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Craftmatic Mattress Reviews

Craftmatic, made famous by their long-running TV commercials and infomercials, is the maker of adjustable beds (both mattresses and bases). Their business started in 1974 marketing adjustable bases and expanded to offer both mattresses and multiple lines of adjustable bases. They offer a selection of mattresses from memory foam to traditional innerspring and hybrid mattresses to go along with their adjustable bases. Their bases can be adjusted straight from a wireless remote control and they also offer a selection of additional ammenities on some of their beds, such as USB and power ports.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.2/10

No Back Pain: 7.3/10

Price: $1800-$6000

Trial Period: No Trial

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Craftmatic's Specifics

Craftmatic makes five different adjustable beds. Along with the adjustable base components, these beds also come with mattresses with plush, firm, and memory foam options. Overall, customers have mixed things to say about the customer service and comfort. Some have found the Craftmatic beds to be comfortable for them, but others have found the mattresses to have issues with durability and comfort.

If long term comfort is a priority, take a look at our list of top foundations (including the top rated adjustable foundations) and our list of top rated mattresses. For a pillowy comfort, consider the Dreamcloud adjustable base and their award-winning mattress.

Quality of Materials

Craftmatic has won acclaim through their large-scale TV advertising campaigns over the years. When it comes to comfort, there are some disputes from customers. Some found that the mattresses had durability issues and that the customer service was difficult to get a resolution from.

Below we'll go through each of the Craftmatic lines and discuss the ins and outs of their offering. Here are the details:

Craftmatic Legacy: The Craftmatic Legacy line comes with a plush, firm, or memory foam mattress choice. Its adjustable base comes with programmable options, like zero-G and Easy Touch head and leg adjustment. Comparable adjustable bases sold elsewhere sell for much lower, and there are some disagreements from customers on initial comfort and service.

Model 1: The Craftmatic Model 1 offers a firm, plush, or luxury firm mattress. Their adjustable base offers simple features and a straightforward remote to adjust the head and foot of the mattress. While most customers like their Model 1 to start, there are some disagreements about durability and long term comfort.

Craftmatic Monaco Models: The Monaco Models come in either a king or a queen size. This comes with more features, like full wave massage, gentle wake alarm, and over 1000 positions to explore. Most customers like their Monaco adjustable beds at first, but there are some disagreements on the pricepoint versus other competitive products and on the longevity of the units.

Overall Comfort

While most customers find comfort at first, there are some disagreements when it comes to longevity. With some describing units breaking down quicker than expected. Also, there were some disagreements about customer service responses for some customers.


Craftmatic's mattresses allow for plush, firm, and a medium-firm memory foam mattress. These options offer good levels of comfort options, but some customers have described degrading comfort.

Back Pain Relief

One of the benefits of an adjustable bed is being able to find a comfortable position for an aching back and spine. Customers respond well to the adjustable beds at first, but some that mentioned degrading comfort couldn't get comfortable over time.


These mattresses should sleep cool for most customers due to the air flow on the top layers. For those that are very warm sleepers should consider buying a mattress to help with that specifically.

Who Are Craftmatic Beds Right For?

Craftmatic's offerings are competitive, but at times overpriced. For those that are looking for longer term comfort, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses and our list of top foundations (including the top rated adjustable foundations).

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Great service

The service at Craftmatic is superb. I was treated from the moment I called the number on TV. The bed was delivered and I have been able to watch TV and knit in bed as my husband sleeps. No complaints here!

Love the adjustable base but the mattress too hot

The mattress is too hot to my liking. Started sweating through the bed at night. I'll have to look for an alternative to the mattress. But, being able to put my feet up at night is well worth the money. So, all in all 4 stars.

The service is great!

The service at Craftmatic has been great. The sales rep did an excellent job explaining the bed to us and we purchased it for its comfort and ease. I like using the Craftmatic's vibrating massage feature.

Tremendous bed

I like Craftmatic's mattress and that I can adjust the bed to the position I like best. The bed has a massage feature and it sometimes helps. It was wonderful dealing with their reps. They were very nice and helpful in helping us make a decision and we've been well-pleased. It's been a little over a year and I would definitely recommend this bed to a friend with the experience we've had.


