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Christeli Mattress Reviews

Christeli is a mattress brand that has been around since the 1930s with American made craftsmanship. They craft their own mattresses in their South Carolina factory, and focus on memory foam and latex options. Overall, most folks find their mattresses comfortable, but there are a few complaints about material durability and firmness. If you are interested in taking a look, they ship anywhere in the continental U.S.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.9/10

Price Value: 8.6/10

No Back Pain: 8.8/10

Price: $499-$4,798

Trial Period: 50 Nights

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Christeli's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Christeli invented their own memory material that adapts to your body. In addition to this, they also use a variety of other materials that they use in their mattresses such as latex and high density foams. They do not display a CertiPUR-US certified mark against toxic offgassing so make sure to ask the right questions before purchasing. Overall, folks find their mattresses comfortable though there are some issues that some had with firmness levels and durability.

Mattress Types

Christeli offers a variety of mattresses to fit sleepers needs - from budget friendly options to more luxurious mattresses. We'll go through each of their options in depth...


The Christeli Stockholm comes with two layers of foam and a hand quilted cover. It has 2'' of cooling memory foam on top and approximately 5'' of firm base foam called Ortho-Core™. Overall, this mattress will be on the firmer end and may sleep a little warm despite having the ventilated memory foam on the top layer. However, it won't hurt your wallet.

The pros are an affordable memory foam mattress solution with extra focus on ventilation.

The cons may be too firm for those that are heavy or side sleepers and it may sleep warm for those that sleep hot.

Price Range: $499-$948

Final Score: 8.5 / 10


The Christeli Versailles offers a 10'' sleeping surface with more memory foam for a softer sleeping experience. It comes with 3'' of memory foam and 7'' of base foam. This will have a medium-firm feel and be appropriate for many sleepers looking for a memory foam experience, but it may sleep warm for hot sleepers.

The pros: Mid-grade memory foam experience with two layers and ventilation.

The cons: May sleep warm versus other cooling varieties at similar price points.

Price Range: $599-$1,198

Final Score: 8.6 / 10


The Christeli Astoria offers three layers of foam, which is similar to many other popular foam mattress in a box options and a 11.5'' profile. The first layer is 3'' of memory foam, followed by two layers of Ortho-Core™ foam with one side softer than the other, providing more of a transition from soft to firm below. Also, you can flip these bottom layers for a softer or firmer experience at home.

The pros: Three layers of foam provide more transitional comfort for a medium firmness. Also, the ability to adjust the firmness once at home.

The cons: May sleep warm and the prices could be high for an all-foam mattress versus comparable online options.

Price Range: $699-$1,398

Final Score: 8.7 / 10


The Christeli Madeline is one of Christeli's most popular mattresses at a 12.5'' profile. It comes with three layers of foam -- similar to the Astoria with Ortho-Core™ adjustable foam on the bottom two layers. It also has better edge support with foam siderails, which expand the sleeping surface.

The pros: Good level of support for a medium firmness foam mattress with good reception from customers.

The cons: May be warm for some customers and the pricepoint may be a little high versus online direct competitors.

Price Range: $849-$1,698

Final Score: 9.1 / 10


The Christeli Briella offers one more inch of memory foam versus the Madeline, which means it is going to sleep softer and be more contouring around the body than the Madeline. Some sleepers with pressure point issues may prefer this mattress, but others that are heavier or sleep warm may have a hard time getting comfortable. Overall it is a comfortable mattress and less expensive than name brands, but more expensive than other foam mattresses in a box.

The pros: Softer mattress with the benefits of edge support and three thick layers of foam.

The cons: Heavy sleepers or hot sleepers may feel too restricted by this mattress. The price range is a little high versus other online competitors.

Price Range: $1,039-$2,078

Final Score: 9.1 / 10


The Christeli Danieli has the same profile as the Briella, but rather than a thicker slab of memory foam, it comes with 1'' of firm memory foam over 4'' of softer memory foam for the first two layers. This makes it relieve more pressure points, but without being overly soft. This is great for those that are medium sized and looking for a medium firmness mattress.

The pros: A very comfortable memory foam option that is medium firmness.

The cons: For those that are extremely warm sleepers, it may retain some heat. It also is a bit more expensive than other mattress in a box options.

Price Range: $1,149-$2,298

Final Score: 9.2 / 10


The Christeli Charleston is the first mattress in the Christeli 1931 Collection. It is similar to the Danieli, but has 2'' of firmer memory foam on top of 4'' of plush memory foam -- and it also has a Cashmere cover. It will sleep medium firm and has a 14.5'' profile. If you are looking for an elite memory foam mattress with a high profile, this is definitely a contender.

The pros: High profile memory foam mattress at a medium firmness.

The cons: High prices versus online only options and it is possible that this mattress will sleep warm for those that sleep very hot.

Price Range: $1,299-$2,598

Final Score: 9.2 / 10

Lux Estate

The Christeli Lux Estate mattress also comes with a Cashmere cover. Rather than having Ortho-Core™ foam on the bottom layer, it has ventilated latex for a more responsive and bouncier sleeping experience. Overall, it will feel very similar to the Charleson, but with an added bounce and response from the latex.

The pros: Memory foam and latex make for a very comforable medium firmness foam feel with added bounce.

The cons: The price is higher than many other options with similar materials.

Price Range: $1,699-$3,598

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

Palais Grand Royale

The Christeli Palais is the most high profile option from Christeli at 15.5''. It is similar to the Lux Estate, but has some interesting additions. It offers a Cashmere cover, 1'' of firm memory foam over 4'' of plush memory foam, and a thick layer of latex on the base layer. It also comes with an additional layer of 3'' of memory foam below the latex. They offered all of these layers as a way to adjust the bed and layers at home if things aren't perfectly comfortable.

The pros: Extremely high profile mattress with layers upon layers of memory foam and latex.

The cons: This mattress is quite expensive, may be too much mattress and may have issues with long term sagging for those that are larger, and some sleepers may sleep warm.

Price Range: $2,299-$4,798

Final Score: 9.0 / 10

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Awesome mattress

The best mattress we ever slept on , period. Helps my lower back. The mattress just forms around your body.

Exceeded expectations!

We sleep often and hard at our house. Our king size mattress from Christeli was so much better than our previous bed in a box. Shipping was fast and pricing was where it should be.

Loved my Mattress

Ordered a Queen Mattress Madeline 12.5 for my Motorhome. I ordered on line and it was easy and fast. The mattress showed up to my house quickly and we put the new mattress in the motorhome. Only took a couple minutes to set up. Super easy! We love the comfort of the memory foam mattress! Very satisfied with purchase!

Madeline and Danielli - Fabulous mattresses!

After much research into the foam and traditional mattresses with regard to the product profile and customer satisfaction promises, we tested several name brand foam and coil support mattresses and decided the foam was more to our liking. Going forward, we looked online for comparable products and were impressed with the Christeli product comparisons and customer reviews. So, we decided to "pull the trigger" on the Christeli mattresses. Initially, we ordered the Madeline and it was WONDERFUL for me, the wife, but my husband found it a little too firm. We called Christeli and they suggested the Danieli and would be happy to make the exchange. We ordered the Danieli and decided to keep the Madeline as an upgrade to our main house guest room. Guests say it is a fantastic bed. We have now have slept on the Danieli mattress for 9 months - this mattress has proven to be a wonderful fit for us BOTH. Needless to say, we have been exceptionally pleased with our purchases! So much so, we ordered a third mattress, the Madeline, for our guest cottage. If you're thinking of considering Christeli products, GO FOR IT! You will not be disappointed! The products are fantastic and the customer service, stellar! Thank you, Christeli!

Very Disappointed

The Christeli website says, "we pinky promise that once you climb into a Christeli mattress, no other bed will come CLOSE to the level of comfort we deliver with each and every mattress we create." FALSE. The Christeli Charleston mattress came highly recommended from two other family members. It was expensive, but we decided good sleep was worth it so we sucked it up and spent the $1500 for a queen size mattress. The first night I woke up repeatedly with excruciating back pain and flopped out of bed in the morning. I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt since the website talks about an adjustment period, so I slept 2 additional nights (3 total), with the same result. By then my back was a wreck. I actually went to see a doctor because I was concerned about serious spinal damage. I then asked Christeli to exchange it for their firmest bed (the Versailles), and they complied. IT IS NOT A FIRM MATTRESS! It is still very spongy. I have now spent two nights on the Versailles, and my back hurts worse today than any of the other days. $1500 later, and I'm no closer to a good night's sleep. Yes, they are well-made products and if you like memory foam, this may work for you. But if you like a firm bed, stay away.

