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Cb2 Bed Reviews

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CB2 established itself with its discount furniture and home goods, but over the recent years, they have been branching out into the moderately priced on-demand furniture arena. With prices ranging from below $100 and up to just under $2000 for a bed frame, their range is somewhat larger than other furniture brands. Overall, customers like their selection, but there were some complaints around durability and perceived quality on some models.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.7/10

Material Quality: 8.6/10

Design Options: 8.7/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.5/10

Price: $99-$2699

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Cb2 Bed Details

CB2 got its start as predominantly a discount furniture retailer, but in recent years they have expanded their offering into the higher end and moderately priced furniture market. Although they still offer a variety of lower priced options, when it comes to beds, customers gravitate towards their more expensive options that offer higher perceived quality. Although most customers find CB2's offerings to be solid, there were some complaints -- mostly related to assembly, durability, and customer service.

For those that are looking for something stylish and highly rated, see our list of beds and bed frames for competitive options. Below we'll go through CB2's bed options and discuss which get the best ratings from customers.

CB2's Beds

CB2 offers beds in different types -- including those without headboards, wooden platform beds, upholstered platform beds, metal platform beds, and specialty beds (like canopy beds). We'll go through each of these types below, discuss their offerings, and describe what customers say about their options.

First, we'll go through Simple Bases Without Headboards:

CB2 offers a variety of simple bases to choose from, including the Simple Acacia Wood Base, Simple Black Metal Base, and Simple Whitewash Base. These bases each feature similar designs without a headboard or footboard. While the metal options are made of powdercoated iron, the wooden options are made with veneered plywood and engineered wood. These options are quite affordable, and most customers like them initially. However, there were some complaints about perceived quality from customers.

For those that are looking for something a bit higher end, CB2 offers Wooden Platform Beds:

The wooden platform beds feature solid wood foundations and headboards, which are higher quality and higher priced than their base options. They come in a selection of styles -- ranging from lower profile and modern to mid-century looks. The woods offered include options that include teak, acacia, and mango woods, and some of their offerings feature sustainable approaches, which eco-conscious customers appreciate. Overall, customers like the variety of styles offered, but there were some that reported durability concerns.

For those that want more color options, CB2 also offers Upholstered Beds:

CB2's upholstered platform beds offer leather and fabric options with a variety of color options to select, including ivory, gray, teal, brown, and more depending on the bed selected. While most customers like the variety of options offered, there were some that had issues with noise, creakiness, and assembly on some models.

Next, if you are looking for something with a more modern or industrial look, CB2 offers Metal Platform Beds:

The metal platform beds offered by CB2 include their Alchemy Bronze bed, Alchemy Matte Black Bed, and Niander Mesh Bed. These offerings will fit well into interior designs that range from an industrial inspired space to more rustic interiors. Customers have good things to say about these beds overall, but there were some that reported issues with durability in some instances.

Lastly, for those that want a truly unique look, check out CB2's Specialty Beds:

CB2's specialty beds feature two different types: canopy beds and hotel-inspired beds. The canopy beds offer either wood or metal designs and styles that fit into both modern and rustic palettes. While most customers like their canopy beds, a common complaint is squeakiness around the joints. The other option is the hotel inspired beds that come with built-in shelving on the sides, which act as bedside tables. These feature veneered engineered wood in either a natural look or painted. Most customers like the offerings, but there were some quality issues reported for some models.

Who Are CB2 Beds Right For?

For those that have the money to spend, CB2's higher priced options offer higher quality. For those looking for more options and a longer outlook for durability, see our List of Top Rated Beds for great alternatives.

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Sleek - Stylish - Sturdy: In a word, Quality.

The hues, dimensions, and style of the Andes Acacia bed mirrors its bold picture. It makes a statement not just in looks in our new master bedroom as a newly married couple, yet its hues also create a tone of calm and strength. With so many changes as a newly married couple, having our expectations met and exceeded by CB2's online description was such a breath of fresh air. It, along with having a flawless delivery and set up, eliminated any second thoughts, returns, and any additional stress during such an important time and after its highly anticipated delivery. If you are looking for bold, sturdy, stylish, quality, met expectations, and a bed that can accent almost any style, I can't recommend it more! Also, consider some of its accent furniture (like the linear low dresser or tall chest). They compliment the bed very well! (No, I don't work for the company! lol. It's just nice to have helpful reviews from others as I hope you will do on other products. This, so, we the public are able to spend money wisely on products that deliver! Please be kind to your neighbor, and leave reviews.)

Amazing frame

This bed frame is honestly such great quality. My husband was away so I had to put the bed together and it was so easy. It really is a stand out piece in our bedroom.

