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Dreamfoam Bedding Mattress Reviews

Spring 2024 Updates: Dreamfoam Bedding's mattresses are still being shipped in a timely manner from their Arizona based factory. Recent reviewers also mention having a positive customer service experience.

Dreamfoam Bedding is a lower cost brand by Brooklyn Bedding. These economy mattresses offer competitive options for the budget conscious shopper, while still having a good selection of choices featuring hypoallergenic latex, foam, and coil. Because of the lower prices, there are lower quality materials used in the mattresses, which isn't ideal for all sleepers, but for those that are looking for a temporary solution or a guest room mattress, these might work just fine.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

No Back Pain: 9.1/10

Price: $274-$1499

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Dreamfoam Bedding's Specifics

Dreamfoam Bedding is a brand by Brooklyn Bedding and focuses on budget-friendly mattresses in a wide array of styles -- including those with springs, latex, and all-foam designs. Over the years, they have adjusted their mattress offerings to include both latex and memory foam options.

Quality of Materials

Dreamfoam Bedding focuses mostly on discount mattresses with competitive price points and slim designs. While most of their options have been foam and coil-based, they have also included some mattresses with latex as well. For those on a strict budget, their lower priced options offer value and are especially beloved for temporary or children's mattresses.

The pros: Affordable mattresses constructed in Arizona that drive value for the price.

The cons: Those that are looking for long term durability or enhanced comfort will prefer Brooklyn Bedding's brand mattresses.

Mattress Types

Dreamfoam Bedding offers a variety of different mattress models. We'll go through each below and discuss the ins and outs of their offerings.

Dreamfoam Hybrid

The Dreamfoam Hybrid mattress is one of most popular models and comes in a hybrid design with pocketed coils. A .75'' quilted plush top offers pressure relief along with a 2.5'' gel memory foam layer below. Underneath, it features a 6'' encased coil layer. The coils independently react to the body's curves to provide proper back support. Overall, shoppers report Dreamfoam Hybrid provides a luxurious feel for the price with rare complaints mentioning disagrements about firmness.

The pros of this mattress include high value for the price and versatile options.

The cons are disagreements about firmness and balance.

Dreamfoam Copper

Another popular mattress is the Dreamfoam Copper. It features the addition of a cooling copper-graphite infused foam in the top layer. With both firm or medium firmness options, customers report a well-balanced feel and a cooling surface. Comfort layers include 2.5'' of memory foam and 2'' of responsive transition foam. Base layers are made of 6'' inches of individually wrapped coils. While most customers have good things to say about the comfort, there are some with disagreements about firmness and durability.

The pros of this mattress are its cooling copper top and multiple firmness options.

The cons are the rare reports of firmness and durability disagreements.

Dreamfoam Latex

The next mattress that they offer is the Dreamfoam Latex mattress. With three firmness varieties, it is one of the most affordable latex mattresses available. With a more responsive feel than memory foam, the top latex layer works in conjunction with 6'' Ascension® individually encased coils that provide support without the pressure points. Most people like this mattress, but there were some people had issues with durability and balance of feel in some cases.

The pros of this mattress are the low price for the latex used.

The cons: Rare reports of durability and unbalanced feel issues in some cases.

Dreamfoam Essential

The last mattress offered by Dreamfoam Bedding is one of their most affordable. It comes with multiple thickness options. Its thinner options come with 2'' of gel swirl memory foam on the top layer, followed by a thicker layer of high density foam. Its thicker options add another layer of Variflex™ transition foam for more pressure relief and balanced feel. Customers have good things to say about these mattresses overall, but there were some complaints about initial firmness and durability in some cases.

The pros: Very affordable price all-foam mattresses.

The cons: Some issues with durability and feelings of initial firmness.

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... nightmarish thoughts about being stuck with something I didn't like, or trying to figure out how to ship ...

I was really nervous ordering a $999 mattress through Amazon with nightmarish thoughts about being stuck with something I didn't like, or trying to figure out how to ship it back. The reviews from previous buyers alongside research I did on latex-based mattresses provided the confidence to take the chance. We are SO glad we did. Absolutely love the mattress! (This is after having it for about a month.)

Be surprised when it shows up on your doorstep in a box that makes you think, "This was a mistake!" The box is very heavy and not shaped like a mattress itself. In fact, it doesn't resemble any shape you'd associate with a bed - more like a 2-door filing cabinet. I removed our old mattress, dragged the box into the bedroom and hoisted it atop the boxsprings. Carefully, I used a boxknife to remove the box. Inside was the mattress, rolled up like a futon, encased in shrink wrap. After carefully unrolling the shrink wrap, the fun begins. What I didn't do and would HIGHLY advise you to do to entertain your family and friends is video what happens next. In fact, you may want to invite everyone over to watch as this proves to be very exciting. Once the mattress is free from its "chrysalis" it GROWS. This is like being a little kid again, buying those foam dinosaurs in an egg, and placing them in a glass of water. Only different - much larger scale, such as say, a real dinosaur. Anyway, love the mattress and highly recommend. Jim

3 month review

I bought this bed a few months ago and wanted to give it a proper test before writing a review. The bed is solid, comfortable and most of all supportive. I have had quite a few back issues since getting back surgery in 2006. I am convinced many of these problems came from my old spring mattress. Since getting this my back pain in the morning is minimal when compared to my old bed. I sleep sound and rarely toss. The customer service was great, and the entire process was positive considering our apprehension of buying something like this online. Overall.. highly recommend this bed.

Stop looking at other options and buy this mattress.

After countless hours of online research I decided to purchase this bed as a Christmas present for my 66 year old mother. This is not the easiest of tasks due to a number of factors not the least of which is her inclination for perfection. Chuck, from Dreamfoam Bedding, was incredibly helpful. I would have requested a firmness of 8 but, after explaining her circumstances to him, he suggested the default firmness level of 6. While I was not completely convinced, I took his advice. I figured that since it usually takes me at least 2 attempts, if ever, to get any given product correct for her, I would just return it and have the firmness adjusted. I was so sure I would be returning the mattress it that I kept the box from the adjustable base I purchased to go with this mattress to expedite the return process. Well, I am very, very happy to say that after she slept on it the first night, bed received a very enthusiastic thumbs-up. Still not convinced, I held on to the box just in case. Nearly a month later, she could not be more pleased with the mattress. Additionally, I was more than skeptical about their claim of "wake up with less pain" but apparently it is indeed true. She feels far better in the mornings, with much less joint pain, then she has for a long time. I would give this mattress as many stars as were allowed. The adjustable base box is now in the trash.

Outstanding Bed

We bought this mattress with some trepidation two weeks ago. How could a mattress in a box this size be comfortable? But we took the plunge and ordered the mattress with a "6" firmness latex top and are absolutely amazed at the comfort. Just watching the mattress "inflate" after coming out of the vacuum packing was an experience. We are sleeping better and the mattress is not at all hot to sleep on. We recommend this mattress.

Best matress I have ever slept on

I got a queen, firmness six, which is standard for this model. This is the best matress I have ever slept on. At a 6, it was actually slightly firmer than I was expecting, which is fine, I wouldn't trade it for anything. It is the perfect mix of softness and support, and it seams cooler than memory foam. I've slept on it a few nights now, and I haven't had any problems (except getting out of bed in the morning has gotten more difficult!)

Chuck emailed me almost immediately after my purchase and customised the firmness. The mattress arrived a few days later rolled up amazingly small. I didn't have any issues with the smell, which went away after a few minutes.

I also own a  DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Shredded Latex Pillow, Queen. I strongly recomend that as well for all the same reasons. They go great together!

Totally satisfied with the way the mattress feels

Totally satisfied with the way the mattress feels. Just FYI for future buyers the Eurotop mattress is a 'little softer' than the 10". I have a 10" with firmness 3 and got the Eurotop with same firmness and I feel the Eurotop one is slightly softer.

Better experience and bed online than in any store

the DreamFoam team contacted me the next day and walked me through choosing the right comfort level. I read some comments that stated there was a odor for several days upon opening. I never detected any odor and slept on it the 1st night. The 1st night I was skeptical because it did not seem that soft. However, over the next two days (the literature advised 48 hours to expand) my bed continued to expand and became awesome. I am 6'5" and ...let's say over 250. I do not experience any pressure points when I sleep (side sleeper), nor is my arm numb when I wake up. I am exceptionally satisfied. I am anxious to see how the foam stands up through the years, I love this bed and hope it doesn't disappoint in longevity.

As Advertised

I use this mattress on a platform bed with no box springs and it works great. I went with the factory set firmness of 6 and it is very comfortable. If I had to change the firmness one way or the other I might do a 7 next time which would be a little softer, but I've always liked soft mattresses. No complaints!

amazon reviews were right

a friend recently bought one and highly recommended it. living in california, the arizona based shipping was within a business week, far earlier than the amazon estimate. the 100lb 2'x2'x4' box was not too hard to take upstairs for an arthritic 65 year old man. and, yes, cutting the plastic with scissors was exciting as it expanded. we had water beds for 35 years and like this bed far better as even "waveless" beds would rock as one of us laid down or got up. number 5 contours but is firm (don't sink). e-mailed them friday evening with questions, got a reply the next day - like how often to rotate bed (3-5 months). 20 year pro rated warranty, and this outfit looks like they will still be here to honor it, but figure will have to replace the topper within 10 years, which is ok.

Good things can come sight unseen!

I have had the bed for more than a month now and I really do love it. I wound up ordering a 7 and it's just right, soft enough yet supportive! I was concerned about taking a risk with an "unknown company", it's so refreshing to have your expectations exceeded! The company is great, they were true to their words. The bed is so comfortable. My husband and I both felt like it just drew us in and drained the stress right out of us. It's the best sleep ever!

Great Mattress and Great Customer Service.

I have had the Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress for a couple of months now. Originally I ordered it with an "8" firmness level to match my old Seally pillow top mattress that this was replacing. I would say that the 8 matched the pillow top quite well and I slept on it for about a month. After a while I did not like how soft it was for me and talked with Chuck at Dreamfoam and he recommended that I exchange the top layer for a 6 level firmness. I agreed and ordered a new topper for $75 which included both ways in shipping. I received the new topper in a week as I did the original bed when ordered.
Its very easy to switch out the toppers by just unzipping the cover taking out the old and putting in the new. I placed the prepaid Fedex label on the box and sent the old one back. The new latex topper (6) made a lot of difference and provided the firmness that I needed and still gave some softness to sink in a little.
I am very happy with this mattress and the customer service that Chuck provided made a difficult decision to buy a mattress with out laying on it much easier.
I tried to buy a mattress locally but could not find one this nice at this price.
Ordering a mattress online can make you nervous and second guess yourself, I would suggest talking with Chuck and check out [...] . They have lots of information and comments on Dreamfoam mattresses to help with your decision. You can also get a free pillow to! I do not usually do reviews and this is my first one on Amazon but I feel that the mattress and the customer service were excellent.

Amazing Bed

I was hesitant about buying a mattress from the internet at first but rest assured, this is a wonderful company with great customer service and a very impressive product. I placed my order late in the afternoon on a Friday and received an email later that evening from the famous Chuck asking about my preference of firmness. I thought it must be automated and wanted to do some more research so I took the weekend to decide. By Sunday night, I received another email letting me know they're actually working and waiting on my preference in order to get it out quickly. This was impressive. I had a few more questions and Chuck was very responsive and wonderful to work with. I felt very comfortable that I would be taken care of by this company.

It was completed and shipped very quickly, well-packaged, and compressed to a very manageable size for a king bed. I was able to take it up the stairs myself, although for safety I don't recommend this. It set up and decompressed with minimal effort and odor. After a few hours I got the chance to try it out and knew immediately I had made the right decision. It's invitingly soft yet supportive, the material is well distributed, and in my opinion much better for 'bedroom activities' than a memory foam mattress. I went a little on the firmer side as I've always been a stomach sleeper and needed the extra support. For years I've never been able to sleep on my back and in the rare cases I've managed to fall asleep that way, I wake up on my stomach. The morning after my first night on this mattress, I actually woke up on my back, better rested than with the old box-spring, and over a few more nights with diminished lower back pain. When I buy something for the guest bedroom, it will be Dreamfoam.

