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City Mattress Reviews

City Mattress sells a variety of mattresses, including name brands like Serta and Sealy, and its own proprietary City Mattress brand. It has also added popular online mattress brands, like Nectar and Purple. With locations across New York and Florida, they get good marks on customer service overall, but there are some concerns around the durability and price value of some of the products sold.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.2/10

No Back Pain: 7.2/10

Price: $599-$27999

Trial Period: 90 Day Exchange With Fee

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City's Specifics

City Mattress operates stores in New York and Florida -- with over 20 stores to choose from. With both name-brand mattresses and lower priced alternatives, there are many options for those that are looking for mattresses. However, with this selection comes a hidden truth:

Value for the materials are oftentimes much less than alternatives.

This is because the mattress materials are marked up time and time again before you buy a mattress in the store. From the manufacturer to the mattress brand to City Mattress to the salesperson selling you the mattress, everyone is looking to make a profit on the same materials and craftsmanship. This might seem silly and it is, and it takes us to our second hidden truth:

Better deals can be found buying direct online.

There are hundreds of online brands that sell direct to customers and pass on more savings. By working with them, your $ can go much further for the materials and the craftsmanship.

Read on to learn more about the City Mattress selection...or browse our top rated alternatives.

Mattress Brands

City Mattress carries a variety of name-brand and discount mattresses to customers. We'll go through each of them and discuss the ins and outs of their mattresses and what to know before buying.

Here they are ranked...

#1 Nectar

Nectar is one of the most popular mattress in a box companies. With three comfort options, ranging from plush pressure relief to streamlined support, customers have very good things to say about comfort and value. However, there are some big differences buying direct vs. buying from City. First off, buying a mattress in a box from a retailer may mean buying legacy models or mattresses that have sit wrapped in a warehouse for longer than recommended. When buying direct from Nectar, you'll get the freshest models and access to the 365 night trial and also added accessories / perks.

The pros: Highly rated mattresses offering high value.

The cons: Buying from City doesn't offer the same perks as buying direct.

Price Range: $799-$1899

Final Score: 9.6 / 10

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#2 Purple

Purple is a very interesting brand. With their proprietary Purple Grid® technology, sleepers report a unique top level feel with a pressure relieving, responsive contour. Customer reports are mostly good, but there is a sizeable group that describes not loving the polymer feel and also the price range. Buying from City also comes with some drawbacks versus buying direct. Buying direct means a better trial and the freshest inventory.

The pros: Well-rated, unique mattress designs.

The cons: Buying from City doesn't offer the same perks as buying direct. Some high prices.

Price Range: $1049-$4399

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

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#3 Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is well-known for starting the memory foam mattress revolution. With foam focused mattresses, they have expanded their inventory into more firmness options and more designs like hybrids with pocketed coil support systems. Over the years, customers have sometimes complained about heat retention of these mattresses, but this is less of a problem with their Tempur-Breeze products that leverage gel-infusion technology. These mattresses get good reviews overall, but are much more expensive for the materials than comparable online models.

The pros: High end all-foam and foam focused mattresses with solid reviews.

The cons: The price is hard to stomach for some.

Price Range: $1599-$8398

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

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#4 Casper

Casper is name-brand in the mattress in the box space. Having started with one three-layer foam mattress, they have expanded to include a versatile range of pocketed coil hybrid designs. With a firmness range with both medium firm and more plush varieties, it is possible to find something for most sleepers. However, their prices have increased over time and customers have some complaints about value and supportiveness. Also, similar to other mattress in a box brands, City doesn't offer the same trial terms as buying direct from Casper.

The pros: Name-brand mattresses with some solid customer ratings and multiple comfort options.

The cons: Some higher prices and better trial found buying direct.

Price Range: $1295-$3995

Final Score: 8.9 / 10

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#5 Simmons Beautyrest

The Simmons Beautyrest mattress line is popular for its high end Beautyrest Black hybrids that feature pocketed coils and layers of foam (some infused with black diamonds to diffuse heat). Also, Simmons has a selection of mattresses that fit most budgets and firmness levels, focusing mostly on foam with coil designs. These mattresses get good initial feedback from customers, but suffer from some complaints about longevity and sagging.

The pros: A variety of firmness, pricepoints, and hybrid designs.

The cons: Problems with durability for some customers.

Price Range: $799-$6999

Final Score: 8.4 / 10

Online Only: Check Beautyrest Deals

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#6 Vispring

Vispring is a luxury British mattress brand that builds high profile hybrid mattresses with both natural, high end materials and newer comfort technologies. They have multiple firmness options to choose from as well, which is beneficial for those that have specific requirements beyond the medium-firm standard. However, there are some concerns around durability with these mattresses with some describing dipping and sagging over a short period.

The pros: High end mattresses with luxury materials like cashmere.

The cons: Problems with durability reported by some and the prices are extremely high for materials.

Price Range: $3075-$87460

Final Score: 8.3 / 10

#7 Pranasleep

Pranasleep focuses on all-natural latex mattresses with both latex hybrids with pocketed coils and traditional all-foam latex mattresses. They have traditional tufted tops and come in a variety of firmness options for sleepers. Some of the complaints about these mattresses have been around durability and long lasting comfort. However, others have found a good night's sleep, but at a higher pricepoint than they could have.

