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Dromma Mattress Reviews

Dromma Bed is sadly no longer available as of 2019. Dromma offers just one bed that is a blend of memory foams. What's different? Dromma is a blend of latex, polyurethane, and bio-foams that are CertiPUR-US certified so they don't offgas harmful chemicals. The top layer is latex, middle layer is a cooling gel memory foam layer, and its base layer is a polyurethane and bio-foam combination with an aim at lowering the amount of petro-chemicals in the product.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.7/10

Price Value: 8.8/10

No Back Pain: 8.8/10

Price: $549-$949

Trial Period: 200 Days

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Dromma's Owner Satisfaction

It isn't always easy to figure out customer satisfaction with companies doing lots of work cleaning their online reputations. That said, customers report feeling comfortable with these mattresses overall. However, there were some folks that didn't feel the same way about the feel. so look below to see if the mattress specifications will work for your body type!

Dromma's Supportiveness

Some people think mattresses that are supportive are also always firm, but when we mention support, we mean support that cradles your spine, hips, and shoulders. These mattresses do a good job for the average customer, but there are a few complaints about the feel.

Edge Support
These mattresses have good support along the edges, which will fit the needs of most sleepers who require sitting on the edge of their mattress or roll over towards the edge at night.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
The bowling ball test of even support is important to figure out if the mattress will provide a good surface to support the spine. These mattresses provide a good amount of support for the average sleeper, but some folks rarely may experience some discomfort.

Dromma's Durability

Durability is one of the most important factors for mattress shoppers, but due to good marketing and an overwhelming array of options, it can be hard for shoppers to decipher. Luckily, customers are really responsive about what they like and what they don't like. These mattresses provide above average durability for the everyday sleeper. Those with larger builds might find these mattresses to be somewhat less durable.

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Overall satisfaction, optimistic for improvement

4 nights so far and I feel that I am adapting to the bed and the bed to me. Trying to replicate the memory of a bed that felt like lying on a cloud and... one that I looked forward to returning to if ever away on a trip. That bed was an extra firm traditional spring coil mattress with a 2” tempurpedic memory foam topper. Only drawback to that setup was that the topper gained heat and retained it throughout the night. Figured the new foam mattress technology could offer both the firmness, contour and comfort of the topper, and provide cooling and heat dissipation. Compared many of the bedinabox solutions and settled here because of the material composition layer mix and the fact that it was thicker at 12”. First night could really feel the density and support but wished it was a tad softer. Was really comfortable when lying on back but since I am predominantly a side sleeper the initial firmness took some getting used to. With each subsequent night I feel the mattress giving a little more as perhaps the compression and use conditions and eases the surface a bit over time. I typically toss and turn throughout the night because of both insomnia and apnea so I was optimistic that a new mattress could help. I feel a progression with this mattress in the right direction but think that another layer similar to the feel of traditional memory foam would make it perfect. I do feel as though I’m tossing less and more of that movement can be attributed to poor pillows and neck adjustments - that I am also replacing by weeks end with mypillow. Pleasantly surprised that off gassing and odor is minimal out of the box and seems to be getting less by the night; really not an issue. Also pleased that the heat gain I would be worried about has not factored in with this mattress. I’m choosing not to add a topper and expect that this mattress will grow on me. Overall very satisfied with my choice and experience thus far.

I am a little disappointed with this …

I am a little disappointed with this bed because it doesn’t seem to be as firm as tge twin size mattresses I bought last November. Having a choice of firmness... would be better, I think.

We have had the Dromma mattress and …

We have had the Dromma mattress and foundation for appx 3 weeks. The foundation was easy to assemble and so far the mattress is GREAT. Both my wife and... I have slept great on it. Time will tell but I think it's a keeper!

The best mattress that I have ever …

The best mattress that I have ever purchased. I was skeptical buying online, without ever touching the bed, but the reviews were so good I had to try.... I was not disappointed. I am a combat veteran with sleep issues, so this purchase was an important one for me. This is a great bed at a great price, without the hassle of going to a store and being "sold" a mattress.

Didn't receive order confirmation.....

Didn't receive order confirmation after placing order online. Would also like a copy of my receipt, return policy, and warranty information both in the... box with bed and emailed.

"Thank You Dromma" US Navy Veteran

I am a United States Navy Veteran and I would like to personally thank Dromma for offering us a military discount. Dromma went above and beyond to make... sure that my buying experience was perfect. And they delivered on that promise. I spent many hours reviewing different bed in a box mattresses before deciding to order my first bed in a box mattress from Dromma. I live within a few blocks of two mattress stores and I thought about going there to buy another mattress and box spring, however, I used a razor blade to cut open and see how my last mattress and box spring that cost way more than a Dromma mattress was constructed and I discovered very poor quality construction and materials used. I will never again buy a mattress and box spring as a result. You can simply unzip a Dromma mattress to see what's inside because they have nothing to hide. If your looking for a bed in a box mattress to buy that is top quality at an affordable price and made right here in the USA, look no further.