My wife thought I was crazy for ordering a mattress online

So you are probably reading these reviews wondering if you should order a cheap (priced) latex bed over the internet. I did the same thing a few weeks ago, took a chance and ordered it. I was contacted well within 24 hours of ordering to customize the firmness level. As others have mentioned, the scale is 1-10 (1 being hard as a rock). My previous pillow-top bed wasn't firm enough, so we picked the 4, which is considered a firm mattress with a slight cushion on top. More about this later...

The box arrived and it looked like someone sent us a rug! It was a long, squared off box but with a vacuum-packed rolled up mattress inside. I was somewhat prepared for this after reading other reviews, but nothing can truly prepare you until you see it in person. So we pulled the mattress out of the box and laid it ontop of our current box spring. At this point I am getting several eye rolls from the wife and even starting to question my purchase. We carefully cut the plastic off and watch as it begins to magically grow into a REAL mattress! Within 10 minutes the mattress appeared to be 80-90% it's real shape. The packaging says it can take up to 48 hours, I think it was close to 100% within 6 hours or so. Anyway, there was no latex smell and I was surprised how nice the quality was.

I can report my lower back pain from the previous mattress is now gone. I am sure any firm mattress would accomplish this, but nice to know the build quality of this "internet mattress" is superb. There is no "bounce" like you get from a coil mattress - which is great because the kids can't jump on it! After a week of sleeping on it, the wife agrees it was a good purchase. I am pleasantly surprised that it turned out so nice and would certainly buy again.

No More Back Issues from this Bed!

I have had this mattress now for 3 years. I can honestly say this has been the best mattress I have slept on after owning all of the famed tv mattress's (Sleep Number/Air tube, Tempu-Pedic/Memory Foam,etc..) I was really hesitent and wanted to make sure I did not order a mattress to firm or too soft so I went with this Euro top so that I could exchange for a different foam. I ordered a #4 firm I am 6'6" and 280lbs
To this date there are no signs of sag, or wear. I have never even turned the mattress. If you want a firm mattress without busting your back or pressure point sorness this is the ticket! Ohh and get the Dreamfoam pillows, yes they are also awesome and best pillow I have used.

Needs More support if you want a soft mattress

I weigh 170 lbs and my wife weighs....less than me..... We started out with a level 8 and decided it wasn't really soft enough so we ordered the level 10 the supposed "sleeping on a cloud" comfort level. We got the new insert and swapped it out immediately. It was like sleeping on a rock, the foam was not thick/dense enough to support our weight and we sunk right down to the base for the mattress. Looking back on it now i think we might have even been sinking through the level 8. Having just gone through the hassle returning of another mattress we decided to keep it and maybe buy a mattress topper for it. We ended up just keeping the level 8 and 10 inserts which both were able to be zipped into the insert area of the mattress and is now very comfortable. It is unfortunate that I had to spend another 200$$ on top of the price of the mattress to make it comfortable enough to sleep on. I'm not sure who they designed the inserts for but it would seem it certainly wasn't for adults. Overall the mattress seems to be constructed well but and hopefully it will last.

Happy Campers. Ordered a Seven.

We ordered a SEVEN. We like firm beds...but as we are older...we like a little cushion. A firmness of Seven was great.I was worried the bed would be too soft. It is great. We are both side sleepers. Hint: We got FedEx to bring the box right into the bedroom. The mattress comes as one unit with the topper inside. I got a King and did it all myself..not recommended!!! Get Help!. For a KING bed you need SIX LEGS for support. I shored up the frame. We reused Box springs (and rotated them). I put on bedskirt. I put the box right on top of the level box springs...took off the cardboard...then repositioned mattress to open. As soon as you cut open it expands. YOU NEED TWO PEOPLE. The sucker wanted to open upside down...and I could not BOTH cut open and direct it myself. Of course that messed up the bedskirt. There are no handles. Hint: Be careful cutting so you do not damage the mattress. Bottom Line: Mattress opened up easily and full right away, no smell. We slept on it the same night 3 hours later. MAKE sure you buy a waterproof mattress a size that will fit the new mattress and have it ready. I got a LUNA from here on Amazon. I put a teflon water resistent cover over that. We bought new Deep pockets sheets too. He tested the bed and thought it was fine. We already had a 2 inch foam topper, we use a memory foam topper in winter. If you have to call for service: Chuck 480-307-1804.

Best Mattress EVER!!!

Like everyone else, I was really leery about buying a mattress online. I put this mattress on my Amazon wish list and periodically would look at it and read the ever increasing positive reviews. The reviews all said the same thing - just bite the bullet and order, you won't be disappointed. So after 6 months of this back and forth nonsense, I did just that. I've been sleeping on this fabulous mattress for five months now. I fall asleep and wake up in the same position. I'm not constantly shifting around to get comfortable. It hasn't started to show even a little indentation where I sleep. It's a dream come true. Chuck was so helpful - I chose a 6 and it's perfect. The best part was watching the thing expand when I opened it. Who would ever think that a 6" long, fairly narrow tube would turn out to be my backs best friend. All I can say to you is just order this mattress - it's GREAT!!!

Like others have written

Regrettably, the mattress is sagging after only two years. Like others have written, I relied on the 5-star reviews. The sagging hasn't caused discomfort yet, but it's quite dismaying to think of probably having to throw this in a landfill much earlier than I had hoped. It's a beautiful-looking mattress and I did not/do not want to get an innerspring mattress. All a bit disappointing.

Excellent Mattress, Great Value. Glad I found it!

This won't be a short review. Get comfortable.

Buying a mattress is not a process most people can complete very quickly. People have many different mattress needs and to me, buying a mattress in a store is annoying at best. Often major manufacturers intentionally obfuscate the types and models of beds so consumers can't comparison shop features and prices. If you have shopped, then you know what I mean. Shopping at places like Macy's etc., is better, but you will pay top prices and you may or may not get good information on what is best for you. I urge you to spend some time to educate yourself on a product you will use daily for many years and you'll get what is best for you and buy it at a fair price. A latex bed may not be to your liking. You might be a memory foam or a gel top memory foam person. It's best that you research and try out different types.

For me it was well past time to replace my Sealy mattress and I took to researching online. I found sleeplikethedead and the mattress underground websites. I learned a lot in a short time and given how important a mattress/sleep is for your health and well being, I was happy to spend the time to research the best option for me. It became clear that there were some great choices and some pitfalls that need to be avoided, but the clear winners were latex and memory foam beds. Over time I tested some beds in different stores and learned what I liked and didn't like. You really should test out some mattresses to get a frame of reference. I almost bought a gel top memory foam on reviews alone. Incredibly comfortable, but I didn't like it only because I don't like how the foam forms around me. That's just me. So, I decided on a latex bed from Dreamfoam Bedding. The reviews here and on the previously mentioned forums were excellent and as I would come to learn, well deserved.

I called Chuck at Dreamfoam Bedding and peppered him with questions. He was knowledgable, personable and attentive. You can tell from talking to him he has had the same questions asked of him over and over, still he was cheerful and was great to talk to. He helped me figure that the Eurotop Latex Mattress was my best option and that a 6 was probably my best choice. This model is a little more than the standard model (~$100), but it has a removable 3" latex top, which Dreamfoam Bedding will swap it out for $75 total if the firmness is too much or to little. I was already sold, but that was great to have as an option. The bamboo fiber top can be removed and washed/dry cleaned, also another nice option.

It was a Friday when I ordered and soon after I received and replied to Chuck's email, giving him my firmness choice of a 6. As I had joined the Mattress Underground, I sent him my user name and he included a free latex pillow. It is also excellent. The following Monday, I received an email that the bed had shipped and Wednesday the package was at my door. I pitied the Fedex delivery person that had to carry it all the way to my door. I bear hugged it and carried/dragged it to my bedroom. The mattress is well vacuum packed as you can see in the photos I uploaded. One suggestion, get the mattress into place before you puncture the plastic, so when it unrolls, it does from one end of the bed to the other. In my case, I placed it at the foot of the bed and I could see through the plastic which way it would unroll, so it unrolled from the foot to the head of the bed. When I made the first small hole, my friend jumped as the rushing of air was sudden and a little loud due to a hole the size of a dime. It's amazing to see it take form. The bed was fully formed and 12" tall (see photo) in about a minute. I didn't smell much of anything, but my friend smelled a little latex scent but women have a better sense than men. Still we both agreed that scent was a non-issue. In any case, I let it sit in place with the windows open for 5 hours and then made the bed. The little to no scent in my case may be due to the limited amount of time it took to get to me, about 48 hours.

The first night was amazing sleep. The second night was good as well, but I woke with a tightness in my lower back. That continued for about 4 days. I knew this was not uncommon and I could need days, weeks or even a month to adjust to a new mattress. Considering how old and unsupportive my old mattress was, I am amazed that I took only 4 days to adjust. One change I am very happy with is I can sleep on my back again. If I did that on my old mattress, it meant lots of back pain. I can now sleep comfortably on my back or side. One concern when looking for a latex or memory foam mattress was how 'hot' the mattress slept. I have been a furnace all my life and that was a concern. Many reported this bed does not sleep hot and I agree. This mattress in some ways seems like a spring mattress most are used to, yet much better. It looks like a normal spring coil mattress, you don't sink into it, nor does it form around you like memory foam. Some really like memory foam, I think it's very comfortable, but overall, it's not for me. What I like about the latex mattress was that you aren't in a form-fitting 'cocoon', yet they are softer and supportive than spring mattresses.

My first observation was that this is a *really* well made bed and I am very happy with Dreamfoam Bedding in every aspect. This bed cost about 1/3 of what I would have spent elsewhere for comparable specifications. That isn't to say I only spent less; but I received a far greater value for my money. At this writing, the bed cost me $899 delivered and it is money well spent. It was made to my comfort level and shipped quickly. The bamboo topper is well stitched, very soft and removable for washing. The bed itself is tremendously comfortable and a firmness level of 6 was a good choice for me. The company support cannot be overlooked as well, with Chuck's expertise being available by email or phone.

The fact that I have gone on and on, paragraph after paragraph, reviewing a *mattress* should tell you that I am either certifiably crazy or this is a seriously fantastic mattress, from an excellent company. Or both.

Sleeping on a Cloud

The particulars. Me: 5'9" and about 210lbs. Wife: 5'2" and about 175lbs. I have residual issues with my shoulder from a wrestling injury, and a crushed disk from a motorcycle accident. My wife has complained of lower back pain on a regular basis for years.

I read all the reviews and watched a couple of videos, and thought I'd step out of my comfort zone and try an internet based bed. I contacted Chuck and provided our size/weight, but he avoided making a specific recommendation and provided general references for me to make my own judgments against. 6 considered Med (not to firm/soft). 7 is a little bit softer, but still has good support underneath. 8 is comparable to a pillow top mattress. I questioned a firmer purchase with the expectation of softening up over time. Chuck recommended against that plan and instead recommended we purchase our desired softness up front. We've tried several bedding options over the past year, Select Comfort, Memory Foam, Serta Gel Foam, etc., but I always thought back to my nights on the Westin Heavenly Bed. I questioned Chuck on the softness of a 9 out of curiosity, but didn't receive a direct response back. After a little more research and soul searching, I ordered an 8.

Delivery was quick, and the family enjoyed watching a King mattress materialize from its vacuumed package. We have been sleeping on this bed for nearly two months now and have been pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable it is. No more shoulder pain from side sleeping. No more waking up in the middle of the night with back pain either for my wife or me. We have noticed a little softening here and there, but it hasn't been much. Overall we are very happy with the bed, but if I had it to do it over again I think I might opt for the 7 instead of the 8 to offer just a touch more firmness to our hips and sides, but without the ability to test prior to purchase it's hard to tell. My wife on the other hand says it's perfect as an 8.

