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Custom Comfort Mattress Reviews

Custom Comfort is a southern Californian brand of mattresses -- selling in their retail locations. They are known for their wide range of options from budget friendly to luxury. Focused on hybrid and latex options, most folks report Custom Comfort mattresses to be comfortable, but some had issues with durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8/10

Price Value: 7.7/10

No Back Pain: 7.7/10

Price: $170-$26795

Trial Period: No Trial

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Custom Comfort's Owner Satisfaction

Customers don't always feel good about these mattresses. Some folks report feeling comfy, but others experience discomfort. Due to this, it is more difficult to predict whether one will work flawlessly for you. Take a look below to learn more about the specifics and to see if the mattress will work for you.

Custom Comfort's Supportiveness

These mattresses may not be the best in terms of support. Though some folks like the feel of these mattresses, some have found these mattresses to be disagreeable with their body. If you are considering these mattresess, make sure to take a look further before buying.

Edge Support
Overall, edge support is extremely important to those with mobility issues. Others don't find it is to be a big concern. These mattresses may not be perfect when it comes to edge support so make sure to do added reading if it is an important item for you.

Custom Comfort's Durability

Unfortunately, not everyone rates thair mattresses well in terms of longevity. While some sleepers reported lasting comfort, others had comfort issues faster than average. Make sure to take a look at the specifications, warranty, and reviews before buying.

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We bought our very first

We bought our very first Custom Comfort California King mattress in 2005. Full Latex mattress which served us well for the last 12 years. Using the Flip and Spin method recommended by CC gave us many years of restful night sleeps.

We bought 2 Custom Comfort beds

We bought 2 Custom Comfort beds and we could not be more pleased with our purchases. After spending a lot of money on high end Sterns and Foster beds that were not great and did not last long, we have been thrilled with the 2 CC beds we purchased. Well worth the money and we both are less achy and don't toss and turn anymore. It may seem expensive but I can honestly say these beds are probably the best purchases we have made in a very long time. Even our teenage son who is an athlete is thrilled with his bed. Teenagers don't get excited over beds so this is quite a statement. We had never heard of this company before but will not sleep on anything else in the future.

My wife and I got married in February 2011

My wife and I got married in February 2011 and our first purchase together as husband and wife was a Custom Comfort Mattress. It has been five years and we still say, 'Our mattress was the best purchase we have ever made.' We usually make this comment when we've been on a trip staying with friends or at some four-star hotel and by day three, we are missing our Custom Comfort mattress back home.

Recently, we were forced to relocated to a local a hotel for an extended stay as a result of a slab leak on the first floor of our house. We stopped by the house over the weekend to pick up a few added things for our hotel stay and took 20 minutes to grab a quick nap on our bed at home.

Custom Comfort has some of the best service

Custom Comfort has some of the best service I have come across ever, they really know their products! The mattresses are something else, the quality is exceptional. Very nice store, good selection and anything can be made to order. Perfect local option if you are looking for something unique, have health issues or need something custom when it comes to size or height.

I can't tell you

I can't tell you how disappointed we are with this mattress! We bought a Revive 4.0 California King mattress early this year. It was comfortable for only about 3-4 months. We were told to turn it every month for the first year, which we have done faithfully. Even so, We each have a 'pit' that we lay in every night. If we try to move more to the center of the mattress, there is actually a ridge where the mattress becomes firm. Very uncomfortable to lay there, plus if you lay on the ridge, you eventually fall back into your 'pit.' They have a guarantee, but in order to be covered, the mattress has to appear to slump 1 inch deep. When we get out of the bed, the mattress appears to return to a decent level. It loses support, and slumps into a pit when you lay down. We had high hopes for this mattress. It had such good reviews. and the company seemed to have such great integrity. We are very disappointed.

