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Douglas Mattress Reviews

The Douglas mattress brand, from popular Canadian sleep company, offers well-rounded memory foam mattresses made with Canadians in mind. Manufactured entirely in Canada from factories in Ontario and Quebec that use more than 90% renewable energy, Douglas mattresses offers 3 different all-foam designs and RV mattress varieties that ship directly to Canadian consumers in a box. Throw in competitive price points, and Douglas is definitely a brand to consider.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.2/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

No Back Pain: 9.2/10

Price: $599-$1698

Trial Period: 120 Nights

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Douglas's Specifics

With its thoughtful, eco-conscious manufacturing, there's no wonder that over 50,000+ Canadians have purchased Douglas mattresses. Douglas mattresses are made in Canada from materials sourced from Canadian suppliers, ship for free in a box via FedEx, and come with a 120 night sleep trial. Some differentiators include a removable and washable cover as well as a layer of gel-infused memory foam that promises to reduce heat retention, all for a competitive price that should keep budget-conscious shoppers happy.

Quality of Materials

The 10" Douglas Original mattress is made of 3 layers of memory foam under a removable cover. As part of their mission to minimize their carbon footprint, the first layer of ecoLight® memory foam is specially designed to have the same durability of high-density memory foam, but is more lightweight than traditional memory foams and is optimized for shipping. Over the years, they added the 11" Douglas Alpine and the 12" Douglas Summit. These offer more thickness in the pressure relieving layers and also added cooling features.

First, we'll go through the first mattress from Douglas. Here is what is inside the 10" thick Douglas Original Mattress:

Cover Layer: The Douglas CoolSense® cover is a removable, washable cover that contains Infinitex™ fibres (which helps to keep things cool by wicking away moisture).

Layer 1: 2'' of ecoLight® cooling gel infused memory foam contours to your body while also providing enough bounce so that you don't feel like you're sinking into the mattress.

Layer 2: 2'' of Elastex® transition foam helps to support the layer above while adding to the bounce of the mattress.

Layer 3: 6'' of base foam supports the layers above. This supportive foam mimics pocket-coils to provide support and motion isolation to reduce partner disturbance.

Next, for those that need more pressure relief and cooling, but would hardly like a plush feel, here is what is inside the 11" thick Douglas Alpine Mattress:

Cover Layer: Similar to the Douglas Original, it begins with the CoolSense® cover that is removable and washable with Infinitex™ fibres to keep things cool and dry.

Layer 1: 2.25" of ecoLight® cooling gel infused memory foam with Polar® temperature balancing technology offers more contouring pressure relief without getting hot.

Layer 2: 2.25" of Elastex® transition foam bounces gently so sleepers get pressure relief and support with good loft, without feeling too trapped in their mattress.

Layer 3: 6.5" of motion isolation support foam offers high density support up to the edge while also being superior at minimizing partner disturbance.

Lastly, designed especially for those in need of ultimate cooling and pressure relief, here is what is inside the 12" thick Douglas Summit Mattress:

Cover Layer: The enhanced cooling features begin with the CoolSense® cover with CryoFusion™ cooling nanofibres woven with the Infinitex® fibres common in the other Douglas mattress. This superior fabric is designed to stay cooler for longer.

Layer 1: 2.5" of ecoLight® cooling gel foam with Polar® temperature balancing technology is thicker in this mattress for an enhanced plush feel and temperature regulation.

Layer 2: 2.5" of Elastex® transition foam is also thicker for added pressure relief while supplementing the balanced feel of the cushioning.

Layer 3: 7" of motion isolation support foam supports all the way to the edge, while cutting down on partner disturbance. The added thickness of this layer vs. the other designs adds more longevity and structure to this mattress.

Overall Comfort

Douglas mattress buyers report significantly higher satisfaction in their purchase vs. many other Canadian mattress brands. Sleepers report a nice combination of pressure relief and support with the Alpine being the most beloved statistically. With a medium to medium-firm feel, these mattresses should do well especially for average sized back, stomach, and side sleepers.


The Douglas brand has done a great job focusing on the sweet-spot of firmness with a medium to medium-firm feel, which should do well for most sleepers. However, those that prefer very firm or very soft mattresses may be left desiring an alternative.

Back Pain Relief

According to customers, these mattresses each have their benefits in terms of back pain. The Douglas Alpine, however, has the most agreeable response from shoppers when it comes to mentioning alleviating discomfort.


Due to the added Infinitex® fibres in the cover and added cooling features in the gel foam, customers mostly describe Douglas mattresses diffusing heat well.

Who Are The Douglas Mattresses Right For?

For Canadian shoppers looking for a solid all foam mattress design, these mattresses should be serious considerations. From their eco-conscious values to the comfort features, Douglas mattresses are great options for those looking for a high value medium firmness all-foam mattress.

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Most comfortable mattress ever!

Extremely comfortable. One of the best things about this mattress is the lack of movement you experience as someone else gets in and out of bed. Not even a tremor! No regrets with this purchase.

We received our Douglas mattress

We received our Douglas mattress sooner than expected, which was great. We like the mattress and it lives up to its claims. We would have given it 5 stars except it is a bit warm to sleep on.

Bought my firat king matress,

Bought my firat king matress, would not change it for the world, best adulthood purchase I have ever made!!

Très confortable. Nous l'aimons beaucoup.

Très confortable. Nous l'aimons beaucoup. Very confortable. We love it a lot.

Love it!

Feels like sleeping in a hug. Absolutely no regrets. I get a great night's sleep and it's so comforting.

I have had a persistent

I have had a persistent painful back injury from an accident several years ago. I used to wake up stiff and sore every morning and needEd to use a heating pad. We got a Douglas mattress several months ago and after sleeping on it the first night, I woke up with no stiffness or pain for the first time since the accident. I could not believe the difference. I am not cured but the mattress has definitely improved my condition.

Very fast delivery and installation.

Very fast delivery and installation. Quite comfortable to sleep on. Only drawback is the chemical smell from the mattress even after sleeping on it for over a month.

To date our experience has

To date our experience has been just as you have advertised; comfortable, sound and undisturbed sleep.

It's a good quality mattress,

It's a good quality mattress, very comfortable, and my husband and I are getting a night of better sleep.

La raison pourquoi j'ai donné

La raison pourquoi j'ai donné 4 étoiles, le matelas est assez lourd à manipuler. C'est pourquoi selon moi il a perdu 1 étoile. Par contre il est comfortable et répond à mes attentes.

Very nice sleep

I would like it a more if was a little firmer but I’m sure if you ask me again in a couple of months I be happy just how firm it is now

I love my Douglas mattress,

I love my Douglas mattress, I just can’t believe it, I wake up without back pain every morning. The temperature is always comfortable. I highly recommend a Douglas mattress!!

All great except.

Delivered promptlyl we were impressed by the quality and no evidence of off-gassing.Wanted so much to love it however after a 60 day trial found the mattress not firm enough to alleviate lower back pain.Regret we will be returning the mattress.

Finally a mattress that doesn’t hurt my back

Great mattress for sleeping on.No more waking up with a sore back.The mattress forms to your body.Extremely happy with our purchase.

We bought a king size,

We bought a king size, and have been extremely happy with it so far. It was important to us that this is a Canadian product, designed and manufactured in Canada. Delivery was very quick and set up easy. I am primarily a stomach sleeper and my wife sleeps on her side. We both find the Douglas to be supportive and comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend this mattress to anyone.

Best bed ever

I am still MADLY in love with my bed. My only complaint is that i dont ever wanna get out of it because its so comfy. I sleep way better than i ever have in my life. Its super comfy, installation was easy peasy, and despite how much time i spend in it it hasnt lost any comfort. Its definitely a quality bed and im glad i bought it.


I am sleeping better. It was difficult to adjust to at first. It’s better now. I find it a bit too firm for me. I would prefer a medium density but that wasn’t an option. I find it very firm. Almost too firm for my liking.

