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Charles P Rogers Mattress Reviews

Holiday 2023 Updates: Charles P. Rogers continues to deliver mattresses in a timely manner and with optional white glove delivery. Recent customers mostly describe good experiences with their mattresses with some complaints about durability.

Charles P. Rogers has been making mattresses and bedding since 1855 with the goal of making the finest beds. They still have their location in New York City and also ship their mattresses nationwide. Overall, they specialize in offering factory-direct mattresses, frames, and beds at reasonable prices. With thick layers, they have good ratings when it comes to initial comfort, but some had issues with durability over time.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

No Back Pain: 8.1/10

Price: $1149-$5699

Trial Period: 100 Nights With Restrictions

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Charles P Rogers's Specifics

Charles P. Rogers has a long history of delivering high grade mattresses in New York City. Over the years, they have expanded more into the online space with budget-friendly offerings including mattresses-in-a-box and streamlined shipments. Overall, their mattresses provide value for the materials, but there are some that complain about the durability over the long term in some of their mattresses.

Quality of Materials

Charles P. Rogers focus on hybrid options with layers of mid-grade, competitively priced latex foam. Overall, their materials are solid for the price, but some have found comfort to decline faster than expected in some instances.

Mattress Types

We'll go through the Charles P. Rogers mattress offerings and discuss the differences between the mattresses so you'll know what is best for you:

Hospitality Mattresses

The St. Regis and Biltmore mattresses are Charles P. Rogers' more moderately priced offerings with that make up the Hospitality Collection. 7 layers of foam and cotton sit above a Powercore™ pocketed coil system that supports the spine while you sleep. Those that are side sleepers will prefer the softer, Biltmore option, while back sleepers and stomach sleepers may prefer the firmness of the St. Regis model. Sleepers give these mattresses good ratings for initial comfort, but there may be some durability issues over a shorter period.

The pros: Luscious amounts of foam for the price.

The cons: Some disagreements with durability.

Price Range: $1799-$3099

Estate Mattresses

The Estate 5000 comes in three versions -- Estate 5000 Firm, Estate 5000 Cushion Firm, and Estate 5000 Plush. Each version features a quilted top, spring units, and layers of memory foam and/or latex as well. Most customers like these mattresses, especially stomach and back sleepers. There were some concerns about durability over time for some.

The pros: Hybrid mattresses featuring latex and gel memory foam in multiple firmness options.

The cons: Some could experience issues with durability.

Price Range: $2679-$4709

Estate Lifetime Mattress

The Charles P. Rogers Estate Lifetime Mattress features both micro-coils and inner-tufted Powercore 3™ coil support system. These mattresses feature four versions: Estate Lifetime 8, Estate Lifetime 3, Estate Lifetime 9, and Estate Lifetime 10 mattresses. They range from soft to firm and are ideal for those that are side or back sleepers. With layers of latex, foam, and even nanocoils, these mattresses are quite thick for the price. They range from 14.25'' to 15.25'' thick. Overall, customers like the initial luxury feel of these mattresses, but there were some concerns about durability, especially for larger sleepers.

The pros: Thick latex hybrid mattresses with the benefits of both micro-coils and pocketed coil systems. Less partner disturbance.

The cons: Some concerns about durability.

Price Range: $3799-$5699

Estate SE Mattress

The Estate SE is the evolution of the Estate 5000 with a similar construction. These mattresses feature layers of Talalay latex, memory foam, and pocketed coil systems, with a built in pressure-relieving topper in the upper layer. The Estate SE mattresses are available in a soft, plush, and firm option and are even customizable overtime in case you later find you may want to flip to the firmer side underneath. In terms of initial comfort, this mattress will do best for side sleepers and back sleepers alike. The only negative with these mattresses are the potential durability concern and price points.

The pros: Thick mattress for the price -- with a universally comfortable profile.

The cons: Some concerns about long term durability.

Price Range: $3199-$5099

Real Bed Mattress

The Real Bed mattress is the one of Charles P. Rogers newer offerings with its own branding. The Real Bed offers a hybrid design with 3'' natural latex, eucalyptus-based rayon, and a pocket coil support system. With a lower entry price than their other mattresses and a convenient mattress-in-a-box shipment, customers mostly have good things to say, but there are some complaints about firmness and overall comfort.

The pros: Budget-friendly entry price for a latex hybrid.

The cons: Some disagreements about firmness and comfort.

Price Range: $1149-$2029


Charles P. Rogers has only a few options to choose from, but each mattress has a specific firmness which is right for some sleepers. See the above scale -- those that are slimmer side sleepers should aim for softer mattresses while those that are larger or stomach sleepers will prefer firmer options.

Back Pain Relief

These mattresses will do well for back pain initially given sleepers select the right firmness option for them. However, if the mattresses start to sag, you may experience more aggravation.


The latex versions of each of these mattresses will do well cooling. Some very warm sleepers may still experience some light heat retention in the cover layer.

Who Are Charles P. Rogers Mattresses Best For?

These mattresses are ideal for traditional mattress seekers who like the convenience of a local store or need a specific firmness level. Others may do better with our list of top latex mattresses.

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Not what we expected

We recently ordered the solide bed, and it came in the mail a few days ago However, after setting up the entire frame, we realized that the platforms were missing. Consequently, we had to move the frame out of the bedroom and our old bed back in.

Everything worked

The delivery was well done, courteous, and on time. We bought the tiger mahogany Hampton king bed with white leather headboard and the PowerCore 7000. My husband and I assembled the bed. We were pleasantly surprised, every screw, washer and parts were all included. It took a few hours, the bed is well made, solid, and every part fit together perfectly. It looks beautiful. Very happy with our experience but we have not slept on the bed, waiting for the new carpet's off gassing to dissipate. No off gassing from the bed/mattress though. I spent three months researching bed construction and mattresses, including reading the Old Bed Guy blog. I concluded this was the best available for the money. My husband who was initially sceptical of buying online, sight unseen, is sold! My only issue was I wished the bed was a available in expresso without an extra $250.

Good service

kind customer service, smooth delivery and extremely happy with our choice 6 months in( st regis pulse latex)


Great mattress, great customer service at the New York site. Word on the street is that buying a mattress takes a lot of time, energy, and choices between seemingly endless mattress choices. I found this brand while researching mattresses online. I wanted something firm, and based on reviews, as well as more formal reviews by Consumer Reports, I felt like the Charles Parker 5000 was going to be the one. My partner and I went to the show room, met with a super sales guy, very 'no pressure' which I like, and tried it out. 20 minutes later, we had purchased the mattress, set up our delivery time and we're all set for sleeping in a king sized mattress. Delivery was smooth, no issues. Our first night of sleep was good,a month later, it was excellent. The mattress is firm to very firm, and it took a moment to get used to it from our older, worn in, mattress. She sleeps on her side, and I sleep on my back. Both of us get a great night rest. Both of us get up at different times; motion from one partner makes no impact to your sleep mate. We love it!