Beautiful and easy to assemble

We got this bed about a year or so ago and I love it! It's beautiful and it was easy for us to assemble.

Love at first sight!

I just received this bed yesterday and I absolutely love it! I was looking for a bedroom set for a quite a while and I am so happy we settled on this one. It fits our mid-century modern style and fits perfectly under the window which is located right behind the headboard. Also, I love that the delivery guys installed this bed for me!

Great bed

Just bought this, build quality is excellent. The delivery guys are excellent and very professional as well!

Love the Built-ins

I love this bed! It makes my guest room look like a little boutique Palm Springs hotel. Exactly what I wanted for my space.

Love, love, love

We bought our bed about 2 months ago and love it! Perfect additional to our mid-century remodel. We purchased the whole bedroom set. The wood color is deep and rich without being too dark. Great quality as well.

Fantastic bed!

This is a wonderful bed frame! Very sturdy and looks great. The color is warm and I can’t believe how affordable it is.

Gorgeous look, sturdy build, amazing sleep

I absolutely fell in love with the look of this bed and when it arrived it was lovely in person, the color is gorgeous and it has a beautiful mid century modern look and feel. My husband and I put it together (definitely needs 2 people) and everything was heavy, well made, and solid. Once we put this together and plopped our mattress on, we slept like kings and queens that night. Our doggies love the low height and can jump on and off, and our goddaughters scramble into this bed any chance they can get. We get many compliments and having had this for several months now, I can attest that it is just as sturdy and gorgeous as when it first arrived. Highly recommend!!

Excellent purchase!

This bedroom set is absolutely beautiful and the quality excellent. We are pleased with our purchase and plan to order more from CB2!

Beautiful, sturdy bed!

I bought this bed a few months ago, and I absolutely love it! The bed is sturdy and feels very high quality, and it adds so much character to my otherwise simplistic room. The color is also very beautiful. I especially love the built in nightstands as they look great and motivate me to keep the space free of clutter. I live in a rather small space and it still fits nicely. We assembled at home and it took a few hours but was not very difficult.

Fantastic Bed

Looks great, love the bed!


I bought this product in May 2019 and I have no regrets! I read the other reviews about how your mattress may slide or it's not durable. I have not experienced any of these issues. If you're on the fence about this product, don't be! I waited for the free delivery promo and extra 15% off. The delivery crew assembled the bed for me and was extremely quick. Sign up for their text messages if you haven't yet.

Great bed!

I bought this bed a few months ago and I love it! We wanted something low so that the dog and the toddler could easily get up and this has been perfect. The build in nightstands are big enough to hold a lamp, book, a glass of water and anything else I might need.


Its modern, agile and elegant design embellished our room


We bought this bed a few years ago for our master bedroom. It is everything I've wished for in a bed, great height & easy to get in an out of, love the storage on the sides as well. It's not in our guest room in our new house and everyone that stays in it loves it. Highly recommend!

So modern and beautiful

I've received so many compliments on this bed. I personally love the way it looks and I love this company so much.

Amazing bed!

My husband and I bought this bed as a gift for our wedding on February 2019. We are beyond happy with the bed. The wood is solid, great quality and color. It's a beautiful mid-century design with a modern touch. Perfect, and would recommend it to anyone. BTW it helps that you don't need night stands for this bed and that there's a small hole on the sides to pull your mobile phone charger. We like to keep it clean with only two candles on each side (thinking about buying a lamp). This bed will make any bedroom shine! Oh and this got delivered to us within 3 days and perfectly installed by the courier.

Looks incredible!

We had been eyeing this bedframe for awhile and after purchasing it did not disappoint! This was our first experience with CB2 and they came into our house and assembled the entire bedframe. It looks amazing. It is solid and we have never had a problem with creaking or instability. A great product that is durable and looks amazing :-)

Beautiful bed

I’m so happy with the purchase of this bed. It’s absolutely beautiful and I love the low profile look of it. I put sconce globe lights above each night and it completes the look perfectly! Gotten many compliments so far. Great quality!

Exactly what I was looking forward.

Just got this bed delivered and it’s exactly what I wanted. Perfect low to the ground platform style and the attached night standesque shelves are great. Couldn’t believe the price of this bed for the quality.

As great as everyone says!

I've had my eye on this bed for several years - I was waiting until I had a larger bedroom to accommodate a king before purchasing this. It really is a beautiful bed, the cord cutouts are brilliant, and I'm so happy that it sits flush against the wall. (I previously had a custom-made platform bed similar to this with built-in nightstands *and* storage underneath, but the way it was constructed there was a decent sized gap between the base and the wall, and dusting under there was a nightmare.) It's brand new and creaking every so often when I get on or off the bed; I hope that subsides. If it doesn't I'll have to edit to remove a star because it's annoying.

