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Should you trust all of the great things you hear about the Dreamcloud? Maybe yes, you should! Dreamcloud is one of the most exciting entrants into the online mattress-in-a-box space. They offer 15'' of luxury materials with an exclusive hand-tufted top with cashmere blend for a highly luxurious-comfortable sleep for the price. When it comes to comfort, the cashmere blend, high quality memory foam and latex, and the support of micro-coils provide a truly memorable sleeping surface. With optional 'like-new reconditioning' after 5 years and a 365 day trial, this is one of the best luxury bargains anywhere.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

No Back Pain: 9.4/10

Price: $1399-$1699

Trial Period: 365 Days

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Dreamcloud's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Dreamcloud has some of the most high-end materials for the price at a total profile of 15''. With the luxury cashmere blend and latex with their coil system, there is a lot to love about this mattress. Also, they have a 365 day trial, which is perfect if you decide that you don't absolutely love the mattress. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: The cashmere blend top is also the 'top' of luxury. This surface layer provides an extremely soft surface while not trapping heat.

Layer 2: The gel memory foam layer is rated as plush so it will contour around your body.

Layer 3: A second layer of memory foam provides even more pressure point relief and a 'cloud' like contour.

Layer 4: All-natural latex provides some bounce and resistance while supporting the spine above the support layers below.

Layer 5: High density memory foam will further relax those pressure points but also supports the hips and shoulders.

Layer 6: A second layer of dense memory foam is softer than the first, which reacts seemlessly to your body, perfect for those that are side or back sleepers.

Layer 7: A patent pending foam wrapped micro-coil matrix provides deep support while still resting those pressure points.

Layer 8: Along the rails of the mattress, there is added edge support with high density memory foam.

Overall Comfort

Sleepers find this mattress by and large extremely comfortable. The layers upon layers of foam are perfect for those that are side sleepers or want to feel like they are sleeping on a cloud.


The Dreamcloud feels medium to medium-soft according to customers. This mattress is definitely a pressure point reliever so if you have issues with pressure points, chronic pain or arthritis, this mattress may help.

Back Pain Relief

The Dreamcloud will do a great job at cushioning the body. For those that are lighter to medium in body type and back or side sleepers, this mattress will properly align the spine and keep you comfy throughout the night. For those that are heavier than average or stomach sleepers, this mattress may be a little too soft depending on your preferences.


Because of the attention to detail of this mattress -- from the cashmere blend and gel foam layers towards the surface, this mattress should do a great job with cooling for most. For those that are agonizingly hot sleepers, you may still retain some heat.

Who Is It Good For?

This mattress is excellent for side sleepers and those that need deep pressure point relief. Also, if you just want to try it out, its extremely generous 365 day trial and optional white glove drop-off are huge pluses. Give it a try!

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skeptic turned dreamer

I had to admit I was unsure what DreamCloud was all about and if it was possible to feel like I was sleeping on a cloud. I can actually feel the cashmere cover under my top sheet, and each night it’s almost like I am transported to waking up in an Italian villa. That’s always been my dream destination, but DreamCloud helps me get there every night.

safe haven at home

DreamCloud has become my safe haven at home. I find myself hitting snooze, and then sipping coffee in bed in the morning, and then skipping my couch at night to read in DreamCloud. The luxurious foams contour to my back so whether I am sleeping or sitting up, I always feel incredibly supported. I can’t imagine my life before DreamCloud, and if I were to guess what actually sleeping on a cloud felt like, it would be DreamCloud.

best night's sleep, period

Back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain. You name it and I had it before taking a flight to destination DreamCloud. Each night seems to cradle my body even more than before. If I slept this good as a child, I don’t remember it. DreamCloud gives me the best night’s sleep, period.

be prepared to fall asleep fast!

Don't lay down on DreamCloud unless you are prepared to fall asleep! Really, laying down on DreamCloud transports you to a sleepy, cloudy place where any stress just fades away. I fall asleep in less than 10 minutes every night with DreamCloud.

changed my life, never going back!

DreamCloud has changed almost every aspect of my life. From sleeping each night on what feels like a cozy, cashemere cloud, to waking up each morning with more energy than ever before after a full 7 hour sleep, I'm noticing incredible changes in my health. My husband and I had tried a bunch of different mattresses at stores but each time the whole time shopping felt cold and hard and awkward and uncomfortable. The DreamCloud experience surpasses anything you will find in a store. Even though DreamCloud offers a full year sleep trial, you won't need it. Once you go to DreamCloud, there really is never going back to anything else.

Like sleeping on a cloud

Like sleeping on a cloud! DreamCloud has only been apart of my life for 2 weeks and am beyond happy about it. The whole experience from start to finsih was very easy. They removed my old mattress. I was happy they did that. I've never looked back. It's actually very hard to imagine ever going back to anything that wasn't like the plush, soft, incredible sleep that is DreamCloud.