Not a good experience

ISSUE #1: When I made the order, I received an email confirmation. However, I also received an email saying that they charged me 20%. I wasn't sure why. Maybe that's posted on their website somewhere but I didn't see it. So I emailed them to ask why and they emailed right back to let me know they hold a 20% deposit. Good to know. An explanation would be good to have somewhere, like in the email confirmation.

Love it

Other than a fairly long wait for delivery our bed was extremely well packaged and arrived with no damage at all. The delivery crew were very polite and helpful. Everything was there and putting the bed together was easy. We are very happy with the finished product.

After a conversation with...

After a conversation with a phone representative, we ordered the memory foam version of this mattress. This turned out to be a mistake for me, as the heat retention of the memory foam kept me from sleeping well, even after 45-60 days.. The underlying mattress was excellent, however. The pulse latex would have been the right choice for us. To be honest, I'd raised this issue of heat retention with the representative and wished that he'd thought to steer us to the pulse latex initially. I knew we could exchange, but I hadn't been told that there would be a $375 charge for the exchange in addition to the price difference. So this was a disappointment. But we now have the pulse latex version and it's marvelous. Both versions are great unless, like me, you are sensitive to the heat retention of the memory foam. We sleep much better with the new mattress. I highly recommend it.

Earlier this year I purchased the Fairnoble Sleigh Platform Bed

Earlier this year I purchased the Fairnoble Sleigh Platform Bed - beautiful quality and craftsmanship. I shopped around a number of other local vendors to find the right mattress. I was fortunate to find the St Regis on sale at Charles P Rogers. After reading positive independent reviews, I decided to give it a try - taking a chance ordering online. I love this mattress! The quality is excellent, and it is the perfect balance of firmness with a cushion-y upper layer. I highly recommend not only these products, but also must say that my experience with the Charles P Rogers company has been completely satisfying. I would not hesitate to refer potential buyers, or to purchase again from them in the future.

I love love my st Regis...

I love love my st Regis , Im so happy to have purchased this mattress, I sleep fabulous, this is so comfortable,worth every penny, I also purchased an encasement so my Mattress is protected , very comfortable feels fabulous

The mattress was double wrapped when it arrived...

The mattress was double wrapped when it arrived in perfect condition. We have used it a month now and are resting comfortably after sleeping on a 15 years old mattress with lumps and indentations. Excellent buy. Thank you for the free shipping!

Very pleased with the St. Regis...

Very pleased with the St. Regis Queen Pulse Latex Mattress. My husband recently had back surgery and this mattress works for him. I have some arthritis issues and it works for me. Very pleased with the order process and delivery. Mattress was delivered to the bedroom, unwrapped, and trash removed by the delivery team. Because we are several states away, delivery took a few weeks. The only thing that would have made it better was to get the mattress sooner!

We like this mattress very much

We like this mattress very much and would readily recommend it to friends or family. It is 'firm' the way we like our mattresses. We researched mattresses online and with Consumer Reports and choose this mattress. We just ordered another mattress, a king size, for our master bedroom because of the quality of this mattress. The mattress is soundless when you shift your position in bed.

I was extremely impressed by Charles Rogers

I was extremely impressed by Charles Rogers from beginning to end. I wanted to place an order and emailed with a question at a time that I knew was afterhours for their customer service department - and yet someone got back to me almost immediately to answer my question and encourage me to place my order because the New Year's sale was ending the following day. Delivery was easy, the guys brought it all the way in, unwrapped it and set it up. The mattress is good quality. As is, it was a little too hard for me - I wish that the pillowtop was just a bit more plush so you get the feeling of luxuriousness as you sink into it. But I got it closer by buying a mattress cover with an additional pillowtop. Absolute perfection? Maybe not, but darn close! Full disclosure that I am a side sleeper and am thin, so boney, hence the need for softness. All in all, I am very happy with the quality and customer service for the price.

My entire experience with Charles P. Rogers was excellent.

My entire experience with Charles P. Rogers was excellent. I love the fact that they have this old school showroom. Everyone I dealt with when visiting the showroom was extremely helpful and good natured. I went with a platform bed and the St. Regis mattress. I rent my guest room out on Air BnB and it surprised me how many of the guests report to me and in reviews that this is the most comfortable mattress they've slept on. I occasionally sleep on it myself between guest visits. It's cushy yet firm. The entire experience couldn't have been better. Expect my current guest from Seattle to reach out and order the mattress soon. He loves it as well! And how cool that this company has been in business since 1855! They must be doing something right.

If you want an ultra comfortable mattress

If you want an ultra comfortable mattress with top level construction and absolutely no toxic outgassing and odor, this is THE mattress to buy. We had some horrible experiences trying brands such as Simmons (horrible odor that didn't dissipate even over a month) and Satva (no odor but really inferior construction, uncomfortable, and they offered me a $400 refund to take down negative reviews). But, eventually we found CP Rogers. Wish that had happened sooner, but so glad that, ultimately, it did. We've been to the showroom and factory in NJ, and there's no chemical odor whatsover on the shop floor. And sleeping on the 9000 is incredible --something to look forward to at the end of the day.

The estate 9000 is a beautiful mattress

The estate 9000 is a beautiful mattress and very heavy. In discussing our needs with the rep, we decided on the 9000 although it is difficult to know which mattress would ultimately be best by simply talking to someone, without laying on the bed. We have no regrets in buying the 9000 but will say that it was a bit too firm and I added a memory foam pad to soften it. We sleep well on it and have high hopes that it will last for many years as it is a quality mattress.

New Powercore Estate 9000 Is Fantastic

I had been sleeping on an old, heavy, top-of-the-line, outrageously expensive Kluft before and had enjoyed it for many years -- but all good things come to an end eventually, In 2016 I tried the top two versions of the Saatva mattress, but sent them back: they simply were not solid enough for me. Then I slept on the 2016 version of the Charles P. Rogers Powercore Estate 9000 -- a great improvement over the Saatvas, but it felt a little hard to my aging body. The new version of this bed, however,. with the "latex comfort select cassette" system as a top layer, is just perfect for me. I absolutely love it. The delivery guys they use are terrific, too. Happy end of story.

Everything went smoothly

Everything went smoothly. Delivery was EARLY! Guys really nice. I recommend this company to anyone. Howard A. is great, last of the great retail consultants. Wish there were more like him.

Great experience

Great experience. I have five beds from CPR and they are all wonderfully comfortable. Delivery was quick and painless, and they got everything set up for me.