Like this bed

Customer service was great, both online and on the phone. Bed arrived quickly. It was easy to watch it unroll itself, no smell. MADE IN USA of USA materials... was most important. Changed from a hard and very heavy 100% latex mattress. Much easier to make the bed now. Ordered the Med Firm, but thought it was too firm. Put a 2" topper on it and all is well. I am not sure if they offer two levels of firmness anymore.

First foam type mattress purchase

First foam type mattress purchase. Did mot know what to expect, but thus far i am sleeping better, my back feels better and even my snoring has improve.... Definitely would recommend it to anyone!

I love the Dromma mattress

I love the Dromma mattress. It's firm but not hard. I slept great starting the first night. I hardly move at all and never wake up stiff. It took a couple... nights for my wife to get used the new mattress, but she loves it now as well.

Heavenly bed

Heavenly bed! That extra 1" makes all the difference in a luxurious feel. Solid, comfortable and amazing!!!! I love that this is probably the healthiest... mattress I can sleep on, too!

We ordered this bed for my daughter and …

We ordered this bed for my daughter and she is getting a full nights sleep and waking well rested. She is also tossing and turning much less.

Both my husband and myself are in our …

Both my husband and myself are in our early 60's and have always owned a traditional coil mattress. When we were due in replacing our old coil for a new... one I began to research our options. One option was a memory foam mattress! My next worry was the issue if I would wake up hot on a memory foam, Dromma bed explained how their mattress was different with a layer of cooling gel and took care of the heat issues. Dromma Bed gave 200 nights and you could still request a refund! Dromma Bed is made in the USA! Every review I could find gave nothing less than a 4 star and most were 5 stars! I do not regret my decision and my husband loves our new mattress!

Great bed very pleased with our King …

Great bed very pleased with our King which we have had for 2 years now. We decided to get an adjustable base so we decided to purchase 2 more twins. Great... price and quick delivery. Thanks so much.

Needed a bed for a vacation property …

Needed a bed for a vacation property and didn't want to spend over $3000 at our local mattress store to duplicate the current "memory foam" bed at our... primary residence, so decided to give online mattress shopping a try. So glad I found Dromma. Mattress arrived on time and was ready for immediate use. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.

Great Product, Customer Service could use a little work

all in all, great bed! didn't get any notifications after the initial order acknowledgement an after a couple of emails eventually got an email with deliver... status.

Bet Mattress we ever had

Bet Mattress we ever had. My wife's backaches stopped as soon as she slept on this bed!!!

Comfy comfy comfy......

Comfy comfy comfy......

We ordered firm but we seem to sink in …

We ordered firm but we seem to sink in in some spots. Should of sent back to replace but to much trouble.

I really did not have any issues

I really did not have any issues with ordering my bed. People were nice and able to assist me in deciding between a firm and soft mattress Style. People... answered my email I sent much later after buying it to learn more about how it prevents dust mites and not. They were able to detail the return policy and the fact that there was no issues with returns for such a long time. So there's really no difficulty in ordering the bed.

We are used to a firm mattress so still …

We are used to a firm mattress so still getting adjusted to med. firm and it's been three months. The mattress is great other than firmness and the sides... are way to soft. Not meant to easily sit on the edge of the bed. I really don't think this should be called med. firm. No firmness about it.

I received fast delivery

I received fast delivery. The bed did not smell when unrolled. It is very comfortable so far (1 week).

Best mattress ever!

This mattress shipped super fast with quick delivery, easy setup, and is by far the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on in my life. I would highly... recommend this mattress to anyone. I already feel a difference in my back pain after only a week of sleeping on it. And with their 200-night guarantee, I have nothing to lose by trying it out. So happy with my purchase!

Absolutely perfect product and purchase …

Absolutely perfect product and purchase experience. I researched six or eight memory foam beds and finally concluded this would be the ideal bed and it... is. Dromma changed from offering two choices of firmness from medium soft and medium firm to just one that their rep called a perfect firmness. We really do like it and the quality of the cover seems to out-do the others, at least based on pictures. In real life the cover is very nice. Shipped quickly and set up in probably 10 - 15 minutes with no problem. Love it.

Great customer service when I needed to …

Great customer service when I needed to exchange the softer mattress for the firmer one!!

My daughter and son in law have this …

My daughter and son in law have this bed and recommended it to me. Great choice! Very comfortable and would encourage others to try it too! May get another... for my guest room but could not find firmness options on your website...... please get back to me.....a satisfied customer : )

Nice so far 1 week of good sleep

Nice so far. 1 week.

Very comfortable and cool as promised.

Very comfortable and cool as promised.

We purchased the bed and the …

We purchased the bed and the pillows,completely satisfied.

great mattress cover

It took a little while to figure out how to get it on the mattress but all in all when on it is perfect.

Very comfortable mattress

Very comfortable mattress. I would recommend it to anyone. Also very quick delivery!

Glorious bed

Bed came very fast. Box looked too small... Opened box ... Bed became huge and full sized... So easy , such a good deal and you can sleep on it for many... night and send it back if you don't like it. But you will like it . Bc it's so comfy and makes me wanna stay in bed . I had both my sister's , and my roommate order one . It's glorious

Not for me, but still recommend you try it

I loved this mattress for the first couple months. As I neared the end of the trial, it started softening up a bit, which could have been a good thing,... but ended up causing me back pain. I feel like its a great mattress, it just didn't quite have the support that I needed. I've tried a few other all memory foam mattresses since with similar experiences, so I think it's me much more than the mattress. The return process was simple and painless. I would recommend them if the mattress sounds like it would work for you, even though it didn't work for me.