Lost in the land of Nod.

After much research and deliberation, I decided on Christeli. I have to admit it is softer than I envisioned. It's different, but in a good way. I am a flight attendant so I don't have the luxury of sleeping at home much. I deal with lots of back issues on a regular basis. All i can say is I can't wait to get home. It's great on the shoulders and hips. I am a side/stomach sleeper and with the softer foam (which I got the firmest one) you still sink in a little, not too much but a little. Overall, I love it. I'm hoping my back with love it too. It's still too early to know because I haven't had enough days in a row of being home to judge. So far, so good. Customer service was fantastic. I basically got a custom bed. I wanted the firmest layer of memory firm and a latex core. They made it happen.

My Own Personal Cloud

I treated myself to the Palais Grand Royale about a year and a half ago. Loved it! It became necessary for me to store my belongings for a few months while house hunting so I was forced to sleep on another bed. As soon as I moved into my new home, I made up my bed and crawled into it. I had forgotten just how wonderful this bed is. I have severe spinal stenosis and arthritis. A cervical fusion causes migraine-like headaches necessitates me sleeping in an upright position often. This bed is my cocoon that I have made up with real linen sheets and goose down feather bed and comforter. I would spend the day in this bed if I could.

Holy heck!

I ordered my mattress on Saturday and it was at my door on Thursday ( granted I live about 4 hrs from Greenville). My son (15 yrs old) and I put the mattress on my bed. Soooooo comfortable! I can't get my family off the darn thing to put my sheets and blanket on. THANK YOU, I love it.

Where Have You Been All My Life?

I've been sleeping on my Christelli Versailles bed for a little over a year now. Seriously this is one amazing mattress. No more tossing and turning and no more feeling overheated in the middle of the night. When everything else seems to be "Made in China" it is so incredibly refreshing to find products still made in the US by a company that has integrity and cares about it's products. I have put your mattresses in my guest rooms and anyone who comes here talks about how well they sleep. Thank you Christelli. Well done. Well done.

I wouldn't buy again

I purchased the ASTORIA just over a year ago. The first couple of months I though that I loved it, but over time not at all. The top foam mattress buttons to the bottom mattress and moves all over the place. If you sit in bed to watch TV or read and then change positions, it takes a while for the foam to spring back. This leaves an awkward dip in the foam and makes it very difficult to find a new comfortable position. I am now on the market for a new mattress and base and will go back to my original plan to purchase a Tempurpedic or Sleep Number. They do cost more, but you clearly get what you pay for. I plan to give this bed away.

Awesome mattress!

Very comfortable! Great nights sleep!

Proof is in the pudding

So, I ordered the Christeli Danieli after obsesssively researching mattresses. Long ago I had a foam mattresss made with 5 inches of 5lb viscoelastic memory foam and I loved it. The Danieli was one of the few mattresses on the market that had similar specs. Before purchasing, I called over and spoke with Christeli folks to make sure they agreed with my assessment that the Danieli was the right choice for me (260 lb side, stomach, and occasional back sleeper) and wife (210 lb mostly stomach sleeper). When the mattress arrived, I initially thought it was not firm enough for me--I like a firmer mattress. However, the proof is In the pudding, as they say. I've had the best nights of sleep I've had in years on this mattress. Last night, I did not wake up once, which for me is an minor miracle. I usually get up at least two times a night, often three or four. I am very, very happy with my purchase, as is this missus. Why only four stars then, if I am claiming the best nights of sleep I've had in years? Christeli lowered the price of the mattress by $200 shortly after I ordered it:(.


After only 8 months with an iComfort mattress I started waking in pain or unable to even sleep. For 2 months I shopped every mattress I could find and found Christeli online while surfing one day. I don't know why but I kept going back to it but was scared of ordering a mattress without being able to lay on it first. BEST decision ever. Went with the Madeline 12.5. My husband has the firmer side up, he is a side sleeper, and I have the softer side up, I am a back sleeper, and the Dog, an every which way sleeper, lays in the "crack" between the 2 mattresses (we have a split king adjustable). It is perfect. We can not wait to go back to bed it is that comfortable. There has not been a restless, toss and turn night in the 5 1/2 months we have had it. We all fall asleep in minutes after climbing into bed. The only down side is that "crack" area. The upper portions of the mattresses seem to always push apart a few inches. But Thankfully the dog doesn't seem to mind it at all. Even she is asleep as soon as the head hits the pillow. I just hope it continues to be the true perfect night sleep!!! I only gave it 4 stars because our old mattress was great for the first few months also. Sure hope I can give it 5 stars in a few more months and more.

Great mattress

We purchased our Briella mattress with the adjustable frame almost 2 years ago. It really helps as I have GERD and leg problems so the adjustable mattress is great. We sleep so much better with this mattress than others we have had. My wife had trouble sleeping due to a hip injuury and does not wake up with the pain now. The only setback is that we do wake up a bit hot at times.

Love the bed and pillows!

We ordered a mattress for our guest room that I periodically use if my husband is sick, and it has been wonderful. I especially like the pillows that came with the mattress for free! Our master bedroom bed is a Tempurpedic and our Cristeli mattress is just as comfortable but a bit firmer than a standard Tempurpedic.

Love our new mattress!!

We ordered the Charleston 14.5 memory foam mattress earlier this month and couldn't be happier! It sleeps cool and gives support while cradling the body. My previous mattress, a Bodipedic with a 20 year warranty sagged after 10 years and had to be replaced. I like the way the Charleston feels and believe it will give us at least 15 years of luxurious comfort! I would highly recommend Christeli as they are American made and have been in business for a very long time. They are even made in my home state of South Carolina! The customer service is top notch and if on the fence, go ahead and give them a try!

Great Mattress and a Great Purchase

The Versailles 10' is a fantastic mattress that provides all of the support I wanted and more. It's firmness is the perfect level for a great night's sleep. This product is truly a great buy!

Good customer service

We purchased a queen Versailles memory foam mattress. The order process was easy & our questions were answered quickly & politely. This was our first memory foam mattress & by reading the great reviews & a neighbor's satisfaction with memory foam we decided to give it a try. But unfortunately after 3 weeks we found it just was't for us. But we thought the quality was excellent. We had paid the additional $29 to be able to receive a refund OR there is the one time exchange also. We found the refund was very fast & there was no hassle at all. Memory foam isn't for us, but we feel like this is a great company to work with.

You will not go wrong with Christeli.

Received this mattress yesterday and was very impressed with both its looks and the matching queen foundation. Did not want to comment however until spending a night on it. I must say it is fabulous and blows away the competion with the pricing. If your looking for a mattress, you will not go wrong with Christeli. Charlie S.

Christeli mattress

We use the Christeli mattress in our RV. We are very satisfied with this product and would highly recommend it.

Great Bed!

I love this bed! I always had back problems but sleeping on this bed is like laying on a cloud and my back never bothers me. Its the best deep sleep I've had on a mattress since I was a kid!

Happy with purchase

We purchased our Versailles mattress about 8 months ago. Overall, we are pleased with the purchase. It took a little longer than the original estimate to receive it. I would classify it as firm. We were told by the representative that it would be. It did take a little while for it to break in. It was firmer at first, but it softened up after we slept on it for a few weeks. The one thing we do notice is that there is firmer spot in the middle between the two of us. This is where we don't sleep. It doesn't cause a problem, it's just evident. I suppose we could try to sleep there to break that section in. We purchased this to replace a waterbed. We are using it in the waterbed frame and that has worked out fine.

Best bed I've ever purchased

This mattress feels like a cloud it's the perfect firmness for the back yet still so soft and comfy you fall asleep on 5 minutes or less.