Given the gift of DreamCloud

My son gave me the gift of DreamCloud after I was complaining of back pain. And I sleep better than I have slept in 40 years. Each night with DreamCloud seems to be even dreamier than the previous one. I’ve only had DreamCloud for a month, but I truly love the experience of crawling into bed at night and sinking into the supportive layers of foam. I’m lucky my son got me such a nice gift, and hope that other people can be so lucky to bring DreamCloud into their life.

Hype is real

Yep, DreamCloud is amazing. I can't stop raving about this mattress. If you don't believe that a mattress can change the way you sleep, try DreamCloud. You won't regret it.

Feeling 10 years younger

I never thought too much about the mattress I slept on until I got DreamCloud. It's crazy how big a difference it's made. The Memory foam holds you like a gentle hand, supportive but soft. These days I'm waking up rejuvenated and full of energy -- like I'm ten years younger. I actually look forward to sleep now. Thanks to the foam layers, it feels like I'm sleeping on cloud nine, which I am, because the DreamCloud has changed my life. Thank you.

Mattress feels made for me.

A night of easeful sleep was all I ever wanted. I tried many different mattresses, but never found one that felt right for me... until now. I'm satiated, and it's all thanks to the easeful and fluid support that I feel when I lay down on my DreamCloud. The DreamCloud makes sleeping easy and fun, its foam layers create a comforting and dreamy sleep experience that reminds you of sleeping as a kid -- not a care in the world. I'm not great with words, but supple is one that comes to mind when I think about the cover that's on top. Give it a shot, it's been brilliant for me and the wife loves it too.

posh sleep

I'm always on the go, so when I need to sleep, I need to feel like I'm really at rest. DreamCloud put me in that at-home, cared for experience that I was looking for. It has such a homey feel to it, that I had to check out the materials -- no surprise there, all top notch stuff. I couldn't wait to get my girlfriend one. She called the memory foam "opulent" which is totally an accurate way of describing it but it was a very affordable purchase,so that didn't feel opulent at all but totally reasonable. DreamCloud is a truly impressive sleep experience, with a plush top that really added to the whole sleeping experience. So happy with this purchase.

sleep cool and cozy

I used to sleep really hot, always waking up sweating, so when my wife told me about DreamCloud I was hesitatnt. So many layers and cashmere combined sounded hot, but within 1 minute of my first night with DreamCloud I realized that this was actually the coolest sleeping mattress i've tried. Whatever they do really makes it feel like a cloud - cool and cozy and everything. I sleep all through the night and never wake up hot.

Nothing can compare to the dream of DreamCloud sleep

DreamCloud is like sleeping in a hug. From my first night with DreamCloud I felt like every inch of my body was soft and supportive. I felt held. Honestly, I didn’t really know what a hybrid mattress was until I started researching that it was the perfect combination of bouncy springs and memory foam. I’ve never tried any other hybrid, but after DreamCloud, I don’t want to. Nothing can compare to the dream of sleeping with DreamCloud.

Changed my life, feel like a new person

I had put off buying a new mattress for years. It was a hassle to get rid of my old mattress and spending a whole day in a mattress store testing out mattresses that all feel the same was not my cup of tea. A quick internet search brought me to DreamCloud. I figured I would give it try since they took away my old mattress with an easy exchange process, and with their Everlong Warranty, I knew I had nothing to lose. I had no idea how much I had to gain. DreamCloud changed my sleep and I wish they had come out with DreamCloud years ago.

Breakfast in bed - all the time

Have you ever had breakfast in bed with DreamCloud? I bought my husband a DreamCloud for our 20 year anniversary and it feels like we just renewed our vows. Honestly, getting into bed together was starting to feel like a bit of a chore but now, with DreamCloud, it feels like our marriage has something new, luxurious and truly dreamy. We both love the plush cashmere top and the combination of foams mean that we have breakfast in bed all the time!

My dog loves DreamCloud too

My dog used to always sleep with me in my bed, and ever since I got DreamCloud I swear I can’t get Champ out of the bed. I know that I love DreamCloud and sleep better on it than ever, but Champ has completely fallen in love with DreamCloud. Maybe it’s the cashmere cover or perfect bounciness, but one thing I know is that we are both fans!

Great for my back, great for my sleep

DreamCloud is a slam dunk for sleepers. I can't believe I waited this long. I was always worried about buying a new mattress, I loved my old one and didn't want to change. Then I used the risk free trial to try DreamCloud. I am so glad I did. DreamCloud gently massages away chronic back pain that I always thought I'd have and the cashmere cover felt like sleeping on a cloud plain. The layers of memory foam have good comfortable give, so I never felt that weird dead tingly arm feeling in the morning. I'm already in love with the DreamCloud, I can't wait to sleep on it tonight.

