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Chill Sack Reviews

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Chill Sack is a popular bean bag chair brand that is sold on Amazon and other large retailers. They feature 5 different sizes based on diameter. Rather than coming with micro-beads that are firmer to the touch, they are filled with shredded foam that melts away pressure points and squishes beneath pressure, while also being supportive enough not to sink in completely. Customers find their Chill Sacks to be comfortable overall, but there are some customers that ran into perceived quality concerns -- with some reporting that they experienced flat products.

Bean Bag Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Comfort: 8.5/10

Support: 8.3/10

Cooling: 8.4/10

Price: $259-$487

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Chill Sack Details

Chill Sack is one of the more popular bean bag chair makers on Amazon and larger Internet retailers. They specialize in traditional bean bag chair designs with foam instead of firmer micro-beads. These bean bags get solid reception from most customers, but there are some that had problems with these bean bags. Specifically, there were some that reported perceived quality problems -- describing sagging bags after a shorter than average time.

Below, we'll go through the details of their bean bag chairs and discuss what customers are saying about them.

Sizes & Shapes: Chill Sacks come in multiple different sizes, from 2' to 8' diameters. Their shapes offer both traditional, spherical bean bags, which are adaptable to the body when you sit or apply pressure, and also oval shaped Chill Sack Lounger bean bag chairs which come in selections of 4' diameter and up.

Outside Material Options: Each Chill Sack has 8 - 25 different color options to choose from. These come in micro-suede for no additional cost. Also synthetic fur or 'pebble' options are available for an extra fee in some sizes.

Inside Options: Each of these bean bags come over-stuffed with shredded foam, which has a fluffy feel to the touch. In terms of sizes, 4'-6' ranges are best for individuals. Above 6' diameters and the Chill Sack Lounger design are best for two people or those that prefer more room. Their 5' diameter sack is the best reviewed and most popular size, and is ideal for individuals who are looking or a chair / recliner replacement. Some customers note that the filling is understuffed in some circumstances, but that buying the extra stuffing accessory is a good solution for better long term support.

What Customers Say: Although there are positive reviews about these bean bag chairs overall, there are some caveats reported by customers. Some customers found that these bean bag chairs were less supportive than they expected. Some were able to reconcile this with buying more fill, but others found that sagging was too much of an issue and were unable to get comfortable.


Chill Sacks are ideally more fluffy and less squishy, but over time some customers have noted that they get more squishy and less supportive. Because of this and the nature of the foam within, we've put them towards the squishier side versus traditional bean bag designs that feature solid micro-beads.

Who Are Chill Sack Bean Bags Best For?

Chill Sacks are ideal for those that are looking for a budget-friendly option, but are also not afraid of having some issues with sinking or sagging. Those that are looking for firmer and more supportive bean bags should see Our Full List of Bean Bag Reviews for a full breakdown of available offerings and how they will work with your body.

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Buy 2.5 lbs bag to go with this

Have had the bean bag for about 2 weeks. We really like it. Bought an extra bag of foam (2.5 lbs). We just received the extra foam today, installed it and we could really tell a difference in the support. If you purchase one of these, get the extra foam.

Love it but it came with tears in cover

Great bean bag chair but it came with a tear in the cover where the vent holes are. Emailed the company pictures in hopes of a replacement and they did not respond. Would consider a better review if they would consider some customer service

This 5-footer was the perfect choice. It's honestly SO comfortable Ive already taking ...

Let me tell you I did painstaking research about which bean bag I wanted to get. We're not working with much space to begin with so I definitely didn't want something too big. I didn't want something so small it wasn't worth it either. This 5-footer was the perfect choice. It's honestly SO comfortable Ive already taking several naps on it and even slept through the night once on it. It decompressed pretty much instantly and did expand a little more on the second day. Definitely refluff it every once in a while to keep it full cause it takes the form of whoever sits on it. The microsuede cover is super comfortable too and makes it so that you can't feel the memory foam pieces underneath.

Just buy it!

I was on the fence about this purchase because of the mixed reviews on it. Now that I have it I'm in love! Actually every one loves it including our pets. When we first got the bag we followed the instructions on setting it up. It took about 24 hours to fully expand and like most people said. It did have a chemically smell but it faded with time. It is exactly the size the description says and once it's fully expanded it fits two adults comfortably. The only advice I have is to be prepared to fight for it, because everyone want to sit in it. It was a purchase I won't regret and to whoever made it, good job it's a great product!

You want this dope sack

Bought a house Got married Got a dog Got this chill sack Life is pretty good

Good quality...fair price

Arrived quickly. As expected, it had a slight chemical smell for the first day or two. Took about a day to reach its full size. Pretty darn comfortable. Didnt take long for my dog to monopolize. May have to get another.

The price is perfect! I've always wanted a love sac but couldn't ...

Everyone loves this beanbag! So comfy and big! The price is perfect! I've always wanted a love sac but couldn't see myself spending hundreds of dollars on one...and this is the next best thing!

Inconsistent product

I have two of these. The first has memory foam inside and is wonderful. I ordered another for my boys' room because it was so comfortable. The second is NOT memory foam. It is dense, hard, lumpy, horrible foam that I had to rip apart little piece by piece for an hour. Now I have an ultra lumpy, uncomfortable piece of junk. If you get one like the first I got, lucky you (and me x1). But if you get one like I received today, maybe the dog will appreciate it. If I could find a vacuum sealer big enough, it'd be going back for a refund.

Not as shown!

This item does not look anything like the picture. It only rises maybe 3/4 of a foot after the memory foam rises, not even enough to sit up on it and have back support! Beware..

if you are going to risk purchasing this product, at least make sure you are not purchasing one of their experimental dyes

Stained the floor and walls of a room I was RENTING... Unfortunately, I did not know that my favorite color, red, was apparently one of the dyes that was still in testing ... Quite horrified when I found this out after I showed photos of what this item did to the room I was renting so not only did I spend $200 on a bean bag chair I threw out shortly after, the bad luck followed me when I was charged damages fees by my landlord upon moving out. No lie, but nail polish remover, bleach, vinegar cleaner, rubbing alcohol, etc., Couldn't get the red dye off of the walls and floor.

Not worth the asking price.

My boyfriend bought this for himself as an early father's day gift. We let it fluff out and set for a few days, it looks nice but after sitting in it for a while he felt something poking him. We opened the filling and found several pieces of plastic. Has not measured up to the amount of money we paid for it and research we did beforehand. Very disappointed.

Has a acidic smell and caused irratation to skin, eyes and sinus's of multiple individuals..

There is a slightly acidic smell of the cover. Upon examining the cover for a California compliant tag to observe if the item was chemical coated for fire resistant property as it is mostly polyester based. This was all in response to several complaints by guests that the chair caused irritation to the skin and eyes of user(s). The assembler also experienced a sensation of "sand in their eyes" while opening the compressed foam core. The assembler also experienced a bloody nose the morning following the evening assembly of the chair. These issues are common of coated polyester furniture however I found it slightly alarming at the lack of CA compliant furniture markings. A small sample of the cover, and the packing that it was contained in are currently being examined by a local lab and fire department to observe the presence of Chemical Fire resistant coating. it currently sits in an outdoor garage until the results are received.

Not half as big as the picture shows. I ...