Thanks Christeli

We purchased our Christeli matress five months ago. We own both a tempurpedic and a Christeli. We love them both, however when it comes to our pocketbook, we love our Christeli more. My husband has a fused spine, and I have bad hips, very important for each of us to have the right matress.Because we are retired snowbirds, we needed a second matress for our winter location. I found Christeli info online, and the more I read, the better I felt about ordering online. We have had such a wonderful experience with Christeli. Our matress gives us both a healthy nights sleep,and the company has been wonderful to do business with. When our friends mentioned they were in the market for a new matress, I recommended Christeli. Now they too are enjoying the best nights sleep they have had for a very long time. Thank-You so much Christeli. Sincerely, Teal Workman

Wonderful mattress!

When it arrived, it was rolled into a giant tube! (I had only seen mattresses in showrooms and on delivery trucks.) It was delivered on the day exactly as promised, wrapped in layers of protection, and it arrived in pristine condition! I am a back sleeper with spine and leg issues, and I am happy to report that this mattress cured me from dreading going to bed! It gives me the great support that I need ... and it feels soft and downy underneath my back side. I wake up without the pain and soreness that have been a way of life for me for far too long. Thank you Christeli for delivering on your promises and providing me with an amazingly comfortable sleep!!

Best mattress

Bought it 2 years ago and still like it a lot. It feels brand new.



The test of time!

about one year after purchasing my Versailles I find myself giving a update on this mattress. I bought this mattress for my motorhome and I use it frequently since being retired allows me to do so, being retired also means that as I am getting older a mattress need to be comfortable and last in that way! The Versailles has lived up to that! I did add a good quality mattress pad to add a little more softness but I knew it would be firm when I decided on the Versailles due to being a 10 mattress. Side support is still great and the foam is still like new! Great mattress and would buy again! I alsp have the Briella at home and will update my review on it.

We Are Very Happy With Our Mattress

We ordered the Versailles 10 and a mattress cover. This is the second memory foam mattress we have owned, and we are pleased not only with the product but also with our treatment by Christeli employees. My husband has a bad back, and we have found that memory foam mattresses help him with a restful night without morning stiffness. Our Christelli Versailles is better than our previous mattress. We also appreciated the assistance of Christeli personnel when the mattress protector we ordered was not in stock. They, without prompting, volunteered to and did substitute a higher priced protector at no extra charge. We have no complaints and recommend Christeli highly.

Airbnb Guests LOVE these!

I have purchased two Christeli Versailles mattresses over the last two years, one a queen and most recently a double. I bought them for use in my Airbnb because I wanted my guests to have the most comfortable beds possible. RAVE REVIEWS from my guests. Most comfortable bed I've slept on. Just couldn't get out of bed this morning I was so comfortable. So now, of course, the next one I buy will be for me. Thank you Christeli for your consistent attention to quality and customer service.

Very Happy with our Christeli

We shopped, narrowed it down to a few and selected Christeli for numerous reasons. First, if we didn't like the bed we could return it. Second, since we are local, we were able to pick it up from them. Our old mattress was a (competitor name censored) plush pillow top that sagged after one month. The company picked it up and exchanged it for us, but the bed never really felt good. We kept it for a little over a year and one day decided at our age sleep is precious and we need to get our best. After only a few night's on the Christeli Versailles, I was sold. We never toss or turn or get up sore. We couldn't be happier with our purchase!

Disappointed - update

On July 22 I wrote a review expressing my dissatisfaction with my mattress. Since then, I have adjusted the position of the bed to the zero gravity feature and have little to no pain. This has pleased me greatly as although Vinny gave me 3 options - try the bed while under the 30 day return if not satisfied - pack it up and get my money back - or pack it up send it back and choose another mattress, what I wanted was for the mattress to work for me and at this stage I think it's working. Thank you Vinny for your continued concern.

Great product -Versailles. Great service - highly recommend.

Christeli's website very helpful - learned about density-weight of foam so I could compare with other sites. Christeli's customer service was excellent - I was going to get the Briella mattress because the website mentioned it's their top rated - but I was looking for the same feel of my old 10 yr tempurpedic which I learned was firm. The rep said I should go with the Versailles and it was less money. He was certain I would like it and I love it! The shipments arrived in California on time. The foundation very simple to assemble. The compressed mattress quickly rose to the 10 before my eyes - that was cool. No lingering smell from the mattress as compared to my tempurpedic. The feel of the aloe cover luxurious. The Super Cool really works - I don't get hot like I used to with the tempurpedic and the Versailles is still cozy. I am enjoying the firmness - which to me feels soft, just right! I appreciate the handles. Great product, great service - highly recommend.

Great mattress

I ordered the mattress a little over a yr ago. It came within about a week of purchase.. I was skeptic at first because it was shipped in a box.. We put it on the foundation we ordered and have slept great ever since.. Great quality mattress

Great Internet Find!

Found the Christeli web-site while searching for a good deal on a bed for our guest bedroom. Was hesitant because I was not familiar with the Christeli name - however I like to buy made-in-America products when possible. fgehhhrtjh Cannot believe how comfortable this bed is. (I think we may be sleeping in the guest bedroom from now on!).

Like sleeping on a cloud

Initially bought the mattress as a second one for our spare bedroom, my sister had already bought us one so she would have a fabulous bed to sleep on when she visits. These mattress are so comfortable that we like sleeping on them better than our old mattress (which is only one year old). My husband sleeps like a baby and no longer complains of back pain. I now have trouble getting up in the morning because I don't want to leave the comfort of the mattress. If we hadn't just bought new mattresses for our master bedroom I would be investing in a king size for that room. 100% pleased!!

Great Mattress

I get approximately 8 hours of good sleep each night.


Forget the TV ads about beds! I have undergone 17 spinal surgeries to-date. I bought the Christeli Mattress after seeing it on-line for the very first time. Free shipping also made the purchase a good deal as well. It was actually delivered via the mail just like any other product? Believe me they packed this mattress so skillfully that it was delivered thru conventional carriers! The mattress is sooo comfortable I can not even begin to explain it in actual words. Take it from someone who has spent since 1984 in a Hospital type bed that this being has never had such a peaceful, painless and restful sleep in my entire life. No sagging, not like plywood in its firmness. It is pillow soft but yet the firmness only excellent materials can provide. Get one soon before the word gets out and you end up paying thousands of dollars like other good quality mattress manufacture's. My was under $700 delivered. I did not need a box spring at all just the platform above the drawers located at the base where a normal box spring would sit. Friends, Family and house guests all request my bed to rest on if life calls for a nap!!!!!!

Bad hip helped

At 76 my skeleton needs TLC. The new Christeli mattress did the job. It didn't cure all my skelatel ills, but it was a definite improvement over my older inner spring mattress. The price was competitive and delivery was quick and efficient with no need for additional customer service.


I purchased a mattress, and I love it. I've had it now for 3 months and I am able to feel like I had a great nights sleep, and when I'm feeing lazy on the weekend, I can lay in bed for 10 hours or so and not have any back issues. I would recommend this mattress and have told people where I purchased it. Love it.

Tempurpedic replacement

Just purchased to replace Tempurpedic. Awesome mattress!

Pleasantly suprised - Versailles 10

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to write a 5 star review for my new mattresses. I purchased split cal king Versailles 10 to replace Tempur-pedic 10 mattresses on an adjustable platform. Christeli customer service went above and beyond, answering my questions, mattress selection and putting my follow-up concerns to rest (pun intended). The customer service alone was enough to make me a fan of Christeli. The quality mattress I received was just icing on the cake. I was skeptical, never having purchased a mattress online before, but within a few hours of trying it out I am pleased to report that I am happy with what I purchased. I am a service connected disabled veteran who spends more than the average amount of time laying in bed. I am a back and side sleeper. While I admit my experience with mattresses are limited, I would have no worries recommending Christeli mattress to family and friends.


I had been looking for a memory foam matteress for months when I happened to run across the Christeli web site. I was exstatic!! When I called the company they were very helpful and answered any concerns I had. I had watched a video online before the bed was delivered so I knew basically how to set it up. We put on the frame and let it regain its form, which only took 3-4 hours and we slept on it that night. It took a few nights to get used to the feel of it which is normal for any bed. After that the horrible back, neck an shoulder pain we had been experiencing with out old bed are so much better that we can move aroung with much less discomfort than before. Thank you Christeli for the good nights sleep and help for controlling of the pain we had!!