After a couple months of living with this mattress...

We purchased this mattress a couple months ago (king size). We were moving from an old innerspring mattress, and one of the nice attributes of this mattress is that you can customize firmness for each side. I went with a 5 for my side and my wife went with a 6. Setup was amazing (it's shocking how small it is shrink-wrapped). But after a few days we both definitely felt as though the mattress was too firm. I'm a side sleeper and I was getting pressure on parts of my body (hip, shoulder, leg) that left me feeling worse in the morning. We talked with Chuck (great customer service), and he suggested giving it a full two weeks before doing an exchange. We did---and ordered the 8 and 9 density foam. One thing Chuck mentioned is that some customers will stack the latex foam as opposed to exchanging it (you remove the zipper cover---we laid it on top of the latex, under the mattress pad). We doubled up on the foam and the mattress has been excellent ever since. My wife is sleeping much better than on the old innerspring (she has arthritis), and I'm finding it very comfortable as well.

Sleeping on the latex is different than a traditional mattress. It does run a little hotter (to me), and it's much more supportive. In fact, I was finding myself sleeping on my back more (I used to decades ago, but hadn't due to lower back issues). The materials seem to be very high quality, and the only thing I'd like to see is a 'replacement cover' for people who have added the extra three inches of latex to the original mattress.

Finding the perfect bed!

Love My bed! Having Fibromyalgia is rough but a good sleep makes the day better with restorative sleep. With Chuck asking important questions on how I sleep and even to My weight, helped with the right choice of firmness I would need. And I like that the bed is American made. Very satisfied with My bed and buying from Amazon.

Be careful about choosing your firmness!

It's written that a 6 is softer than average, but my husband and I find a 6 to be pretty firm. He's now on a 7 and sleeping well on his side without his shoulder going to sleep. He weighs 220#. I traded in my 6 for a 9 and feel the 9 is a bit too mushy. I weigh around 140# and I like to sleep on back, sides and belly. It does cost to change out the eurotop if you're not satisfied with your firmness level. I was disappointed in that part. I asked all the right questions but did not get as much information from Amazon as I'm giving you now. If you like softer and weigh 140 or more, I think an 8 is good enough. If you like firm, go with a 6 or less.
I wish it was perfect and I think an 8 would be, but now I don't want to pay more money to change it out with Amazon (again). In general the mattress is lovely and I do love it compared to my old mattress. It feels luxurious. Make sure you get an awesome blanket and super soft sheets to give yourself a wonderful treat.

Dream bed for sure!

I love this mattress and hope that the claim of longevity is accurate. It was shipped very quickly (a few days) and Chuck the owner of the Co was very helpful in helping us pick out the comfort level. I chose a six (comfy yet firm enough for lower back and side support), and my husband chose the eight (soft luxurious, decent support), and he loves it. I prefer a firmer bed and he a softer, we are both very happy and would not change a thing. This bed is well made has a really nice cover, and unzips easily in the event you need to exchange the talalay pad. The nice thing about getting a standard king they were able to provide two different comfort levels in the same bed. Worth every penny, and planning on telling everyone I know about it. I have slept so well on this bed and although it is new I believe it will last a long time. The most I will ever have to buy is another three inch talalay pad as the core will probably last a life time. Don't be afraid to purchase this bed it is a great, well made product and it is made in the USA! My only complaint is that it could really use some handles as it is hard to move around without.....

Quality mattress, great price point and excellent customer service!

This the 4th mattress we've purchased from Chuck/Dreamfoam Bedding. We were a little nervous at first to purchase a mattress online without feeling how soft/firm it was but Chuck walked us through the process and was very informative. I like super soft mattresses and my boyfriend likes beds that are a little bit more firm so we settled on a level 8 without the Eurotop. It was comfortable and supportive but for me, I wanted a little bit softer. So when we moved across the country and sold all of our stuff, we decided to sell the mattress and get a level 10 with a Eurotop. It's perfect! Since then, we've purchased two more mattresses for family members and so far, they love it!

Another thing that's important to mention is that when my boyfriend and I were moving across the country, we ordered our mattress to be shipped to my aunt's house because I wasn't sure where'd we land once we got to our new city. But once I arrived and got into our new place, I needed the mattress to change destinations and be shipped directly to me. Seems easy, right? Well, once something is in transit, it's actually pretty tricky to change delivery addresses. Chuck was awesome! He helped me reroute my delivery and even covered the shipping cost, which he didn't have to do because it was my fault that I was changing the address. All in all, it was a stressful but great experience because Chuck really went above and beyond to help me out.

We also love the price points and hypoallergenic materials. I'd recommend this mattress to anyone...actually, that's exactly what I do ;) Keep up the great work, Chuck! We appreciate your excellent customer service and quality product!


I've had the mattress for not quite a year now, and it is already showing signs of sagging on the side that I sleep on. I am an average sized woman, about 150 pounds. I bought the mattress with high hopes that it would help my back pain, but I can attest that it has gotten worse since I've been sleeping on it. I got the 5 for firmness, and can't decide if I want to spend another. 200 dollars to try a firmer top, or to buy a different type of mattress.

It was easy to set up once I ordered and assembled a ...

I recently ordered and received this mattress. It was easy to set up once I ordered and assembled a foundation. The reviews I had read indicated that the mattress tends to be on the firm side, so I ordered a 5 to have a medium firm mattress. I think a 5 is a medium and I should have ordered a 3-4. However, Chuck has been more than helpful and assured me that I could exchange the top latex layer for a firmer one, but suggested I wait a couple weeks to adjust first, so that's where I'm at currently. Foam mattresses don't have a firm edge to sit on if you're used to a more traditional mattress. Even so, I do like the general support of this mattress and feel better with latex than memory foam.
A word to the wise: Amazon charges a commission (understandably) which made this purchase significantly more expensive than had I ordered directly from the seller. This is why I didn't give it 5 stars.

The bed is okay and the customer serivce is great..

A few months ago, I needed a new mattress and saw this mattress on Amazon. My uncle who sells furniture said latex is garbage and said dont get it but I noticed this mattress had a lot of good reviews ad so I ordered it anyway. I had it sent to me with firmness of 8. When I got it and rolled it out on my bed I noticed it was sort of hard for an 8. I contacted Chuck and he said that I should wait and sleep on it for a while before changing it out. I did like the bed a lot at first but I hurt my back a few weeks after getting this mattress and I had to lay on it a good majority of the day.
I was not real pleased that the mattress started to sink down in the same area that I layed down on pretty bad. I do weigh almost 300 pounds and so maybe the mattress was not designed for someone like me. It started to do the same thing as my previous mattress but not as bad. I eventually turned the mattress and that helped. I noticed that it got a lot better but it still had that sort of lump in the middle of the bed and makes it to where you have to make an effort to get to the other side of the bed.
I really dont think I would order this mattress again but I do want to get my money out of it so I will keep it for a while. I think I will exchange the topper with a 10 and see what happens. If your me and like soft mattress's order a 10 because 8 is pretty hard to me.
Overall its a good mattress but again maybe its for people who dont weigh as much as I do. In the future I would stay away from latex. In the mattress world as like any thing else, you get what you pay for!

Eurotop Mattress

I have two bulging discs and two cracked vertebra. I have been sleeping on couches for many years. I finally broke down and tried to find something more comfortable so I can sleep in my bedroom. I found one; this mattress is fantastic. I would recommend anyone to purchase one. They are not hot, as I have heard others write. A great mattress.


Ordered this mattress based on reviews here. Figured it must be great if the reviews were all good. It definitely lives up to all the great reviews. So, don't hesitate if you are thinking about this mattress. Company was great as well. We also ordered the bed frame with headboard and footboard connectors. We LOVE it!!

Great mattress for sure

Great mattress for sure. We've had it about 6 months. I went with a level 8 because that was the highest I saw any review mention. I think I would have liked a 9 or 10 but the 8 is good enough for the wife and I. Don't be scared, just buy it!

....back pain is a lot better!

Really, the Ultimate Dreams latex mattress has turned out to be a great first experience with latex bedding and quite a surprise. this bed feels different. it kind of holds you when you get into it, and yet there is a good substantial firmness to it also. but really the big issue in changing bedding was having my back hurt starting in the wee hours of the morning, to the point where the pain would eventually drive me out of bed right around dawn. that problem is GONE, and for those of you who've been researching mattresses because of back problems, you need to know that this one is a definite keeper. not cheap, but excellent bedding and well worth the price...!
Oh, and the people are really great to work with too. So there - I said it...!

Excellent on all accounts

The order process, communication, quick shipping, and quality are excellent. This is the 3rd or 4th mattress I've purchased and it is BY FAR my favorite!

Ultimate Dreams Mattress was our Dream come true!

We love it! #6 was perfect for both of us & our backs are hurting less. It takes me less time to fall asleep, & I wake up less during the night.

Exactly what I wanted

I was hesitant to purchase a mattress sight unseen, especially a foam/latex mattress where I heard stories about them being "hot" or not as firm or as soft as someone would have liked (and could have tested by buying in a store front). I purchased this mattress after reading reviews on mattresses for hours, and after stumbling onto this product with a 5 star rating, I pulled the trigger. Customer service contacted me hours after purchasing the mattress and let me know a "6" firmness was the most utilized level for people that wanted the middle ground, not too hard and not mush. After a month of owning this mattress, I couldn't be more pleased.

Perfect Bed!

This bed is the best bed I have owned. Not only is this bed comfortable but the feature of the zip on cover is a great idea. I don't care if manufactures say you do not need to flip your bed. That is bologna. I have never had a bed that doesn't get the valley and the hill in the middle. With this bed you can flip it if you want, just remove the pillow top cover. If you don't want to flip it then you do not have to. Also their customer service is out of this world, very old school... They actually make the bed to your specifications. Latex beds are the way to go. Latex is better than the memory foam beds! Latex forms to your body. Memory foam compacts.

Getting this mattress was a great decision I would make again.

Ok, I get it, the reviews of these online mattresses seem too good to be true. Too complimentary. Too grammatically correct. Too, well, staged sounding. And who knows some may be. But not this one. And everything in the reviews, the company working with you, free pillows, easy shipping, no odor, and quality comparable to much pricier products - it is all true. We exchanged our foam bedding portion of our mattress for a softer one - no hassle and low cost. Personally, I would opt for the mattress that you can do this with (they sell traditional foam mattresses that I imagine would be much harder to exchange). But if you know what you want that probably is not as big a deal. My bride was very skeptical and this option sealed the deal. And ultimately I was glad we went that way, as we did end up going softer. Also, if you like a soft mattress go for a higher number than you think, as even the soft described mattresses are not as soft as you might expect.

As far a quality, it is top notch. A month in, no failure to retain the original shape. And I honestly cannot tell the difference between this and a name brand. And I have slept on them. Every bit as good and less than half the price. And delivery was no problem and it unrolled perfectly onto my waiting box spring and was ready to use in no time.

If you are hesitant to buy a mattress online, all I can tell you is so was I and I have no regrets. Good luck.

Oh, and I forgot to mention Chuck. He is great to work with too! :)

Again, Really Pleased!