This bed is excellent

This bed is excellent! Very satisfied and recommend absolutely.

After sleeping on this mattress for …

After sleeping on this mattress for almost a year, I feel as if my consumer choice was the right one. My husband and I tried a medium-soft Leesa mattress... and it was too firm for both my husband and me. I had slept on a Casper and it didn't have the thickness that I wanted, granted this was only after one night. I ultimately chose the dromma because of their 200 night trial and customer reviews. I felt that if a company is that confident in their product, then I want to see why. When the dromma arrived I was anxious to replace the Leesa mattress. Delivery and set up were both simple. I felt that after the first night I had made the right desicion. it took my husband a little longer to love the mattress as he was annoyed at yet another mattress delivery. After a few weeks he loved the mattress. It is a firm, yet cozy feeling mattress. The cooling core technology is refreshing in the summer and warm in the winter time. The price was very competitive and reasonable for such a quality mattress. I will return to dromma the next time I am in the market for a mattress.

Two years and still loving it

It's been a couple years and I still love my dromma bed. It may sink in a bit (especially on my 6'5" man's side) but not as much as any other bed I've... had. We rotate regularly and that helps. Going order one for the Motorhome!

I have owned this bed for about a year …

I have owned this bed for about a year now and still sleep very well. I wanted a softer mattress and this fit the bill. I still sleep soundly and comfortably... where I used to have aches and pains!

Excellent mattress! Great comfort.

An Excellent mattress with great soft comfort, but still provides great support. I tried another mail-order mattress that just wasn't soft enough and I... returned it and bought the Dromma Bed. Dromma gives you 200 days of worry free time to decide if this is the right mattress for you. Don't hesitate to buy this fantastic mattress.

Sleeps great

Sleeps great! We tried leesa first and it was just to soft and we did not sleep well. Since switching to dromma we are back to a good night's sleep! We... bought the med firm.

Love the mattress

Love the mattress. Very comfortable. Staff at Dromma we're very helpful and pleasant. I would definitely recommend the 'Dromma matress'

Best bed I've ever slept in!

I got the medium firm Dromma Bed and it is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in - better than any of the nice hotel beds I've slept in, too. Not... a twinge of back pain when I get up in the morning, either (I'm a back sleeper). I can easily edge-sit on it too. My wife has the medium soft Dromma Bed and she loves that one since she's a side-sleeper and the bed gives her some relief from her arthritic hip pain. I recommend the Dromma Bed!

Very Comfortable

Very Comfortable. No smell when unpacked! Love it.

Switched from spring to Dromma foam mattress and very happy I did...

Bought a couple of Twin XL Medium-Firm mattresses a couple of weeks ago, and it's one of the better purchasing decisions made. The mattress is firm enough... but with plenty of give in all the right spots so I don't wake up with a stiff, painful neck and lower back anymore. There was no odor of any kind, and there are no problems with retaining heat which is an issue with some foam mattresses. The company was very easy to deal with, the mattresses were received within 7 days, and were very easy to unpack, move and handle. In all, I highly recommend the Dromma bed.

After doing our due diligence we …

After doing our due diligence we decided on a Dromma Medium soft mattress. We had it for 6 months now and are still enjoying it. Great company to deal... with, answered all our questions up front and quick deliver of a quality product! Would highly recommend. Marc

Happy and Disappointed.

Let me start out by saying I love my king size firm Dromma bed. I sleep great on it, and have never had an issue with it. Shipping time was reasonable.... I gave a 3 star review due to customer service. I purchased my Dromma bed during a Veterens Day sale. A sale that included two free gel pillows. I did not receive my pillows as advertised I contacted Dromma customer service and let them know I did not receive my pillows. I was told to wait and I would be receiving them in a seperate shipment as they were shipped seperately. Well, I bought my Dromma bed in November 2016, it is now September 2017. I have accepted that I will never get the pillows as advertised. Really disappointed as it was an additional selling point for the bed. I have let family and friends know the bed is great, but alerted them to not count on the company after receiving the bed if something goes wrong.

No more backaches in the morning. Great mattress.

We chose the King medium firm and found it comfortable but quite firm. Since I didn't want to change for the medium soft, Somma sent us a 2 inch topper.... We now sleep very comfortably. Great company with excellent service.