Great modern stylish comfortable bed

We bought this bed nine month ago and we truly love it. The modern elegance look of this line is what sold us; in addition is well built, sturdy piece of furniture.The quality is great and we haven't had any issues with it. Probably will buy matching pieces later.

Great modern stylys confort bed.

We bought this bed nine month ago and we truly love it. The modern elegance look of this line is what sold us; in addition is well built, sturdy piece of furniture.The quality is great and we haven't had any issues with it. Probably will buy matching pieces later.

Great quality, contemporary look

I really want to give this product a 5 star, but can’t. There is nothing about it that deviates from the picture or description, it has solid construction and a contemporary look, however, I was hoping the color on the internet was skewed and in person, it was more brown than orange. But alas, it is orange and therefore the 4. If CB2 could make this in white oak, they’d make a mint!

Stunning Piece

What a stunning piece! I love this bed, the design, the wood, the tone and it was a great fit for my bedroom. Super easy to install with clear directions. I would definitely recommend this bed as it’s a statement piece for sure. Low profile with attached nights for a modern look and feel.

I love this bed!

It’s a great piece and seems to wear well. Had it for a little over a year and still appreciating it. Great that it has two nightstands built in, plenty of room!

The best looking bed in the market

My husband and I bought this Bed a month ago, hands down is the best investment in our apartment. The Acacia wood has the perfect color, we were looking for a low , modern looking bed we found it, the quality is outstanding, and the look of it honestly seems more expensive that it was. Plus our old dogs can jump with any problem and now we can sleep happy knowing they don't have to jump from a high bed, and get injured. The assembly of CB2 was extremely professional, it arrived on time, and its our dream bed!

Great features

I have been eyeing this bed for quite a while, and finally got it a month ago. Its gorgeous, well made and a stand out piece...would highly recommend.

So cool

We bought this bed for our 17 year old son. He loves it! Is so cool and sleek. Very comfortable and great quality.

Absolutely Love

This bed is a solid low profile minimalist bed. We opted for warehouse pickup and building on our own. That process was simple and the pick up went easy. The building of the bed was easy and fast once we figured out the leg that covers the screw at the foot of the bed. It was quite comical but fun. Fits my Dream Cloud bed with no issues (one of those bed in a box things). Fits well with my mid-century dresser and lamps as well.

Minimal and modern love

I finally bought this bed about two months ago after being in love with it for over a year. The price point may seem high at first, but coupled with the fact that the nightstands are attached - it really was a great quality find. I'm in love with the aesthetic.

Love it!!

I had coveted this bed for years and am so glad I finally bought it. It looks so good in my 1962 mid-century modern home. The wood really pops on the terrazzo floors. The built-in nightstands are so practical and I love the low headboard. Can't speak to the assembly since it was put together by the delivery crew. Really great quality piece of furniture I think I'll enjoy for a long time.


This bed is in my daughters room and it’s beautiful. She loves the color, finish and most of all size. The end tables are perfect for her alarm clock, books, her camera, and small decorating things she has there.

The Quintessential Bed

I bought this for my new house a few months ago and just set it up about a month ago, and let me tell you-it doesn't disappoint. After initially seeing it assembled in a CB2 showroom in Philly, I fell in love. This will forever by my favorite bed. It is timeless and flexible.

Love the "all-in-one" feature of this bed!

I bought this bed in a king size for my teenage son and he couldn't love it more! He absolutely loves the cantilevered shelves built into the headboard that replace the need for clunky nightstands. He also loves the fact that the bed is low to the ground. The wood has a nice rich tone and doesn't look overly midcentury, which I admit I am starting to tire of. Instead, the look has more of the George Nakashima vibe. The bed was delivered and put together quickly by the CB2 delivery team so it couldn't have been easier.

Sleek, handsome bed!

I bought this bed less than a month ago and I’m already in love. I was a little apprehensive about the protruding platform all around the mattress; I thought I’d be bumping into it every morning and night. Happy to report I haven’t even grazed it once and it looks so fantastic. The built in night stands are chic and functional. And my large dog appreciates being able to take one comfy step into bed now :)

Amazing quality! Awesome design!

Moved into a new apartment in NYC and saw this Andes bed at the CB2 store -- fell in love. The built-in night stands meant that I didn't need to spend more on separate night stands. The rustic vibe is exactly what I was looking for. The cut-outs in the shelves allow for easy cable passthrough so we can charge our phones and plug in lamps without any ugly cables dangling around. The bed is beautiful and well made. Couldn't recommend this bedframe any more!