Great Mattress for Value

We have the King size 10 Versailles model and we sleep on it every night. Two people at least as many as 3 people and sometimes 3 people and 2 dogs. It's very comfortable and certainly comparable to a Temper-Pedic (which we owned before). I would say that I think this bed take a little longer to conform then it's Swedish counterpart, but that's the only fault I've been able to find thus far. We've had the bed for about a year now with no discernible wear.

wonderful mattress

this product is wonderful. the packaging and delivery were extraordinary. we purchased a versailles queen and were instantly more comfortable. we both are sleeping better without waking up as much as previously. what a joy to awake without a lower back ache! the mattress cover is an amazing fabric too. the mattress itself has no odor at all and feels incredibly fresh and clean. one small disappointment to include: i thought the handles on the side could be used to move the mattress (which would have been very helpful) but the instructions said they are ONLY for securing it to a base. i felt this was not properly explained to me when i asked about handles before ordering. that said, we love this purchase and have been raving about christeli memory foam mattresses to everyone.

Still comfortable

I have slept on spring and memory foam mattresses and they were horrible. There was no support and it just didn't last! I did my own research and found Christeli. They had great reviews and the price and warranty was outstanding! It's been over a year and i still love it!

Having tried them ALL!

I am a designer and sleep on a tempurpedic at home. I ordered 3 different brands of memory foam mattresses for a home in Aspen. I was EXTREMEMLY particular with my selections and BY FAR the highest quality was The Christeli! The difference is evident in the fabric and the foam. I would not hesitate to buy a Christeli mattress for myself or any client! Lastly, the 4 inch topper makes a great additional mattress underneath a bed!

Follow-Up: Customer Service

I wanted to give follow-up that the customer service people were able to locate the tracking numbers for my order and called me back promptly with the information. Both the mattress and foundation arrived today as promised. My daughter loves it!

Versailles A+

Purchased the Versailles over a year ago, and it's the best memory foam mattress I have ever owned! Would buy again, but don't expect that to be necessary for quite awhile. Made in America is a plus!

high quality mattress

I bought the 10 mattress in King. If you don't want very firm, choose one with more comfort features. Bottom line is that I have a bad back and I sleep on my back, so I have to have the best mattresses. Memory foam beds are the best and only option for me. But, memory foam is not all the same. Most inexpensive memory foam beds use 2 - 3lb density which is not very supportive and will sag. I actually had a first wave TempurPedic that sagged years ago. What drew me to Christeli was the use of 5.3lb memory foam and its quest to compete with the leader in memory foam beds: TempurPedic. Of course, Christeli does not have the price tag of TempurPedic so the cost savings were significant. I was impressed with their friendly staff that shipped the bed out in 2 days. And, the quality of the mattress is solid as advertised. Although I was not influenced by the top layer being touted as expensively buttoned downed , I suppose it does look nicer and illustrates the handmade feature. I would buy them over TempurPedic just for the cost savings as there are not many competitors in this price range that do not get this close to the quality of TempurPedic. I have owned TempurPedic beds so I would still rate TempurPedic higher, but not worth the extra cost in my opinion. The knock I have on Chriteli beds is that they are all shipped in rolls whereas TempurPedic never rolls their beds. But, the Christeli unravels well and does get to the advertised height (which is not the case with most roll up memory foam beds).

Versailles Mattress

My husband and I received our new Versailles Mattress on 6/7/12. We both slept better than we have in a long time. My husband has back problems and with our previous mattress, had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Now, he gets up and is able to more. Best investment we have ever made!!!!

Where Have You Been All My Life?

I've been sleeping on my Christelli Versailles bed for a little over a year now. Seriously this is one amazing mattress. No more tossing and turning and no more feeling overheated in the middle of the night. When everything else seems to be Made in China it is so incredibly refreshing to find products still made in the US by a company that has integrity and cares about it's products. I have put your mattresses in my guest rooms and anyone who comes here talks about how well they sleep. Thank you Christelli. Well done. Well done.

custom size ordering a breeze

We had a water bed, it sprung a leak and boom we are in the mattress market. With our new 2 story house water bed mattress was out but we still had the nice bed. Went shopping the next day and fell into shock. $2500 and up for memory foam mattresses. We then found Christeli's website and the next day we ordered a custom built mattress to fit our ex-water bed. One week later it arrived as promised and we can go to the Bahama's on the savings. Great product and great service. Thanks for making this stress free.

Very Comfortable

It is used for sleeping. Very comfortable. Wake up refreshed.

Victor Villada

Hello I bought this mattress (Varsailles 10) for my son and he loved, it was a great investment. I recommend this product to anybody

Great mattress, we'd buy it again!

My husband and I were in the market for a very firm king mattress. With a recommendation from a satisfied friend and a little research, we called and found the customer service to be outstanding. They walked us through which one would be right for us, they had a great special going and said if weren't pleased with it we could exchange it for another kind. That eased our nerves about ordering a mattress online. When it was delivered, the set up was very easy and we were immediately pleased with our purchase. We have had it for a few months and LOVE it! We love firm beds and feel like this one supports us without sinking into it. We couldn't be happier with the quality, comfort, firm feel, price and customer service. We would recommend this mattress and would buy another.

Love, love, love...

After looking online for a mattress, I finally settled on Versailles by Christeli. I spend a lot of time in bed because of health issues and needed something to meet my needs and within my price range. After getting the bed I have had the best sleep ever. I love the mattress. Thank you people of Christeli especally Mike who was so helpful and knowledgable. The pillow is the best also. I will have to order another pillow. Thank you for your kindness and great product.

Veery Happy With Purchase

We received our split queen adjustable bed frame and Versailles mattresses three weeks ago. We love them! The price was what sold us and we are thrilled with what we got. A little confusion over when they were sent, would be delivered, etc. but a few phones calls resolved our issues. Would recommend Christeli to anyone looking for a good buy and a great bed!

Time of need

My job takes me aways from home sleeping in hotels 15 days per month. I stay in nice hotels and have tried every mattress imaginable including sleep number. When I ordered my adjustable bed and mattress, I was just wanting a good nights sleep at home. Little did I know that while waiting for my bed to arrive I would be diagnosed with a life threatening illness followed by surgery. What an absolute blessing to come home to my new bed. My recovery has been so much easier with the adjustable frame and the cooling top mattress has been my saving grace. Only recommendation would be if you purchase the set, spend the extra money to have it set up for you. It is extremely heavy. I also would not purchase the massage bed as it is more of a vibration rather than actually massage. Other than that, I highly recommend this company and the product they offer. Customer service and delivery as promised.

Fully satisfied mattress and base combo

We ordered from FL for products to be delivered to Daughters new house in VA, during a specific time frame. The mattress arrived on schedule via FedX in two large boxes. It was entertaining for us and the grandkids to watch them magically puff up when unrolled. The bases did not arrive for a few more days due to the Freight line. The bases are heavy and if you don't have some extra muscle I recommend the White glove Delivery option. We didn't have a problem assembling them with the great instructions. Now the important stuff: We have high priced latex mattress and adjustable beds at home from another company and find these Cristeli products to be equal to or better at a more reasonable price.

Versailles - Made in USA!

My Versailles was delivered quickly as promised. The most difficult part of setup was getting it out of the box, but a neighbor helped this do-it-yourself senior citizen, and all went well. There was no odor, the mattress was light enough for me to handle, and the straps on the sides were a huge help. I found the mattress less than satisfactory the first few nights, but adding a 1 memory foam topper has greatly improved my comfort. I was disappointed there was no paperwork with the delivery (thus, the four-star rating). I asked Customer Service to send me a copy of the bill, which Stephanie did immediately; I expect to receive a copy of the warranty very soon.

What a find!

After shopping around for quite some time, we found the Christeli website and purchased our memory foam mattress over the phone. The first night that we spent on it was fantastic; in fact, my husband joked the next morning that we might have to get rid of it, since we'd slept way too long! That was several years ago, and we are still in love with the mattress! We also recommended your product to my brother when he was in the market for a new mattress, and he is very pleased with his purchase as well.

Excellent choice!

