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Cordoroys Bean Bag Bed Mattress Reviews

Cordaroy's is known for making bean bag chairs, dog beds, and accessories. But did you know that they made a mattress? Well, it isn't just a mattress. Cordaroy's makes a bean bag chair / queen or king size mattress. So, if you love the feel of beanbag chairs and want a convertible mattress for guests, this may be the perfect thing for you. There are some caveats to consider, however, when it comes to making it your permanent mattress.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.5/10

No Back Pain: 8.4/10

Price: $229-$439

Trial Period: 90 Days (Restocking Fee)

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Cordoroys Bean Bag Bed's Specifics

The Cordaroy's convertible bean bag bed is a popular riff on the bean bag chair. Inside the beanbag chair, there is a mattress shaped bean bag that can be laid flat to create a temporary mattress. The original story was that the owner had some friends over and they needed a place to sleep.

Overall, these convertible bean bag chairs are great for guests and temporary sleeping. However, due to the fact that the fill is not stabilized when you move and the differences in each bean bags fill amount, this should not be your nightly sleeper. It may cause some long term back pain and other issues with spinal alignment. However, as a temporary solution to guests, it's a good option!

Quality of Materials

Cordaroy's bean bag chair is covered with a material and design of your choice. There are countless options to choose from, which is pretty cool when it comes to design changes. The bean bag itself is covered in its own layer and bundled up. Upon being unwrapped, it unfolds into a mattress of its choice. We'll go through the make of the convertible mattresses -- Codoroy's offers a full, queen, and king size mattress option.

Layer 1: The top layer of the bean bag chair is the bean bag chair cover. There are countless options and colors to choose from.

Layer 2: Once unwrapped to be converted into a mattress, the inner cover protects the shredded polyurethane foam fill. It is similar to popular shredded foam pillows, but due to the size is not machine washable so you'll want to protect it with sheets or a protector.

Layer 3: Unlike other beanbag chairs, the fill is not made up of plastic bb's, but rather certified polyurethane foam that has low VOC emissions so is safer for those sensitive.

Overall Comfort

Most folks that buy the Cordaroy convertible mattress use it rarely for sleepovers. There are some complaints about problems getting comfortable and issues with lumpiness while sleeping. We don't suggest using this as a replacement to your everyday mattress.


Cordaroy's convertible bean bag bed is generally a medium-firm. It can be adjusted by taking out fill or calling for more fill to be added. However, there are reports of lumpiness and uneven firmness (similar to a pillow).

Back Pain Relief

The Cordaroy's bean bag bed is a great addition to family sleepovers or an alternative to sleeping on a couch, but it is not an ideal mattress for every day. Due to the unevenness that can arise, there can be back pain caused from constant use.


Due to the airflow that Cordaroy's convertible bean bag beds get from the shredded foam interior, these will remain airy and should not retain heat for most sleepers.

Who Is The Cordaroy's Convertible Bean Bag Bed Right For?

The bean bag bed is perfect for those that have guests, but don't have the space for a separate mattress or guest room. It is a workable mattress alternative and a stylish seat for every day.

Browse Cordoroys Bean Bag Bed Customer Reviews

My Bag

Really comfortable. Mattress alternate is amazing.

Mike and Chris Portsmouth RI

I cannot tell you how excited my nephews were, when they opened their presents and saw it was a CordaRoy's chair/bed. They set them up on Christmas and slept on them that night. Thank you so much, they love them. What a great idea!

Great addition to the office lounge!

We ordered this in the purple shade and absolutely love it! We got it for our lounge area so people can lounge while they take a call or work on their laptops. The fabric is super soft but durable and the set up process was a breeze with the printed manual that came in the box and the video that accompanied it. Definitely a great investment!

Great bed

My daughter and her friends love the bed on sleepovers, very soft, our dogs love the bed as well!!

Too big

When the full sized cordaroy is being used as a chair it is too big for my space. I wish it wasn't so bulky or I had ordered a smaller version. It's good quality and I still like the idea of being able to turn the chair into a bed.

Quality product with attentive customer service.

One of the two beanbags I purchased was slightly under filled. CordaRoy responded immediately and is shipping me additional foam free of charge.

Love my CordaRoy’s. The only

Love my CordaRoy’s. The only thing I was unhappy with was the time it took from ordering it to receiving it (29 days). I already had a Queen sized one and ordered the Full size one and a pillow pod for my son. I got an e-mail saying both my items were received, but only received the pillow pod. I e-mailed customer service and they corrected my ord...Read Moreer and overnighted my bean bag chair. I was very happy with the customer service and the product! Read Less

3 smiles

We purchased three of the bean bags for our three grandsons and they love ❤️ them!