I have had my Dromma Mattress about 4 …

I have had my Dromma Mattress about 4 months now and I am very satisfied with it. I researched on-line mattresses for over a year before I decided to pull... the trigger on one, but there are so many, it was hard at first to decide. Here are my reasons for choosing the Dromma Bed: It's 200 night trial is about the best being offered; their warranty is very good (you need to read the warranty and check how deep a permanent sag must be before they will consider it a defect); the reviews mentioned no off-gassing; the mattresses are made here in the US (N. Carolina); the reviews mentioned that it did not sleep hot; and it has 2 firmness options to choose from. So, after speaking with someone at Dromma, I chose the Medium Firm as I have back problems. I ordered on a Monday morning, and it was delivered to my house in TN that Wed. afternoon! All you do is cut the plastic off the mattress and place it on your box springs or whatever your base is. ( Be very careful when cutting the plastic that you do not cut the mattress. The mattress does start to expand as soon as you start cutting the plastic.) I am very sensitive to chemical smells, especially those from typical memory foam products. I detected absolutely NO ODOR at all from this mattress. I was able to sleep on it that night with no problem! I will say that there is some "warmness" to the bed, but I live in the South and I am very heat sensitive. However, with fans and cooling Tencel sheets, it is fine. When I 1st felt the firmness of the Med. Firm mattress, I thought it was going to be way to firm for me. But, once you lie on it, it gives a bit but not a lot. It is firm & supportive, yet a bit soft. It has been a game changer for my back!! It may be too firm for some side-sleepers, but I find it to be perfect and keeps my back in proper alignment whether I sleep on my back or side. Overall, I am very happy with my new mattress and feel that it is a tremendous value when compared to the mattresses I have bought in the last 5 years at double the price! I will never shop in a mattress store again!

I don't write reviews

I don't write reviews! It's called english class and I don't have to go anymore.

Great customer service

Great customer service, fast response to questions, prompt shipping.

First "big" mattress purchase...

I was looking for a new bed after my old pillow top started sagging in the middle. I didn't want to go to a mattress store and figured I would search the... internet for reviews on all these mail order mattresses. Dromma seemed to be one of the cheapest, and I loved that they had two options for firmness (where others have none). Got the medium soft in queen size and installed it by myself. It was heavy, but doable. There was only a very faint smell, but I let it sit out for the time dromma suggested. The mattress offers good support for me as well as being squishy. I like a super soft sleep, though, so I would suggest adding a topper if you are the same. The cons would be the price (definitely not cheap, though it is one of the lowest online, especially if you get one of their sales), and the box arrived really beat up and partially open - this I'd see more as a delivery problem but a sturdier box & tape might help. The mattress is covered in 2 sheets of thick plastic, though, so there is added protection. Hopefully this one will last me a while!

Love our Dromma mattress

Love our Dromma mattress. Nearly a year later, still fabulous. We have the softer version. Soft but still has support. Highly recommend.

Happy with both a home AND motor home mattress.

We have purchased both a queen size Dromma bed and a king size Dromma bed ... one for a motor home and the second for our home. The beds are incredibly... comfortable and we are extremely happy with both. We have used the king size for almost a year and it has not developed those annoying divets that develope in regular mattresses. Thank you Dromma!

A little soft for me

A little soft for me, return was a hassle had to really stay on it to get our money back!

Very comfortable bed

Very comfortable bed. Most all of the aches and pains from the previous mattress are no longer there. Quick shipping and great value.

Extremely comfortable mattress

Extremely comfortable mattress. The buying experience was very pleasant and the people we spoke to at Drommabed were very helpful and friendly. Delivery... was right on time and setup was a breeze. The mattress sleeps nice and cool.

We LOVE our Dromma bed!

We LOVE our Dromma bed!! We have had it a full's a King sized bed and the firmer option. It is everything they say it will be. Odorless, promotes... deep restful sleep, doesn't sag and holds it's shape... It was well worth the money...and considering that it was about 1/3 the price of other "mattresses", we feel even better about it! You cannot go wrong with a Dromma!

This mattress is good.

Soft but has good support. Doesn't sleep hot which was the main reason I was interested in this mattress in the first place.

We used the SleepNumber bed

We used the SleepNumber bed for 20 years. I was convinced that we wouldn't buy any other type of bed. When it came time to buy our next bed, the SleepNumber... beds were just too expensive to justify. So, we started researching foam based beds. After reading about the various types, we settled on the Dromma King (side sleeping firmness). This is a very nice bed. I sleep well, as good or better than I did on our SleepNumber bed, which I didn't think was possible. The cost is perfect, the bed is near perfect. One thing that made the SleepNumber bed miserable was the heat collection of the bed throughout the night. The SleepNumber bed was always terrible, it was always hot. In the summer, it was miserable. In the winter, still miserable. No matter how cool it was in the room, it was always too hot in the bed. With the Dromma, my wife no longer experiences the heat issues. I still have nights where I get too hot, but they arent nearly as bad as with the SleepNumber. Overall, the quality of the bed is fantastic, and the comfort is amazing. When we are in the market to buy another bed, we will likely do research again on what the latest sleeping technology is available, but I have no doubt that we will buy another Dromma. I recommend it to everyone that asks.

Very comfortable and a solid mattress

Very comfortable and a solid mattress. Do not even need a box spring.

Great purchase!

Had back pain with my old spring mattress. Two weeks after using the Dromma Bed, no more pain.

After hours of online research I …

After hours of online research I settled on the Dromma bed. I liked their business model, guarantee and local sourcing. Best of all, it was delivered to... my door. This product, unlike others, promised not to have the unpleasant odor and it did not. Fun to unroll, easy to manage for one person and the softness recommendation for my body type was spot on. What a relief not to have to visit a store and test out beds. Ick.