We have really enjoyed our 10 Christeli mattress. After sleeping on spring mattresses, it did take a little getting used to, but now anytime we travel, we miss our mattress! It shipped quickly, expanded quickly from the tight roll and never smelled (something I feared!). It's also great that the mattresses are made in the USA!! Thank you Christeli for getting us back to good sleep!

i love my new mattress i got from christeli

Love my new mattress and slept so good last night that i didnt want to get out of bed this morning because it felt so great. I hope the mattress lasts for a good while so i dont have to buy another mattress any time soon.


We use to have a pillow top mattress that was very firm and not comfortable. We ordered a bed based off of reviews on the website and it was the best decision we have made! We will definitely buy from christeli again!

Mattress great, process NOT

I bought a king Versailles mattress from the website. I didn't need to speak with anyone, as I've researched quite a bit and the website answered all if my questions. It was a great deal and so far, only two nights, we love our mattress. HOWEVER, the process was helter skelter. Initially, my bank showed the payment pending. Then as I waited for my delivery confirmation, I noticed the payment had disappeared from my ledger. I called christeli, and was told my mattress would arrive most likely on Wednesday, and I would receive an email with tracking info Tuesday. 2-4days to leave the wharehouse is what the website says. I purchased my mattress on Monday and it was Friday when I called. No biggie but better communication would have been appreciated. ANYWAY, Saturday a Fed Ex truck pulls in my drive and here is the mattress! Awesome! BUT #1 I had to sign for it. #2 absolutely ZERO information in the box, NO INSTRUCTIONS, WARRANTY INFO, BILL OF SALE, welcome to christeli packet, NOTHING. And no email ever came. Overall experience: NOT Good. This kind of stuff should have been figured out and RECTIFIED LONG AGO considering the company has been in business so long and markets their product only on the web. Hope this helps someone.

Great memory foam bed at a great price

After researching memory foam and what is important about the density of the foam I found the Christeli website. They have the same density foam as tempurpedic but at a fraction of the cost. I wanted a firm mattress and the Versailles is what I chose. I was happy it is made in the USA. It is not too firm and gives great support. Delivery was very fast but I would recommend if you don't receive an email within a few days to call. I didn't get my shipping info until I called to check and found it wasn't sent automatically like it should have been. We took the mattress out of the box around noon and it had expanded fully within 2-3 hours. We slept on it that evening . It did have a little odor for a couple days, but nothing bad. Stephanie in customer was very friendly and helpful with all my questions and concerns. I also ordered the mattress protector and was a little disappointed that it wasn't also made in the USA, but it is well made and washes nicely. I would recommend Christeli.

Great new mattress

We have had our Versailles mattress since November, and we are so glad we made the decision to buy it. Your product came highly recommended by some friends, so we decided to give it a try. Since my husband and I prefer different firmness, the mattress suits both of our needs.

Very satisfied

I made a call to the help center to ask a few questions. My wife has a bad back and needs a firm mattress. We knew which Temper Supreme bed we liked so our goal was to find the one most like that. The gentleman at Christeli recommended the Danieli. It arrived on time and as promised. Unfortunately, we knew after a few nights that the bed was too soft. It was more like the Temper Cloud series. It was a beautiful and well made mattress and we knew that it was probably perfect for someone, just not us. So I called and was told that they would like us to try it for 25 days and if it isn't the right one call back and they would send us a different option. After the 25 days I made the call and the women I spoke with suggested the Versailles, their firmest mattress. I was worried at this point because if it was too soft we would be stuck with it. (One exchange). Again, on time and as promised the mattress came and this time it was perfect. I've waited five months to write this to make sure it would be helpful to others. We are very satisfied. Again, both mattresses were very well made. As a side note the return was pretty simple. Rather than have me send the mattress back to them they had me contact a local charity. I just had to send the a copy of the donation ticket and they credited my credit card the difference between the two beds (like $600) and sent me our new mattress.

We Look Forward to Going to Bed!!!

We got this bed after looking at so many different kinds. We used to have a Tempurpedic a long time ago that was finally time to replace but didn't want to spend several thousand dollars. So we read reviews and compared everything we could think of before buying this incredible bed. This bed feels more like a bed than the most all foam mattresses, so we truly feel like we are getting the best of both worlds. It is great to have such a luxurious feel to our bed that we do not have to stay at a 5 star resort to get! We could not be happier with our purchase and feel this bed has decent airflow, so you do not get too hot! If you are on the fence about what type of mattress to get and are afraid to leave the actual mattress world for an all foam bed, we highly recommend this one and tell everyone about it!

and antoher....

our 4th christeli mattress. one more and our entire house will have christeli's all around. i'm sure we'll get there!

what a great buy

wow what a buy i bought my girlfriend a temperpetic years ago and i got a versailles and the only diffrence i can tell is i paid hundreds less fab nights sleep i would recomend this company to someone i dont even like christeli where have you been all my mattress days luv ya man

Great product

really comfortable mattress. Ordered the bed online, came on time.. Would definitely order this product again...

Finally getting some ZZZZZZ'z

I suffer from back pain and have two bad disks. Over the years I've owned a few mattresses and none could give me the support I really needed, not without pinching me from hard pressure points at least. I discovered Christeli through a friend. All I can say is job well done. The Versailles not only gives me the support I've been needing but also doesn't feel like the surface is pinching me. It feels good all over. I love it so I suggest the Versailles.

Great Mattress and a Great Purchase

The Versailles 10' is a fantastic mattress that provides all of the support I wanted and more. It's firmness is the perfect level for a great night's sleep. This product is truly a great buy!


LOVE IT! This is my first memory foam mattress and I'm so happy that I choose ChristeIi. It was a long research but it's worth it! I bought Versailles quin size. No smell, very comfortable, not so soft, not so hard (exactly how I wanted to be), easy to set up, USA made! LOVE IT! Slept like a princess from the first night. I'm recommending Christeli to all my friends. Great communication with customer service! Smooth transaction and fast shipping! Thank you so much! Keep going and make more people happy!

My back tells the story!

Waking up to a sunrise and lack of back pain is a true joy, and the Versailles from Christeli won't disappoint.

versailles 10

I was worried about buying a mattress online, it turned out to be a great buy the online complaint I would have is the shipping the mattress came in a box which was very cool I have to say, but it took long to get to me, the product it self is amazing I slept all throughout the night for the first time in years! I would definitely recommend it! the mattress feels like sleeping on a could and the best part is that I do not feel my boyfriend move next to me, awesome I give this product an A plus :)

Excellent Product

This is the best mattress I have ever had. I sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. The staff I spoke with were informed and polite. I would recommend Christeli to anyone I know who needed a new mattress.

We were pleasantly surprised.

We work nights and were having trouble sleeping on our previous mattress. We received this and it has improved our sleeping comfort. We love the bed and we no longer can tell when one of us rolls over or gets up. There is no motion on the other side. Our only compaint is the placement of the legs on the sides of the bed. The placement is centered. . .exactly where I stand to make the bed when we get up. Early on, I stepped up to the bed and walked into it. Big mistake! My foot wasn't x-rayed but the Dr. believes I broke it. Painful!!

Wonderful Foam Mattress!

We've had our Christeli mattress for just over a year now and have been enjoying how it better supports our backs. Before we purchased our foam mattress, both my husband and I would often wake up with sore backs after sleeping on the old box spring mattress we had. We love everything about our new mattress and especially how it was so reasonably priced compared to similar foam mattresses. One of the best household investments we've made. I highly recommend this company because they were very helpful and patient with me while addressing all of my inquiries and concerns on the phone prior to us purchasing. Top notch customer service! Finally, delivery time from when I ordered to the mattress arriving at our house was faster than I thought it would be. And set up was so simple. After about two hours of rolling it out, the mattress had fully expanded. If you are in the market for a new memory foam mattress, absolutely consider Christeli.

Happy with my Purchase

I purchased the Versailles mattress (Queen) about 6 months ago. I was worried that it would be too firm, as I thought I wanted a very soft mattress. It is firm in my opinion, and it took me a few weeks to get used to, but now I love it. I get a great nights sleep! I have it on a adjustable bed frame and have not had any issues.

Very comfortable mattress

I got the Christeli mattres for my son. He started to have back pain from his old mattress. After couple of month, his pain is gone and he said he sleeps deeper and feel better.