My girls got one of

My girls got one of these for Christmas and LOVE it!

Great beanbags

We've had our beanbags for over a month now, and they are FANTASTIC. So comfortable. You sink right it so it feels like the bag is hugging you while still feeling supported by the foam. Our cats especially love cuddling up in them which is super adorable. Good purchase.

Super Comfortable

The two bean bags are very convenient for guests to sleep on. More comfortable than any other beanbag. Great for playing video games, watching tv, reading, and doing homework for school. One of the best gifts my kids have ever received for Christmas. 😁👌

Repeat buy

We own two now and love them enough to give them to our kids as gifts as part of leaving for college. We have been told that they are perfect for dorm room get togethers.

Great product

Put them in our movie room. Very comfortable for sitting on and sleeping on

Love it

Well made product! Love it!

Love it

Super comfy and great for sleepovers.

I read about CordaRoy on

I read about CordaRoy on FB. I looked at reviews and read everything I could read. My girls share a bedroom and it is very small. They have friends over and we don't have any spare beds. I watched pricing on this product (because I have to) and went to the CordaRoy sight. Pricing was right and got it. New Years Eve we had 7 girls over night and it...Read More was wonderful. I got a full size and no one slept on a hard floor. Crowed but comfy. LOVE LOVE THIS product and easy to fold back up! Read Less

Kids Room Favorite

We bought these beanbags for our grand kids game room with the added benefit of them folding out into beds. They were a big hit with the grandchildren. Excellent product.

My son loves his new chair and bed....

I was told about the Corda Roy chair from a co worker and was looking for a chair item that I could get my son for Christmas. He is quite often having a friend over who spends the night and they crash on my couch. So I ordered this chair and it has been ideal for my son and friends. He can now have them stay the night and sleep in his room and eac...Read Moreh person has there own sleeping spot. I love it and leaves my couches open for me. Great buy and quality so far. Read Less

Best Aunt Ever

Thank you so much!! I wish I had a picture of the surprise. Thank you for the gift that let me keep the title. He loves it and I have 5 friends who bought them at the Mall of America!

Christmas gifts

we purchased 3 of the full size chairs with a bed inside for our granddaughters. They loved them and we felt the quality was excellent. Would definitely recommend! We have 2 younger grandchildren that will probably enjoy these in the future.

grandkids love it. use it

grandkids love it. use it for overnights. had some trouble getting it fluffed out.

Brilliant Product

Love this convertible concept! My daughter received the full size as a gift and uses it all the time. She took it with her to college and sits in it to do her homework. It's also a perfect spot for her friends to sleep when visiting. I recommend this product to everyone, absolutely brilliant!

Saw Them on Shark Tank

I have a young niece. Soon as I saw this on Shark Tank, and that bed popped out...I instantly pictured her smiling and screaming with glee. And I couldn't have been more right! When I gave her the CordaRoy's (Full Size - Pink), it was like -- the regular bed was for guests now ha! She loved it. Bought one for my den as well (khaki), and ...Read Morea royal blue for a very dear friend's kid (his favorite thing ever). Funny enough after 4 years she actually outgrew the pink, so got her the khaki cover like mine recently and she loves it. And I bet if I hadn't had the option to do that, she would have stuffed it away embarrassed by her little girl choices of yesterday. That's whats great about this can literally never die. Even if you spilled 9 bottles of wine and put it through a Cuisinart, all you'd have to do is order a new cover and voila! Literally like brand new! Awesome. Absolutely love it. Not often in the age of programmed obsolescence, does one find the confidence their purchase will actually last decades. When time and death betake me, it will be my CordaRoy's and my cast iron pans they find in the dust. Read Less

First Time Buyer

I bought one for a client........ now I'm getting them for my family :)

A Classic!

Just like the single-stuffed Oreos and selvedge denim blue-jeans, nothing beats a classic! The Corduroy Cordaroy has been around as long as I have been alive and it is just as perfect as it was 20 years ago. I like to sit in mine and read a book, makes me excited to come home from work!

