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Dream Bed Mattress Reviews

Dream Bed and Dream Bed Lux are all-foam mattresses similar to some of the newer arrivals to the online mattress space. The big difference is that rather than being a mattress startup, Dream Bed is a brand by Mattress Firm, which is one of the largest mattress companies on the market with retail stores Sleep Train, Mattress Discounters, and 1-800-MATTRESS as part of their enterprise. Their mattresses get good ratings from customers at first, but some had issues with durability. Looking for DreamCloud? See what customers say in our updated DreamCloud mattress review.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8.2/10

Price: $699-$1199

Trial Period: 180 Days

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Dream Bed's Specifics

Over the years, Dream Bed has focused on their Dream Bed Lux mattresses. These mattresses feature all-foam mattress designs that have three layers of foam within. Overall, customers find these mattresses comfortable at first, but there were some that had issues with heat retention and long term comfort.

If you are concerned about long term comfort, take a look at our top rated mattress list, and specifically Nectar mattresses that provide a high value foam mattress for a competitive price.

Quality of Materials

The Dream Bed Lux is made from a variety of CertiPUR-US foams that won't off-gas nasty toxins. Their mattresses feature Octaspring technology that are all-foam 'coil-like' pieces that act to support the spine. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: Dream Cool Active Technology cover provides heat diffusion on the top layer.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 1'' of Dream Cool foam that contours gently around the body. This provides a certain level of cooling.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is 3'' of slightly firmer memory foam that helps further relieve pressure points.

Layer 4: The first support layer are 3'' of Octasprings that are foam pieces that are arranged in a matrix. These independently react to the spine to help support the body.

Layer 5: The last support layer is 5'' of Ecocell base that is a firm foam core to help the mattress keep its structure and support the sleepers above.

Overall Comfort

Most sleepers like the initial feel of the Dream Bed Lux. However, there were some that had issues with heat retention and durability. Some others had issues with firmness.


Take a look at the scale above. There are multiple firmness options, which is ideal for those that are looking for something more specialized. Those that are smaller in body type and side sleepers should consider a softer mattress, while those that are stomach sleepers should take a look at a firmer mattress.

Back Pain Relief

Though there are some that feel relief immediately, those who experience durability issues may find that they have more difficulty with long term relief.


These mattresses have some complaints about heat retention. If you are a very warm sleeper or live in a warm environment, you may experience some issues with keeping cool.

Who Are Dream Beds Good For?

Sleepers who are medium to light build may do best with keeping durability issues at bay for longer. For those that are looking for long term comfort, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses.

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As advertised

This was easy to setup and came quickly as advertised. It's comfortable and I can't feel my spouse move in the night as well!

Bed in a box -- okay

Bought this bed after reading about its donation of a bed for a bed. What I didn't realize was that doing that may have made a less durable product. After a few weeks of having the mattress, I am noticing a bit of a dip in my bed. I have turned it over and it seemed to go away, but I am still concerned long term. Overall, pretty pleased with the mattress for the price though.

Good mattress but...

Good mattress but there seemed to be a very distinct odor when I got it. I know that it is Certipur so it shouldn't contain harmful chemicals, but it definitely reaks. But, once I fall asleep -- gotta say, boy am I comfortable. Can't complain about that!

Delivered a little late but still good

The delivery was supposed to come on a Thursday, but it didn't show up until late the following week. It definitely made for an uncomfortable week with the wife yelling on about her back pain, but luckily once we got the thing, it ended up being pretty darn comfortable. So in the end, I am happy.

Great mattress

Got the mattress last month and really loving it. I am sleeping like a baby!

Hottest bed ever

I ordered the Dream Bed original and no one should ever buy this. I am usually too cold at night, but this thing makes me claustrophobic and sweaty all night. It is like sleeping in hell.

Super comfy

I had a terrible Sealy mattress that started to poke my sides with its coils. But now, I am super comfy nightly in my Dream Bed. I wish this bed was around in the 90s because I would have bought one for all my kids. Now, I am just sleeping soundly and loving my new bed.