Luxurious sleeping experience

My sleeping has flourished since getting DreamCloud. The memory foam makes for a delectable sleeping experience that is both luxurious and rejuvenating. The cashmere cover is the perfect topper for it, pliable and cushiony. Going to sleep feels like a truly luxurious experience, and I like the fact that DreamCloud is cozy without feeling doughy, like previous mattresses I've owned. It holds its form, while contouring to yours, a perfect way to end your day. I highly recommend it to you, and to all of my friends and family. Thank you so much.

excited to go to sleep

I got DreamCloud because I was tired of my old formless, flabby mattress. That was the right move. That was the right decision. From the start the DreamCloud made my sleep a velvety and wonderful experience. I feel happy now that every time I sleep it's on fluffy clouds of cushiony foam. I'm also very happy with the customer service and allows me help when I move (which was a big concern for me since I seem to have moved a lot in life). I'm so excited to go to sleep these days.

So happy with this purchase

My husband was always complaining about back problems, so I thought maybe a new mattress was the solution to our bedtime woes. As usual, I was right. DreamCloud has made all the difference in our sleeping lives, and it's all thanks to its lush and rich memory foam. Sure, there may be other mattresses that are comfortable, but DreamCloud is the first one that I've ever had that felt totally supportive AND completely luxuriant. It's funny, but it really is like sleeping on a cloud. Now my only problem is getting my husband out of bed in the morning! So happy with this purchase. I highly recommend to anyone looking for the same reasons.

ultra-comfy mattress

A new mattress can be scary, luckily DreamCloud was a "dream" experience from start to finish. It was super easy to order, but it wasn't until after it was delivered that me and my husband felt the true benefits of this ultra-comfy mattress. It's truly elegant looking, with a base made of memory foam and a top that feels SUPER SOFT and warm. I loved the first night on it, and it only got more enjoyable from there. I wake up feeling gratified and delighted most days, and I owe it all to this mattress. It's something that my husband agrees with, and that's a rarity for us these days. Totally satisfied and relieved with the experience.

People tell me I look better - I am grateful

With DreamCloud I sleep better than ever. Extremely impressive how much more focus I have throughout the day and am more productive at work. People have told me I look better as well, and all that has changed is that I added DreamCloud into my life. I am grateful.

Changed my sleep - like a new person

I had put off buying a new mattress for years. It was a hassle to get rid of my old mattress and spending a whole day in a mattress store testing out mattresses that all feel the same was not my cup of tea. A quick internet search brought me to DreamCloud. I figured I would give it try since they took away my old mattress with an easy exchange process, and with their Everlong Warranty, I knew I had nothing to lose. I had no idea how much I had to gain. DreamCloud changed my sleep and I wish they had come out with DreamCloud years ago.

can't wait to sleep with DreamCloud tonight

DreamCloud has actually made me thirsty for sleep. I can't wait to spend time on it at night. Maybe because it's so plush and luxurious, but I honestly have never had a better sleep. I can't believe how lucky I feel over getting one. I have started telling all my friends about it. It's a cozy experience that you just have to feel for yourself to believe. I was also so psyched about their trial policy, but I have to say that I'm not worried at all. DreamCloud is a beautiful sleeping experience, thanks to the supple support of the cashmere cover. Thank you so much!

feel like goldilocks

I have always felt like Goldilocks when it came to sleeping. Spring mattresses were too hard, I'm allergic to latex, and memory foam were always too soft for me. I never felt like I would find my perfect mattress until I found DreamCloud. I now know what a perfect night's sleep is. I can't wait to get into bed.

layers of heaven

Layers of heaven is how I would describe DreamCloud. Each layer of memory foam comes together to support my body every night. I have no pressure points or sore muscles when I get out of bed in the morning. The combination of springs and foam makes for a truly dreamy mattress.

like sleeping on a cloud

When I was a little girl I always had this fantasy about falling asleep on a cloud. Even when I would take plane rides, I would think about what it was like to sleep on a cloud. Now I don’t have to wonder. DreamCloud is exactly like the cloud I always imagined, or even better since it has a cashmere top that has been hand tufted and even in my daydreams I hadn’t imagined that! But it’s so soft and supportive, I can’t imagine anything better.

Best of all worlds and at a great price

DreamCloud is a truly seamless experience. I can feel all the foam layers come together to perfectly hold my body up. It's like floating on a cloud. I wondered what the hybrid mattress would feel like since I've either slept on memory foam or springs, and this truly is the best of all worlds. It's comfortable and luxurious, but without the crazy pricetag of other mattresses. Thanks DreamCloud!

Fall asleep in 10 minutes

I dream better with DreamCloud. DreamCloud makes falling asleep a breeze. I used to have problems falling and staying asleep. My doctor diagnosed me with sleep apnea and insomnia. In fact, I was a pretty bad case. But with DreamCloud, I’m so comfortable and just sink into that plush cashmere top every night I fall asleep after about only 10-20 minutes. It used to take me hours to fall asleep and then I was always waking up. Now I can fall asleep easy and sleep through the night.

even helped our marriage!