The pros: Latex mattresses with a good variety of firmnesses and designs.

The cons: Problems with durability reported by some. Price is higher than other similar online mattresses.

Price Range: $1549-$13124

Final Score: 8.1 / 10

#8 Aireloom

Aireloom is a luxury brand of hand-made mattresses that focus on luxury and all-natural materials like cashmere, latex, and high end cotton felt. The support layers are a base of coils -- some with interconnected designs and others with individually wrapped pocketed coils. They come with hand tufting to keep the mattress together and are very high priced versus alternatives. These mattresses have good initial feedback from customers when it comes to initial feel, but lots of durability and sagging reports.

The pros: High end mattresses with hand made designs.

The cons: Quite expensive and there are many issues with durability reported.

Price Range: $1300-$9839

Final Score: 7.7 / 10

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#9 Kluft

Kluft is another brand by the makers of Aireloom. Focusing on ultra-luxury materials and hand-crafted mattresses, Kluft's offerings serve the ultra high end. With materials like alpaca, silk, and high quality latex, most customers describe supreme initial comfort. But there are drawbacks, including many reported issues with sagging quickly. For high end clients that don't mind replacing their mattresses often, this may not be an issue, but for many it proves to be a major complaint.

The pros: Luxurious mattresses with good initial comfort. Luxury materials.

The cons: Many issues with sagging and durability reported.

Price Range: $6999-$27999

Final Score: 7.7 / 10

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#10 Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster is a luxury mattress maker that is famous for their pillow top and euro-top mattresses that come with luscious layers of foam on the surface layer and pocketed support systems below. They come in many firmness options for sleepers, but similar to other luxury brands have many problems with durability and sagging over a short time, which discourages customers from recommending.

The pros: Moderately priced luxury mattresses with pillow tops and firmness options.

The cons: Many reports of sagging.

Price Range: $1199-$10799

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#11 Sealy

Sealy is known for their Sealy Posturepedic line, which is focused on zoned support systems that provide more support to the middle spine while alleviating pressure to the hips and shoulders. These mattresses come in multiple firmness options and pricepoints so they can fit most budgets. Although some of these mattresses appear to be good deals, there are some complaints about durability in many models, especially those that are lower priced.

The pros: Zoned support systems help with better spinal alignment and initial comfort.

The cons: Problems with sagging reported for many models.

Price Range: $599-$1399

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#12 Serta

Serta has multiple lines, but their most popular is their foam-focused iComfort line, which has both all foam mattresses with gel-infused memory foam and hybrid designs that incorporate pocketed coil technologies. With multiple firmness options and pricepoints that are moderate, many can find initial comfort. However, there are some issues with durability and sagging for these mattresses.

The pros: A variety of mattress options with gel infused foam.

The cons: Quick sagging is a big problem with these mattresses.

Price Range: $649-$3499

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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#13 City Mattress

City Mattress also makes their own mattresses that are predominantly innerspring and pocket coil designs. These mattresses are often more affordable than name-brand and have multiple firmness options to choose from (from plush pillow tops to firm). Customers like these mattresses overall, but there are some concerns about durability for some.

The pros: Moderately priced innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

The cons: Some problems with durability.

Price Range: $599-$2499

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

...and that's the list, but are there better options?

City Mattress Alternatives

Although at first glance, there are many great options at City. However, with durability and sagging concerns with some mattresses, it could be a poor investment. However:

There are lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

This is still one of the best times to be a mattress shopper. There are hundreds of new brands that have come into the market to compete for your business and this means if you are willing to take a little extra time reading about the best mattresses for you, it can save you $1000s.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

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Browse City Customer Reviews

I called City Mattress

I called City Mattress in Henrietta while I was on my way home on the NYS Thruway. The salesperson Eric was very knowledge and efficient when I inquired about models and pricing. I was so pleased at the ease of speaking with him that I decided to get off the Henrietta exit on my way home. When I walked in the store I was greeted by Eric and he showed me the mattress we had discussed. I noticed a different model close by that I was interested in because it was a similar model to the others I have for my kids. I asked for the best price, he gave me a great deal and that was it. He set up delivery for the next day and I was out of the store in less than 20 minutes. The delivery guys were also on time and they also asked if they should remove their shoes which is nice because most contractors do not and it's annoying. Overall, this was my first time buying from City mattress and it won't be my last. I actually called another sore in the area I had bought three mattresses from before I called City and the sales guy was short and not helpful. Their loss! Nice job City Mattress and thank you Eric!

I purchased the 'Red'

I purchased the 'Red' mattress a year and a half ago. The guy (can't remember his name, was the Manager) was nice, but I wanted a pillow top and he convinced me I wanted the 'Red.' He assured me it would be better for my fibromyalgia. He also told me that it would feel warm for awhile, but would wear off. The heat is still there, worse with hot flashes and I get lower back pain when sleeping on it. I paid over a thousand dollars for a full, not at all happy with it! Don't be swayed by salesmen! Get what you want, then you only have yourself to blame if you're not satisfied.

