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Dynasty Mattress Reviews

Dynasty is a mattress brand that is sold direct online, through local retailers and famously on Amazon. It is known for its low prices and low priced deals. Their mattresses feature all-foam designs with cool gel foam in the top layers to help dispel heat. Overall, many customers have good things to say about initial comfort, with some complaints mentioning longevity in some cases.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.9/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8/10

Price: $249-$749

Trial Period: 120 Nights - Return Fee

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Dynasty's Specifics

Dynasty Mattress makes a variety of cooling gel-infused memory foam mattresses with a focus on a variety of thickness and firmness offerings. Their mattresses are CertiPUR-US® certified for low emissions as well. When it comes to comfort, many sleepers describe comfy mattresses, and report enjoying their firmness options and their helpful website. Those that mentioned issues complained about durability in some cases.

If you are interested in top alternatives, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses and specifically our list of top memory foam mattresses.

Quality of Materials

Dynasty Mattress offers memory foam mattresses made of CertiPUR-US® certified foams with multiple layers of cool gel foam, air flow foam, and more supportive base foam.

We'll break down what's inside their popular mattresses:

Layer 1: Each mattress offers a treated fire barrier on the top layer to keep you safe.

Layer 2: Each mattress comes with either one or multiple gel foam layers. Their LaComfort models also include an extra layer of air memory foam with a dry gel layer.

Layer 3: The following layer is one or two airflow layers which further help hot air escape. With grooves, it also acts as a transitional layer that further relieves pressure and supports the spine.

Layer 4: The last layer is a durable base foam, which provides structure to the mattress.

Overall Comfort

For most sleepers, Dynasty Mattresses offer comfort for a good price. Those that had complaints mention durability and concerns with firmness in some cases.


Dynasty has a wide variety of firmness options to choose from including both extra soft and extra firm. Those that are looking for more pressure relief and are side sleepers may prefer softer options, while stomach sleepers or those needing more support may do better with the firmer options.


Dynasty mattresses offer multiple cooling elements, including gel foam and grooved airflow layers, which should keep things cool for warm sleepers in most cases.

Who Are Dynasty Mattresses Right For?

For those looking for an all-foam bargain, Dynasty Mattress have a versatile offering for those that need extra cooling and firmness options.

Browse Dynasty Customer Reviews

This mattress is wonderful for my elderly parent

This mattress is wonderful for my elderly parent. We have it on an adjustable bed and it is just the right amount of firmness vs. softness. The workmanship is really nice and it is an attractive product. My parent is loving this mattress.

The first night on this bed was the best nights sleep I've ever had

The first night on this bed was the best nights sleep I've ever had. Its like angels made my bed personally using magic. Im truly in love and completely satisfied.

Best mattress I ever slept on

Best mattress I ever slept on. Always had the expensive pillow tops but either to hot or back problems. I love this mattress.

Shipping SURPRISE!

Called manufacturer about return if necessary, and related costs. Remember, it's MUCH bigger if I have to return it. Beware: if u happen to not like it, u will pay over $100.00 shipping, plus incurred costs if u have to get someone else to take this FULL QUEEN size mattress to the shipping point because u can't lift it! Thought u might want to know.

Five Stars

Excellent. Did take some days for it to unwrinkle.

Not bad. Maybe a tad too soft

AAAAHHHHHHH!!! A little too soft.

Dynasty King Cool Memory Mattress

Well know I am ready to review my King Memory Mattress, we have had this mattress for 18months and it has been Awesome!!! I highly recommend it.

One Star

Bed hurts back. No support

Beware - Customer responsible for return shipping costs

Nice looking bed, but take note that it is ULTRA FIRM - which is fine if that is what you are looking for. Took several messages to get a response from company and told that customer is responsible for return shipping. Since mattress is inflated to full size - freight shipping is several hundred dollars so we ended up keeping it for spare room.


I purchased this bed because it was listed as medium firm which is what my last dynasty mattress purchased 8 years ago was listed as. This mattress is much more firm.

very happy with this purchase

Slept on it 3hrs after opening from the vac seal. My girlfriend and I Did not notice any smell and slept great same with our 70lb pit bull..Lol Shocked that it was just as comfortable as my $3000 sleep doctor bed that was less then 2years old and also that's the best bed I've ever slept on. Only reason for getting a new one was because it was a split king. I've had back problems for over 10years (2 hurniated discs, fractured vertibrea, muscle spasms and sciatica.. hinse the split king zero gravity adjustable frame. Now that my back is bettrer I can sleep flat now with this new king bed. I dont have to worry about waking up in the crack anymore!!

Very disappointed and hunting for a new mattress

I had high expectations for this mattress! It is uncomfortable and leaves ridges where we sleep. Yes, I turn the mattress every couple months, and the ridges just become more ridges on top of the old (now sideways) ridges. Very disappointed and hunting for a new mattress!

