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Corsicana Mattress Reviews


+1.3x better quality

+/- side sleeping

+/- back support

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: Corsicana was acquired by Blue Torch Finance and has restructured by folding the Symbol and Tommie Copper brands into Corsicana's lineup as well. Some recent customers mention sagging issues, especially for lower priced options.

Corsicana is a mattress company founded in 1971 in Corsicana, TX. Originally, Corsicana was a manufacturer of furniture as well as mattresses, but over recent years, they've focused solely on mattresses. In terms of matress materials, Corsicana provides a selection of hybrid, innerspring, and memory foam mattresses sold across the US. Customers like their products overall with some disagreements about durability.


+1.3x better quality
+/- side sleeping
+/- back support

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

No Back Pain: 8.2/10

Price: $249-$3779

Trial Period: Depends on Brand

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Corsicana's Specifics

Corsicana is a Texas based mattress brand that manufactures multiple lines of mattresses and sells them across the country through multiple retail locations. Their mattresses get good reviews from customers on initial feel overall, but there are some reports of durability problems with some models.

If long term comfort is a priority, take a look at our top rated mattresses, specifically Dreamcloud mattresses, which offer a variety of pressure-relieving, pocketed coil mattresses with the feel of a luxury mattress, but with a competitive price point.

Quality of Materials

Corsicana has mixed reviews when it comes to craftsmanship and durability. Some describe their mattresses as having a good initial feel and lasting, while others reported sagging mattresses over a short time horizon. Because of this, be aware of lower priced offerings that may have these issues.

Mattress Types

In 2022, Corsicana was acquired by a private equity firm, which folded in the Symbol mattress brand. Other than Symbol, Corsicana has 6 mattress brands that they sell across the US. We will go through each of them in detail so that you know what they cover and if one could be right for you. Here are the details:

American Bedding

Corsicana's American Bedding brand offers premium hybrid mattresses, some of which feature pillow top varieties. In multiple firmness options, these mattresses come in profiles of 9.25'', 11.25'', 13'', 14'', and 15''. With zoned pocketed coils, these mattresses feature ergonomic alignment. Most customers like them at first, but there are some that had issues with longevity.

Sleep Inc.

Another popular brand by Corsicana is Sleep Inc. They have a variety of mattress options in this line, including micro-coil, innerspring, and hybrid varieties. Overall, most customers report liking their mattresses initially, but there are some reports from some sleepers of issues with sagging over a short period of time. Make sure to check the firmness for your body type.


Corsicana's Renue brand has a range of mattresses between 12'' and 14'' thick. They come with copper infused foam on the top comfort layer to facilitate cooling and pressure point relief. Additionally, the copper helps protect the mattress from microbes. These all-foam mattresses get good reports from customers on initial comfort overall, but some sleepers have issues with sagging over a shorter period.

Early Bird

Corsicana's Early Bird brand offers three mattress lines: Essentials, Fusion, and Performance. While the Essentials is low priced memory foam mattresses, the Fusion and Performance lines offer thicker all-foam and pocket coil hybrid options. Sold on Amazon and at other large retailers, these mattresses get good initial sentiment from customers with some describing sagging faster than expected.


Corsicana's Nightsbridge brand offers luxury mattress models with options ranging between 12" - 15" thick. Their three lines are the Midnight, Twilight, and Nightfall collections. From basic to advanced hybrid and all-foam options, some higher end Twilight and Nightfall mattresses feature micro-coils that adapt more to the curves of the body. These mattresses will do well for side and back sleepers who are looking for luxury hotel style options. While most customers have good things to say at first, there are some complaints about durability for some sleepers.


Corsicana's Luuf mattress in a box options feature hybrid designs with cooling gel memory foam and temperature regulating comfort layers. With 2 options, the original Luuf and the Luuf Simplicity, prices start competitively at $699. Customers mostly have good things to say about these mattresses with some disagreements about overall feel and firmness.

Sleep Fresh

The Sleep Fresh brand offers one mattress that has been specially treated to protect against mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. With cooling comfort layers and a pocket coil support system, most customers like these mattresses with some complaints about feeling the coils and firmness.

J. Beckon

The J. Beckon mattresses are luxury mattresses, which feature thick mattress options with luxury Talalay latex and comfort foams. With 3 firmness ranges, including an ultra-premium pillow top, these mattresses get good scores for their initial comfort and overall quality. However, there are some concerns about sagging for these mattresses, especially in the plush top options.


