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Casper Wave Mattress Reviews

The Casper Wave mattress has gone through a variety of changes and updates over the past few years. Originally featuring an all-foam design, the Casper Wave is now the Casper Wave Hybrid that features a hybrid design with pocket springs and cooling gel support zones. For warm sleepers, the Wave Hybrid also comes with an optional Snow Technology upgrade. Overall, it is ideal for slimmer body types due to its medium-soft profile

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 8.8/10

No Back Pain: 9/10

Price: $1595-$3595

Trial Period: 100 Days

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Casper Wave's Specifics

The Casper Wave mattress has gone through a few iterations over the years. Its newest design features both pocketed coils and a zoned support layer while focusing on pressure-point relief, ideal for side sleeping. While most customers appreciate their new Casper Wave Hybrid mattresses, there are some that disagreed with the firmness profile of the mattress in some instances.

Quality of Materials

The Casper Wave Hybrid offers a thicker 13'' height that features some innovative comfort layer elements, like zoned gel pods. It also comes with an optional Snow Technology cooling upgrade for an additional cost. Here is what's inside the Casper Wave Hybrid:

Cover Layer: The cover features a zip-off design that is easy to clean and airy, wicking away heat and moisture. The Snow Technology upgrade includes a QuickCool™ cover that provides a cool-to-the-touch feel.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a thin layer of cooling gel on top of AirScape™ perforated breathable foam. It gives sleepers a contouring feel while diffusing pressure points.

Layer 3: The following comfort layer features a second layer of AirScape™ foam with additional cooling properties to further whisk away heat and contour to the sleeper above. The Snow Technology optional upgrade includes 6 HeatDelete™ Bands in this layer that move heat away from your body.

Layer 4: The third layer is yet again another AirScape™ layer, but this time with Casper's Zoned Support™ to align the back properly.

Layer 5: The next comfort layer features Casper's Zoned Support™ Max technology. There are gel pods under the waist and lower back for additional spinal support and alignment.

Layer 6: The main support layer features pocketed coils that adapt to the body to support the spine.

Overall Comfort

Most customers report feeling a soft, yet supportive sleeping profile with plenty of pressure relief in the hips and shoulders. While most slim sleepers report this works for them, one of the more common complaints is that the mattress is too soft.


The Casper Wave Hybrid is a medium-soft and will be most ideal for side sleepers with slimmer body types that need extra relief in their hips and shoulders.

Back Pain Relief

With the pocketed coil and zoned support features, most customers report getting enough support for back discomfort alleviation. However, there are some that described this mattress as too soft, which may cause some discomfort over time.


One element that this mattress does very well is cooling. Customers mostly report a cool and comfortable sleep. Those that live in warm environments or are particularly warm sleepers might consider the Snow Technology upgrade for additional relief.

Who Is The Casper Wave Hybrid Right For?

This mattress is ideal for slim side sleepers that require more pressure point relief and for those that enjoy a softer contouring feel

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The Wave has spoiled us!!

We always wanted to rent a house in a warm climate for a month.Well we did an the weather was wonderful...But there wasn't a wave mattress!!!You have spoiled us with comfort and now nothing else will do!! We can't express how much the wave mattress allows us a perfect nights sleep!! Thank you Casper!

Simply the best


Casper Wave - The Right Choice!

It's been 37 days on my Casper Wave and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. Buying a bed has always been something I dreaded because if it didn't help you get a good night sleep, you were just stuck with it. Casper gave my a new experience. Ordering online was so easy. I called customer service just before I made the purchase and she was great. Delivery was right on time and set up was simple. So far my hip and my back no longer ache when I wake up. I was afraid the bed would be too hard but my body loves it. I also sleep cooler than I did on my old mattress. After researching for months, I definitely made the right choice!

Perfect for combo side sleepers

Incredibly comfortable. Love the support and as a side-sleeper, the pressure relief No more arms falling asleep and when waking up, the aftershocks of pins and needles. Exceeded my expectations by a mile.

Husband loved it

I’m only giving four stars because I thought it was still a bit too soft for my personal liking. My husband however loved it. I added a 2 inch firm topper as a happy compromise. The Casper mattress though is great for anyone who sleeps hot. My husband and I both so and we no longer wake up sweaty. It truly is a great investment. It just gets tricky for couples with different preferences.