Nice Mattress

Enjoy my new mattress, it is soft to the touch but firm enough for good support. My shoulders feel a lot better where they was achy. Both mattress and free pillows expanded to full size within minutes wheras it says that it made take up to 72 hours. Pleased with my purchase.

Another DynastyMattress Buy

Our guests love this mattress and told us it's extremely comfortable. Laid on it ourselves when we first got it and were shocked it wasn't as firm as the other ones we had bought. It's been a month and we think the mattress has fully filled up, which it's now firmer than the 1st day we bought it. Comfortable.. we always recommend dynasty mattresses to our friends & family!

completely disappointed! !

mattress is NOT PLUsH but very Firm !

Too firm. No cooling gel.

Horrible mattress! Very firm! Like laying on a board. Have the worst neck and backaches! Plus there is no cooling gel. It gets very hot to sleep on. Will be sending this back. Very disappointed!

So comfortable

Very Good

Great value and quality!

Took all my hip, back and shoulder pain away!

No more back problems

The Dynasty Mattress arrived in a box and handled well with a 2 wheel cart. The box it came in was marked soft and almost no odor when expanded. We listed our 5 year old 1800.00 Beauty Rest sagging Mattress for free pickup on Face book Marketplace it received 20 calls and was gone in 2 hours.I weigh 240 lbs and my wife about 170 . We have no backaches since we bought this mattress (from everyday backaches). We have had this mattress 5 months with no sag. We are in our late 60's and sleep all different ways ( side stomach back close together )The mattress feels firm but, compresses the right amount for a good nights rest. We do have a padded mattress cover. Yes we would buy this high mattress again.

Hard as stone.

First I want to say there is nothing wrong with the quality of the mattress. My issue is that this falls in the firm category and I was looking for something plush. As a side sleeper this fact has caused me excruciating back pain. If you're looking for an inexpensive, quality, firm mattress, this isn't a bad choice. If you want something to sink into after a long day, keep looking. I balanced all of my 220 lbs on the heel of one foot and sank in all of 2 3/4" I of course tried to tough it out and break it in as most mattresses need some time and only succeeded in running past the return date, not that I'm sure how that would work as it expands to about 5x it's shipping size once opened. I've purchased a better, much more expensive mattress locally and will resell this one to someone who will enjoy a firm bed. There was a slight odor as expected when I opened it, left it in the garage for two days and it aired out just fine, no complaints there. I may have gotten a defective one, but I can't even call this medium, it's very firm.

I wish I would have bought this mattress when I was pregnant!

I will never buy another spring loaded mattress again. This bed is amazing! Last night was my first night sleeping in it and I slept ALL NIGHT without any issues. It's super quiet, I didn't sweat at all throughout the night also you cant feel the person next to you move which is great. My baby is 4 months old and every since I was 3 months pregnant my hips and lower back have hurt so bad from my previous mattress (BeautyRest aka Trash) , but this morning was the first time I got out of bed and wasn't sore, achy and, stiff. This mattress has brought me long overdue relief. And it just keeps growing! I love it and highly recommend it. Also I didn't notice a smell and the pillows are amazing too

I’m happy with it!

I’ve had this mattress for almost a month now. I am pregnant, so sleep doesn’t come easy these days, but this mattress is awesome! I can still feel some of my boyfriends movements when he tosses and turns, but it’s a huge improvement! I’m not sure how cool it is, but this is my first experience with a memory foam mattress. Mine came with 2 pillows. Be sure and get yourself a waterproof protector to protect your investment. That is a must have!

Already sagging. Back is worse. Do not recommend!

Have tried it for a month. Not worth money. Sagging around edge and in the areas we sleep. Also back hurts worse than before. Hopefully they have a hassle free returns/refunds.

Great buy!

Awesome bed. We sleep so good! Great buy. It is heavy so have some help if moving it upstairs.

Amazing, well worth the money! I would buy again

I can't say anything bad about this product, including the 2 free pillows! Its soft yet firm, no chemical smell, rose within 3-5mins to full size, is relieving my husband's back pain, is not hot at all. We are in love with the product.

Love it great mattress

Best Mattress ever!

Very comfortable

No major smell as reported by others. Took shape quick. Very comfortable. Time will tell about durability.

It's so soft

This mattress is so comfortable u can't go wrong . We wouldn't trade it for anything super soft


Too firm. Definitely not a plush.

Great quality sleep

Amazing.. great quality sleep on firm mattress. Perfect fit. Meets all expectations, already recommended it

Mattress Sags in the middle

The Mattress was delivered Friday, and set up to expand for 72 hours, we slept on Mattress Saturday evening but it's sagging in the middle!