Not half as big as the picture shows. I waited 2 days hoping it would fluff up, but it hasnt. Way too much money for the size it is. It looks flat.

and I have a feeling I am going to be very disappointed with this product

It has been 24 hours since I have opened my package, and I have a feeling I am going to be very disappointed with this product. According to the instructors the bag should be at about 90% by now, however my bag feels like a bunch of lumpy foam and had absolutely no support. The picture of the bag makes it look like you will actually have some support and the bag will conform to you. In reality, it just feels like a bunch of lumps of garbage foam that condense to one end leaving me sitting about 6 inches off the ground. For $150 I expected this product to at least somewhat resemble the advertisement....this is not the case. It feels like it is missing about 1/3 of the foam and the foam it does have is lumpy and does not feel good.


This chair has potential. Here’s why I gave it three stars. 1.) The price for this chair is too high for the lack of quality. The chair is not as good as it’s huge price tag. 2.) The work that goes into this chair. After paying this much money I don’t want to sit on my living room floor for over an hour breaking up a huge block of foam into pieces. It took three people, and our hands and even our fingernails hurt for a few days after words. 3.) There isn’t enough foam in this chair. I read this in the reviews and it was so mixed, I thought I’d give it a go anyways. You can fluff it, toss it, and turn it over as much as you like. You won’t get comfortable. There’s simply not enough foam. 4. Because you have to break up the foam, you of course feel the foam all lumpy in the chair. You have to put pillows on top of the already “fluffy” chair to make it useable. 5. Yes, you sink down to the floor. 6. The smell. Yes, it has a chemical smell. Yes, it is aweful. My advice, find a different chair. Save your money for something a bit more expensive.

Your product will not look like the image

Your product will not look like the image. ( I was not expecting the attractive young model) There is nowhere near enough filler product to fill out the bag. You end up with a saggy, baggy creased sack in the corner of the room. I have pulled apart the material as instructed and allowed a few days for it to expand. Did not change it that much. Not at all like the typical bean bag i have seen in furniture stores It is very deceptive. It is well made and, as such, comfortable. But i am not happy at all with the appearance and the misleading sales imagery. These were overstuffed for the photo shoot, no doubt. Buyer beware!

Take your time breaking up the foam, kneading and rolling will not do!!!!

I am not normally the type of person to write a review, but with this product I felt compelled to. When the chair arrived, and I opened the box and read the instructions, I knew immediately that they were misleading. You can roll this thing around all you want, but unless you physically separate the block of foam, you will never achieve a result that even resembles what the pictures look like. I knew how compressed the foam was withing the inner liner, and it took me 30-40 mins to tear apart the enitre block into what I felt was the smallest possible pieces. Overnight, the bean bag chair probably tripled in volume. While the end result does not look quite like the picture in terms of fullness, it is about 30" high and 5' in diameter. the chair is comfortable and conforms to your body. It was a lot of work to separate the foam but worth. My biggest complaint comes from the fact that they seem to source some questionable foam, by that I mean you can feel some pices have a hard rubber, almost plastic like coating on them. They tend to disappear when you sit on the chair, but if you look for them you can find them. If te foam was more uniformed sized pieces minus the hard rubber backing this would be a 5star chair.

Buyer's remorse

So I have a bit of buyer's remorse after spending $150+ on this. First off, it's not NEARLY as full as what the picture shows. You'd have to buy several more bags of the memory foam chunks (at $30/bag) in order for it to look like the model. Second, it's heavy as crap and very hard to lift on my own. I had planned on having this so we could sit on it in my son's room, but then maybe move it to the living room for movie night. Not an easy task. You have to "fluff" it to get it to where you're not practically sitting on the floor. The amount of compression between when it's fully fluffed and when you sit on it is crazy. You're not nearly as far off the ground as the picture either. And be prepared for this to take up a VERY large area in your room/house.

Half the fill necessary! Fixed by company!

This bag is so disappointing! We had a similar bag from Sam's Club we were trying to replace. The pictures made this bag look similar to what we had but it arrived, we put the fill in and waited several days, turning and fluffing as it said in the directions to do to get air into the foam and it never did get full! It looks literally half full and When we sit on the bag you sink to the floor. I'd like to return it.... ****update I emailed the company with our problem and was immediately sent another bag of fill!!! I'm changing the rating because our chair is now full and comfortable!! The red is gorgeous!

Disappointed 3 star to 1 star in one month.

2/18/17 The "bean" bag is not filled with beans but instead foam chucks. It flattens a lot and does not puff but up after laying on it for 1/2 a day. Disappointed :( I had followed the instructions to the T and even try to let it be alone to see if it will further be more puffy but it doesn't. I am 5'1" 135lbs female. Pros: The suede fabric cover is great quality though. 3/23/17: After a little over a month of laying on this bean bag daily myself... the bean bag deflated and isn't as puffy. Very disappointed and would recommend for price and lasting of the squishyness. Lower from 3 stars to 1 star

Doesn't support 125lbs, sink way in to floor.

I allowed 3 full days to expand before using, also followed directions in breaking apart some of the foam pieces to help expand and fluffed regularly. It looks big and comfy when expanded, but certainly not the support and comfort that the picture and details imply. 125lbs and sink in to the floor with maybe 2 inches of padding remaining, sides fold in like a taco. Works fine for the kids as they are light. Can feel all the foam chunks too. If it weren't so heavy and bulky after expands, I'd probably return it.

Ehhh...Kind of disappointed

Do not expect this item to look as full as it looks in the picture. You will basically be sitting on the floor. The stuffing is conveniently compressed for packaging but it's difficult for the consumer to fluff. I expected more considering the amount I paid.

Finally, a quality bean bag is made!

Just received our Blue Chill Sack, thing looks like a huge blob in our living room. Couldn’t stop the kids and adults from fighting over who’s going to lay on it last night. I’m giving this 5 Stars do to quality of construction, very well made, has memory foam inside another bag so you can easily remove foam bag to wash outside bag when needed. The outside bag is a thick material with a very sturdy zipper and has a cover to hide the zipper. The memory foam keeps expanding and it says allow 4-5 days for full expansion as you break up clumps, I have no doubt this will hold up and not crush like all the other bags I’ve had in the past. Kudos to Chill Sack for making a long lasting Blob as our kids and adults will enjoy for many years to come.

great quality, but beware it’s just a bean bag

first i was surprised the small box when arrived but not to worry, it fluffs out to a very large and sturdy bean bag i would say there is a intrinsic weight limit, don’t expect a 200+person to get the comfort and life out it like the kids will , that’s opinion not fact, but seems to be fair assessment and the photos are deceiving, it does not posture itself or retain and chair/lounge like structure, like the nice lady lounging around in the phots, it’s just a formless bean bag like any other, but that’s what i expected placed in our master bed room my kids absolutely love it for gaming, reading, watching TV, etc and keeps us together as a family at night, but out of our bed !!

My dog loves it

I didn't buy this intending it to be a dog bed, but my dog had different ideas. It flattens a lot more than is shown in the product images. If you put it against a wall or in a corner this effect is lessened, but it usually ends up more of a pancake than a sphere. Good for lying on, less good for attempting to sit up in. I'm not a huge fan of the microsuede. It's not uncomfortable, but something with a bit thicker and softer would be nice. I may look into getting one of the alternate cover choices if I can.

My favorite and most fun piece of furniture

I cannot describe how much I love this bean bag chair! My husband and I live in a studio apartment and this is the only piece of furniture that we own that doesn't convert into another use. It is quite large in our small space but its comfortable enough to be worth the space. I will say that it was difficult to fluff out the stuffing from the original packaging. You have to manually separate the pieces by pulling them a part from the incasing. After that, though, fluffing and reshaping the chair is easy. I try to re-mold ours every couple of days so it doesn't get too flat. I often fall asleep reading or relaxing on the chair, so it is comfortable enough to rest on for long periods. I wouldn't recommend using this to sleep on for any longer than a nap, but it's great as a chill place in your living area.