Healthy Sleep

With the head adjusted, I have a perfect sleep. The mattress is so soothing and comfortable. I get a much better sleep now. No stiffness in the morning; feel refreshed.

The most comfortable mattress I’ve

The most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had! The perfect level of firmness - and no transfer when my spouse flip flops in bed!


The mattress is amazing. Very comfortable. Would definitely recommend it.

Some time to get used to

We’ve been sleeping on this mattress for just over 2 weeks now, and I feel that I’ve now adjusted to it. It was a lot firmer than I anticipated, but maybe I just didn’t realize how soft our previous pillow top mattress actually was. The first few nights I felt that it was too firm, but i think some adjustment is to be expected with a new mattress. We also have quite a cool bedroom, and I read somewhere that a colder temperature can affect the firmness (not sure if that is true or not!) Overall, I feel very satisfied with our purchase! The motion isolation is incredible, I feel that the mattress supports my full body and I no longer have any hip pain.

Average mattress

Mattress is simply OK. It says it's a medium firm mattress but I found it very soft compare to what I'm used to. Also, the cooling gel foam is not as advertised. I haven't have a full night of sleep since I purchased the mattress. I will not recommend for a stomach sleeper. Will probably return the mattress. On a good note, the delivery and service was excellent.

Greatest mattress ever

After a life time of sleeping on “ standard” beds this was a drastic change for me, and I can happily say I am more than satisfied!!!

Best purchase ever !!

We are in love !! This mattress is So comfy and I swear the husband could be having a dance party on his side and i’d feel nothing .

Very nice mattress only thing

Very nice mattress only thing is a touch cool at first but warms up quick.

It's fair for the price,

It's fair for the price, I was expecting a little less firm, especially the pillows. Shipping was exactly as described, if anything it was quicker than expected.

No one wants to get out of BED

We purchased your bed in Early Dec. of 2020. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, and Hubby has a bad back. The first morning we both felt better, just found the bed lower than our old one. A month on, we love it, we feel better in the mornings, but no one wants to get out of bed. We are a little too comfy! Great bed.

I’ve noticed significantly less pain

I’ve noticed significantly less pain in my shoulder since using my new Douglas mattress. I’m one of those sleepers who puts my arm up under my pillow and often irritates my shoulder. I love the fitness and how it hugs my hips and curves. I’ve had way better sleeps and enjoy getting into bed now? My only complaint (though not really a complaint) is the edge support. I’ve grown used to knowing what to expect but the edges are very sinking compared to the center of the mattress. It doesn’t affect me directly as I don’t use the mattress in a manner that requires me to sit on the edge. Overall, I’m super happy with my purchase

We love it

So comfy! My husband says he loves how his bum sinks in but he’s fully supported. It’s like some kind of weird magic that allow for the natural curvature of your spine while supporting you. It’s wonderful.

When it comes to online

When it comes to online shopping, I barely buy anything because I’m scared of being scammed and/or disappointed... Buying my Douglas mattress was the best buy ever!!! Nothing to complain about! So happy I dared trying it...

100% recommend

Bought this mattress after our friends recommended it and I am so happy we did! I used to sleep 3 hours a night and now with this mattress I’m getting my 8 hours of sleep again!!!


No more back pain. This is an excellent mattress with the right amount of support.

Overall the bed is pretty

Overall the bed is pretty comfortable. This is the first time me or my partner have owned an all foam mattress. The only reason why I won't give it 5 stars is because I can get quite hot sleeping on this mattress. Unfortunately the real test will be sleeping on this mattress during the heat of the summer at which point my 120 night trial will have expired.

So happy we bought a Douglas

Excellent. Great service, speedy delivery and a wonderful product. We are getting great sleeps and feel rested in the morning. Be warned though after that first night you’ll think you’re pillows aren’t my worthy of the new mattress and you’ll want to upgrade. Do it all at once.

Love this mattress

Love my new Douglas mattress. High recommend it. I used to have hip pain with my old mattress.. but not any more. Yahoo

Too firm

I bought this for my son and he found it to be too firm so we put a foam topper on it so he could sleep on it. As for everything else the bed showed up quickly and well packaged and unboxed nicely and took shape quickly and looks to be good quality. Just too firm for our liking.

Better for our backs

My husband and I had been experiencing a lot of back pain which we attributed to our former mattress. It was soft and inviting, like sleeping on a marshmallow. But it was terrible for our backs! We have been sleeping on our Douglas mattress for about a amonth now. My husband experienced relief from his back pain right away. It did take me a little while to get used to our new mattress as it is quite a bit firmer than our old one, but now that I am, I can say I have a lot less back pain and general body aches and pains as well. The mattress was a great price, arrived quickly, and was really easy to set up. If you are on the fence - go for it!

Best purchase

We were skeptical buying abed in a box. I did the research - read the comparisons. We are mostly side sleepers and stomach sleepers. We both love this bed but husband does find it a bit hot other wise very comfy and we are sleeping better than ever.

We have mix medium to

We have mix medium to firm. I normally wake up with pain in my hips and shoulders since we purchase no more pain. I am impress with the quality the only downside is the smell.

Way too hot, such a shame

Giving one star because we chose to return it. This mattress is waaaay too warm for my wife and I, which is a shame because it is so comfortable and conforming. We initially loved the soft contouring of the memory foam, which was great for my wife's scoliosis, but after a few nights we found ourselves waking up in hot sweats about the same time every night despite keeping the room as cool as possible (in Canada, in the winter). As much as we wanted to love it, and tried using a variety of cooling toppers, we couldn't make it cool enough to sleep through the night and were dreading summer sleeping. This mattress would be great for someone who runs cool and needs a gentle, conforming memory foam feel. The company was great to deal with for the return, absolutely no hassle even during COVID times.

Got my mom a mattress

Got my mom a mattress and she was a little hesitant at first. Now at least once a week I hear how much she loves her mattress. I’ve now ordered 2 for my house.

I was hoping this mattress

I was hoping this mattress would be good for us, but unfortunately it's really too firm. My wife and I are back and side sleepers and it really hasn't gotten any softer or more comfortable. When you push on on the mattress it feels like it should be comfortable but it wasn't. It seems like it is well made and as mentioned really hoping it would work. I emailed for a return and then I got a response: "Do the "white sock" treatment, which involves wearing a clean pair of socks and walking all over the mattress for 5-10 minutes a few days in a row. The full, direct body weight more efficiently works the materials in. After time, our mattress will naturally soften up. Think of it like a new pair of shoes: at first it may feel a little strange, but after some use, it will adjust to your body's shape, weight, and distribution, becoming more comfortable. Be aware of the temperature of your bedroom. Memory foam reacts to heat, and becomes more firm in colder temperatures. The ideal room temperature for a memory foam mattress is 22-24C (72-75F). The mattress will also soften up from your body heat, becoming more malleable during the night." This information should've been suggested when I received the mattress (maybe a letter in the box) cause I would've tried it after the first few nights of the mattress being too firm. I did try it over last few nights but didn't seem to help. Unfortunately I will be sending it back.

Worth it

The bed is comfy and spacious. But I can still feel every move that me and my partner make and that keeps us both up at night. I thought the mattress would help with not being able to feel each other’s movements but it did not. We sleep okay.

Loving it so Far!

So far, so good, Very comfy. My wife says she finds it a bit warm. We are thinking of maybe getting 2 more for our kids.

J’adore mon matelas, je dors

J’adore mon matelas, je dors bien et je n’ai plus de douleur aux épaules

Decent Sleep Slight Impression

My sleep has stayed about the same, that is to say that it has not improved nor has it gotten any worse. My previous mattress was a full latex mattress that was older but needed replacing due to deep body impressions. I am already beginning to see slight body impressions on my side of the mattress which has me a little concerned because the mattress is only 6 months old (I am a larger man but not overweight). It is only slight so I am taking a wait and see approach. Motion isolation is excellent with this mattress! Fingers crossed that the impressions do not get much worse with such a new mattress.