Perfect for my twin girls

My twin girls love their bean bag. We bought the full size for them and they take naps on it, jump on it, use it as a dance floor, and sleep on it when they want to sleep in their older sister's room. They use the bean bag during the day time and then as a bed when they need to (or want to) at night. No more just throwing down blankets and pillows...Read More and sleeping on hard floors anymore. My next purchase is the bed protector (I should have bought that when I originally bought it) and a new cover since we just changed the decor in their room. Read Less

Love it

I have had the queen sized one now for 5+ years. It has been the best investment ever. I actually sleep on it over my actually pillow top bed. Thanks for a amazing product.

Great investment!

Our bean bag has been a great addition to our sons playroom. The more he uses it, the softer it gets!


Love the chair. It's comfy and looks great in my daughters room.

Great for extra bed too

My college aged boys love these. They are a comfortable bed (surprisingly) and a pretty good bean bag too. You don’t really sink in the seat portion, but that’s what keeps it firm enough to be a bed.

Love it

Looks great in the room and kids are fighting to sleep on it.... just for fun/

Great Product

Would recommend this product

Full Size

I’d recommend getting the largest size, my 6 foot boyfriend seems to already have outgrown the full. But I love it! Very soft and forms to your body. Highly recommend!

This was my 3rd cordaroys

This was my 3rd cordaroys purchase. We love them! Bought for my daughter in college, my son in high school & a beach house.

Love it!

My kids have been sleeping on these in the past he family room for the last 3 nights, they love them!


I bought this for my daughter who has cerebral palsy and takes naps in her classroom. Her Aide says she loves it and she sits high enough off the ground that she can easily be lifted. We haven't taken the cover off yet but I expect it is just as comfortable. Thank you for your product.


About to purchase my third one of these. We use them in our beach house and the kids fight over who gets to sleep on the CordaRoys. We love it because it means we can accommodate more people! Such a great product



Bean Bag Bed

I bought this for my 18 year old grandson. He needed a temporary bed until he got a bedroom set. He loves it! He said he didn't care if he got another bed because this was great. He also loves making it into the beanbag chair, to watch television, because it is so easy to go from bed to chair.

5th CordaRoy!

We originally bought a queen CordaRoy beanbag for our oldest grandson and he and his little brother and sister had so much fun jumping on it and sitting in it to play games that his brother wanted his own. We bought him a full size for his birthday and he put it in his room and loves it. I then bought one each for my great niece and nephew who hav...Read Moree a small house and a lot of sleepovers. They LOVE them being able to make beds for their friends. Last, I bought one for my youngest grandson and it’s in their den and mom says she sits in it all the time because it’s so comfortable. Needless to say our family is a big fan!!! Read Less


I purchased as a gift for my granddaughter. Her other grandmother had to use it once already and said it was comfy but do not know anything else!


I bought the beanbag as a Christmas gift for my husband. He loves it! It is so comfortable!


Love it! Very comfortable and great customer service! Fast delivery too!

Microsuede full-size bed

Bought for our niece and she loves it.


Our household now has queen and king sized cordaroys beanbags, and I truly cannot speak highly enough of their comfort, both as chairs and as beds. In fact, we just brought one on vacation! We knew the resort would not have enough sleeping space for our family; rather than sleep on the floor or a horribly uncomfortable, too small cot provided by t...Read Morehe facility, we had an AMAZING additional option in our cordaroy. (Having played Goldilocks, it is my honest opinion that it was more comfortable than any of the beds!) I am and continue to be so impressed by this product and highly recommend it to anyone looking for quality, durability, and comfort. Read Less

Love it!! Perfect size for

Love it!! Perfect size for two people

This was a gift for

This was a gift for my son and he LOVES it!!

Great Addition!

My husband and I purchased this for our daughter’s playroom. It’s so cozy and perfect for cuddling up to read a book or watch a movie. Can’t wait until she’s older as this will come in handy for sleepovers at the house!

We love our bean bag.

We love our bean bag. It’s so comfy. It’s a race in our family to see who gets the seat in the basement for movie nights!!!! Thinking of ordering another one!!!

I love my king size

I love my king size cordaroy bed. It is so comfortable and makes such a great chair. My grandchildren came up for a week from Tenn . This king size bed and two double bed cord a Roy’s gave me plenty of sleeping room.

Great in all aspects! Versital

Great in all aspects! Versital and wonderful when in need of an extra bed!


Love love love my beanbag!