Soooo comfy!!!

So comfy! And big enough for two to hang out together. The fabric is very soft and cozy. We had no problems with the odor that some have mentioned when we unpacked the bag, though it was VERY difficult to unzip the container. The bean bag is packed very tightly (had to be under extreme pressure) into the shipping container and the plastic liner around the bag kept getting caught in the zipper. Luckily (?) the seam of the container exploded and out came the bean bag. It expanded very quickly and was usable same-day. Bought as a gift for my teen daughter, she loves it.

Okay, but not great

This is a good chair but not great, at least not for us. The picture makes it look like it you can sit in it almost as you would a real chair, but ours isn't nearly so sturdy. When I sit in ours, I'm almost sitting on the floor. We can puff it up, but it only stays puffy for a short while. And I'm not a big person -- 5.5" and about 125 lbs. We gave it to our daughter for her room. She's two and loves to jump on it.

Not enough stuffing.

Got this for our daughter (16) over a month ago. The cover seems well made and durable and might give it a 5 star rating if it had enough stuffing. Initial drawbacks were that it took over three weeks to inflate even though we were turning and tossing it several times a day. The smell was so bad no one but the dogs wanted to go near it for four weeks. I can deal with those things because they are resolving but there doesn't seem to be enough stuffing to keep you from hitting the ground if you don't fluff it frequently. I will be looking into getting more stuffing.

Highly recommend.

**Update** As of June 2018, this is still holding up and going strong. It's been abused by countless kids, used as a landing pad for a mini trampoline and jumped on by a 260lb father trying to shift his 50lb daughter off it (do not do this!). It's never busted a seam or ruptured and is as good today as it was the day we got it. This was one of the best purchases we made all year. Extremely well made. Two, overly large, grown adults and one regular sized 5 yr old can all be on it without anyone's butts hitting the hard floor. It's very supportive, especially under your legs. My best advice is when it arrives, get the cover out and open, move the compressed package into the cover and open it (to remove outer wrap) inside the cover to reduce the amount of possible mess. We had zero problems, the instructions were clear and it was puffed up and ready to go by the next morning. There isn't a noticeable smell but I did slip a few cut up pieces of fabric softener sheet inside the cover just in case - honestly it didn't seem to make any difference.

Very Comfortable

These are perfect for the kids to use while we watch movies or they play games. Zippered cover can be removed easy for washing. Giving it 4 stars though because the bags are a bit heavy and we have to roll them around and fluff them each day or the foam will crush down and become uncomfortable. The micro fiber is nice but kids had a band aid that came off and stuck to the cover and it was super difficult to get it off the cover. Other than that kids sit in them for hours and hours and love them.

You won't be sorry you bought this!

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I think it could have more stuffing. I read so many reviews for this & other bean bags. I was going to get the x l or 7 foot one but instead I got the 5 foot model. The box that came was super heavy. The product was shrink wrapped & covered in layers of fiber tape. It was tough cutting the tape apart because you have to go slowly so you don't cut the bag that is holding the stuffing. I put the cover on mine right away so it could expand while in the cover. It takes quite a bit of maneuvering it around to get it fluffed up. But it was SO much fun diving & falling into it. We have had it for a week now & every day my 8 year old son & I run & jump into it!!!! We LOVE this thing & I am SO glad we bought it!!!!!

Not like the photos. Needs more fill.

Needs more filling material. The photos are deceiving, it looks like they have 2-3 times as much fill in the photos than what you really get. You sit on it and in no time sink to the floor. I don't know if it's the type of fill or the quantity, but fairly disappointed. PROS: Nice cover Good Size CONS: Not enough fill Compresses too much Takes a long time to decompress Overall: would be great with more fill.

Worth it!!

I love how comfy it is. I purchased two if the chill sacks, one navy and the other charcoal grey. They are seriously comfortable!! Do not sit/ lay in these if you have to be productive. Productivity will not happen you will end up napping. I was a bit worried shortly after purchasing because I thought that they weren't going to fluff up. In about a week and half they fluffed up to match the product image. The fluffing process can be sped up by rolling them around and breaking up the foam but they're a bit heavy.

It is very comfortable. Be warned it is heavy

This was a Christmas present for our 13 yr old son. He LOVES it. It is HUGE! We opened it Christmas morning and it fluffed right up. It was a little dusty while fluffing, and fluffing required some pulling and punching to separate the foam. But it went quick and he was able to sit in it right away. The whole family, including my 6 ft 200lb hubby have all been sitting in it. It is very comfortable. Be warned it is heavy, a kid can't drag this around the house, even an adult will need to use muscle. Plus it is a "bean" chair, not a solid piece of furniture to pick up. If we had the space, we'd get another that's for sure!

Durable Foam for Sure

The cover on this product is the most comfortable part about it. The “memory” foam mix filling is made up of large-odd shaped chunks of a very firm (uncomfortable) foam. It is not the most comfy thing to lounge on due to this. Even after fluffing and puffing and pulling apart the big chunks of foam, it still leaves something to be desired. If you are seriously looking to get a memory foam bean bag chair, don’t look at this brand.

My kid won’t share!

I am guessing this is comfortable, as my 10 year old has pretty much claimed it and I have yet to sit in it! I bought this for our family room for movies and lounging. When it was delivered, I was house sitting for my mom. Being that I have very little patience, I wanted to unpack it and use it right I brought it over to my moms house. First, it is heavy! I had to put in my rolling suitcase to bring it from car into condo. As soon as we took off the plastic wrap, it started to expand! I wasn’t prepared for things to happen so fast. I awkwardly tackled it in attempt to slow the process. I should add, I have a bad habit of reading instructions. Had I read them, I would of had an easier time. My kid came to the rescue and helped get the cover on...she really could have done it herself (she’s better at reading instructions before hand)! Once set up, I was pretty happy with this purchase. I’ve been wanting a LovSac for years, but just could bring myself to spend the money. Now remember I said I got this for MY house, but unpacked it at my moms while house sitting?? I didn’t think this through very well...because I am probably going to have to strap to this to the roof of my Jetta in order to get it home...or just buy another one and keep this one at my moms!

More of a bean bag "bed" than a chair

The bean bag seems to be well made. My only complaint is that the sack seems to be a little too big for the stuffing. Mine doesn't sit like a bean bag. It kind of flattens out like a thick pancake. I could sit up in it if I want to sit Indian style. We ordered 4. My son's doesn't seem to do this. The other 3 do. So if you want to lay down on this bag, it's great. But if you want to sit up with some back support, you may have to spend a little more money. For the price point, I think this is a good deal. It just doesn't fit my personal needs.

It is giant! Average fill

Love the inner and outer zippers. We chose to go with black after seeing a few posts that the red gave off color. Nothing like that with the black. As for the fill (a lot of reviews on the amount of fill). Ours was average - not as full as the marketing pictures show but definitely not like some of the half full pictures we saw of purchases. We had memory foam from our last bag. That bag was old and torn but the memory foam was surprisingly still good so we added some to our purchase.

Not as described and dangerous.

This bag isn't filled with beans, its filled with shredded foam pieces and is much more lumpy than beans would be. The foam does not fill the bag as much as the picture represents either. In addition, as I was decompressing the foam cube I found a large piece of sharp metal in with the foam. I cringe at the thought of the injury this 12-inch piece of sharp metal could have caused if I hadn't found it. I WOULD NOT recommend this bag to anyone. Ever. That kind of contamination should NEVER happen.