Hot and back pain

I am a heavy side sleeper and I thought that this dreambed was going to be good for me, but unfortunately, it is way too hot and also my back kills me when I wake up. I feel like I am sinking into the thing and already it has a big indent. I mean, I am not that fat, but this makes it seem like I am the world's biggest man. What the hell?!


I had a plush top mattress before I bought the Dream Bed because of the price. I should have just kept with what I knew because the memory foam is not for me. It smells, hurts, and feels like I am sagging all the time. I wish that I had bought an innerspring, but I am stuck with it.

Love my Dream Bed

Can't complain about the dreambed. I got the twin for my daughter who is 7 and she absolutely loves it. We didn't even need a mattress topper because of how soft it is. She snuggles under all of her blankets and tells us how much she loves it every morning when we try to get her up for school. Only problem? She never wants to leave her bed.

Thanks to Dream Bed

No more pain! I had terrible pain with my traditional mattress, but the Dream Bed really has made this pain vanish. I was as surprised as anyone because I suffered an accident from falling off a ladder, and nothing would save my back. This bed has changed me though. I can't say enough good things!

Awesome Sleep

Sleeping so much better then ever. Thought my lack of falling asleep quickly was an issue I was having. But I’m not having any problem falling asleep with my new memory foam mattress. I also find I sleep without waking up often.

Nice supportive firm bed

Great bed! I have a bad back and it’s supportive and firm. When it was new it was very firm however it feels Egged when broken into.

In love

Absolutely love this mattress! Best sleep I've had.

Always stay with yout first choice

Went to one location and picked what we felt would be our perfect mattress, went to a second one and was talked out of it and so far not what we wanted but staying optimistic

Good mattress

The cooling on this mattress was fenominal, but it was a little too firm for our liking.

Too Firm?

We got the firm mattress and it may be too firm for our tastes. However we have been sleeping well and the mattress is clearly high quality. The 15 minute test in the store was not enough.

Getting HAPPY

Bed is firmer than store but I rather tgat than soft.

Great Mattresses

I really enjoy my new mattress, I was skeptical at first, but it turned out better than I imagined. It stays nice and cool.

Best bed ever!

I bought this mattress in February for our second home. We look forward to going so we can get a good nights sleep!! It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping on.

Good Firm Bed but not as Cool as I hoped.

I have another memory foam bed and know they sleep warm. I had concerns about getting another one because I am a hot sleeper. The display mattress at store without sheets felt very cool when laying on it. When you get the mattress home with sheets its not as cool. I got a cooling memory foam topper and it still sleeps warm. In the winter time it will be heavenly but it the summer time not so great. My dogs love it and there's very little motion transfer. I would recommend it just not for people who sleep warm.

I like!

Very comfortable! I have a really bad back and usually wake up with pain in my back and shoulders with my old mattress. I have not had any pain so far. I am happy with my new mattress. I took off one star because it does sleep warm. That will be good for the winter time, but I wonder how it will feel in the warmer months.

Soft after 6 mos

I purchased this mattress on the recommendation of the salesman and on the guarantee that the foam is unlike memory foam and would not soften after a year. Initially the mattress was comfortable but now a year has past and the mattress is softer than any traditional mattress I have had previously and the sides are now softer & more broken down than the rest of the mattress ( and this is with a average size female sleeping in the bed). This mattress is just an overpriced memory foam mattress and it definitely will not hold up for 10 or 20 years. I would not recommend.

Great mattress

I bought this a month ago and I'm very happy with the mattress.

Jury is still out

The wife has adapted very well to the mattress . The jury is still out for me.

Great features!

I bought my bed a few weeks ago and I have enjoyed it ever since!! So comfortable!!

Very Comfortable

It is great....dream bed. It is so comfortable. I love it.

Heavenly Bed!

The manager treated us well. He really made sure we were comfortable on our choice, and followed-up to ensure we were happy.

Hate it

Bought the split king. My wife loves it. I hate it. It's hot, really hot. I move to the guest room everynight about 2 am. Wish I could get my old mattress back. Looks like we will be sleeping in seperate bed rooms.

I had an allergic reaction! And it kills my back!

Make sure you definitely let the bed air out! My husband loves the bed, so far for me it's just killing my back, had to sleep on the guest bed for a week just to be able to get around. I can't feel the cooling through the sheets and I have great sheets. I think the bed is over priced and I'm letting the first 30 days of this 120 trial period pass but it will be going back.

