sleep through the whole night now and don't have any complaints about anything. Feeling rested.

Great but after 3 months...

Great but after 3 months it seems to have developed a sag where I sleep. It definitely seems like a defect in the foam because I haven't had this for that long. I am definitely going to see if I can work with the seller.

Starting to sag

I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud for the first few months, but now there is a noticeable dent where I sleep. I am starting to rotate the bed after only a couple months!!!

Sleeping happy

Finally sleeping good after buying this mattress. I was sleeping on an old coil mattress that hurt my back over the years and this one is finally putting me at ease. Love it!

Good night sleep

Really pleased with my new Eclipse mattress. No complaints.

Thank you for making my back worse!

If I could survive on 3 hours sleep each night, this mattress would be fine..... BUT I CAN'T!

Very Nice & Comfortable

I have purchased a Ortho Care Mattress which is very nice & comfortable.Main thing is that my father had a problem on his spinal cord after using this product he felt very well...

Value for money

great mattress.very comfortable. Really its a value for money mattress

Defective mattress

Princeton double bed mattress purchased on 08/11/2019 from My Home , Green Park , New Delhi has developed problems . Its springs are making noise while sitting or sleeping or as soon as some pressure is applied on the mattress and springs can be felt thru the foam covering. A very bad experience for a consumer given to believe he is buying the best mattress in the world. Complaint was lodged with the shopkeeper and subsequently Mr Akhtar ( 9818147219) visited on 18/12/2019 and acknowledged the problem saying there is some manufacturing defect but despite 2 weeks of lodging a complaint , no subsequent action has taken place.

Worst experience

Bought orthocare model. The mattress was good initially. But after few months it slacked. Contacted dealer and customer care but they least bothered. Will not recommend anyone to buy.


I brought this mattress for my husband because he's recovering from a stroke, and I need something that was going to be good for him. With him being in bed all day on some days. We got the ECLIPSE Platinum Firm Set 5/28/2018 and it was sagging by January of 2019 you slide off the sides. DO NOT BUY THIS MATTRESS EVER!!!!!:( I can reach the warranty office its crazy DON'T DO IT!!!:(

Defective at 3 months

Defective bulging on the side and there was sagging in the middle so very dissappointing . Very surprise $800 and its not good


DO NOT BUY THIS BED!!! unless you like sleeping on rocks I strongly urge you to buy any bed other then this! I’ve had this bed for about 2 weeks now and every morning since I’ve bought it I’ve awoke every morning with excruciating back pain. Feels nothing like the model that was on display. They have it Rated a 4 in softness. Should be a 9 or 10. Complete trash!!! It’s so bad I’ve resorted to sleeping on my 10 year old mattress. DO NOT BUY THIS MATTRESS!!! You’ve been warned

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