My husband told me he wanted to replace our old mattress which was sagging. I agreed and said let’s go to a mattress store. We went and didn’t find anything we could both agree on. I was skeptical of internet mattresses, but then my sister-in-law said that they just got DreamCloud and were both sleeping better so we decided to give it a try. We’ve had it a few weeks and both agree it’s the best thing that happened to our sleep – and it’s even helped our marriage when we both can sleep better together.

Give yourself a month and you will love it

Love my DreamCloud. I would recommend giving yourself a month to test it because each night over the month I slept better and better. I think some of the reviews make it seem like you will love it right away, but it took me about a month to be 100% sure this was the right mattress for me.

Supports my back and helps me recover fast from working night shifts

As a nurse, I am on my feet up to 20 hours a day. Sometimes I work the nightshift, which can throw off my sleep for days. I know the importance of good sleep and investing in a good mattress. I really did my research when it came to DreamCloud. I wanted to make sure it was the best bed for me. It seemed like it would be, and it has such a good warranty so I thought why not try it. I don’t regret it. Every night it supports my spine in a way that feels like it’s not just supporting, but wrapping my back in cozy and comfortable foam. When anyone at the hospital asks about beds, I would recommend it to the other doctors in the hospital and the patients who seek healthy sleep.

magic cashmere carpet ride to the best sleep experience

DreamCloud is the best way to experience sleep. You get a DreamCloud and you are stepping onto a magic cashmere carpet taking you straight to sleep. My husband and I could not be more comfortable each night in bed with DreamCloud. We’ve definitely been sleeping better, and I think dreaming better too on all those layers of plush memory foam.

One Word: WOW

If you compare internet mattresses you might get as confused as I did about which was best. There seem to be a lot of options, but the reality is there should only be one. DreamCloud. One word: WOW. As soon as I get into bed my body instantly relaxes and melts into DreamCloud. I fall asleep almost instantly, and wake up feeling like I was cradled in the clouds all night. If you are feeling unsure about which mattress to get, definitely don’t think about second. You won’t regret a night of DreamCloud – actually you will probably think you are crazy for ever not having DreamCloud.

Cradles my body like a baby

Overall DreamCloud is perfection. From the cashmere top so soft I didn’t want to put a sheet on it, to the foam layers that cradle my body like a baby, I can’t think of anything more perfect than DreamCloud.

Feels like sleeping on a cloud

I wanted to upgrade my mattress and was debating between DreamCloud and a strictly memory foam mattress. I decided with DreamCloud because of the extra bounce in the springs that having a hybrid mattress provides. After a few nights with DreamCloud I knew I had made the right decision. I can’t imagine anything more soft and smooth, but also supportive. I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud!

Truly a dream

DreamCloud is a dream! Ever since I started sleeping on DreamCloud I swear I remember my dreams better. But it’s not just that, it’s that I think I’m going into full sleep cycles for the first time in my life. DreamCloud helps me rest fully and deeply for a whole night. I never had that before, I never thought I was a dreamer. But with the plush tufted pillow top and layers of memory foam, I think it’s impossible not to dream.

Turned bedroom into Spa

My bedroom became a spa the moment I met DreamCloud. I’m actually inspired to take better care of myself in the evenings. I take baths, meditate, and read before getting into DreamCloud. DreamCloud takes care of me and makes me want to take better care of myself.

Love it!

Love it. No complaints

Great velvety experience for this student

I ordered the DreamCloud because I went back to school to get a masters and having problems in school staying awake. Maybe because it's been 20 years since I was in school, and before DreamCloud I had dead arm syndrome in the morning, and was craving some relief. DreamCloud came through with that relief in a big way. It's memory foam has a feeling that's almost juicy. That might sound funny, but I mean it's so velvety and supple! Sleep comes easy now, and I do feel like I've turned a corner all thanks to the DreamCloud. I'm especially happy with the cashmere cover, that has a downy vibe to it that I just can't get enough of. Drifting off to sleep is easy now.

Helped my snoring - and my marriage

I was a notorious snorer. It got so bad two years ago that my wife turned our home office into her room. I had tried everything to stop snoring from sleep aids to nose plugs but nothing worked. Finally I decided to invest in a GOOD mattress. DreamCloud allowed me to finally sleep deep enough and comfortably enough that my snoring stopped (at least enough for my wife to come back into bed with me). DreamCloud saved my sleep, and it might have saved my marriage too.

Like nothing I've ever felt before, a truly satisfying sleep

I ordered the DreamCloud because I was having problems in school staying awake. I'm always someone who has suffered from dead arm syndrome in the morning, and was craving some relief. DreamCloud came through with that relief in a big way. It's memory foam has a feeling that's almost juicy. That might sound funny, but I mean it's so velvety and supple! Sleep comes easy now, and I do feel like I've turned a corner all thanks to the DreamCloud. I'm especially happy with the cashmere cover, that has a downy vibe to it that I just can't get enough of. Drifting off to sleep is easy now.