Unusable - volatile smell never goes away

I allowed four days of non-use to go by to let it expand fully. I would rotate and fluff it up and allow it to breathe without the heavy cover on and with the zipper open when sitting. As it turns out, over a month later, the smell remains. It's enough to fill your sinuses with an aroma similar to paint thinner. The product is also lumpy and not entirely comfortable. This is not a bean bag chair as these aren't beans - they're what whatever company sweeps up off the floor. The particles range from 1/8 inch dust to five or six inch scraps of foam. Stay away. This isn't what you think it is and you'll be unable to use this for its intended purpose.

Nice, but not enough fluff

We bought these to replace some broken living room furniture. We like it, but there is not nearly as much fluff on the inside as the pictures would have you believe.If one person sits in it, they pretty much sink to the floor in very short order. We've tried the rotate and fluff method (daily), but it never improved. We've purchased additional fluff, but it is multi-purpose and cut smaller. It's helped some, but it's still an issue. Keep that in mind when purchasing this product.


Do not buy these!! If you want a piece of junk occupying s lot of space, then go for it. It doesn't expand as said in the description. I bought 2 not even 10 days ago and repent. False advertising!!!

You cannot add foam, but you won't need to!

I received this and was leary. I had read reviews about how it didn't fully expand etc so I was prepared. It was a hot day and when I opened the very dense box it really took off. Follow the directions and the foam expands fairly quickly. I didn't let anyone sit on it for the whole day because I was sure that would hamper its inflation but it was marvelous. I bought extra foam just in case it would need it but it absolutely didn't. It is huge! When ever it needs height you simply roll and fluff just like they tell you to. DO NOT buy extra foam as there is no way to add it. The zipper on the liner is fused so nothing can escape, and nothing can be added. This is wonderful and you will not regret the purchase.

It is absolutely terrible and a complete waste of $180

I bought this product and it arrived near the end of December. On the instructions it said it would take about 4-5 days to fluff up and a little bit over two weeks later, it is still not very full, even after breaking up the fluff as the instructions stated. It's maybe 1/3 of the fullness that the picture illustrates and even a small adult (120lbs) sinks right to the bottom. It is absolutely terrible and a complete waste of $180. Please be wary of that before you buy, or consider a different company

He and his friends love lounging on it

We bought this for our son as a Christmas present and he loves it! Yes, it took a little while to unpack and break apart the foam (it's inside the bean bag), but it was worth it. He and his friends love lounging on it, watching their iPads and playing games, etc. Sometimes when he has sleepovers, he or his friend will sleep on it at night (although as an adult, I can't imagine that would be too comfortable haha!) Easily fits two 10-year old kids at a's big! And the cover is nice & heavy / good quality. There are some eyelets for ventilation and overall it just feels like a good quality product. Was a bit nervous about that before we bought it because various reviews aren't always positive, but I'm glad we purchased this. Would recommend for sure.

Please do yourself a favor and don't get it!!!

It has been put together and out of the package for two weeks already, and it is only half full. It still hasn't expanded too its full size. The foam is in there right, but it's either not enough, or its not expanding. Plus the chemical smell really bugs us. Can't seem to find a company to contact to get help with the product. Wasted money and time.

"That's not a bean bag; it's a love seat!"

This bean bag took a few days to fully fluff up from the small box it was in. Once it fluffed up, it was gigantic! We can fit 2 kids and one small adult on the bag pretty comfortably. My over 6-foot tall husband uses it daily for gaming.

Good, Not Great

I gave myself a few weeks to try this out to make sure that my feelings were real. Initially, I was very disappointed with this product. It arrived in a little vacuum-sealed cube and took a lot of effort and time to get it into the correct shape. I read in other reviews that it was important to do this immediately, so I did. It took a few days to expand, and when it did, it looked nothing like the picture. It was flat, uncomfortable, and sad. The memory foam chunks inside are like the dregs that are left from a massacre in a Big Lots furniture isle. I actually cut my hand on a piece of plastic that I took out of the foam pieces inside. Whatever couch it was made from had one last hit, I guess. Still, I stuck by it, and I'm glad I did. It's completely expanded, and while nowhere near as full as the picture, it's got some fluff to it. I'm sitting on it as I write this review, and it hugs me in all the right places. I'm glad I stuck by it. The outer covering is very soft, the memory foam is good, though it should be re-fluffed probably every day. I just pick her up and knead her like dough, and she comes right back to life. It's easy, and it's a pretty good workout. I'd buy it again, but be prepared to fluff it constantly.

Mine fluffed up nicely after the first day

Comfy bean bag chair, very close to the pictures. It's only been 3 days since it came in, but so far I am loving it. It came with the inner memory foam sack vacuum sealed. The outer cover was folded in its own bag. The instructions say to roll the memory foam sack around a bit and it should reach full fluffyness in 4 or 5 days. Mine fluffed up nicely after the first day. Now on day 3 i think it's fuller. There inside is made up of shredded memory foam chunks and it's heavy. The stitches seem to be solid. There was a bit of a factory smell, but that was gone after the first day. Overall, very pleased with the product and only a fraction the price of the lovesac brand chairs Edit: Included a day 4 Picture. This thing HAS to be done growing right?

The chair is great and filled out fully in 2 or 3 hours

The chair is great and filled out fully in 2 or 3 hours. We were worried about some of the reviews that stated it didn't fully fill out, however we haven't had the problem. We just fulled the instructions and "broke" up the foam inside the chair by tossing and turning it a bit. I'm a 200 lb male and can sit in it without hitting the floor which is good, and the kids absolutely love it!

This bean bag chair is much bigger than I originally expected

This bean bag chair is much bigger than I originally expected. When it first arrived I had to roll the box into the house as its too heavy and awkward for one person to safely/comfortably lift. Once expanded to full size its about 60 inches wide and the height is about 30-35 inches. It took several days to fully break up all the foam inside. Mine arrived in a tightly packed nylon bag which I unzipped. Once out of the nylon bag, I pulled off all the plastic wrap then rolled it into the bean bag cover and zipped it up. There were no instructions. I proceeded to roll it around and pull apart the big clumps of memory foam to start the process of foam expansion.

Feels like you're sitting on a cloud!

The bean bag is very comfy but did not have enough fluff after the period they recommend to wait for the foam to expand. I contacted them to suggest it should have a little more foam inside so you won't have to fluff it up everytime you sit on it. They offered to ship a little extra foam and an additional gift. It is perfect now! Feels like you're sitting on a cloud! Nice for snuggling with my girl and watch a movie


Purchased this 7 months ago and still fluffs up really big and provides awesome comfort!!!

Comfortable chair, great customer service

First of all, this thing is big. Really big. It says giant, but I still didn’t get how big a 5 foot beanbag chair would be. But my kids love it! It’s really comfortable and it’s exactly what they wanted for a gaming chair. The box it arrives in is misleadingly small. It took about half a day for the memory foam feeling to expand, but once it did we were ready to go! The cover that arrived was not the one we ordered, but the seller was excellent. They were very helpful, responded to my inquiry quickly, and dispatched the correct cover immediately. The purple furry cover is exactly what we wanted. Highly recommend!

Comes as a solid cube of foam Cheetos

Prepare for a hand and arm workout when you break up the nearly SOLID cube of foam "beans" this thing arrives as. You have to literally spend a solid 45 minutes to an hour breaking up pieces of the fill, then breaking it into smaller pieces from the outside of the outer lining. We've had it for over two weeks and it still doesn't seem to have fully expanded yet. Honsetly, it doesn't seem as nice to me as it looks in the picture. The outer cover is pretty nice (we got the brown, stippled finish), but it's just not as plump and fluffy as the cute blonde in the picture has it seem!

