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Casper Pillow Reviews

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Casper is one of the mattress in a box revolutionaries that has wowed customers with its low-cost and universally comfortable mattresses. With their success, they expanded their offerings and launched the Casper pillow that features an innovative pillow within a pillow design and microfiber fill. These pillows get good initial comfort scores from customers, but some found that they wanted extra support and adjustable options.

Pillow Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Material Quality: 8.6/10

Comfort: 8.4/10

Support: 7.9/10

Cooling: 8.4/10

Odor: 8.6/10

Price: $75-$95

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Casper Pillow Details

The Casper pillow features a unique design that is a 'pillow within a pillow.' The interior pillow provides liquid-like adaptability and support levels, while the exterior pillow provides a plusher softness. Overall, the design is unlike many traditional pillows that feature one type of fill. It features two distinct fills within that changes the feel. Most customers find this pillow comfortable with positive sentiment mentioning that it is good for back sleeping. Those that had negative things to say mentioned that it was difficult to mold and that it wasn't supportive enough, and also there was some degrading comfort.

What's Inside the Pillow?

The Casper pillow's design that features a smaller pillow within that comes with small polyester microfibers. Packed tightly, these synthetic fibers are bouncy and firm in the pillow within. Outside of that layer are larger polyester microfibers that are loosely packed to provide a fluffier feel. This dual approach keeps the pillow in its original, horizontal form while allowing for a bit of adaptation to the sleeper's head and neck.

The Outside of the Pillow

The outside of the pillow is made of 100% cotton. This naturally soft fabric feels comfortable and cool against the face, but doesn't have moisture whicking properties.


One of the disagreements about this pillow is around its supportiveness. For back sleepers, most find that the pillow is generally comfortable, with some still wanting a bit more support. Side sleepers, however, find it flatter and not as supportive as desired.

Who Is The Casper Pillow Best For?

The Casper pillow has an innovative design to be certain, but there are some issues with the comfort with some mentioning degrading durability. Back sleepers will do best with these pillows. For those that need more support, see Our Full List of Pillow Reviews for a full breakdown of available offerings and how they will work with your body.

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Great pillow

Very comfortable. A bit too soft initially, but it's gotten better

It’s great

It’s good Sleep is no better Yes I would recommend this pillow

WOW !!

The perfect pillow ! Finally, a pillow that works for me and my husband. I love everything about it. This has been a years long search and I am so happy to not have to look any longer.

Very Good Pillow

I currently use a water pillow. I thought it was pretty good but I started having neck pains after a couple years. Temp control was getting worse. Starting to get warm. I tried the Casper and the temp control is much better. I can sleep on both sides of the pillow again. Can't do that with my brand of water pillow. The Casper does take some fluffing after a while but it's very comfy.

Great new pillow!

I am always on the hunt for a good pillow and this Casper pillow so far has been super comfy! I got the standard size as “a trial” and because I was traveling but I will definitely be purchasing king size pillows for our beds when we return.I also love the warranty and the fact that they can be washed (though I haven’t had to do so yet).Seems to be a great product so far!

Starts out great, gradual decline in quality

I loved this pillow when I first received it, helped me sleep and incredibly comfortable! However, over time, this pillow has "deteriorated" faster than any of my previous pillows. The outside pillow hasn't really held up, so the pillow overall is now incredibly flat and somewhat hard. I followed instructions on taking care of the pillow, and yet I am disappointed that the quality did not last! In terms of investment, while the quality of a cheaper pillow may not be as good as a Casper to start, the quality is longer lasting than my experience with the Casper which started off great and now is anything but.


great pillow..super comfortable

Love it!!

Excellent pillow- just purchased second set. Christmas is bringing our kids pillows!!

Better than I thought

Pillow complements the mattress perfectly. You can tell just by the weight that it is quality pillow.

Poor Quality

After reading all the reviews on this pillow I was real excited to order one and give it a try. I am very picky with pillows so I completed a lot of research before ordering one. Unfortunately I am not impressed with this pillow. After a couple months of use and every day fluffing like they suggest, the pillow becomes very flat during a night's sleep. I would wake up and my head flattens the middle of the pillow and the fluff goes to the sides, which is very uncomfortable. I would not recommend this pillow especially at the price point. I actually went back to using the pillow I had before my Casper one because it does not flatten out as much as the Casper one. I am now on the search for a new pillow.

I was so dissappointed with the pillow...

I was hoping that this pillow would be the answer to my sore neck but it was way too soft. I was actually surprised with all the advertisement that says is has extra support inside. I will be returning this pillow ASAP.

Such a squishy but supportive back sleeper pillow

This is by far the best pillow I’ve ever had. It’s so on my head but supports it on my angled bed wedge to be able to watch tv and sleep on my back or side. Definitely a wise purchase!