Truly does feel like we are sleeping on a cloud

At first, we imagined something so plush would be almost odd to sleep in, but the lush foams are so supportive and it truly does feel like we are sleeping on a cloud. It is hard to describe the experience, because nothing we saw in stores feels as inviting. They talk about double tufting, and when you first see DreamCloud, the soft cushioning top layer rolling up and down, you really do realize DreamCloud is unique. The cashmere cover is incredibly comforting. I am actually excited now to slip into bed.

pain free hanks to a friend who recommended DreamCloud

I was never a big believer in mattresses and felt like sleep was sleep. Well my friend told me about DreamCloud and it turned out that my old mattress was sagging and needed to be replaced anyways. I decided to try DreamCloud and have slept better each night than the one before. I have no aches or stiffness when I wake up. I would say about half of the nights before DreamCloud I woke up in pain. Now I've had no nights. And it's great that there is an Everlong Warranty so I won't need to replace my DreamCloud.

contouring memory foam and plush cashmere yes please

Sinking into something like a cloud, DreamCloud’s tufted top offered the most restful sleep I’ve ever had. I had never slept on a hybrid mattress before, but the combination of the contouring memory foam and the plush cashmere sounded incredible. DreamCloud felt so wonderful and is without a doubt the most enjoyable night’s sleep I’ve had.

buy a dreamcloud - you won't regret it

I never thought I would be one of those people telling other people what to buy. It's none of my business what people spend their money on. That's how I was before DreamCloud anyways, now I'm telling everyone about it. If everyone could experience DreamCloud for just one night, they will understand that this is really not a mattress, it's really a cloud. I never realized the importance of sleep until I started sleeping restfully and I never realized the importance of a mattress until now.

full year trial is great, but one night of DreamCloud had me sold

It's great that DreamCloud has a full year trial, but the reality is you won't need it. After one week or even one night really I saw my sleep improve, my morning run was easier than ever, and I felt more energized going to work. The foams are really supportive and the cashmere is pretty comfortable - like wearing your favorite cashmere sweater to sleep each night.

Must have for anyone who thinks their back pain is insurmountable

I’ve suffered from back problems for fifteen years. Finally after my chiropractor insisted that I get off my springy mattress that was poking at me, I decided to bring DreamCloud into my life. After a few weeks of truly comfortable sleep, I started noticing my back pain subsiding during the day. DreamCloud is a must-have for anyone who thinks their back pain is insurmountable.

Gets me through my day

After a long day of work, there’s nothing better than getting into my DreamCloud. I sit at a desk all day and find myself day dreaming about my DreamCloud. When I come home and it’s right where I left it all made and pretty, I can feel how comfortable it’s going to be before I even lie down. Some days, that’s all that gets me through.

I don't want to get out of bed

DreamCloud has taken me to a new Dream world of sleep. I always heard statistics you sleep 1/3 of your life. Personally I always thought sleep was a waste because I never felt comfortable or rested. Sleep was just never something I looked forward to. Sometimes at night I would wake up with numb hands and feet which was weird. Or even if that didn't happen I just would toss and turn and wake up randomly. But DreamCloud plush memory foam made me look forward to sleeping. All the foam layers come together to create the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. Now I get why people want to sleep in on the weekends. My wife actually says that ever since DreamCloud I like to sleep in. It's incredible. I don't want to get out of bed in the morning.

Heavenly sleep experience

A truly gratifying sleep experience starts with a great mattress. DreamCloud is a perfect example, nurturing my sleep from start to finish. I felt cozy and protected by its multiple foam layers. The sleep only got better throughout the night, and I am pleased to report that even after all the weird sleeping angles I put it through, not once did I wake up throughout the night. Snug as a bug in a rug is a perfect way to describe this. Maybe it sounds funny to say that you are soothed by a mattress, but the comfort and familiarity of DreamCloud has made going to bed a real treat. Its sturdy craftsmanship and superior materials manifest in a delicious sleep experience.

Deluxe sleeping experience

I think of DreamCloud as a deluxe sleeping experience. I got this mattress a few months ago and was so happy with it. I've always struggled with allergies, so I was worried that I wouldn't be compatible, but I was so happily surprised. The DreamCloud is made of top notch material, and I haven't had a flare up once since I got this mattress. Not only that, the elegant design makes for a ritzy sleep experience without the accompanying pricetag. I feel spoiled now for other mattresses. If you're looking for a superb mattress that feels like you're sleeping on fresh packed snow, cushy, pliable, and yet supportive, then this is your mattress. I can't believe how refreshed I feel in the mornings.

luxurious cloudlike sleep

The quality of my sleep with DreamCloud is amazing. There's nothing quite like it. It's almost hard to describe the luxurious cloudlike quality of the mattress since it's both soft and supportive, firm but bouncy.

could not be more impressed

DreamCloud entered our life recently and we could not be more impressed! It is clearly comfortable for all types of sleepers because I am a side and stomach sleeper and my husband is a back sleeper. We don't have a fancy bed frame, so I can say it is supportive all on it's own.