Corsicana offers a wide variety of firmness options, which is ideal for those that are looking for something more tailored for them. Generally thicker mattress models with more foam comfort layers will sleep softer and provide more pressure point relief. Thinner varieties are generally firmer so that you don't sink down into the foundation, which is ideal for stomach sleepers. That said, there are some reports of dipping unexpectedly in some cases.

Back Pain Relief

Corsicana has mixed reviews about back support, with some customers describing comfortable and supportive mattresses. While many found comfort, those that mentioned issues described degrading support in some cases.


Due to the construction of these mattresses with airy pillow top layers, and added cooling features like copper-infused foams, it's no surprise that Corsicana customers don't commonly mention heat retention as an issue.

Who Are Corsicana's Mattresses Best For?

Corsicana has a wide array of mattress sizes available for affordable price points generally. Since, their acquisition, a lot is in flux for Corsicana brands. Recent reviewers had some complaints about durability and lack of back support in some mattresses. For those that want something for the long term, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses.

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On the whole a better than average mattress maker

I work in the mattress field and I'm very much acquainted with many makes and models of Corsicana Bedding Mattresses. I've owned one myself and it was what I'd deem as a 'mid-level' mattress and -for the price- it was a great value. It was quite comfortable for 7 or 8 years. That's pretty reasonable. In comparison to an 'S-Brand' model I owned at one time, dollar-for-dollar, it was a a lot better of a deal. They -are- (as someone else said) a very large manufacturer and they produce hundreds of different models every year; ranging from low-priced economy models, to mid-level models and even a decent selection of luxury-type models. They're bigger than most realize so they -are- able to sell the same product as the 'big name' guy who you -think- is bigger; and, do so at a lower price.

Stay away

I purchased a Corsicana 'Ashby' eurotop mattress in 2012. It was completely breaking down within 2 weeks of purchase. So much so that I thought they had sold me a used or re-built bed. I tried to send it back. The store refused to do anything and I was stuck with the bed. This is the cheapest, most horrible bed I have ever slept on. Stay away from Corsicana!


Bought 14 sets for a small inn. Worst mattresses I have ever purchased. The box springs are cheap cardboard / plywood. They squeek and the wood snaps - we had to re-inforce them ourselves and rip out the cardboard. Within a few months the mattresses 'sank'. Anytime anyone sits on the bed they slid right off! Had so many complaints we have had to replace every single one of them. Never again!! Reading the reviews people say we should blame the salesman ... In my opinion no company should make such a bad product.

Sinks forever

Bought a Corsicana memory foam bed in spring 2013 'on clearance' for about $450, and for the past several months (close to a year now, actually) I've dealt with sleeping more or less on the freaking boxspring. There IS no mattress anymore. It just sinks all the way in. And yes, I've rotated it every 3-6 months as recommended... which has resulted in it becoming an evenly distributed, useless pile of mush that is destroying my goddam spinal cord and making me chronically fatigued and unfocused from lack of proper rest.

If I could give it negative stars...

If I could give negative stars I would. I bought a Corsicana Euro top mattress in July 2013. I thought it was the best mattress ever. The first 6 months to a year were great. For the past year it has felt lumpy and when you get on the bed you sink all the way to the springs. You can even hear the springs. There's indents in one side and it seems like you can just slide right off. My fiance and I fight all night because we toss and turn. We sink into the middle and just plain uncomfortable. Our backs hurt as well. As for the box spring.. OMG!!! They made it with card board so I had to cut off all the fabric to remove the card board. Otherwise it would have squeeked from the slightest movement. I hate hate hate it.

Love it

Owned this bed for a couple years now. Love it and probably the best mattress I've had. Honestly still don't know what model it is. Acquired it from a buddy who owns a large furniture store at a nice discount. Wish I could figure out which one but I can't find results from searching the model Number.