We needed to get a bed that will split in the middle so I could raise the head, while her side wouldn't need to go anywhere. With the Craftmatic, the availability to raise the head on one side and not the other, vice versa, works great.

Such an easy experience

We got the twin double bed from Craftmatic. The person that I've bought them for experience a lot of cramping in their legs and back, and they haven't had those since they've gotten the bed. I enjoy being able to elevate the head and feet as well - it's comfortable. Everything went very easily, and it was a very good experience.

Craftmatic best

I had my old bed for 5 years before I bought my Craftmatic. Craftmatic's mattress is comfortable and I enjoy it the most. I had a very good experience with the sales rep and would recommend them.

What I needed

The Craftmatic sales reps got me what I needed for the price I was willing to pay. They're the only company that has a Dual Queen, and I don't have enough room for a king size bed. Also, I like the bed's ability to raise both the head and the feet part. The experience was what I expected it to be.

Love the commercials

Watching commercials on TV and talking to other people made us decide to get a Craftmatic Adjustable bed. I had a great experience with their sales rep. What I like about Craftmatic is that I can reposition depending on what might be hurting. I can also choose between the hard side and the soft side.

Great for mom

Craftmatic's availability and customer service made us purchase a bed from them for my mother. She enjoys being able to put the bed in a different position for her different ailments and being able to utilize it to help her get in and out of the bed and get in a comfortable position. I had an excellent experience with their sales rep. It was a pleasure doing business with them. They have a great product, follow-up and customer care.

Delivery driver was rude

I didn't like the delivery driver because they weren't very professional when they were delivering the adjustable bed. I am in my eighties and it takes me a while to remember things. They had been knocking on the door and I hadn't heard them. When I let them in, they were very rude to me so I thought I must write something about this. Craftmatic apologized, but it left a bad feeling.

Five star company

Craftmatic is a 5-star company with customer service and quality of merchandise. I love the bed's massage feature for it helps me relax and feel better. Their staff is wonderful, caring, kind and they did their jobs right away. It was a great experience with them.

Horrible Customer Service

If you are elderly or ill, you are the perfect prey for this crooked company. I cannot say anything about the mattress as we never did receive it. My review is solely about the customer service and lack of sympathy. They have no problem taking $760 from a person that was hospitalized and died before scheduling a delivery. In fact, accounting told me that this happens all the time, people are too ill or pass away and they take their $. In addition to this, being very rude and condescending on the phone. The mattress may work great, but good luck with customer service after they have your money.

Outrageous replacement parts cost

The movers lost the remote to my elderly mothers bed. I called the service dept. who told me the cost of a new one is $150. This is outrageous when they pay only a few dollars for this piece.

My parents purchased a Craftmatic

My parents purchased a Craftmatic bed directly from Craftmatic. The bed was delivered by and [incorrectly] installed by a company called "Pilot". Twice, Pilot have come out to my parent's home and both times with no positive results. A third appointment was scheduled, however, there was an excuse made and the technician was a "no show". Pilot made the excuse that there was an error in the system and that there was no technician available to correct the problems with the ...original install. Incidentally, there was no attempt by Pilot to contact my parents to let them know that a technician was not coming. It was not until a call was made to Pilot to find out what was going on, that they discovered the problem with the installer.

Hello I'm sorry to say

Hello I'm sorry to say but the craftmatic bed customer service is not all it is cut out to be. I call to get my bed fix and they wanted me to pay them to come out to look at it to see what's wrong with it before they would charge me to fix it. Then the remote wouldn't work then I have to pay for the remote which it wouldn't work because the bed is broken> So I have to rig the back of the bed to fix the hed up so i can sit up in the bed to work on my computer and watch tv. Two... years ago i fell out of the bed cut my eye and my husband had to call 911 to take me to the ER to fix my eye and do a Cat Scan to make sure i didn't have any injuries. This is because i couldn't afford a bed and i couldn't get if fix and it sags in the middle of the bed. So the bed is inadequate and so is customer service which take forever to call back so today I went and got me another bed and it sure wasn't craftmatic.and never again will i get a craftmatic because this one should last me i hope until i die because i am at that age.