We have a defective mattress

We have a defective mattress and we're told we were out of luck! I don't understand why City Mattress did not stand behind their product. I never write reviews but when my husband is sleeping in a crevice the size of a canoe and I'm sleeping in the equivalent of a kayak, I can't ignore it. We've had two 'lemons' now and this mattress was sold under warranty and we paid for the upgrade from our old defective one. Now here we are again with a lemon with no one to help. So sorry we gave them another chance. I wish they would just make it right.

The sweetest dreams happen

The sweetest dreams happen on a city mattress after you drown your sorrows with five bubble teas from Tai Chi next door. I had a good experience purchasing my own mattress from one of the Buffalo locations, so I brought my friend in Rochester here, and pretended I wasn't secretly just trying to get bubble tea from next door. I've actually been in here twice but the aforementioned occasion was the only time we bought anything and she is extremely happy with it too. I mean the mattress. But that also.

Adam Miller was great

Adam Miller was great to work with. He was very knowledgeable and showed us an array of mattresses . Adam was not pushy and we felt very comfortable with him and walked out feeling positive about our purchase. Adam also gave us a discount on our mattress as we saw an ad in paper that would reduce the original price of our deal. The delivery guys were awesome and nice. City Mattress is the place to buy your mattress and have sweet dreams! Deb K

My hubby & I went shopping...

My hubby & I went shopping for a mattress. We all know how overwhelming it can be so many choices recommendations from family & friends we were dreading it! But we were Fortuante to be greeted by Luciano Ricci@ the Naples store on 4296 Tamiami Trail N He helped us choose the correct mattress for our personal needs. Then he told us we will receive a call to deliver mattress and pick up old one. Which we did first thing in morning so nice didn't have to wait around. Then I was given a time window of of 3 hours. To my surprised the driver arrived early. The deliver men where very professional, neat and took out old mattress replace with new took about 10min. Such a pleaseure all went very smoothly. I highly recommend CITY MATTRESS and to see Luciano Ricci

Great people...

Great people, great selection. Let us lay on basically every mattress in the store and knowledgeably talked to us about each one. Very happy with our experience here.

After purchasing the wrong size mattress...

After purchasing the wrong size mattress & box spring encasement covers due to miscommunication on my part as well as the sales associate's part, I called the store and spoke with the manager, Mike and he agreed to exchange the wrong size for the correct size even after I had opened the packages. Mike was kind, compassionate, and flexible with the exchange. In addition, while talking to him during the transaction I asked about pillows and he took the time to show me a few options that he thought would work for me. He was a wealth of knowledge and I even ended up leaving with the most comfortable pillow I've ever owned in my life! Thank you Mike, this is exactly the way a business and customer service should be handled.

We had not bought a mattress...

We had not bought a mattress in number of years and were anticipating making a difficult decision because there are so many different styles and price ranges. Gary is an excellent sales person who really knows the products and listens to the customers' needs. I think we were in and out of there in a half hour with exactly the right purchase. The delivery was also extremely efficient. While we were there, we also talked to another sales person and to the manager. This is a really well operated business, very customer oriented. No pressure sales; we were asked a lot of questions to ensure that we got the right mattress. We are very satisfied. So nice to experience professional customer service.

Thank you to Mike for working with me...

Thank you to Mike for working with me to get a different bed. And thank you to the salesperson that helped me, Janelle Harris. She was very kind, patient and knowledgeable and if she was unsure, her coworker, John Ogletree was able to answer my questions, I had a lot of them. I'll update this review after sleeping on the mattress a couple weeks. I would recommend the Jefferson Road store and ask for Janelle or John. City Mattress really does want to make you happy!

David was great...

David was great. Explained to him we hate our bed and have bad backs, etc. He hooked us up with the City Mattress Sequoia Queen Plush/Firm. WE LOVE THIS BED! Can't thank you all enough. What a great place to buy a mattress!

I could not be happier...

I could not be happier with the service here. Mike is a mattress scientist. He seriously knows his stuff and genuinely cares about finding a mattress you'll love. What a breath of fresh air compared the cold, disinterested car salesman types at other mattress stores. Save your time and go straight here.

I worked with Gary...

I worked with Gary at the Henrietta location and he was amazing he knew the product better than anyone I have ever spoke to about a mattress he was very helpful and knowledgeable plus gave me a screaming deal.... I had a warranty issue with an older mattress and he took care me exceeding all of my expectations!!!!

Mike was great...

Mike was great. Very knowledgeable and no pressure. Very quick delivery. I know we're we will be going when we need to purchase another mattress. Great experience!

Sleep is important...

Sleep is important which makes picking out your mattress a very significant decision and can be stressful, but my wife and I was put at ease by Gary who was patient and willing to take the time to show us all our options and answers all our questions. He was extremely knowledge and honest with us and made our experience pleasurable. They have a wide selection of mattresses which is nice because you can compare the different styles making sure you make the right decision..

This place will by far EXCEED...