I went into this store

I went into this store a couple of times before making a decision on my purchase. I was approached by Sean, super friendly and very helpful in my final decision to make the purchase. Sean made several recommendations for me after I realized the bed I wanted was too large for the space I have. I ended up purchasing the Alana platform bed in tiger wood with four rolling drawers that easily glide from under the bed. Delivery was easy, fast and having paid a little extra for assembly was seamless. Happy, satisfied and well rested .

I was tasked with assisting

I was tasked with assisting my parents with replacing their mattress set; my father consulted Consumer Reports and wanted the highly recommended Powercore Estate 5000 mattress and low profile foundation in order to lower the overall profile of their bed for ease of use. The very fabulous sales rep Tina spoke with me by chat at length and answered all of my questions and assured me of the very specific dimensions that we required. We were also in a bind for fast delivery because of an impending discharge from a rehab facility and Tina worked her magic and got us white glove delivery service within 5 business days, which is not at all standard. Thank you to Tina for her superb service and communication which facilitated our ability to get this highly rated and high quality mattress in place in time for my family's needs.

Great night sleep!

Great night sleep!!!! My wife and I were long overdue for a new mattress. The old one lasted us for quite some time. Choosing a new mattress was a research project that went on for a couple of months. After looking at local stores, online shops and trying everything out there I stumbled upon Charles P Rogers. Never heard of them but their reputation seemed very favorable in the reviews I've read. Not that many reviews of people who didn't like the mattress, so I thought I would give it a shot. I live in NY so going to the store was easy to do. I went in and was immediately greeted with a polite, sincere and knowledgeable sales person. I've been to a number of chain mattress stores so I was ready for the talk-up of how great the mattresses are. I told her my needs and she had me lie on a 9000 series. It felt great - not a back sleeper but this felt good on my back. I then moved down to the 7000 series and within a minute my back started to hurt. Went back to the 9000 series and again no pain. This is a first - comfortable on my back. After so many stores I was convinced this was for me. I like its not an all foam mattress which I read many mixed reviews on. The real test now was to get my wife to buy into this mattress as well. She visited the other store in NY and also like the mattress but she is not as picky as I am. I ordered it, along with the foundation, sheets, and removal service of the old mattress. Delivery crew were top-notch. Had to deliver in the pouring rain and were careful coming in, making sure everything stayed dry cleaning up after they left. This was truly white-glove service. After a week sleeping on this mattress, I think my wife raves about it more than I do. Telling everyone how good it feels and make comments that it should be in a commercial if they made any. Overall, store was great, reps were great, delivery was great and the sleep is great. I even find myself on my back in the morning - something that never happened with the old mattress due to the sag. Really pleased. No regrets. Any future mattress purchase will always be a CPR.

The sales person was lovely

The sales person was lovely, knowledgeable and informative. She helped us pick the proper mattress for us. After a mix-up with delivery time, which Customer Service rectified the same day - arranging for delivery after their normal hours - our mattress was delivered. It is so comfortable! I've had the best rest I've had in a long while. (Previous was a Sleep Number - which was horrible!) I'd recommend a Charles P Rodgers mattress.

We purchased a king St. Regis

We purchased a king St. Regis Pulse Mattress and a king Barcelona platform bed in tiger mahogany, as well as some bedding. We absolutely love everything. The mattress is so comfortable and the tiger mahogany platform bed is true to the picture on line. It's a beautiful bed. I also can't speak highly enough of Erick Lamb the sales rep I dealt with. He was so professional, knowledgeable and kind. It was a true pleasure working with him when I ordered the mattress. BTW - we loved everything so much that we just ordered a queen St. Regis and queen platform bed. And yes, Erick, took very good care of us. Charles P. Rogers will be our only place to purchase beds in the future and I will be asking for Erik Lamb to assist.

My wife and I did a lot of reading

My wife and I did a lot of reading and researching long before we finally decided on Charles P. Rogers and a CPR mattress. We both have similar profiles in what we look for - support, comfort and quality. We called C PR and spoke with Steve S. Steve S. was amazing- professional, knowledgeable and patient! He answered each of our questions and had many of his own - he was wonderful. Steve worked with us from the start - initially on the telephone, when he put us through his own "research" - asking questions about our firmness likes, mattress history, individual statures and what we hoped a mattress would provide for us as a couple. Steve generously offered his time and expertise on the telephone, educating both of us on the various types of CPR mattresses, the individual features and the specific construction of each mattress. After several telephone conversations we were ready to purchase and did so over the phone. We planned a fun day trip to NYC, and while there, we decided to visit the store to test and feel the mattresses in person. where Steve S. was just exactly as he'd been on the telephone. Steve was exceedingly professional and offered yet more expertise on the CPR mattresses. We made our decision and have been thrilled ever since. The CPR mattress is far and away the most supportive and amazingly comfortable mattress - ever (we are on our 50s and have had several high end mattresses along the way). Thank you Steve S. - you are everything a sales consultant should be! We love our mattress!

These are the best reasons

These are the best reasons to choose Charles P. Rogers: Quality furniture, Dependable, Expert Installation and Delivery, Outstanding Customer Service. From the moment we entered the showroom we felt at ease. Calm and knowledgeble sales staff guided us, asking important, appropriate questions, sharing their knowledge of the products. The beds are all classic designs made from quality materials with craftsmanlike construction. The matresses are unique for their comfort. Delivery was a snap. The delivery team were equally knowledgeable, neat, careful and friendly. There was however a minor problem with the order. The deliverymen stayed, called the warehouse to seek a remedy. While at our home they placed a call to Chales P. Rogers Customer Service Liaisons on our behalf. The customer service team could not have been more responsive and accomodating. Stuff happens, but how a company responds to a problem says alot about that company. They looked into the issue and discovered that a required component of the bed was not part of the original order. We felt as if we had become a priority not a problem. Charles P. Rogers clearly understood that behind every problem is a customer with a problem. Together, we found an equitable solution and the new bed arrived in just a few days. We could not have been more pleased with the entire experience, minor hiccup and all. They called to arrange delivery, arrived ontime with the new bed and within 20 minutes the bed was assembled with the new mattress in place. The bed looks like fine furniture and the comfort we have experienced is almost beyond description. We have all dealt with stores where once the sales is completed and a problem occurs, you are on your own. With Charles P. Rogers nothing could be further from the truth. Charles P. Rogers is a quality manufacturer and demonstrates a business ethic rarely seen these days. We are Charles P. Rogers customers for life and would enthusiastically and without hesitation reccommend them.