Arrived quickly, unboxed easily, off-gassed much faster than foam mattresses we've purchased in the past from other brands (barely any smell after 48 hours, and I consider myself very sensitive to foam smell!) Overall very comfortable for my husband (side sleeper) and me (stomach and back sleeper).

This bed is just simply

This bed is just simply ok. Nothing to rave over. It certainly doesn’t make me want to stay in it any longer than a regular mattress. I wish it was a little bit thicker. It’s pretty light compared to a regular mattress and was very easy to unwrap. Shipping was fast considering we are in the middle of a pandemic. My extra bedroom needs a new mattress so I will switch this Douglas out with a normal mattress.

BEST mattress EVER!

Greatest mattress we have ever purchased. Even better than the pricey, big pillow top brands. This is better than we could have ever expected. Great sleeps, no morning pain. Thank you Douglas!

Loving my Douglas

Love love love! Great value, very comfortable and I sleep amazing! I don’t even feel my husband get out of the bed anymore. The king size fits perfectly in our room. We definitely plan to purchase the queen size for our oldest daughter for her birthday.

Love the new mattress, having

Love the new mattress, having the best sleeps in years. Thank you :)

Great for tummy sleepers-firm and cool.

I found the mattress to be firmer than expected. It’s great for my husband who is 6’1” 200lbs and sleeps on his tummy. I am 5’3” 120lbs and mostly sleep on my side. I have back and neck injuries and found this bed to be too firm initially but now that we’ve had it for a few months, I’m getting used to it. It also sleeps quite cool. My husband doesn’t overheat like he used to on our old one.

Sleeping on a cloud

Was very skeptical about a mattress I could not try. Some friends of ours already bought it and were happy with it. So we said, why not try it! We were not dissapointed! I would have love it to be a little more firm, around the edge precisely. Over all the firmness is great, really feel the memory foam helping with my back.

Well rested

We are so pleased with our Douglas mattress. Finally getting a great nights sleep and waking up with little to no back pain.

Best mattress ever, will never

Best mattress ever, will never go back to coil or spring mattress. Douglas mattress is by far the most comfortable and conforms to your body.

Dont have any complaint, I

Dont have any complaint, I absolutely sleep well...

The mattress is fine. There

The mattress is fine. There was some off-gassing from the foam for the first couple days but after that it has been good.

I’m happy with the quality

I’m happy with the quality & firmness of the Douglas mattress But find it hot to sleep. I have to have ceiling fan on.

Finally a mattress to help with my pressure points

I often wake up with sore shoulders and hips, but not with the Douglas. I need a softer mattress and with the Douglas I finally don’t have to add a topper and I wake with less pain.

Good price, good quality, great

Good price, good quality, great nights sleep

Best sleep I’ve had in years!

I’ve struggled with poor sleep for the better part of 10years. However, I’ve had consistently solid, restful sleep ever since this mattress came into our house. Personally, I give it a perfect 5-star rating across the board. Delivery was fast. Set up was ridiculously easy. No notable off-gassing. It’s even aesthetically pleasing in its shape and size; I felt a bit of a pang of regret having to put a protector and sheets on it... it looks beautiful out of the box. My only critique - not so much my own, but my wife’s - is that it is too firm. Now, I personally don’t mind it. I feel it’s just the right mix of firm/plush, but my wife likes a softer mattress. We purchased a king size for our cottage / Airbnb to test it out first, and we will likely purchase two twin xl for our king size at home. I’ll stick with exactly this, but if Douglas doesn’t offer a softer model in thaw twin xl, sadly we’re going to have to purchase the second one for my wife elsewhere. Which kind of stinks because this Douglas experience has been great!

I have owned some of

I have owned some of the best names and mattresses at a much much higher cost than this Douglas mattress that I now own. Simply put this mattress is a far better value than anything I have owned before and allows me to sleep much better than I ever have. Highly recommend it.

Not as good as I hoped

If I was sleeping on this mattress alone, I think it would be a 3.5-4 star rating but as a mattress purchased for both myself and partner it's been a bit disappointing. The positives, delivery and set up was easy, the mattress looks and feels very nice and we noticed very little off gassing. The single biggest problem, the mattress is too soft for my husband who suffers from some back issues. He is 6.3" and 220lbs and since the day we started sleeping on the mattress he has woken everyday with a bad lower back. Sadly I think we will try a couple more weeks but this bed will most likely go back.

Very Pleased

Matress is comfortable and much better than my old traditional style matress. Waking up with less aches and pains.


Meh - it’s okay. It’s better than our 25 year old hard spring mattress but we think we’re going to use it as our guest bed. It’s a little too squishy for our liking

Comfortable but does retain a lot of heat

Did off gas for a couple days is very comfortable. But does retain heat enough that we need to leave the window open.

Douglas has been one of

Douglas has been one of the best purchases of our life. My wife was extremely apprehensive about our purchase and was reluctant for me to even open the packaging; however that all changed when she slept on it for the first night. She proclaimed it was the best sleep she's ever had. The comfort level is so beyond a spring or coil mattress. You feel like you're being hugged ever so slightly. We purchased the ergomatic adjustable bases as well and have enjoyed these. I will say we've not seen a decrease in my snoring but my wife has no issues falling back asleep in the middle of the night if she were to awake. My biggest complaint is not to do with the mattress but rather the adjustable base. There needs to be 4 side rails on each base. We have 2 Twin XL mattresses and bases and while these hold up to certain extra curricular activities the mattresses can slide apart in the middle making for some mood killing repositioning. Had there been 2 shallow rails on each side they may keep the mattresses together more to advise such issue. However with that said we do love the ability to raise, individually, our mattresses without impacting the other. Wamsutta Twin XL fitted sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond are perfect as well.


Love this mattress! So comfy and great service by douglas

Great Mattress for a great

Great Mattress for a great price. It's a little firm for my liking, but, nonetheless, I sleep like a baby on it.

Douglas mattress

I was waking up in the middle of the night with back and sciatic pain. This has gone away. I also think we are sleeping better. Would recommend Douglas to others. Would rate it 4.5

Just firm enough. Just thick

Just firm enough. Just thick enough. Just enough density not to feel the other person tossing and turning.

Très confortable mais ferme pour

Très confortable mais ferme pour une personne légère. Odeurs de résidus industrielle de la mousse perceptibles durant le premier mois et nécessitent une bonne ventilation entre les sommeil sans couverture. Overall... Un très bon matelas pour le prix !

I have had obstructive sleep

I have had obstructive sleep apnea for awhile now and the first thing I noticed was my apnea events have improved noticeably . I bought new pillows and bed and haven’t had this good of sleep for some time now . Thankyou Douglas

Unsure at thus point

Well not sure yet as we have only been on it a month so not sure why they want a review already. Felt pretty good at first but now I’m not sure if will be able to keep the bed. We are finding we’re getting very hot sometimes and getting sweaty under where laying. I’m afraid it’s going to be way too hot in the summer if having this problem in winter when thermostat goes down to 18 C at night.

It's really comfortable. I usually

It's really comfortable. I usually like firmer matresses and my husband like medium firmness but we both find this mattress wonderful.

Love it !!!

After 6 months sleeping on the Douglass mattress I can say it's the best mattress we had. The quality is excellent, we recommand it without hesitation

Pleased with my purchase

I needed to replace my old mattress as I was experiencing bad back pain. I was hesitant to buy a mattress online that I had never tried but I’m very happy with my decision. The shipping & set up was super easy. Loved not having to leave my house. The mattress has been wonderful. No more back pain! I would recommend Douglas and would definitely buy one again.

I bought it for the

I bought it for the guest room but find myself sleeping there.

Comfort and Value

We have purchased 2 mattresses and are very pleased with the comfort and value.

Great, so comfortable. Both of

Great, so comfortable. Both of us was so surprised that it was so forming to your body. Plus waking up and not be stiff was fantastic

We love this mattress. It

We love this mattress. It also has been our cheapest one to date. It isn't hot like the first generation of foam mattresses. Happy

Great mattress

We bought this mattress for our daughter’s first “big girl bed”- she seems really happy with it! We have tested it out too, and it’s quite comfy! I also like how it is light enough, which is helpful with making the bed!