One of the best low level bed I own

We bought it will assembly service and they put up bed in 5 quick mins. I own this bed since 7 months it super low. A toddler can easily climb on it and it’s very sturdy. It is simple but make my room look really rich.

Great look and quality, difficult construction

This was a great purchase, once I got it all together (took a few hours and very heavy parts, which are good quality). I really like the look and get compliments on it regularly. It looks exactly as it does in the pictures. Note the top shelves are pretty small and won't fit most lamps - it has to be small in diameter all the way up (see shelf dims).

Easy to put together

I put this together with a little assistance from my partner in no time.

Beautiful bed!

We love our Andes Acacia bed! The wood coloring is beautiful and matches any color scheme. The product was just as described on the website and looks even better in person. Would definitely recommend!

Perfect minimalist bed with maximalist STYLE

Bought king size for vacation home with 10 ft ceilings, so wanted low to ground. This was SO much more. Great style, clean and modern. Very functional ‘night-stands’ on either side with 2 shelves and a cut-out to hide outlet cord. Wood is beautifully grained and matches a variety of finishes. Platform mattress and it.

Just what we wanted.

My husband and I wanted a platform bed and had been looking for quite awhile. We spotted this bed on CB2 and loved it. It came quickly and was easy to put together, it is sturdy and beautifully made. We have had the bed for about a week now and it is just what we wanted.

Love the wood tone and quality!

I did a lot of research before picking this bed and I'm truly happy with our purchase. I love the warmness of the wood tone and how it pairs with other wood tones. The Acacia is not too orangey and not too dark. The quality of the wood looks great and all the pieces arrived in perfect condition. The assembly took less than an hour and my fiancee was able to do most of the work on his own. Shipping was also quick. I 100% recommend this bed frame!

Andes acacia bed a great choice

Bought this bed in queen for my winter second bedroom in Arizona. It is a winner and love it.


I love how it comes with both side nightstands and color looks gorgeous even more in person. Price is amazing for what we got. Thanks

Beautiful but Not great for woof floors

Saw this at the store, bought it, and had to send it back. As much as I loved it, my rug was too small for full coverage and the wood floor wasn't contrasting enough so it felt weird. Overall, if you have a large bedroom or perhaps concrete floors or a large rug, I would highly recommend it! ALSO love the customer service experience I had.

so elegant!

CB2 not only delivered quickly but assembled in no time! they even went as far as putting on pads to protect the wood floors the bed is magnificent beautiful natural wood color.

Highly Recommend!

Bought this bed nearly a year ago and it's our favorite piece of furniture. Very sturdy, stylish, and the built-in side tables are an amazing added value. We also had a great experiences with the delivery and construction of the bed.

Fantastic Buy!

I was in two minds as the price is somewhat on the higher side. But it has turned out to be a great buy. The design is so simple and beautiful - clean lines, low profile and enough space to keep the most important things at an arms distance.

Great overall

Looks great in my bedroom - since it is a lower bed, I recommend a mirror above the bed to widen up the space. Wood looks nice and clean, a very polished complete look.

Super Happy with the purchase!

I bought this bed for my son’s room. Very happy with quality, color and overall look.


We updgraded to this after having a different lower platform bed style for several years. We love the connected nightstands and the wood is really beautiful. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that we tend to trip on the outside corners in the night if we aren't careful. Other than that we have no complaints!

Comfortable and beautiful design

I’ve search forever for new bed frame. Checked so many online stores and even travel out of state... I absolutely love it and didn’t even have to think about side table( don’t know proper term ^^) because it’s attached to it. Again I love the simplicity!!!!

stylish and functional

I've had this bed for almost two months now and I'm really glad that we bought it. I wanted a lower profile bed to help our room look bigger, so the built in shelves were a welcome feature so that I didn't have to fuss with finding new nightstands and a new bed. I also really appreciate the size and placement of the hole you're meant to run your cords through - it allows a lot of cords to fit through with ease, and your devices can easily be placed on the top or bottom shelf. I also got the linear low dresser and I can report that it looks lovely with the bed.

Practical and beautiful

Great purchase decision very practical bed, eliminates the need for nightstands and looks great at the same time.

Great product

I purchased this product 9 months ago and it still looks great and is in amazing condition. Combined with a memory foam mattress and you have a perfect modern bed set. The connected night stands are perfect for saving space as well

Handsome and no need for night stands!