Perfect night of sleep

I thought my last mattress was comfy, but I was wrong. DreamCloud is unlike any other mattress. My boxspring was too bouncy, and a memory foam mattress for me was not enough support. DreamCloud combines the best most comfortable parts of a mattress into one perfect night's sleep.

Luxury and beautiful mattress

My friend told me to get DreamCloud. Said I wouldn't regret it. 100% true. DreamCloud has been an amazing addition to my life. Luxurious and actually beautiful for a mattress. Price can't be beat for the quality. The customer service was helpful in removing my old mattress as well.

Never thought i could afford such a luxury mattress

Not only was it thousands of dollars less than other luxury mattresses we looked at (I was ready to spend 8 thousand dollars on a mattress I was really desperate for something to help my back pain) but the financing plan we signed up for is great. Good sleep should be accessible to people who have pain (I never thought I was going to walk without pain) and DreamCloud not only brings good sleep, it took away all my pain too. Thanks DreamCloud!

Fluffy, soft, and extremely supportive

I was on the airplane the other day, and I was staring at clouds and thought, that reminds me of my new mattress. They say there is something in a name and these people got it right with DreamCloud. It looks and feels just the way it sounds. Fluffy, soft, plush, smooth, and extremely supportive on my body.

The perfect nesting mattress

I have been delighted with DreamCloud. Its lavish foam has lead to the most contented, hearty sleeping experiences of my life. The foam layers work together to create a truly sensuous experience that I can only liken to sleeping on a giant slab of butter. It may sound funny, but the support is real, and DreamCloud can still feel as soft as wool when it counts. The perfect mattress for nesting all day, and sleeping all night. I never want to leave it. I can't wait to tell the rest of my family about it, though most of them know, DreamCloud is like a good friend that doesn't let you down. If you're in the market for a new mattress that has heart, this is the one for you. I've never been more pleased.

Serene and satisfying sleep has never been easier

DreamCloud gave me a gift that I didn't think was possible: a sound sleep. I've always been a particularly light sleeper, and I wasn't sure that there was anything that could be done. Enter the DreamCloud: its memory foam supported me, while the topper created a truly serene and satisfying sleep environment. I've never felt more restored and gratified at the end of the night. I thought it was my lot in life to only sleep for a couple of hours, but the heavenly cashmere materials left me feeling cared-for and protected. I got a full eight hours for the first time since I was a kid! If you're thinking about switching up your mattress, do it. I have never been more soothed during sleep than I am now, and it's all thanks to DreamCloud.

definitely the one for me

I got the DreamCloud because I was waking up so tired in the morning and I wanted to change that. DreamCloud did exactly that, restoring my faith in mattresses by having a truly restful experience from start to finish. The base is strong and supportive, and the cover on top felt like a soft and snug friend that I never knew I needed. It was such a warm and inviting experience that I couldn't believe how well made and hearty the DreamCloud was. If you're looking for a restorative mattress experience that will leave you sighing in relief, this is the one for you. It definitely was the one for me.

perfect cocoon of coolness and comfort

When my wife ordered a DreamCloud, I had no idea that my whole life was going to change. Gone were the aches and pains in the morning, gone were the restless nights tossing and turning, and gone was the feeling like sleep was never going to be comfortable. DreamCloud moves beyond comfort to make my bed the most inviting place. I skip my easy chair at night. I never sleep hot on DreamCloud, it’s like I am cradled in a perfect cocoon of coolness and comfort each night.

nicer thana 5 star hotel

We just got our DreamCloud and couldn’t wait for our first night of dreaming on it. We anticipated sinking into something like a cloud and were not disappointed by how plush and inviting it was. I felt like I was sleeping in something nicer than a 5 star hotel, something really cloud-like. I couldn’t believe it was in my own bed.

layers of heaven

Layers of heaven is how I would describe DreamCloud. Each layer of memory foam comes together to support my body every night. I have no pressure points or sore muscles when I get out of bed in the morning. The combination of springs and foam makes for a truly dreamy mattress.

hard to remember a time before dreamcloud

Hard to remember a time before DreamCloud lulled me into a restful night sleep each night. DreamCloud gives my hips the perfect amount of comfort which as a side sleeper all my life I've struggled with. Not only is each night a dream, but feeling like I can wake up and go on a run again is truly the biggest dream of all.

Sleeping in on weekends for first time in 20 years

DreamCloud has taken me to a new Dream world of sleep. I always heard statistics you sleep 1/3 of your life. Personally I always thought sleep was a waste because I never felt comfortable or rested. Sleep was just never something I looked forward to. Sometimes at night I would wake up with numb hands and feet which was weird. But DreamCloud plush memory foam made me look forward to sleeping. All the foam layers come together to create the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. Now I get why people want to sleep in on the weekends. My wife actually says that ever since DreamCloud I like to sleep in. It's incredible. I don't want to get out of bed in the morning.