I did a lot of online research before making my decision to purchase an all latex mattress, and I feel I made the right decision for my individual physical needs. I have degenerative arthritis of my spine, and It has been years since I have had a restful nights sleep. I was sleeping on an inherited posture pedic, all foam mattress, and it was so hard and uncomfortable, but I've been putting up with lack of sleep for so long, due to the expense of buying a good mattress nowadays! I finally saved up and found this Company, and I liked the guarantee that if the pillow top was not the right firmness, or softness, from 1-10, they would replace it, for a $200.00 refundable deposit, once you return the original pillow top. I did have to replace the pillow top from a 4( too firm for me), to a 9(softer, and cushiony, just right). The only negative, is the latex pillow top once opened, and expanded, is very difficult to roll back up and try to fit it back into the return box. Once again, I was having to do it by myself, and really struggled! I finally got it 3/4's into the box, and had to leave the box standing upright for a few days to allow the latex to slowly conform to the box, and eventually slipped all the way down enough to seal the box for shipment. I am sleeping more soundly, and more comfortably then ever!

still love after two plus years

I bought the queen eurotop two years ago and love it. When we decided to build a new house we decided to buy the King. I ordered the same firmness (5) as before, and it is wonderful.It has not sagged and I like not having to have a foundation

Love this bed!

Though I am a little bias because I upgraded from my twin to this king, these bed rocks! I did a lot of research online and in stores before purchasing this bed. I got mine a 7 but I would think a 5 or 6 being slightly more firm would have been the better choice but I have not been unhappy with the softness of the 7 I am just used to sleeping on a rock before so I just needed to adjust. Would recommend it especially for the price in comparison. Their customer service is great too. Timely and helpful.

Helped my hip

I was t-boned 10 years ago and had 3 pelvic fractures. I am now 67 years old and the injury was showing itself. My old mattress was really hurting the pressure point to the place where it was having an effect on my walking. I have been sleeping on this new mattress for about 3 weeks and I am much better. I ordered the 6 firmness and it seems fine. Overall muscle aches seem better, too. My husband just returned home from an extended trip and I don't notice when he gets out of bed. Both of us have allergies to dust, dust mites, and pollen, but so far my sinuses have been clear. Both of us are also fairly large people. We are also both side-sleepers.

The rest of my family likes this mattress, too, and my daughter wants to get one. The grandchildren were very excited when it came and I waited until they could be here to unwrap it so they could see it expand.

Customer service was very helpful and communicative. Shipping was fast and the Fedex driver brought it into the house for me.

I bought this one because of the ability to change out the top layer of foam if needed. This was a special concern of mine due to the pelvic injuries. I am sleeping better and even had the energy to paint the laundry room after sleeping on it for 2 weeks.

Not perfect, but excellent customer service and outstanding value.

I've had this mattress for a few months now. When I first got it, I thought I had made a big mistake. It felt "Too firm", and I thought trying to find a cheaper "memory foam" option had turned around and bit me. After a couple of nights, though, I noticed that I had fewer aches, and it seemed as though the bed softened up. Now I love it! My wife noticed an improvement with her back issues (the result of a car accident years ago), though she is not a fan of the shredded Latex pillow that came with it (which I happen to like a lot).

Customer service exceeded my expectations immensely. We spent time on the phone giving details that allowed them to customize our mattress to our needs. I will definitely be back if/when the time comes for another mattress.

Rare customer service and a quality USA product

I started looking at this mattress about a year ago but was reluctant to take the plunge. I was anxious about purchasing a mattress I had not personally laid eyes on let alone actually laid on. Then there was the fact the thing ships rolled up in a box. Despite the large number of positive reviews I was not ready. That was until one recent morning when I woke up with the same nagging lower back pain that I knew was due at least in part to the old, worn out mattress I was sleeping on. I told my wife it was time for a new one. That brought me back here. The price was right, the reviews were solid and the advertising was convincing. It also helped that all the local merchants were selling mattress with the zeal of used car salesmen and at exorbitant prices. If I am going to get screwed on a mattress I prefer my wife do it.

So I placed the order for a Dreamfoam. So glad I did. Very shortly I received an email from Chuck (at this point I was still not convinced Chuck was real, just a made up figurehead for the company, think Bartles and Jaymes) inviting me to call and discuss firmness options if I wanted anything different than the default firmness level of 6. So I called and was amazed to actually talk to Chuck. We discussed my situation and settled on a 5 as the way to go. This was on a Thursday. Chuck stated that the mattress would ship the next day or the first of the week with delivery expected the following Friday. He was right on the money. The mattress was well packaged and HEAVY. We got a queen which I was able to manhandle into the house by myself but had no intention of trying to maneuver onto the bed alone and I would not recommend anyone else try either. After removing the outer layer of plastic me and the help placed it on the bed (new box spring per Chuck's recommendation) and started to slice open the remaining layer of plastic. One nick in the plastic and off it went. It expanded within seconds into its full size. Others have stated that it takes several hours to reach maximum expansion but this must be very incremental after the first minute or two because I never saw a significant increase in size after that. That first night I knew I was sleeping on the best mattress I have ever owned. We are three weeks into it and I feel the same way. I am a side sleeper, approximately 195 lbs and the 5 firmness level seems perfect to me. My back pain still exists but it is much alleviated. I am curious to see how the mattress holds up over time and will continue to update this review as time passes. As for those who are in doubt set your skepticism aside and go for it. This will be the best bedding purchase you will ever make. With the ridiculously low cost of switching out the topper (if it comes to that) dialing in the firmness is almost foolproof and the quality is easily that of any product I have personally seen on the market. Get one, you won't regret it.

Sweet Dreams

Nice mattress, great customer service. The pillowtop has just the right amount of softness for me and the rest of the matress is firm, just the way my husband likes it. You wake up feeling refreshed. Seller calls and gives you an opportunity to customize the firmness if you'd like. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who likes a firm supportive luxury mattress.

I ordered another item from this seller because of my confusion with the differences between a foundation and a box spring, they were very helpful and kind and worked with me to complete the return. First class company.



Very happy

My husband was very skeptical about ordering a mattress that we could not test out prior to purchase. I was so impressed with all the positive reviews and reminded him that spending ten minutes in a store testing out a mattress is not very predictive of how it will feel after a full nights sleep. Chuck was very helpful, as were all the reviews. We ordered a six firmness level. It was delivered as promised. My husband has some back pain so the right mattress is important to him. First few nights he was not sure but after two weeks he says his back feels better than it has in years. My research did not find any other mattress of this quality for as reasonable a price. We are quite happy with our purchase.

Solid choice, don't forget to customize the firmness level

Excellent support, I went with a 4 out of 10 firmness, 1 is hardest, 10 is softest with a 6 topper. I've been sleeping on it for 8 days and couldn't be happier. definitely worth the money.

As an aside, FedEx kept putting this on the truck and not delivering it. I waited home for 3 days. Be sure to harass FedEx if they do that to you.

Sleeping like a baby instead of someone in their 60th!

We have had the mattress one week and have both woke up rested and with no aching back or shoulders. I usually wake up at least twice each night and in the past week I have slept all the way through the night 3 times. We got the #7 on the firmness and it is great.


Not as great as I hoped for. If you layed on a mattress in a store that you just fell in love with because it was so soft, buy that mattress. If you like a firm mattress with a soft top, you would like this. Doesn't smell bad like some people whine about. Smells new, and not very strong. Don't worry about it being made of latex, you would never know if they didn't tell you.

So Comfortable I Don't Want to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

I would give this a 5, except for me it sleeps just a little hot. My husband is perfectly fine. Otherwise, I have never slept more comfortably.

Here's my long version, for anyone interested. I worked with Chuck at Dreamfoam bedding for about a week trying to decide on the firmness of the mattress. My husband is 60 yrs old, 6'5" and 240 lbs. I am 58 yrs old, 5'5" and 170 lbs. He prefers firm, I love pillow top. We ended up with a 5 for him and an 8 for me. We've been sleeping on it for 2 weeks and both of us love our firmness level. I really look forward to going to bed at night and I wake up refreshed and not stiff at all. As I said, I feel it sleeps a bit hot, and maybe because I sink in more in the 8.

My husband suffers from nerve damage in his shoulder and his arm would go numb at night. He would wake up constantly, and of course wake me up as well. Since the new mattress, he still goes numb sometimes, but not as bad as before, and he has not woken me up once.

The first week we had the mattress, I was using the Sleep Tite Encase mattress protector by Malouf. After reading about these mattresses in the Mattress Underground forum, I thought I needed a 6 sided protector because we were putting this in our waterbed frame. Anyhow, I was really hot using this protector (my husband was not). I hope I can return it, but I think not. I removed the cover and have been sleeping on just a sheet this past week. Much better. I'm going to try a regular mattress pad, which may help cool it down. Chuck recommended one, and I probably should have gone that route.

Before buying this we looked at gel foam, memory foam and latex foam mattresses at a local store. The price was 2 to 3 times the price of the Ulitmate Dreams. I am really pleased with this purchase and I would recommend it.

The only problem we had, and this is not a Dreamfoam issue, is that Amazon gave us a totally wrong delivery date. When the mattress didn't arrive on the designated date I plugged the tracking number into the carrier site (FedEx I think) and sure enough, it was scheduled to arrive 1 week later.

Great mattress

We've had it 6 months now and love it. We had a high end mattress that we replaced that still had many years of life left in it (gave it to our son going off to college). We barely noticed the difference in quality and comfort. It's a little firmer,but within a few days we got used to it. There was no chemical smell as some have stated. Took about 24 hours to get to full size but was close to full size in just a few hours.

I was nervous about ordering something so bulky and expensive on line, but now I'm glad I did. $900 here and $2000 to $2500 in the store. The risk was worth it.

I'm 190 lbs and my wife is 130. We're in our sixties and somewhat athletic for those who want to compare. The standard firmness they sent us is a little firm but like I said above, within a week or so, we got used to it. Excellent purchase. Be sure to order the cover.

One year later, we still love it

I purchased this latex mattress for our six-month anniversary as a surprise for my wife. Before getting married, I'd purchased a memory foam mattress from an online company JUST as it was about to go out of business. My order kept getting pushed back, and pushed back, and pushed back until it became clear something was up. I was able to put in a PayPal dispute and get back my money, but unfortunately there wasn't time to get a new mattress before the wedding. So, we kept the 20-year-old boxspring of mine.

After a few months living with it, I knew I wanted to upgrade for my dear wife. With the help of Phoenix at The Mattress Underground, I settled on this latex mattress from Dreamfoam Bedding.

Since we got a King, we were able to get her side in a firmness level of 4 and mine in a 5. All I had to do was ask when the seller emailed me requesting my desired firmness level.

We loved it from the very first night we slept on it and, 12 months later, we still love it.

We would definitely buy it again.

Had over a year now.

I decided on this mattress over the other latex mattress they sell due to the customization. We ordered a dual zone on my side I got a 8 and my husbands side a 7. Well the mattress was soft but it felt like we could feel under the latex the hardness underneath. It did not seem anything like the latex we laid on at our local mattress store. I unzipped the top and took a gander at what was inside. I played around by doubling up the latex pieces and laid on top. Ahh now that felt more like what i expected. We called chuck and made arrangements for 2 more pieces of latex to be shipped. Granted it cost 200 more dollars and it made the mattress super mega thick. But we are now sleeping on heaven.
UPDATE: It has now been over a year sleeping on this bed. The latex is holding up well however i do need to unzip and rotate the foam because we keep getting indent marks in the middle of the bed.

Exceptional Experience

I have never reviewed any product, but was so pleased I felt compelled to write one. All their good reviews are accurate. I was very reluctant to by a mattress online without first trying it out but those fears were unfounded. I generally like a firmer bed but as am getting older I was thinking of just a little more plushness. The number 6 was perfect- great support, little plushness, not to warm to sleep on. I like that the latex topper can be changed in the future and I like the little extra height of the foam base. What they didn't mention with this bed (but they do with their other ones) is that they will contact you regarding your firmness choice quickly after the purchase. Pricing seems competitive and shipping was quick with delivery on time. Very refreshing to receive a product that exceeds your expectations. Kudos

Extremely Comfortable - Cal King #6 Firmness

This is an extremely comfortable mattress; I was amazed at how soft it was. I am a side sleeper and bed springs tend to push into my ribs and make it uncomfortable for me to stay in any one position for too long. With this mattress, there are no hot spots where springs are; it is the same softness throughout the mattress.