This place will by far EXCEED your expectations - we live in Orlando, where there is not a City Mattress, and we love the service, quality and selection so much that we drove 150 miles to West Palm to get our latest mattress. After horrible experiences and pushy salesmen at the big chains - this family owned business blows the competition away. Gary was excellent - he and the whole staff make the whole process - easy and refreshing. I wouldn't buy a mattress anywhere else. Repeat customers for life for us!

I normally would not think...

I normally would not think to write a review on a mattress store. How boring can that be? BUT, my experience at the North Palm store was outstanding. I went into the store needing two beds and needing delivery in two days. I worked with John. I told him what I was looking for and what I did not want in a mattress. He immediately went to work showing me what I wanted in the price range that I was working with. No high pressure, no switch and bait, just a very nice experience. Prior to visiting this store, I did a comparison quote at one of the nearby national chains. This City Mattress store beat them in price and in-store service. Hands down, no question about that. The delivery was on time and the guys were super friendly and set up the head boards without being asked to do so. I don't think it gets much better than that! I would certainly recommend this store. I can see why other folks are giving this store a 5 star rating. They work hard at giving great service. Keep up the good work folks!!

Mattress stores

Mattress stores are on damn near every corner, where to do business? Our experience with this City Mattress location was nothing short of stellar. We needed a special height box spring and sales associate Vicki Tallini was knowledgeable as to the solution, and they had this not so typical item in stock. Excellent price (we had done some research), yes delivery is included, yes they'll take the old box spring out. We ordered it about 3PM on a Thursday and they are delivered it and in place by 10AM Friday. Impressive. Can it get better (you may ask) and the answer is a resounding YES! Delivery was by Delvyn and Robert; they called before arrival and went above and beyond in their service. Without asking they completed the headboard installation that was half done by our movers, waited while those allusive dust bunnies (although our home is immaculate!) that hide under a bed were hunted and captured, and HELPED get the bed skirt in position before putting the mattress in place. All pleasant and with a smile! Drive past those stores named Giant, Firm, Discounter, Warehouse, and the King too. Head to City Mattress; a beautiful store, large inventory, excellent pricing and exceptional sales and delivery associates.

Wide selection

Wide selection, unpressured shopping experience, on-time and professional delivery, what more could you ask for? It's hard to tell what a mattress should cost with all the media advertising and "discounts", but we got a chance to try a range of prices in the general style we wanted, and John gave us information without trying to influence our decision. I would recommend this location to any one.

Vicki is the one to see

Vicki is the one to see if you wish make a purchase at City Mattress. She is knowledgeable, outstanding personality, not only interested in making sales but cares about your needs first. and, returns phone calls almost immediately. I like that in a sales person. Highly recommend Vicki and this location. The Best!!!

We came in from NY

We came in from NY and needed a new mattress immediately. As we pulled in to the lot we were told by a lady that they are so nice to do business with. As we entered the store we were greeted by a wonderful lady named Vicki. We told her our requirements and within a half hour we chose exactly what we came for. The delivery we were told would be today on a Monday and we would get a call in the AM. Everything went as planned and we couldn't be more pleased. This place is top notch. We did go to Macy's prior and were told it takes a week. I wish this place was in NY!

Very good experience

Very good experience with City Mattress. They were not pushy, very professional, and the delivery was fast and on time. Would recommend them to anyone.

I went here to get a bedroom set

I went here to get a bedroom set and a mattress. The saleswoman (Carol) was great. She was very knowledgeable and did not try to pressure me in any way. I ended up getting a bedroom set and a "luxury firm" mattress. After sleeping on it for 2 months I decided it was too firm so I went in and a different great salesman (Chris) helped me find one in the same price range which wasn't so firm. So besides having a very large selection of mattresses and bedroom sets they also let you exchange a mattress in the first 3 months if you aren't happy (with a very reasonable $100 delivery fee). I didn't think I was going to have to use it but I'm really glad that they have this happiness guarantee.

We shopped for our new mattress

We shopped for our new mattress last Sunday. The staff was very helpful, yet not too "Salesy" as I have experienced at some stores, hence the reason we tried a new store. Our salesman was quite helpful and gave us as much time as we needed (which surprisingly wasn't all that long for something as big as choosing the right investment). I would definitely go there again.

Wonderful service

Wonderful service from the minute we walked in! We were shown several options and the rep was pleasant the entire time. He was very attentive and gave us a great deal. The store was clean, well lit and the displays were very appealing to the eye. Thumbs up. We'll be back for more!

Carol helped us

Carol helped us and was so generous! We got a great mattress that looks like it will last a while. We got a 1 year no interest deal that helped so much!

I needed a new mattress

I needed a new mattress because of water damage in my apartment. When I went into the store I didn't know what I was looking for but Theresa was so helpful and amazing, she knew what I needed and what I wanted more than I did. She had the best recommendations for me and had me lay on the beds for 5 min, which I had never had anyone have me do before, and it really helps you get a sense of the right bed for you. Because of the damage in my apartment my landlord was paying for the mattress and Theresa was beyond helpful in that aspect as well and could not have made the process any easier for me. The guys that delivered the mattress were also so nice and professional and were in and out in less than 5 minutes. Everything was fantastic and I would recommend everyone go to City Mattress.