My wife and I moved into a high-rise

My wife and I moved into a high-rise apartment near NYC that is much smaller then our place in the burbs. Space is a premium and taking advantage of storage space is essential. I wanted to have the absolute best bed on the market I found the Mahogany Storage Bed king size. The quality does not get much better than this. The Mahogany finish looks outstanding, top notch. The drawers are huge and fit lots of my clothes. Self-closing glides doors is a really nice feature too. Even the footboard has an additional compartment. There is even an optional digital safe that I did not go for but still nice feature. Another feature that looks premium to me is the upholstered top. Much better support than slats. The drawers came fully assembled, really convenient. The quality of the mattress was most important. We wanted to invest in a bed that would last long, feel amazing every time and be environmentally responsible. We found the perfect one for us. The Estate 9000 Luxury Plush. Hands down the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. It is a dream. You can tell the quality is amazing because the sewn handles were super heavy duty. The triple thick layer of latex on top was a really nice touch. It came with a heavy-duty zipper case. Do the research and try it out. Everything about this bed is perfect. We are extremely happy with our purchase and recommended it any one who invests in their happiness. I went to the location on 17th street in NYC. The customer service was top notch. Super knowledgeable staff that answered all my questions. Not pushy or trying to up sell me on things I didn't want. All in all, this was a great experience because I felt like I made the right choice. Don't settle for those bed in box types. Don't skimp on quality sleep. Go with the best. Highly recommended.

I bought a beautiful Pari

I bought a beautiful Paris iron sleigh bed from Tina. The service I received from Tina was excellent. She listened and gave me great advice and customer service. Five stars!!

Love this bed!

Love this bed! We've had our Paris Iron Sleigh bed for over 10 years now & it still looks brand new. The construction of this beautiful bed is tremendous. The service we received when purchasing & at set up, was amazing! Very dedicated people must work for this remarkable company, because we can't recall having a better experience. Their attention to detail & their service is what makes this company remarkable. From beginning to end, they do it right; which is why we bought our daughters bed from them, too.

I purchased an Estate 7000

I purchased an Estate 7000 Extra Comfort Queen in September and was so happy with it that when I needed a new bed for my guestroom this month I purchased a Solide Queen platform bed with a St. Regis mattress. I purchased both at the Manhattan showroom. The delivery came on time for both beds. The platform bed was assembled quickly by the men who delivered it. I'm very happy with the quality of the mattresses and the service.

I used to be a large fam of this company

I used to be a large fam of this company but I warn others against purchasing certain types of beds. More particularly, I warn that today's Chas P Rogers employees lack history regarding the products, basic knowledge of the company's website and products, and do not perform with the excellence of 20 years ago. I purchased 3 iron beds and the frames will last past my children's and grandchildren's lifetimes. Yet, I cannot use one of the frames and now must store it. When my husband and I moved to a townhouse 3 months ago, we figured we could not get a Queen box spring up the stairs and into the master bedroom, so I called the NYC Chas P Rogers store and was assured that a split box spring would work no problem for my type of iron bed. This was not the case. I was not present for the "white glove delivery" in which the entirety of split box springs and a queen mattress were set up--on our first night with the split box springs on the Chas P Rogers iron bedframe, we fell through to the floor. The ever-patient store sent longer split box springs and at 78 3/4 inches, those would not stay on the lip of the queen bed frame. After I measured 6 other major brands of multiple split box frames, I concluded and indeed was informed that nowadays no split box frames are 80" long as are regular queen box frames. I researched the Charles P Rogers website and found under FAQs that there might be rails to install across the bed frame to support split Queen box springs. ******During the course of 7 calls this week to customer service and the NYC store, no one knew about the FAQ reference to the rails, nor about the rails, nor were they familiar with my Queen bed frame (how could they if they worked at the company only a few months or a few years). During one call in the morning, I was assured that one guy who worked from noon on would call me after he got in that day. I called back at 3:39 pm and 4:01 pm, was told that the guy was on the phone and assured I would be his next call. I told customer service that day I could not continue to stand outside past 5:10 pm, and could not take calls thereafter for some time. I never received another call that day or night from customer service. After a call and email today to the NYC store, I just this afternoon received an email from customer service that the rails would be $450, plus delivery, would take weeks to make, and I would have to drill into the bed frame to install them. I provided the following to the owner and COO of Charles P Rogers by way of advice: (1) It would be unacceptable to me if I owned or managed Charles P Rogers that ANY employee--much less at least 5 employees I communicated with--would be unfamiliar with a page on the website. It is especially unacceptable for customer service reps not to have read the FAQ page. I would require even applicants to have read the entire website before considering hiring them. (2) It would be unacceptable to me that the information about the iron slats were not known by every employee of Charles P Rogers. (3) Inasmuch as Charles P Rogers beds last a lifetime, if I owned or managed Charles P Rogers, I would require at a minimum that customer service reps, if not sales, be familiar with all of the bed frames ever sold. (4) If I owned or managed Charles P Rogers, I would make sure each customer service rep could access a database of all past customers and their purchases. There is no question customer information could be accessed by phone number. (5) If I owned or managed Charles P Rogers, I would fire any employee who promised to call a customer back, but did not. These days, as we all know, it is an inconvenience to talk on the phone or to free a mobile phone for an expected call in. One must make sure one is in a cell zone and that one is not talking on the phone. Too, most of us can't talk on the phone while with others, or working, but we can check and respond to email. All of these things are very disappointing after having had great customer service long ago, including by a man who had worked for the company over 20 years.

What an experience from start to finish

What an experience from start to finish. The customer service was above and beyond to say the least, from friendliness to being knowledgeable. They knew exactly what I was looking for! My bedroom looks so awesome. Ask for Erik !

All said and done

All said and done, Charles Rogers customer service reflects a caring of how a customer is treated. Thank you, Thomas.

I purchased the Powercore Estate 9000

I purchased the Powercore Estate 9000 nano mattress after reviewing many mattress reviews... and visiting CPR's Rutherford NJ store where I tested all the mattresses. Due to my size (5'11, 165) I made the purchase since the 9000 was the softest of the mattresses that were all VERY FIRM. In short time, I realized the 9000 mattress was just too firm even after the break-in period as it hurt my shoulders and hip region. I sent an email to the salesperson ("Tina") who never responded. Finally, I got hold of her and she told me to allow a longer break-in period that I tried to do without success. Today I called customer service as they never responded to my email either. I was told to buy a mattress topper for $500+ this after spending $2000. Thus company (as many other testimonials stated) has the worst customer service... I regret buying this mattress and suggest you don't either.

Bought a Mies platform

Bought a Mies platform bed a few years ago. Overall, I'm satisfied. BUT: the corners of the wood frame are very sharp and often cause scrapes and bruises when bumped into. Shame on me, I suppose, but CPRogers really needs to round off those corners.

The beds fall apart!