bought a bed and got the white glove delivery

bought a bed and got the white glove delivery. I was told they would move my old bed and put it in another room. Also they would set the bed up and then show us how to work it. They would not move the bed, they said they would be responsible for any damage if they marked up the floors or walls. They had never put a bed together before I guess because they took a long reading the instructions. My husband could have done what they did in half the time.My daughter and son-in-law had to move the old bed before they would bring the other in. could have saved the $250.00.Be aware never pay for white glove service, it is a joke. Not happy with delivery at all, rip off.


its been weeks and I am still waiting. My disabled friend has been sleeping in a chair. Shameful.

Craftmatic beds is full of crappie

Craftmatic beds is full of crappie! My mom bed has a LIFETIME WARRANTY and they refuse to come out and atleast see what is wrong with her bed. She has always had a Craftmatic this one since 2014.....lady said it will cost $75 for the guy to come then $175 for a part for the bed plus $25 for shipping the part. I then asked Mrs EllenYoug may I speak to your supervisor? She 1st said no one is available...I was put on hold for 10 mins....hello! May I speak with your supervisor? Now im pissed...they transferred & transferred me to Wilma then Stephen 4 times before they realized I wasn't hanging up the last transfer I was HUNG UP ON! WTHECK!!! NOW I'M WRITING TO EVERYONE ON THEIR BOARD!!! Then we're going somewhere else where the service is better!


Ordered a bed payed a lot of money and it didn't show up


Never use Craftmatic.....cheats, liars, and piss poor customer service

Our craft matic

Our craft matic was supposed to be delivered today. Well we got the mattresses and that was it. Not happy right now.

The very worse product

The very worse product on the market. Very poor quality. Customer service is not available. They only respond to e-mails and then they might call you but issues remain unresolved. The majority of their repair / customer service is based out of their own homes and do not respond to any trouble issues. This company is basically a "grab your money and run" and make it impossible to speak with anyone that can or will help resolve any issues.

Love your service

Love your service. Email follow ups and answers and the phone message they day you promised. The message even gave me the carriers name. SO IMPRESSED!

ripped off

ripped off my Elderly Aunt & Uncle! Delivered them the wrong bed and then never brought correct bed!

Wouldn't recommend this product

Wouldn't recommend this product. Have had one for many years with a lifetime warranty... Now it is broke and of course the people who own it now say they will only sell me a part, no warranty. Even the lady helping me said she would not recommend and adjustable bed, just buy the flat one. Said they are about $3000 dollars for a twin. Now why would anyone working for an adjustable bed company say that???? You figure it out. Probably years ago Craftmatic was a reputable company, but as she said, we bought the name and have nothing to do with the original Craftmatic. Think before you buy.

We just got our beds

We just got our beds and everything promised was done. My wife and I are sleeping like babies. As far as we are concerned it is one great product!!! Thank you Craftmatic


thankyou for great service on delivery and customer service when contacted no worries on bed qualityand service Techs who took down old bed and installed bed top stuff thanks, ill let you know how it improves sleep after testing tonight:)cheers~!


Craftmatic....Just another rip off scam... i am stopping my payments and calling fair trading and current affairs, I have had enough of being jerked around by companies that think disabled means we will not fight back.

Why don't you folks...

Why don't you folks back up your beds your service personal don't help and it's a big run around we paid $7000.0 for two beds that stopped working a few months later my elderly mother in law can hear you totally have taken advantage of her prove me wrong fix her beds!!!

6 months plus of a bed that doesnt work

6 months plus of a bed that doesnt work and customer service who wont answer your phone calls unless you block your number! Would not recommend to ANYONE!

Not a good deal

Not a very good bed. I got an upgraded mattress and it is still not a good or comfortable mattress. 2 months after I bought, the remote control quit working and when I contacted craftmatic they said to call a reapairshop!!!! I recommend going with another company that care about their customers and stand behind their products!