Great bed. Low to the ground but I can still stand up easily and I’m 5’11. The shelving on the sides is good for a water glass and a lamp with a small footprint. There’s also a whole in the back of the top shelf to let cords come through. It’s exactly what we were looking for - stylish simple bed which doesn’t require us to buy separate nightstands. Thanks cb2!

We love it

We bought this bed and we are really loving it. It is pretty well made, and very sleek. So sleek that we have the feeling we have more room and more space. We really like the cord spaces - makes it easy to keep the nightstand organized. We were a bit worried that we would miss the drawers and the ability to hide things, but we have concluded open is good!

Modern luxury

I’ve had this bed for 6 months now and I love it! The attached nightstands are fantastic and are perfect for all the modern chargers etc. This bed frame gets SO many compliments and is incredibly well made. Several friends took my cue and bought the same one when they saw mine! Well done CB2.

Stunning Bed!

Just purchased this bed and couldn't be more happy. The setup was very straight forward and the wood was in excellent condition. This platform bed is not only visually beautiful, but it's sturdy and high quality. Would highly recommend this bed to anyone looking for a sleek mid-centry platform bed.


My husband and I seen this bed online and thought it looked perfect. So we found a store to go look at it and it was even more beautiful in person. We received it over the weekend and not only is it nice looking but the quality is great as well! It is pretty low to the ground, but that hasn’t been a problem.

Beautiful bed

This is a fantastic platform bed. It was time consuming to put together but the instructions were clear. Definitely required two people. The piece itself is gorgeous and minimalist, goes great with any decor. The platform is thin enough that I have only hit my shin on it once (and I hit my shins on everything). Highly recommend this bed, it's a great deal.


We've had this bed for about a year now, and STILL couldn't be happier with our purchase. Looks great with different linens, and fits well (style wise) in our mid-century ranch. The connected side tables are convenient and have a hole behind the shelf for hiding power cords.

Best bed ever!

This bed is beautiful! The side tables give space and yet are minimalist!

Love this bed

Got the queen size and it's beautiful! Very sturdy too.

Very nice

Beautiful and great quality ..

Gorgeous, simple, solid

The color of the wood is beautiful and rich, the construction feels sturdy and solid, and it was easy to assemble. I'm 5'-3", 100lbs, and I was able to carry and assemble the bed by myself. The one thing I did not like was the lack of support. Prior to this bed, I had a box spring under my mattress, but after switching to this bed, my mattress definitely sagged more in the middle, if I slept with a partner. I had to build a smaller support frame in the center of the bed on top of the support slats to compensate for that. No issues any more.

Great bed

Easy to assemble, looks great, side shelves are practical and nicely-sized. The wood looks beautiful. Would buy again


It is a very nice platform bed and the attached nightstands are perfect; they are deep enough to comfortably hold a lamp, book, tissue box etc. and the wood is nice with a warm tone. I really like it.


This is gorgeous as well as comfy!

Love the bed!

I had this in my cart for a month and a half, finally drove 3 1/2 hours to the closest store to see it in person, ordered it before I left. Super cool styling, nice materials, well designed. I had seen the reports that it took a couple hours to assemble, but when I got started I thought "There's no way this will take me two hours" but sure enough, it took me two hours. But it looks amazing. One assembly note, the bottom shelves are side-specific. The instructions have zero words, so it wasn't extremely obvious. The side panels have to attach to the main headboard, and the bottom shelves attach to the platform, so you need to make sure the shelf is attached to the correct side panel. For those of you following along, I did it wrong. It was a simple fix, though. Kudos also for not making me use an Allen wrench. If I ever meet The Allen, I'm gonna smoke him in the chops for designing that stupid wrench. Anyway, it looks great, it's solidly built, great materials, just a beautiful piece. And the price was spot on.

Great bed, even better customer service

We were looking for a platform bed with attached nightstands - this fit the bill perfectly. As we were putting the last piece together, the pilot hole was uneven and caused a hole. Though it was in the back and no one would ever see it, I was worried for the longevity. I contacted CB2's customer service, and they didn't even hesitate to send a replacement piece. It came pretty quickly, and now the bed is perfect. Thoroughly impressed with your team!

Even Better Than I Imagined!

My wife and I bought this bed over a month ago and it has been great. We love the design of it, and also the built-in side tables are really sturdy and functional (there are small hidden holes to connect for phones, clock, light, etc). I can’t stress enough, especially for the great price, how amazing the bed is.

So functional!

I am IN LOVE a with this bed frame. I now have built in night stands and a low, platform bed. The wood is gorgeous. Only thing is it is hard to move. I needed two people to lift it when I wanted to plug in a surge protector. You will also want to get electric lugs that are flush to the wall if your outlet is behind the bed.

