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Diamond Mattress Reviews

Diamond mattress is a family run mattress company that has been in operation since 1946. Their big differentiator is that they actually make their own pocket coils and process their own memory foam. This is a bit different than many mid-tier mattress companies that outsource their manufacturing. Their specialty is pocket coil and innerspring mattresses, though they also build memory foam mattresses as well. Most customers like their Diamond mattresses, but there were some that had issues with durability and initial feel.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

No Back Pain: 8.4/10

Price: $599-2099

Trial Period: Depends on the mattress

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Diamond's Specifics

Diamond Mattress has five different lines of mattresses that are sold in-store and online. Most of their offerings include pocketed coil mattresses that react independently to your body. Some of their mattresses also come with innovative materials like copper-infused memory foam that diffuses heat. When it comes to their reviews from customers, they get decent scores on initial comfort overall, but some mixed reviews when it comes to durability with some complaining about degrading comfort.

Those that are concerned about long term comfort, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses or our top rated hybrid mattresses, which use pocketed coils and layers of foam to align and cradle the body.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Diamond Mattress has five mattress collections, the Grateful, Intention, Faith, Transformation, and Rally mattresses.

We'll go through each of their mattress options in depth below:

Here are the details about the Grateful Mattress:

The Grateful mattress offers three firmness options -- from firm to plush. Its comfort layers include a quilted top with airflow in mind, a cooling gel-infused memory foam layer, and a high density transitional foam layer. Below that there is a matrix of zoned pocketed coils that are designed to react to the body independently and provide ergonomic support. Overall, customers like the Grateful mattress initially and it comes at a competitive pricepoint. However, some experienced durability issues in some cases.

Next, here are the details of the Intention Mattress:

The Intention Mattress also offers three firmness options. It has a Cooltouch temperature regulating cover, a conductive egg-crate foam layer, and a transitional foam layer above the pocketed coil matrix. The pocketed coils have three zones to support the spine. Overall, customers give this mattress good reviews for initial comfort, but some experienced degrading comfort in some instances.

Next, here are the details of the Faith Mattress:

The Faith mattress also comes in three firmness options and includes a CoolTouch cover, conductive foam, and transitional foam, over an array of pocketed coils below. With similar features as the Intention, this mattress has a higher profile with thicker comfort layers. Most customers like their Faith mattress initially, but struggled with longevity in some cases.

Next, here are the details of the Transformation Mattress:

The Transformation Mattress offers the addition of micro coil technology, which assists with adapting the mattress to the body seamlessly. Their comfort layers include Cooltouch cover, conductive foam, micro coil matrix, and transitional high density foam. Beneath that is the pocketed coil matrix for back support. Most customers like the Transformation mattress at first, but some had issues with long term comfort.

Lastly, here are the details of the Rally Mattress Collection:

The Rally Brand is a line of Diamond mattresses that offer mattress customization enabling customers to select all-foam or hybrid designs, and various secondary benefits. Popular options include those that have high density base foam as the support system for a smaller pricepoint. With multiple firmness options, most customers can find something for them, but there are some disagreements about durability from some sleepers.

Overall Comfort

Diamond has decent scores on initial comfort from most customers, but there are some that had issues maintaining that comfort over a couple of years.


See the above scale. Diamond does a good job providing a variety of mattress firmness choices for customers. If you are someone who is smaller in body size and a side sleeper, consider a medium or soft mattress, while those that are stomach sleepers should consider firmer varieties.

Back Pain Relief

Because of the mixed reviews about long term comfort, some folks may experience aggravated discomfort over time in some cases.


Due to the inclusion of technologies like gel-infused memory foam and conductive foams on the top layers, most customers should find these mattresses to keep cool.

Who Are Diamond Mattresses Right For?

These options may be best for a guest room or other temporary solution due to the mixed reviews about long term comfort. For those looking for long term quality, take a look at our top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

Browse Diamond Customer Reviews

Fine so far

Not as good quality as I was expecting, but you get what you pay for.

Really good stuff

I can't complain about this bed -- I am really happy with it and it feels comfortable to me. The only annoyance was that the shipping was late getting to me.

It is an okay bed

I've had a diamond for a couple years and it is definitely an okay bed. My hubby likes it more than I do. I want something more luxurious.

Best bed I ever slept in.

My last three beds are diamond beds. Their longevity isn't as good anymore, but I still love their products and stand by them as a good bed!

Not durable

My bed started falling apart after only 3 months. It feels as if you are sleeping in a valley 10'' deep. We are not heavy people. After 9 months on the bed, we couldn't take it anymore.