This beanbag is amazing.

I was looking for chairs for my bedroom as it was completely bare, aside from my bed, and came across this beanbag chair. I let it inflate for 4 days and finally sunk into this magically cozy chair and promptly fell in love. I had to move the chair from my room into the living room because my dogs decided it was theirs. I've bought another one and can't wait for its arrival.

It’s BIG! and super comfortable

It was fun to take out of the box and break up the foam bits. We “put it together” right before bedtime and by the following morning it was a really big comfy fun beanbag chair. It’s big! It’s also the most comfortable thing and hard to get out of - not physically, though it maybe for some, but you don’t want to get out of it.

This is awesome! Perfect size and a true red

This is awesome! Perfect size and a true red.

So happy with my purchase!

Love my bag! My new favorite video game chair/reading nook. I ditched my old recliner and now I relax in total comfort with this bean bag! I love being able to adjust myself into so many crazy and odd positions that are comfortable to me. I also like to sit with a pillow sometimes for that extra support when sitting up. I was nervous about the filling fully expanding and being the right size from some of the other reviews, so after I first unpacked it, I would periodically pull at the brick of filling to loosen it up and flip it around here and there through the first 24 hours. It was worth it. I've had no issues.

Most comfortable chair/most expensive dog bed!

I was hesitant to buy this because of the reviews from the fillers but mine came and it was perfect. It has enough filler to be extremely comfortable. It’s a very comfortable chair and can fit two small people easily. My kids even use it as a bed for sleepovers and fight over it with the dogs. It’s also become the most expensive dog bed in America. I highly recommend the Ultra Fur cover. (I also ordered one micro suede and it’s ok, but not nearly as soft and comfy.). I will be ordering another one of these!!

... foam to fill i would recomend buying another brand like love sack that will come with the right amount ...

Needed another 15 pounds of memory foam to fill i would recomend buying another brand like love sack that will come with the right amount of foam so you dont have to spend 80 extra dollors of foam to make this sack usable very disappointed

HIT in the Office!!!

I absolutely love this product. It took a little less than a full day for it to expand and i purchased a very soft throw to go along with it. It currently sits in my fiance's office and he totally loves it. He uses it for naps throughout the day and it works great. Only downfall is that even though you shake it so that it doesn't look saggy it doesn't work great. after a month or 2, maybe I just need to purcahse more filler but other than that, it does it's job and its a HIT in the office!

Photographs deceptive, still comfortable

A fairly comfortable beanbag all things considered, though it hardly holds it's form as displayed in the photograph. Note that this isn't actually a bean bag chair... but rather a huge chunky block of memory foam that you tear down into little pieces... making the bag a lot more rigid than form-fitting. Great for lounging, hard for working in if you want it to hold a specific shape.

Huge. Comfortable. Washable.

This thing is awesome. It is gigantic though I have it in a large family room with vaulted ceiling and it is noticeable biggest object in the room even next to our Christmas tree. My husband 6'4 myself 5'4 fit comfortable on it together. This could be a perfect bed for a kid sleeping over! It is heavy hard to move though....

Great product even for adults

Having owned this now since June, I can homestly say this is one of the most fun items purchased for our home. We use it on our 3 season sunroom and everyone loves it. My husband loves sleeping on it; good for back sleepers I guess. What we do is to periodically flip the chair and shake it to fluff it prior to the next use. We use it mainly for lounging and watching TV. Perfect! My youngest son lives on it, literally.

Great purchase.

Ordered this for Christmas. This has been the best present, kids love it. Expanded quicker than we thought it would, was able to use it in a few hours, recommend putting cover on as soon as out of box, easier to maneuver. It is heavy now that it is expanded so choose the space you will use wisely. Fluffs back up by flipping it over. Would absolutely recommend this! Cover is super comfy

Waiting to see!!! Updated!!!

It came so quickly. Like within three days of ordering it. We got it for me to have a place that I can go to when having a bad migraine and kidney stones. Kinda sick of the bed now. It fits in my room and so soft. I haven't given a full five stars until it is done decompressing and reaches it full size. I might order the extra foam. Love it! I will wait a few days to see if it fully decompress and fills out. Update: I LOVE IT!!! I contacted the company with questions. They got back to me quickly and helped me. I am very impress with their customer service and my kids are saving up to get one for their rooms. I will be telling my different medical groups about this. It is a must have when in pain and you can't handle being touched!

Comfortable Bean Bag Chair

Bought this as a gift for my son and it is HUGE and heavy to move around. It easily fits my 9 y/o son and my 11 y/o daughter together. It’s about 5 1/2 feet wide and sits about 2 1/2 feet tall. It’s very comfortable and soft. The foam came separate (from the zippered cover) and compacted in a box then once put inside, expanded rapidly over a day. I may consider ordering extra foam filling in the future to fill the shape out a bit like in the picture but right now it’s comfortable.

Not enough memory foam. Butt touches the floor.

I have purchased a 3FT one and a 5FT one. This one, the 5FT one has way less memory foam than the 3FT bag! Disappointed as it cost more, and our butts touch the floor as we sit down. The picture is nothing like the product besides the material of the bag. Very unfortunate. :(

I purchased this chair for my kids to have a ...

I purchased this chair for my kids to have a comfy spot to read. I wasn't thrilled about spending so much on a bean bag chair but after it arrived I soon realized why it cost so much. This chair is massive!! Two adults can fit on this chair! Followed manufacturer directions for letting the memory foam expand. It expanded to about 50% very quickly, and within 24 hours it had completely expanded. The only negative I can possibly think of is that the chair is heavy but based on its size that should be expected.

They are way too big!

This bag chair is HUGE!!!! Buy it only if you have house at least 5000 sqft and huge rooms! Otherwise they will be on your way. I bought two and they basically took the whole area in the bedroom, they are giant and super heavy. I don’t know what to do with mine, you can’t return them because you won’t be able to make them small to put in the box. Oh..

Poor packaging

I did not get to enjoy this chair because it was delivered open! The sad part is that i loved my first one was so awesome that we ordered a 2nd. I refuse to place the blame on UPS because the box is really heavy and for them to pack it using paper brown tape is just cheap!

Awesome chair!

This chair is amazing! I end up using more than my actual couches and the kiddos can cuddle right up and there is still plenty of room! My wife and I use it for movie night because we can both fit on it quite comfortably. I had my doubts about spending that much money but its been worth it! I passed out on it the other night without even realizing it.

A big chair!

Item arrived as promised and was as described. Just follow the instructions to get the compressed filling material to expand, as it comes tightly bundled for shipment. Be patient. It takes a little time, but once it is expanded , you have a very large comfortable place to lounge. Much better than those filled with the Styrofoam pellets.! Bought this for a six year old and he loves it.

Definitely the right choice.

Good price, good material, also very soft but keeps its form. Most bean bag chairs on here were upwards of 200 to 300 bucks for anything decent so I went with this one. It's really supportive of your head and has a comfortable shape. It doesn't flatten down all the way after an hour or two of two people sitting on it but does need to be fluffed like any other bean bag. I use mine daily and so do my animals whenever I get up or go somewhere. If you're looking for an affordable bean bag chair, definitely go with this one.

Too Big

There is no doubt this is comfortable. But the size of this thing is too much for our house! Once out of the box, there is no way to repack it into the box...It's huge! I don't know how to return it if it won't fit in the box...carefully consider how much space you have because our house is not small. My husband and I could BARELY get it through the doorway to try to stow it in another room.