Able to sleep again

We did alot of researching for a new mattress. I'm 58 and a side sleeper and husband is 59 back sleeper. So had trouble finding something that would help us both. While no serious back issues we are at an age where the aches and pains are bothering us at night. We were hesitant on the price of the wave hybrid but as my son pointed out - put good money into anything between you and the ground, thats tires, shoes, and mattress. Prior to the wave hybrid we were both waking up multiple times a night. Since the new mattress we are both sleeping through the night and wake up much more refreshed. Oh yes, the dogs love it too.

Great sleep

We love the Casper wave hybrid. I am side sleeper who changed often during the night, that caused alot of lower back pain. The Casper has fixed that problem, with just the firmness and support . I would recommend the Casper wave hybrid to everyone.

The best

Have had the wave hybrid and adjustable pro base. Honestly the best sleep. Actually stay cool all night!

Buy this mattress

I looked at several mattresses for awhile but kept coming back to the Casper Wave Hybrid. I love it. Gives me all the support and comfort I need. Back pain has decreased and I sleep better during the night. Highly recommend this mattress

Great bed, slow turnaround

The mattress itself is awesome. I have hip and back issues and my hip had been hurting in our old bed so I was sleeping on the couch. At first, I thought this bed was going to be too firm, but it's so perfect. I can tell I have hip inflammation because I can feel some pressure when I move around, but no pain. What a relief! After the 1st night, no interventions, I had no more hip pain after that. It does get more comfortable over time, so I've been in it for about a week and it is so comfortable. You get in and you feel it conform to your curves. The pillows are also really nice. They are the perfect level of fluffy, give, and firmness.The bad part? We ordered it and it said it would should within a few days. I check the order status, which is a lot of clicks in from the order confirmation email and it says it's going to be over a week. I keep getting shipment notifications for the mattress protector we also ordered and I think it's the bed. I get all excited and come home to find a little box that is obviously not a bed. So disappointed. Then I keep getting all kinds of ad emails, which just adds to my frustration. I reply to one of the ad emails and tell them they should really hold off on the ads until I get the bed. Still got more ads. They offer to send 2 free pillows, so then i was getting tons of shipment notifications about those. The shipment notifications dont always say which item is being shipped. I'm pretty sure they had to make the bed to fulfill the order.

Like sleeping on a firm mattress. Great for lower back.

The wave hybrid is the best firm mattress in the market.

Like sleeping in a cloud

I have compared the bed to sleeping in a supportive cloud. It feels fluffy and comfortable, but still get the support we need. I would recommend this bed!

Too Soft

Very soft, not the medium that was hoping for. Off gassing took longer than a week. So far, I am not happy with this mattress.

Hip and back pain no more

Fabulous. Delivery and install was so easy. My husband's back had been hurting with our old mattress, and he no longer has back pain. My hips were killing me and no more pain. I didn't think a mattress made that big of a difference, but it definitely does. Highly recommend. Noticed the difference right away. We've only had it a month, so I can't comment on longevity, but so far so good!!


I had just bought another online mattress and had it for a few weeks when I happened by the Casper store. I laid on the wave hybrid and proceeded to DREAM ABOUT IT FOR 3 days!! So I went back and ordered it. I can’t wait to go to bed every night!

It’s the right amount of soft and firm

I have lower back problems and have trouble getting comfortable but since we got the wave hybrid I am able to sleep laying in my back we will never go back from this

Best purchase ever!

Feels like it supports every position I lay in. Great customer support as well.

Love my Casper

Great feel right now and trust it will for years!!

Comfy and Firm

The mattress is comfortable and firm. However, I still find a but warm even with the cool gel pads.

Love The Wave

Every time I get into bed I still get that "new bed feeling" of luxury. The mattress is very supporting and soft for me as a side sleeper. As a bonus, the foam pillows that we also purchased are great for side sleepers.

Soft but supportive

I haven’t had it for long but so far I’m impressed. It is soft enough for my arthritis but has good support.

Where is my Mattress?

Ordered it a month ago and I have still not received it.


It’s a very comfortable mattress and I sleep better than a normal mattress, but I have a soft spot where I sleep.