Love the built in side tables

We looked for a platform bed with built in side tables and have been really happy with this one. It’s sleek yet sturdy.

Looks expensive for the price.

Bought this bed one year ago. I absolutely Love it. Looks expensive for the price and very good quality. I recommend it to others.

The Frame doesn't match the mattress

We have a casper mattress that we're obsessed with, and ordered this bed to fit it - but it doesn't. I'm pretty dissapointed because unless we shove a ton of pillows in the crevice - the bed shifts.

Dondra Teak Bed

Beautiful, sturdy and minimalistic. Everyone compliments us on this bed! It is pretty low but that was what we desired.

Beautiful Bed

Overall very happy with this purchase, the bed is very sturdy and the wood has a great feel and look to it. One of the slats for the bed broke the first time I sat on it, called the store and they were quick to fix the situation.

Sleek Design

Love this bed! Very sleek, simple design. Very sturdy.

Poorly made - falling apart

I bought this bed (queen size) a few years ago. It looks good but it is poorly made. The bottom part of the wooden bed frame has broken in pieces and the wood piece connecting the headboard to the bed frame has separated on one side so the headboard is wobbly. (The white-glove delivery guys put the bed together.) After removing the mattress and inspecting, I don't see how I can fix it. I would love to post photos but I don't see a mechanism for doing that here. My husband and I are lightweight people (122 lbs. and 145 lbs.) The mattress also slides down, leaving a large space between the headboard and the bed.

I'd call it "mnmlst" Beautiful

Best design ever. I bought one before but I gave it to my girlfriend. She is now in Portland. I wish I could get one again. Or discount on it. But great an beautiful we used it for a long time.

Beautiful bed

This bed will look gorgeous in any bedroom. The quality is great and the color of the wood is unique. The only negative is the bed is a bit squeaky.

Simplistic Perfection

This bed is perfect. Super handsome and sleek design.

Beautiful Bed, Frame Is Too Deep

We bought this bed a few months ago for our master bedroom. It is beautiful and very sturdily made. Delivery was a cinch without any hiccups and professionally handled. We love everything this bed brings to our bedroom and our lives. The one complaint we have is that the bed frame seems too long for our mattress. Both the bed and the mattress are queen size, but there seems to be 3-4" too much space on the frame. We find the mattress travels down every week or so, dropping our upright pillows into the niche newly created at the headboard. We push it back up to the headboard and then cover up the extra frame gap with our oversized duvet cover. Not a big deal, but it is something we didn't notice at the store when we checked out the floor model.

Beautiful Modern Bed!

The wood on this bed is simply beautiful and it blends perfectly with my clean, modern decor. It's high quality and very sturdy. I was concerned at first about the height being lower to the floor than what I'm used to, but it actually doesn't feel much different and if anything I sleep more comfortably at this level.

Beautiful "real wood" bed

I bought this bed a few months ago. It took a bit to arrive at the warehouse, but I don't regret. This is what I was looking for. Nice simple lines beautiful bed. Easy to assemble. It matches perfectly my other teak furniture.

Very nice, no surprises, all as expected

We purchased the queen Dondra about 3 months ago. All as expected as far as the look and function. Looks like the one in the store, feels sturdy, and there is no creakiness/noise. As others mentioned there is a small gap between mattress and headboard because the headboard is designed with a slant, but I really don't notice it, nor does it bother me. We have a 4" low profile boxspring and a 9" foam mattress (so 13" total height of mattress/box spring), and we are still able to see the headboard well, as that had been a concern (that the headboard would be too covered up). However, of course most mattresses and box springs are taller than ours, so you should just be aware of this.

clean lines beautiful wood

i bought this bed for a client...the wood was beautiful...simple...very easy to assemble ..i was VERY impressed with everything about this bed..clients LOVE it.

Beautiful bed!

Bought this a couple months ago and have been very happy with it. It's a beautiful piece, very solid (doesn't move around, creak, or otherwise feel unstable), and gives me the impression that it will last a long time. Price also seems very fair for what you get. The only drawback is that the headboard is a bit angled - which of course is part of the appeal, but it means that it doesn't sit flush to the wall. In small spaces every bit counts, so keep that in mind! It also means that the mattress slides down a little every few days or so, and there's a gap between the mattress and the headboard. Still giving it 5 stars because I don't mind either of those very much, but seems worth mentioning.

Sturdy bed, high quality solid wood.