Very disappointing

Very disappointing. We purchased a bed just to return it within the allowed time period. The second bed is awful, and now we are stuck. Bed one felt amazing at the store. We spent over $2800. After a few nights, the sleeping areas sank drastically. We returned to the store to test another bed made by the same manufacturer because it was the next in line regarding firmness. We went more firm hoping to eliminate the potential to sag. (They no longer carry this brand which is made locally. A reviewer actually had the same issues we are having, and the manufacturer got involved-and failed). The sales rep made a snide comment that it likely due to my wife's pregnancy that the bed wasn't a fit for us. Hmmm...I'm not pregnant and the opposite side of the bed reacted the same way. Bed 2 delivered 4 hours early. They waited for my wife to arrive at the agreed time just to be rude and question why she wasn't ready earlier. He was intimidating; sticking folded up paperwork in her face to sign. This bed is horrible. I went to City Mattress expected the Cadillac of beds just to receive a Yugo. We purchased our children's beds at Extreme Discount mattress with low expectations and ended up with a better customer service experience and more comfortable beds at the fraction of the price. Just this week I had reps from City Mattress take a look at our bed. Our mattress needs to settle yet another inch for it to be considered abnormal. You literally have to put effort in to roll to the middle of the bed. All beds settle, I understand, but how does at $2000+ bed go lousy after 2-3 years? City Mattress cannot do anything except perhaps give me a new bed at a lower price. So basically I would have to buy another over priced bed from a company I don't trust and potentially have 2 king sized lemons? I asked that a manager call me to talk pricing and to schedule a visit and haven't heard anything the next day as requested. "We stand behind everything we sell. That's our commitment to you" is City Mattress's motto. Do you think my experience reflects this mantra? I would not suggest shopping here at all.


Salesman (Chris) was helpful and professional in helping us choose the right bed. Gave us plenty of time to decide without pressure. Overall great shopping experience.

Walked in looking

Walked in looking for bookshelves or a desk but they don't sell any...but Theresa was a gem and sold us two awesome pedestals...stop in and ask for her.

Excellent service.

Excellent service. The sales associate was incredibly knowledgeable and nice. My wife and I had shopped at several other locations and had a good feeling when we walked in. We left with everything we wanted and needed.

I had an excellent experience

I had an excellent experience at the location on Sheridan in Amherst. I was there near the end of March 2018. My sales associate Theresa was fabulous! I went into the store knowing what mattress I wanted. A splurge...the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme. I compared it to another Tempur model just to be sure I was getting the right firmness. Theresa insisted I take all the time necessary to be sure and was so patient and helpful. I did not feel pressured in the least. I have now slept on my new mattress for almost a week. ABSOLUTELY love it!!! Highly recommend City Mattress. Great friendly service.

I purchased a mattress from city

I purchased a mattress from city mattress after they may beat a price on one I found at Bon-Ton. I should've stuck with the one I found at Bon-Ton! I paid more money than I have ever paid for a mattress and it is awful! It sunk in the middle and it is far from the firm mattress I was told it would be. Very dissatisfied, will not go back!

I've had two really nice experiences

I've had two really nice experiences at City Mattress so far. The first was when my partner and I were out and about looking for a specific bed frame model and gathering ideas. We stopped in City Mattress on a whim and had an excellent experience with Joe. He was able to tell us more details about the bed we had in mind, such as where it was made, its construction, and feedback he had heard about it. He showed us other options and made us really think about what we were looking for in a bed when it had more so been something we were mulling around. My partner and I ended up going back to the same brand we liked and totally unrushed we were able to browse its catalogs since we didn't see anything on the floor that struck us. We didn't make a purchase that day but the impression left was very positive. It wasn't so much sales as giving us the information so we could make the right choice for ourselves. As others have said, the sales person gave us space to think, which we needed. Ultimately that great customer service is what brought us back to City Mattress knowing we were ready to buy this time. We knew the bed frame we wanted and it was a matter of narrowing down mattresses. The sales person showed us a number of options, telling us about the various bed constructions and durability, figuring out what we wanted and needed. The lower priced options were on equal level as the higher priced and we didn't feel pressured to swing toward something pricier. He also gave us space to think and try, to narrow down. We walked out feeling confident with the bed and frame we chose. The nice thing was be able to pick a delivery time and day, and they that don't charge you to for extra trips, which is nice since we were told bed frame would be in at a much later point. The salesperson said both could be delivered at the same time but my partner and I wanted off our old rock. Our mattress set was delivered a week later with no problem. The guys were in and out and we were able to carry on with our day as planned. The bed frame was 4-6 weeks but it ended up being 8 weeks, which was the only ding in the process. Once again the guys were fast and efficient. I love our beautiful bed and frame! I would highly recommend this company.

I am writing to tell about my VERY POSITIVE

I am writing to tell about my VERY POSITIVE experience with this store this week. My son is a UB student. We had very little time to furnish his room. We were told to go to City Mattress by a friend. The salesman Joe was so nice, professional, and a pleasure to work with. They had free next day delivery and called with the delivery time which was exactly the time they came. The delivery men were so polite and asked if they should take their shoes off before entering the house ( even though it was a dumpy college house!). They set up the frame and mattress in minutes. We even found a lamp on sale there to go in the room. I don't usually write reviews, but when something goes so smoothly you must let it be known.