Happier and healthier for the rest of my life

I can see how so much innovation and research and craftsmanship went into DreamCloud. No detail was spared from the Cashmere top to the plush memory foam that you can feel as you sink into DreamCloud. My sleep has changed so much since the first night. I noticed the first morning I felt a little more rested, but after 1 week I noticed some lower back pain I was deaing with went away. After two weeks I noticed that I had more energy at work and one day my boss even said I was looking much more rested. Honestly, DreamCloud came into my life at the right time to help me gain my health and rest back. I think I'll be happier and healthier for the long run with DreamCloud.

Super and supportive - like sleeping on a cloud

Super mattress. Best I’ve had. Previously I had a latex mattress but I was having some allergy problems and found DreamCloud. Very happy with this purchase. Soft and comfortable. Also supportive. If I had to give it a rating compared to normal mattresses I couldn’t because it’s actually like sleeping on a cloud.

Excited to go to sleep

After trying other internet mattresses and not being happy with strictly memory foam, I was intrigued by DreamCloud’s blending springs and memory foam. I thought why not try it. It was easy to have delivered and set up. My first night sleep was great. My second night was also great. DreamCloud has changed how I feel about sleep. I’m actually excited to go to sleep each night. I’m watching less shows before bed and actually sleeping though the night.

Feel like a celebrity with DreamCloud

Who ever thought that someone who had modest means like me could sleep on such a luxurious mattress. This is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on, and I didn’t have to spend a fortune on it. Every night I get into bed, I feel like I could be a celebrity or a Prince or in a five star hotel resort.

Beats everything in stores hands down

Nothing we saw in any stores compared to what we felt the moment we got our DreamCloud. Before we even slept on it, we could see that this was something unlike any other mattress. It looks extremely plush and cloud-like and it feels like sinking into a sea of clouds. DreamCloud is truly heaven.

Cozy, snuggly, and satisfying

I never say things like this, but this is an elegant mattress. From the moment I laid down on it, I could tell that the DreamCloud was different than any I'd had before. It's memory foam base was pliable yet supportive. It made me think of sleeping on marshmallows, which might sound funny -- but it was totally true. Sleep always used to feel like a luxury to me, but now I know what true luxury feels like with a DreamCloud. I'm so happy with this mattress, perfect for snuggling while the snow is falling gently outside.

Visible health benefits

I'm kicking myself for waiting on buying a new mattress, but boy was DreamCloud the perfect one to go with. It's got this supple and spongy base that leaves me feeling woozy in the knees just thinking about it. If you're tired of a mushy mattress, this one is for you: I've had such a delicate and easy sleep experience that can only be described as cottony. It's as if you're sleeping on a beautiful rolling fog. The health benefits have been great too -- no more sleepy arms in the morning, no more restless legs at night. The DreamCloud is there every night, supporting and encouraging me into another night of warm and gratifying sleep. The best decision I've made in a long time.

reliable company, well made mattress, plush sleep

The DreamCloud is such a serene sleep experience -- like sleeping on a cloud cover. I've had my fair share of mattresses, I travel a lot for work, but this foam has made all the difference when I come back. The DreamCloud is totally reliable and super well made. I noticed the difference the minute my back hit the pillow top. Totally gratifying and peaceful experience! I slept the way I hadn't since I was a kid. The shipping was easy, but the best part was definitely DreamCloud's cozy and cloud-like mattress foam. I couldn't believe it. Feels like I lucked into a great one.

Super impressive

DreamCloud gave me my nights back. I was one of those people who could never sleep a full night, always bugged the wife when I brought it up. Then she picked up a DreamCloud, and man, I totally feel restored and satisfied. It's got this soft, pillowy top, but then there's also this amazingly firm support on bottom. I guess that's the memory foam there. It felt so snug and good and sleep came super easy from day one. DreamCloud's materials seem super impressive to me -- like sleeping on out of this world material, and I was happy to know that there's a great trial system in place.