Very happy

I’ve had this for about a month and so far am VERY pleased.

Sublime sleep

We bought our mattress about a month ago, the service was excellent, the recommendations where right on target. I haven't slept this good in years. Mattress Firm has some really great selections with solid price ranges for everyone. Couldn't be happier


I recently purchased this. So far it’s been a great sleep

Perfect for both of us!

We are a couple that has ALWAYS disagreed about our mattress. He likes firm, I like plush. I have to say though, this mattress has been perfect for both of us! We can both get a good nights sleep and be comfortable in our bed. It has the support of the firm my husband needs, and the comfort of the plush that I like. We have bought 3 different mattresses in the last 18 years and this has been the ONLY one we BOTH like! Inly draw back is I wish the side was a little bit firmer when I sit on it, but for sleeping it's perfect!

Incredibly comfortable, so satisfied

I love this mattress so much and was comparing it to a temperpedic, its awesome

Sleeping Better!

I bought this to take to my new home and it has helped to decrease my back pain. This bed was the best investment I could have made!

Nice mattress

My wife and I looked at all mattresses in store and was told it would be cooler to sleep on than the one we had but is warmer, we were showed the blue sealer on mattress and said It would cause it to be cooler, actually warmer than last, had to have the adjustable base though, and now finding problem to get sheet sets for the king split. You get two twin sheets, two cases but no king top sheet have to overlap the two twin top sheets, mess. Will see still have little time to decide on keep it or look at other ones there.

My favorite mattress ever!

I've been sleeping on the mattress for about a month-it's the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned! Previously had a TempurPedic, but this one is even better. It sleeps cool thanks to the cooling gel and is neither too hard or too soft. I bought the adjustable frame which works well with it, and the bundle with the mattress protector, bamboo sheets and cooling pillows. Now I need a tv in my bedroom so I can spend more time on this awesome mattress!

Not a comfortable Mattress

We back and traded for another mattress. Mattress was just uncomfortable.

Awesome Bed

Bought in July and is incredible. We sleep so nice. We love the bed. The only problem is getting out of it in the morning! I would highly recommend this bed for: People that have sleep issues, bad backs, heat/cold issues. This is the best bed we have ever owned. At age 60, we have had a lot. I would say invest the money now in this bed so you can sleep better and wake up refreshed.

Very Comfortable

We have had this mattress for a month and are very happy with it. My husband and I were both having back trouble when we got up in the morning and with this new mattress no more problems! Overall this has been a great purchase for us.

Firm but comfortable / not cooling

I have back issues and a firm mattress is a must. This mattress is very comfortable. The selling features was the cooling technology. It was great in the store(without sheets) We purchased the store recommended mattress protector. I purchased bamboo sheets, myself. The mattress no longer has the cooling feature. Don’t let the cooling feature sell you because as soon as sheets are on, it’s nonexistent. We purchased the head-up / foot-up stand and I would definitely recommend.

Super clean store, Super nice staff

Love the mattress. Super nice staff, clean store. have to try


After the first nights sleep, I thought I was dead when I woke up ! Nothing hurt ! It is truly amazing. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase.

So Far So Good

I have had the mattress for only about 6 weeks. It is comfortable, cool, and restful.

This bed has exceeding my expectations (so far)

This mattress is exceptionally comfortable!! My husband needs firm support & I like a softer feel. Believe it or not, this Dream Bed Lux Firm mattress was the best of both worlds. I cannot believe how much better I feel in the morning. We've had the mattress since July 5th and we absolutely love it! There is/was a "new" smell that emitted from the mattress for the first couple of weeks or so...I believe it is now 95% gone. I am very sensitive to smells and just wanted to mention it for others that may have the same issue. Anyway, I highly recommend this is wonderful (so far SO GOOD)!

My back is back.

About a month in. Great mattress, feels like coil spring but with better firmness control and consistency. Quality is good overall, but the outer cover feels cheap compared to other leading brands and athestics could be improved.

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress about a month ago. It is extremely comfortable. Some firm mattresses can be too firm but this is just right. I highly recommend

Good stuff

2 weeks gone by ,back pain already gone,would recommend !!