The beds fall apart! I purchased a wood platform bed, recommended board for supporting the mattress, and a mattress one year ago at the store. The bed was delivered to my apartment and assembled. It started to feel a little rickety, but I moved and retightened and reassembled the bed, assuming it was not tightened enough when originally assembled. NOT THE CASE! The side rails separate from the frame, the legs bend under, and the bed starts to shift back and forth just from normal sleeping. I weigh 135, and sleep alone, and am not a restless sleeper. Three times in the past year I have taken everything off the bed, and retightened the screws, which loosen to the point of being removable by hand. I live in fear of the bed collapsing underneath me while I sleep. It is now loosening up within weeks of being retightened. Rogers will do nothing unless I pay to ship the queen sized wooden bed to NYC from Massachusetts, which costs as much or more than a new bed. $2000 for a brand new bed and mattress and the manufacture is crap!!!

They are the worst.

They are the worst. Two delivery attempts never delivered complete bed. Ordered the bed on line. Was told that bed had to be manufactured special order and would take several weeks. Figured would be worth the wait. Bed was completed much later than promised. When bed did arrive it came without head or footboard so we refused delivery. Was told by customer service that they were sorry for the mix up and that they would have another bed delivered right away if the headboard and footboard could not be found. Asked how that was possible if the bed had to be manufactured as a special order, was told oh we have plenty of beds. One week later second attempt at delivery. This time had headboard and footboard (yeah). However box with rails had already been opened and did not contain any hardware or the center rail or the cross rails. When I called customer service about having missing parts expedited was told that if I wanted to assemble my self they could send parts by fedex. If not I had to wait until delivery company had another delivery in the area (they only come to our area once a week and only pick up from Charles P Rogers once a week). Still waiting for my complete bed.

We bought a bed from them

We bought a bed from them ..the nano ...we returned it within the return period... Dan the salesperson told us to try the nano 2 bed ... Dan told us on the phone and IN WRITING that if we did like this bed we could return it and get our money back ...a month went by and we called them to start the return process as this bed hurt our hips and shoulders just as much as the original ...they have not communicated back with us they are not honoring their word and they don't seem to care that I have in writing that we could return it ...what a horrid company to deal with ..:my husband has been waiting two weeks to get a call from a manager.... I would never deal with this company nor would I ever recommend them.... consumer reports that with the bed there lower model but not with their customer service

I bought a $600 bed frame

I bought a $600 bed frame and was told it would be delivered/assembled and that I'd be given 30 minutes notice prior to arrival. I have a job and can't take 4 hours off work to wait during their "window." On the day of delivery, I got a call from my doorman saying people were at my apartment. No notice. No call. I had to leave the middle of a work meeting, and rush all the way to my apartment to meet them. Wasn't part of what I was promised.

Let me say that the salesman Steven

Let me say that the salesman Steven was excellent. He was courteous, friendly, professional and very knowledgeable in the products in the store. That is why I ended up buying the King sized Nano from him. He wasn't afraid to come talk to a Black man shopping, while his other two White coworkers rolled their eyes and acted as though they were busy (Yeah, I noticed that and so did my shopping partner). Aside from his outstanding customer service and support, I do have two gripes. There was a issue of a salesman "Bryan" who took far to much money off of my credit card WITHOUT ASKING me how much I was going to pay. He took my credit card information and put through a $1500.00 charge as though it was his money and then had the audacity to say " you'll get a receipt in your email..." I asked him what receipt... You didn't ask me how much I wanted to pay? " That debacle through my whole weekend into a bad situation. Then to top it off, Linda (The Mgr) offered nothing but "well when you get your mattress you turn it every 6 months... " and my favorite "you bought the best mattress so it's ok" What does that have to do with anything that just happened with your incompetent salesman Bryan? She starts to end the conversation by saying (lying) " I'm going to listen to the recording and call you back.." I need not say that she never called nor intended to. So those two associates of Charles P Roger's bring a otherwise high rated score down to almost nothing. I hate being lied to Linda...Learn to listen to the customer problems and stick to the subject and try keeping your word. Bryan learn to ask the customer what THEY want to spend before YOU take it upon yourself to spend THEIR money. If you do go into the 17th Street store, only deal with Steven, you won't have problems.

We needed to buy

We needed to buy a bed for our son and wanted to find a mattress that was made with more natural materials. I researched and was pleased to find that there was a location right near our house. We visited the small showroom tired all the mattresses and picked one that worked for us. It was very easy. The salesman was friendly but not pushy. The mattress was available and ready to be delivered the following week. Most importantly it is comfortable and very well made. We've had it for a few months now and we are very happy with the purchase.

If you want a bed

If you want a bed that will last longer than any mattress you have or ever will by all means get one here, staff is very knowledgeable of all products and can attest to how The products are made and there lifetime warranty.. yes I did say lifetime warranty!

I purchased a bed from Charles P. Rogers

I purchased a bed from Charles P. Rogers several years ago and it went well. This time I purchased two beds and it could not be going worse. I ordered the two beds in December and was told it would take 6-8 weeks for delivery. Ultimately, the beds were further delayed and finally arrived this month (April) but were missing many parts (such as the center rail, leveler, most of the bolts, etc). After dealing with Customer Service (not a quick process) we were told they'd ship the parts via FedEx. Meanwhile, my kids are sleeping on couches since we'd disassembled and trashed their old beds. The FedEx delivery is supposed to come today, but we received a call that the parts were damaged during shipping (which tells me Charles P. Rogers didn't pack them well). So we are back on the phone with Customer Service trying to get this resolved. I am shocked by the deterioration in this company since my first interaction with them a few years ago. If I could give zero stars, I would.


LIFE CHANGING! Consumer Reports' top rating for the Charles P. Rogers Estate 5000 mattress led my wife and me to the Charles P. Rogers store. Tina was our sales person. She explained everything without any hard sell, and magically arranged to get our mattress, foundation, and frame delivered and installed two days later on the west coast -- without any additional charge, She saved us money in other ways too. Once we started sleeping in the bed, my wife and I agreed this is the best mattress we've ever slept on. Not cheap, but a bargain at the price. We've never slept so well. Go to Tina and get this bed!

kind customer service

kind customer service, smooth delivery and extremely happy with our choice 6 months in( st regis pulse latex)

If you're moving to NYC

If you're moving to NYC and want to make an investment in a bed, hands down come here. I was weary at first about spending this much on a bed, but the quality and craftsmanship of their product is second to none. William helped me out and got me the best deal on the Barcelona Platform in Tiger Mahogany. He was very professional and I was in and out in 30minutes. He even took care of coordinating with my leasing office about a COI at the 11th hour before my delivery, which I was completely unfamiliar with! If you're in the market for a new bed/mattress, definitely pop in and ask for William!

Bought sheets from Charles P

Bought sheets from Charles P. Rogers and they were defective, no one will back this $125.00 purchase, as none of it is guaranteed per management. When you claim to be high end I feel like you should stand behind the product. Anyway I have learned an expensive lesson and educated myself a bit more on sheets. Purchased the Damask solid by Charter Club (pima cotton )from Macys . They will back them ,and i'm sure i will have these sheets for years. Buyer be advised !