I bought a adjustable bed from them

I bought a adjustable bed from them. It was the best money I had ever spent! I was very leary about the fact they do not have a trial period offered to see if I like the bed and didnt have any written material of what exactly was in the bed. Since my bed was in the thousands it made me very nervous, however I LOVE MY BED. I bought the softest natural latex bed they offered on the floor and found it to be to be a bit too firm but put a 3 inch topper on it and it is perfect! The prodigy 2 adjustable bed has been heavenly! I will never buy a bed that is not adjustable. The folks in the shop were very nice and helpful. The gentlemen who deliveried it were wonderfully helpful and nice too! They lost a star due to the fact they do not offer a trial period on their mattresses like so many others do and do not state in written form of what the mattress is made of. No label on my mattress stating it either. The 4 stars are for the fact I love my bed!

I paid a LOT of $$$$

I paid a LOT of $$$$ for a custom mattress because I was having back issues. I wish I would have bought a mattress at a big box store - this mattress, with it's plush topper, made my back worse! The mattress is way too soft. Don't be sucked in! (I am sure that they will erase this review as well!)

I had the same mattress...

I had the same mattress for over ten years so I went for the plunge and bought the new Purple Mattress 3. As you can guess it was not for me. Very firm, almost felt like a new aged waterbed/ air mattress. Especially for the $$ not worth it. So I was referred by a family friend to go check out Custom Comfort. Roland, was a very big help on spending over thirty minutes showing me all different mattresses! He explained why removable pillow tops are important if you want to change the firmness/ softness of the bed in the future. Adjustable base, I don't know how I went this long without one. Fast forward my new bed is by far the most comfortable and plush bed I have ever slept on. Highly recommend to check them out! PS. Custom Comfort set me up with a non-profit called Connecting Hands of OC to donate my Purple mattress to a good home.

Rick Fowler truly went above and beyond...

Rick Fowler truly went above and beyond helping may family buy new mattresses after a house fire ruined all of ours. He stayed after hours to help us, gave us a great deal, and was so helpful in getting each member of my family to pick the best mattress for them. If you are looking for a new mattress, go here and ask for Rick Fowler to help you out!

Thank you to Gregg

Thank you to Gregg, Rick and Roland for the Help you gave me in choosing the bed that fits my need. Thank you for your kindness to my daughter. God bless you all!

I walked in with a set idea...

I walked in with a set idea of what I wanted, but once I laid down and tried a few mattresses out that all went out the door! Shane Davis was able to assess what mattress was best for my husband and I based on our aches and pains/ and my husbands sleep apnea. We found the perfect mattress that we both loved! And don't even get me started on the latex pillows they give you with a fresh pillow case, those are just heavenly!! I had to buy two!! I could not be more happy with Shane Davis and his amazing customer service and extensive knowledge, and just overall friendly demeanor. Shane is you guy!!

Custom comfort has the best customer service

Custom comfort has the best customer service that I have found in this mattress business! I think the mattresses are excellent as well, but it is the customer service here that stands out from all the rest! They actually do what they tell you they will do, on time, and with great, professional demeanor. I worked with several gentlemen in person and on the phone to get the right mattress and even to have it adjusted to my comfort needs, and they were helpful, responsive, and always polite.

Absolutely loved my experience

Absolutely loved my experience here at Custom Comfort Mattress. I ended up buying a few mattresses and they are great. I love them and my guests love them! Rick Fowler is the guy to ask for, he explained everything, showed me how they worked and even explained the benefits of getting a double-sided mattress so it lasts even longer. On top of that, he created this really cool instruction sheet to put under the mattress to tell me when and how I should turn it for it to last longer. I can't even keep a succulent alive, so this instruction sheet will save my mattress. Thank you Custom Comfort and Thank you Rick Fowler!

They give you a half hour delivery

They give you a half hour delivery promise that cannot be relied upon. I was on a tight schedule and after waiting an hour called and cancelled the delivery.