Better firmness while providing overall support

We changed to firmer mattress grade because others felt too soft. More support while still being comfortable.

Great bed and employees

My new mattress and adjustable frame are great! So comfy and roomy. With the help of your great employees I got exactly what I wanted and needed! Thank you so much!

Great Bed

Having the best rest in my life ! BEST mattress I'be ever slept on.

good features

takes a while to adapt to the change. getting better as time goes.

Best investment I have made for my bad back.

The list of issues with my back is long, and two are potentially fatal. They are all extremely painful and I am allergic to all pain pills. I haven't had a decent nights sleep since 2001, until I purchased the LX510 12 inch firm. Now I wake up rested, not stiff or completely numb, and without pain. As I am up and about throughout the day, my back pain returns, but the intensity is slowing lessening with use of this mattress. It provides the support my entire back needs without being hard, yet it doesn't sag anywhere. When my back hurts later in a busy day, I get into my bed and raise the adjustable head and foot. Within an hour, the pain is gone. I have spent a fortune on premier mattressesin the last 5 years or so, all made me worse. The LX510 12 inch firm is the best investment I have ever made, and is a fraction of what I have spent on others. I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you have back issues. When I lay on it, it's like sleeping floating in the air. No pressure is present anywhere. It is awesome!

Soft cushioning and hot foam

While this mattress was suggested for helping with back pain, I'm not sure I would recommend this mattress since the cushioning on the top is very soft which makes moving around on it difficult. Also, there is a lack of a solid edge, which has almost caused me to falling out of bed several times (and I've never fallen out of bed). The lack of a solid edge may especially be something to consider before older adults purchase this mattress. However, the soft foam does make it easier to roll in and out of bed. The mattress was marketed with "new technology" to help the foam disperse heat, however after a few weeks I have not noticed any cooling benefit. In my opinion, foam mattresses tend to trap heat more than coil systems. The quality of the product is pretty good, but is fairly expensive.

very cool no hot spots.

very nice sleep great on back,wife on her side,stay cool all night.

Feels good so far

Bought my mattress a month ago. So far excellent. Haven’t had any back issues since changing. Will wait and see down the road. 1 month is pretty early to see how it performs.

Very Unhappy!

I recently bought a split top Ca King and am very sorry that I did. You cannot believe how difficult it is to put sheets and mattress covers on it. Then when you finally achieve installation, you don't dare adjust the bed or you will destroy all your hard work. They should be sold with a warning!!!!!

Back support

I have had back problems for years. This mattress has provided great back support and I wake up every morning pain free.

Why do I Work So Late?

I work an awful lot and am on my feet constantly. So after working 16 hour day, i need 3 things: Food, a Bath, and a Good Night's Sleep. Crawling into this bed is heavenly. Even though some may have preconceived notions that a firm mattress can't be comfortable, i find that the amount of support this bed gives provides that comfort as well as a reset button for my body to begin the next day fresh and recharged.

Customer service exceeded Slumberland

From the minute we walked in Jamie did everything right!

excellent service

man these guys are the best!!! on battlefield in Springfield....

Good mattress!

I came, I was shown and I bought!☺ Why do I need so many spaces?

So Far, So Good

Purchased two LX510 12" Firm Memory Foam Mattresses and two Adjustable Platforms about 3 weeks ago. We love the mattress and the adjustable platform, especially together. Wife first thought the "Firm" was possibly a little too firm but she kept with it and now feels it is helping her back. I have a damaged lower back and sleeping on this mattress provides more support and no pain when getting out of bed in the morning. This mattress seems to be perfect for two "mature people" like us.


My 1st night I slept 8 hours uninterrupted, did not wake up hot. Just received my mattress, will let you know more later.


Excellent mattress,sleep better at night even the dogs like it

all ! ever thought it would be

My mattress is a littleover 1 month old and I Have no more back pain when I wake up in the am.

Excellent Service

Mr Mufti and Mr Keith were impeccable, they went above and beyond to try to help find the right mattress wat the price I can afford. Mr Firas Mufti was beyond awesome as well as Keith. Would I go back to that Store or refer it to family or close friends? Heck yeah!!!!