We've now been sleeping on our CPR Powercore

We've now been sleeping on our CPR Powercore 9000 for two months and I have nothing but great things to say about the whole experience. I found out about CPR while researching beds online and since I live in NYC, I decided it was worth a look. I had already determined that a mattress of comparable quality would cost a lot more from a department store or Sleepys, and we hadn't been enjoying the pushy hard-sell that is unavoidable at those places. However, CPR has only a small selection of mattresses and I was worried that I wouldn't find anything I liked in their lineup. The moment I set foot in the store I could tell this was not going to be a Sleepys experience. I was greeted by Steven W., who asked me a few questions about how we like to sleep, explained the different mattresses they offer and pointed me to the two he thought I would prefer. Then he LEFT ME ALONE to test out as many mattresses as I wanted, look at the various headboards and bedframes, etc. Zero pressure! That alone was enough to make me want to buy a bed, but the real test (comfort!) was still to come. I tried all of the beds (quick and easy, since there were only like 7 models) and quickly determined that I liked the basic construction (individual pocket coils and natural latex padding, etc.). Steven recommended the Powercore 9000 or Nano2 for us (both tall side sleepers in the 200lb range), and he was spot on - those were the two most padded models and definitely the ones I preferred. Both were a bit firmer than what I was used to (a 14-year-old Simmons), but in a good way. With the 9000, you sink into the surface a bit, sort of like a memory foam mattress but much less pronounced. The Nano2 is similar but has a little more of a buoyant feel due to the nano springs between the layers of padding - it makes rolling over and changing position a bit easier. I put down a deposit on the Nano2 and a gorgeous espresso Barcelona bed, but asked to wait to finalize the order until my husband could come down and try out the beds. No problem! When we came back together, husband vastly preferred the feeling of the 9000, so we asked to switch. Again, no problem, even though it was a cheaper mattress than the one I originally chose. Steven was incredibly helpful and accommodating every step of the way. Scheduling delivery (and rescheduling it at least twice due to our new home closing date) was no problem at all - Steven handled everything with a smile. Local delivery was flawless, despite steep stairs leading into our house and a tight fit up the staircase inside. The Barcelona bed arrived in perfect condition, was put together in minutes and looks amazing. And as for the mattress? It took a couple of weeks to adjust, but I LOVE it. I used to be a very active/restless sleeper and I have noticed that I move around less than I used to on the 9000, largely due to the "sunk-in" feeling. While I initially preferred the feel of the Nano 2, I think the 9000 is promoting a deeper, less tossy-turny sleep and was probably a better choice for me. Thrilled with the bed and the buying process from start to finish!

This review is for the store

This review is for the store on 17th street. The rudest sales woman in New York, maybe anywhere, waited on us on September 4,2016. There was no one in the store. She did not even bother to give us any details about the mattresses or ask our sleeping habits. I asked if any of the mattresses where latex free as I am sensitive to latex. She sneered and said it was organic. She pointed out one bed when I said we like firm mattresses. I lay down on it and asked what else they had. She said with a voice dripping with hatred nothing (there are at least 40 mattresses on the floor). These are also some of the most expensive mattresses I have seen anywhere. If you hate people and your job move on. The mattresses feel like lumps of foam at least the 2 she graciously allowed me to lie on. They are all their own brand. The gentleman who welcomed us to the store who was dusting the floor so I assume he was the cleaning man was polite and helpfull. I wish he was the salesperson

Great mattress

Great mattress, great customer service at the New York site. Word on the street is that buying a mattress takes a lot of time, energy, and choices between seemingly endless mattress choices. I found this brand while researching mattresses online. I wanted something firm, and based on reviews, as well as more formal reviews by Consumer Reports, I felt like the Charles Parker 5000 was going to be the one. My partner and I went to the show room, met with a super sales guy, very 'no pressure' which I like, and tried it out. 20 minutes later, we had purchased the mattress, set up our delivery time and we're all set for sleeping in a king sized mattress. Delivery was smooth, no issues. Our first night of sleep was good,a month later, it was excellent. The mattress is firm to very firm, and it took a moment to get used to it from our older, worn in, mattress. She sleeps on her side, and I sleep on my back. Both of us get a great night rest. Both of us get up at different times; motion from one partner makes no impact to your sleep mate. We love it!

This review is for an online order

This review is for an online order. I don't have any experience with the store. The bed itself is fine. It was a good value. Fairly minimalistic, sturdy construction. I would buy the bed again. The overall experience was a major disappointment. When I ordered, they said it would take 8-10 weeks. That seemed long, but I was in no hurry. I was in the middle of a remodel and wouldn't need the bed for a while. After 11 weeks, I had still received no update so I reached out to get a status update. They were very rude. They would not acknowledge that they exceeded their already long delivery time, and they basically told me to go away and deal with it. I got the bed a couple weeks later. If you have an infinite amount of time to wait, it is a good bed at a reasonable price. I have a hard time supporting business who are rude though.

Hard to believe that a local

Hard to believe that a local, independent vendor can compete with major international big box stores in terms of price, but they did for us. Plus, person-to-person service, free delivery and installation, and an excellent product. We were able to ask all the questions we had about platform vs metal frame beds, kinds of mattresses, etc., and found a handsome wood bed frame that was, in the end, if anything, only about 10% more than somewhere like CB2 or Sleepys, where we were also looking. Well worth the cost for the advice and service and quality product that will last us many, many years. Very happy with Charles P. Rogers!

I ordered a mattress and sleigh platform

I ordered a mattress and sleigh platform bedframe on the phone and was told that it would arrive in two weeks. Less than a week later, I got a call from the courteous and efficient delivery company that it was ready, and would I be home the next evening or the following morning? Delivery and setup were prompt, efficient, and well-done, with all packaging cleared out and excellent communication throughout. The frame is gorgeous, as is the mattress. I have yet to see how well I'll like sleeping on the mattress, but the delivery process was outstanding.

We recently ordered the solide bed

We recently ordered the solide bed, and it came in the mail a few days ago However, after setting up the entire frame, we realized that the platforms were missing. Consequently, we had to move the frame out of the bedroom and our old bed back in. I called the following morning to ask about the platforms, and was informed that they would be arriving in a separate shipment. Of course, this would have been nice to have known before we set up the entire frame. Then, we realized that the platforms didn't fit. They overlapped onto the wooden railing. I called again, and it turns out that we received the wrong-sized platform pieces for our bed. AND they scratched the wood where they overlapped onto it! So now we have to move the solide frame out again and the old bed back in until the new platforms come...which won't be for another week, because they were not sent as a rushed shipment. I also asked in an e-mail if they could please pick up the old platforms (we don't have much room), and they basically ignored my question, saying that they didn't need them back. So moral of the story...make sure everything is mailed to you before you set it up (the solide bed came in three different boxes, two different shipments, we only received ONE tracking number)...and make sure everything fits together before you invest a whole afternoon setting it up. Overall, this has been a very stressful experience. And very disappointing as well, since I read so many positive reviews and did hours of research before buying this bed.

