Casper Wave Review: Best 2020 Online Mattress (or Avoid?)

Casper Wave Mattress Review

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Casper Wave Mattress Review

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Casper Wave was released in August 2017 and it is pitched as a mattress that complements the body's natural geometry in a revolutionary way. It is softer than the previous Casper mattress, and according to Casper's Chief Product Officer has a 'liquid-y feeling,' which means it is softer than its predecessor. Its combination of foams provides a vertical transition that supports your lower back, shoulders, and hips. To achieve this, their foams have a reinforced polymer support for the back and hips and a contouring series of dips and bars in the foam for comfort for your shoulders.

Read on to learn about what makes up the bed and what it promises for comfort.

The Layers

The Casper Wave's 'Natural Geometry System' is made of the following layers (all foams are Certipur-US certified so they won't offgas nasty toxins):

Layer 1 - Flo Foam provides a layer of contouring to the top layer of the mattress. It is a soft comfortable surface to sleep on. Casper pitches this as a soft velvety layer that melts away under you.

Layer 2 - Latex foam provides a refreshing bounce to the top of the mattress. As you melt through the first layer, the latex layer provides a comfortable resistance while still providing softness to the surface layers.

Layer 3 - Visco elastic foam (commonly called memory foam) gives a contouring middle layer to the mattress that allows for a sinking and low resistance contouring effect for the sleeper. For those that like memory foam feel, this is your layer!

Layer 4 - High resiliency foam with polymer network is the layer that provides a medium level of support and connects into the base layer with polymer shelving that adds better support for your lower back.

Layer 5 - Support foam comes with contouring sections along the shoulder and the lower hips. It also provides support for the lower back and spine.

The Value

There is no doubt that the R&D for this product was sophisticated and holistic. However, at a price point that starts at $1,000 for a twin, there is a major question about value in this mattress. Although there is no doubt that this mattress is more comfortable than the original Casper, the value of materials alone may not satisfy the high price point. As an example, there are other competitive mattress brands that offer trend-setting support from pocketed coils for less money than this all foam mattress. Is it worth it? Time will tell with the reviews that come out in the near future.

The Good
- A large investment in R&D that has created a revolutionary design for a memory foam mattress.
- Contouring for side sleepers in the shoulder and support for the lower back.
- A nice mix of bounce and contouring that provides universal comfort.

The Bad
- The price point of this mattress is exorbitant vs. other factory direct competitors.
- There is a question of value in the foams used vs. other durable materials like pocket coils.

What Others Are Saying

The jury is still out about this mattress, but if the promises are true, it can definitely impress:

Jack Seemer from Gear Patrol noted "hypersensitive top foam layer for a softer, more 'liquid-y feeling,' as described by the company’s Chief Product Officer, Jeff Chapin"

Barbara Elredge from Curbed said "no expense was spared when it came to using the most sleep-friendly materials for the Wave[...]Casper used materials sourced from Belgium to Korea—which partially explains the new mattress’s premium price tag.

TechCrunch's Anthony Ha tried the mattress and said "I only lay on it for a couple of minutes, so I can’t really comment on the ergonomic support, but I can say that Chapin’s description of the Wave’s 'liquid-y feeling' was accurate — it feels much softer than the regular Casper mattress that I have at home."

Preliminary Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.3 /10

Price Value: 8.7 /10

No Back Pain: 9.5 /10

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