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Cuddle Mattress Reviews

As of 2021, Cuddle no longer sells mattresses. The Cuddle Mattress has a wild design and has been gaining popularity through its huge publicity its gotten on TV and other media. With a brilliantly, innovative design, the Cuddle Mattress makes it easier to snuggle up next to your partner with individually wrapped foam layers that allow you to hide your arm around your partner while they lay flat against the mattress. Is it just a marketing gimmick? We think it is pretty cool, but there are some negatives about this mattress being your every day sleeper.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7/10

Price Value: 7.1/10

No Back Pain: 7/10

Price: $1299-$2099

Trial Period: 90 Nights

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Cuddle's Specifics

The Cuddle Mattress features memory foam slats for wrapping your arms and legs around your partner. This enhances snuggling and hugging without the negatives concerns of your arms and legs falling asleep. This unique design is the first in the mattress industry and is the main reason for the Cuddle mattress's popularity.

However, there are a many different considerations for a new mattress. It does not seem that Cuddle Mattress has focused on long term support and everyday comfort apart from cuddling.

Quality of Materials

The Cuddle Mattress has two different options: Cuddle Mattress PU and Cuddle Mattress Memory-Gel. The main difference between these is that the gel version has gel-infused foam on the top and bottom layer to diffuse heat. Here is what's inside:

Foot and Head Slats: At the foot and the head of the mattress, there are 6 foam slats that are the same all-foam material as the rest of the mattress. These slats allow arms and legs to sneak under partners without pinching.

Layer 1: There is a generous 2'' memory foam layer on the top, which helps with pressure points. In the gel version, this layer has gel-infused swirls, which diffuses heat. The non-gel (PU version), may retain some heat.

Layer 2: The second 5.5'' layer is a resilient high-density core foam, which supports the spine.

Layer 3: The last layer is 1'' of memory foam (with or without gel infusion). This layer gives pressure point relief and can be flipped for a firmer version.

Overall Comfort

Customers agree that this bed was made for cuddling and snuggling. However, there are some that described back pain issues with constant sleeping. Beware, that sometimes the top sheet can make it difficult to rest your arms and legs between the slats.

Expert note: It may be worth getting a fitted sheet that is a size larger than your mattress.


The normal orientation of this mattress is medium-firm, which is ideal for most sleepers. You can flip the mattress for a firmer experience. Beware, that there may be some sagging issues if you are a heavier sleeper.

Back Pain Relief

If you are someone that sleeps with your arms around your partner, there may be some initial back and arm pain relief with this mattress. However, the slats may cause your hips and shoulders to sink more over time, which can be painful long term.


The gel version of this mattress should do well for those that are warmer sleepers. The PU version may retain heat especially during cuddling.

Who Is The Cuddle Mattress Good For?

The Cuddle Mattress is pretty innovative, but we aren't so sure that it is right for everyone. This is a great mattress for a spare bedroom, but it could cause back issues if used every day.

Browse Cuddle Customer Reviews

Owner for 5 months

Owner for 5 months review:
How is the bed?
1. It does its job well. I sleep all night with my arms wrapped around my wife, no issue; I love it and don't know of any better mattress in the market that can accomplish this task.
2. The marital embrace is (wait for it) amplified by the design of the mattress. Stated simply, the slats throughout it give you leverage other beds simply don't. It's a difficult point to advertise explicitly, and general survey says memory foam is not as great of a product, but the feature is well worth it's weight.
3. The design is not without flaw however. If I were sleeping by myself, I would prefer my twin bed; it's a cuddle mattress, not a comfort mattress. So as comfortable as the memory foam may be, the design of the mattress causes the slats to shift while you sleep, providing inadequate back support. How bad is it? well... I decided to keep the mattress because the perks outweigh the flaws.

Customer Service:
1. They honor what they say and stand behind their product.
2. They are only available by e-mail and range in their responses from 2 minutes to 2 days.
3. They're actually really easy to work with and very patient (I had loads of questions going in and they worked through all of them with me).
4. I actually asked for the first version of the bed because it was more firm, decided to go to the second version so they shipped me a new bed. They took the time to help me save money on return shipping, so they are invested in their customers, which I greatly appreciate.

(TLDR) Conclusion:
Great for married couples between the ages of 18-35. After that, shift to something better for your back.

Apart from cuddling

Apart from cuddling, which I Love with a passion. The Neurological aspect of this Cuddle Mattress that was taken into consideration, makes it a must have. 5***** for me.

horrible customer service

1) horrible customer service
2) no customer support phone number, only email available
3) going on 3 weeks gone by and no acknowledgment about my purchase/ request to change of shipping address
4) sent them 3 emails already, no response
5) they already took my money. Now im going to have to dispute the charge since its impossible to get in touch with this company.

I hate it how most start-ups these days do not realize the importance of customer support.

I recommend DONT BUY until you get in touch with someone from their support team.

Love this bed

Love this bed!! Best night sleep I have ever had!!

I've been sleeping

I've been sleeping on this mattress for almost two years now and it's fantastic. The most comfortable sleep ever!

We've been sleeping

We've been sleeping on this mattress for years. Love it. Definitely the best sleep and comfort.

The best investment I've made in many years

The advertised price is, "Starting at $1,249" but when you get to the order page there isn't a mattress under $1,649.

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