After a lot of online searching

After a lot of online searching and testing mattresses, and almost buying an online companies site unseen I decided to get some advice at Custom Comfort. I went in thinking I might test some mattresses and leave. The staff was more than helpful and before pretending to know exactly what I needed asked lots of questions about my needs my budget my problems and then educated me about all the different materials in the industry, even taking the time to physically show me the inside build of different mattresses and why so many new companies go with certain builds. I learned so much about the mattress industry and how the materials work before even trying mattresses. I was impressed by the customer service. Then with what I wanted in mind they let me try about five different mattresses. I have many unique needs with my body health wise and I really liked how the staff listened to my feedback and didn't act like they knew more than me. Even though I went in planning to buy online I bought a mattress here! I was very impressed that the mattresses are handmade, and they can alter them after a few weeks sleeping on the mattress so you really are getting exactly what you need after you try it. I don't think any competitor can beat the pick it, try it, change it, love it process. I'm definitely going to tell everyone I know about this. Thank you!!

On January 4

On January 4, my husband and I arrived at Custom Comfort Mattress - Brea to see about ordering a mattress. Our salesman, Roland was amazing. He took note of all of our mattress needs and showed us the perfect one! The showroom was extremely clean, neat, and had plenty of samples to choose from. Roland was able to get us set up with an adjustable bed with all the bells and whistles for a price that beat all others. Roland and all the other staff were polite, knowledgeable, and happy to help! We received our mattress, (delivered to our home in Joshua Tree) within a decent time by two delivery guys, Caesar and Kevin, that were great. They had our new bed set up and the old one removed in no time. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a new mattress!!!

The best experience

The best experience, ever, in purchasing a mattress. It's not something you buy frequently, so I was little unsure of what I wanted. The staff warmly greeted me and explained different options within my price range. I won't go anywhere else to purchase a mattress. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing and just an overall GREAT experience!! Thank you!!

We bought a mattress many years ago

We bought a mattress many years ago from Comfort Customer Mattress and when we started to not sleep well, we went back in February 2017 to purchase another mattress. We like firm mattress and selected one that the salesman said was closest to our previous mattress. We spent almost $2,000.00 on the new mattress (we kept our original custom comfort box spring). At first it seemed firm but okay, however we wanted to give it some time so we waited almost 6 months and in that time never really got a decent nights sleep. We knew they have a guarantee for 365 days, so in October 2017, we went to the store to see what they could, thinking they could make our mattress more comfortable at no cost. We were told that the mattress we purchased "was like sleeping on the floor" (but of course,they had no problem taking our money for it in February). They suggested a topper for the mattress at a cost of more $300.00. We did not want to pay even more money, so then we were told they'd order a form topper to try. We received a phone message a few weeks later that it was in, however we were busy and forgot about it and never did get a follow-up reminder. We went out and bought our own 3" cooling gel topper (for $120.00) helped immediately. We are very disappointed in Custom Comfort and in hindsight feel we should have gone elsewhere to purchase a new mattress for a lot less money.

After having the sleep number

After having the sleep number for 3 years my husband and I decided to upgrade from a queen to a king. We have wanted to get a mattress from Custom Comfort Mattress since we met Roland at the taste of Brea. My husband met me at Custom Comfort Mattress on a week night and were greeted by Roland. He told us to just check out the mattresses and lay down and take our time. It felt great to not feel pressure to rush or buy immediately. After laying down on the inspire mattress we knew it was it! We told Roland our delivery date wasn't needed for another month and he said that it was fine. He definitely took care of our needs and was extremely helpful. He was talking to us about the company and informed us that it is a family business. I was even more pleased to know that an owner is not only passionate about his business, but also goes above and beyond to make his customers happy. I would highly recommend Custom Comfort Mattress to our friends! It's an amazing mattress, great customer service, and affordable. Another plus is that if you're not comfortable they will adjust it until it's perfect for you!