Great Mattress

We got a Versailles mattress I can say it has provided comfortable, supportive sleep every night since. It has completely eliminated the back pain I used to wake up with each morning - I don't even thnk about how my back feels now -- just not an issue anymore! I will say that putting it on a good base is an absolute must - we initially put it on our old box springs until we realized we were probably not getting the most out of the mattress. So, we bought a new platform for it and it improved the comfort at least 50%. I can highly recommend this mattress as well as the service from this company.

fast delivery and great service

I have zero complaints about this bed and your company. From the first call I made to the delivery day everyone was helpful and professional. Delivery was MUCH FASTER than expected. And I'm happy you don't ship your beds like tacos like some of your competitors do. I might be ordering a twin for my daughter in the next few weeks.

Perfect Support

We ordered a Versailles mattress because of its firmness. Used the mattress match tool several times, putting in several different senarios that might apply to us, and each result contained the Versailles. This mattress is simply the best we've ever slept on and gives firm, perfect support. It has replaced a memory foam mattress that had become too soft - I actually had to get up half the time to sleep on our firm couch! We tossed the packing material away a week ago: no way would we ever return this mattress! We have now had two weeks sleep on this and we both feel more rested, energetic and nothing hurts when we get up - no muscle or back pain (which had been constant for me before). You just feel good getting into bed, turning in bed (no pain!), and getting up (no pain!). I ordered over the phone and the mattress came about one week later (no signature required). Be sure to ask the agent to read your email address back to you, if you order by phone (mine had been misspelled, so I had to call to ask for a conformation email). The unpacking and setting it up on our foundation went smoother than we anticipated, but we planned each step. We put the mattress on the foundation still wrapped in the brown paper, then cut the paper open slowly. At that point, the mattress started to breathe and unroll. The final removal of the plastic envelope was easy: we just slid it up each side gradually. Voila - the mattress was on the foundation and we had our new bed! What was really stunning to me was that the was absolutely no smell to the mattress at all! I very well remember having to live through several days of unpleasant odor with our previous memory foam mattress. So that fact was wonderful. Also, it didn't take very long for the new mattress to expand to its full height. I cannot imagine sleeping on a different mattress now - I will never give it up, and I would buy another without hesitation. The mattress itself really looks like what it is: a high quality, carefully constructed, attractive piece. There is a quilted overlayer, so though this is a firm mattress, the body has that softness at the top. We simply cannot recommend this highly enough.

Love the bed and pillows!

We ordered a mattress for our guest room that I periodically use if my husband is sick, and it has been wonderful. I especially like the pillows that came with the mattress for free! Our master bedroom bed is a Tempurpedic and our Cristeli mattress is just as comfortable but a bit firmer than a standard Tempurpedic.

Happy customer!!!!!

I purchased my bed and mattress after my knee replacement surgery. The bed and its many adjustable positions plus the WONDERFUL solid foam mattress was and is a great help to me. I actually have a great night sleep every night even since I have healed from my surgery. I love, love, love the mattress, the night light under the bed and the massager. Once you try this mattress you will never purchase a spring mattress again. This bed has been my best purchase and everyone at Christeli was very pleasant to deal with. Thank you Christeli!!!!!! A very happy customer.

nice quality memory foam mattress

Nice memory foam mattress, my back pain going away after I used my new mattress. Super nice customer representative. Highly recommend.

Best mattress purchase I have made!

Bought the Versailles mattress in January 2015 for my adjustable bed. It was very easy to set up. I had not been in favor of a memory foam mattress but the previous two coiled mattresses broke down before the 1st year. So far the Versailles shows no signs of wear and is very comfortable. Considering the price of other brands I am very happy with my purchase.

The best sleep I've had in years!

Our new Christelli mattress is amazingly comfortable! My husband and I both sleep so comfortably. I can actually sleep so through the whole night.

Love Christeli Mattress

On 2/15/15 my wife had a terrible stroke. After two hospital stays and 100 days in Rehab, we brought her home. She was quite paralyzed. She required a Hospital bed, and Hoyerlift to get her in and out of it. The mattress was not very comfortable or very dependable. It sagged in the middle and was hard to sleep on. After a mattress replacement, and a couple of failed mattress toppers, we decided we needed to get something better. We were about to spend a lot of money to get a supposed top of the line mattress. Just before doing that, I came across the Christeli website. After looking and comparing and talking to my wife I said how can we go wrong with Christeli? She agreed! Better mattress! Better warranty! Lower price! I called to see if it was ok to use this mattress on a hospital bed. I ordered it immediately! My wife has been sleeping on it with No problems, No complaints, only good things to say about it!

Better Sleep, rested body

I recently ordered the 10 Versailles mattress. It was an impulse buy, saw it on the internet during a mattress search, on sale, free shipping, I had to order, great customer service. My husband and I have slept on a 95% waveless water bed for 40 years. I was waking up stiff and sore every day and worse on weekends. Since sleeping on a Christeli foam mattress, I am sleeping better and I am waking up ready to move on with the day. The only thing about the water bed that I miss is the heat. It takes some getting used to getting into a cold bed, however, I find it takes about 4 minutes to get warm and somewhat cozy. I also found it took a bit of time to get used to sleeping on a firm mattress. I am glad to have found a Christeli mattress and I would not go back to a water bed anytime soon. The other competitive mattress similar to a Christeli was way out of my budget range, your mattress was nicely priced. I look forward to many years of restful sleep. Thanks

Very comforting

I fell in love with the Cloud from the national brand and will not pay the price tag!! started an on line search, came up with Christeli,checked it out and looked no further! My kids gave me hell for buying a bed on-line! until they helped to set it up!! They wanted to steal it and the 2 free memory foam pillows! I have hip issues;with spring mattresses -I toss and turn trying to get comfortable-even with a mattress topper I could not get comfortable and sleep!! Now there are no pressure points at hips and shoulders,I sleep thru the nite and do not get up feeling sore and tired! and the pillows are the same-no more stiff neck from no support! I love It and highly recommend it to everyone!! Thank-you Christeli

Thank you!!!

Second night in my new Christeli and it's AMAZING!!! Thank you!!!


I just slept on mine for the first time last night, and did not get up until 1:30pm, today! It is the best sleep ever, and I have several sleep disorders. I did not need to take my sleeping meds., and did not wake up throughout the night!!! This is definately the one to buy. It is also nice and cool.

Very Happy with our Selection

I chose this mattress, because it claimed to be soothing to problem backs. Plus it was made locally! I must say that I am so pleased with the comfort and strength of the mattress. We have had it for a year, and it still remains just as comfortable as it was on day one. When you consider just how many sleep on this mattress, it is pretty amazing...4 big dogs and me. It is very helpful with my back issues. It is firm enough to support my lower back and so cushiony. Yes, I am very happy with our selection!

Shiny toy truck!

I wish I had found Christeli 20 years ago when I first began using memory foam mattresses. The quality of Christeli is above and beyond comparison. When I opened the bag my wife immediately commented on the heavy corner stitching and cotton cover. Fancy was the first word out of her mouth. I proceeded to show her all of the cool features and how they compared to our previous mattress. I felt like a kid showing off my shiny new toy truck. After our first night sleep I knew we had scored the perfect mattress for us. I highly recommend Christeli to my friends, family and anyone else interested in a high quality, hand made in the USA mattress. On top of everything the customer service is amazing! Thank you Mike, for helping me chose the right mattress and making me feel very confident about my purchase:)

Love it!

First time I've had to buy a mattress in over 15 years; bought a Versailles 10 for my platform bed. Easy to set up, and firmer than I expected (I wanted firm). Used to be a back sleeper, found it very comfortable and easy to fall asleep on on my side or my stomach. I will say that it took over a week for my back to get used to the mattress - my lower back was sore in the morning for about 9 days, but since then (almost 5 months ago), not a sore morning since. It's comfortable, doesn't overheat, no sag...definitely easy from order to set up. Highly recommended!