Just buy it

I was looking for a thick mattress that wouldn’t leave holes in the bed from where you lay. It springs right back up. True definition of memory foam and bonus pillows were awesome! Didn’t have chemical smell but does need some time to inflate after coming out of the box. Love how thick the mattress is!

A must have!

I was aways old school coil spring mattress guy. Wow so glad I tried the new foam gel. Delivery in a box of a queen size bed to your door. Crazy! It's pretty heavy getting the box upstairs but two people can handle it. Unboxing was easy. When you cut the plastic off be careful not to damage. Then get out of the way for the expansion. The two pillows could be over looked they are flat under mattress. I had opened it about 4:00 and by 9:00 it grew to pretty much full size. It took a night or two to get use to the new support. I use to toss and turn all night with cover's all wrapped around me and sore back. Now don't remember going to sleep or that morning is here already. Very happy with it so far! My son is buying one now.

Love It

This is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. It's a bit too soft bit overall it's comfy. The price is amazing and my back is no longer stiff in the mornings.

Very comfortable!

I love the mattress! It's firm but still has a nice give to the memory foam. The chemical smell took forever to go away otherwise I would give it 5 stars.

Wow, it keeps growing -- Climb Every Mountain

I haven't slept on it yet, but it seems that this thing keeps growing and growing. I purchased it for a Bookcase storage bed, needless to say, I will have to purchase a step stool to assist me getting on to the bed. To the touch, it feels good, but I won't know until I actually sleep on it....... as soon as it stops growing. Update: Today is day three and the mattress has grown to 14 inches and has another half inch to go. It is big and tall and very heavy. This is the third day of it being on the bed and it does have a musty chemical odor. I still haven't slept on it or climbed upon it, but I will leave it on for another two to three days to see if the odor goes away (open the windows) and to see if it will complete the growing process. I will either send it back if the odor doesn't dissipate or buy a bed step stool to climb this mountain. See the images.

Love this mattress!

I've been searching a while for a good brand mattress and im so glad I found this brand. I love this mattress, it is better than my old Zinus foam mattress. It does have slight chemical smell at first then it goes away. Came in big box, airtight. It inflated in 30 mins. Id give it a 7 on plush scale and a 7.5 on the firmness scale. Doesn't feel hot like my old mattress too. Def worth the money.

Helps relieve pressure point pain from Fibromyalgia

I can finally sleep directly on my side again! No more twisting my upper body opposite of my lower because my expensive pillow top spring mattress killed my shoulders and hips!

Well worth the money!

I am so happy with this purchase! The bed is amazing!

This bed is the WORST!

This bed is awful. We loved it for 2 nights and then it turned into a rock. If you wants a soft or even remotely plush bed this is not it. I wake up sore every morning and reverted back to my old bed while this mattress sits in my storage.. I would just sell it off but I wouldnt wish this waste of money on anyone. And when you try to reacj out to the company to try to find som kind of resolve, they compleatly ignore you. Do your self a favor if your only bed option and sleep on the floor because this bed is the WORST.

Best Matress I’ve Ever Owned!

I intentionally waited a month to write this review so I could get a real feel of the bed. Well, one month later I’ve drawn my conclusion, this is the best matress I’ve ever owned! It’s so good. I swear it gets more comfortable every day! I’m 150lbs and find the softness to be absolutely perfect for me. It’s soft enough to tell you’re on a memory foam mattress and kind of have that feeling of it molding to your body, without it being so soft where you feel you have no support. Regarding any of the comments about a chemical smell, I ever so slightly noticed it in the very beginning, but it fully went away within 2-3 days. Nothing to sweat over at all. The free pillows were a nice touch too! They’re actually really nice. (I only have one pictured here because my roommate stole the other :p) I was skeptical about getting a matress online as this way my first time, but I’m so glad I did and I’m so glad I found Dynasty! Can’t speak highly enough.

Great for spare room!

This mattress is being used in a spare bedroom. It unfolded nicely with no mold or unpleasant odor. VERY comfy if you like a firm sleeping surface.


I've been trying to get ahold of the company for over a week they will not answer emails or phone calls. The bed is way firmer then they say. So hard in fact that we had to keep using our old bed unless we buy another mattress topper in which case the sheets will no longer fit because it's already 14.5 in tall. Feeling very ripped off. Do not buy from these people if something does go wrong they will not help.

Dreamy Comfort

We bought this queen mattress for our guest room and I end up sleeping on it many nights. It’s Very comfortable.

Great value

Great value and extremely comfortable!