Excellent mattress but we needed box spring too

Really happy with it, much firmer and more comfortable with Douglas box spring which can be disassembled for move and is also great quality

Good quality but too firm

The bed arrived in 3 days and I was happy with the look and quality. I find it too firm and wake up with more aches and pains than with my previous mattress. I have been sleeping on it for 5 weeks and will be returning it. I don't want to buy online again by reviews since everyone has a different definition of firm. Waiting to get into a store to hopefully test out the next one before purchasing.

Best mattress I’ve ever had

This mattress is so comfortable, and such an amazing change from the pillow top mattresses I’ve always had in the past. It has just enough support while still being extremely comfortable!

Mattress is great - pillows are a bit too firm for me

I ordered both the mattress and the pillows from Douglas in October. My partner and I absolutely adore the mattress, we sleep almost completely through the night - and love that we can't feel each other shifting around anymore! My only negative review is that the pillows are a bit too firm for me, but of course this is personal preference.

The bed is fine. Could

The bed is fine. Could be a bit softer since with my research I thought it would be softer for side sleepers

Best mattress we have owned!

Best mattress we have owned! So comfortable. Amazing not being able to feel when your partner comes to bed

Bought second mattress as we love our first one. Disappointed in the pillows purchased

Bed excellent I’m Really disappointed in the pillow and my wife finds it average

Great mattress

I’m happy with the quality and the fact it’s make in Canada.

Sooo comfortable!!

Amazingly comfortable, surprisingly fast set up (no waiting for it to “inflate”), and turning movements are not felt by the other person. Our dog loves it too! We did not purchase a base and are very happy with it on our 2 piece king sized box spring foundation.

Bed better than more expensive

Bed better than more expensive one we had previously

Can't beat the price for this comfy mattress!

I bought 2 x twins for our camping trailer as we have a short RV King. They are very slightly bigger than the original mattress but still fully functional. We decided to buy a queen for at home. We received the mattress damaged which was disappointing since we just finished a nightmare return with another mattress company. However, Douglas customer service was hands down the best customer service reps that I have ever dealt with. They were extremely quick to rectify the issue & generously compensated us for the hassle. I will be recommending them to all our friends and family, especially for the trailer mattresses since those can be a pain to find!

This bed is amazing. It’s

This bed is amazing. It’s a little firmer than we were originally hoping/expecting but after having it for a few months it is definitely softer. We sleep better then we ever had before. My husband moves a ton and he finally doesn’t wake me up constantly. It super soft to touch and the perfect length for us! We would definitely purchase again for other bedrooms if/when needed.

Usually a stomach sleeper

I normally sleep on my stomach but because of surgery I am having to sleep on my back. I have been able to sleep comfortably both on stomach and back.

Sleeping better through the night.

Sleeping better through the night. Not having to toss and turn so much. Not nearly as stiff in the morning.

Comfortable sleep

So far, thinks seem to be good. Only slept on it for two nights but I am comfortable and have slept well with no back pain.

Installation was easy and straightforward.

Installation was easy and straightforward. Frimness is good.


I am really happy with the mattress. I don’t wake up every morning with back pain anymore.

So far it is the

So far it is the best mattress we have ever owned

A Memory Foam mattress that’s helps with aches and pains

Getting older is tough and seems to bring with it more aches and pains (knees, hips, back). Our Douglas mattress does seem to provide some relief, so it is possible to get a good night’s sleep.

Very comfortable mattress. My wife

Very comfortable mattress. My wife has a deteriorating disc and loves the new mattress. My lower back issues are much better as well.

Best bed ever. This one

Best bed ever. This one will not be returned, for sure. Perfect firmness and support.

On the Hard Side

Received the mattress mid-December, it does have a smell, whether that's off-gassing not sure. The mattress does exactly what it says, good edge support, no/little jiggle from other side of bed. I am a hot-sleeper can't say the mattress reduces heat. The mattress is definitely on the firm side, it is difficult to get my knees and legs comfortable. If looking for a plush sleep keep looking

Non-Interrupted Sleep

Mattress is very comfortable. Our quality of sleep has improved overall. No more back or muscle pains. The mattress has great, cooling technology. I highly recommend this mattress.

First couple of weeks

I’ve rated our mattress at 4 as I feel another couple of weeks will tell us more. So far the bed is comfortable and am happy my hips are no longer hurting during the nite.

I feel this bed is

I feel this bed is a little soft but I do like it.

The mattress is perfect ...feel

The mattress is perfect ...feel very support by its firmness but it’s soft and foamy

My husband finds the mattress

My husband finds the mattress not firm enough for him he sleeps on his back.

Finally a restful sleep

After years trying to find a good mattress, The Douglas has done it. I have had a tough time finding something that offers the support I need, with the comfort of softness, and without making me feel sore in the morning. The Douglas mattress has meant restful sleeps without the aches and pains I have had with other mattresses.

Really good mattress

I should have done it earlier! Best mattress to sleep with a partner. And for the price, it's really worth it. I recommend it

Over all we're happy with

Over all we're happy with the mattress. Could be a little softer for a side sleeper.

After 8 months the bed

After 8 months the bed is causing my husband a lot of pain. I find it too firm. May have to replace.

Generally happy

Not a fair test as I have to get up several times per night to assist spouse (and my own needs). The bed feels supportive and comfortable. We can't seem to keep the sheets in place with bed slightly elevated. The "free" mattress covers will need tensioning elastics under the mattress as they are currently bunching a bit on the top of the mattress.

Best sleep I've ever had!

This mattress is so great, it alleviated any back pain my partner and I had with our old mattress and we are getting the best sleep of our lives. I will be recommending this brand to anyone looking to get a new mattress for sure!

Bought this for my son.

Bought this for my son. He is always warm when sleeping and has found a profound difference with this mattress. It is firm but not too firm. It did take a few weeks to really sink into the comfort level he wanted. It was very easy to remove and assemble. The design is great and easy to remove topper and wash.

Quite firm and definitely retains heat!

I really wanted to love this mattress - the efficiency of delivery, made in Canada, return policy. I suffer from sleep issues, and sleep a bit warm and unfortunately this mattress isn’t helping. It does limit any motion transfer from my partner or 10 pound dachshund and I can sleep near the edge (I always seem to get pushed over!) but I often wake up sweaty. I am worried about the summer months - eek! It is quite firm as well, I was hoping for a little softer. I may still return it - but then what? Try to go mattress shopping during a pandemic during a stay at home order? Bleh.

Such a great purchase! Customer

Such a great purchase! Customer service was excellent, and the mattress arrived faster than anticipated.

Good mattress

Fast delivery and mattress is medium firm and nice, nut too soft for me. Free trial and return was really helpful.

Awesome inexpensive luxury bed!

I’ve been using my Douglas bed for over 4 months now and it’s the best sleep I’ve ever had! I’m a side sleeper and usually suffer from sore joints and back. After using this mattress I’ve had no sleeping pains! M 6’1” 190lbs. Queen Size bed

Love my Douglas !!!

After sleeping on a spring mattress for 3 years my back has been killing me. Since I got Douglas I wake up in the morning without back pain. I am extremely pleased with my purchase ! I also got the pillows which are amazing !

No regrets!

My partner and I love our Douglas. I am able to sleep on my side, back, and stomach. It offers just the right amount of support without being firm.

feels firm at first but

feels firm at first but have been sleeping well. Wake up more refreshed and with less aches and pains.

Best, most comfortable mattress ever!

I have always had foam mattresses, and have loved the! My last one didn’t last long enough and then I checked out Casper, Eddy and Douglas, did some research and thought Douglas the best. Easy order and delivery and the sleeping on it was a dream! I move all over the mattress to try different angles and positions...honestly the best sleep, I never want to leave it!