Bad warranty

Bought a mattress in 2011 from a local store. Within a few months, sagging. Went back in 2012 and got a new mattress and box spring. Within a few months, sagging. Location wouldn't replace again, said to call Corsicana Bedding. Did so. After several back and forth phone calls the location said they would only replace with a floor model with no warranty. Was told by Corsicana Bedding to turn in warranty packet so they could give me a mattress with warranty. Emailed three times. Called numerous times and left messages to verify. Emailed to verify. Nothing. After chronic hip, back, neck, and shoulder pain, contacted Corsicana Bedding in Sept. 2015 telling them the situation. New person in Warranty (Reagan) informs me it was closed due to inactivity on my end. I call bull*beep* on that one not my fault they don't get their messages (Which was proven during this conversation when she accused me of never leaving her messages and I tell her I leave them with the receptionist who never gives them to her) or return e-mails. I'm told there is nothing they can do even though they dropped the communication ball, and the store I bought from will no longer honor their replacement offer due to them telling me to hold off. So store keeps my $700, Corsicana Bedding keeps their beds, and I'm out my money, i'm out any kind of bed I can sleep on without pain, and they don't give a damn they just lie, lie, lie. They will intentionally not respond to your e-mails or phone calls claiming you aren't contacting them, then will shut you down with 'inactivity' marked on the file. You try to explain yourself and Reagan gets so defensive she cuts you off when speaking sounding like a defensive mule 'NO NO NO THIS IS WHAT YOU SAID' even if it isn't.

Should have read BBB complaints

I wish I had read all of the reviews and the BBB complaints before purchasing a Corsicana Bedding mattress. I bought the Estates Plush king mattress in December last year and by mid-January it was sagging terribly, with large indentions where we sleep and a large hump running the length of the middle of the bed.

Not like demo unit

I recently bought a queen size Rufino pillow-top mattress. The demo unit was really comfortable at the store but after about 6 weeks mine is really starting to annoy me. I can feel a large depression forming where I sleep and I'm waking up with more and more back pain. I am 6'1 220lbs so I wear out mattresses quickly but I've never seen one wear out this quick. It might be OK for really light people, who knows? It's also really light so it slides around on the box spring way too much. I've never had a mattress that needed daily adjustments and I'm guessing the light weight has something to do with the cheap build quality. It was inexpensive so I guess I got what I paid for. I'll chalk this up as a loss and look for something better, maybe a memory foam mattress.

Happy though body impressions

TI sleep on a Corsicana bedding mattress, I love it. (Had it for over a year and a half) It's a Texas made inexpensive mattress producer. They sell & and produce mattresses cheaper than almost anyone else in the mattress world.

Now don't get me wrong. There are body impressions my side of the bed... But I knew before buying the mattress that would happen. But for the price you CANNOT beat it.

Surprised with the neg reviews

so many negative reviews blows my mind! i have a corsicana queen set that i got from Austin Mattress and it is by far the most amazing bed I have ever owned in my LIFE! I got the queen set for less than $400 - pillow top. I wonder which mattresses everyone else got? I think mine was the Baron pillow top and I have NEVER been more satisfied -- I've had it almost a year and a half, no indentations, no weird wear, just amazing sleep!

We love it.

Bought this with nothing but Internet reviews to go off for reference. That had my wife a little unnerved (me too) but we are very happy with the purchase. We like a firm mattress. This isn't as firm as some of the warnings but it has helped our backs with immediately providing better comfort and less back pain in the morning. I'm a combo side, back, and stomach sleeper and I find no issue with this mattress. Good purchase... very pleased.

If you like to sleep, don't buy a mattress form Corsicana

I purchased a memory form bed three years ago, and it is the worst mattress I have ever slept on. It has lost all support and is like sleeping on a mat at camp. Their customer service was responsive, but their steps on proving your case that their mattress has failed is time consuming and complicated . It included taking several pictures and measurements of every inch of the mattress, and then paying all sorts of fees. If you want to lay our head down at night and sleep really well, don't even think about this bed.

For the price point...

For the price point you cannot get a better mattress. Buying a mattress is something that people need to do more research on to understand what they are getting. Made in the USA and would buy one again.

My mattress is 3 years old...

My mattress is 3 years old and because my daughter split juice on it while i was washing the bedding they will not warranty the mattress out. The structure is failing and collapsing in. The stain is on the oppisite side of the faulty structure. Will not go through this again. Spending this amount of money on something should hold out for what its designed to do for more then 3 years. The last mattress I had lasted 18 years.