$150 flat bag disappointing

I've had mine for 2 days and my bean bag is flat. Looks like a half empty bag. I broke the pieces apart. I punch it. Kick it. Rolled it. My bean bag is still flat. When I sit on it I touch the floor. The pieces of foam seperate. It smells like chemicals too. It's not even that cheap for what I am getting...a flat bag. I am truly disappointed and I am in the process of returning it somehow. I do not recommend. Even my father and husband said I wasted my money. I got a dud.

Comfy and sometimes lumpy

My 16 year old loves it for reading her books. It is big enough for an adult to get comfortable. But the filling is lumpy. Some of the random filler pieces have hardened glue or noisy cellophane on them that I find occasionally distracting. But it serves its purpose well. Just wish the filler was a little better. I've been using it for 3 months.

Chill sack is where it's at.

This turned out to be a great gift for our son. It took about a day for the chair to reach full size but when it did, he loved it. When we received the box, it was deceiving because it appeared to bee MUCH smaller than we expected. Once we removed the packaging, and followed the instructions, everything looked like it should. Firm enough to hold an adult, but soft enough to sink in.

quite comfortable

I can spend 6+ hours in this watching football. My wife calls it my nest. It's not the most grown-up beautiful piece of furniture, but not terrible either. The picture is waaaay off though. I sit about 6 inches off the ground in this thing. (I'm 6'1 175lbs). I don't sink to the floor though, so it's pretty comfy. I'd like to add more foam, so it looks like the picture, but don't know where to find the stuff.

Makes a great dog bed

This bean bag is comfortable. However, my husband sits on it and totally demolished it. He looks nothing like the picture when he sits on it. But he is also almost 6ft and 220lbs. My dog on the other hand absolutely loves it. It has become his new bed. My only complaint is that it does not fluff up once you sit in it. You actually have to physically break up the memory foam in the bean bag for it to regain its shape.

Nearly as comfortable as a Lovesac, but at a much more reasonable price

The bean bag is very large and comfortable, and only took around 24 hours to reach full size after rolling it and fluffing it up quite a lot, and I now enjoy it greatly. However, it is in fact just plain polyurethane foam rather than memory foam, but for the price it doesn't matter to me, for it is still very comfortable. It also was not made in the USA like said in the description, it was made in China, I don't care where it was made, it just was not made where they say it was. Overall, I would recommend buying this product because it is very comfortable and a good price range.

Great birthday gift

This thing is so large, it doesn't fill all the way up like a cushion but better than a traditional beanbag for sure. You do have to "fluff" it in the shape you want it each day, but overall it's comfortable and my husband is obsessed with it. We both fit on it and our dogs love to cuddle us in it as well.

Buy it, you won't be sorry.

I love this thing! I waffled for weeks whether or not to take the plunge and order our chill sack. There are a lot of mixed reviews. However, set up is easy as long as you follow the directions. I did need my husbands help to get the box upstairs as it is heavy. It was so fun unzipping the black bag it comes condensed in. It grows huge...and then keeps growing. I purchased it for me, the Mom, in my sitting room, when the boys are taking over the family room. However, I am hard pressed to get any time on it. My 4 kids love it and spent the morning jumping into it. It is so comfortable and so much fun.

False advertising

First off, I don’t understand how this garbage got any good reviews, unless they are fake. The product in the photo is full and very large in comparison to the person. In my room it looks like a flat garbage bag filled with leaves. When you sit on it it’s lumpy and low to the ground, and certainly doesn’t feel like any bean bag I’ve ever sat on. Incredibly deceiving and scummy false advertising. Obviously returning, and a complete waste of my time. This company should be ashamed of itself. They know exactly what they’re doing. Stay alway!!!

Great gift!

I bought this for my daughter for her 13th birthday. Her friends thought this was an amazing birthday gift and my daughter did as well. It’s really huge which is great!! If you’re expecting this item to look exactly like the photo, you will be disappointed. That being said, my daughter uses this bag up against a corner in her room and it fluffs up nicely. She does her homework in it almost every night. She says it’s very comfortable as well. I would definitely recommend this item.

Comfy but heavy

I really like these. They are very comfy and can be refluffed. They are not for small living rooms; they're hug, I made the mistake of buying 2. The only reason I am giving 4 stars is because they are crazy heavy! Update: 2 months later I still love my huge chair. I had shoulder surgery and have been sleeping in it. I fluff it up each time before I lay in it, haven't slept like this since I was a baby!

Big and comfy!

Bought this for my 13 year old son as a Christmas gift and he absolutely loves it! It does take a few days to form and when it's huge! Every night he has asked me if he can stay downstairs and sleep on it!

Not enough filling...

There is not nearly enough filling in this bag. I spent a significant amount of time breaking up the filling that came with the bag, and I have waited over 24 hours for it to expand. However, it is very flat, and you just sink to the floor. I got this for my daughter’s birthday; it’s very disappointing. I gave it 2 stars rather than 1 because the cover is nice.


Love it, I got the 5 foot in Red. It actually expanded pretty quick, I kept tossing it around and in 2 days it was nearly at its full size. I'm 5 foot 7 inches tall and weight about 194 lbs; this sack supports me with no problem. My family loves it and constantly lounge in it when I'm not home. I use it for watching movies, shows, and gaming. It can even be used to do some light laptop work. Couldn't be happier, have been wanting one of these for a long time and this did not disappoint.


This takes up too much space and isn't comfortable at all. I waited up to 4 days for the foam to rise like the directions said, but even after a week I could feel the floor where I sat. No amount of fluffing or repositioning makes this chair comfortable. Now, I'm trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do with it because there is no space for it. Ordering a different chair to make up for the loss.

Stuck with it!

Good concept and photos. Just not living up to my expectations. This is a product you can't really send back so you're stuck with it I guess. Lol My question is for the people that bought extra filler. How many pounds did it take you to get up to par?

Best thing EVER!!

So I've been debating on getting a big bean bag for a while, like a long while, and I dont regret this purchase. I was kind of hesitant on getting it because people showed pictures and commented that theirs were not fluffy but others said the complete opposite, so I took a chance. And well, it's great. I've napped on it and as shameful as it is I've even let my kids sleep on it all night. Great purchase!

I like the 3 foot bean bag better

I like the 3 foot bean bag better. This one is super heavy and has a different filling than the smaller one from this company. This is very comfortable though and i like that I can unzip and wash the cover. Mine does not have the amount of filling as shown in the advertised photo. It sits closer to the floor and takes up a lot of space. It looks good after I fluff it up but flattens out pretty quick. Overall I am still glad I bought it and have taken many naps on this while watching TV with my kids.


Ordered navy got yellow - and it is more like a pancake than a bean bag

Sitting on a cloud

Very good quality material and extremely comfortable. It is much bigger than you would expect which wasn't a problem for me but i found that the amount of filling provided was in inadequate. After purchasing an additional ten pounds of filling it's the best seat in the house. After almost a year of having it all I can say is.. Buy it! My dog has slept/ jumped all over it I moved twice and.. Zero damage or tears. The only down side is you have to fluff it up every couple hours but you shouldn't be on your ass that long either. Win win

Get the Ultrafur!

If you're even considering buying a bean bag, you should buy this one right away. I bought the one in Gray - Ultrafur and it's like laying on a cloud. It came vacuum packed and sealed in a box. The cover is separate from the liner containing all the foam. You do have to feel around the liner for large pieces of foam and rip them apart for it to expand to its full size. The instructions said to let it sit and expand for a few days, but I ended up using it the same night I received it. One thing I do recommend is opening and messing with the liner bag outside because there's a lot of sandy dust.