Super Support

The mattress is definitely firmer than I’m used to, however it is super supportive. I can sleep on my back now, which I could not do before. I wake up free of any pain or numbness. This mattress is worth every penny!


My Casper Wave Hybrid mattress is so comfortable, I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning!

Helps to keep me sleeping all night long

This mattress has been the best purchase that we have made! I love the temperature regulation that helps me to stay cool throughout the night and remain asleep. No more tossing and turning and pushing covers off!

Disappointing product and service

We read great reviews from customers and publications and were impressed with the bed in the showroom, where the salespeople were helpful and nice. The installers were OK but rushed to be done and soon after they left the adjustable part of the bed was not working. It has been a week and we are basically on our own to get it fixed. The sleep experience has been less pleasurable than expected and really doesn't deliver as advertised. It is very possible we will be returning the bed


I have a very bad back. My previous several mattress, I could not sleep or lying more than 6 hours or so due to my backaches. This wonderful Wave Hybrid mattress , i can lying or sleep more than 8 hours without having to get up due to backaches.

From Skeptic to Believer

I decided to take a chance and purchase this mattress — although skeptical — but let me tell you, I have not slept on a more comfortable mattress EVER in my life before this.

Finally a restful night

I love my mattress. I just bought a second one. Such a great bed.

So happy!

It is so comfortable, and I’ve noticed I’ve been sleeping so much better!

Worth the price tag.

This mattress is way comfier than I imagined it would be. Considering the lifespan of the mattress the price is very reasonable, and getting actual good nights of sleep is a very positive benefit.

Very Comfortable

My wife is 5 5 and 140. She finds the mattress med firm and sleeps on both her sides and back. She would prefer a little softer feel. I'm 5 11 and 190 and find the mattress med soft, sleeping on one side primarily and occasionally back. I would prefer a little more hip support. We are both hot sleepers and find the mattress temp very comfortable. We notice very little motion transfer and getting in and out of bed is easy. We get a good 8 hours sleep and wake up refreshed. We would recommend this bed to a friend or relative.

Comfy and Soft

The new mattress has made sleeping all night a reality and is much softer than our old mattress was. It also seems durable and well-made. The only criticism is that the corners are hard to lift up to put on a fitted sheet.

Perfect Porridge

So far so good. I’m really enjoying the Wave Hybrid. It’s got that Goldilocks feel that I’ve been looking for. Not too soft. Not too firm. Just right.

Big is Better Sweet Dreams

We decided to go from a Queen to King after all the years. Was not sure about purchasing online but i did my research and decide to go for the Wave Hybrid Mattress. Have only had it a couple of weeks but we both seem to like it. It was an adjustment because I LOVED my queen mattress. I think we are sold!!!

Sleeping easy

The set up by XPO was quick and easy on us. Mattress feels soft on the top, but provides firm support. So it provides a good combination of softness and firmness.

Best Sleep Ever + Worth The Big Investment

Beyond love my Wave Hybrid Mattress - ever since getting my Casper pillows a couple years ago, I knew the day would come when I needed to do the full upgrade and experience the joy of a Casper bed - so of course I had to go all-out with the best option available and please believe me when I tell you this is the best freaking sleep I have ever had. Just as someone might get giddy for a great date, movie or event, all day long I can't wait to go to bed and just get a great night's rest. I am sleeping so amazing since the first night I tried this out - well worth the investment. I have friends with the standard Casper beds and they tell me they love it - but for me I needed to experience the top luxury option and I see this being my lifelong bed now. Thank-you Casper - and now I have my eyes set on the foam pillows.

Wonderful sleep

It's a wonderful sleep. No more back pain! When the time comes, I will replace my Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress with a Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress.

Not soft enough!

It's ok! Probably still a little hard for me. When I sleep on my side my hip hurts!

It’s just alright

It’s a comfortable enough mattress. Do I think it warrants its price tag? Not even remotely. I chose the Wave model because of its “cooling” layer of foam because I sleep hot (even with a top sheet, a blanket, and an ambient temperature of 60°F). if you’re looking at this mattress for that reason alone, I can tell you from my experience to save your money. The “cooling” layer of foam does nothing but elevate the price. They hybrid feature of a memory foam and inner spring mattress is taking some adjustment. I’m coming from a Tempurpedic memory foam mattress and expected the Wave hybrid to be the perfect solution to my back issues but I still find myself sleeping with a pillow between my knees every night. The long and short of it is that I’ll keep the mattress because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of returning it and then have to shop for a new mattress. Would I buy this mattress again or recommend it to a friend or relative? Not so much.