Comfortable. I feel rested when

Comfortable. I feel rested when i get up. Not as achy as I used to feel in the morning

The Douglas mattress is a

The Douglas mattress is a good buy for the money. It's comfortable and has a good amount of sink into the mattress. The edges could use more support as they do drop down considerably if you're sitting on the edge. This doesn't bother me though, as it's still supportive enough to sit and put your socks on. I would like the mattress to maybe be a touch firmer, but its definitely ok. Keep in mind that I'm pretty muscular. I'm 5'7 and 220 pounds, so I'm sure that contributes to it. My parents have the same mattress and they have no issues as they weigh much less. I'd say for the money you can't get a better mattress.

I love my Douglas mattress!

I have been sleeping on the Double Douglas mattress since September and I love it. The mattress is the perfect balance between cozy, firm and soft. I would definitely would recommend a bed frame that supports it. When I first bought the bed, I had just moved into a new house and did not yet have a bed frame or a boxspring. When the mattress was on the floor it was a bit too soft. But once it was placed on my bedframe it was perfect.

Love love love it!

Absolutely love our Douglas mattress! So comfortable! So convenient shipped right to your door. Ready to sleep on in minutes!!

Best mattress I've had so far

The most comfortable mattress I've had so far. It's quite firm but also soft enough to not put too much pressure on my hips and knees. My back feels great, and I no longer have trouble sleeping through the night. I would recommend it 100%

No longer a sceptic

We did a lot of research regarding the bed in a box concept. We settled on Douglas because we wanted a Canadian company. The mattress and both pre and post delivery communication has been excellent. So far the mattress has been very comfortable. This is the second one that has been purchased and will not hesitate to purchase additional product in the future.

It is orefect when i

It is orefect when i first lyye down then it molds to my body .i personally think it needs to stay a bit firmer but my partner loves it

Douglas Mattress Review

My previous mattress cost me close to $3000.00. For 1/3 the price I got a better mattress. I use to wake up with shoulder and back pain. The shoulder pain is gone and the back pain is diminished. My wife and I both got Douglas Queen mattresses at the same time. She is equally pleased with hers.

I got the King and

I got the King and am very happy with it. Im 150 lbs It took about a month for it to feel perfect for me. Im. And about 6 weeks for the smell of the pillows to go away. Loving it, no more waking up with lower back pain.


No regrets. I sleep so much better since getting this mattress.

FAB mattress, FAB customer service

SUPER comfortable, would definitely recommend, also customer service is really fantastic

I love the look and

I love the look and feel of the Douglas, however I'm a 125lb woman and it's taking me a bit to get used to the medium firm bed, as it has pushback. I toss and turn at night and laying on my stomach isn't the most comfiest. I have had the mattress for a month now, I'm giving it a bit more time and trying to love it. I have noticed however that my low back isn't bothering me like it was with my last lumpy king sized posturepedic so that's a plus!

We purchased a Bloom as

We purchased a Bloom as well as a Douglas.... Douglas so far is our favourite. It is just perfect as it fits to our personal sleeping preferences. I truly don’t feel my hubby’s flips in the night and I wake feeling refreshed rather than having been bounced around all night. It’s perfect for what we needed

Fantastic mattress

Great mattress! Perfect in feel, not too soft not too firm, right in the middle. I got the mattress protector too and it's definitely worth the buy, super soft and durable. Get great night's sleep. First time buying a mattress online that gets shipped in the box, have no complaints. Went with the monthly payment option and it was super easy. Love this mattress.

Set up very easy, initially

Set up very easy, initially an odor as some have mentioned in other reviews, but it dissipates quickly. Very comfortable mattress highly recommend.

Matress great, but dont buy the bed frame!

The bed frame is cheap abd unreliable for 500 dollars or whatever it costs. The bed however is pretty comfortable and ive been sleeping a lot better thanks to it.

Queen mattress - teen sleeper

Queen mattress - teen sleeper

My Douglas mattress provides me

My Douglas mattress provides me with a great sleep!

So far, great value and convenience

I like memory foam so I’m enjoying the Douglas quite a bit. My partner prefers a bit more spring so maybe a hybrid coil/foam bed would be the best option for him for a bed in a box. Amazing what you can order online these days.

Very much enjoying the podium

Very much enjoying the podium adjustable bed and the Douglas mattress. Have an issue with breathing and use sleep apnea machine and had to start sleep on my back. This bed made the adjustment vey easy.

Size of the mattress.

I ordered bed frame from bricks. But Douglas king mattress is not perfectly fitted with the bed frame. There is a gap of more then a inch in side. No issue with the length. But the width is shorter then the standard bed frame.

Sleeping well!

We love the larger mattress and how we can't feel each other moving in the night. I only gave 4 stars because the mattress was formed than expected.

Great bed

Very comfortable bed to sleep on. Great support.

Love it

Perfect firmness. I can't feel any movement from my partner which is great. Super comfortable.

Sleeping on Lava

Abnormally warm and sinks too much You lose the ability to sit on the bed.

King size Douglas

My husband and I are in our early 60s. Before Douglas we thought we had a very good bed; we paid a lot of money for it, it was only four years old, it was a Queen size, had a pillow top and we had bought fancy sheets for it. But I wasn't sleeping much...I have osteoarthritis so I move a lot; I can't stay in the same position very long. Every time I moved around, I woke my husband up. I was so sore in the morning, I had to do all kind of stretches before I could trust my knees to hold me so I could walk to the washroom. So after doing a lot of thinking and studying at the numerous possibilities out there, we decided to try Douglas, not knowing at that point if it would help as we still thought we had a good mattress. The mattress came in a timely manner, we had to wait for the platform to come in as the delivery was slowed down by Covid. After 10 days of waiting, we opened the Douglas box and let the mattress inflate on the floor as I didn't want to void the Douglas Warranty. Within an hour, the mattress was high enough for us to try. We knew right away that we would love our new mattress and decided then and there that we'd rather sleep on the mattress on the floor than sleep in our Queen size bed that was right beside it. Our new mattress is a King size which we totally enjoy. Bravo Douglas, because of your mattress, I no longer move all night, my husband doesn't wake up when I get up to use the washroom in the middle of the night, and I'm not sore in the morning. 5 stars for me!

It's really a great mattress

It's really a great mattress and sleeping without a dip as our old matteress had has even changed the way our pillows feel. We have made the comment to family that it feels good to be sleeping straight!

Great mattress! Great experience!

Mattress took about a week to get used to but I love it. And the entire purchase and delivery experience was fantastic. Arrived 2 days early. Just a few days after order.

Great mattress

When our toddlers had outgrown their baby beds and were in need of something larger, the mattress choice was a no-brainer. We love our very comfortable Douglas mattress and now, so do our girls.

So comfy!

Both my kids love their beds so much. Sometimes, we sleep in their beds too. The mattress hugs your body, which gives you a very comfortable rest.

Douglas mattress

Had not been sleeping well on old bed which was only 3 years old. Since getting a Douglas mattress life has been more restful! Just the right amount of softness yet firm too- as Goldilocks said it was just right!

Good bed, but it's a

Good bed, but it's a lot softer than expected. I thought it was medium-firm, with more emphasis on the firm, so to help with my back issue but it's softer than I thought. It is good for side and stomach sleeping though, so that's awesome.


Must say I was a little skeptical, but I really like it!

Love it

Had reservations about getting a foam mattress but I have been singing the praises since. Amazing bed, amazing sleep, 10/10 recommend!

I love our King size

I love our King size bed ! The medium firmness is perfect

Good mattress

Still a bit too firm for my but hubby likes it. Definitely give it a few weeks before making a judgement. Overall happy with it.

I like my bed its

I like my bed its been awesome But if you want me to keep posting my feelings about the bed better pay up for my advertising!

Best sleep

We love our California king Douglas - two shift workers - best sleep we’ve had in years :)


Perfect bed. I'm a side/stomach sleeper and am fine with it. All future mattresses purchases for the house will be douglas

Much better sleep!