The bed is great

The bed is great. It is a tad bit on the softer side, but it feels nice.

Great mattress! Can't say enough goid things.

Great mattress. I researched mattresses extensively and Dromma uses the very best materials, has best warranty and best customer experience which results... in a far superior product compared to completion (Ghost, Leesa, Casper, etc.) Dromma is one of few companies to use latex which is great for comfort, support and is breathable. The other companies have abandoned it because of cost, but Dromma does not sacrifice quality for sake of cost. Great mattress and company that supports local community and industries in USA.

The mattress is comfortable

The mattress is comfortable, I am glad that I did not pick the firmer one,since mine is perfect.

Just be sure to put it in the master …

Just be sure to put it in the master bedroom and not the guest room like we did to avoid any hurt feelings when you want to sleep in the other room.

Good support, a little hot

I have been using the Dromma bed for 9 months and I like it. I am quite heavy, 240lb+ and the Dromma bed gives me much better support than previous mattresses.... I went for the medium firm version. My only gripe is that I still sleep a little hotter than I expected. However, overall, it was a very decent purchase

Firmmer than advertised

The bed is beautiful and made well, but it is much too firm.

Love, Love our Dromma mattresses

We slept on our first Dromma mattress at our sons home and loved what a great night sleep we had. Ordering a Dromma mattress is so easy! Within a week... we had our new comfortable eco friendly mattresses. They arrive in a box. Once you open the packaging and watch them expand then you're ready to sleep on them that night. We've had favorable compliments from guests spending the night. I've referred Dromma to several family members.

Sleeping on a freaking cloud. . .

This is by far the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on. My husband and I purchased the medium-soft option and it literally does feel like you are sleeping... on a freaking cloud. We've had it for a little over a year now and it hasn't sagged or shown any signs of wear. My mom recently purchased one and she loves it as well. My husband and I travel a lot and I always look forward to staying at hotels because the beds are always so comfortable. But now I can't wait to return home to sleep in our bed. (Also, I remember reading reviews before we bought it and people said that there was an odor when you first open it up. I didn't smell anything and neither did my husband, and he works in the fragrance industry.)

We choose the soft version and it is …

We choose the soft version and it is very comfortable, more than another foam mattress that it replaced with a more firm feel.

It's the best bed that I have ever had

It's the best bed that I have ever had. It's just like sleeping on a cloud.

Great Bed!!

This a lovley bed and anyone that sleeps in it agrees completely.

Fantastic product

Fantastic product! We bought a king and two queens over the summer and the whole family loves them. Highly recommend these beds!

Excellent product

Excellent product! Hardly any smell when just opened. Smell was gone in 24 hours. I would recommend to all my friends.

We bought 2 twin XL mattresses ...

We bought 2 twin XL mattresses to use on adjustable bases as a split king bed. I was concerned about buying mattresses sight unseen. The guarantee made... all the difference. He likes a softer bed and I like a firmer one. The medium firm is just right for both of us. We were also VERY concerned about noxious chemical odors when we opened the package. nothing ... nada... no odor. Outstanding product - will recommend it often. Thank you!

Best mattress ever

Best mattress ever! Took about a week to get used to it, but so comfortable once you do.

It arrived and performed as promised!

We ordered our bed and it came at the time it was promised. I think it's great but it's only been two weeks, so can't speak to its long-term comfort yet.... I really do like the fact that it's thicker than other comparable mattresses. That makes it look well-proportioned on the bed frame and if we ever get around to buying a nicer bed frame, I think we will be very happy with the mattress height.

Had our bed over a little over a year …

Had our bed over a little over a year -- So far, so good! Very comfortable & hasn't shown any wear or tear!

Three times is a charm. Finally, we found a mattress that is just right!

My wife and I are medium sized people, (I weigh 170 lbs) side sleepers and we are in our late 50's. Dromma Bed was my 3rd and happily, last attempt to... find a new mattress that was right for us. After returning a well reviewed Novaform mattress to Costco that was way too firm and caused us shoulder and back pain, and a highly rated Leesa mattress that was still too firm, I somehow stumbled on the Dromma Bed. At the time, there were no professional reviews of the Dromma Bed, but plenty of nice customer reviews, plus the 200 night guarantee was top notch. I live in NC, so I decided to take a chance with this local startup company. I am so glad I did! The mattress feels great winter and summer, and after more than 200 nights, we have the mattress that is just right for us. Thanks,Roger

I compared the dromma bed to the purple …

I compared the dromma bed to the purple and have decided on the purple. The reason I ordered the dromma was because I'm a 105 pound female and was told... that the purple would be too hard. I did order the med-soft and the med-firm may compete with the purple but I'm going ahead and stopping the search. I've found my bed.

We're happy with our Dromma bed and pillow.

We've been very happy with our new bed. We've slept on it about 6 weeks and have had no problems.

I slept great the first night

I slept great the first night, it helps me feel more relaxed. So far no issues, Bought the king because I like the size of the comfort zone I have.

This is my second memory foam mattress …

This is my second memory foam mattress and is by far the best one I have owned. I would recommend Dromma for anyone looking for a high quality reasonably... priced memory foam mattress.

Love the mattress

Love the mattress! Received in a timely fashion.