Unexpected comfort!

Originally ordered solely to achieve Casper’s promotion requirements (along with my Wave mattress) I was really surprised by it’s superior comfort. Who knew this “throw in” purchase would be propelled instantly to my favorite pillow; no contest!

MAGIC pillow!

I don't know what kind of magic went into the creation of this pillow but I've had a sensitive neck as a result of a car accident many years ago. I've spent, literally YEARS searching for a comfortable pillow where I didn't wake up with stiff neck muscles. I'd tried buckwheat hull and liked the support and moldability.....if that's even a word......most recently before Casper I'd used the much regaled My Pillow. It was too thick(I'm 5'2") and I removed filling but would still wake up with stiff neck muscles. I stumbled across your pillow at Chapter's and felt it but thought it was a lot of money.....and decided to "think about it". I finally decided, after a month, to bit the bullet and ordered one online from your website because it was out of stock on the Chapter's website. After my first night I woke up with a RELAXED neck!!!!! Its such a wonderful feeling not to have neck muscles that feel like steel every morning! Thank you SO MUCH to whoever created this miraculous pillow!

Great Sleep

Very good pillow good for my side sleeping well made shipped on time.

Love it!

The Pillow is amazing! Very comfy and doesnt get hot

Cozy pillow

I like the Casper pillows quite a lot. They are very lofty and cozy and soft. One thing, they do run a little hot- I would have loved a more cooling fabric on the outside case. But covering it with my own pillowcase it is dreamy.


Very comfortable

Very firm (in a good way)

I really like that this pillow holds it shape and supports my head when I sleep on my side. The others I've had always squish flat which is annoying.

Almost as good as the Regular

The regular size gives better support than the King I bought, but it is still very good.


The Casper is okay but I don’t love it. Maybe I have a heavy head lol but I find it compresses rather flat and so I feel like no pillow under my head. It is also a bit lumpy feeling under my head. It is not worse then other pillows I have really ..just not better. I wish I had not purchased and saved my money towards another mattress for guest room as I do really really like mattress.

Very comfortable

This pillow is soft and comfortable. Feels like sleeping on a cloud. My wife and I both have one. We have different preferences for pillow thickness and we both find the Casper pillow perfect.


Both my husband and I used it. At first the pillows feel nice, soft snuggle into it... but we both would wake up with horrible headache from sleeping on the pillow!! I seriously thought for the money you would wake up feeling refreshed, nope! Neither of us can use the pillow, waste of money.

Comfy Casper cloud

I really needed a new pillow and I wasn’t sure how the Casper pillow would feel, but after a few weeks of restful sleep, I LOVE IT!I love it so much that I just bought the travel size pillow for my trips! I would definitely recommend for those who sleep from side and back as it supports both positions perfectly:)

Just the Right Level of softness and Firmness

The pillows provide on point level of comfort thats makes me sleep throughout the night.

The only pillow you need

The perfect balance of firmness and softness.

Not impressed at all

I've waited 30 days to write this review as I really thought or hoped I would love the pillow. I've now switched back to my old pillow and I'm back in search for the "perfect pillow". The casper pillow for a lack of better words, sucks. If you're a side sleeper as I am, it will start off fine and support your neck but after 7 hrs of sleep, your head will just sink in to the pillow and leave you with neck strains in the morning. Save your money as its just the hype you're paying for. Not sure why they advertise it as a side sleeper pillow because it's definitely not. It could be a decent pillow if you sleep on your back but would not recommend it to side sleepers. Not sure who they tested this pillow on because I don't think my head weighs that much that it sinks right in after a full nights sleep. The most annoying part of this pillow was having to "fluff" it every night. If i'm paying $100 for a pillow, it better sing me lullabies as I go to sleep. Save your money my fellow side sleepers!

I will have to return

I bought this pillow as my last ditch effort as I have tried very expensive pillows to very cheap pillows to therapeutic pillows you name it along with some PT exercises for my neck I still wake up every night tossing and turning from a stiff neck painful neck, lack of support from this Casper pillow as well. Buying it from the store at $80 I was expecting way more this is I believe my third week using it and I knew from the second day that it was not the one for me.It's not firm enough in the middle and my shoulders and long neck are not supported, I also have to refluff at least every night.

Comfy pillow

I like the pillow for its comfort. It could use a bit more support at the bottom for under the neck, but with a little fluffing I can adjust the filling to meet my needs. The Casper pillow is much more supportive than my down pillow. Overall, with a new Casper mattress and pillow, I have a very comfy sleep system.

Wonderful Pillow!

