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Coop Home Goods Original Pillow Reviews

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Coop Home Goods is a big name in the pillow universe, securing over 10,000 reviews online about their original pillow. Their pillow is adjustable, hypoallergenic, and has a machine washable removable cover. Their biggest claim to fame is that their pillow adapts to your sleeping position so that you can find the perfect comfortable position independent of how you sleep or how many times you roll around at night.

Pillow Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Material Quality: 9.6/10

Comfort: 9.6/10

Support: 9.7/10

Cooling: 9.7/10

Odor: 9.7/10

Price: $59-$64

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Coop Home Goods Original Pillow Details

The Coop Home Goods original pillow is a great option for any sleeper that wants a phenomental pillow, but also doesn't have the budget for high priced pillows over $100. These pillows will conform to you, but also because they are shredded foam, won't feel as if you are 'stuck in them.'

What's Inside The Pillow?

The insides of these pillows are shredded memory foam that is CertiPUR-US certified and also has added micro-fiber thrown in for a truly fluffy experience. With the ability to adjust it, you get the slow adaptation of memory foam that will comfort for the longterm.

The Outside of the Pillow

The pillow's surface layer is made of a bamboo viscose rayon and polyester blend that has a wonderful smooth feel and is cooling to the touch. Overall, customers describe it as a pleasantly soft exterior.


One of the benefits of these pillows is that they are fully adjustable. You can make them as fluffy or as flat as you'd like. For those that are concerned about spine alignment, worry not! This pillow provides too much fill for most sleepers so that you can find the perfect balance for you, providing lift for side sleepers and also lasting support with softness for back and stomach sleepers.

Who Is The Coop Home Goods Pillow For?

These pillows are truly versatile and with such a massive response, we can tell that customers absolutely love these pillows. This is a big winner for anyone that likes a luxury style traditional pillow and needs something to support their neck at night.

Browse Coop Home Goods Original Pillow Customer Reviews

Loving Them! - Sharon W.

First purchased a Coop Original for my husband. About a week later ordered one for myself. SO comfy-great service & great product!

Best Pillow Ever - Cheryl K.

I’ve tried $300.00 pillows, sold them , I’ve tried “ My Pillow” , threw them away. I am so Happy with my Coop pillows. I didn’t even have to put in the drier. They are awesome. Super happy.

Ruth - Ruth M.

I love the pillow. I didn’t have to take any of the filling out. It was good just the way it was delivered

Custom pillow - Cindy R.

I love my pillow. Follow the directions that come with the pillow and you will love it. You can make it just the perfect loft. It fluffs up in the dryer. I also bought the protective cover. I like it as well.

Best pillow!!! - Heather R.

I’ve tried TONS of pillows. I absolutely love this pillow which I have never ever said about any pillow!

Wonderful cushion - Laura B.

Like the COOP pillows, the lumbar cushion is a high quality product that feels wonderful. I have one in my car and one on my office chair and love them. The man who washes my car wanted two as well!

Eden pillow - Jennifer T.

Although these pillows are heavier than I’m used to, I absolutely love them. They’re so soft yet supportive, that I rarely wake during the night anymore. It’s easy to adjust the filling to fit your sleep style, and there are no lumps or odors. I highly recommend his pillow.

Memory Foam Fill - Suzanne B.

I recently purchased a OG king size pillow and realized that I wanted a more firmer, fuller pillow. I order 2 of the refills and now I'm happy with my pillow.

My pillow - Kim G.

Absolutely love it

Excellent pillow - Tim R.

Excellent pillow

Awesome deal! - Vivian S.

Already had bought 2 of your Eden pillows. Bought more to give as Christmas gifts to my grandchildren. They loved them! The mattress and pillow covers were an added bonus with this deal. Like getting them free!

Eden pillow - Loretta W.

OMG!!! I have been looking for 7 years and spent hundreds of dollars on pillows. And I now have struck gold!!! I have had the worst pain in my shoulders for years. It’s gone. I don’t wake up as often. And I don’t “flip” my pillow thru the night. I just love my wonderful pillow. Thank you so much. 💜

Haven't cracked my neck since - Nathan E.

Love how customizable this pillow is and I haven't cracked my neck since. If it gets a little to flat, I just pop it in the dryer for 10 minutes on fluff and it's back to normal cushion and support.

Edan pillow - Krishna F.

I love this pillow. Super soft & cuddly. I love that it can be washed. I customized my pillow by taking out some of the filling to adjust pillow to my small size. I will buy more of these pillows.

Eden pillow - Kay W.

Absolutely love my Eden pillow, I have tried many different pillows. I have had three disc cervical neck surgery. The Eden pillow gives me the right support all night long. I recommend this pillow!

Love my new pillow! - Nathan S.