Read this

We had two prior Diamond mattresses that we loved so we thought that we should get a third. We finally found a place with one and that is when the problems started. After only a month, it started to sag. It was like sleeping in a gutter. I called and they sent an inspector who said it was a 7/8 sag, which is within the normal range. The problem was when you get on it, it sags way worse. Sure, I am 200lbs and 6 foot, but my wife is the only 100lbs and the same thing was happening to her!

Initially too soft

Purchased the Ethos latex mattress 6 months ago. At first it seemed comfortable, but after 2 months we couldn't sleep on it. We rotated it but nothing helped. Every morning I woke up in terrible back pain. Then I found out that the latex wasn't even latex. 80% polyurethane foam, 6% rayon & 14% latex! This seems like blatant fraud to me as this was very expensive and we thought we were buying pure latex. Very dissappointing.

I love it!

I love soft beds and this one cradles me into a cocoon every night. I absolutey love the way it feels and think it is perfect if someone loves soft mattresses.

Needs time

Maybe it is too soft for me because I feel like it is taking my body some getting used to. But the materials seem to be high quality so I am hoping that my body adjusts.

No thanks

Just doesn't feel right for me. Luckily I was able to send it back right away and the customer service was good.


I am finally sleeping through the night again. I had an awful spring mattress and so happy that I opted to get a new latex bed.

I have purchased four mattresses

I have purchased four mattresses from them over the years and am getting ready to purchase a new one. Not that the others need replacing, they are still in great shape, they were left behind in a move unfortunately. Dollar for dollar you won't find a better mattress anywhere. They are incredibly fast as well.


HORRIBLE place. I called and spoke with a salesman 2 days before I went in because their store is about an hour away from where I live. I told them exactly what I needed (I needed a custom mattress for my RV). They gave me prices of 2 different mattresses and explained to me the difference. I thought the prices were fair so I showed up and Nick was completely unprofessional. When I told him which bed I was most interested in he quoted me a price almost $250 higher than what I was told just 2 days before. He told me that whoever told me that does not know what they are talking about and he was sorry. I told him sorry does not pay for my gas to get down here. Sorry does give me back the time that I lost. Again he said he was sorry and there was nothing he could do. I even had proof of the prices I was given. When I told him I was going to take my business elsewhere he said "you think you can find a custom mattress for cheaper". I told him I know I can. Later that same day I bought a custom RV mattress 60x72 for $400 including taxes. Plus the mattress I purchased elsewhere was softer, had thicker memory foam, included a cool gel memory foam and had a better warranty. Stay away from these guys. They have no clue what customer service is. The first guy I spoke with on the phone was great but when you get there it is a completely different story. They will jack up the prices at least 35%. Trust me there are better options out there for a custom mattress or a regular sized mattress. You would think getting it directly from the factory would be cheaper but that is definitely NOT the case here.

Don't waste your money

Don't waste your money on this product they won't stand behind it when it counts. I bought this mattress because the sales person told me they would back this product if there were any problems. Well five years into a twenty five year warranty the side seams have pulled apart and the memory foam has failed badly. they sent out a contracted inspector who;s only job is to deny claims not provide the customer with quality service. Save your hard earned money and buy anything else !

They aren't so helpful

They aren't so helpful with a warranty unless you live there. Don't buy these mattresses outside of Utah because they will tell you to send the mattress to them at your cost THEN they will determine if it qualifies under the warranty and they will "fix it". Then you pay to ship it back to your home, even if it falls under their scope of warranty. Bad customer service!

I've bought over 20 mattresses

I've bought over 20 mattresses through the years and my uncle bought hundreds. Ernie is the greatest. Can't believe how he can hoist a mattress on his back and carry it. Hope you are well!