I bought this bed for myself. I wanted a compact low rise frame for my small NYC apt and the Dondra Teak Bed ticked all the boxes. The slats come all together tied with ropes so putting the bed together is a breeze. I would recommend it 100%

Great solid bed

Its been 2 months since I am using this bed. Its great to sleep on and looks so special in my bedroom

Solid and beautiful!

I shopped for weeks at every possible store and kept coming back to the Dondra bed. It is well made and solid. It will last for years and looks beautiful in my guest room. So happy I purchased it !

I love this bed

I had a slat problem and a scale problem with my tufted headboard bed. Now I have this bed with its sleek design and slightly angled headboard making it easy to read in bed. The teak (reclaimed) wood is beautiful. Though the slats can’t be seen, they too are beautiful. Half slots that fi neatly into their position with no way to fall to the floor. Only good things to say about this bed.

Slatted base cannot support our mattress!

This bed is beautiful - but we can't sleep on it. We have a new memory foam mattress that we purchased to pair with this King bed frame. However, the wooden slats are too weak or too far apart and cannot support it. The mattress sags visibly even without anyone in the bed! And it's extremely uncomfortable when we lay in it. We are scrambling to find a low-profile box spring that would suit this bed frame, but even the 4-5" ones will ruin the aesthetic of this bed by covering the bottom 1/3 of the headboard and make it uncomfortable to recline on. We have been sleeping in the guest room since this was delivered two weeks ago - and the mattress on the hardwood floor was much more comfortable that as it is in the bed frame. Beyond disappointed.

I love this bed!!

Exactly what I was looking for and about half the price of similar beds! Such beautiful, clean lines and warm minimalism!!

Amazing bed, BEAUTIFUL!

We bought this bed a couple of months ago and couldn’t be more pleased. Easy to assemble, sturdy, solid and so beautiful. The wood color is so soothing and the material is quality.

Sturdy, Functional and Beautiful Bedframe

I love this bed frame. The pictures represent the color of the wood and fabric accurately. It is very sturdy and I’m absolutely 100% glad that I bought this frame

Chic look, doesn't wobble

Purchased last year and it's still showing its beauty. I get compliments about it every time people see it. When I shift positions while sleeping, the legs make noise moving on the hardwood floor but I think this will go away once I put small anti-slip pads below the legs.

Sturdy, comfy, and just nice to look at.

The sides of the frame are as nice to run your hand along as they look in the pic. Best headboard for sitting up in bed I've found. Perfect height to slide right in. I'm really pleased with this purchase.

Best. Bed. Ever

My girlfriend and I couldnt be more happy with this bed. Fits our style and first home together perfectly! Wish I had purhcased years ago!

Simple, beautiful, modern bed

We have a small master bedroom so we're looking for something that helped to create the illusion of more space. The low profile and light colored headboard with open sides really helped to open the room up. It's a solid, incredibly attractive bed. We've gotten complements on it from almost everyone who has come to our home.

We love it!

We bought this bed close to a year ago and still love it! It looks great in our room and is well made. We are very happy with the purchase.

Stylish and sturdy

Bought this bed two months ago and it has held up great. Very sturdy bed and fits perfectly into our mid century modern style bedroom. Assembly was a bit challenging but easy enough for one person to figure out. Great purchase!

Great looking and very comfy

I love this bed! It is very comfortable and looks great!

Beautiful and well-made bed

We have had this bed for a few months and it is a high quality bed frame and we love the minimal design. The curved wood edges were a must for me since I like to hit my shins on the edges of beds. A great price point too. We used modsy through the CB2 website and have been finishing up our bedroom design. So far, everything looks great!

Great bed frame

I bought this last year and it’s a solid, sturdy, good looking bed frame that will go with any bedroom decoration. The people who delivered and assembled it were very professional.

Love this bed!

We love our bed. We were worried it was going to be too low to the ground (my husband is super tall) and awkward to get in and out of it but it’s not at all. You do have to be careful with the fabric (ours got a snag) but overall we love it and are happy with our choice! We put it with CB2’s linear nightstands and also love them.

The epitome of style!

My girlfriend and I searched for months for a bed that would perfectly fit both of our styles and enhance the existing decor we already had. This bed is the epitome of style. Simple, elegant, sleek, and has that great mid century modern feel perfect for a our vibe. Love it.

looks good

I bought a king size about three months ago and so far we are satisfied with the frame and it's fitting our bedroom. good quality as well

Sturdy. Chic. Not over sized

Great bed frame that gives you the platform style without being over sized. I live in a NYC apartment and feel blessed to have found a bed frame that let’s be have the decor i want in limited space. And CB2 built it for me.

Stylish bed!