I purchased the Eden pillow and have now been using it for just over a week. I have been so pleased with the quality and the comfort of the pillow. It took a couple of nights to try and find the amount of fill that works best for me, but now I've now found my "sweet spot" and am sleeping on the most comfortable pillow I've ever owned. What's most notable is that prior to using the Eden pillow, I woke up nearly every morning with a tension headache. Since making the switch, I haven't had a single headache. This pillow has improved my sleep quality and my mornings. Couldn't be happier.

Amazing. Pillow. I woke up - Stephanie E.

Amazing. Pillow. I woke up feeling great. Best nights sleep in a LONG TIME

Love this pillow! - Keri K.

The filling is just amazingly soft. You can adjust it to any height that suits your sleeping needs. And, you can put the entire pillow in the washing machine!!!!

Great pillows! So comfy! - Matthew M.

I don't really know what else to say. I sleep great on these. They're cool and comfy and I love them (got 2) :):)

wow. who knew... - Christopher F.

It's a pillow, how great can it be? Well amazing. It's soft and comfortable. I initially didn't think it had enough filler. 10 minutes on low in dryer and fluffed up great. I've taken some filling out to just the right height for me. Seriously, it's worth every penny!

Bette Than I had hoped - Helene R.

The pillows are extremely comfortable and my neck doesn’t hurt in the morning after only a week of using my new pillow

Very Happy! - Tom H.

Nice, high quality, soft, cozy, comfy. Very happy with purchase, would recommend. Best pillow I have owned.

Eden - Sondra S.

I like the gusset because I am a side sleeper. I took some of the stuffing out because I am small and have no neck. Now it is great. My Fitbit tells me I am sleeping more soundly. I definitely would recommend it.

Love! - Tricia Y.

I did a bunch of research before spending big bucks on pillows, and I'm glad I did.I typically wake up 1-2 times every night for whatever reason, but since I got my pillow I have slept through every night. I love my Dawn pillow :)

Love it. - Lenore A.

Like sleeping on a cloud.

A great company! A great product! - David S.

I recently bought the dawn in king size. I knew after the first night, that I needed a little more firmness. So, I sent an email to customer service and explained the issue that I was having. Even though, I perhaps selected the wrong pillow from the lineup, the CS rep recommneded that I just add more fill and sent me two packs of memory foam fill to try out (at no additional cost). The foam refills arrived faster than the original pillow did and resolved my issue. I feel like I am sleeping on a custom pillow now. I feel completely supported and do not have any stiff neck or headaches issues that I had with my former temperpedic pillow. I highly recommend. Thank you Coop Home Goods!

Nice products and nice people - Litzu P.

Great pillows. I got two for my husband and myself, we love them! I bought another two for my parents too. Also super friendly customer service! Great company and products, strongly recommend!

3 plus 1 more - Dale F.

My wife and I like our pillow so much that we thought her mother would like one. So after about a week of my mother-in-law sleeping on it hers, she thought that she need a second for her bed!

Well worth the small investment! - Alan D.

I have been looking for a pillow that provides a firm but not over firm rest. This one works for me as it provides enough support but at the same time not too rigid. I also like the case which it comes with. Great overall quality and confident it be around a long time.

I work long hours sitting - Katie W.

I work long hours sitting in a chair this has helped tremendously with my back alignment!

Eden pillow is simply the best! - Corin L.

So for the last two years I have been on a mission to find the perfect pillow. I tried a variety of Shredded memory foam and the eden is by far the best. Love it!

Best sleep in years - Ed H.

By the second night, the neck pain that I had been having was gone!

Love this pullow - Claudia S.

Love this pullow

Eden Pillow - Mary P.

Just as described and easy to adjust to individual needs. Best pillow I’ve ever had.

Ventilated Orthopedic Seat Cushion - Susan T.

Keeps me sitting straight! I have degenerative discs in my back. This seat cushion gives much needed support to avoid my sciatica from acting up!!

My OG King Pillow Purchase - Suzanne B.

After doing much research on shredded memory foam pillows, I purchased a OG king size pillow. I received my purchase promptly and placed it in the dryer to plump it up. After sleeping on it the first night, I realized that I wanted a even fuller pillow and proceeded to order some additional fill. After adding the additional fill to my pillow, I can say that I'm very happy with it. Being able to modify the fullness of my pillow sold me. I'm a side/back sleeper and prefer firmness. Thank you so much!

Repeat purchase of the best pillow on the market! - Randal G.

This was a purchase for yet another family member. Insomnia runs in the family and I have tried every pillow on the market. The COOP is simply the best. Hands down! With the holidays and a holiday discount to boot? I had to jump! Got the lumbar support as a present for myself. :) Again, couldn't be happier. Buy one and you'll know what I mean!

Great!!! - Charles C.

Helps with my shoulder pain. I sleep much better with this pillow. It's soft but supportive.

Lumbar pillow - Jill C.

This is the best lumbar pillow I've ever owned. Tha k you for getting it right

Great pillow! - Brian S.

Great pillow!

Coop Eden Pillow - Queen Size - Pam H.