Versailles Mattress & Adjustable Base

In Feb. 2013, we placed an order for 2 Versailles mattresses with Adjustable bases. We started using the bed in late Mar. So, at the time of this writing, the Versailles sleeping experience has been about 2 months. My feedback is in a scale of 1 to 5. Overall Value ?????? 4.5: For the price, comfort, warranty, and customer care our purchase of Versailles is excellent. Product Comfort ?????? 4.5: The only reason we did not rate a 5 is we felt the equivalent Tempurpedic is more comfortable. Customer Care ?????? 3.5: Pre-purchase experience was good. The CCR guided us in selecting the proper mattress and the foundation that would meet our needs/requirements. Post-purchase experience was good as well, with proper accommodation of our unique request. Phone return-response was not all that great since we had to call multiple times. CCR's knowledge for mattress was acceptable; adequate knowledge for foundation was lacking. For example, the CCR did not know the shipping information such as package dimensions and weight. Based on the erroneous information she gave us, we decided not to opt for fee-based set-up. So, when the foundation arrived, we had to scramble for extra pairs of hands to move the heavy adjustable foundations upstairs. As for issue-resolution, at first the CCR baulked; we had to go through BBB to get it resolved. The issue was that the overall bed height was too much for our comfort. We were not made aware of the height information at any time during the pre-purchase process. Website Information ?????? 3.0: On Christeli website, the product information was not comprehensive. In fact, some of the information was wrong/misleading. Pertinent to the height issue, the website boasts of variable height adjustments, but I was informed (after the purchase) that Christeli has only one height offering. It also boasts of Sturdy base support with 6 legs. When we received the base, we had only 4 legs. Overall, we had a very good experience. I hope, with my feedback, Christeli would derive some lessons-learned and adjust its customer care and product information so that future customers may have a more pleasant and better experience. As for the product, it speaks for itself: Outstanding.

LOVE it.

Troy and I bought a Christeli mattress a couple of months ago and we absolutely LOVE it. We bought the Versailles and all the back pain that we had from our old mattress is gone. We will never own anything but a Christeli

Thrilled with my purchase!

The Versailles 10 mattress is hands down the best mattress I've ever purchased. Great price, Great product! I have severe scoliosis and this mattress evens out the pressure relieving my back pain throughout the night. I recommend it to everyone, but especially people with back pain. This mattress does not get really hot like a lot of other memory foam mattresses, so I don't wake up in the middle of the night sweating like I did on my old, generic memory foam topper. Do yourself a favor and get this mattress.

King bed not a normal size king

ordered a king bed it is shorter than the king frame by about a foot Not sure why but it is not the normal size king bed and it falls short sitting on the king bed platform frame.

Love my Versailles!!!

I was given an adjustable electric bed by a kind lady who heard I needed one. Then I ordered my mattress online from Christeli and I am so very pleased. I've been sleeping on the Versailles for about 6 wks. now. I had never before slept on anything but a mattress w/box springs. I have major back problems (scoliosis, stenosis, 2 ruptured discs & degenerative athritis of the spine) and have always had to sleep on extra firm beds. Mike explained to me over the phone that the Versailles was one of their cheaper mattresses, but it was also the firmest. He explained that the deeper their mattress is in inches, the softer it is. This one I have allows me the give for comfort on my sore joints & bones, yet keeps my back straight and in line. I wake up with no backache. This mattress works perfectly on my adjustable bed frame. It arrived promptly...even a couple days or so earlier than expected. I was dubious about buying a mattress online without trying it out, but I have not been sorry!! I love my Christeli and I would/do recommend them. I also got the Christeli mattress pad for my new mattress.

Awsome Bed

This is a great bed, when we first received it I thought this is not good as it was packaged like some other memory foam beds. After unpacking and setting up to let it take its shape, tried it out and boy was it a surprise, untold comfort.

Excellent product!

Recommended by a friend, and ended up purchasing the Versailles mattress last July. So far it is the best mattress I have ever had! Just the right firmness, stays cool, and it is super soft! Thanks guys!

So far so good, it's

So far so good, it's comfortable.


Christeli is the best mattress my 6'5 son has ever slept on. Finding a mattress that he fits on and is comfortable has always been a challenge. We ordered online with the help of a representative and were thrilled at the ease of the process, the reasonable price and the actual comfort of the mattress! Anyone needing a mattress should check here first!

Mattress works great

I used to get up with a sore back if I was in bed more than 5 hours, with our new Versailles I have had marvelous 8-9 hour sleeps with no back pain.

First class all the way!

This is an honest review for the Versailles mattress. I have had my Briella for a while now and love it so when I bought a used motorhome a few months ago my first upgrade to it was to toss the OEM mattress and call Christeli to get a mattress I could sleep on. I decided on the Versailles due to the 10 size. As always customer service was great and helpful and we soon had a short Queen on order. It arrived quickly and I can honestly say that after sleeping on it for 31 nights it was well worth the investment, now it is not as good as the Briella but still very comfortable with great side support and I can't think of any mattress that would be better for the RV and at a decent price on top of that. Also unlike a lot of competitors products it does not sleep hot. Now if only my 2 Cocker Spaniels would share more of it with me!

Does not disappoint!

After many years of discomfort on a cheap old mattress, I finally bit the bullet & purchased from Christeli. We made the switch aboutmonths ago & my husband & I couldn't be happier. We both sleep soundly & wake feeling completely rested. It really is the perfect mattress. Would definitely recommend!

Amazing Packaging great product

We received our mattresses today exactly 1 week after ordering. I was very surprised at the packaging; the mattresses were in 2 boxes that made it very manageable to bring them into the bedroom. After opening the packaging we put the mattresses in place and were amazed as they expanded to the size of the bed. The mattresses are excellent and absolutely higher quality than we expected. We received tracking when they shipped so we were able to know exactly when they would arrive. Price, quality, service, and shipping all above average. Thanks Christeli.

Best mattress I've ever invested in!

My wife and I love our christeli mattress. We sleep through the night and never wake up with back pain, like we used to. I also don't hear her get up in the middle of the night or when one of us goes to bed at a different time than the other, we don't disturb each other. Great investment! Well worth it.

Best Buy we have ever made!

We received our California King as promised in the shipping. Having a 6'6 husband (I fit in any sized bed :) ), we never thought it would make a difference. But boy did it! The bed has been the best night sleep we have had in over a decade. We have and will continue to recommend Christeli to all that we know. thanks again for the best nights sleep ever! the whole process has been convienent, customer service the best as well. I cannot say thanks enough.

Adjustable base is great except that the legs are too long, mattress is too firm.

The adjustable base works very well. It has a wide range of adjustment and is very quiet. However, the legs on the base were too long for the 10 inch thick mattress I purchased. I am 5'10" tall I could just sit comfortably sit on the bed. I notice that most of the mattresses sold you offer are thicker and would be even more difficult for the average person to sit on the bed with their feet flat on the floor. I think this should be addressed during the ordering process. You have offered to send me shorter legs but quite frankly the bed is very heavy and I will have to find someone to help to change out the legs. I already paid the extra $250 for the custom delivery and am not pleased at the prospect of paying someone to finish the setup. I ordered the 10" Versailles mattress which I found to be too firm. Looking back at the web site I realized that the descriptions provided do not address the mattress softness. I realize now that I should have asked specifically about that when placing the order. I would have ordered the softest mattress. You subsequently sent me a memory foam pad to place on the mattress which made it much softer and comfortable enough so that I didn't want to go through the process of exchanging and paying additional for a softer mattress. Hopefully the memory foam pad will last for a while.

Most Comfortable Mattress

After deciding to purchase a new mattress to replace one I had used for almost 20 years I went online to research a new one. After reviewing all the mattresses I found on the Internet I decided to try the Christeli brand. I am so pleased I found this site as this is the best and most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Thank you for manufacturing such a wonderful product.

How do I thank you?

Last night was the first night sleeping on the new mattress. I have to admit I had reservations. I thought it felt hard but our old mattress was a pillow top and there's a big difference. I only awoke once. With the old mattress, there were times when I was awake more than I was asleep. This may sound hard to believe but it's the truth. I fell and tore the meniscus in my left knee in January of last year. Due to the incompetence of some doctors, my knee was repaired just two weeks ago. I usually experience the worst pain getting out of bed in the morning. This morning I had minimal pain. By the time I got downstairs to the kitchen, I realized for the first time in 14 months, I wasn't limping. I cried. I KNOW it's because of the new mattress. Christeli is amazing. Handmade in South Carolina using components made in America, eight days from ordering to delivery, no taxes and free shipping and they provide ten meals for hungry people for every mattress sold. Stop looking. You've found the right company.

Love My Versailles!