The morning after my girlfriend first slept on the mattress, I asked her what she thought. She said, "It was hard to get out of bed." I asked, "Was it hard to get out of because you sank into the bed?" She replied, "No, I didn't sink at all; I just didn't want to get out of bed." That pretty much sums up how comfortable the mattress is.

The bed has also been tested during our other nocturnal activity. It does not make any noise at all which I am sure could be a selling point for parents looking for a new mattress.

Awesome mattress!

This mattress is cozy yet supportive, and I no longer wake up feeling as though I had been hit by a truck. The No. 7 is plush, and it could be too plush for some; but my husband and I like it a lot. I think a No. 6 would have suited us just as well. It's nice to know that for a nominal fee we can change the topper. We tried many mattresses including the typical innerspring as well as memory foam and latex, and decided to give this a shot because of the many positive reviews of the mattress and of Dreamfoam. We were also happy to support an American manufacturer.

Which is why I feel like a bit of an ass for not posting this ...

I know how retailers want/depend on these reviews - it's obvious from the followup when you make certain purchases on Amazon. Which is why I feel like a bit of an ass for not posting this sooner (our purchases was something around six months ago - time flies!). We were moving, so this was was rather key on installing ourselves in our new home. Like most, I was skeptical (to say the least) about buying a mattress online. It seemed perfect though - and honestly, the reviews sold me - so I took the leap.

We ordered the "5" - delivery and packing perfect. Fun unpacking! What a trip!

Comfy - but too firm for the spouse :(

Ok, return and exchange for a "6" - couldn't have been easier (or more fair, really) - I paid $200 bucks upfront, $100 of which was returned after we returned the "5" topper after our "6" topper was installed.

Honest, fair. and equitable, with quality product and pretty close to no-risk. What more do you need?

I was very happy with the Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress ...

I was very happy with the Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress I ordered through Amazon. I was contacted through email, consulting Chuck about the softness, etc. I think I got exactly what I was looking for in an "8". I'm a senior citizen that has arthritis, and other spine problems, and require a soft mattress. It is super comfortable. I highly recommend it!
I have two minor complaints about it, but they pertain probably only to me. I am short (4'11"), and the mattress is higher than I was
expecting. I have a bit of difficulty getting in bed. Will probably need a small stool as I get less active. The mattress IS soft, so the
side does not hold steady when you sit on the bed. I feel sure that this is because I got such a soft mattress. My other small
complaint is that it is so heavy. I was expecting a much lighter mattress. It is so difficult for two seniors to turn a mattress, and we have to rely on others to do so. Overall, however, a great mattress, made and at my door in about a week, with kind help from Chuck.

Great purchase

We were in the market for a new mattress and I came across the Ultimate Dreams on Amazon. After doing some research on sleep like the dead and mattress underground, it sounded like the Ultimate Dreams was worth considering. I ended up pulling the trigger on it two weeks ago. I've been sleeping on it for a week now and have been very happy with it. Much more comfortable than my old coil spring mattress. Here are some of my observations:

1. I like a firm mattress, and after emailing with Chuck, I went with the 3, which is on the firmer end of the spectrum (1 to 10, with 1 being the firmest). This was perfect for me. There is a ton of support, but there is also a softness that firm spring mattresses lack. As primarily a back sleeper, it has been super comfortable.

2. Setup is pretty easy. The hardest part was lugging it up the stairs. Once in place, its merely a matter of cutting the wrapping and watching it inflate. Pretty cool.

3. It takes a few days for the mattress to fully inflate to its full size. I slept on it a few hours after opening it and was fine, but it truly took about 72 hours to get to its full size and full firmness.

4. I used to get neck and back soreness from my old mattress. I have experienced none of this on the Ultimate Dreams.

5. If you live on the east coast, shipping takes a week or so.

Overall I have been extremely pleased with this purchase.

Best bed we have ever owned

My fiance and I just moved into a new home and one of the first things on our list was getting a new bed. After reading through all of the reviews we decided to go with this one. Shortly after ordering we were contacted and asked what firmness we wanted in the mattress. Thankfully, because we got the king size, we were able to do two different settings for the bed. My fiance did the 6, and it is very supportive without being too firm. It has done wonders for his back issues. I got the 8 in mine because I love feeling like I am sleeping on a cloud and at first it seemed slightly too firm still. I contacted Dreamfoam and was very quickly assured that if I gave it a few more days it would soften up a little. I am glad I waited because now it is perfect. We are so extremely happy with this bed and cannot recommend it enough!

Best Mattress Ever!!

Read the reviews and just buy this bed!!! I was hesitant to purchase a mattress online, without being able to test it out, but boy am I so glad that I bought this. It is hands down the most comfortable bed that I have ever slept in. No more waking up with back pain and no more restless nights!! If it helps, I went with an 8, and it is so soft yet very supportive. Don't it now!!

Sweet Dreams

This was probably one of the easiest purchases I've made. I found the reviews from verified purchasers very helpful in deciding to make the purchase. I ordered the mattress on 7/12/14. I sent Chuck two emails on 7/13/14 to discuss the level of firmness desired and confirm our choice as a Level 5. The mattress shipped from Arizona to Northern California on 7/15/14 and arrived on 7/17/14.

Note: If you have a two story house, you may need assistance getting it upstairs. My husband put a rope around the box and pulled it upstairs one step at a time. Do not remove the box, you don't want to risk breaking the plastic prematurely. This mattress comes vacuum packed (flat as a pancake) and rolled up like a jelly roll. One of the reviewers who posted pictures said it opened up as fast as an inflatable life raft. Boy was he right! I reminded my husband he needed to make sure the mattress was right side up, before he cut the plastic. It was a race to strip off the plastic before it fully inflated. There was no odor at all. After sitting for a few hours, I was not able to detect any further changes in size or firmness.

We are now sleeping very comfortably on our new mattress. I have some lingering problems from an old back injury and pinched nerves. This mattress has alleviated the majority of my discomfort and I find I am sleeping much sounder and waking rested. My husband says he is quite comfortable as well. The bonus was the price is much less than the pricy mattresses in the furniture stores.

My husband and I immediately noticed a huge improvement in getting a good night's sleep and we both still love the mattress

I bought this mattress in April, 2013 and figured I would wait a few months before reviewing. Well, time flies and here it is almost August, 2015 so I thought I should finally post a review. We ordered this with one side softer than the other, I think a 5 and a 6. My husband and I immediately noticed a huge improvement in getting a good night's sleep and we both still love the mattress. It has held up very well and we haven't had any problems with it. It's very comfortable. The topper does have a slight indentation on each side, but it doesn't effect our sleep at all. IF I had to complain about anything, I would ask Dreamfoam to figure a way to put a handle or two on either side of the mattress, as it's difficult for me to get a good grip on it to lift it up when I am putting on a clean sheet. Other than that, we are very satisfied with our purchase - the product, price, and the excellent customer service.

Very disappointed - would not purchase again

The reviews for this product are very high, and for that I'm a bit confused. The customer service was fantastic, however the product itself is just okay. I ordered a 3.5 which was insanely firm and caused quite a bit of shoulder and hip pain. I switched it out for a "7" which is still much firmer than I expected and still uncomfortable. It doesn't cause pain like the 3.5 did, but its just not very luxurious or comfortable. The bed also sleeps very hot and wakes me up in the middle of the night. I can't recommend this product.

1 year update: It just gets worse and worse. There is no way the reviews for this product are authentic. We've had constant hip and shoulder pain and can't sleep more than 6 hours because the body wakes up in so much pain. We've resorted to taking turns sleeping in the spare bedroom (mattress is too small for both of us at the same time) just to get a decent nights sleep. Its also super hot...and at this point ridiculously hard. I absolutely don't understand how anybody would legitimately give this bed more than 1 or 2 stars.

Other Mattress Companies Beware!

After a bit of hesitation like others have said, I took as chance and ordered a king sized Eurotop latex mattress on Amazon. I am so very glad I did to! I do not think I will be buying another mattress anywhere else besides Dreamfoam. I decided on the firmness of 6 (you can decide 1 - 10) and it is so very comfortable. I laid on it on the day it arrived to feel how I liked it and accidentally fell asleep!

After this experience, I have little reason to look for a mattress anywhere else. You simply cannot beat the price, comfort, and the fact that it is delivered to your door and you don't have to worry about hauling a mattress around town. I also like the fact that the mattress arrives in a vacuum seal pack and it rolled up. This makes it very easy to move into the right room before you open it up and let it expand out.

In short, stop wondering and just buy the mattress! You will be glad you did!

Great mattress, price, and customer service

Came upon this after searching amazon and looking at sleep like the dead. Seemed like a great value, especially knowing you can swap the top latex layer for a small fee if it is not to your liking. This has been excellent since day 1. Feels a bit softer than I thought I would like, but great support underneath. Have slept great on it for 2 weeks. I sleep hot, and am fine on this. Chuck (customer service rep) is wonderful and is available by email and phone to answer questions. We went out and tried lots of different mattresses in stores, told him what we liked, and he steered us toward a 7 firmness. I was concerned that it would be too firm and we got a 6- we love it but he was probably right, a 7 would have been perfect. Regardless, compared with the horror of shopping in mattress stores this experience was much much better. We had some trepidation about buying online but it was clearly the right decision.

Best Bed Ever!

Customer service was excellent, and they helped my wife out by phone to pick the right firmness to softness ratio! Wife ultimately went with an "8", and she says it's the best sleep she has had in years. Highly recommend!

We love our mattress so much that we bought another one ...

We love our mattress so much that we bought another one for our granddaughter and will be buying a third one for our vacation home. Our first mattress is almost a year old so we've had it long enough to fully test it.
I can move all around and not bother my wife on the other side of the bed. We got their box springs and frame too.
Very comfortable!!! Every time I go to bed I am so glad we bought this mattress as it's truly a dream to sleep on.
We got the level 6 and love it. Bought the same level for our second one.
I'm a pretty picky consumer and am very happy with this purchase. Get one. You will be glad you did!
I got the King rather than Cal King and at 5' 11", I wish I had gone with the Cal King for a little extra leg room.

King of the Hill Among Budget Mattresses

Let me start out by saying that if you were to exclude price in comparing mattresses, this is a 4 star mattress. Before buying this mattress, I laid down on locally made, full natural talalay latex, and completely customized/zoned to your body mattress that cost north of $5,000. This is not that kind of mattress. That said, I do not believe that there are mattresses in the price range that can compare to Dreamfoam. You get a king mattress with your choice of firmness for each side. I am not aware of anywhere else you can get that for under $1,000. If the latex is too hard or soft, you can pay the fee to swap it out. I laid down on a lot of mattresses before buying this one, and I just don't think that any name brand mattress can compare. The customer service, basic quality, and value make this a 5 star product.

I found the buying process and shipping to be very fast. They were ready to ship a mattress before I could even make up my mind on what I wanted. The way the mattress is packaged is very good. As an added bonus, my kids have been playing with the cardboard from the box for over a week. Once the mattress was unwrapped, it expanded immediately. I was able to sleep on it the same day I opened it. I didn't notice any bad odor or offgassing. It smells like a new mattress to me. The cheap IKEA bed I bought for it has more of a smell than the mattress. It is nothing like the awful odor from certain name brand and very expensive memory foam mattresses I have been around when new that I think smelled bad for weeks. My first night on the mattress was good, except I had a hard time falling asleep because I was excited about it. I have a few messed up discs in my back, so I am used to waking up in pain from laying on most mattresses. The next morning I woke up pain free, and it got even better with each night. I think the next mattress I buy will be the dreamfoam ultimate dreams total latex mattress. I was too afraid to spend $1,900 on a mattress on amazon. After my experience with this mattress, I would not hesitate for my next purchase.

Don't buy if you like a firm mattress!!