During our visit to NYC

During our visit to NYC, we stopped by Charles P Rogers showroom to finalize the selection of a mattress. (and hoped to purchase a mattress at their Rutherford location during the week) We were greeted by Tina. She listened to what we were looking for and upon me asking what other options we had to compare against the St Regis Latex, she pointed out the Estate 5000 which was also firm and has a pillow top. We decided not to wait and purchased the mattress at this location. Even though it was more expensive than the St Regis Latex there is no comparison. This mattress has so far exceeded our expectations. Thanks Tina. Also a few weeks prior to visiting the NYC showroom we stopped by the East Rutherford showroom and the attention and customer service were lacking (in comparison to the NYC location.) There appears to be only 1 person at this location and if there are a few people in the showroom then you must wait your turn which is limited. BTW , the delivery guys were great . They were considerate and wore plastic "booties" because we had carpeting in the bedroom. They also wrapped the mattress in the encasement that we purchased.

Dirty bed

After months of waiting: My bed was delivered with dirty fingerprint all over the white fabric bed platform. After pointing this to the delivery men, one of them suggested that I should clean his fingerprints with soap. OMG, I paid a lot o money for bed setup and delivery. It took over 2 months to get it resolved, as I was sleeping on the dirty bed for all this time. Customer service was not willing to cooperate and compensate me, for long pain and suffering of calling and emailing customer service. and my sales person didn't even return my phone call. Finally, I had to give in if I wanted to sleep on clean bed. Stay away from this company, you can get the same bed somewhere else without hassle of dealing with their sloppy delivery company.

Worst sleep ever

I bought this mattress two years ago to replace and old well loved Beautyrest. The Powercore Nano was my worst decision ever. I knew from the first night that I’d made a buying mistake. Here I am two years later sleeping in our guest room and searching for a new mattress. This mattress aggravates my back and I wake up many times a night tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. I am Sleeping better on an old, old mattress that my 45 year old son slept on when he was a child.

33 percent return policy

Mattress ok. We bought wrong softness and decided to buy where we could test. It cost us over 33% to return the mattress. Do not buy a mattress without testing first!!!!


I bought Estate 5000 Firm King Mattress in May 2000. Loved it for about 4-5 months of use, then it would not support my weight. I am 5' 10" tall and 162 pounds and my wife is 5'7" tall and 131 pounds. Not problem for my wife. We have another house outside of USA and are gone a total of 6 months every year. Thus it took time before giving up on this mattress and sleeping on the old costco mattress in the spare bedroom. Then we bought a new Costco one and back next to my wife. Lovely. Tried to get a partial refund from Charles P. Rogers, even asked for a reduction in a platform bed frame purchase- no luck. They wrote nice letters but no help. Basically, I would go to bed and after about 2-3 hours I was in a big hole. Tired everything, switched sides, rotate, different locations and always same results. This is a beautiful mattress wrapping on cheap springs, etc. Please avoid it. The Consumer Report could not see this. Bong for them.

Never Again!

I have purchased 2 St. Regis beds from Charles P. Rogers. The first is a queen, placed in our guest room, so it receives minimal use. The second is a king, placed in our beach house. After about 3 weeks of total use, the mattress is sagging in the middle. What’s more, the company refused to replace the low-profile foundation with a regular-height foundation even though the bed had not been used at the time of my request. I will never purchase from this company again.


I am writing in desperation to get this company to STOP filling my email inbox. I have NEVER received so many annoying emails in my life from a company I only inquired into, and never became a client. I have made many many requests to remove my email from their list, but they just IGNORE me. This would make me wonder how good their customer service and products were? Ugh!

Lousy Customer Service

I bought a daybed with a pop up trundle and two mattresses to go with them. I bought it from Charles P. Rogers because I thought it would be an upstanding company. I was told to buy two mattress encasements, and I said ok. I realized after placing this not so inexpensive order ($2273), I really did not need these encasements. I called and asked to return them. I never took them out of the package. They told me there would be a 20% restocking fee. This came to $40, which I found absurd. I spoke to the salesperson and the manager, no way, it is "their policy". I am not happy. I would understand if I was returning a bed, they are quite heavy and are not so easy to restock, but two mattress pads? There is no store in business with this policy. At most I assumed I would have to pay the shipping, but no. I will not be buying anything from this company again, and highly suggest you shop around before doing so.

Estate SE

My experience purchasing an Estate SE mattress and foundation from Charles P. Rogers was a very positive one. I went to the East 59th Street showroom and tried out the various well-made mattresses with the informative assistance of the salesman, Sean S. He allowed me to spend time laying on various mattresses without any pressure to make a purchase. I decided on one of the queen-size Estate 5000 Plus mattress with a 5-inch box spring foundation. Unfortunately, after a couple of months of sleeping on it at home I realized that it was not the right one for me (despite spending so much time trying mattresses in the store). With the assistance of the sales representative, Sean S., and the Customer Experience Manager, Thomas B., I exchanged the original mattress for an Estate SE mattress. The whole experience and process of the original purchase and exchange was excellent. The white glove service provided by the delivery men for both deliveries was very good, too. CPR was concerned that I was a happy consumer and fully satisfied with my purchase of their mattress. They honor their 100 Day Comfort Guarantee, in fact it was extended beyond 100 days due to the suspension of sales and deliveries during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in NYC. I recommend Charles P. Rogers for their customer service and a variety of quality mattresses, especially the Estate SE mattress.


Do not order a mattress from this company unless you are prepared to wait a month or so. I ordered a Real Bed mattress from this company in September, and after almost 4 weeks it has yet to be shipped. Whenever a try to find out, they say it is "in production", whatever that means. Then they claim shortages of materials. They then promise it will be shipped next week. Same story three weeks in a row. Finally forced to cancel and demand a refund.

Estate 5000, Very Comfortable!

We waited a while for the estate 5000 mattress to come in, but it was worth the wait, we're happy with it now after sleeping on it for a month, very comfortable

4 years & sagging

April 15, 2017, we purchased the Estate 5000 Firm mattress based on the Consumer Reports review. The need was for a firm mattress due to spinal fusion. The mattress is well supported by our bedframe. As of 3 months ago, the mattress began to sag and this has resulted in significant back pain. I emailed Charles Rogers customer support team on 2/10/21 asking for recommendations to resolve the sagging. On 2/19, I received an email asking what type of bedframe support was present. I replied 2/20/21. I have had NO FURTHER communication from them. They are extremely poor at communication and post delivery issues. I am extremely disappointed and plan to write reviews re: their lack of customer support and communication.