Good but no perfect

Very comfortable and bought as it was so highly recommended for side sleepers. The only problem I have is that my arms keep falling asleep so I end up turning over more than I'd like. I ended up buying a low profile plush mattress topper which, so far, seems to have solved the problem. I would have given it five stars if I didn't have to buy something to make it more comfortable.

Just ordering our fourth mattress!!

Our daughter bought a Wave double mattress a few years ago and loves it so we decided to purchase two kings for a new lake home. This purchase was the Wave Hybrid King and we fell instantly in love! We will be ordering a third this week for this home so in all we will own 4! My husband is heavy and he loves the Hybrid! Needless to say we all LOVE your mattresses!

So comfortable,

Love my new mattress! I no longer feel stiff and sore when I get up in the morning. Love it!

Goodby back stiffness and pain

This mattress is as good as they described. I am a side sleeper, 6 ft tall and 225 lbs. On my Sleep Number, I always woke up with a sore shoulder and back (their inflating technology is so unreliable that I could never keep the inflation and firmness right and it supports the body the same at all points because of its design). Have had Casper Wave Hybrid for a month and both wife and I like it. I wake with no stiffness or pain at all. properly supports my spine at all points and maintains proper alignment. Sleep very well. Keeps me warm also, but since I live in Phoenix, waiting to see if the foam is too warm in the summer. Hesitated because of the price, but very glad we purchased this mattress. The dog enjoys it too, especially since I turn less often.

Couldn’t Be Happier!!!

I was a bit concerned about buying a mattress without testing it out first, but couldn’t be more pleased!!! The bed is so comfy, and the platform was super easy to assemble!

Good, but not great!

Its comfortable, but we don't notice the difference between an all memory foam and memory foam with springs. I would probably go with a less expensive series or less expensive brand.

Excellent Mattress

I've had my Wave Hybrid for about a month. I'm very happy with it It's soft yet firm (I prefer a firm mattress) and provides good support. I highly recommend the Wave Hybrid to anyone looking for an excellent mattress and a good night's sleep


I have had this mattress for nearly a month, and so far so good. I am a terrible sleeper - just cannot STAY asleep for more than 3 to 4 hours. Mattress has not worked miracles with that age old problem, but it is comfortable, and my body temp is regulated.

Great mattress

Mattress is great. Do not know about base because hasn’t worked since I got it, come to find out a part is missing.

Very comfortable

We purchased the wave hybrid king split with two XL twin mattresses on an adjustable frame. The mattress is very comfortable and love the adjustable frame. Would recommend this mattress if 100% foam is too hot for you.

Wonderful mattress

I just LOVE my bed and I look forward to crawling into my “wave” every night. It is soft and yet supportive to my body that I know I will sleep better and longer. I no longer wake up with back pain anymore. I have been a spokesperson for Casper at my job of how great my mattress is and encouraging everyone to try it. I am very happy and I love my bedroom again!!

Exceeding Our Expectations - We Love our Hybrid!

My husband and I were incredibly excited to get our Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress and we have not been disappointed our first month in! This is our first mattress of this type and we were specifically seeking a mattress that would be supportive and cool and we both agree -- the mattress is exceeding our expectations! I will say that the claim that you don't feel the other person move is slightly exaggerated but the movement is highly diminished from our old, traditional Sealy Posturpedic. I would describe the mattress as having medium firm support which is exactly what I like - I swing between being a side and back sleeper and this mattress allows me to sleep on my side and not wake up with hip or lower back pain - yay!

Mattress for all seasons

So far so excellent. Good support yet soft enough. Excellent temperature control i.e. not hot. In my opinion a “ home run “. Two side sleepers. one light and small and one not so much.


Too soft

Off to sleep in seconds.

We are sleeping so much better. So supportive. Seems to be much cooler than other mattress. I will check back in at the end of 30days.

Soft but Supportive Bliss

I was suffering from severe back pain and decided to try the Wave Hybrid. After less than a month, my back is so much better and I fall asleep easily and stay asleep until my alarm goes off. Also when I want to watch TV or read before lights out, the adjustable base helps me find the perfect position of comfort. I am in love with this bed !