Customer Service

I ordered the bed, but did no get one I thought I ordered. I started calling the day it was delivered. Never could get anybody to help me. They would promise a call back, never called back. I have never had a company give me the run around as this company has. Even the the people that delivered it did a poor job, will never order from this company again. Was an expensive lesson

No assembly

Received bed, deliverers could not assemble it, and the legs were missing. I called Craftmatic..legs would be sent, call them when I received them. Took 6 days for legs to get here (I would have thought they would have sent them Priority, and shipped overnite..NO), They gave me a number to call for Technician to assemble. I called, I was told they would get back to me....they never called. I called a second time, same thing, they never called back. In the meantime I am without a bed for 2 weeks...couldn't get someone to assemble it. I finally called and told them to come get it, as I was fed up with the whole thing, and just wanted to get rid of it. I will never recommend Craftmatic to anyone after going thru all the phone calls and not getting anywhere.

Service is terrible

When I ordered my Legacy - to replace 5 year-old regular twin bed - the saleslady was great. Found one on sale that was never claimed and they gave me the same price as the one reclaimed. It was President's Day sale and the bed was set aside for me, somewhere in Chicago. I am in Central NY. This was in March. I thought the bed would be delivered within 2 weeks; credit card purchase but it wasn't put on my card until much later, when they finally gave me a delivery. Well, no one told me that they couldn't deliver any furniture in NY due to COVID-19. They could have told me this or mailed me or emailed me a long time before this. I kept getting the runaround. Finally i May, they gave me a delivery date, but I said I won't pay my Visa charge until the bed was in my house. They did deliver it but I had to wait until a technician was available to set it up. I was told they would remove my old bed. I found out that wasn't true, but luckily I had given it away to someone in need. Finally got two technicians to set up the bed. A few weeks later, I found that the mattress kept moving and should have been anchored to the under-mattress (I'll call it a box spring for now, but it wasn't technically a box spring). I called the company service number to have a technician come with whatever parts were needed to anchor the bed. That was almost three weeks ago. I've called a few times to check on my request, but get voicemail to leave my info. Also, in looking through the owner's manual, there is a holder for the remote that we never received. So the bed is fine (or I wouldn't have bought a second one) but service is terrible. They have all my info and do not return calls or give any indication when my issue will be corrected. I realize we are in a pandemic situation, but they could tell me this might affect a service call, instead of leaving me hanging all these weeks.

Unorganized and liars

My elderly mother purchased a $2000 craft magic bed. She was promised take away and quick delivery. She had to chase them down to get it delivered with upteen excuses from them. It finally came but only the base, then she had to chase down installer and mattress. They didn’t even take to her room but left it inside front door. I’d expect with a $190 delivery fee and the promise to set it up that they would have followed through. Then they broke promise and left us with old mattress and box spring to discard. I will never do business with them again. Not worth the $2000 plus she paid for it. Service was dispicable. Luckily she had us to help her but no way she could have managed it alone with her age.

Owner of Craftmatic for 20 years or more.

I have been a Craftmatic owner for over 20 years and am well pleased with it. My problem is with the internet sales people I had extensive tree damage from a storm, insurance agreed to replace my Craftmatic mattresses. I called Pompano Beach, Fl and got a lady named Cheryl Palmer. She gave me the price of $3531.00 for two mattresses. I told her I didn't think insurance would pay that. Whereupon she asked if I would allow her to speak with the ins adjuster directly. I told her that was fine with me. I gave her the Phone # and claim # of my policy. She called the adjuster and he agreed to pay for the mattresses. At no point did I say I wanted the mattresses nor give anybody permission to order them. I left three different messages for Cheryl and received not a peep from her. I like Craftmatic products, but some sales associates need training in procedure by letting the customer say yes or no. Too much high pressure and won't return phone calls are my complaints.


Bought a bed at Leon's.they delivered wrong bed.then delivered wrong bed.they said only 1 exchange per order. Paid 4000 and cant use bed.too hard.check Leon's reviews before buying

Initial conversation with sales person after providing CM name and phone number

Typical sales presentation with good arguments for purchasing a split queen. Even pointed me to a system in stock that retails for $5,700 but he could sell it to me for $3700. When I told him we were not going to purchase now he said we need to call when ready. I suggested he call me in 2 weeks. He again said we would need to call CM and then abruptly hung up. Very rude way of treating a potential customer and makes me wary of doing business with CM.