Roland took great care of us

Roland took great care of us. We purchased our first frame, pillow top and mattress 10 years ago. The pillow top which last 7-10 years (ours lasted 10) was replaced. Roland takes care of returning customers which is not common today. Thank you!! His team and drivers are excellent at customer service and courtesy too.

Straightforward no nonsense

Straightforward no nonsense AND a great deal. I got great information from John K the first day we looked for a twin xl for my big boney son. I shopped around online and at big box stores but could not couldn't find the quality custom comfort. When it came time to order, Shivami was there to guide us through the process and offer us value added delivery. In my estimation we are getting a quality mattress that elsewhere would probably be double the price. That's just good business.

We have always bought our mattresses

We have always bought our mattresses from Custom Comfort because of the quality and customer service. It was time for a new mattress topper and we hit a bit of a bump with the purchase. Roland straightened things out right away and we continue to be extremely happy with this store.

Wonderful products

Wonderful products and the absolute best customer service!! I've had my mattress for 12 years and it's still amazing. Their pillows are the best pillows money can buy. Roland was so friendly and helpful. Can't recommend them enough!!

Worked with Rick Fowler

Worked with Rick Fowler, great to work with , knowledgeable about all products, easy to work with and we LOVE our bed. Worth the price.

This is my 3rd mattress

This is my 3rd mattress from Custom Comfort and again the customer service experience exactly the way it should be, and their product and warranty is what keeps me coming back. Thank you to all the staff in the Brea store for all the help and advice!

Mattress buying as it should be

Mattress buying as it should be! Highly recommend Having made a very bad decision a few years ago (gave in to pressure from the sales person at a well known chain). Since then I have been living with restless nights and daily morning body aches that come from attempting sleep on a substandard mattress. I really didn't want to face the overwhelming mattress hunt experience again Enter Gary Fowler and the custom comfort team in Brea. He listened to my concerns- then honed in on mattresses within my specified budget that addressed my concerns. He left me alone to test the mattresses rather than hovering and trying to close the deal. And there was none of the " I can only offer this deal if you buy in the next 5 minutes " nonsense. I left for the night with my options in writing. Returned the following day. They not only made the sale honoring their prices from the day before - they arranged next day delivery to accommodate my needs And let me tell you about their delivery team, Carlos and Alex. Arrived exactly on time. They wrapped my old mattress and box springs for donation. Disassembled the frame and headboard and hauled all to the garage. They helped me tighten the bolts on the bed in the guest room where my second mattress was to go. Carlos actually helped vacuum under the bed and helped get the mattress protector in place. I declined his offer to put sheets on! All this with a cheerful attitude, great care to my home and at the tail end of a long delivery day. You owe it to yourself (and your back) to check out these high quality made locally in Orange County mattresses. Christine

Custom Comfort is absolutely the worst experience

Custom Comfort is absolutely the worst experience I have ever encountered while purchasing a mattress. The customer service was terrible, I asked for an extra firm mattress and received a firm. The delivery experience was terrible. They had to come back 3 times because the items I ordered with the mattress, cover, sheets, pillows, pillow covers did not arrive with the mattress or were incorrect. When I called to report the situation, I was told my salesperson was "new" and had told me wrong information, had sold me incorrect firmness and pillows, and wrong size pillow covers, and sheets. After paying cash, over $2600, I was told by a salesperson that I would have to pay to correct the pillows situation because they would have to throw out the ones i would return??!! Also the pillow covers arrived as standard and I had bought King pillows. Again a salesperson said they had changed what I ordered purposely because other customers had complained the King covers were too big. I never received a call regarding this change to my order. Most importantly, the mattress is substandard. I have only had it 2 months. I bought it because I have a severe back condition, and needed good support. It is already breaking down, is not firm enough since I was not sold the incorrect firmness, and slopes downward at the head of the bed and foot of the bed, so is poorly made. The pillows are horribly lumpy and uncomfortable, so I cannot use them or return them. The sheets that cost me $200 and have only used once, are hot to sleep on, don't fit the bed correctly because of the sloping, and wrinkle horribly. The mattress is so uncomfortable and poorly made. After calling the store several times, I was told I would receive a call from a manager. I have yet to receive that call.