I originally ordered the standard size pillow and decided it was too small. I called to see if I could upgrade to the queen size and they were so friendly. They only charged me the $10 difference in price and immediately shipped the queen size to me along with information to return my original purchase prepaid. Excellent customer service! I LOVE the pillow!!

Happy Camper - Ellen W.

I have been a BIG user/follower of the Tempurpedic products - I must say they have lost me as a customer for their pillows, for sure - one night was all it took to get me back to the site the next day in order to purchase another, even though I missed the big sale

Sleeping on clouds! - Lananh H.

Truly the best pillows ever! I am a side sleeper and have not been able to find THE Pillow that is firm enough while still is soft like a cloud. Well, I found her...and her name is Eden. I’ve had her for about 2 weeks and I just don’t want to get up out of bed in the mornings. I know this sounds dramatic and excessive but it’s really because I love these pillows so much! Thank you, Coop!!!

Best Pillow Ever! - Loni L.

I am a very light sleeper and do not move around much in my sleep. However, this can be a good or bad thing as it often found myself tossing and turning throughout the night if I was not comfortable with my pillow or sleep position. I have tried so many pillows in the past and after a lot of trial and error, I resorted to the Somus Supreme Memory Foam Comfort Pillow which I liked in the beginning but after a few months, found that it lost its touch. I originally bought the body pillow first hoping that it would help alone with the combination with the Somus pillow but the Somus pillow still was uncomfortable and I found myself wanting to sleep solely with the body pillow from COOP Home Goods. I was later introduced to the Eden Pillow by COOP Home Good as I saw it was also rated #1 on amazon. I wanted to give it a try because the pillows I currently had were not doing it for me and I had nothing to lose. It was like night and day. I could honestly say that my sleep improved drastically to the point where I did not want to get out of bed. It was so comfortable, loved how it formed to my preference, the quality of the pillow and the contents (very informative on the website and in the packaging content information) really show the quality and care this company puts into their products. I am a huge fan. I immediately purchased the pillow cases for both body and the Eden pillows and told my friends and family about this company and their amazing pillows so they can witness for themselves! Thank you, COOP!

LOVE the Eden!! - Rebecca W.

The Eden pillow is awesome! I have been on the hunt for a couple years to find a replacement for my 15 yr old Tempur-Pedic pillow. Temper-Pedic no longer makes the pillow I have and their Cloud pillows are too lofty both in pillow height and price, plus they are not adjustable. I tried My Pillow (definitely NOT ‘my pillow’), Sealy, and a few other unknown brands. I tried gel foams, foams, feathers, all returned. I thought I would never be able to replace my pillow. Then I saw an ad for Coop pillows in my Facebook newsfeed just before Thanksgiving. I was skeptical (as I am of most FB newsfeeds ads), but because the return policy was good I decided why not, though I was fully expecting to have to return it. I am happy to say I was wrong! I really love this pillow! It’s soft, yet supportive and doesn’t loose its shape. The outer covering is very soft. I do not put the pillow in a pillow case as recommended. I am a side/back sleeper and the pillow as is was too firm so I removed some fill to personalize it. I am very happy with my purchase. I love that pillow is washable. Thank you Coop!!

Best Pillow Ever - Kristen C.

Love it!

Excellent pillow protector. Easy to put on and keeps pillow clean. - Cecelia B.

I like it. Much easier to use these than to wash and dry an entire pillow. Good for people like me who are sensitive to dust.

Dawn pillow - Kimberly S.

So far so good, I had to take out a little stuffing and now it's great. Have only had for about a week.

Body pillow - Kelly C.

Love this pillow. So glad to see it has the cool gel foam. I removed some of the foam but I used it in my Euro pillow.


I’ve been on a search for the perfect pillow for a long time, and the Eden pillow is it! I love how you can customize the firmness to your exact preference. Also, you don’t need a pillow case since the outer cover is washable! I’m using it without a pillow case, and it’s wonderful. I don’t have anymore neck pains, and I’ve been noticing that I’ve been sleeping better these days. I bought one to try, and my wife and I both love it! I have to buy another one now since we’ve been fighting over it for the last few days haha. Do yourself a favor and try it! They guarantee you’re satisfaction or your money back!

Excellent Pillow! - Kevin Tontala

I have tried all types of pillows and this pillow is the best of the best! Don't even try the pillow you see on tv, not worth it. Coop Original Pillow will not let you down (literally).

I really wanted to love this pillow - Paul

Not so much.. First off, it smelled like petroleum even after I put it in the dryer.. Must be the foam I assume. It was also not a game changer fir comfort. Overall really disappointing. Their packaging, marketing and promotions were great though. The product does not live up to the hype... HATE THAT!!

Overpriced Junk - DE

My wife bought me a Coop pillow for my birthday when I asked for a MyPillow, saying the reviews were better. I’ve had a low level headache every morning since. The fill is inconsistent: it stats out fluffy and then compresses into hard lumps. I will say this: it makes a good travel pillow to sit on.


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