Excellent customer service.

Excellent customer service. Joe Cuddahee showed me all the mattress in my (low) budget, and let me choose the best one for me. Purchasing was easy and efficient, and delivery was the same. I would buy here again in a couple of years, and would highly recommend to friends and family.

In from out of town recently

In from out of town recently to help my 86-year-old Mom move out of her Amherst condo and down to Texas. She was moving limited items long-distance. What to do with the old queen mattress set? Some junk luggers wanted as much as $175 to take it to the dump! I called City Mattress, where she had purchased the set 8 years ago, and the kindly clerk who answered -- Jacques -- said they'd come and get it for $35, which sounded a more reasonable fee. The two young men who arrived to take the mattress and box springs were so sweet! Such good customer service! I had no problem tipping them as they were fast, efficient, and did not complain, despite the fact it was a walk-up and raining outside. Too bad such a nice mattress will end up in the landfill, but "nobody takes used mattresses anymore" (due to bed bugs, etc.). Very helpful team here at City Mattress! Don't hesitate to buy a mattress from them!

Was pleasantly surprised

Was pleasantly surprised after my experience at City Mattress this past weekend. Was searching for a mattress for my sister who is moving into her first off campus college house, so our need was for something cheap yet durable to last her a few years. Upon entering, the store gives you the impression that it probably doesn't have any college type mattresses but this is a misconception. We told one of the workers exactly what we needed and two reasonably priced options were shown. We ended up going with a decent full size mattress that came to $405 including the bed frame. Judging from the quality, I think the price could have been dropped down into the 3's. The edge support isn't superb. Delivery is free as well, but not same day delivery so make sure you come in a few days before you need the mattress delivered. The store itself has other products besides mattresses. Upstairs, there is a section with furniture that isn't cheap but is definitely worth taking a look. I don't know if the quality of the mattress is as good as other stores in the area sell but time will tell! My favorite part about the customer service here was that we were given some time to think it over and breathe without a salesperson breathing down our neck That's hard to find but definitely helped win us over!

pleasantly surprised

pleasantly surprised and verrry happy that the man and i stopped into City Mattress on Sheridan this past holiday weekend, as we were in search of a new mattress to cradle our world-wearied bodies. we thought for sure that it would be out of our price range, and that we would be ignored as we had been at the previous two mattress shops we visited. Joe Cuddahy is THE MAN. go in, ask for him, prepare to get great customer service. he didn't balk a single second or flinch at our meager budget (of course i want a lusciously soft Prana Sleep mattress, but the corner's been a tad slow lately due to the windchill, ya know?), and he was very patient as he taught us about mattress firmness and whatnot. all in all, we got an A-MAH-zing new mattress set for UNDER our budget, and we even came out with a sturdy new frame and high quality, warrantied mattress pad in the deal. and it was delivered the very next day...BOOM! i LOVE going to sleep now. its really awesome when a 'local' business respects its customers and treats them right.

Terri is such a gem

Terri is such a gem, we highly recommend her and appreciate her kindness and helpfulness while shopping for a new bed! She took so much time with us and helped explore which options would be best. She was so sweet and helped us make a great selection for my mom. Terri is so wonderful and we will recommend her to all of our family and friends. She is the best!!!

My husband and I

My husband and I were shopping and last place was City Mattress for an adjustable King bed. We walked in an were helped by Theresa Brady and she was so professional and so knowledgeable that we decided that after the other mattress places we had been to she knew more and was the most professional salesperson we encountered. Bought bed Tuesday (last night) was delivered Weds. 9:30 am (next day) took our old mattress. Can't wait to go home and get in bed. Thank you Theresa Brady

Such a all around great experience

Such a all around great experience with this store and delivery. Theresa Brady, our saleswoman was so sweet and very knowledgeable. We told her what we were looking for and our budget and she found us the best mattress possible and after two nights of sleeping in it I've never fallen asleep faster and woke up with no back pain. I highly recommend this store and company!!!!

in the last week

in the last week Went to the Wellington location to help my elderly parents purchase a mattress. We were greeted by Terri who asked my folks about how they sleep (back, side). She emphasized that comfort is key and encouraged them to lay in the position they sleep in for 5 minutes on several beds. The one my parents liked was one of the less expensive mid tier models which was ok with Terri as comfort is what a matress is about. She had a lot of patience working with my parents and didn't pressure them in any way. She arranged for delivery the next day and explained to them City Mattresses exchange policy that if they didn't like the mattress they could exchange it within 60 to 90 days. If you are looking for a mattress I strongly recommend Terri at Wellington City Mattress. Mattress shopping can be a real hassle, but this experience was a real good one.

Our experience with Terri

Our experience with Terri and her team in Wellington was great. Their attention and care to a customer's needs is obvious in their actions. The selection of mattresses are numerous as well as the quality of the products they carry.