A cloud sent from heaven.

Best sleep I have ever had. Will never go to a different mattress.


I went to the Casper store while I was visiting a friend in Chicago and I fell in love with the wave hybrid. I was a bit skeptical about purchasing a new mattress at such a high price point, but my back was killing me and I needed something new. I was previously sleeping on a stearns and foster mattress that had been passed down to me from my parents that was getting up there in age (it was definitely over 15 years old), so it was time for an upgrade! I have been sleeping on the wave hybrid for a little over a month now, and so far so good! I wake up feeling well rested and my back pain has significantly decreased!


I have been sleeping on my new wave hybrid for 2 weeks. My back feels great. Any position side or back feels great.

Arthritis sleep

I have RA, and I can sleep through the night without waking up because my hips hurt.

Side-sleeping Magic

It’s an amazing mattress! When I first tried laying down on my back I thought it was nice, very comfortable, then I turned over on my side and that’s when the magic kicked in! So incredible! The Wave Hybrid is just right for this side-sleeping big guy!

Finally a good night’s sleep

Best sleep ever! Wake up refreshed and without aches and pains!

Not up to expectations

It’s not as comfortable as I had hoped. I still wake up with a sore back.(I don’t on other mattresses) I don’t think I sleep better overall on it than the 9 YO mattress I had.

Love it!

So far so good, love it very comfortable.

Better than advertised!

So far, it’s exceeded my hopes and expectations. Pain free when I get up in the morning!! No more back, shoulder and hip aches!

Service could be better. Super Disappointed!

The delivery company was supposed to deliver my bed on a certain day...they didn’t. I called both Casper and the delivery company, was told they would follow up. Still haven’t heard anything and it’s been a few days now. I sold my mattress anticipating my new one, so now I have to sleep on my couch... I bought the most expensive mattress, I would imagine they would have treated me a little better.

Still waiting

I still don’t have the mattress and I ordered it three weeks ago! Every time I call XPO they can’t help or wait times are extremely long.


I have a lot of health issues, specifically only having my right kidney, have neck issues and back issues as well. I was unfortunately in three car accidents — ironically none of which were my fault, but unfortunately I suffered injuries with all three, one of which ending in a lawsuit. I have ALWAYS woken up in the morning feeling like a “truck ran over me” with an aching neck, back, legs, and just overall feeling of malaise. It wasn’t UNTIL I slept in my WAVE HYBRID QUEEN with the ADJUSTABLE PRO my first night, did I wake up the following morning like a DIFFERENT person. This hands down is THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER MADE. The bed contours to your body; the remote control allows you to elevate your head, your feet, and even give you the option of THREE different massage settings. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON THE HYBRID VS. NON-HYBRID. The hybrid has an extra one or two layers I believe including springs, which for ME makes THE DIFFERENCE. Also, if you are sharing the bed with somebody, you don’t feel the person get out of bed when you are sleeping, which is AMAZING! (There is also room for storage underneath my bed AND A LIGHT). I honestly do not want to get out of my bed in the morning or afternoon (depending on when I wake up), and I am ALWAYS looking for an excuse to take a nap. I am sleeping better (efficient wise), longer (hours wise), and fall asleep within 10-20 minutes of getting into bed.

Best Bed Ever!

First thing, customer support is second to none! My first mattress was lost by UPS. I contacted customer service and had another one on the way in days! Finally got it a week later and went to set it up. It’s heavy!!! Open the package in its final spot. My wife and I have been tracking sleep with fitbits. They have both drastically changed for the better. My back doesn’t hurt when I wake up and my wife’s legs and back don’t hurt. Long story long, it’s worth trying. You have a 100 day guarantee and nothing to lose! Totally worth it and a great company too! It’s crazy comfortable!

Perfect combo

Comfortable, good support.

Former than expected, but good

It’s a little more firm than I expected from when I tried it in the store, but hopefully it will break in more in time. Overall I do like it. I adjusted quickly to it and sleep well on it. I wake up rested.

Don’t hesitate!

Amazingly supportive mattress! The Wave Hybrid is the perfect blend of softness and firmness, right where you need it. So glad we took the Casper plunge!!