Love the Casper pillow! Great balance between firm and soft!

getting a little flat

I've had my casper pillow for a little over a month. I ordered several different pillow brands before this one. The casper is definitely better than anything else I have found, but I do wish it wasn't getting as flat as it is getting.

Loved it...

Yes I will recommend this people to all it was a fantastic night...

Perfect design

I’m a side sleeper so it’s perfect for me. My wife is a stomach sleeper so she takes the inside out and sleeps on half the thickness and is perfect for her. Either way they are very comfortable.

Overall Impression of the Pillow

When I tried the pillow at the store it was fluffy and really moldable. However at home it seemed smaller and my head sunk right to the bottom. Perhaps the pillow at the store was a king size? Either way I'm still trying to recapture the feeling I got at the store by fluffing in different ways.

I didn’t choose the nap life...

… the nap life chose me, and man am I thankful that I have my Casper nap pillow to take with me! It’s great to travel with or take to the office for a mid-day nap. It’s just as comfy as their regular pillows, so now I don’t have to dread getting out of bed — I can almost bring it with me!

Too stiff

Pillow is too stiff. There is too much of it for it to be soft for a small person.

The Pillow of My Dreams - Literally

I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without this pillow. No fluffing throughout the night. Every position is comfortable. I’ve literally had a dream every night for the past two weeks. AND the entire pillow is washable - perfect for my acne prone/sensitive skin.

King size pillows

I had to sleep on this pillows at least a week to get use to the confort the pillow offers. The pillows are great and comfy. I will definitely recommend them

Very comfortable

Love my Casper pillow.

Travel pillow

Adore the pillow! One suggestion....make the pillow case of wrinkle free fabric. I could not get the wrinkles out with high steam temperature iron.

review of both standard and king

I really like the king size pillow. It is easy to manipulate to how I want it for any particular sleep, i.e., squishy enough. The standard pillow seems more dense and less malleable, but it IS a better proper-upper. I have 2 of each, because I am spoiled.

Overall impression of the pillow

Very satisfied ! A great experience.


I received the standard size pillow yesterday. I have been having a lot of neck soreness in the morning and am a side sleeper. I used the Casper pillow last night an had absolutely no pain or stiffness in my neck this morning. It was an amazing night' sleep!!! I am an active Yogi so having a stiff neck is not good.. Thank you Casper!!!!!!

Nice & soft. But too high for my liking.

Not a pillow I would recommend. Stopped using it after the 2nd night.

My Second Purchase

This is my second purchase of the Casper Pillow and would definitely recommend it to a friend

Four Months Later...

Soft and plump. Much better than my cheap Wal-Mart pillows that flattened within a month. Four months later and I still love 'em.


Best pillow I have ever used. This pillows puts all my other pillows to shame. It hugs you as you sleep. I had neck pain that has disappeared overnight.


This is the best pillow I have ever owned. I can sleep comfortably in any position with this pillow.

The Casper Pillow

I have the Casper Bed, which is great. I purchased the pillow too, but it didn't work out for me. The pillow is a great design but the pillow is too tall using both pillows, with one zipped inside the other one. This creates a strain on the neck muscles, but using only one is too flat with no support. So, unfortunately, after the purchase of the Casper bed and the pillow, I…

Best pillow ever

Love this pillow. It is always comfortable and does not need constant fluffing or punching. I do find it a bit warm.

It's Okay

It's been a few months sleeping on it. Like advertised, the coolness of the pillow is great. My issue is that it gives in too easily. I wake up to the pillow being flat every night.

Great Sleep

The greatest thing about this pillow is that you get an excellent night of sleep with amazing support with great softness and you don't even realize it. It's like a fact of life. I am someone who obsesses about pillows at 5 star hotels. I have not returned to certain luxury hotels due to me not liking the pillows. So, the fact that you wake up with a great night's sleep and not even think about pillows or anything else is huge!

Sleeping on nothing

The Casper pillows are way too soft your head sinks all the way down and leaves your neck hurting.

Awful and unable to be molded or scrunched to one’s liking.

The pillows are awful. They’re unable to be molded or scrunched to one’s liking, and instead just “bounce” back to original form, causing them to be too flat and terribly uncomfortable. I own/operate hotels, so I’ve seen a lot of different pillows over the years, and these are honestly some of the worst I’ve ever experienced.

Great support, yet soft, perfect pillow for me!

Love it, yes


since the use of the casper pillow, I have been getting more deeper sleep.

Better than all I have tried

I normally can’t use a pillow because they make my neck sore from tilting my head too much, but the casper pillow seems to make my head and neck more level while I’m on my side. I am a stomach sleeper so I’m not able to use it all night during the times I’m on my stomach it’s not as comfortable. The pillow makes me too high to be able to sleep comfortably. Otherwise I recommend it.


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