The worst experience

The worst experience - spent 3000 on a temper pedi after a year it sagged - city mattress said not their problem - deal with Temper pedi directly - they were both a huge disappointment - waste of money don't shop there - they don't back up their product with customer support

Great store to deal with

Great store to deal with. Danny our salesman was super. No pressure and gave us an excellent price on two twin mattresses. we have been to other mattress stores and we found this place to be head and shoulders above all others. I can't say enough about Danny. Ask for him and you will be treated right

Terri was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable

Terri was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Huge selection and great sales process and huge help in narrowing down the selection. Thank you.

The bed frame and headboard

The bed frame and headboard set was delivered and set-up this morning and we are totally pleased with everything. The delivery guys were great, personable and professional. Thanks to our sales person Joe L. and City Mattress for an overall pleasant experience.

My wife and I

My wife and I being a "younger" couple were new to this mattress buying experience as we were looking to replace a mattress we purchased through a friend at the time 5 years ago. Not knowing what to expect, naturally we shopped around. After going to a couple large furniture stores we were able to identify the mattress we wanted, but weren't sure on the price, and didn't really like the "used car salesman" vibe we were getting. I checked some online prices as well and everything was roughly the same. Our last stop was City Mattress, and I am so happy we went here! I first called to get pricing and Angie (geez I hope I got her name right) answered the phone and was very helpful! The price she quoted was much much lower than all of the other stores we checked so we figured we would swing by to check it out. Once we got there we were greeted by Ben who was extremely friendly, patient, and just an all around good guy to deal with and have a conversation. We told him the mattress we wanted, he didn't pressure us into anything else, but did recommend to try for comparison. My wife and I laid on a few more and were ultimately sold on our original choice. Ben didn't play games with us, gave us the price out the door (tax, delivery, haul away, etc) up front with no crazy haggling, and it was much much better priced than the other stores out there. We couldn't sign the paperwork fast enough! If you're looking for a great environment to make a big purchase like a mattress, I strongly suggest City Mattress. The team at the Wellington location was knowledgeable, friendly, easygoing, and didn't pressure you into buying something. I look forward to a great continued relationship with them for years to come!

Sales staff were great

Sales staff were great. Ben helped and was a great guy. Very knowledgeable, friendly and a no pressure sales guy, which I really appreciate. This is the 5th or 6th mattress we have bought from them because of good pricing and great staff. Looked around this time trying temperpedic, sleep number, but nothing beat the prahna. Check them out. You will be glad you did. Sweet Dreams.

We bought our mattress

We bought our mattress from City Mattress less than a year ago but it did not hold up well. City Mattress Wellington store was great, especially Paul D. They switched out our mattress with no penalties. Sweet Dreams again for me. Thank you Paul D and City Mattress Wellington FL.

I just got my new Serta delivered today

I just got my new Serta delivered today. I must say that this was a wonderful experience from start to finish. From the professional ,informative salesman to the courteous delivery guys. I have a sense of renewed faith that professional and courteous service is actually possible. Not to mention the bed is to die for. Thank you city mattress you guys are great. Kimberly R Wellington Fl

Thank you

Thank you!!! This was our 6th mattress from city mattress! All good experiences but this one was GREAT!!! Thought we knew exactly what we wanted but an awesome sales rep made it even better!!! John Cloutman is the man to see!! Even the delivery guys were funny and great!! Great prices on all items! Even wound up getting the headboard and mattress pad there! I thought I'd get at bed bath w a coupon and save $$ but john made a great deal and we got it all in one place!!! Thank you!!!

My wife and I were shopping

My wife and I were shopping for a new bed. We have a queen and want to upsize to a king. We tried a few other stores before arriving here. I wanted to come to this City Mattress because I bought my first bed here. After seeing beds in other stores, we kind of knew what we wanted. Terri lead us right in the direction of what we were looking for. She was so helpful and full of information that we knew we wanted to buy a bed from her. Customer service makes 90% of an experience to me and Terri's was exceptional. If she didn't know something, she checked with her manager, Annette. Annette came over to us And introduced herself and was also very helpful and really nice. When it was all said and done, we walked out of there having purchased a brand new tempurpedic king bed with a motor. The customer service was exceptional. The bed is amazing. The warranty is second to none. I highly recommend this place to purchase a bed because they will take care of you even after you walk out with the purchase!

We bought a mattress

We bought a mattress from here a little over a year ago. The sales lady that helped us was very knowledgeable and friendly. She was never pushy. Sometimes you can tell that these sales people are just looking for a commission, but not with her. She actually knew her stuff. Which was a nice surprise. She wasn't just thrown on the floor and told to sell, sell, sell. We will definitely return to this store whenever we need to buy another mattress. Plus I like that its a family owned business. They also have a couple stores in NY.

What a pleasant experience!

What a pleasant experience! We purchased a mattress from mattress firm a year ago and a year later, we were looking for a new mattress! We decided to go to City Mattress and what a great decision that was! We were greeted as soon as we entered the store. Our sales expert, Debra Sandler, was just that an expert! She listened and got us squared away with the perfect mattress! Our experience at City Mattress was nothing short of excellent! Thank you Debra and Thank you City Mattress!