Repair Service Nonexistent

I purchased a Legacy bed. After 18 months it stopped working with the bed stuck in one position. Replacement parts are under warranty but after 2 months repairman still hasn’t received them from craftmatic. No one at the parts department will answer the phone.


Worse bed I have ever owned. Edge of bed is so soft I have fallen into floor trying to get up out of bed. Whole body sore. Sleeps lousy. Filling of material is uneven. Reverse side of mattress is hard as a rock. Not at all happy with my purchase.


One of many calls on 7/1/2022, I spoke to your operator that didn't want to give me her name. She was very rude and not very helpful. Without letting me know she transfer me to Chris and he was very rude too, transfer me again without letting me know where he was going to transfer me. Left a voice mail and like always no one call me back. I know that some company like this one just want to sell and when is time to help does customer that already gave their money for your merchandise and are in need of service that was of the merchandise they paid life time warranty for it.

Do Not Purchase If You Can Not Do the Installation Yourself

We purchased a Craftmatic bed to replace the ones that my parents had for over 20 years. There was an added cost for the haulaway and installation but considering health issues, we agreed to the added cost. We placed the order on February 1st and we're told the bed would take about 10 days to ship and then we would be contacted for local delivery and installation. When you purchase a bed (especially one intended for people with mobility issues) and you pay for the delivery, installation, and haulaway, you expect to not have to do much of anything. That is NOT what occurred. The mattresses were delivered to our porch by FedEx. The only reason I knew they were coming is because I was finally able to reach someone at the company on 5/2. These were BIG boxes despite what the person on the phone had insisted (they were for a California King - Twin type). There is NO WAY my parents would have been able to get these boxes in the house so they sat in our living room once I was able to get them in. Two weeks later we were contacted by the delivery company for the base. On 5/12, the delivery company brought 4 chairs instead of the base. On 5/15, the delivery company refused to take the old mattresses and base saying they could not take anything soiled because they couldn't wrap them and mix them with other furniture they were delivering. My sister and I hauled the mattresses out to the porch and they refused to bring the truck back that day so my parents had to sleep in their chairs. On 5/16, the delivery company finally agreed to move the old base out to the porch too, the long-haul delivery company had to contract with a junk removal company to get all of this off our porch. When they setup the beds, they did not put the connectors on like they supposed to do and now I am trying to figure out how to get that done. I contact the Better Business Bureau who contacted the company with my request to have the delivery fees refunded considering how much we had to do for the delivery when they should have brought everything, setup the new beds, and hauled all the old beds away without all the rest of this piece meal process, and the company completely ignored the complaint and request. We've had a Craftmatic bed before. We will NEVER get another one at this point.

Horrible. Thieves. Elder Abuse.

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Craftmatic has stolen $4,500 from my dead father and refuses to return this money to his widow, my 75-year of mother. My dad ordered the bed in February 2023, six weeks before he died. Over the next few weeks, Craftmatic scheduled four delivery dates. The first three they never showed. They at least called and cancelled the fourth one, claiming the base hadn’t come in so they couldn’t deliver it after all. My dad died in March 2023, having never received the bed. (And needing it desperately those last few weeks!) I immediately called Craftmatic, navigating the maze of robo prompts, and dead ends, to finally get to a human being. I then attempted to cancel, but since my dad had ordered, they would only put it on hold until I could produce a death certificate. A few weeks later when I had the documentation in hand, I submitted everything they requested, per their instructions. Then, I heard nothing for several weeks. At this point, I had managed to get the email address of the person I sent the certificate to, so I reached back out, hoping this would soon be resolved. I sent a total of six emails over about six weeks. She responded twice, but saying I needed the refund department, and someone would get back to me. They never did. And she never responded to my last couple of messages at all, just ghosted me. I tried to take it up with my bank, but too much time had passed and now I’m stuck trying to help my mother navigate small claims court if she has any hope of getting her money back. This is theft. Pure and simple. I have never thought worse of any company. Ever. Craftmatic steals from old people. And that’s about as shameful as it gets. So again – DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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