We have had our Cordaroy’s beanbag now for a few years and I decided I had to leave a review with the way this amazing piece of furniture has performed in our home. Our king beanbag has weathered two toddlers, a dog and a husband and still looks and feels as good as new. Top notch quality! It’s been awesome to be able to take the cover off and thr...Read Moreow it in the wash whenever it needs it. Not sure who loves it more, my husband and I or our two boys! We have had many special moments all snuggled up together as a family reading or watching movies. And it was a lifesaver during my two pregnancies (the only spot in the house I could get comfortable in!) We have lots of out of town guests, so the king bed inside is perfect and so easy. Our guests are always amazed and many have purchased one as soon as they returned home. Thank you Cordaroy’s for a wonderful piece of furniture that has served our family so well. Read Less

Very happy

My fiancé and I love this thing. Our dogs might love it more. The king size bed is awesome to lay out and watch movies on

Fantastic Bean Bag!

This bean bag bed is incredibly comfortable. I love lounging around in it while watching TV, reading a book, taking a nap, whatever the case may be. 2-3 people could easily fit on it and still be comfortable. The cover is nice and soft with a durable feel, perfect for an environment that contains pets, boys, or other messy things. If you should ne...Read Moreed to clean it, it comes off easily and can be washed. We set up the bed for the first time this weekend for a guest to sleep over and we were very pleased. The bed is easy to assemble, comfortable, and very spacious! Overall an amazing purchase, I can't wait to one day replace all of my living room furniture with these! Read Less

Family Enjoyment

Our family has purchased several now and we love them. They are versatile and easy enough to be used and maintained so much so that we've recommended them to our family, friends and neighbors. Thanks for the great products.

2 years and still the best

We boggy our sac bed almost 2 years ago it has served as a dog bed company bed even a good place just to crash and watch movies it is super comfy like I’m basically sitting on a cloud it is the best piece of furniture in the house

Wonderful! My kids live in

Wonderful! My kids live in this chair now and it’s great for sleepovers! We love it!


Exactly what your asking for !

So so comfy

We love our new king size cordaroy bag/bed! When we aren't sitting in it, the dogs are! Thanks for the great customer service and quick delivery!

Pretty Comfy

As a chair it is excellent! The king size is a tad cumbersome to make into a bed. We flipped it several (and by several I mean at least 50) times, and it still seems like there isn't enough filling in it. I wish it had baffles in it so that the stuffing would stay in place better, but I suppose that would make it more difficult to turn into a bean...Read More bag. Regardless, I do plan on buying another in a smaller size because it is such a great value. Read Less

Not to much cushion

We’ve only used it as a bed twice, other than that is my son the one that sits on it( he is 5 yrs old) is not as fluffy as when we first got it, close to a month ago...


Love my CordaRoy King! It’s huge and comfy!

King convertible cordaroy

Very well made- easy to assemble-because of the size, the packing box should have been a little more reinforced as it arrived slightly opened but the item was fine. Much more comfortable and durable than a bean bag chair.

Best seat in the house!

Just moved to ocean view home and this bean bag chair is the best seat in the house! Everyone wants to sit in it, and when everyone comes to visit us by the beach, they can sleep on the softest king bed here!

Comfy and fun!

I really love having this in my home. It’s so nice to take a random nap on it.

Love The Beanbag

This bean bag is of high quality. It is very comfortable and sturdy. The bed is soft and very comfortable as well. My husband uses it in his man cave and fell in love with it. This was a great purchase.

Like Literally PERFECT

This is, like, the best thing ever! All of my friends come over and do the same exact thing: stand straight and just fall into it. LITERALLY EVERY TIME. Then they land and make an ahhhhhhhhhh sound.

Police report needed to get my CordaRoy?

I received an email from CordaRoy that our bean bag had been delivered by UPS. UPS stated that they left the box outside our garage. We were home that day. We looked outside. No box. Called CordaRoy's and they said that happens sometimes and to give it the rest of the day. We did so and gave it the next morning until 2:00 in the afternoon, but it still had not been delivered. Once again, we were home both days. When I called CordaRoy's, they told me that they would check with their shipping department and then email me a form that I need to take to the local police station in order to get the police to file a report of a stolen box. Once I email CordaRoy's a copy of the filed police report then and only then will they either refund me or send me a replacement CordaRoy. First, we were home the entire time so it is highly unlikely the box was stolen. Second, we have never had a package stolen from our house. Third, I have never experienced this as a customer of any other company. When I expressed to the person I spoke with that CordaRoy's is not creating a positive customer experience, she said she agreed but that her hands were tied. I appreciated her understanding, but thought people should know that CordaRoy's does not do what is necessary to create a positive customer experience.

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