... few months now and I think it is a great product. I put it in my living room ...

I used this bean bag for a few months now and I think it is a great product. I put it in my living room and my son loves it and has lots of fun jumping on it. Cover is washable. If you want it to be like it shows in the photos, you will need to add more foam to it. I added more foam and it feels great now. Customer service is very good and responsive. They responded to my questions and even sent me a video explanining the safety feature for zipper of the inner sack. I recommend this product.

the reviews for most are mixed at best, and some of the prices are absolutely ridiculous

I had been on the fence for a few years about committing to a 5 foot bean bag chair. There are way too many options out there, the reviews for most are mixed at best, and some of the prices are absolutely ridiculous. I settled on this brand based on the reviews, price, and free shipping. Once fully fluffed (this will take a few days), the chill sack is extremely comfortable. I flip it once every so often just to rearrange the foam blocks inside/reshape the bag. The only heads up I'd give is that the box it arrives in is heavy. If you live on a 4th floor walk-up that's something you definitely want to consider when ordering.

Best purchase ever

Best purchase ever! I'm soooo pleased with this "LuvSac" knockoff. It really is HUGE and fits me, my fiancé and too large dogs! Super easy to take the cover off for easy cleaning. Every friend that has come over has been in love and talked about buying one. The dark grey is a beautiful neutral color. Does tend to flatten out after uses but just turn it, toss it around a little bit and its back to normal!

Comfy as long as done right for expansion.

We bought this due to all the high reviews and with how comfy everyone said it was. When we first opened it we let it, we stepped all over it and pulled the foam apart. We let it sit out for a week to let it ride and get softer without sitting in it. It recommends 4 days to get to max hieight. We didn't think about how putting the cover on while it rising would affect it. It wouldn't rise right and was really hard until we pulled the cover back off and let it rise more. It's one of the favorite sitting spots now and everyone loves it! Especially the kids! Works great for using for more seating and for any size room. Just need the fluff alot with everyone always on it.

Works like you might expect

Works like you might expect. Been expanding for 5 days and still not at full. At least I hope not. Sac firms up once u add the cover. If u we're expecting to jump into it and sit .... Don't! These do not come with enough filling. A full size adult will hit the floor. If u want that... But extra foam stuffing. Other than the lack of stuffing they are ok.

Not a huge fan...was expecting more!

The kids love it, but I'm not a huge fan. When I sit in it I sink almost to the floor. It isn't as fluffed up as the picture shows so I'm disappointed in that. It's not uncomfortable, but it is hard to get up from. Wish it was thicker than it is.


Seriously my daughter's favorite purchase for her new apartment. I think she actually spends more time sleeping here then in her actual bed. Beware that its much larger and a lot heavier then we expected--and it grows over several days. A great, inexpensive alternative to the expensive brand sold in malls.

But this bag is super comfy and it looks great

Greetings Everyone, I saw the Chill Sack while searching for a piece of furniture to add to my L.R. My furniture is Olive Green so we ordered a Orange color Bean bag. It was the right choice and make my room POP with a burst of color! It took a few times to get used to getting out of it because...well...we are not 20 year old anymore. But this bag is super comfy and it looks great! one thing to keep in mind is: IT IS A BEAN BAG so if you have a problem getting to your feet you will have to roll off. ( No worries your giggle factor will increase each time). The hardest part about owning this bag is having to get out of it when you really don't want to. For example, going to the bathroom. The bag goes back to its shape after lite manipulation of the bag after sitting. My guests go straight to it as its a great conversation starter.

Great beanbag and great customer service!

We now own 3 of these (two 5 foot and one 6 foot). If you have the room they are great casual seating - especially for the kids! (We also own a 5 foot Love Sac with a slightly nicer cover but value for money these win easily). We especially like the pebble fabric covers as they look and feels nicer than the micro fiber cover. On our last order we had an issue with the shipping, however the customer service people at GT Gifts responded quickly and fixed the issue without any fuss. Thank-you.

I absolutely LOVE our new Chill Sacks

I absolutely LOVE our new Chill Sacks. I was never a fan of bean bags, but this thing is just ridiculously comfy. I've taken the best naps on it and frankly, I wish I could just sit on it all day long. It's big and fluffs up very easy. Very soft fabric and the memory foam is like sitting on a cloud. I hesitated to purchase this based on a few reviews where the memory foam didn't fluff up as much, however, we did not experience this at all. Great product, my husband loves it so much he wants to get rid of the sofa and replace it with more of these!

Still my favorite thing to sit on

Bought this bag back in late 2016 . And it's a big hit in my Apt. My dog loves it I love it , husband and when I have kids over they all want to sit on the bean bag . To fluff it up u just rotate it , kick it, and jump on it. It's slightly heavy but it's perfect where I got . I do think it will last me a really long time . It's my favorite thing to lounge on . I prefer chill bag over my couch . Get one or two if u got the space for it .

Its okay

I was super excited to get this and the reviews sounded promising. This bag is okay comfortable, the only reason went a 3, but it goes flat as a pancake after a few minutes. It's really heavy to readjust it again. I have had about a month and have only used it a handful of times. Will more than likely stay in storage room. I really wanted to love this product.


I was excited for this bean bag! My 5 year old was even more excited. But it SMELLS LIKE BURT PLASTIC. I even put it outside for a week to see if it would go away -- it didn't. Contacted support, but they were less than helpful (which is unusual). It comes in a small, vacuum sealed bag which turns into a 5' chair when opened. So there is no box that it will fit in to return and I cant shrink it back down. Maybe I got a bad one. Others seem to like it. But the smell is unbearable.

Love this big lug

We have had this for 2 years now and love it. We have three teenagers and two big dogs that also like to lie in it (and even play with it). The covers washes up super easily. When it loses shape, you just toss it on the other side and it’s back to same as the day we got it. It is enormous, so be ready for the need room and it’s super heavy as well- moving it takes some energy.

They charge this much for a product filled with this??

Can't believe they charge this much for a product of this quality. Initially, we thought that the memory foam would expand within the next 2-4 days upon receiving the item and make the bean bag chair comfortable given that the foam would be distributed evenly throughout. Boy were we wrong. There were really uneven, large pieces inside that made the chair uncomfortable. For a product that we paid $150, I expected a really plush, comfortable chair, but it felt nothing like that in all honesty. When we opened the bag to see inside, we saw this. It just looks like uneven shredded foam that they stuffed in there and charged an exorbitant amount. Please save your money and buy a bean bag chair made from superior material.

This chill sack is super comfortable, and very good quality

This chill sack is super comfortable, and very good quality. We fondly call it our big red tater tot, because it kinda looks like one when no one is setting in it. We got the 5 foot chill sack, and it is big enough for one adult. If you want to share with someone else then go larger. We will be enjoying this product for a long time to come.

It was the moooooost comfortable thing ever as long as you flip it over ...

One of the most depressing losses I had due to the recent hurricane. It was the moooooost comfortable thing ever as long as you flip it over every time you don't wanna snuggle into your little nest you made last time you will be more than statisied. Side note I am 5'4 and on the heavier side. It was still very spacious and comfortable. Just in cause some of my chunky people are concerned ;)

Better than I expected

I bought this as a replacement for a flood damaged one. It was a gift for my grandson. He loved his original and I was concerned about a replacement. He actually love it more that the original, needless to say I was delighted.