Absolutely the worst customer service

Absolutely the worst customer service!! We were supposed to have a mattress delivered almost three weeks ago (this was ordered about a month ago)!! They first sent the wrong mattress, and since then they're not concerned with delivering the mattress when they said they would. Every week it's a new story and then they will give us a new delivery date. When that day comes they call and give a new reason why it can't be delivered that day! We didn't even purchase the mattress directly from them, we purchased it through another company, so it makes that company look bad bc Corsicana refuses to do its job!! This company has horrible customer service and the company I went through has had to pay for their screw ups! Not cool!!! Y'all owe kings and queens for costing them their business!!

Well, where to start

Well, where to start. I bought a king size full price mattress from a retailer and it was a Corsicana mattress. The mattress failed within 11 months and many springs collapsed on one side. I didn't have my receipt so filing a warranty claim was not easy. At all. Even tho it was clear the mattress failed and all tags were intact. The warranty didn't cover having to dispose of the faulty mattress so I had to pay. They charged me an "upcharge" of $80 because the faulty mattress I bought had been discontinued and the new mattress would "cost more" so somehow that is my problem. Lol. Amazing. Then after I pay the upcharge I have to wait 11 days for the new mattress to be delivered to a store that now I must go to and pick up, at my expense. Even though I paid to have the original faulty mattress delivered. Some warranty. And now I have to hope this new mattress won't cost me another disposal fee, pick up charge and upgrade charge due to faulty manufacturing or parts. Sounds like a racket to me. If I were you, I'd consider staying away from this company when it comes to a mattress purchase. How good can a product be when this is the best the can do with a "warranty". Buyer beware

We bought a king sized Corsicana

We bought a king sized Corsicana set in September of 2015. In February of 2017, we could not sleep on it at all. Both sides were so sunken in and there was no support so we woke up sore every morning. I contacted their customer service and was told the store where I bought is would handle any warranty claims. They made the store come to our house and take pictures of the mattress and take complicated measurements of the wear before they would approve replacement, three weeks later! They replaced the box springs with a cardboard foundation which is now wavy and about to break through. The top mattress is as bad as if not worse than the first one. The manufacture date of the set was 1-09-2017. It is not even a year old and we have had it 10 months and cannot get a good nights sleep on it. Sad to say, but rather than go through the pain it was to have it replaced by Corsicana, we will be out another thousand plus dollars to replace it with a better quality set from a better manufacturer. Don't buy a Corsicana Mattress set!

After dealing with this manufacturer

After dealing with this manufacturer for their warranty on a defective mattress I would say they are horrible and I would never buy from them again. Unfortunately google will not allow me to post photos of the conversation but I can say it was not pleasant and a waste of my time. They want me to pay $80 to have a replacement mattress deliverered a store, pay to have the old mattress delievered to the store, pay another fee to have the new mattress delivered to my home. Because that's excellent customer service right? So much for that warranty it's a joke with them for a defective mattress. On top of their ill explained warranty packet they make you fill out and hassle you several times for photos. DO NOT BUY from this manufacture. You will regret it. Keep in mind I've had this bed less than 2 years... horrible support and construction. Falls apart.

I love my Corsicana bed

I love my Corsicana bed. I have the Seville from the eloquence line. It is amazing. I have had back issues my whole life and this is the first bed that I have ever woke up feeling great! Very supportive and firm.

Horrible bed

Horrible bed .. I thought it was my imagination that I was laying in a whole and crawling up to get out of the bed ... I've owned it since October of 2015 I noticed right away .. maybe it was the frame .. maybe something wrong with the box spring .. mattress is pretty and looks great well crafted but it's a waste of money don't buy

I've deal with this company

I've deal with this company for years. Very reliable and well built mattresses

Great quality

Great quality and comfort. Something for everyone!


I love your mattress sets!

We love our mattress

We love our mattress and will continue to shop with this company for our future purchases!


Honor the warranty for the structual integrity of their 3 year old product!


My mattress is 3 years old and because my daughter split juice on it while i was washing the bedding they will not warranty the mattress out. The structure is failing and collapsing in. The stain is on the oppisite side of the faulty structure. Will not go through this again. Spending this amount of money on something should hold out for what its designed to do for more then 3 years. The last mattress I had lasted 18 years.

Great at first, then pain

My wife and I purchased the Corisana Miralux pillowtop king mattress because it had a lumbar support for her hips. The bed lasted about a year before it sagged and had us both waking up with hip pain.

Too soft not comfortable!

