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Eastman House Mattress Reviews

Eastman House mattresses have been making mattresses since 1866 and also own the Eclipse mattress brand, and now are a global mattress brand. They have mattress production facilities throughout the US and also globally in China, Australia, India, Pakistan, Brazil, South Korea, and Turkey. They offer a variety of mattresses from pillow top innerspring, to hybrid, and also a latex only mattress.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 6.8/10

No Back Pain: 6.8/10

Price: $549-$1029

Trial Period: No Trial

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Eastman House's Owner Satisfaction

Discovering how folks really feel about a certain mattress is sometimes a hard thing -- especially with all of the great marketing that is being done to capture people's attention. These mattresses, unfortunately, don't score as well with customers. There are still customers that are very satisfied, but many others who are not. Learn more details about the mattresses below.

Eastman House's Supportiveness

Some customers have been satisfied with the supportiveness of these mattresses, but others have been disappointed with the quality. For those that have tender backs already, make sure to do additional reviews before buying.

Edge Support
These mattresses have mixed reviews when it comes to edge support. Some have been happy with even support throughout the mattress, but others had problems with sags on the side.

Eastman House's Durability

We all want a mattress that lasts 10 years or more, and when instead our new mattress causes us pain after a year, this is the worst. However, it is getting more and more difficult to find a durable mattress nowadays. With the crazy amount of choices now, some companies are focused more on capturing mind-share and sacrificing quality. With these mattresses, some reviewers had problems with longevity That doesn't mean that it will happen to you, but make sure to read the warranty and return policies before purchasing.

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Three months -- body impressions?

Purchased one of these mattresses a few months ago and there are body impressions in it already that never spring back. Neither of us are heavy either -- I am only 135 lbs and my partner only ways 129 lbs. It is absolutely ridiculous.

Poor performance

I don't know what they did to the floor model to make it feel good, but the one that came delivery is terrible. Within three days, there is sagging on my side and I feel like I am going to roll off the bed at night. This is absolutely the worst thing for my vertigo that I could ever imagine.

Bad bed -- returned it

Giving two stars because luckily I don't have the bed anymore. It was a terrible bed. Started to sag within a week. Not sure what they put in this thing, but it isn't enough of something. Just really strange after liking it so much. Now, I am going to just order something online. I can't deal with any more shady mattress salespeople after this whole ordeal.

Good bed

Been sleeping on one an Eastman House bed since the 90s. I don't complain.

Don't buy!!

Really not durable at all. Sagging within days -- my husband has decided to sleep on the couch at night since neither one of us can sleep as we are tossing and turning night in and night out. I can't believe the sales people get away with selling this garbage.

Not for me

If you like a soft bed, this may be the bed for you, but I thought the floor model was firmer than this one that I have. It is just not firm at all and hurts my back at night. Not for me.

Love my Eastman House

I've bought 2 Eastman House mattresses over the years and I absolutely love them. The thing that I love the most is that I can sleep on a plush bed that stays the same firmness over the years.

Good mattress overall

I got one of the Eastman House pillow top models and for the first 3 months, it has been divine. But I am noticing some sagging start to occur where I sleep. I am going to rotate the bed and I hope that helps. It does concern me that the good times are over.

Doesn't last

It has been 6 months and already my pillow top has visible indents in it from where I sleep. I am a little overweight -- 200lbs 6'0'' but that should be ok, right?

Just a bit too soft

I wanted a pillow top for the extra comfort, but I didn't expect that I would be sinking into the mattress at night. It is a little too soft to my liking.

I love my Eastman House

This is an superb mattress. My husband and I sleep soundly through the night and we love the feel of the mattress. No complaints from us.


finally a great night sleep! and a affordable price. after spending $8500.00 on a supposedly best set, we were miserable, too heavy to move, uncomfortable bed. I was doubtful, we only had rotten bed 18 months, I was sleeping on the sofa. looking to buy new sofa, I saw sale and we figured what do we have to loose? quarter of the price and have slept like a baby every nite since ! thank you!

We bought an Eastman House

We bought an Eastman House mattress in January of 2017. I need a firm mattress, and believe paying for quality is important in something you’ll spend 6+ hours a night in. It always $1500 but It’s supposed to have a 10 year warranty and we even bought the recommended over-priced cover for an additional $150 to help keep the mattress “under warranty”. In late October 2018 I started having back issues, that required frequent visits to a chiropractor and most recently to a med...ical doctor to get some relief. We’ve taken pictures, filled out forms and waited 3 weeks to hear back from the “Mattress Rep” because the Furniture Store we bought it from has to receive credit back from Eastman to help us. We were told nothing is wrong with the mattress, it’s “just settling”, and to rotate it. We’ve rotated this mattress monthly since we’ve owned it. The side support has completely failed, but they focus on “dips” in the mattress. So it looks like unless the local furniture store wants to keep a repeat customer happy, I’m out the $1600+ and will have to pay for a new mattress. DON’T buy from this company...their warranty coverage is a joke.

Uncomfortable & Don’t Hold Their Shape

We bought a queen & king bed last year. We spent more on them than we’ve ever spent on beds thinking we were buying high quality. My husband has back issues and his back hurts worse and the impression where he sleeps never goes back to normal. I don’t have back issues but I have a difficult time getting comfortable. We’re very disappointed with our beds as they aren’t comfortable and don’t hold their shape.

We’re a great product

Still sleeping on an Eastman House mattress that was bought in ‘96, but it is nearing the end. Wore very well, silk on one side, wool on the other. Durable and comfortable. Would love to purchase it again, but not available in mid-west. Heard company was sold year after our purchase, and quality isn’t the same. Finding a replacement isn’t easy. Move seems to be online shopping, but I need to lie on a bed and have a good idea of what I am getting. Would buy this bed again in an instant!

More than disappointed

I wanted a firm mattress & the mattress store recommended this mattress. Worst purchase I ever made. Within 5 months it has permanent indentations & major sagging. It’s only me & I’m not large. Didn’t know till mattress was delivered that Eastman says to rotate mattress every 3 wks for first 6 months. Wish I knew that before I purchased it but I reluctantly, faithfully did this. It did not make a difference. My back is killing me & can’t purchase another mattress right now because of the corona virus. Wish I hadn’t thrown out the previous one.

Terrible and Overpricing

First purchase, I have bought king size and together with bed frame cost me $4,700. I cant believe after one week sleep the mattress sag one side. Then we try to talk to the shop vendor but they ask us to turn around to sleep the mattress, cant change or nobody come and check. Before buy they said guaranteed and warranty but after buy no service. And the second purchase, I bought 2 super single mattress without bed frame $3,400. When deliver the cooling pad gel was not given and the mattress has torn part and mold. After that give the open box and open/used cooling pad gel for us. And the terrible is after sleep for 2 nights the mattress really sink/sag. Please think twice before buy, why will I need to waste my time to review about this issues.

Save your money

I bought a $1100 Eastman mattress about 2 weeks ago. The one that was delivered was considerably firmer than the one I tried in the store. I have severe back pain and could not get through a night's sleep on this mattress. My wife tried sleeping on it after 2 nights said this one has to go.

Great mattress!

I got the Eastman House mattress a few weeks ago and I have loved it. It's super soft and comfortable. I love sleeping on it or even just sitting or laying on it.

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