I had high hopes for this bed because of all the rave reviews, but this bed has been nothing but a nightmare. It's wayyyyyy to soft- even after exchanging the softer 5 latex for a 2, the plush top has an inch thick soft cover that began to compress and become uneven after just a few months. We have taken the topper off and keep it in the closet, sleeping on the bare latex which is the perfect firmness, however, it's cut in two pieces which slide around and have to be adjusted every single night to prevent a gap from forming. It drives me crazy, when all I want is to sleep in comfort at the end of the night and I'm bent over this awful bed every night fixing the latex. And since we sleep with just a sheet over the raw latex it's starting to disintegrate. I'm not a big person, 5'5" 120lbs. Counting the days when we can afford a new king bed. Sorry I wasted my money.

Would be happy to give more than five stars if I could!

We just setup our mattress this past weekend, and I have had the best two nights of sleep I have had since I was much younger, before age set in!

I did much research after being a new mattress, and never being happy with my coil spring mattress. I decided to go the latex mattress route. I know there are many more expensive brands of latex mattresses, I am very pleased with my DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams mattress!

I have to say this is the first item I have purchased that I wished I could give more than five stars. I have had no problem with gas smells, or any of the other things done negative reviews gave. This product wss was delivered timely, the Chuck option for choosing firmness wss great, and made me change my mind on firmness after speaking to them and telling them some brands and their firmness levels that we tried in our local stores. The choice of firmness was perfect.

The key for me is that I am getting deep sleep. I haven't snored in years, not from apnea, but from deep sleep, I am snoring now. I haven't even woke up to go to the bathroom the last two nights. It had been amazing for both my wife and I! BTW, I used one of those nose bridge bandaid things and took care of the snoring.

The other thing is my back muscles are fully relaxed. Normally in the morning, when I get up and move my neck, it cracks like crazy. Back is stiff. Since sleeping in this bed, I have virtually no back or neck pain.

Exceedingly happy with this purchase, and it was cheaper than the coil spring mattress I had been looking into.

Best mattress ever!!!!!

Like so many others, we dreaded shopping for a new mattress. To many stores, to many manufactures, to many models! Of coarse everyone has the best you can buy!
The most likely place to start these days is on the computer. After many long evenings of research, it was obvious that I should concider a foam mattress. Never slept on one, never even sat on one, but what I did know was one of my coworkers had a brand name memory foam and could not wait for it to be returned.
There seems to be as many makers of foam mattresses as there are inner spring. I started reading the long list of reviews, seeing good, bad, and the in between. I stumbled onto the Dream mattresses, and although there were very few reviews, I did not see one bad review!
Ordering over the internet was a deffinite concern, so I called and spoke with Chuck, the company owner. I explained our sleeping preferences: we are back and side sleepers, like a firm mattress that is not hard but supportive, we like some cushion without being trapped or surrounded by the top, and I am a edge sleeper. Chuck recommended a strait #4, and if I was concerned it may not be right for us, to buy the Eurotop ( the top layer can be unzipped and exchanged for a softer or harder one ). Well, I could have saved a few hundred dollars, because Chuck nailed it and I could have bought a standard mattress!
Now, for the good stuff!! Mattress was delivered on the first day of the delivery time frame. Not bad concidering Arizona to Pa. Out of the box, no smell like the complaints on memory foams. Be carefull, the mattress unrolls upside down! We slept on the mattress the same night. Wow, do I mean slept!!
I have had two back surgeries and it is a fight to get comfortable. I have to get up and down many times thru the night, toss and turn all night long etc. Now, I can't say I spent the whole night in bed and pain free, but wow what a difference!! I can say this, after two weeks on this mattress I can spend the entire night in bed. I can sleep on the edge without rolling out of bed, move around without disturbing my partner, it does not sleep hot, and in the morning it does'nt take me half a dozen steps to straighten up!!
There are not words for me to express how this mattress is improving my life!
Sorry to have rambled on, but I just want everyone that may read this review to understand something about these great mattresses. Do not hesitate to order if you are concidering a Dream mattress! And if you are not concidering one, you should be!!!!!
Thanks to Chuck and Amazon, Roger.

So far, so good...

After much research, purchased to replace very disappointing Sterns and Foster, which sagged badly. Will break into pros and cons:


-Spoke to gentleman at company who was very helpful in choosing the right latex density, plus it's just nice to get decent customer service.
-Got a free latex pillow, yay!
-Thick, but not too thick: 12" after full inflation, with pillow-top.
-Comfy and warm
-Having owned an older memory-foam mattress years ago (which I had for 15 years before trading in on 20-year non-prorated mattress guarantee...oh, that was a fun day at Sears :P ) I can say this mattress is more like a spring mattress in it's responses. No delay in conforming to you, good firm response.
-Pillow top is heavenly, and zippered for easy removal/changing/cleaning of latex inside.
-Did not get the smell others sometimes complain of, was fine first day although I let it air out for a week before I moved it on.
-Very hard for eight-year-old son to bounce on mattress, saving the antique bed it's sitting on undue stress.

-Heavy as a heavy, heavy thing. Don't lift solo.
-No handles!! Guys, put some handles on the sides!
-Due to no handles, kind of a pain to put sheets on. I broke a nail (not joking).

Notes: I'm tall and heavy - over 200 lbs - and after discussion with the company guy I opted for a "5" so I would not sink in or feel unsupported. Good choice for my size so far.

Final: One week in, love it for comfort, my son loves it for snuggling (but not jumping). A good buy.

One year update! Still fantastic. No divots so far, which (as previously mentioned) was a concern as I winter well, to use a fat euphemism. Still cozy. Still feels fabulous when I collapse onto it at night. Boyfriend finds it highly sleepable as well. Still two thumbs up.

It's like sleeping in a hammock

You will regret buying this mattress! I've had this mattress for 2 years now and can properly evaluate it fairly and accurately. When I originally ordered this mattress I researched extensively and choose a firmness level 5. Reading that the firmness would eventually soften with time. OH MY, it really softened - where you sleep on it the most. What happens is, you will have a very soft valley and a much firmer surrounding area. It's like sleeping in a hammock. Visually, this valley is not noticeable.. IS HORRIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE. It is unusable just two years later. Now, i am not a large man. 6' 2" 210lbs should not prematurely wear any mattress out. I cannot put into words how disappointing this mattress has been. I loved it for the first 3 months, except sex. Sex is the well documented pitfall of these type of mattresses.

Online research pays off!

After 2 nights, I declare this to be the best mattress we've ever had in the 19 years we've been married! I did a lot of online research before making this purchase. The details on latex foam mattresses on Mattress Underground led me to this Dreamfoam mattress here on Amazon. Then, the Amazon reviews sealed the deal for me. Chuck reached out to me and we exchanged several emails regarding our choice for firmness. We went with a 7, and I'm happy to report that it is perfect! It's amazingly plush, yet still supportive. It reminds me of the beds at a Marriott Hotel. I am a side-sleeper, and this mattress doesn't give me a stiff shoulder in the morning. I ordered it on 4/15, and it arrived on 4/26. (I live in Atlanta, so it had to travel across the country from Phoenix.) I was able to drag the box down the hall, pull the rolled up mattress on my bed, and set it up by myself. I thought it would take two of us, but it was very easy to do. It inflated so quickly! There was really no smell at all, which surprised me. I set it up around 2 PM, and we slept on it that same night. I still can't believe I paid only $899 for a custom made mattress! I love that this is made in the USA by a family business!

Best Mattress!!!

Ordered this mattress after the recommendation from a friend that purchased his mattress through this same company. My wife and I both agree that this is the best mattress we have ever slept on. We ordered it with a 7 for softness (just slightly softer than standard). The latex foam top is like sleeping on a cloud and conforms to the shape of your body perfectly, but yet it still offers exceptional underlying support on my back. Before purchasing this mattress, I spent many nights tossing and turning trying to get comfortable but haven't had that problem at all since purchasing this mattress.

Coolest feature is being able to customize the softness level of the mattress. Received an email from the company a couple of hours after placing the order that outlined the firmness levels of the mattress. Responded back and the mattress was built to our comfort level!

Great mattress, AMAZING service, customized softness!

Thoughts and questions:
I was not sure about buying a mattress over the Internet. But these guys had great reviews, Still not sure,
Found in a post online their phone number.
So I called and had a real person on the phone within seconds. Chuck was amazingly knowledgeable and was able to help me with some information. After thinking some more about mattress softness, size and other things, I called him again. Told him my weight, that I sleep on the back and asked for his recommendation.
I was not sure about the softness as there are some reviews which say this mattress is too soft. What Chuck told me surprised me, as it is nowhere stated online.

Need to know:
This mattress can be ordered with any level of softness between 1 and 10. Level 1 is like sleeping on the floor. Standard is 5, that's what they will send if you don't tell them differently.

Order process
So I ordered my mattress, got an email from Chuck confirming, I called and we agreed on a 3.5 softness level.
Be aware that if you don't call they will send you a level 5!

about 10 days later I got my mattress delivered, i think it was through Fedex. Its a 6" box that can be comfortably transported by 2 person.
OK , how long before I can sleep on it? on the internet you read it takes from 1 up to several days. So back on the phone, Chuck, what do you say? He said leave it alone for 4-5 hours and it will be fine. That's what I did.
Some have written about a smell, it was also gone within those 5 hours.

We slept the same night on that mattress and we love it. no more back pain. The service is just amazing. its a US company from Arizona, producing in Arizona, one can reach out to them by phone or email and get an answer! and the price is 1/4 of what the name brands in the shops are asking for. Highly recommending this one.

Contact them:
if in doubt, call them. you can reach Chuck at 877-955-5503

Great Mattress!

When my wife and I started looking at new mattresses, the most basic rule we kept running into was to never buy a mattress without trying it out first. When I first heard this I wholeheartedly agreed with it. It seemed like such good common sense I couldn't imagine actually paying so much money for a mattress I hadn't tried first. So we drove around and tried lots of mattresses. We eventually found one that we really liked, very comfortable and very expensive! It was a latex mattress, something that was new to us.

I decided to try to find that exact mattress online, hoping to find it at a more reasonable price. During that search I came across this mattress on Amazon. I knew it wasn't the same mattress we had found locally, but the description sounded so much like it and the user reviews were so overwhelmingly positive it caught our attention. We both talked it over and in the end decided that because the price was so much lower it was worth the risk.

We placed our order and were promptly contacted by Chuck who ended up recommending a #6 mattress to us. The mattress was delivered by FedEx a few days later, rolled up in a box 15"x15"x79". It's kind of an odd experience receiving a mattress that's been vacuum packed, sealed in plastic and rolled so tightly. As soon as we cut the plastic seal the mattress began to decompress, filling out surprisingly quickly. The info that comes with the mattress states that it will fully regain its normal state within 24 to 48 hours. I asked Chuck about this and he told me that the mattress would be ready to use in 3 to 4 hours.

We've had the mattress now for about a month. I've got to say that both my wife and I are so glad we took the chance on this purchase. The mattress is at least as comfortable as the best we found locally - and we saved literally thousands of dollars. We really couldn't be happier with this purchase and strongly recommend that anyone considering purchasing this mattress need not be afraid. It's a very high quality product, comes with terrific customer service and is made here in the USA! This is a great buy!

Believe the hype...

I'm not sure I can say anything that hasn't already been said, but the more people that say it, the easier it may be for others to feel confident about ordering. And they should feel confident.

I finally placed an order on Saturday, 5/11. I sent Chuck a quick e-mail once I ordered with some basic information (height/weight, what we were looking for, etc.) and I received an e-mail the following morning (on Sunday am) outlining some options in terms of the firmness. Another e-mail went back and forth before I finally settled on a 5, "the firmer side of the medium (mattress) spectrum." I e-mailed Chuck to let him know our decision, and ended up talking to him about 2 hours later. He said they would start making the mattress that same day, and that it should ship out in a few days.

It shipped out the next day, and was to our door (in PA) exactly one week from the day the order was officially placed.

