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Cheswick Manor Mattress Reviews

Cheswick Manor mattresses are owned by Mattress Tech enterprises, which also makes brands like BodyTeck, SpinalTech, and other low price mattresses sold mainly at Mattress Warehouse locations. They focus on hybrid and innerspring coil mattresses at a very affordable pricepoint. Most folks love their Cheswick Manor mattresses at first, but some had issues with durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.3/10

Price Value: 7.4/10

No Back Pain: 7.3/10

Price: $529-$1259

Trial Period: No Trial

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Cheswick Manor's Owner Satisfaction

Some sleepers are content with their beds, but others are not as pleased overall. Even though there are those that like these mattresses, overall they have lower customer satisfaction than average. Read on below for more information about these mattresses.

Cheswick Manor's Supportiveness

Some customers don't like the kind of support these mattresses provide. Though some enjoy the quality of these mattresses, if you are heavier in build, make sure to read the reviews before buying.

Edge Support
For those that want quality edge support, some describe these mattresses as having lacking edge support over the short term.

Cheswick Manor's Durability

We all want a mattress that lasts 10 years or more, and when instead our new mattress causes us pain after a year, this is the worst. That said, nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to find lasting comfort. With the crazy amount of choices now, some companies are focused more on capturing mind-share and sacrificing quality. In terms of these mattresses, some sleepers report durability concerns. Durability issues don't happen to everyone, but make sure to read more about the warranty and the return policies.

Browse Cheswick Manor Customer Reviews

Previously visited MW stores

Previously visited MW stores in Chantilly and Leesburg with less than pleasant experience in both locations thanks to pushy sales guys. But the Fairfax store was a very different experience. The new manager was cordial and not pushy. He offered to give us information on the different types of mattresses and what he opined about each, without pushing us to buy anything. He even stayed 30 minutes beyond closing time with patience even though we had not expressed any desire to purchase same day. In the end we decided to go ahead and purchase Cheswick Manor Brentwood Extra firm mattress and he offered us an excellent deal. Delivery and setup was also great, prompt as promised and bed was setup very quickly & efficiently. The mattress is awesome, no complaints. Pleasure doing business here!

We recently decided to replace our mattress

We recently decided to replace our mattress set and went to a few mattress stores in the local area. As soon as we entered this Mattress Warehouse, we were greeted by the store manager, Tia, who was very friendly and professional. She recommended we use the electronic technology in the store to determine which mattress would be a good fit for us. After reviewing our data, she recommended a few products, and we chose the Cheswick Manor Wellington, which as we learned is a Mattress Warehouse brand and several hundred dollars cheaper than bigger brand names. She was very patient as we tried the mattress for several minutes, and we were very pleased with the comfort of the bed. We also met the store owner, who was very helpful and answered all our questions to our satisfaction. The mattress and base were delivered on time and the delivery personnel were very careful and professional. We recommend anyone looking for a stress-free mattress shopping experience to check out this store!

Poor service

Poor service all the way across the board. My husband and I have been shopping around for an upgrade to our current queen size mattress. Our first visit to Mattress Warehouse, we were greeted by pleasant customer service. We did the sleep test to figure out what mattresses were best suited for us. We found one bed that we liked and decided to go with it. The brand was Cheswick Manor and the bed was the Abbington. Upon delivery, the appearance was different. When we laid on it, the mattress was firm when we ordered a soft. The appearance was alarming, and I called to report the wrong bed was delivered. Mattress Warehouse explained that they did change the appearance and I was told it was the correct bed. My husband drove to the store to set up a date when the bed could be picked up, because it was still not the bed we purchased. The store said they could not help us and gave us a phone number to customer service. They did explain that it would cost us $200 handling fee when the bed was picked up, but we have to wait 30 days. Overall, this has been a terrible experience and I would not recommend Mattress Warehouse or the Company Cheswick Manor. In the beginning, we would have been ok with just switching out the wrong bed for the right one. Unfortunately, with the staff in the store playing the blame game and blowing us off, we prefer to NOT do business with them. As soon as I receive an update on my bed, I will update here.

This review is no reflection on the store

This review is no reflection on the store and especially Barbara our very professional sales person. I am only writing a review because there were none on line for Cheswick Manor mattresses. I googled and googled but there were no reviews. My gut instinct was not to purchase it but the store offered another $200 off. We purchased the Wellington (total $999) in a queen and I am very disappointed. It feels so hard as if I am lying on an ironing board. I believe it is the foundation that squeaks when my husband gets in and out of bed that wakes me up. It is so cheaply made, you can feel the cardboard with your hand under the fabric. They sent a second foundation out but they are both the same-cheap.

Six Months

My mattress lasted about six months before the padding became unusable

The support disappeared within days

It had been a ridiculously many years since I bought a new mattress and I was so excited to finally ditch my decrepit bed and get something brand-new and with much newer support technology. Especially since I've been having back pain for as long as I can remember now, and I figured that a new mattress would probably help! The first night was wonderful, and my back did seem to feel better! LITERALLY after the first day--or two at most--I started noticing my body impression. Which seemed odd. Well, it got worse from there. The support erodes after mere DAYS. This thing is supposed to last for a decade? HOW? The warranty says that they'll replace if it sags two inches or more. Well that's not what's happening, and the pillow top fluffs up (i.e. if you lay a yard stick across it, you don’t see much dip), but the problem is that there's no support once you put any weight there! It is a disaster and I've wasted hundreds of dollars on this thing.

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