I bought this bed two months ago and still can’t get over how beautiful it is! The headboard is so comfy I just want to lay back against it and read a book or scroll through my phone. Really happy with this purchase!

Looks great and is sturdy

I bought this a month back. Was easy to put together and is very comfortable with a 11.5" mattress without a bedframe. Looks sleek and is comfortable

Exactly what I hoped for

Had the bed for a month, perfect for my space! Built Very solid - only wish the headboard was a little softer

Totally my style

And it's very well made, sturdy. I'm a big guy and I worried that the mattress would easily move every time I turned but it's super well made and very cool looking. I'm very happy with it.

Simple and chic

I purchased this bed 2 weeks ago. Although I wanted something elaborate but due to the age of the home this was better suited. Well made, sturdy and offers plenty of versatility.

We love this!

My husband I looked for months for the perfect bed for our new house. We finally both agreed on this king sized bed/headboard. We have had it for a couple months now and we both just love it and we’re so happy with our choice. Shipping was so easy too!!

Stylish Beauty

I have bought this bed a while back , after searching for a while for a right one. I moved to a new place and really wanted to furnished by bedroom in my style: mix of contemporary and mid century; and I needed a bed, that would be a center piece, making a statement but that would not over power the room, at the same time. This bed caught my eye and I was sold in a second. The bed did not disappoint. It is beautify, stylish and well made. The simple design allowed me to easily combine with other contemporary decor and pieces in mid century style. And its simple beauty would complement other interior design - so you do not need to love mid century as much as I do.

Statement-making headboard

My partner and I purchased this headboard and matching wood frame in a King size for our bedroom. We're quite happy with it overall; the headboard design is unique and adds a bold statement to the room that isn't too overpowering. We find the frame sturdy, though it did arrive with a small scratch. (That said, CB2 did address this to ensure we were content with the final purchase.) I would add a star were this solid wood all-around, but this is good quality for the price point.

Great look - cheap quality

We purchased the headboard and platform bed frame about a year ago. The slats on the frame are cracked and broken around the one flimsy support in the center. The headboard is fine, but it is hollow - like a cheap hollow core door. The bed has 2 below average sized adults sleeping in it and has been used gently. There is absolutely no reason for it to already need repair. We had to furnish our entire home after moving and I’m relieved that we purchased the bed first if this is typical of the quality of cb2 furniture. I’m glad we didn’t buy anything else.

Truly beautiful!

I was looking for a bedframe for over a year and had almost settled on the Drommen, but then saw this bed! It is truly beautiful and the frame is incredibly sturdy. This is my first low profile bedframe so I was a bit nervous about that, but I've found that it some ways it makes it feel cozier and the height of the headboard doesn't make me feel like I am sleeping on the floor.

great headboard, doesn't match wood frame

My husband and I were looking to upgrade to a king, and we both really liked the design of this headboard. We ordered it with the wood frame. The issue is that the wood frame is like a Koa brown, but the headboard reads mahogany red. You could say that the lighter wood in the headboard could coordinate with the base color, but that's what I have been doing to try to convince myself I am OK with the combination. I think it would have helped if there was a disclaimer that the base would not match. I probably should have exchanged one or the other to be more satisfied with this purchase.

I've had this new headboard on my bed for the last couple of months. I love the design on the headboard. I also bought the nightstand that goes with it. I really like that also. I love the fact that the wood design on that is on the drawers & not the top of the nightstand. That way you can see the design, which compliments the headboard. It's also nice if you put something like a cup on it, & got some water on it, the top of the nightstand won't stain. We have this set in our guest bedroom, & have gotten compliments on this striking modern set. The guy that delivered the headboard was very kind.

Looks great! was one of my first stops when I knew it was time to purchase a new bed. and this bed IMMEDIATELY caught my eye. Then I shopped around and around and around but my eyes kept coming back here. So many time that I knew wouldn't be happy if I bought something else. Bed can be great but the design on this headboard does something most beds can't, it become visual centerpiece for your bedroom.

Striking headboard but difficult to coordinate

This is a very unique and visually interesting headboard. It will definitely get you compliments -- however, I found that it was very difficult to match with nightstands and other furniture. I spoke to several CB2 salespeople and even a decorator, and we really struggled to find nightstands that would work with it. As a result, I ended up exchanging it. Also, as I've written in other reviews, the photos of this are not entirely accurate. The starburst effect is exaggerated in the photos likely due to bright lights pointing right at it. Unless your room has very intense lighting, it will look much closer to the second photo (the one with the white bedding). I don't think this headboard is on display in many stores, but I think the dresser or nightstand is. I suggest you go look in person to decide if you can live with it.


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