It all started with delivery. While I know it’s not a mattress issue it’s a casper issue and them choosing to use a third party vendor for delivery and setup. Mattress was delivered one day and a week later the frameAnd foundation showed up so we had to sleep on the floor.Then it was missing somePegs that hold the foundation together so casper recommended us not using the foundation until they could ship us new ones. 3 weeks later the pegs finally showed and we were able to use the mattress the way it was intended. I was Really hoping for a firmer sleep but it’s not horrible. After sleeping on the mattress the way it was intended I’m already getting spring squeaks. Less than two months old it sounds like a 15 year old mattress. Our last hybrid was 10 years old and still doesn’t squeak (we handed it down to our son who still sleeps on it) contacted customer service and I’m still waiting on an answer if they are going to replace this mattress! For $3,500.00 I am Very Very disappointed! We may not make it 100 days with this thing

Finally a mattress that works for us!

This mattress was immediately more comfortable than my previous mattress. We did allow it to “air out” for a couple of nights before we used it due to the smell as well as to let it warm up after delivery in winter cold. I do not sink into the mattress or burn up on the mattress like I did our previous foam mattress. It does not sag like our previous inner spring mattress. My husband is much heavier than I a usually tosses, turns and bounces all night. I have felt none of it if he is still doing any of it. We have tried so many mattress and are so happy to have finally found one that works for us.

Best mattress ever.

I love it. I have not had back pain since I received it I hurt my back in 2003 and it has been hard for me to lay still but not with the wave hybrid. Love it.

So soft yet so supportive!

We tried Purple, Texas Mattress Makers hybrid, and a number bed from Saatva before finally getting a Casper Wave Hybrid. The Casper is the winner by far! So comfortable. The initial feeling is so soft, but then somehow it’s supportive at the same time. We are combo sleepers and the bed is great for side and back. A little soft for stomach sleeping so if you are a strict stomach sleeper you might want to look at the original Casper mattress which felt firmer to us in the Casper showroom. We also got the Casper Foam pillows which are also very nice and has replaced my Nest Bedding Easy Breather pillow.

Nice firm edges.

Definitely more comfortable than our Temprapedic mattress.

So comfortable with great support

Best ever!

We even bought one for our guest room!

This is our second Casper mattress that we have purchased in the last year and a half.Why you ask? Because we wanted our guests to be as comfortable as we are!This bed has made sleeping so much more enjoyable.No more back pains ! It is really that comfortable ! I will be forever grateful that we purchased a Caper!

Sleeping On Air

My first Casper was too firm, but the Wave Hybrid feels like I am floating on a down pillow. I LOVE it and am sleeping marvelously.

Finally found our mattress

We have been searching for years for a comfortable mattress and we are so glad we tried the wave - we absolutely love it!


Very comfortable and, most importantly, I don’t get hot.


Best sleep ever! Thank you

the cloud burst

the hyberd matress so far is great the home delivery set up was done by untrained subcontracted delivery service

Good buy for back sleepers

Great quality mattress, not particularly good for my side sleeping habit though.

Sleeping in Heaven

This is the best mattress I have ever slept on. 5 stars

8 extra pillows gone!

Been enjoying a much better sleep on my hybrid wave! Instant relief of pressure points and hip discomfort! No need for an army of pillows in my bed!

Very Firm

I was expecting something a bit softer, like typical memory foam. I find the bed to be pretty firm and not all that confortable. We had a Temperpedic prior to this and I preferred the way the bed curved to your body. I find my lower back hurts when I sleep flat on my back. This bed also moves a lot when you roll over. Our last bed didn’t so you weren’t disturbed when the other person rolled over. We’ve had it for about a week now. I will try it for longer to see if things improve. For now I just feel eh about it. My husband doesn’t mind the firmness but says he would prefer it to be a little softer. I thought with the name Wave, it would be more contouring.

Cool and supportive

I do love this new addition to my bedroom. The mattress is comfortable for me, and I am relatively heavy and tend to sleep hot. So finding good support that is colder is a great thing. So why 4 stars instead of 5? It was a really heavy box and a bear to wrestle with during set up. Why don’t mattresses come with handles on the sides? I struggled to grip and turn the thing for 30 minutes wrestling it out if the box and getting it into position.