Great buy.... we are very happy with the matress and hope it will last a long time.

Excellent choice!

I bought my mattress about a month ago and love it. No more backaches in the morning. Sleep uninterrupted because it doesn’t move. Best choice I’ve ever made.

Best Sleep Ever !!!

I have never slept better. I will recommend to everybody. It sleeps cool also

Good night sleep

I bought the mattress a month ago and have been pleased with the purchase. During that time there was some kind of promotion concerning Fitbit watch and have heard nothing on that!!

Best sleep ever!!!

I had back surgery in Oct, 2017. This mattress is the best one for me. I’m finally able to sleep for about 7 hours straight. I haven’t been able to do that for years. Great bed.

Great mattress

I bought two mattresses two months ago. We love them. We have good sleeping time. Well, the price is higher.

Great Product

Got this mattress when a local store was going out of business, so I got it half off. I have been suffering from lower back pain here lately and only getting roughly 4 hours of sleep a night. I can safely say that I have slept a full 8 hours every night for the past week. My back pain is almost non-existent, and I do not wake up at all during the night. Money well spent!

Great Mattress

Great Mattress. Firm but not hard as a rock. Mattress gets better as it is breaking in.

Love it

Sales lady mishelle was great. Bought a dream bed instead of a temperpedic. Love it !

Awesome mattress

Received the mattress on January 20th. So I slept on this mattress for close to a month and it has be a awesome experience. I really like the support and comfort offered from this mattress.

Still early but so far so good

We have had the mattress for a misanthrope now. Firm, which is what we wanted. Forms to my bod and I sleep more soundly with less toss and turn. My backache is far less noticeable which is a big deal. My wife likes it as well. I would strongly recommend.

Back pain gone

We have had this mattress for 3 weeks wow my back pain has almost completely gone away from our other expensive coil spring bed we've had. No more sweating in bed even with the mattress protector on it the cool still comes through. I do recommend there Outlet program get the same great mattress that somebody else wasn't happy with still brand new And sanitized when you get it. For a third of the price if you don't mine having a mattress somebody else had for a few short weeks. Otherwise we got the firm and love it. I am 6 foot 2 300 lb and this bed supports me like nothing else I've ever hd.

So far; so good

My husband and I have had this mattress for about 6 months and we are very happy with it. As other reviewers have said, it is very firm. We both like that, but that is obviously an individual preference thing. I would buy it again,

Great Sleep

We've had the mattress about 3 months now. It took like 2 months to break in but the guy warned us it would. We are very happy with it now!

Excellent Mattress!

I love this mattress! It's been a life saver for me too. I did try out other foam mattresses, but sank into them which exacerbated my already painful lower back problems. My salesman, Scott Leturno @ the Portofino store could visibly see that I was in pain. He listened to me, and directed me to a few other choices and this was the one that has made all the difference in the world for me. Today is 30 day's since I've slept on this mattress. From day 1, waking up I noticed that my lower back pain was gone. I did not realize that I needed to sleep on something much firmer, that offered great support and kept my back aligned. I'm a back/side/stomach sleeper. Anyone who has lower back pain will know the ache that you feel all day long. That's what lead me into the store in the first place. I am extremely happy with the sale, service and great night's of sleep that I get now. I'm able to wake up before my alarm goes off at 6 and feel full rested. Actually getting up and feeling recharged and making my bed too! Some highlights about the mattress. I barely sink in and don't feel like it's hard to roll over once you've been in the same position for a while. This mattress sleeps very cool. Being in Houston, TX, you definitely appreciate that fact. Also, this mattress has a slightly bouncy feel to it, since it's got the octoasprings in the middle. It's just not a huge slab of foam, it's got some feed back that I like. I look forward to many years of waking up pain free.

So Far So Good

Purchased this mattress a couple of weeks ago and I could instantly tell the difference! I have chronic low back pain and was unable to hold my chiropractic adjustments when sleeping on my last mattress. The Dream Bed Lux has been a life changer! My sleep has been great to the point my low back pain is minimal and I hold my adjustments much better! lol I am an admitted skeptic but I have been happy with this purchase so far and the customer service was second to none. Thanks to Mark and his team at the Bourbonnais store on Rt. 50 next to Chipotle and Five Guys!