A friend recommended Dromma Bed to me …

A friend recommended Dromma Bed to me about a year ago. We decided to take a "blind" plunge into this purchase, without ever seeing/trying one in person.... It arrived quickly in a large box, weird right?! Upon unpacking it expanded right into place. We were waiting for our new bed frame to arrive, so placed it directly on the floor. To be honest, I was NOT impressed! While generally laying on it (to read, etc) it was clearly comfortable, but sleep just didn't feel right. My husband (who is super picky) described it as "laying in a tub of mashed potatoes". Once our bed frame arrived, sleeping on the mattress became MUCH better! We now have been sleeping on it for a couple months and sleeping quite well. I will likely forever wonder if I should have bought the firmer option, but for the price I guess I can't complain. I would definitely purchase this mattress again.

In general we like the bed does not …

In general we like the bed does not sleep hot and is comfortable. Sinks on the edge when close and not quite as nice as our tempurpedic put a good deal... at quarter of the cost.


very, very comfortable but beginning to sag slightly where our bodies sleep...hoped it would be longer before we noticed that.

This bed started out feeling soft and …

This bed started out feeling soft and supportive. Then it got sort of hot in the summer and we had to adjust our AC and sleep with the door open for more... air flow. That worked, so we didn't return it before the 200 days deadline however, now that we are past that, both my husband and I notice it seems to be softening and is TOO soft. He is having hip pain and I'm having back pain. It's really too bad. While it is better than a spring mattress at reducing feeling a partner move in bed, it's not 100% as a temperpedic is. It's also dipping towards his side quite a bit when we are both in the bed (a king size). He weighs 220lbs and I, 140lbs - both athletic builds.

My wife and I love this Dromma Bed

My wife and I love this Dromma Bed. I wanted to have it for a time before giving any feed back. as I have never had this type of mattress before. We both... love the comfort and noticed you don't get out of bed because the mattress gets uncomfortable. It feels just as good in the morning as it does when you first hit the sack. We are large people and it shows no sag or change in shape. We have a different memory foam in our travel trailer that we got because this one was so great. But as nice as the one in the trailer is it does not compare to the Dromma.

Great Bed

Great Bed. Great service. Quick delivery.

Fantastic bed!!

Fantastic bed!!

I bought this bed after i bought the casper

I bought this bed after i bought the casper for our other bedroom. The casper is good, but This bed by far from quality to comfort blows casper away. I... would highly recommend this and would definately buy another Dromma again

Decent mattress, decent price, company needs customer service

The mattress is great. Support, both pre- and post-sale has been non-existent. They don't answer e-mail and didn't provide a phone number. It's a good... thing the mattress is all that, because a return might have been a real hassle. Had the mattress now for several months. It's been great for my wife. I like the softness but after an hour or two I'm trapped. To roll anywhere, I must partially wake and physically lift myself from the cocoon created as I sank into the foam. OTOH, firmer mattresses all leave hot spots that leave me sore. It's a good compromise.

Had my firm Dromma mattress for a year …

Had my firm Dromma mattress for a year and still love it.

best bed i have ever slept on

best bed i have ever slept on. grom the very first night it was comfortable. wjen i opened the packaging tjere was a small odor but tjat dosipatef with... in a few hours.

It was a great improvement over what we …

It was a great improvement over what we had before. My only complaint was that the bed lets you sink too much into it, making it hard to get out of. I... would suggest some way of reinforcing the sides, so they are firm, when you try to get out of bed. The bed is soft, came in a large box, and was easy to roll out. It inflated in a short amount of time. We were laying on it, in a short amount of time.

Great bed stopped my lower back pain …

Great bed stopped my lower back pain and shoulder pain. Highly recommend.

Best Mattress Ever!!

comfortable, firm mattress! the best mattress I have ever owned. I've been getting the best nights' sleeps since getting my Dromma Bed! I would definitely... recommend Dromma Bed to anyone with absolutely no reservations. 10/10!!

A Great from a company that provides great service!

A great bed at a reasonable price. Unfortionatly we returned the mattress due a spinal injury I received as a firefighter medic. At 6'7" and over 280#... the mattress firmness was not firm enough for me. If and when Dromma beds develops an extra firm unit I will be first in line. The return policy is exceptional and one could not ask for better customer service.

excellent sleep so far- has been over …

excellent sleep so far- has been over 200 nights and will never go back to a big box store for a mattress-also my son and wife bought one after seeing... mine and they are totally in love also

I really loved the Dromma Bed at first

I really loved the Dromma Bed at first. It was such a great improvement over our old mattress. The first 4 or 5 months everything was great but lately... it seems like the bed has lost some of the firmness it had at the beginning. About 2 months after we got the Dromma Bed I had surgery and had to spend 7 days in bed flat on my back. I experienced little back pain which was amazing. In June I had surgery again and had to spend 3 days flat on my back. My experience was not as great as the first time. I was not as comfortable and experienced some pain. The Dromma Bed is good but now I consider it just average.