I went here as a kid

I went here as a kid, the owner is a great guy. The location is the best

Comfort that did not last for long

I have owned the Ethos – Tranquility Luxury Medium Mattress (Approx. value $2800). Have been very satisfied with the mattress for around 3-4 years. Even though I have owned this mattress since October of 2014. The mattress was delivered to my Southern California residence in Santa Clarita. During the 1st year of purchase. I have only slept on this mattress once or twice for every 60 to 90 day period, It was not until September of 2015, when I have fully moved back from my Northern California address did I sleep on this mattress on a daily basis. So I have really had a good 3-4 year comfort experience before the mattress started to show the deformity. This deformity has resulted in not being able to sleep on my side of the bed due to the sagging of 1.5 to 2.5 inches over approximately 25% of the mattress. This uneven sagging is observable without the need for anyone to sit or even lean on the mattress. About 4 weeks ago I have contacted the reseller from whom I have purchased this mattress and was given the manufacturer contact information. I contacted Diamond Mattress and was required to submit photos and fax over a warranty claim form. Diamond required to send over an inspector to document and process the warranty claim. Diamond Inspector showed up on April 10, 2019 and took more photos and was able to determine that the deformity maybe corrected by replacing the broken bed foundation. The bed foundation was purchased along with the mattress as supplied from the reseller which happens to be original Diamond Mattress foundation. Additionally, when inspecting the mattress the Diamond inspector was able to expose 8-10 inch tear in the mattress stitching (not related to the foundation issue) which was only observable upon turning the mattress bottom up. The inspector said that Diamond Mattress will contact us within a week. On April 18, we heard back from Diamond and were told that even though the warranty would cover the mattress for 10 years, the mattress foundation would not be covered? Asked about the tear in the mattress and he said something along the lines 'we should have reported this issue upon purchase'? I am speechless as to the lack of common sense of that statement with which the Diamond representative insulted our intelligence. How can the Diamond representative assert that the tear in the mattress was already there upon the time the mattress was purchased and delivered? And assuming that was correct, where is the quality control in releasing and shipping a defective mattress and foundation to a consumer? And how many consumers are likely to flip the mattress on its back looking for such a defect? The mattress warranty states that it may be void if the wrong type of foundation is used. However, even when Diamond has supplied their own foundation, Diamond Mattress would not honor their warranty. My experience has demonstrated that Diamond Mattress Warranty is a lie. Diamond should have stood by their product and I should have been provided with a non-defective foundation for this very expensive mattress set. Bottom line close to $2800 investment in this mattress set which is really only worth to me less than $1000. Effectively, when I have purchased the Diamond Mattress product, I have lost close to $2000. My recommendation to anyone who does not want to go through a similar experience D o N o t B u y a D i a m o n d M a t t r e s s

Forever Warranty is NOT TRUE

I purchased a Diamond mattress (Spinal Comfort) and paid more than I would have because of the 'Forever Warranty' feature sold me. I recently filed a claim because the upper portion (pillow top) is sagging. Diamond Mattress sent Integrated Bedding Group and reported 3/4" depressions on both sides, left and right, and the top left has shifted outward 2" in a 64" long area. The report also includes a faint yellow 30" stain. This was a pee stain from my baby. John, Diamond Mattress Warranty, said the stain voids my warranty. I explained it is a faint stain on the right side and the pillow top of the mattress is sagging on the left with a length of 64". This does not make sense. There is definitely a defect in materials and/or workmanship. FOREVER WARRANTY IS NOT TRUE. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS FEATURE.

Not what I expected, very disappointing.

I bought a Diamond Sleep Princess Pillow Top Mattress last Fall and was really looking forward to finally getting a good night's sleep. I got it home and set up and while it was ok at first, within the first three months it started sagging in the middle and has only gotten worse. Maybe I should've chosen a slightly firmer mattress, but all I know is for the money I paid, I'm very disappointed in the quality of this mattress and will never buy this brand again.

quality complain and no hear my complain

i purchase one mattres from aziz&sons ichra but after one month matress complain start but no boday help me if any one hear my voice so plz resolve my issue company and dealer not copreat with me pathetic quality and pethetic customer service from company side and dealer side i waste money purchase diamond foam

Used 2 years

The first year we were happy, after 2 years the mattress is HORRIBLE. I would avoid buying a mattress from them again

worst futon mattress ever

SO SO SO disappointed in the futon mattress we purchased along with a futon frame- which is just o.k. But I specifically ordered the highest end mattress thinking it would be the best quality. I wouldnt take this for FREE- Sagging, lumpy, cant hardley sit on this let alone sleep on it. We paid a lot of $ for this set and if there was a way to return and get my money back I WOULD in a heartbeat. Lets see if anyone responds.

Rally Split King XL bed

A special thank you to Todd Riecke and Patrick Wolf for going above and beyond to make things right for my husband and I. We purchased a bed from a local retailer and they ordered the wrong bed. The local retailer after many calls back and forth refused to do anything about it. I called the company and talked to Patrick Wolf and between him and Todd, we had the correct mattress delivered to us within a week and a half. We love the plush copper infused bed. I can't rate them high enough for quality and service.

Diamond Mattress Warranty

Were so lucky that the our old mattress had a warranty was covered with Diamond Mattress. The service technician came to our house free of charge and checked found our mattress was sagging and defective. Right away they giving us a chose new mattress from there selection we got the Transformation free of charge and delivered to our house. Great Quality and very comfortable love the Mattress. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! such a wonderful people who care for your comfort.

Diamond mattress

Was a comfortable mattress for the short term. After a couple years it started to sag. After complaining to the company and a futile service call , I was sent a letter stating that it was due to body impressions and would service it at my transportation expense. It was a $3000 mistake. There was a bulge on the top sidewall of the mattress. Don't waste your hard earned money on this inferior overpriced mattress. I now sleep on a Beautyrest Black Medium firm.. Much better sleep.

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