Product is great. Comes in a box with the memory foam ...

Product is great. Comes in a box with the memory foam compressed once, it airs out its huge. I'm giving it 4 out of 5 stars because the zipper on the inner lining arrived broken, the zipper still works but its annoying to unzip if i ever decided to add more foam

not your 70's bean bag chair!

I bought this bean bag chair for my grandson who was turning 20. Having had many different bean bag chairs in the 70's I was a little hesitant given the memories I have of bean bag chairs busting open and stuffing all over the house! But this chiar is well made and the stuffing is great! As soon as you open it you can see it growing and growing. I did buy a pack of extra stuffing and that is because teenage boys throw themselves on it! He loves it and is very happy with it and I definately would buy another one again

Awesome but couldnuse more fluff

Overall, this thing is great. It's super comfy and everyone loves it. I personally feel like it could use more foam as I sink most of the way to the floor when I sit on it. The inner lining kind of smells like acrylic paint but after letting it air out for the weekend it is a very faint smell.

So comfy

Beyond happy with this purchase. Shipping took a bit, but that would be my only complaint. Good things come to those who wait :) It's set up in my gaming room and I love plopping down in this thing. Comfy enough to curl up and take a nap in. I saw some complained about a "smell" but I didn't have that issue. I washed the cover first, then unpacked the stuffing and fluffed it. Next thing I know the next day it was twice it's size! I absolutely love it.

Not as fluffy as photos appear.

Comfortable, but after hours of fluffing, it's nowhere near as full as the photos look. You are pretty much just laying on a sack on the floor. I wouldn't call it a chair, it's more like a puddle.

Everything I hoped it would be!!

It arrived all compacted in a black zippered plastic case which once opened released the chair all scrunched up, but rapidly beginning to expand! Lot of people have mentioned the smell of the foam being unpleasant, I was nervous about that being a problem, and there was definitely a strong smell at first, but it’s been less than 48 hours since unpacking and the smell has completely dissipated! Another issue I worried about was whether the chair would expand enough. It seems to be almost completely expanded and it’s only day 2!

Simply great!!

The one on the left in the photo provided is after a week of use and the other one is fresh out of the box to show how much they fluff up. They are super comfortable. My wife doesn't normally take naps but could not help it in these. They are way better than recliners and much more affordable!

This thing is huge

This is a huge beanbag and so comfortable and it doesn't give when you're sitting in it was pleasantly surprised of how big it is

No joke The best most comfortable chair ever

I absolutely love my chill sack it is so comfy relaxing I use it when I meditate it is absolutely the best piece of furniture I have bought comfort wise. Love love love IT!!

The Ever Expanding Chair

I was looking for a comfy beanbag chair and ordered this one. I covered it with a sheet due to my cat that won't get off it. It seems like good quality, tho was unusual when it arrived in a heavy hard block of shrink wrapped foam. I followed the instructions and put it in the cover and tried mushing it, rolling it, sitting on it etc as it kept growing and growing and growing. This is like the blob that ate Manhattan. It's comfortable to lay on but it's not at all like the photo of a soft cozy engulfing sack o beans. It's more like a giant mushy bed. I think it's a good product but it's WAY too big and it's not really a chair like a bean bag chair - it is a gigantic heavy sack of ever expanding foam. I need to return it, but the thing is I don't know how to get it back into a huge box to go back via UPS. It's literally the size of Wisconsin.

Kiddos love it! HUGE!

We got this for our kids for Christmas and they love it- so does the dog( see picture 1) This thing is so big that my 18 year old, 15 year old, 10 year old and 40 lb basset/beagle hound are all able to sit on it at the same time (see picture two) it literally takes up the same amount of space as our lazy boy recliner does. I personally don't find it all that comfortable to sit in but only because it is hard to get out of, however all my kids (and dog) absolutely love laying on it. My 10 year old frequently naps in it. The other negative is that this thing is HEAVY!! It is so hard to move to sweep under to clean. It is also a pain to get the cover off to wash because of how heavy it is- doable it is just not that easy to do. The memory foam tends to get stuck together and I have to kick it (or have kiddo jump on it) to get it to fluff back up. It never really completely filled out either so it could probably use a filler bag of shredded foam but the kids love it so Im not going to complain. It really is a great deal and very good quality materials. My dog is all over this things and has some long nails and has put holes in both our couches but this has really held up with him and he is on it every day.Given the choice, I would definitely buy it again

Soft and comfortable

Takes some time to fill out. Comfy but it is a little lumpy. The teenagers love it.

The Chonk!!!!

So far, it's the best thing in the house. My kids are fighting over it. Fully "floofed"in 24 hours. No issues. It's MASSIVE!! I will order another for my son if and when this maintains its pure awesomeness!!

Olive color looks more like dark brown

My dogs think it's their mountain retreat, thankfully it's washable:)

Good buy! Very Heavy, Does have a slight odor

The reviews are pretty accurate. It is extremely heavy, so place it in the room that it will expand in. It took 4 days to really expand and get to the point where it could be molded. The chair still has a slight odor from the foam but it does also sit in a room that has the door closed most of the time. This chair is really comfy for one person to sit by the TV or play a game.

Huge and comfortable!

Love it! Nice for lounging. Kids and dogs fight over it.


Awesome!! Wish there was a little more foam

It needs at least one extra bag of fill

I love everything about this bean bag, except that it does not puff up all the way, even after more than a week. There is not enough fill included to make it as puffy as the picture. Its still comfortable. Its still huge. But order the extra fill with it... you will want it.

So so big

Bigger than I expected but that's not a complaint. My kids were super excited so mindlessly I opened it while cooking dinner in the living room. BIG MISTAKE! It grew during dinner time and then the 3 of us had to find a way to get it across the house and upstairs to the spare room for its final resting place. I think it's still growing because it's much bigger now just 20 hours after delivery! I love it, the kids love it and I'm seriously considering another for the sunroom.

Comfy chair

Its very comfortable, sturdy and heavy duty..The only thing i dislike about the bag chair is that i feel it could have more foam in it to fill in some of the gaps

This beanbag cured my depression

I got super depressed after sleeping in a bubble during a lightning storm in Sedona. Was in a real dark place as you can imagine. This beanbag came in last week and cured my depression. A truly spiritual experience.

Big it is!

This is the second one I have purchased! Great Quality, nice fabric, an very comfy!It took few days to puff out to size but the kids loved wrestling it around to help it out!We will be purchasing more for our bean bag only room!

I like it!

it's really heavy but comfy

The bean bag is good but chill sack service sucks when there’s a problem.

Made the mistake of ordering two of these on the weekend and cancelled one on eBay. Obviously nobody ships anything on weekends, but apparently chill sack does. And their employees are incompetent to stop a cancelled order and still charge you and send out their product anyway. Neither eBay or chill sack stepped in to resolve the problem of me paying a return fee of sending something I cancelled. I finally had my bank fix this. Amazon is better on canceling orders that haven’t shipped out. And their service is better. And Amazon has their own bean bags if I want one in the future. Don’t buy large items off eBay their service sucks and they will treat you like dirt.

Chill Bean bag

I bought the 6'Memory Foam Chill Sack bean bag on amazon and was disappointed. there was not enough foam because when I sat on it, it almost sanked to the floor. very disappointed

You shouldn't have to buy extra filler.

This chair fails in its fundamental purpose by having so little filler, it is jarring if you try to plop down on it. Like you can feel your booty nearly hit the ground. (I am 5'7" 128 pounds) I find the rating on this brand hard to believe.


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