DrommaBed is neither too firm nor too …

DrommaBed is neither too firm nor too soft, though I would say that it's somewhat squishier than your average mattress. I prefer this. Its nice spongy... soft side-linings are a nice feature. Ever since I've had it, family members have tried to invade my room to sleep on this bed because it seems to immediately lull anyone to sleep. I really enjoy sinking into it after a long day. Thanks DrommaBed for a great night's rest!

Purchased in May,2017

Purchased in May,2017 We had a sleep number in our motorhome. It was the worse bed we have ever slept on. The first and everynight since we have had our... Drummond we have had a great night's sleep. I have severe back pain. It has made all the difference due to the fact we are full time RV'ers.

We ordered this bed for our 5th wheel …

We ordered this bed for our 5th wheel trailer. Our personal home bed is a Temperpedic which we love, but couldn't afford it again for the trailer. So we... took a leap and ordered a box bed. WOW. It is every bit as good as our other bed. We will order again. (Won't pay the high national prices again.) The process was amazing, from ordering to the follow up from the company. We ordered the softer version and it is just like sleeping at home. Love, love it.

i love my new bed

i love my new bed, we had a bed for so long we were ready for a new is the most comfortable bed i have ever owned!!!

We love our Dromma bed

We love our Dromma bed, we did not know how good it felt to sleep until we replaced our old standard mattress. The bed arrived when expected and after... unpacking it took only minutes to return to it's normal size. We have has the bed for over a year and it's the best bed we have ever had.

Causes further back pain due to being …

Causes further back pain due to being too soft for a labeled firm bed. I weigh 220 and in good shape. My shoulders and back pain were so bad in the morning... s I ended up sleeping in our guest bedroom. My wife who is 125 had no issues with the bed. My assumption is for anyone over maybe 175 this this bed will just sink in and cause you pain. My experience anyway

Amazing bed and staff

Amazing bed and staff. Love it!

Love love love my new bed

Love love love my new bed. And the pillows we received are great as well.

I love my dromma bed

I love my dromma bed! I got the more firm mattress they offer and it's still pretty soft yet firm. It's perfect for me and I sleep great. No more back... pain from an old mattress

Mixed opinion

Mixed opinion, I liked the mattress and company but had long term issues. I ordered a medium upon recommendation, I asked for an exchange within the test... period, it took a couple weeks for the firm mattress and when that didn't work either I asked for a refund but the time limit had expired. I thought I would have 200 days on the new mattress. Anyway, I took my medicine and asked when the mattresses would be picked up. They gave me a number to call; however, in TN you cannot have a used mattress picked up from a home. It has now cost me an additional $300 to have the two mattresses removed by a private company.

From Not Sleeping, To Melting Into Our Mattress

We had purchased a $2,300 mattress five years before we purchased our Dromma. The first year was great. The second year a little less. By the time we got... to the fourth year, we were waking up sore and tired. So we went shopping for a new mattress. After a lot of laying on mattresses in the store and hearing about fillings, warranties, and all the other pros and cons, I decided to dive into my research a little further. I took to the internet and did some more research. After reading up about the various online mattress retailers, we narrowed it down between a Leesa and the Dromma. We went with the Dromma because of the two different firmness levels, the 100-night guarantee, and the online reviews and tests. The first two days, we weren't sure if we were going to like it. Our backs and shoulders were hurting worse than with our old mattress. But after the third night, we felt a little better. By the end of the second week, we were sleeping like babies. We didn't realize how badly our bodies were after sleeping on a sub-par mattress for the past five years. Now we sleep through the night after our bodies "melt" into the mattress, and the back aches and sore shoulders issues have been minimized. Get a Dromma and try it out for yourself.

i love my bed

i love my bed. I don't know how i lived without it. I have had neck pain and it has helped with it. As a result of no neck pain, my hips and shoulders... do not give me problems anymore!

It is a great bed

It is a great bed. I had an old temperpedic and I love the Dromma!

The one sided sag!

Thought the bed was great for the first couple of months but now it has a very uncomfortable sag on one side. I wake up with a back ache every morning.... I am 6'3 at 190... it's not like I'm a heavy person. The company has not responded to my complaints.

This is my 1st foam mattress

This is my 1st foam mattress. I chose the medium soft version based on reviews and it is perfect for me as I have RA. Very happy with this purchase.

I enjoyed the bed very much

I enjoyed the bed very much--good quality, comfortable. But it was not the right firmness for my wife. We needed to return it. As described in their return... policy, Dromma allowed us to find a local charity--they were thrilled with the donation of a new bed--and we received a refund. I wish the bed had worked out, but it's great to know you are dealing with high quality company.

8 months and we sleep great highly …

8 months and we sleep great highly recommend the Dromma bed

Love my mattress

Bed came quickly. Was great to have the rerun policy but no need. Bed sleeps great. Got the medium soft and love it.

The bed is performing as advertised

The bed is performing as advertised. Could not be more pleased.




I purchased a inner spring mattress from a leading on-line company 3 months ago. Had to be the worst mattress I have ever experienced. My friend recommended... the Dromma Bed, since prior to the inner spring I owned a flagship TempurPedic. First night on the Dromma I slept not tossing or turning and awoke fully rested. Inevitably, I believed the only mattress worth anything was Tempur, now I am a firm believer you can spend a quarter of the price and get a far superior mattress - the Dromma Bed.