I'm in the market to purchase a mattres

I'm in the market to purchase a mattress for my growing daughter! We stopped by custom comfort because I have two other mattress in our house that my other girls love from this company! I love the old fashion way of doing things especially quality of service and workmanship. These mattresses are made well! The salesperson was very informative and not pushy . Looks like I will be getting another mattress from them soon! I have a sleep number bed myself and have only had it five years and the mattress has a huge dip in the bed on the side I sleep on ....hmmm I'm only 108 lbs. it looks weird when my bed is made. Time to get a new mattress that will last . My girls have had their mattresses from cc for about 8 years and they look brand new.! I decided to try and sleep on one of their beds last night! I had a good nights sleep! Very comfortable ! So impressed because the mattress I or purchased from them was the least expensive in the store. Look forward to doing business with you soon!

I was in the market

I was in the market for a pillow topper for my bed and called Custom Comfort to see if the could help me. They not only were able to make a CUSTOM topper for me and stay within my budget, but they did it in ONE DAY! I got great customer service from Maureen Kelly, and I can't wait to get my new topper and start having a good night's sleep again!

So happy with new mattress

So happy with new mattress purchased from Custom Comfort Brea from Michelle & Mauricio. Both were so friendly, kind and KNOWLEDGEABLE! They even stayed late to assist us! The mattress is made top of the line and for the first time in many months, I slept through the night without waking up. Although the price is more than I originally wanted to pay, it's worth it, just like a mercedes. I also purchased a headboard which I am thrilled about- its exactly what I wanted. The dynamic delivery duo, Carlos & Guillermo were prompt (right on time), friendly, and an absolute pleasure. I will be a customer for life! Best investment ever.

I must share with all

I must share with all who shop for a new mattresses. You get what you pay for! Absolutely best choice after shopping/researching for quite awhile! I got the Natural Latex and sooooo pleased! Shopping experience at the Brea Store was most pleasant.

High praise for Custom Comfort!

High praise for Custom Comfort! My wife and I were looking for a new bed after trying some of the other brands in the market. She happened to be in Brea at Z-Pizza one day and saw the Custom Comfort store. I decided to look into it because the last bed we purchased seemed to be right for both of us initially however, gradually as time went by it became too soft for me. So I wanted to determine what it would be like to have a bed more customized to fit our individual needs. I prefer the bed to be more firm and with her neck and shoulder issues, more support was key for her needs. We worked with Jim, the store manager, to find the right fit for both of us. Between Jim and his staff, you will not find a more capable and knowledgeable team. They know their product very well since it they are the manufacturer of their beds. Additionally, as my wife and I made the final decisions to ensure both of our needs would be met from this custom comfort mattress, it was great to see the cohesiveness and seamless support that was received from the staff. They all seemed to be aware of our order, and could work with us at all levels of our buying decision. We received "custom support" to ensure that the end product would fit our needs perfectly. Months later, we are still enjoying our Custom Comfort bed. My wife no longer wakes up feeling achy and tired, and she recently received good feedback from her chiropractor. We have been very pleased with our purchase, the quality of the bed and would recommend a Custom Comfort mattress for anyone who is looking for the best night's sleep.

Just bought our mattress

Just bought our mattress from Rick Fowler. He was amazing. We are moving up to an adult bed from a waterbed of 20+ years. He helped us find the perfect bed. Thank you Rick for helping us find the perfect bed.

This was an amazing experience

This was an amazing experience from start to finish. We looked at a couple other mattress stores prior to coming to Custom Comfort mattress and it was a night and day experience. From the minute you walk in the door, they give you your own pillow with a new washed pillow case so that you don't have to lie on the same pillows that everyone else has been laying on for months. From there, a super knowledgable salesman asks you questions and takes you through the difference options. They don't work on commission, so you don't feel like they are just playing the "salesman" role, but you can tell they really care and want to provide you with the best quality product with the best customer service. And that is exactly what we got! We have already recommended Custom Comfort to multiple people and can't wait to continue to get the word out!

