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Comfortaire Mattress Reviews

Comfortaire made the original adjustable air-supported bed before a former employee went off to found Select Comfort, the makers of Sleep Number, which later acquired Comfortaire in 2013. Today, Comfortaire mattresses are sold throughout the US in select comfort Sleep Number store fronts and online. The difference between Sleep Number and Comfortaire is one of overall selection and technology. It is not doubt that the Sleep Number is Select Comfort's flagship brand, but Comfortaire offer a wider selection of options in their memory foam and latex -- and are low in VOCs from using Certipur materials.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 6.8/10

No Back Pain: 8.9/10

Price: $1172-$7309

Trial Period: No Trial

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Comfortaire's Owner Satisfaction

Reviews are an excellent way to get at the benefits of a mattress. That said, it is sometimes difficult to stay focused with all of the reviews from countless brands. Customers report feeling both positively and negatively about these mattresses. Some are ecstatic about their new mattress, but others are less pleased.

Comfortaire's Supportiveness

Mattress support is important for keeping your spine well aligned and sleeping well. Overall, these mattresses are above average in terms of supporting sleepers. This is important if you have back problems or need something that will keep the spine aligned properly. Most customers describe these mattresses as providing a good level of support initially.

Edge Support
Edge support is the amount of resistance there is for sleepers along the sides versus the amount of support in the middle. Reviewers describe these mattresses as having good edge support overall, but some folks may notice more sinking along the side of the mattress.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
The bowling ball test is great for those that want to understand if a mattress is going to be firm or soft. It is also a great test to see if there is evenness in support or if there are peaks and valleys. Overall, these mattresses will give a good amount of evenness of support.

Comfortaire's Durability

Having a mattress that lasts is one of the most important factors to sleepers. We all wish that our mattress would be just as comfortable a decade later as it was the first day. Sadly, not everyone has experienced great durability with these mattresses specifically. If you are thinking about using this mattress nightly, read the reviews to make sure that it will match your body type before buying.

Browse Comfortaire Customer Reviews

Good air bed

Purchased in 2009. Bed started to leak in 2012. It was a great mattress for 3 years, but then started to leak. After contacting customer service twice, they agreed to send out a replacement air compartment, at no cost to me, even though it was a little outside of the 2-year, pro-rated warranty. If you like the support and consistency of an air mattress, this is the way to go. More economical than some of the other air bed companies.

I am not happy. I don't think that I should have to ...

I bought bed in 2012. It started to leak within the year and air pump was replaced with no charge. The bed leaked again a few months after warranty period. I was told that I would have to buy a new pump. I thought that the air chambers were leaking too so I asked about getting new ones. I was charged $119 for two new chambers. I continued to use the old pump with new chambers but bed still leaks. I am not happy. I don't think that I should have to spend this much to get a $2,000+, two year bed to work properly.

This is a comfortable bed as long as it works

This is a comfortable bed as long as it works. Problem is that the pump will fail. They used to have a five year warranty on the pump but reduced it to two years, what does that tell you? It is also built with a blower fan type air motor that is noisy and electrical valves that draw electricity constantly. Ours worked good for about three years and has been a pain ever since. They did replace the motor unit once with a refurbished one. I added manual valves in-line but the air still leaks out somehow. Now I took apart the mattress and the bladders still look good after eight years, wish I could just keep air in them. Still trying to get my money's worth!

Do NOT buy from them

Do not buy from them. Both my mattresses started leaking right after install,new tried everything to disconnect and reconnect, and they refused to send us any replacement, telling us WE had to troubleshoot if it was the pump or mattress meanwhile every night for the past 3 years, we have to fill out mattress over and over thru the night. What a nightmare. We finally just threw them away..

I have lower back problems and found the bed firm and comfortable. In 2011 the air pump went bad and ...

bought the Comfortaire Sona 460S in 2009 direct from Comfortaire. I have lower back problems and found the bed firm and comfortable. In 2011 the air pump went bad and the mattress got soft, so they replaced the pump free of charge. No problems until recently, 2016, whereby bed again went soft overnight. Called Comfortaire about my '20 Year' warranty which turns out to be only a 2 year replacement warranty, thereafter with 'pro rated' costs, now a 3rd replacement pump costs another 250.00, (although I found a compatible pump on Amazon for 199.00). Trying to determine if the air bladder will hold air on its own without requiring topping off every night, if so, I will use bed without pump connected all the time. If still gets soft, air bladder may also be going bad as well, and that's another 100.00 from Comfortaire. Not inexpensive when new, warranty coverage very misleading. Air pumps do not last, but it is a comfortable bed when working properly.

Very good bed.