DynastyMattress New! 14.5-Inch CoolBreeze Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress (King) Best mattress ever

First let me start off by saying, I am a big dude, 435 lbs big. We purchased a motorhome about 2 years ago, and as you know most have horrible mattresses. So I started shopping for mattresses that didn't break the bank. I came across the dynasty mattress, short queen, and for the money I gave it a chance. Best mattress ever and we have Tempur Pedics in our house. Because of back issues I usually don't sleep in the bed, but in a recliner. After finally being tired of not sleeping in a bed with my wife, I decided to purchase 14.5" Dynasty for the house. Should have made this decision months ago. The $5,000 tempur pedic is now in the guest bedrooms, and Dynasty in the master. My wife asked what if it wears out, I responded they have a good warranty and for what I spent on the tempur pedic I can buy 10 more Dynasty's. 30 year limited warranty and tempur pedic is only 20 years.

Perfect for teenage son


Great mattress, Great price!

Great deal! I replaced my sleep # mattress and kept the adjustable base. Best thing I did, fits perfectly and way more comfortable. We had two twin mattress’s before and they were constantly separating in the middle, now with the split head we can finally buy sheets that fit. This mattress is very comfy and the price is right. Shipping was fast and it was very easy to get in the bedroom. Thanks!!


This mattress is very comfortable.

This is an awesome bed, best that I have ever had and ...

This is an awesome bed, best that I have ever had and that's a lot, Beautifuly made and the seller was extremely helpful in getting this bed to me on time, as we were sleeping on the floor, highly reccommend this bed and seller.

Great support and good level of softness

The edges aren’t the most supportive if you’re sitting on the side. However, everything else about this bed is awesome! Offers great support, but is also a good level of softness. The chemical smell went away after a few days. For what you pay, it’s truly an amazing bed. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised! We made sure to put a mattress pad on it, and it doesn’t get too warm like other memory foam mattresses/toppers.

The Best

First of all there’s no chemical smell second of all I hopped into my bed it is the best bed ever so comfortable inflated in a mere 15 min 14.5 as advertised I’m glad I got it @399 because the price just went up to 419 even then it’s a steal And yes it does come with 2 pillows

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM (1 star is way too much)!

The mattress is horrible. It has an odor & makes your back and neck feel awful! The company will not stand behind their products. Free returns, yeah right. They would not even respond when we asked for assistance with the return. How can they not have any decency to make this right, especially to someone living with ALS. SHAME ON YOU!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

Don’t buy

This mattress was great for the first several months. The. It started to sag and not give support. And reaching the company was impossible.


My husband and I purchased our mattress in 2016, while I was pregnant. We knew we wanted memory foam/gel. After lying on many many mattresses, we decided to take a gamble on purchasing online. I love my Dynasty. Every night for the last 4 years we get into bed and sigh at the comfort level we still have. It is a pleasure to lay down at night. I would not say it is "cool" though. After waking in the mornings it may take 2 or more hours for the bed to go back to a not warm state.

Perfectly as described on Dynasty's Website

I had their 14" Cool breeze for almost 9 months now and it is still holding up as day one and it does help me sleep cooler than my old mattress, I am a general sleeper and toss and turn so I got the medium Firm which was what they recommended to me. Perfect as a charm!

Customer service sucks!!!

This is the second bed I've bought. First one arrived with one of the motors broken. We called and they called us back and a couple days they sent us a motor. Fortunately my husband was able to fix it because they all did was send a box with the motor. I ordered a second bed and had it shipped to Fla. What a cluster the bed arrived no problem, came in 4 days. The mattresses have been a cluster. I ordered on Marcy 19th and it's April 6th. I received one mattress for my split king xl. They can't/won't tell me when my mattress will arrive, they don't answer text or return calls. Today someone actually answered the phone but she was not helpful at all. "They are looking into it." What does that even mean. IF the mattress arrives before I leave Fla I will have to drive 3 hours to the house it is being delivered to. The total lack of concern, customer service, or communication is really kind of boggling. I would not order from them again, it's not worth the head ache.

This mattress is great for any sleepers!

I bought the medium firm Queen mattress and I absolutely love it. I determined my firmness by using their website as a guide and that helped me a lot. My back doesn’t hurt after I started using it and it’s not too firm but not too soft which is perfect for my body. It has a cool effect to it too and I used to sweat a lot when I sleep but now I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Cooling effect amazing mattress!

I recently bought 12 inch coolbreeze essential Queen size mattress in medium firm. It is absolutely amazing for my back pain. After the long day I needed an enough support for my back to sleep at night and this mattress provide that for me. I also enjoy the cooling gel effect that this mattress has. I sweat often when I sleep so this cooling effect is a game changer! I’m glad I made this choice.

Doesn't last

This bed was good for a few years, then it stopped supporting in the middle. Tried emailing Dynasty with no luck. Save your money and buy a more reliable bed. 30 year warranty is absolutely worthless.

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