I've had my mattress for a few months now and paid about $800. Initially when I saw it I loved how big and beautiful it was but once I got it home it was sooo uncomfortable! My back and hips starting hurting days after laying on it. It was still in it's original packaging and I wanted to swap it out but my receipt said I couldn't. I wish there was something I could do because if this causes more pain I don't know what I'm going to do.

Terrible mattress

I have had mattress for 2 or 3 yrs before I started having problems. Their warranty is terrible. I paid 700$ for mattress set. I unfortunately waited until 4th year. So they said they'd give me a 41$ credit towards another mattress, so that would be a no,never will purchase another mattress from them. I purchased it from Walls.

Worst set I ever have

I have this set no more then 2 years, I guess I can say the mattress is ok, but the box spring is the worst made all kind of noises, I really don't have a good night sleep, this is a queen size pensive black foundation, made on may 24 2017, when I call the store they told me I have to deal with corsicana directly I told the salesman if they know they not selling good bedding why they keep selling it, please if you want a good night sleep, do not buy anything from CORSICANA BEDDING!!!!

Top Notch

I have two mattress made by Corsicana that were sold through Mattress By Appointment. Not only are they extremely comfortable, they come with a full 10 year warranty for a great price. Very satisfied with these mattresses.

Worst Mattress EVER!

I bought a Queen "Ashby Plush" mattress from a local retailer in my area in 2012. . It fit my budget and felt comfortable in the store. The mattress started to sag about a year or so after purchase. The so-called "box spring" was nothing but a big piece of cardboard which immediately began cracking or crumbling or something along one of the corners. This box spring made horrible squeaky noises every time I turned over in bed. I am still sleeping on this horror of a bed as of 2020 and am in the process of shopping for another mattress. The problem I've encountered is that most mattresses today made by ANY company - not just Corsicana - are garbage. I don't know if Corsicana's products are any worse than anything else out there. Mine was made by Corsicana in Phoenix, AZ (that's what is on the tag). All I know is that this bed is inferior, sagged, and the box spring is cardboard! I would definitely avoid this company or its products. That being said, consumers today need to be very careful when buying a mattress, do your homework and research, and realize that this is a "no win" game being played by many rip-off companies with bad products. Buyer beware!

Worst mattress I've ever owned...

Worst mattress I've ever owned. Paid $600 for this pillow top queen at Mattress Giant and after two years of use with two people weighing under 160 pounds each, we are replacing it. It was comfortable at first, but 2 years later it is sagging so badly our backs hurt. Wasted money.

Comfort at an affordable price

I just recently bought a Corsican Catalina plush euro top queen and I haven’t slept better in years. It’s just the right amount of firm and softness and I don’t feel like I’m sinking into it like memory foam mattress which leave me sore. I’ve never been some to fall asleep in 5 10 minutes but now I’am. I’ve only had the mattress for a month so I can’t really comment on the lasting quality and gave it one less star due to minor issues like loose threads, other than that I’m sleeping great with far less back, hip and other pressure point pain. I don’t toss and turn much either usually only re adjusting when I get up to go to the restroom. I feel the quality is pretty darn good for $740 for the set and that comes with a 10 year warranty. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this product product to friends and family looking for a comfortable mattress on a budget.

My mattress is a DREAM COME TRUE

I just purchased the Elite Plush II and it is by far the best mattress I've ever owned! I suffer from chronic back and joint pain and I no longer wake up stiff and sore. I got the queen set and it is truly like sleeping on a cloud! I am so happy with my purchase!

Worst mattress ever

We purchased a Corsicana Jamestown mattress in October 2022. Our 25 years old mattress was a Cadillac compared to this piece of JUNK!!

Corsicana Mattress Sags!

Purchased a Corsicana pillow top mattress from a local retailer back in 2012. I think it was about $500 or so at that time, which was a lot of money for me. After about two years or less, started sagging. And the worst part was the "box springs" which started squeaking and making weird noises. I looked at it and noticed one corner had started collapsing. When I pressed on it, it felt like mushy cardboard, which is exactly what it is. Cardboard! I am still sleeping on this mess because I can't afford to just get rid of a mattress after only 10 years, my budget doesn't allow for me to casually drop $500 or more every few years on a mattress! I am currently trying to find a replacement "box spring" from another company so that at least I'm not using a cardboard platform anymore! Do not buy from this company!

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