So cool!

I've had this bed for a little over a week and I love it! I have slept on a name brand memory foam product for five years and didn't know how bad it was until I replaced it with the dream bed lux! The bed sleeps cool, has no off gassing and though it is firm is still very comfortable for sleep on my side. I would highly recommend this product! Delivery services we also outstanding! The guys rolled out a red carpet and put on booties and were very professional and friendly.

The worst

We splurged and bought this mattress because it felt so nice in the store. It was awful... for all 30 days. Sleeps terribly hot and had the worst back pain. My husband, who is in the military and can sleep anywhere, said this bed is bad.

Impressive Mattress

I went to the Harrisonburg, Va. Mattress Firm to experience this highly recommended product. The Dream Bed Lux 510. This mattress is great. Thanks to Brendon, and Nicklous for their fast, courtious and professional service. Pete, at the Front Royal Mattress Firm was also instrumental in helping me with my Dream Bed. Thanks to all, Stanford

Best sleep I have ever had in my life

I always woke up with a arm asleep and back pain. Acid reflux would wake me often and I felt terrible. I am 49 yrs old and this was the norm for me. I finally had enough and thought there had to be something better than the old bed I have. I looked at this bed with the Leggett and Platt adjustable frame with all the buttons and bells. It seemed kind of expensive to me but the 0 % interest sold me. I have not had a bad nights sleep since I received my bed. My bed is priceless to me. No more acid reflux, no more back pain and no more waking up with an arm asleep. This bed changed my life. I wake up everyday feeling completely rested.

Life Saver

I recently purchased a king size Dream Bed Lux 12" firm mattress with the RIZE wireless adjustable base from Mattress Firm. It's actually 2 XL twin mattresses with 2 adjustable frames. This bed has been a real life saver to me. I had an 8 hour spinal fusion surgery 4 weeks ago, and the soft 10 year old bed I had been sleeping on for over 10 years was a real killer to my back after the surgery. After trying to bear the pain for a couple of days, my wife drove me to Mattress Firm for help. The sales associate, Curtis Buford, spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to determine which bed would best provide the comfort and pain relief I was seeking. I laid on every bed they had, and finally chose the Dream Bed. OMG, the cooling feature is awesome, and the RIZE wireless adjustable bases lets me determine the most comfortable position to relieve my spinal pain. I give Mattress Firm and the manufactures of the bed and frame 5 stars. I can finally fall asleep in minutes and stay asleep throughout the night. I will be 70 years old in November, and I just can't imagine spending the rest of my life on a mattress that doesn't provide the comfort, flexibility and durability that I have finally found with my Dream Bed and adjustable base. Good on ya, guys! Good on ya.

Had this Mattress

Bought this Mattress last week till now having good comfort.


I've been sleeping on this bed for 2 weeks now & I'm in love! I don't heat up like with the old bed. It's not too firm & though I sink a little when I first lay down it's not too much. Bonus feature is that my husband has stopped snoring! He literally snored like a freight train before.

Short Break In Time

I bought this bed in late July. They told me that it would take anywhere from 30-60 days to break in and feel like the one in the store. It is currently broken in and feels WONDERFUL. I have never slept better in my life.

Back Pain!

Bought 2 TwinXL firm mattresses from Mattress Firm 2 years ago. Husband's back pain started within 6 months of purchase. Mine started 1 year after purchase. Two years later, we still over over $3000 so we can't buy anything new. Both are having restless nights and waking with bad lower back pain. Husband is a side sleeper, I am a belly sleeper. The cooling layer works well, mattresses are thick and keep their shape well with the adjustable bases. Sorry we bought these for so much money.

Worse bed I’ve ever had

Bought this mattress 7 months ago and it’s horrible. The end of the beds are bowing down and when I bought it I never saw anything about it being for back sleepers. I sleep on my sides and it’s been a lousy 7 months of sleep. Just bought a sleep number bed. Much better


The bed and frame were broken within six moths . I just realized I got a fake email address to get my full refund. The mattress is made of a wool type material. Ththe bed is too heavy for easily changing sheets. Do not buy, in my estimation.

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