The package weighed about 90 pounds, and as I removed the plastic, the mattress quickly expanded to it's normal shape, with no noticeable odor at all. Per my conversation with Chuck, I allowed 4-5 hours before we actually made the bed and slept on it.

It's only been two nights of sleep, but the mattress has been excellent. It's slightly softer than what we had before, which takes some getting used to but that's by no means a bad thing - it's extremely comfortable and very supportive. And even better, if we do decide to make a change (within a 90-120 day window), we can switch out the topper for a different firmness level for a very reasonable fee ($75 total once the new topper arrives and the original is returned).

The *only* negative to the whole experience is simply not knowing for sure which firmness level would best suit you before ordering, but in our case, we made a very good choice. And having the option to switch it out later for a different level is what finally sold me on this specific mattress.

(As a random FYI, the mattress was significantly thicker than our previous mattress, and our standard 8" box foundation made the bed entirely too high. One low-profile box foundation later, problem solved).

Again, a great product, and exceptional value, and outstanding customer service. I'm hoping this mattress lasts a long, long time.

Ditto other 5 Star Reviews:

I've had this mattress for about a month now.
Having spent hours of research, many of which were spent at theundergroundmattress, I decided to go with the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress because #1. I wanted latex but did not want to spend two or three times more for a full latex mattress, #2. I appreciated the fact that I could switch out the top layer with the zippered top, either to adjust the firmness level if I chose the wrong firmness, or down the road if the latex started to wear, without replacing the entire mattress, and #3. because based on the reviews of all the Ultimate Dreams Mattresses I felt confident in purchasing from this company.

The ordering process was pleasant and straight forward. I received an email from Chuck soon after ordering, and we had a quick back and forth discussion about which firmness level to order. I expressed my confusion due to the reviews and based on his advice I ended up going with the six. I am 5'5" and weigh 155 lbs, a side, occasional back and stomach sleeper. The firmness and softness of the six is perfect for me. I think a five would have been too soft and a 7 a tad firm.

The mattress arrived about a week after ordering, coming from Phoenix to Atlanta. We took it out of the box in the garage and carried the bag with the bed up the stairs. There was a slight hole somewhere in the plastic and the bed started to expand before we got it up the stairs. Quite a comical presentation to say the least! I would suggest carrying the box to where you set the bed up just in case.

There was a slight smell but barely noticeable...the mattress appears to be very high quality with a very soft luxurious feel to the bamboo cover. I unzipped the top to check out the three inch layer of latex which seemed to look fine. My only concern will be how long the quilted top will hold out before it shows wear (compression) but time will tell. I figure if I get 6 or 7 years out of it I will be more than happy!

The mattress is very comfortable, not hot, and I am finding that I'm sleeping much better than my previous spring mattress. With my other mattress I think I wasn't sleeping nearly as deeply because I had to keep switching positions to stay comfortable, but with the Ultimate Dreams I am not aware of the "switching" during the night. I'm sure I move sometimes but am never aware of it, although there have been times that I swear I did not move the entire night! I'm now a firm believer that latex is the way to go!

In conclusion I would purchase this mattress again, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality latex mattress at a remarkable price.
By the way if you join undergroundmatress and tell Chuck you're a member you will get the free latex pillow. I love the pillow. It's great!

Update: (March 22, 2-15)
Wow,...I payed $899 for this mattress in October 20, 2012. That's quite a hike in price these days. Mattress is still good. Not the bargain it used to be however.

Great Mattress, Great Service - Don't be afraid to order online

My wife and i did a lot of research on mattresses prior to purchase and after looking on sites like "Sleep Like the Dead" and "Mattress Underground" etc, we decided we wanted a Latex Mattress. (As FYI, we we first started our search we thought we wanted Tempurpedic or Sleep Number but after talking to friends and doing more research both of those seemed like bad decisions). So, when we decided on latex, we were steering towards the Pure Bliss Natural bed, but a king size is around $3k and this just seemed like a lot. We kept seeing the writeups about Brooklyn Bedding's DreamFoam Latex mattress on SLTD and MU websites, but were concerned about ordering a mattress online. In the end, we took a gamble and ordered this bed for $1k, hoping to save the money vs the PBN. We decided on this "eurotop" version vs the standard version of this mattress b/c the eurotop version allows you to change out the latex upper (just unzip/replace with new upper from BB) if you find that it is too hard or soft so that gives you a bit of extra confidence in the purchase.

On the mattress review websites you see over and again about the great service from Brooklyn Bedding and we found the same experience. Very quickly post purchase we were contacted by BB to confirm order and ask us to choose our firmness. We used the option to have a phone conversation with BB and talked with Chuck for guidance. In the end, we decided on getting a firmness of 5. We have had the bed for a month or so now and it is just great - very comfortable and offers both my wife and I a great night's sleep. We are very happy we made this purchase

Other Notes:
a) We ended up not needing to make a change in the latex upper because Chuck did a great job of helping us get it right the first time. Even still, I would get the Eurotop again because I like the flexibility and can make a change later if need be
b) Our original intention was to get a latex mattress and then add a latex topper b/c that seems to be a popular thing to do and the big box mattress stores recommended that. We told this to Chuck at BB and even asked him to sell us a topper with our initial purchase, however he told us to try the mattress without the topper first and see how we like it, then if need be call back and get the topper. It turns out we did not need the topper. What impresses me about this is that Chuck did not just sell us something we didn't need even though it meant less money for him. That is rare in today's world, huh? Pretty cool
c) Despite being a king size bed, amazingly the mattress comes in a long, tube of carboard box. the mattress is totally shrunk down in airtight wrap. You unwrap it and it pretty much expands back into its shape in about 10 minutes - quite a site. we did let it air out on the patio b/c we read about the potential fumes from latex/foam but in the end we had no issues and didn't notice any latex odors even on the first night
d) re ordering online - it was a concern at first but BB proved to be a quality company and we are glad we took the risk.

Give it a try. It's a gamble worth taking.


They do make buying a mattress online super simple and stress-free.

It's a pretty heavy-duty, well made product. It weighs as much as a spring mattress, not light and foamy like you would think. Definitely a two-man job moving it around. Why do manufacturers never put handles on mattresses, ever?!

I bought the Ultimate Dream Eurotop because I wanted the option of exchanging the latex layer. Glad I did. Ended up exchanging a #7 for a #5. Now it's perfect. NOTE: Exchanges will cost you $75.

A #7 is very soft (and I only weigh 135 lbs). How soft is "very soft?" It's the equivalent of a Simmons "ultra plush pillow top," (basically the second softest mattress Simmons makes. That was my previous bed and it had over 3" of pillow top cushiness. So go try out the second softest Simmons at a store near you for reference and that will be #7). I'm really skinny and I sank right into it like a cloud (not "sink" like the annoying memory foam quicksand "sink" but a more pleasant bouncy, springy "sink"). The description says #5 is on the firm-side but it's more of a good supportive soft than a hard firm. I personally don't recommend going above #6 in this specific mattress it you're heavier than 150 lbs and have a bad back. But if you still want that fluffy super-soft "pillow top" feel, I'm pretty sure #7 will make you happy. Like I said, #7 is very comfy soft.

Now the bad. There IS a definite smell that will last for about a month. it's not a bad smell but it's not pleasant either. It smells just like fresh light vegetable oil (safflower or canola, not olive) or unscented wax. It does NOT, however, smell like rubber band, thank goodness. And it's quite obvious. My entire bedroom smelled like this mattress for a little over a month. However, for the same quality latex at a cheaper price, I'm willing to put up with the smell. .

TL,DR: Great customer service, comfortable mattress at a great price, and a strong lingering oily smell (that will eventually go away).

LOVE my new bed!

I was a really leery ordering a bed online. It just seemed like you should lay on a bed before you buy one. After a lot of research both online and in stores, I determined I really wanted latex vs. memory foam. I was really shocked by the prices. After reading the reviews and comparing prices for memory foam and the one latex bed I was finding locally I decided to take a chance and order this bed because the price was just so much better and the reviews on the company were great. Best decision I could have made!

The mattress and the company are just as everyone has written. They are both great! Chuck emailed me the very next day after I ordered to see what firmness I wanted. He said they would be making my bed that day. I received it a week later. I purchased a 7 since I preferred the softer memory foam beds I had tried out. The Eurotop gave me the option to switch out the firmness if it turned out I really misjudged.

My bed is perfect! I love it! It's been 10 nights of great sleep. I had been having trouble sleeping through the night and had pain every morning in my hip and back with my previous mattress (which I had thought was a decent mattress). Now I'm sleeping great and the pain in my back and hip are gone. I can hardly believe the change just by simply getting this mattress. I did find the latex mattress slept hotter than my old regular mattress, but I simply switched to a lighter comforter which solved the issue.

The best mattress for the best price with THE BEST customer service!

This is the first review I've done on Amazon. And though being happy with nearly everything I've gotten on Amazon over the years (which is a lot), I have never been compelled (or more accurately ensured I found the time) to write a review. In this instance, I had to make an exception. Everything about the transaction from the price to the product to the sales experience and shipping was utterly perfect. I won't belabor price - it should be more than obvious Dreamfoam mattresses represent the best value around for a VERY high quality product. The customer service is without comparison. Every question we had (and we had more than a few, especially since I had never in my life imagined ordering a bed via the internet), was answered promptly, thoroughly and thoughtfully. Finally, the product quality. We decided to get the eurotop in a king for the flexibility of being able to change out the latex for a firmer or softer option if we made a mistake the first time. After many a question, we settled on a 4 (we both like mattresses on the firmer end, though my wife likes them firmer then I). I was on the fence about going up to a 6 or so, and contemplated doing 1/2 4 and 1/2 6, as we were told this was an option with the eurotop. We decided to stick with a 4 overall, and I have to tell you, it is pure magic. I never thought I would write about how I have never slept better in my life, but I'd be lying if I could say any different. Like the dead, Even at 34yo, I don't have the best of backs (former military), and this bed supports in ways I never thought possible. My wife is 8mo pregnant, and she too thinks it's a miracle. She has far far less pain and stiffness and general discomfort as compared to our old, very expensive, pillow top coil mattress. I am so very happy to have supported this business, and I plan to in the future. You can be assured I will be getting a twin when my daughter graduates from a toddler bed she's in now, and likely another for our guest room. God bless quality American small business! These guys are great.

Quality concerns and Customer Service Issues

We received this bed about 3 weeks ago now. We decided to go with a level 5 because my boyfriend and I move around a lot at night and like to sleep on our stomachs.

Firstly, upon opening the mattress we noticed a large TEAR in the bottom of the cover through the foam. We contacted Chuck with the issue and at first he was very responsive and quick to respond, however, after a few emails he is no longer replying to our messages. We had requested a replacement cover for the bottom (worried that the rip may introduce moisture and ruin the foam over the next couple years). He notified us that this was not a possibility with our mattress (not sure why). We then asked, several times, if there were any other options available to protect/replace the defect and he has since not responded (about 2 weeks ago)

As for the mattress itself, we have been impressed thus far with the Level 5 firmness, although we have tossed around the possibility of trying a level 6 (again, we have emailed Chuck about this but he has not responded).

My overall impression is that the mattress is of good quality, however, the tear in the bottom and poor response from costumer service is disappointing, to say the least. We read all of the reviews when searching for a good, quality mattress and had high expectations not only for this bed, but also Ultimate Dreams. We hope this bed lasts and that Ultimate Dreams costumer service will rectify our issues/concerns.

Can't beat it!

I've had lower back surgery and lower back pain is a constant worry. We had a gel mattress and I would wake up in pain all the time. It hurt to turn over, but I couldn't stay on one side through the whole night. And then I got pregnant - even more uncomfortable! Plus I would get way too hot sleeping on the gel mattress AND it would just sink in...was not happy. A lot of people talked about how wonderful latex mattresses were, but they were really expensive (especially considering our mattress was only a year old).