Great product

Great product, great experience from start to finish.

Crystal great customer service …

Crystal great customer service person,and company very helpful!

Its exactly what I was hoping for

Its exactly what I was hoping for. I purchased the med firm triple layer 12 weeks ago and my back say's thank you every morning .I have spinal arthritis... that gives me fits on most mattresses,mostly lower (like kidney area) back pain when sleeping on my back,not fond of sleeping on my side. Pain went away after my first night. Just hope it will not start sagging in the middle like the memory foam I had,it lasted about two year,I think it will last alot longer because of the latex.

Great service, comfy mattress

Great service, comfy mattress. Wish we had bought the firmer version, as the not-firm edges are one of the only two things we don't like about this mattress.... The other is the lack of any handles on the sides of our king-size mattress.

Amazing Matteress

I was skeptical at first to buy a mattress that I couldn't try out in a store first. But I am so glad I did. The Dromma bed (med/firm) is the most comfortable... mattress I have ever slept on. I get a good night sleep and my back feels awesome when I wake up. I definitely recommend this bed especially to those with bad issues.

love it

love it. After returning 2 beds from competitors, this was the sweet spot.

I have had my bed now for nearly 5 …

I have had my bed now for nearly 5 months and still love my Dromma Bed as much as on the first day. I bought the firm version, because of many back issues.... It was the right choice. It's not firm like a board, it has some "give" but not where I sink into the mattress, because than it would pull on my back. I kept thinking the softer version would be better, but after reading all those reviews I made the right decision. I recommend this bed to anyone!!

I love the mattress

I love the mattress. Mine is a queen medium-firm. I also purchased a Nectar after the purchase of my Dromma. Even though the Nectar receives great reviews,... it does not begin to compare with the Dromma. The Dromma, in my mind, is the best of all.

Very comfortable

Got it for our daughter. I sneak in to take naps on it.

Go ahead and buy one!

I was hesitant to buy a bed online and in a box no less! But from night one, I have been nothing but happy with my Dromma King Sized bed. LOVE IT!

Everything we expected.

Everything we expected.

Just the right abount of softness and support

I bought this mattress for our guest room. So far, my daughter has slept on it during her last few visits, and she said she loved how comfortable it was.... She has back issues, but the Dromma Bed had just the right amount of softness and support. She would highly recommend.

A great mattress!

Like many others, was nervous about buying online, but the 200 night sleep trial was reassuring. My inner-spring was fifteen years old and no longer comfortable.... Since I have slept on firm beds for most of my life, I ordered a medium-firm Dromma and it has been such a restful change. I generally get a full eight hours of sleep and am no longer needing a nap in the afternoon. I am now 71, but had no big problem setting up the mattress and it puffed up almost immediately. No odors (important because I have COPD) and, since I am heat sensitive, I was pleased to not feel over-heated. The Dromma also has my cat's seal of approval since she spends most of the day and part of the night on it. A great buy!

A little too warm

Ultimately, we had to return the mattress as it was too warm for me. I guess we are just not memory foam or latex mattress people. Their generous return... policy allowed us to try the mattress for a long period of time. So we appreciated that test period. They were very helpful with the return process.

I have been researching on-line …

I have been researching on-line in-the-box mattresses for the past 8 months! I kept coming back to Dromma - finally ordered one and can't wait for it to... arrive. Customer Service was very helpful.

Got king, medium-soft six months ago

Got king, medium- soft six months ago. Love it. Little shipping box is really way easier that normal whole -size mattress to move in house. No chemical... smell. Expanded to full size in a few minutes; slept in it that night. Customer service arranged the delivery for a day I would be home. My first experience with a mattress-in-a-box, and I don't expect to go back.

Medium-firm to medium-soft bed

We first got the medium-firm bed, but it was a little to firm for my taste. So we switched to the medium-soft and absolutely love it. Dromma took back... the medium-firm bed no questions asked. Love the customer service and a company that stands behind their product.

The Dromma is a wonderful bed.

The Dromma bed is our guest bed that our guests appreciate for comfort and back support.

Very fast service

Very fast service, good mattress

The best sleep we've ever gotten!

The best sleep we've ever gotten!

I just love my Dromma bed

I just love my Dromma bed. It's not lumpy like mattresses with springs. It doesn't have any hard edges. It's just comfortable, and that's important to... me. I have had 2 surgeries for herniated disks in my back and my Dromma lets me get restorative sleep and wake up with no pain. Soft and just firm enough, my Dromma is like sleeping on a giant marshmallow!

Love our Dromma mattress

Love our Dromma mattress! I have severe arthritis and this mattress has really been a big relief on pressure points!

Excellent best sleep of my life!!

Excellent best sleep of my life!!

Decent mattress

Decent mattress! Not great, but not bad!

Very pleased wth our new mattress

Very pleased wth our new mattress

Great bed, great company

I absolutely love my Dromma bed. I initially chose to have the soft version of the bed and quickly realized it was not for me. The pick up was quick, easy,... free, and another bed, this time the firm version, was sent in its place. I now sleep softly and without issues

Great nights sleep and great customer …

Great nights sleep and great customer service

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