I received my new mattress and love it! It's firm yet when I lie down on it ,its like being on a cloud so comfortable!. So glad I bought this fine product!

great mattress for the body

this mattress i purchased for my mother has resolved her shoulder and lower back issues the support that she has now has really made a difference in her sleep thanks for a great product and service

Sleeping like a baby!

Best sleep with just the right firmness. Allowing me to sleep like a baby.

Can`t wait

I have used a memory foam mattress for many years and have been exceedingly pleased. Now that I am relocating to be nearer my children in my older years and will be living in an apartment with smaller rooms I knew I wanted a twin size to give me more floor space in my bed room. I will be moving in December 29/ 13. Can hardly wait to use my new Christeli mattress. Lea Harthcock

Great Matress

This Matress is well worth the money. Comfort and quality compares to the 4500.00 mattresses .


Buying a Christeli was my best purchase do this year! My back feels great and i wake up refreshed every day! Only problem we had was getting the foundation up the stairs. We had to actually take it apart and re-hammer it back together in the bed room. After removing staples and nails i can attest that these are 100% hand made lol!!

Awesome mattress at any price

It is like sleeping on a cloud. I usually wake up in the same position I went to sleep. No tossing and turning.

Great quality

The quality of the bed is wonderful. We are extremely satisfied. The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is because it is a little more firm than I was expecting.

Love this bed

We purchased our mattress and is still as comfortable as the day it was delivered. I sleep so soundly. It is wonderful.

Good Company, Good People, Good Product

I purchased the Versailles to replace a Tempurpedic and am comfortable with it every night. Awesome mattress!

Excellent product at a great price

I bought a Versaille 10 few months ago and I can now say that the mattress delivers what it promises. Very good quality and nice look, good support for restful back-pain-free nights. I am a long time user of the Tempurpedic, after some researches I came across the Christeli's web site and decided, due to the appealing price and their comparison to the T brand to give it a try. Most happy I did. Only difference just a little softer... but I am a fan of extra firmness... That said a very good job by the Christeli's Company which, also, has a very helpful customer services that rushed the delivery upon my request. Will recommend your products. Gisella

Best purchase I've made in a long time

After years of inheriting/finding free, used mattresses, my partner and I decided to finally invest in a bed that wouldn't be so detrimental to our health. Now that we've been using our Versaille mattress for six months, we both sleep much sounder, and wake up with so much less neck and back pain. I love the support provided by the mattress, and the ingenious metal bed frame that was so easy to put together, holds up better than anything I've used before, and doesn't make any noise! I've told all my friends and family to look into Christeli when they need a mattress. I only wish I'd gotten something *slightly* less firm, because I have bad circulation and a tendency for my limbs to fall asleep. But that was my fault for not thinking it through, and I honestly would sacrifice a lot for the level of support provided by our mattress!

Way better than expected

I was Pleasently suprized how wounderful on the quaility and ease of setup the mattress was a great deal

Awesome Mattress

After a little research on Memory Foam Mattresses I bought the Queen size Versailles by Christeli. I have neck & back issues,and the price was more than reasonable.. memory foam mattresses can cost thousands. The only odd thing, it comes flat and rolled up. After calling they informed me to open it and it will take shape. I've been using it for over six months and it is amazing. I would recommend this mattress 100%. Great comfort, great price..

Comfort Personified

We were looking for twin beds for our adjustable bed. Fortunately we found your site. Our order arrived as promised and was easily set up. We have the memory foam and are pleased with the comfort and support the mattresses provide. Now we get a good nights sleep.

Sleeps good but does require a little maintenace

We have had our Christeli mattress for just over a year now. We really like how it sleeps and that you do not feel any movement. The only concern we have had with it is we did get a little hump in the middle. Christeli recommended that we walk on the mattress in the section that was high each night before going to bed. That has helped greatly. Their response was quick and relevant.

Better than other memory foam mattresses

When I moved out of my parent's house and into my own apartment, I really wanted to bring my memory foam mattress from home. It was too expensive to ship and my mom told me about christeli. She said she has done a lot of research and she thought I would like it just as much. It is AMAZING. So comfortable. I also had my best friend stay with my for the weekend and she tried the bed and agreed it was amazing. So comfortable I fall asleep right away and wake up refreshed and without back or neck pain. So glad my mom found this!

Great Mattress Not So Great Customer Service

The mattress is great and comparable to the $5,000 Tempur-Pedic we were considering! I wasn't impressed with the customer service, I actually had a very rude representative responding to my inquiries and I was less than pleased. I also contacted customer service to report the rude behavior and never received a response. I read the reviews before making a purchase and it seemed everyone was pleased with their service and the quality of their mattress. At least I can say my mattress is pleasant.

My blood sugar has also gone down because of the improvement in my rest.

We received our mattress 2 weeks ago today, several days sooner than we thought it would come. It was delivered right to our front door. Have had the best sleep I've had in YEARS AND YEARS. I no longer toss and turn for hours to get comfortable and go to sleep. Almost, if not the best part is that I don't have to wonder if I'm going to be able to walk when I get up in the morning because my back isn't hurting. It is by far the best mattress I have ever slept on. Valera R. Rocky Ford, CO P.S.-My blood sugar has also gone down because of the improvement in my rest. V.R.

Broke down fast

Purchased 2017 twin , center has broken down ,deteriorated extremely soft butt sinks in causing back pain . One can feel the area is broken down Does not show as they want on warranty impression has to be 0ver 1 1/4 inch Sent picts twice they need more picts Do Not Buy.

SAVE YOUR MONEY - Shop Elsewhere

I bought a Briella 13/5" in 2016 and enjoyed the mattress for the first year; however, by the end of the second year the foam had worn out so much that it felt like I was sleeping in a hammock. I began constantly rotating and flipping the mattress every 6 months to find an area of the mattress firm enough to sleep comfortably. By the 5th year, the entire mattress had been worn out and I could no longer sleep comfortably on any portion of the it. I called and messaged customer support over the period of several weeks attempting to exercise the "lifetime warranty" and receive a new mattress. After many delayed responses and submitting the required photos, I was told "the bed isn't showing any noticeable damage or unusual wear that would fall under a warranty replacement. Fabrics and foams do soften over time and after use, which is expected." Effectively it doesn't matter how worn, uncomfortable, or unusable the mattress is or how it FEELS, as long as it LOOKS close to how it did new - you're out of luck. A $1400 mattress should last much longer than 5 years, and a lifetime warranty is completely useless if the company doesn't honor your claim. I'm leaving my mattress on the curb because it's trash and buying a Tempur-Pedic like I should have in the first place. The Christeli website won't currently display customer reviews or allow submission of additional reviews. Convenient.

Good Mattress for a Year-Downhill from there

The mattress can be flipped to increase firmness, yet is started changing during the first year. The much heralded and important Christeli foundation was overpriced and average. We have other less expensive that perform well. Bottom line is since the purchase in approximately August of 2019, it was already an issue a year later. We did not buy the bottom of the line, it was just lost it’s firmness quickly, while remaining soft. Despite using the flipping the mattress for firmness, it only helped briefly. My wife weighs 135 pounds and I weigh 210 pounds, which are well under the limits of what Christeli feels are pertinent. Maybe it is just foam mattresses, but there is a problem. A ten year guarantee and problems very soon. No one expects 10 years, but five should be possible. Will advise again if possible after consultation with Christeli

Wonderful Mattress

We bought our mattress in 2014, when my husband was in excruciating pain before a back surgery, our bed was making things worse, so after researching memory foam, we try the Briella from Christeli, I found Christeli, was offering a great product at a fraction of the price of the more famous known brand, I like the fact that they had been in business for a long time, and their customer service team was very professional and helpful in the selection. The mattress was everything we hope for and more. After 7 years it is still extremely comfortable and like new. I highly recommend this company and products.

No customer support

I purchased a split king adjustable bed from Christeli. The mattress is fine but the remote control on one side of the bed stopped working. I tried to no avail to get the remote replaced or repaired. Initially, it seemed like it was going to be worked out but at the critical juncture, they stopped responding. I have been trying for about a year to get some satisfaction. The point of having an adjustable bed is for it to BE adjustable. Unfortunately, it looks like my bed until I get around to replacing it will be "half" adjustable. Had I known the customer support was so lame, I would have bought this VERY expensive bed and mattress set from a local merchant.

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