My wife and I are both side-sleepers, which played a large role in selecting the Douglas mattress. I had a few days of adjustment, where my back wasn't loving the change. Since the initial week, we have both loved the new mattress. We've been sleeping through the night and I've had much less back pain! I have no regrets purchasing from Douglas and definitely recommend other side-sleepers to buy with confidence.

purrrfect sleep

Very comfortable with a perfect firmness and no sleep interruptions from a jiffly partner

Very comfortable mattress. Would recommend

Very comfortable mattress. Would recommend to everyone.

Dangerous Mattress

Dangerous in the case of.... if you dont want to not lay down on this mattress because you will!!!! Very comfortable, my sore back is gone!!!!! Did extensive research before I pulled the trigger and made what I think was the best purchase possible. Quality, affordability, longest sleep trial, shortest time of boxed compression, in many ways the best purchase choice bar none. You wont be disappointed, Oh and 100 % Canadian.... gotta like that...Eh!!!!!

Very comfy but a little warm

My wife and I love the comfort. It's soft but you don't feel swallowed or stuck in it. Edge support is great. My only negative is the heat that this mattress holds. We both find it warm and it's winter here so that's a little concerning. We'll give it more time.

My husband likes a firm

My husband likes a firm matress I prefer medium so this mattress is good for us we meet halfway and both get a good night sleep

It is a very comfortable

It is a very comfortable bed to lie in, however it has not resolved the hip issues that my wife experiences. Perhaps it’s unfair to blame the mattress, but we were hopeful that it would be a cure all.

So good!

I have had two very expensive mattresses, and then we bought the Douglas for our second home. Cannot tell the difference! I regret buying the expensive ones now. Liked that this was a Cdn company and more environmentally friendly than others.

Not sure

We don’t find it’s comfortable as we thought it would be.

I enjoy my mattress. It

I enjoy my mattress. It is like sleeping on a cloud. It molds to my body no matter what position I sleep in. I will only sleep on a foam mattress and Douglas is the best value for the money. It also has the longest warranty of any of the mattresses that I researched.

So comfortable!

I love our Douglas mattress. It is just firm enough without being hard. You sink in to it's softness without drowning. It provides good support for my achy back and we're actually planning on purchasing two more for our kids! For reference, we also have an Endy mattress in our spare room - we both find it a bit too firm. The Douglas hits the sweet spot for us!

Parfait! Aucun regret pour cet

Parfait! Aucun regret pour cet achat! Nous dormons tous bien et avons de la place (lit king)! Suuuuper confortable ni trop mou ni trop ferme! Sommeil récupérateur! Aucune déstabilisation ressentie lors du changement de matelas, on s’y est habitué dès la première nuit! Avec la housse imperméable (acheté séparément) c’est parfait, elle fonctionne vraiment. Pour avoir renversé un verre d’eau le matelas est resté au sec. Par contre le matelas viens deja dans une propre housse referma avec un zipper... y’a qua dezipper pour mettre a la laveuse (la section du haut) et rezipper par la suite j’ignore si cette dernière est imperméable comme celle vendu séparément

Wish me made that change

Wish me made that change earlier from a coil mattress. Wow what a difference. A much much better sleep!

The mattress is very comfortable

The mattress is very comfortable and moulds to your body nicely, Also helps with my sore back


It's better than my old mattress but still find it compresses my shoulders and hips when I sleep on my side.

Totally happy.

Mattress has completely lived up to its reputation. If possible, mattress us getting more comfortable. Wake up with less aches. Will get another one for guest room.

I love my new mattress.

I love my new mattress. I sleep so comfortable and wake up with no pain and stiffness which I used to before this mattress.

Highly recommend!

Very happy with this purchase! My husband and I have been in desperate need of a new mattress for longer then I care to admit. Pre-pandemic, we tested out a bunch of mattresses at different stores but couldn’t find anything we agreed on or loved enough to dish out the money. It is so hard to tell when you only lay on it for a minute or 2. How are you supposed to know what it will feel like in 8 hours?! I really appreciate the 90 free trial that Douglas offers, although we never needed to use it. Within a week I knew this was the mattress for us! Supportive but not hard, super comfortable, and I hardly notice when my husband flips around beside me. Highly recommend!!

The best mattress ever!!

Totally love my Douglas.. the best sleep I have had for years.. it reduced my back and hip pain 90%.. and less leg cramps as well..wouldn't trade it for anything.

Best in Canada

I woke up one day in November tired of being tired of being tired. I hoped in my truck and with google assistant I searched best mattresses in Canada. I voice dialled Good Morning Canada and spoke directly to an actual person. After 4 minutes on the phone I had completed the transaction! Now to wait! After an amazing 6 days I had a brand new bed, box and 2 pillows. Trust google! Trust Good Morning. Best thing I have slept on

Love the mattress and adjustable frame

I'm a side sleeper so the combination of the adjustable frame, with the mattress is perfect. Probably the most comfortable bed I've owned, especially for the price. Would definitely recommend. My brother bought the mattress and loves it also.

Douglas King

So far so good. It took some adjusting but after a week it seems to be a good match. Will wait a bit to see how it goes.

Sleeping well.

The first week on the douglas mattress was not the most comfortable. But once broken in I can spend the night on my back or side and wake up feeling good. This mattress does a very nice job of dispersing pressure.

Douglas mattress

The mattress was fairly easy to unbox and arrived quickly. It is still off-gassing weeks later and I find the mattress too firm. I wake up with lower back pain every morning which I didn’t have with my old mattress. I also bought the pillows which are extremely hard, even after removing some of the stuffing. Just not a good fit for someone who has had cervical spine surgery. I love the idea of this style of bed and dealing with a Canadian company. It just isn’t the right mattress for me unfortunately.

I enjoy very much the

I enjoy very much the Douglas mattress, first winter I didn’t need to warm up my bed, the temperature of the mattress is perfect, either during warm or cold season.

Husband: a bit softer than

Husband: a bit softer than expected, and edges not firm enough. Wife: finally sleeping thru the night. Pick one LOL

This is the 2nd Douglas

This is the 2nd Douglas we've bought...we LOVE them. Highly, highly recommend!


I love our new mattress! I Can't feel mypartner moving and I'm sleeping way more soundly. However, on the First night I did notice bad off gassing! It woke me up several times. The next day i kept the window wide open with a fan on and walked allover it (as suggested on their faqs) also washed the cover & sheets & it's now unnoticeable!! Happy about that and VERY happy with our purchase

I love this mattress!

Ok first things first, unpacking was so fun! Watching it go from this tiny little wrapped up thing to a queen size mattress was the highlight of my 2020. The first time I laid on it was so comfortable and I was glad I purchased it. Im not going to lie, the first few nights my back HURT and I worried it was going to be a problem forever. After about a week I was used to it, and I’m sure part of it was due to the fact my old mattress was worn down to mostly springs with fabric over it. Now that I’ve had it for 6 months, I can honestly say I have no regrets. I love this mattress. I’ve recommended it to several family members now and I hope if you’re reading this and get one you like it too!! Some things to note about me so you can see if we’re similar: - I like a more firm mattress (too cushion-Y I can’t get comfortable) - I sleep with 2-3 pillows, a cat, and a snoring fiancé - I spend a loooot of time in bed

This mattress has met and

This mattress has met and exceeded our expectations for quality. The firmness is med-firm to us, with nice give at the top layer but well supported underneath. I don't like feeling like I'm stuck or sinking into a bed, but I'm also a side sleeper, and the firmness is great for this. It doesn't sleep hot (which was a concern for us as this was our first foam type mattress), but just right. The motion control is fine. We made the right decision going with a Douglas mattress.