Mattress is good. Service is bad... way bad

This mattress may be amazing and super comfortable. If it weren't for the poor customer service, this review would be almost perfect. First of all I paid extra for white glove service. I wasn't expecting guys to show up with white gloves. However, I did expect them to have face masks, booties, and treat customers and their home in a respectful way. When the delivery first came to the door, he didn't even have a mask. When I asked the 2nd guy if they had booties and he literally just said No. I walked behind them as they made their way up the stairs. The second guy touched the walls to balance himself while holding the mattress. I immediately noticed a handprint on the wall and then another. Finally, before they got to the top of the stairs, I told them they needed to watched their hands because they were dirty. The first guy was okay with it and the second just ignored what I said. As they rounded around the corner at the top of the stairs and past the bathroom it seemed like they were going to ignore my request. Therefore, I told them again firmly that they needed to wash their hands. Luckily the mattress came rolled up in a bag so they didn't stain that but would have if they didn't wash their hands. As they continued up the second set of stairs the second guy was aggressively pushing up the mattress so hard at times that the first guy had to tell him to slow down. Once they entered the room, they ripped up the packaging and put the mattress down. The second guy was so aggressive I was almost waiting for him to knock down my lamps. Fortunately he didn't. I later noticed there was also a small stain on the mattress as well as a thread defect. When they were done, they walked away and then the first guy came back telling me he had another box for me. When he opened it I forgot that I also ordered a mattress cover so he just left it with me. After they left I was going to put the mattress cover only to realize it was an encasement. The mattress had to put inside this. I am single and live alone and there was nobody who was going to drop everything during a pandemic to help me put that mattress in there. I immediately called Customer Service and after retelling them my poor delivery experience, they insisted on me sending pictures to prove the damage. After several days of back and forth dealing with their poor Customer Service to respond, they deducted $100 off the bill even though the "white glove service" was $150. Customer Service told me they hire shippers to install/deliver the mattress and they have no awareness of what I'm supposed to receive under that service. To make things even better, I realized a few weeks later I realized the mattress was installed upside down which was another thing I couldn't fix. Customer Service kept asking me to do it myself. After plenty of back and forth they finally agreed to have a delivery person drop by to turn over the mattress and put it into its encasement. It was so painful to deal with these people. Therefore, just for that I don't recommend.

Good mattress but not so good customer service

I am a researcher by training, so whenever I buy anything I do extensive research. I needed a King mattress and I am a plus size side sleeper.I used to have a Sterns and Foster with a thick pillowtop that was great but their quality went down and then I tried an adjustable foam mattress for a couple of years but it just left me with shoulder pain no matter what I did. So this time around I tried Helix, Saatva, Casper (showrooms for the Helix, I had the Saatva for 80 days before I sent it back (great customer service). Eventually I came to Charles P Rogers. My initial ordering experience was good. The salesperson: Tina (Fulya)recommended the estate 9000 Luxury Plush King Mattress and so I ordered it. Between that time and delivery I almost cancelled however, there were hidden fees for things like delivery and setup and delays and I just about lost my patience with Tina and the company. Keep in mind I lived in New Jersey for 4 years so I am used to the quirks of the customer service in the area. Even considering that: the customer service was not professional or upfront. The only reason I went through with it is I needed a mattress (my old one was no longer an option) and due to time constraints, I needed to just go through with it. Just one example: their site says that if you put one of their mattresses on a non-Charles P Rodgers foundation it voids the warranty. Well, their foundations are ridiculously expensive. I talked to Tina about options and she told me just to order a generic foundation from Amazon for cheap. Well, I said: won't that void the warranty? Response was: I wouldn't worry about it. Well, I worried about it. And I ordered the one from Charles P Rodgers because I was spending $3000 on a mattress and wanted to make sure the company would stand by their product. Fortunately, 6 months later the actual mattress is literally my favorite piece of furniture in my house (and I have some nice stuff) as it is just perfect in terms of comfort and support. I am happy I went through with it-- but I am concerned that if I have an issue how the company will response to it. Hopefully there won't be issues. One thing: the mattress is SHOCKINGLY heavy. Keep that in mind.

Worse Mattress ever!

We purchaed this Estate Lifetime Mattress sight unseen over the telephone/Internet based on what the sales person told us and their website. The bed was late getting here by 2 months and was not deleived white glove as we requested and paid for. Trying to be patient we waited. We thought, this is a well made mattress the sales person is telling us we have a lifetime guarantee and if it doesn't work for us no problem we will be able to return it. Not the case at all. We have slept on this bed just under a year and it is sagging in the middle on both sides. Very uncomfortable giving no support. My wife and I are not overweight so what is the problem. Obviously the bed is poorly made. We have started sleeping in our other bedrooms where the mattress is much more comfortable as we need our sleep while we are dealing with Charles p Rogers and there so called life time guarantee. Don't make the mistake we did... Your money is better spent elsewhere.

Cal-King buyers beware

We purchased a Powercore Nano2 California King, 5 years ago. We love the bed, but getting sheets that fit, is extraordinarily difficult. We have purchased "deep pocket" sheets, but with the mattress protector (sold to us by Charles P Rogers) on the bed, sheets do not fit. We were told when we purchased the bed, that the mattress protector would not add enough height to make a difference. Wrong! So, beware, if you want a mattress protector on your Cal King bed, you will be endlessly searching for fitted sheets that actually fit. We are now to the point of considering the purchase of another Cal King mattress, but unfortunately, not from Charles P Rogers.

Not what I thought it was going to be

Purchased an Estate SE Mattress on February 19, 2022 in Firm. So its been 4 months now and there a noticeable firmness is gone. I'm not a overlarge person - 5'11" and weight in at 195. I have to go to middle of bed to find that firmness. Looked a Consumers Report which gave it a high rating, I would not at this short rate of using it. So I would give it a 1 start rating.

Poor support

We discarded a 30 year old mattress because it had developed swales where we slept in our king size mattress. Figured a new one would once again give us years of a “flat” form on which to sleep. Not so. 6 months of use and we have the depressions we intended to escape. Customer service said to flip mattress occasionally. Our model cannot be flipped. AND they said sleep in different parts of the mattress to even wear. Ridiculous. DO NOT PURCHASE.

A 2 Year Bed at Most

Not a very impressive mattress, especially for the price. I paid over 2K for a bed only 2 years ago and just replaced it. I am 180 lbs with back pain. I was led to believe it was a top quality mattress and would help my back pain. There was a very noticeable impression in the bed and it just felt cheap. I would not recommend the Charles P Rogers bed to anyone.

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