I cannot say enough GREAT things

I cannot say enough GREAT things about Custom Comfort Mattresses in Brea! To start, the STAFF ARE STELLAR, and the mattresses are, by the way, MADE LOCALLY! Michelle (Assistant Manager) was the best sales lady ever! The manager was great, too! Even the delivery drivers/installers were super friendly & accomodating. More importantly, after having bought a bed there, I can honestly say that I HAVEN'T SLEPT THIS GOOD IN YEARS, and so many of my ACHES AND PAINS MAGICALLY DISAPPEARED. Forever a fan!

Had a great experience today

Had a great experience today at Custom Comfort in Brea. Rick took great care of us and he knows his stuff. We learned that construction isn't the only criteria, but materials make a big difference depending on the individual and their needs. Will purchase my next mattress from Rick.

I was looking for a just an ordinary box spring

I was looking for a just an ordinary box spring. I didn't need anything fancy. They were able to find something within my budget and even delivered it to me at their convenience. Service is helpful.

I love the mattress I bought from Custom Comfort

I love the mattress I bought from Custom Comfort. I bought a mattress about 9 years ago from a cheaper place. I tried Custom Comfort then and decided it was just too expensive for me. I loved what I saw, but didn't have that kind of money. Fast forward 9 years and I needed a new mattress. I hated the other mattress I bought within a month of buying it. I remembered how much I loved these mattresses and tried them out again. I believe the sales person I bought from was Rick (I might be wrong. I'm horrible with names). He wasn't very pushy and very informative. He was helpful and even tried to get us a cheaper deal if that was what we needed. We ended up not taking a deal and buying what we wanted. It's been a couple of months now and I am extremely happy with my bed. I wish the mattresses were cheaper, but I'm told they last a long time. I also like that they are all locally made.

First knew of custom comfort mattress

First knew of custom comfort mattress from Maureen, who did a wonderful presentation about their products. The timing couldn't have been better as I recently told my husband we needed a new bed. Walked in the Brea store this past Sat & didn't leave without buying a new mattress & few pillows. Everyone at the store was wonderful. Michelle helped us & she was amazing! The products were top quality & great. My husband & I left very happy!

Have had our new mattress

Have had our new mattress for about 6 months and love it! I especially love that we were able to get one made without flame retardants! We also got the pillows, and even though we love our mattress, the pillows are by far my favorite part! I sleep like a baby. My husband just saw that there is a new location at Bella Terra in Huntington Beach and stopped in and got us sheets for our bed (our other ones that we got from the swap meet were riding up on the sides nightly and didn't fit well at all). We were happy to see that Roland, who was our sales rep at the Brea location, is also at the Huntington Beach location. He recognized my husband and he is awesome! I can go on and on about Roland and Custom Comfort, but basically, go get a good mattress from these won't regret it and your neck and back will thank you for it. You can't put a price on a good nights sleep! We are now customers for life and even had a custom mattress made for our new babies crib!

The sheets are the best ever!

The sheets are the best ever! They fit our mattress very tightly and are really comfortable to the skin. We got the #5, and just bought another pair. We love our Custom Comfort Mattress. It took a little time to break in, but if you follow their turning and flipping advice, it will all work out. We love the pillows, too. Also, the staff is helpful and not pushy like every other mattress store I've been to.

I am a property manager here

I am a property manager here in fullerton and needed immediate help when a previous agreement for a split queen box spring fell through for a resident. I spoke with Jim and also Roland, both were so friendly and professional and we're able to accommodate me and my situation same day!! I was so stressed and when they worked with me it just removed a huge weight on my shoulders. I am so glad I found them online and I will personally go there for my mattresses and box springs and refer my friends, family andndnd residents to them!! Thank you Jim and Roland!