First time ever ordering a

First time ever ordering a mattress through the internet. I liked what i read with the reviews, and ordered the Douglas mattress, it was easier than i thought dealing with Douglas, mattress arrived as scheduled. No hiccups! All honesty, overall sleep is 100% better than what its ever been. I have always slept on my sides, flipping from side to side due to sore shoulders. I am acually sleeping more on my back now. 66 yrs old and finally satisfied!! Thanks Douglas!

great sleep

We bought this bed for our spare room. We replaced our bed a year ago with a firm mattress that I am still not use to. I had to sleep on the new douglas bed to try it . I had a great sleep sleep. My husband tried it the next day and he also had a great sleep. We decided to switch beds and now we sleep on the Douglas bed.

The edge of the bed

The edge of the bed that I sleep on does seem to break down. The other edge is still crisp. I wish it was just a bit thicker.

King size Douglas mattress

After trying the Douglas mattress for 30 of the 120 day trial we decided to keep it. We were not waking up stiff and sore in the morning like we did with our old mattress.


The bed is decent, could be slightly firmer. The box was beaten to bits and almost falling out the end upon delivery. 4/5

Love it. Have never slept

Love it. Have never slept better

This bed is amazing for

This bed is amazing for pressure points. Orthopedic. The massage is relaxing. The bed makes you feel worth it. Like a connoisseur of comfort. You don't want to stop sleeping. It's a bed that is good for stretching and taking your time to get out of bed. It's magical in so many ways. I look forward to bedtime, which is unusual for me.

Not right for me

I think this is just the wrong mattress for me, I sleep on my side and stomach. The first week I found the mattress too hard and had full body pain but as I adjusted I now wake up every morning with lower back and neck pain. I first found the mattress too firm but now I believe it is medium, and I find the middle is sagging. I took the quiz by good morning and it recommends another mattress so I will be returning this one. Returns etc are difficult right now due to deliveries in my building during the pandemic. But dealing with the company has been good. Just do your research for your body and sleep patterns before buying.

Seems good

Haven’t slept on this mattress. It was for a spare room. Although laying on it briefly it seems comfortable. Was delivered quickly and easily brought into the house, packaged up tight in a box.



very comfortable. Only complaint, it

very comfortable. Only complaint, it could have been a little firmer for my taste.

A good mattress for the

A good mattress for the price. A bit too thin and firm for my ideal bones could use a bit more cushioning. A good mattress for sharing...I have no idea my partner is in bed with me at all.

Best mattress and pillows I have ever slept on.

Best mattress I’ve ever slept on. Both my spouse and I love this mattress. Every night feels like we are sleeping in a luxurious hotel. It is firm enough for support but soft enough to sink into. I honestly get excited to get into bed every night as I know I will have the beat sleep. We have the pillows as well which are amazing. I have spent hundreds of dollars on pillows and all of them gave me neck pain. These pillows are magic.

Not for us

We have friends who love the Douglas mattress, but it is not for us. We feel it is too firm and caused both me and my partner back pain upon waking every morning. We are also both edge sleepers and found that there was not enough edge support offered. May work for some people, but it wasn't a right fit for us. We have emailed customer service to start our return process.

Very conformable

Our Douglas mattress compares pretty well with the Tempur-Pedic mattress we bought almost 10 years ago and for a fraction of the price. We’re very satisfied.


I love my mattress. I am sleeping way better, even in menopause

Unfortunately I'll have to send

Unfortunately I'll have to send the mattress back. I think the problem is I need a softer surface. I'm 5'5" and weigh about 120 lbs so I'm petite and bony. I think most people would love the Douglas mattress but very light people may not. I think this is an exemplary company and I will be recommending this mattress to others regardless of my personal experience.

Not quite as comfortable as

Not quite as comfortable as I had hoped, my partner likes it more then I do,I find I still get sore hips it I don’t change sides enough. My sheets do fit well because they are deep pocket, I was surprised the mattress very thick.

One month in...

One month in and still not quite sure if the mattress is just a tad too soft. I’m also afraid it may be uncomfortably hot to sleep in come warmer weather. My partner loves it, but he likes a very warm bed. I don’t.

Satisfied customers

We are happy with our purchased, I would have prefer the mattress a little bit more firmer, and originally there was a strong smell to it, which is mostly all gone.

Excellent mattress and sleep has

Excellent mattress and sleep has been sound. Waiting for a sale to purchase another Douglas mattress for our cabin

Just love the mattress and

Just love the mattress and the purchased the adjustable frame. Have had a spinal fusion due to degenerative spine issues and this is the first time in years I am comfortable in bed. Would highly recommend it. Loved it so much purchased one for my mother at Christmas.

Douglas Cooling Gel Foam Mattress

Very happy with the fast delivery and quality of this mattress.

Douglas 2020-2021 Review

So far, this mattress has been great for my partner and I. I suffered a back injury that I still continue to heal from. And just sleeping on this mattress I experience less pain, when I wake up in the morning. This is huge! Movements not felt by the other person moving in the middle of the night helps my partner sleep soundly throughout the night. Great product, keep up the good work!

Enjoying a good night sleeps

Enjoying a good night sleeps and no stiff/sore back in the morning.

Hands-down, A Fantastic Mattress.

After years of sleeping uncomfortably and dealing with chronic pain, my partner and I purchased The Douglas Mattress after much research on various companies and products across the memory foam mattress market. We are so far from being disappointed, and this mattress has helped us both improve our quality of life in ways we hadn't realized while we were still using spring mattresses. Delivery of The Douglas Mattress was incredibly fast and we received it the following day. Unwrapping and setting it up was very easy and quick, but nothing compares to the comfort and enjoyment we both felt during our first night's sleep. The mattress has a very clean, simple, and inviting look about its exterior, plus it's Canadian-made. It works very well to relieve tension and pain felt in bodily pressure points, it is incredibly comfortable, and its softness is very cozy while also being firm enough to provide excellent support for the spine and hips. We have been enjoying our sleep immensely, experiencing a greater quality of rest each night regardless of whether one might be a side or back sleeper. I personally now look forward to going to bed every night, eager to curl up and repose in relaxed satisfaction.

Wonderful mattress for back issues

Not too soft, not too firm, and doesn't get hot! Great support for back and hips. I cannot believe the price point. I've paid twice as much for mattresses I've not been as happy with. Proud to support Canadian made products!

Comfy mattress that keeps me

Comfy mattress that keeps me cool! Would be better if it was thicker!

Great mattress! We have small

Great mattress! We have small stairs but wanted a Kinh size bed and Douglas delivered...literally and figuratively ;) the bed is firm, but not too firm. I don’t even notice when my partner gets up at night because I don’t feel the mattress move. Super happy, highly recommend Douglas!

We were in the market

We were in the market for a new mattress. On the recommendation of our son, we purchased a Douglas memory foam. The mattress provides great support as we don’t wake up with sore hips or shoulders. The investment was well worth it. I’ve recommended the Douglas memory foam to my co-workers .

Very niice

My sore back ain’t so sore anymore

Love our mattress, two people

Love our mattress, two people can move and change positions without the other one feeling it through the mattress. Great support and comfort

After a succession of expensive

After a succession of expensive pillow top mattresses which sagged badly after only a few months, we decided to try a memory foam mattress. Research online led us to Douglas. After a long conversation with one of your customer service reps, who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, we decided to buy a Douglas mattress. We have not regretted our decision. Both of us have experienced improved sleep quality. The mattress does not sleep hot like some other foam mattresses. We are very satisfied with our purchase.

Love it!

I love sleeping in my Douglas! It’s probably the most comfortable bed I’ve ever had. My cats love it too... they never want to get out of bed!

Great mattress and very comfortable

Great mattress - still in the early days of getting used to it. Had some back issues for the first couple weeks but I think they are subsiding. Very happy with the purchase.

Not as impressed as I should be

This mattress is nothing special. In fact, compared to competitor products on the market, it isn’t as comfortable and certainly isn’t worth the price tag.

Mattress is so good I

Mattress is so good I sleep like a baby everyday

I was expecting to be

I was expecting to be “wowed “ more than I was, given the reviews. It is easier on my shoulders than my previous mattress.