Then I noticed an ad on Amazon, and checked it out. I read all these amazing reviews and saw how big of a price difference there was (I saw some mattresses in stores that were over twice the price of what was listed online!), I decided to take the plunge and order the mattress online. I played phone tag with Chuck for a couple days, but then decided on the mattress for us. Slightly firmer than normal, but not super-hard.

It arrived EARLY and was only slightly difficult for my husband to lug up the stairs (being pregnant, I'm more of a supervisor right now) by himself. It was fun to watch it expand, and the odor was not too bad at all (again, being pregnant, I have a sensitive sniffer right now, and it didn't bother me). It didn't take long for the bed to fill out.

I'd say almost immediately I noticed a difference. I can turn over without being in pain, although I find myself doing less tossing and turning, and when I get up in the mornings, my lower back doesn't feel like it's been through a meat grinder. The latex doesn't get hot, so I'm sleeping much better on that front too. My husband has had no complaints about the bed either - we are both satisfied customers!

We've had the bed for over a year now and although we still like it, we aren't as in love with it as we were. We've noticed sagging on both sides and I'm disappointed in how fast that happened. After all the rave reviews, both online and from friends, I expected a much stronger durability from the mattress and I'm disappointed in the performance. However, my back pain has not returned, so that's still a big plus for me. I'm just unhappy that our mattress is kind of a "W" shape now.

Feel like I'm sleeping in a warm cocoon!

I have fibromyalgia, Sjogren's syndrome, arthritis in my spine and neck and degenerative disk problems in my back. I've slept on inner spring mattresses, soft sided waterbeds (they look like a normal mattress but it unzips and there are water tubes on the inside), a trial run of a tempurpedic mattress for about 4 months and then back to an expensive "Sealy Back Care" pillow-top innerspring mattress that was sagging within a few months of purchasing. The tempurpedic we tried had an odor that never went away even though we were told it would after a few days. The odor made me feel dizzy and kind of sick to my stomach. I also felt like I was "stuck" in the mattress and when I needed to move I'd have to physically lift myself up to turn over. Now, for someone with no pain issues that might not be a big deal but for someone that turning over normally can sometimes hurt and cause pain, having to lift yourself up was very painful on my back.

This mattress I've had for about a month and ten days, wanted to wait a little while before reviewing it! I was very hesitant to buy a mattress online that I hadn't had a chance to lie on or get a trial period for. I went back and forth for months trying to decide what to do. The Sealy mattress we bought was about $1600 for just the mattress. As that was sagging pretty badly after just 7 years (and started sagging just after a couple of months of purchase) I figured that this would have to be some improvement over what we were currently sleeping on. So I ordered the mattress, exchanged a few e-mails back and forth, described my mattress history, my health issues and what we liked and didn't like about the other mattresses we had in the past. I was suggested going with a 6,7 or 8 and each was described to me and we decided to go with the "8" which was described as like "sleeping on a cloud". The bed arrived exactly one week after I ordered it. It arrived in a long, narrow box with the mattress rolled up inside in a vacuum packed bag.

Once we got the mattress on the bed and started to open it, it was expanding immediately and within seconds looked like a full sized mattress. There was absolutely no odor. We slept on it that night and it was comfortable even though I don't think it was fully expanded yet. I feel like I'm being enveloped in a warm cocoon when I sleep in this bed. I don't feel "stuck" like I did in the tempurpedic but I do feel the bed surrounds me nicely. The bed does feel a little bit warm but it's a comfortable warmth. As it is still Spring right now we've had some hot nights and some cold nights. I don't feel over heated on the hot nights like I have with other beds and on the cool nights I feel like I get in the bed and it picks up my body temperature good so the bed warms up nice and quick. On our innerspring pillow top we had a heated mattress pad and we were nervous about using that on this bed so didn't put it on. Even with the heated mattress pad I'd still feel chilly when I got into bed sometimes. Feel that I warm up better in this one. Now, the key thing is I just think it adjusts to my body temperature nice and quick but the bed does not feel hot for me!

It has not cured my back issues or made my fibroymyalgia pain go away but I can tell that my pressure points are not as aggravated in this bed. I had been experiencing a lot of pain in the sides of my abdomen before I got this mattress and I can barely feel that now when I sleep on my side. The shoulder pain has been lessened tremendously. I still wake up with back pain but it seems to be better. I don't feel like I toss or turn like I had been doing, shifting sides many times a night to try and find a comfortable spot. I also have a lot of pain in my shoulder joints and I'm a side sleeper so when I'd try to sleep on my side I'd have to flip over frequently because of the pain. I have not experienced that pain in my shoulders since we've been sleeping on this mattress!

The quality of the bed seems very, very good. Very sturdy feeling, looks and feels like a real mattress, fits my sheets like my innerspring did. A very nice, cushiony pillowtop and the cover is very attractive and smooth to the touch. I really hate to get out of bed in the morning!! Would definitely recommend this bed!!

Sleep Deprived

I don't know for sure, but the base foam is starting to bow in the middle already and is killing my and my wife's backs. When I first read about this mattress I thought it inexpensive enough to take the risk of not being able to send it back. Taking that into account and adding it to the fact that 50 out of 50 purchasers gave this product 5 out of 5 stars I was sold. Now I am suffering, my work performance is suffering, and I wish I would have just spent the $2000-3000 at a local retailer in order to have some kind of guarantee or return policy if what I invested in didn't end up working out. To be fair to the guys that make these mattresses they were very nice and quick in responding to our emails. When researching latex mattresses this one sounded like the winner. Unfortunately, the one thing that I was a bit leery about from the very beginning, as they never actually gave a number or any way of knowing exactly how dense that base foam is, turned out to be the Achilles heel of what would otherwise be the greatest buy out there. On one more note, again to be fair, I never did contact the seller again after the base started breaking down (in less than ONE year). And just so you know, I AM overweight, but we're talking 215, not 300 or something like that. In addition to that comment I should also mention that my wife weighs 130 and her side has done the same as mine. So there you have it. That was our experience and as a result, we are going mattress shopping at LOCAL retailers today. The one thing that kind of burns me is wondering about all of those 5 star ratings. I think there were one or two 4 star ratings, but this thing sounded like the perfect fit for someone who has already spent $2500 on a really nice mattress. It lasted 5 years and was like sleeping on a cloud before it started to break down. Sadly because of a severe illness one time while owning that mattress, we ended up voiding the 20 year warranty. Otherwise I think they would have replaced our old one. It was an Intellibed in case you were wondering. Final answer: I don't know what the actual density of the base foam layer is but whatever it is, it is not dense enough. Sorry Ultimate dreams, and not to be a total jerk, but I can't help but wonder about those shining reviews I read nearly a year ago now. My wife did just point out another VERY important point: this bed would probably awesome if only one person were sleeping in it. I had to move to the couch one night just to try to get some sleep and my wife said she was able to sleep much better with more area to herself. There you have it: if you're single it might be the awesome mattress I read about in all of those 5 star reviews, but if you sleep next to someone else either get a king (or CA king if available) or you may end up regretting it; I feel like my spine is broken every morning and I can't remember the last time I felt refreshed when I got up. Seriously, it's not good; I wake up 6-7 times a night from back pain. That's my honest review. I really wanted to love this thing. It was so cool when it arrived and I thought I was going to be able to save us some money too. It just didn't work out for us. Maybe they've increased the density if that layer by now. If they haven't, they need to. And ask them. They are very prompt with their correspondence. They'll even talk to you on the phone if you call. Give them a call. They seem very willing to answer questions, professional, and serious about their products. It just didn't work out for us. « Show Less

Best Online Purchase I've Ever Made!

WE LOVE THIS BED!!! We had a soft-side waterbed that had been slowly driving us crazy as the things that are supposed to keep the water from sloshing had all moved and were no longer offering support, etc. I would wake up more stiff and achy than when I'd gone to sleep the night before, and when I also started having serious hip pain, I knew the old waterbed just had to go. I had done some online research and had already decided that latex was the way to go (no more 'gadgets' for me, so sleep number was also not for us). I wanted something that would be easy to change the sheets (like a "normal" mattress), but didn't want to buy something that would start to show sagging within a year or two like typical innerspring mattresses can. day I was just browsing Amazon (thanks to Amazon Prime, I'm a frequent customer LOL), and decided to search for latex mattresses. I found this Dreamfoam Bedding eurotop mattress with FIVE STARS, and had to read more. I was so impressed by all the reviews I decided to take the plunge and order the bed. Just like everyone else has said, Chuck called me within 24 hours. We had a brief conversation about firmness including the fact that my spouse and I vary greatly in weight, and would that affect the durability of the mattress, the fact that we were moving from a waterbed, and didn't want to feel like we were lying on a plank, yet needed more firmness (now that we're in our 50's), and he immediately said the level 6 was probably going to be best for us. (0=sleeping on concrete; 10=floating on a cloud). After ordering, I fretted that the 6 might be a bit too soft, but it is JUST PERFECT! The bed arrived within a week, and came in a manageable size box. My hubby & I had no problem whatsoever removing the mattress from the box, and thanks to having read all the reviews, I knew that it would unroll upside down, so quickly had my hubby help me flip it before we had all the wrapping off. It comes rolled up jelly-roll style, so you do have a matter of a few seconds to get it flipped before it really starts to take off, but this thing will start to expand just as soon as you break the seal on the plastic, so be ready. all in all, it was AMAZING to watch as it took shape, and we had NO PROBLEM whatsoever getting it situated on top of our bed foundation. It was full-size in about 3 minutes. I had it all made up within the hour, with only the faintest of smell. we slept on it that night, and it was WONDERFUL! My hip pain, which had bothered me even when lying down, was non-existent as I lay on the bed that first night. Now, after almost 2 weeks, it's completely gone. What we notice most with this bed is that you don't feel your partner turn over or get up. it's FABULOUS!!! If you're thinking of going latex, I can't imagine how the $3000 beds could be any better than this. I'm going to add to this review in a year, when I see whether it shows signs of wear (dents where we sleep, etc). I couldn't be happier with this bed, and would recommend it to anyone! I didn't need to use the option to trade the latex layer, but it's wonderful to know you can buy with confidence and have the option, for a nominal fee, to customize if necessary. As for overall quality - the eurotop feels very 'luxurious' and soft, and the workmanship is the high quality you'd expect to pay way more for. Dreamfoam Bedding & its owner Chuck - you're my hero!!

don't do it! Mattress is a sinkhole after less than 2 years.

We are about 2 weeks in on this mattress and thus far we really love it. Our 1.5 year old Stearns and Foster had totally sunk in on both sides and had no support anymore (after only 1.5 years!). We did lots of research and decided latex was our best option for our next mattress-we wanted to stay far away from pillowtops and innerspring mattresses since they seem to be made to barely last anymore. We ordered this mattress since we wanted the option to change out the latex should we ever need to or if we didn't like the firmness/softness level when we got it. We got a 6 in firmness and are really happy with it-just supportive enough with just enough give. Shipping was incredibly fast and the owner will e-mail you quickly to customize your mattress. Great customer service! As the true review of any mattress is how well it lasts over the first year you own it, I'll be sure to update.


Horrible sinking on both sides of mattress. So disappointed. You can see the grooves when we make our bed, you can see both sides are sunk in. Do not buy this mattress. Now we are trying to get a refund. A mattress should last at least 7 years before doing this. Let's see if they honor their 10 year warranty.

Customer Service Wow

I ordered a mattress for my son's convertible crib before putting together the bed (insert face palm). The mattress was delivered within 2 days and I excitedly opened it up and set to converting the crib. After the final piece was in place I was immediately able to see that the bed was a full size and the mattress I ordered was a twin. I jumped online and emailed customer service to discuss their exchange policy (if any). The girl was so nice and helpful. I had my money refunded to me within 20 minutes and a full size on the way. I think this could be the easiest customer service interaction I have ever experienced.

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