MADE IN USA. Who says everything is made in China, certainly not I. I have put off buying a new mattress for years as I hate the whole mattress store game. My friend told me about this company and when I entered the store it was such a relief. The staff was polite and helpful, not pushy. The products are not only made in USA, they use materials made in USA and their factory is right here in Orange County. This was my dream come true, I love to support my neighbors. At first I thought the price was so much more than the competition, though it is really hard to compare apples to apples. When I started to look around more their prices actually started to look inexpensive, I guess since I bought my last mattress the big companies have increased the prices since I bought my last mattress. All this said, I bought a custom mattress which met my budget and it is truly the best mattress I have ever slept on, well worth the price and more.

Our old mattresses

Our old mattresses reached end-of-life and my husband did extensive reasearch on new mattresses. We were looking for something more organic and made in USA. We came across Custom Comfort. Donna Lawson was extremely helpful in answering all our questions and concerns regarding chemicals, ingredients and materials used. This whole experience was stress-free and pressure-free. We went in to the sore 3 times before we decided on which mattress we wanted. Each time Donna was extremely patient and helpful. We decided on a Latex Queen, mid- price range. I have never EVER slept on a mattress as comfortable as I my new mattress. Before purchashing these I had weekly Chiropractic appointments, now I am going every 6 months. Delivery was quick, set up was quick. No chemical odors, which was a big concern for us. Very happy with our purchase. I would give this place 10 stars if I could. My advice is spend a little bit extra and go see Donna! You will not ever regret this purchase!!

I love for what Custom Comfort Mattress

I love for what Custom Comfort Mattress stands and who they are. I like tradition when it represents excellence, integrity, and is meaningful. I made an online appointment, kept it, and met Donna, who further reinforced what I learned on the CCM website. She gave me visual examples of the stalwart craftsmanship of their products, and I assessed the mattresses I had pre-selected to experience first hand. Donna, Jeremy, Dave, Adam, Ariel, Maureen were all part of the CCM family who each provided service with a smile and competence in their individual roles and as a team. A great balance of time efficiency and making me feel at home. The process was smooth and easy. This will be my first choice should I need another mattress, and I am sharing this experience with my family and friends!

Best Mattress Ever

Four years ago we purchased a high quality mattress. After about 3 years of use I woke up numerous times and in the morning it took me about 5 minutes for my back to feel normal. In December 2018 we purchased a Custom Comfort Retreat 1.1 mattress and frame. It has been 2 months and my sleep is uninterrupted and I no longer get up with a sore back.

Outstanding Product and Service

After deliberating for over a year and looking at a variety of different mattresses - everything from the best rated bed-in-a-box brands to an imported high-end British brand (Vispring), I bought a "Natural 1.1" from Custom Comfort, a family owned chain here in Southern California. I'm pleased to say that I made the right choice - outstanding design, comfort, quality, and service at a fair price. Even the delivery experience was exceptional - the mattress arrived at my home in Santa Barbara four days after I ordered it from their West Hollywood showroom, and the two young delivery drivers were polite, efficient, and dressed impeccably in blue polo shirts and khaki shorts. I recommend this company without hesitation. I should add that I had previously ordered a Beautyrest Black mattress. It was half the price, but not made of natural materials and...they lost it! That's right, I waited for a month for it to turn up, only to be told that they couldn't find it. Always best to stay with a smaller, local, family owned company if it's possible.

Best ever second time with them

Have to say the reason we came back 2 custom comfort was because of the one we have had 4/8 years. Mike at the Newport store was so helpful in making our decision. Even after we got our mattress home and set up we made changes to the topper and purchased the motorized unit as well. The employees at the factory we're super helpful as we picked it up and loaded it and unloaded it at home ourselves. This mattress came to Arizona with us our other way is in California.

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