Twin mattress

The mattress was for my son who normally sleeps on a Japanese-style mattress on the floor. He found your mattress to be suitably hard and he slept well.

Good mattress

No surprises, was a bit hard at first until it broke in.

So comfy!

So comfy and I don’t feel my partner tossing and turning at night. Also love Douglas’ commitment to sustainability and that they’re made in Canada!

Sceptic Turned Believer

I was sceptical about this and all foam mattresses. I must say it did take me a few days, maybe even 2 weeks to know if I was actually liking the mattress. I am not thrilled with my mattress. It gives me the best sleep, and even my massage therapist (who I haven’t been to in a few months because of Covid) said my allotment has never been better. My fitness tracker has even documented that I am getting a higher quality and longer deep sleep. I cannot recommend this mattress enough! As other reviews have said, it smells a bit weird for the first few weeks, so this just encouraged me to buy a lavender pillow spray, so now I’m having an even more relaxing sleep haha

Love it!

I have been shopping for a new mattress for a while and I am so happy I went with the Douglas! Super comfy and great support.

Too hard

Since we got this mattress I wake up with a very sore stiff back, I feel this mattress is too firm

You need this mattress!

Perfect all around mattress. Say goodbye to back pain! I’m a back sleeper and my partner is an all-around sleeper and the firmness is perfect for us. It’s comfortable and soft at the same time without feeling like you’re sinking at all. We also toss and turn on occasion , which used to be an issue but it is definitely no longer a problem for us. My only regret is not buying this mattress sooner! So if you’re on the fence, this is your sign. You need this mattress in your life!

Great mattress

We weren't too sure what to expect with this being our first phone bed. We're extremely happy and ended up buying one for our oldest child for Christmas.

We are very happy with

We are very happy with our Douglas mattress!

Ultimately decided on the Douglas

Ultimately decided on the Douglas Mattress after sleeping on a competitor brand and waking up in complete pain due to the firmness. Douglas, in my opinion is medium mattress. It holds your body but also has enough give when you are in multiple positions. I sleep on my back side and stomach and am comfortable in all positions. Like many others have mentioned, the sides take a bit of getting used to when rolling out of bed....but all-in-all the transition to sleeping on this mattress was effortless from the first night.

So Far it’s Good

I finally got the mattress I wanted. It’s been a month using with no complaints no back pain issues. I hope I do not get disappointed in near future and its life lasts longer!!!

I LOVE my mattress!!

It’s like sleeping on clouds!! The perfect amount to soft and firm! The options aren’t fitting for the how awesome the mattress is!!

Very good mattress for the

Very good mattress for the price. Took a couple weeks to get used to it but love it now!

Love it!

From the very first night we a.loved the bed!

Love this mattress!!

I love this mattress soft with the right amount of firmness for proper support. My husband can roll over or get up in the night without disturbing me.

Terrific for sleep and sexy time

I love my Douglas mattress. It was the best sleep I’ve had in a long time since it arrived. The box spring was easy to assemble and the mattress, when I finally got it up many flights of stairs, it opened up easily and was easy to put on my bed. The quality is good, sexy time in it is wonderfully comfortable without the bed falling or giving way Or sagging, and while I would give it a perfect 5 star rating, now that I’ve had this for a few seasons, I have noticed that some of the slats for the box spring have began to warp - especially one slat that had a knot and it fell out, thus causing my bed to squeak when I roll around at night (which I do! ) during the winter season. I do sometimes wish the mattress was much firmer, but even this is still incredibly comfortable and no body aches for all the unusual contorted positions I sleep in because of my pets.

comfortable mattress, good price and

comfortable mattress, good price and convenient delivery

Most Comfortable Mattress Ever!

My wife and I LOVE the Douglas mattress! We both agree that it’s the most comfortable we’ve ever experienced and have the best nights sleeps on it. No more motion transfer and it feels so supportive no matter which position you’re in. I’m a hot sleeper and with this mattress, I’m no longer overheating each night. Really impressed!

Amazing quality and comfort!

I am very happy with my Douglas mattress. Unpacking it was very easy and it quickly plumped up once unwrapped. There was also virtually no off-gasing or chemical smell at all. I had a brand name, higher end mattress that I replaced this with after about 10 yrs and that old mattress still had a chemical stench to it. As for comfort, I am extremely happy. As a side sleeper, I’d often wake up with terrible hip and low back pain that I would have to shift around for to try to relieve and get comfortable again. Since getting the Douglas mattress I don’t wake up due to these issues at all anymore. Although I would rate this mattress as medium-firm, I feel like it supports in all the right spots and is soft enough to cradle the pressure points without causing pain. I don’t think this bed sleeps hotter than any other type of mattress considering it’s foam - and that was my main concern about buying one of these mattresses. So no worries there either! We’ll definitely be purchasing more Douglas mattresses in the future as other beds need to be upgraded. :)

Absolutely loved it - cleared up my sore back from sleeping within weeks

Have been so happy with this purchase, we didn't want to spend a fortune on a new mattress so thought we would try out a Douglas since they have the free returns and I am so happy that we did. We have had it for 6 months now and it is holding up great, it is broken in but still looks like new. I had back pains from sleeping before with my old mattress as it was too firm but just a couple weeks with this mattress it was gone. It came very well packaged and was very easy to move to the room and open. There was a bit of off gassing but nothing crazy and cleared up quickly. Also bought the mattress protector to go over it and I am very happy we did you can't even tell it is there. We have been sleeping with the mattress on the floor (carpet) and have experienced no problems with doing so. When it is time to replace our guest bedroom mattresses I will be happy to buy Douglas again.

Horrible service.

I wonder what the mattress is like. I ordered a mattress and foundation. It took over two weeks to get them. The foundation came with the wrong hardware set. 13 flange nuts and 52 screw missing. It will take another week to get the right parts. I wonder what the bed is like.

My pillow was Lumpy

I purchased three pillows from the company. For some reason the pillows were abnormally lumpy. I have purchased pillows in the past and they were excellent. I have asked for a refund, waiting for a response, keep you posted.

Very Poor Customer Service. Ineffective and Rude.

The mattress ships with FedEx who claimed to have shipped the mattress, but it was not received according to concierge and confirmed by the security footage. This is of course not the fault of Douglas. However, when reaching out to discuss the missing package, Douglas refuses to do anything until FedEx completes their investigation, which will take a minimum of 5 additional days. They said they have mattresses available for expedited delivery in the case of issues, and I let them know we are currently without a mattress and will be for another week while this investigation completes. The employee scoffed and refused to do anything because sending out another mattress is "inconvenient to FedEx" as they’ll have two simultaneous orders. The chat customer service agent was similarly dismissive and rude, both seemingly prioritizing FedEx over the customer. I told them to just cancel the order and I will purchase a mattress elsewhere, but they refused to do a refund until the investigating is complete AND a new mattress is sent to us if it is not found, so the money will be tied up for another couple of weeks. Unfortunately a very disappointing customer service experience for with me Douglas.

No support in the hips, hip area sagged 6 inches.

Caused major hip pain after 3 months, had to throw out and buy a coil mattress. no help or consideration from customer service. not able to leave a review on their website. garbage mattress. I also own a $1000 sleep country memory foam mattress and it has different density foam for the hip area.

Best Mattress Ever!

I recently purchased this mattress and I must say, my sleep experience has been completely transformed. At first, I was a bit skeptical due to its initial softness, but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. From the moment I started sleeping on this mattress, the improvement in sleep quality has been remarkable. It's clear that the manufacturers have put great thought and care into crafting a product that delivers both comfort and support. It's evident that the company's commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond just selling a product – they genuinely care about the well-being of their customers. I've rarely encountered such a dedicated and responsive team. Their level of service is nothing short of remarkable. Not only are they lightning-fast in their responses, but they're also incredibly helpful and genuinely attentive to their customers' concerns. If you're looking for a high-quality mattress that delivers on its promises and is backed by exceptional customer service, look no further. This mattress has truly won me over.

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