Slept like a baby.

I never woke up during the night. I never felt any pressure points and hardly moved as I slept.

Too hot baby!!

This girl is on fire! Retains heat. Can’t imagine what summer months would be like. Every time my husband and I move it jiggles like a bowl full of jello. Definitely too soft. I sink and I am 5’ 7” and 130 lbs. Have to return. So far customer service has been great. We will see how return goes.

Pain No More

This mattress has been great from the first night. My shoulders, hips and back used to all hurt but no more. My back feels especially good. I stand up right out of the bed and feel 20 years younger. Excellent purchase.


Literally like a cloud. Got new Westin sheets for the bed and haven't ever slept so comfortably.

Sleep well all night long and rested in the morning.

I have always chosen a soft bed and have had back and neck pain for years. I sleep so much better in my casper wave bed and rarely wake during the night. I am well rested every morning and ready to start my day after a full nights sleep.

Sleeping on a cloud

I am so in love with my Casper Wave mattress! My dog also loves it as well! I don’t feel the pains in my joints when laying in this bed unlike my previous mattress. I highly recommend this bed.

Why did we wait so long?

Not sure who loves it more - me or my two cats. Great buying experience. Appreciated the delivery and removal of the old mattress.Mattress is very supportive. Was very pleased that all my sheets fit it.My whole family is taking turns napping and watching tv in it m

Incredible rest.

My back doesn’t hurt anymore! This mattress has just the right amount of firmness and cushiness. My shoulders are more comfortable than ever remember.

No more sleeping on the trampoline

Just two nights on it so far. No more bouncing around for me when my husband tosses and turns in bed. We got the two twin xl mattresses, not sure about that yet as it is a problem when we want to cuddle.

No more sweating!!!

After sweating up a storm for years on our Temperpedic we needed a change. The Wave Hybrid mattress has been a godsend. Keeps us cool but has some bounce so if you change positions you don’t get stuck in the mattress. Edges are firm too so you get the use of the entire mattress.

Highly Recommend!

The most comfortable mattress we’ve ever slept on. Delivered as promised and they took away our old mattress. Great service!

Adjusting to good support

Still getting used to it after two weeks but overall good comfort

Best support and comfort yet

Combining the Wave mattress with the Adjustable Pro frame has yielded the best comfort and support for me and my back pain and CPAP usage. Far outshines the Sleep Comfort Smart bed that I had previously

A little slice of heaven

After two nights on this bed, I’m in love. Best night sleep I’ve had in years.

Excellent mattress

Incredibly pleased with this mattress. Both my wife and I are sleeping better than before. Plus there customer service is top notch. I highly recommend this mattress and Casper!!!

Tried the rest. This is the best.

I’ve been through 2 Tempurpedics and a Sleep Number. The Wave is the best mattress I’ve ever owned.

Best in the world

Life changing matress- so supportive . I don’t wake up with back pain anymore

Is like sleeping in a 5 stars class hotel

My back problems disappeared

Finally a mattress to love!

So far, so great. This bed is very comfortable. My hot sleeping husband has been sleeping cool, which never happens. If you’re reticent to buy a memory foam mattress because of the temp, I think you’ll find that this one does regulate temperature very well. My husband no longer sleeps with pillows under his legs to help with back pain as the mattress provides stellar support. Very happy with this mattress. Would give 5 stars if it was a little less expensive.

Worth every penny

This mattress has completely changed my quality of life. I had constant back and hip pain, and almost never do now. I wake up feeling rested and refreshed. I fall asleep faster and wake up more easily. It was worth every penny, and the service was great, too!


It’s only been 45 days, but I love it.

Best Mattress I Have Ever Owned!

The Wave Hybrid Mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on in my life. It is also the most supportive and comfortable mattress one can buy today.

Love it!!

Love this mattress! Had doubts about a mattress in a box, but was I ever wrong?! More comfortable than our Tempurpedic.

Dreams come true

We love our Casper Wave Hybrid mattress. I have to set 3 alarms because this bed is that comfortable. We just slip away to paradise whenever we hit the mattress. Thank you Casper for making our dreams come true.

Great for sweet dreams!

I liked it so much that I ordered three more for South Beach. Unfortunately, I had to get out of bed to do it!

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