Well nothing lasts forever after 10 years a pin hole developed so Ill see how good or misleading the warranty is now that Im requesting a pro rated claim for the leaking air chamber. Bed over all is very good and unlike some people having issues with their air pump my pump works just fine.

i have to turn off the power to make it stop otherwise it feels like the bed is going to explode

We used to own a sleep number bed and never had a problem in fact it is still working well now except for blurry display on th controls. It is 10 years old. Had to purchase a new mattess when we moved to a new house since matress size does not fit the bedframe the previous owners left. And opted for the cheaper alternative since we thought sleep number might be overpriced. A few months in we had problems with the controls, they replaced it, next the pump broke, next the chambers will not hold air, they replaced it everytime and again the chambers leaked. I cannot count the number of times the bed had a problem. It is such a hassle. If i could turn back time and knowing what I know now I wouldn't have purchased this bed. Its not worth the hassle. Up to now the bed still has a problem, the pump will not stop pumping air even if you program it to stop, i have to turn off the power to make it stop otherwise it feels like the bed is going to explode. But im just too tired to call and complain again and i bet they're tired of hearing from me too. Extremely disappointed.

Warranty worthless as are the pumps.

Bought direct from the company. Three years out, the pump does not work and it will cost me $250 plus to replace it with prorated warranty. I would not buy one again - not worth it.

Love this bed!

Overall, a great bed! I love the sensitivity of the air pockets. It is really pretty amazing that you can control your bed this way. My husband is able to be at one number and me at another -- can't complain!

I had a different brand bed...

I had a different brand bed and I was impressed with that air bed. I thought I was sleeping great, but when I say this I mean it. I sleep so much better than the “other” bed. I didn't ever think I would find a better bed then that first air bed I had, but I was wrong. I will never sleep on another bed. I have a very bad back and neck. I have been using the other bed since 1999, but it's a fact I sleep much better now. I wished I got this bed sooner.

I had a different brand bed...

I had a different brand bed and I was impressed with that air bed. I thought I was sleeping great, but when I say this I mean it. I sleep so much better than the “other” bed. I didn't ever think I would find a better bed then that first air bed I had, but I was wrong. I will never sleep on another bed. I have a very bad back and neck. I have been using the other bed since 1999, but it's a fact I sleep much better now. I wished I got this bed sooner.

No more dip in the middle

My wife and I have been a fan of adjustable beds for several years. For the past 4 years we have owned a adjustable mattress from another company, and continuously had to deal with a 'dip' or 'ditch' in the center of the mattress where my softer firmness setting meets the firm setting that my wife prefers.

Since purchasing the Comfortaire N15 (three months ago), we have been blown away by the edge-to-edge air design. ...No more problem with a dip in our mattress! We are free to lay together in the middle of the mattress, or retreat to each end of the mattress without uncomfortably colliding with each other.

This is big for us, Comfortaire. Very big. We are two individuals who beyond enjoy a good night's rest, so thank you Comfortaire! We love our N15!

Almost twenty years and counting.

We bought our Comfortaire mattress in Gatlinburg, Tn. almost twenty years ago. It has resided in three motor homes. We refused to give it up when we acquired a new coach. We were full time in the motor home five years. Now that we are retired we go to monthly rallies for a few days and travel to see our kids once a year. We live in Florida and they live in Texas and Wisconsin. Comfortaire replaced the air pump once after the warranty expired at no cost. No other problems. I think it is tired but hopefully it will outlast us. We love, love our Comfortaire bed. Our pillow top mattress is 14 years old and thinking about buying an adjustable Comfortaire for the bedroom in the house. Thank you comfortaire for all the years of total comfort and restful sleep.

Customer service horrendous.

Bought my bed in 2017. Started having issues last year with air leak. Took several attempts to get support for ComfortAire and by the time I got the right people to talk to they are not giving support to anyone who has the Comfortaire bed. Covid19 seems to have made it impossible for Comfortaire to support those who have one of their beds. I’d not recommend this company. No easy way to get help for a bed under warranty. A pandemic shuts their Comfortaire down yet it’s Sleep Number beds have customer support.

Don't buy Compfortaire

It never has maintained proper pressure and has mounded up in center. There is no service available to correct problems. Warranty doesn't mean anything.

Best bed ever even with a few problems

We bought our bed from Comfortaire when it was in business. Best buy ever. We've had to replace both air chambers but they were cost prorated so not too bad. Then my side started leaking air. After trouble shooting the problem we decided it was the pump (10 years old now) so my solution was to put a plastic, 1/2" ball valve in the tube between the air chamber and the pump. It was the perfect solution. The air chamber no longer leaks and if I want to adjust the air all I need to do is reach down past the head of the mattress and open the valve then close it when it achieves the requested pressure. The only other complaint I ever had was that the programming of the pump was crude at best causing unwanted full fills when just wanting to add a couple psi. But neither of us need to adjust our pressure very often so ok to live with.

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