I had a really bad experience

I had a really bad experience with this place. I went in with my boyfriend to find a new mattress and ended up getting what I thought was an awesome mattress in the clearance section. After several days of sleeping on it, my back started spasming and we felt like we were sinking in the middle of the bed. We went in to find a different mattress in the clearance section and again the same issue. Not to mention, the older guy who works there acted super annoyed with us and made us feel like we were doing something wrong. Anyways, with this mattress we were sinking in the middle too. We couldn't figure out was wrong and just thought it was just that we didn't like it. We went in for a third time and stated something wasn't right with these two mattresses and we decided to buy a new bed. The manager "Keith" said that we can't just keep on exchanging our mattress and was extremely rude. We explained that there was something not right with the mattresses and how rude they had been to us so he agreed to switch out the mattress. We got a brand new mattress and we were told that everything would add up to $2600. Well I got my first bill and it is close to $3,000. I have called numerous times and finally got a call back from the manager a month later. Basically, I was told the $3,000 was correct and that it would not be changed. *****in response to the comment by Rick below: First off, your sales associate Kelly and Ben who sold us the clearance mattresses said that we could return the mattresses and exchange it no problem. Actually what they specifically stated was that for regular mattresses there was a 90 day return policy and for clearance there was a 30 day return policy. So either one of you is lying or like I stated before, your staff is incompetent. Second, the prana associate told me that those beds can be folded when using an adjustable bed not folded in half. Third, you did call us back and spoke to my boyfriend who stated that you did apologize for the rudeness of the staff but seemed unconcerned with everything else. As far as calling us three times......yeah you did because you wanted this post taken down and were trying to bribe us to do so. In addition, you say that the rudeness of the staff is not the norm but yet your employee has been counseled on his behavior before. Lastly, yes I did sign the contract and stupidly believed that you were honest and were true to your word. The fact that you are using that as a way to prove your point shows what type of company you really are. I stand by everything I stated before!*****

I will sleep on the floor

I will sleep on the floor before I ever walked back into the store again. I bought a mattress which was nothing like the one I saw in the store as far as comfort goes. I made them take it back and they upgraded me to a primal mattress for an additional $3000 after three months I went back to the store and complained how lumpy and uncomfortable it was. They then told me that my 90 days was up and they will send a service man to my house. She told me it was normal wear and tear and such a piece of foam quarter of an inch thick and put under the mattress telling me this would make it more comfortable. I would be very careful about doing any business with this company. I now must retract this review after being contacted by the management from this store. They wereGENUINELY concerned about my problem, invited me to come into the store and then graciously showed me their top of the line styles and told me there would be no charges whatsoever and exchanged my mattress set this morning. They could not have treated me any nicer. I was wrong in not contacting management in the first place.

We had literally less than 24 hours

We had literally less than 24 hours in Florida after a move from Chicago and needed new beds fast. Went to 4 different stores and SO glad we saved the best for last! Mark's product knowledge and ability to get us the best deal for our money was EXTRAORDINARY!! Keith was also there and it was immediately evident he's also superior in the service arena! This is a great place to go and get educated on your mattress so that you are an informed consumer and completely confident on exactly where your money is being spent! I'll be a customer for life!

We are customers for life!

We are customers for life! The idea of shopping for a mattress was totally overwhelming. A friend recommended City Mattress so my husband and I went in, already apprehensive and with a limited budget. Fortunately we were greeted by Keith who made the whole process easy and found us an excellent mattress within our budget. He listened to what we wanted, made recommendations and answered every question. Buying a mattress is a big financial decision, and a negotiation between husband & wife! We were encouraged to try as many mattresses as we wanted and never felt rushed or pressured. Keith made it a really great experience and we definitely recommend City Mattress!

We were worried that shopping

We were worried that shopping for a mattress would be an expensive, stressful hassle but the first place we tried - City Mattress - turned out to be an easy bargain. We dealt with the manager, Keith, who helped us choose a mattress and had it delivered within a few days. We decided after a few weeks that it was too firm and swapped it out without any hassle either - we even recouped a few bucks on the transfer! The business is smooth, professional, and they do a great job with ensuring their customers go home happy. I'd do business with them again anyday. A+

City mattress wouldn't even receive one star

City mattress wouldn't even receive one star if that was possible. My mattress is falling apart after 2 years. I've called several times to have someone replace it and I just keep getting met with resistance and avoidance. It is a city mattress brand mattress and I was trying to show royalty to my hometown city of Rochester New York by shopping here but never again. I'm stuck with a falling apart mattress that has a 10 year warranty that I cannot get replaced or fixed.

City Mattress went above and beyond

City Mattress went above and beyond in my recent purchase of a mattress. A good friend had recommended this company and their Prana product. When I moved to the area and wanted to buy a mattress I came to them. I worked with Keith whose sole goal was to make sure I ended up happy. When the first mattress I purchased turned out to be too firm, he made the process of exchange as simple as could be. He was courteous and patient and professional at all times, and guided me with information on the product line and how they might fit my sleep style and body frame. Never once did he try to over sell me on something more expensive. I ended up with a mattress I love and look forward to sleeping on every night. I cannot say enough great things about this business and would not hesitate to choose them for all my mattress needs. Even the store's delivery people were wonderful. A great experience; I urge others to check them out. Thanks Keith!

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