White glove delivery and wonderful sleep from day 1

Listen up: this mattress made me change the way I think about mattresses. I can't heap enough praise on this thing, as since the first night I've had it, I'm sleeping better, and it's all thanks to the DreamCloud. The eurotop cover is actually hand anchored to the foam base, and has this double stitch that actually makes you feel like you're sleeping on sumptious clouds. I toss and turn in my sleep a lot, and it's totally stayed in place the whole time, so super durable there. I'm also a small person, so it was super helpful to have the white glove delivery. They actually deliver to any room you ask, which was a totally relieving experience for me! I sleep so well and so often now, the only problem is getting up in the morning!

worst mattress ever

worst mattress ever. this was a terrible purchase it's such a huge mattress. no one needs a zillion layers of memory foam that weighs 5 tons. whole thing felt like overkill to make you think you are getting better sleep or something. it's comfortable but nothing special.

very good

not much to compare to I've never slept on a hybrid other than this. I'm not obsessed like everyone else is with this mattress but I do sleep well and have no complaints. good mattress.

fluff on fluff

This mattress is fluff on fluff. I think they could cut it in half. My wife ordered it but we returned it. There's no need for all of that foam and springs and whatever else they say is good for you.

good, solid sleep

DreamCloud gives good, solid sleep. There is nothing not to like about DreamCloud. I am very satisfied with this mattress so far.

too heavy and too high

Didn't like anything about this mattress. It was super heavy to lift and really high. It's so tall that it could really hurt someone falling off.

Can feel the bouncy springs and supportive foam inside

Day one of DreamCloud I fell asleep just to test it and woke up like 4 hours later no joke. I had heard from a friend and read reviews raving about DreamCloud so I knew I wanted this mattress. The hybrid felt great the second I sat on it you can really tell there are both bouncy springs and tons of memory foam inside. I guess there's no reason why you wouldn't love DreamCloud other than the smell at the beginning. It does fade and then you'll never look back.

Not for me

Sorry DreamCloud, you weren't for my dreams. Sure, this is an affordable solution for a luxury mattress. But the mattress is advertised as a medium to firm and it felt so soft. If anything this mattress is too soft and I felt like I was sinking into a cloud... that I couldn't get out of!

Comfortable and easy as promised

Mattress is comfortable as promised. Shipping was fast. Easy to set up.

I recommend DreamCloud

DreamCloud is a great mattress. It’s soft, firm, reasonably priced and they have a terrific warranty program. I recommend DreamCloud.

Wish it came sooner

Wish I could have gotten this sooner. I had a hip replacement last year I think this could have helped.

Don't want to part with the cashmere cover but husband doesn't love it

DreamCloud feels like sleeping on a cloud. It is definitely the nicest mattress I can remember sleeping on. I love it. Hands Down. My one problem was that my husband does not like it. We thought this hybrid could be the solution for us to find a mattress we both like, but he wants to go back to our old memory foam mattress. I love the cashmere cover and don't want to part with it, but I guess we have to send it back.

Sleeping like a baby

My wife has noticed how ever since DreamCloud I am out like a baby. I sleep very well. I never wake up sore or uncomfortable. I feel like I could probably run a marathon when I get out of bed and never used to. I give 4 stars because my wife does not like it as much as I do. She does like the cashmere cover.

More comfortable spring mattress

This is a very plush and luxurious mattress. No doubt about it. It even looks expensive. And the price is affordable. The only thing is it still feels like a more comfortable version of a spring mattress to me. Maybe I should look into getting an all memory foam. Not sure hybrid is right for me.

Did not work for me

Honestly don't know why there are so many good reviews this mattress did not work for me. I sent it back. Their customer service took it back no questions asked.

Great so far

Apparently it takes a few months to actually adjust to the mattress for each body, but I love this mattress. It is great. I fall asleep fast. I wake up in the morning and have not rolled around. I feel comfortable in my bed. It's a nice addition to my home.

too plush - slightly bulky for my bedroom

When compared to the mattress I had previously, DreamCloud is much better. For one, it is softer. The cashmere cover is very nice. Two, it actually feels better on my back when I wake up in the morning, I am noticibly less stiff. However, it is very tall on my bed. The tufted top adds another inch, and I have a very small room and by the time I put a duvet and pillow on it, it takes up so much space. I hate to go back to my old spring mattress, but my room is too small. Maybe one day when I have a house of my own I can get DreamCloud!

too fancy for me

This is too plush for me. I had heard great things about DreamCloud and maybe it's from my time in the Marines but I prefer a harder mattress. Call me old school, but all that cashmere and comfort isn't for me. It looks like a nice mattress, but I had to send it back.

Not for me

This mattress was not for me. I wanted it to be after reading so many amazing reviews. But it was too soft for me. Clearly what you sleep on is personal preference. One thing I will say is that delivery and pick up was really easy and the customer service was good.

hybrid worth the hype?

This is clearly a very high quality and luxury mattress. However, I'm not sure it is worth the hype. I am not sure hybrid mattress is better than a less expensive memory foam mattress. DreamCloud looks like the nicest mattress I've ever seen, but I think I would rather have a plain memory foam without the Springs inside and save a few hundred dollars. If you have the money, it might be worth it to spend.

so far so good

Need a little more time with my DreamCloud to write an honest review. I've only had a few nights and so far so good, but I sleep really hot in the summers and was attracted to the fact that they say DreamCloud will help with that. I would like to see how it feels when the weather starts heating up to make up my mind. I do appreciate the full year trial so I can actually take that time.

too soft

Too soft for me. I was sinking in it.

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