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Cariloha Mattress Reviews

Cariloha is famous for its innovative bamboo mattress that is cooler and cleaner than many other mattress varieties. With its innovative blends of foam that relieve pressure points and focus on airflow, there is a lot going for the bamboo mattress. Learn more about this sleep innovation and if it is right for you.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9/10

Price Value: 8.9/10

No Back Pain: 8.9/10

Price: $700-$1900

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Cariloha's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Cariloha crafts one medium-firm bamboo infused memory foam mattress. These foams are good quality and have interesting features that set them apart from the competition. Here is the full breakdown of what's inside:

Layer 1: The top cover is made from viscose bamboo for that rayon smoothness that is naturally moisture whicking.

Layer 2: The Bamboo Comfort™ memory foam is hypoallergenic bamboo charcoal infused in memory foam. This naturally cools while also contouring around the body.

Layer 3: Another layer of memory foam further melts away pressure points and contours around the sleeper.

Layer 4: Along the lower sides of the mattress are side-wedges that provide superior edge support, which is ideal for those that like to sit on the sides of their mattress.

Layer 5: The last layer is Flex-Flow™ dual-density base foam, which is perforated to release heat from the mattress and provide a gentle transition to cradle the spine.

Overall Comfort

Most sleepers find that the Cariloha Bamboo Mattress sleeps very comfortably. It is best for medium sized back and stomach sleepers. Lighter side sleepers may find it is a bit too firm, while larger sleepers may find it is too soft for them.


Cariloha's bamboo mattress comes in at just a tad firmer than medium. It is perfect for medium sleepers but some heavier sleepers may find it too soft for them.

Back Pain Relief

Based on the firmness rating of this mattress, it should relieve back pain symptoms for many with the exception of some heavier folks.


The bamboo viscose cover and the bamboo infused memory foam both do an excellent job cooling the mattress. Only extremely warm sleepers need worry about this mattress retaining heat.

Who Is It Good For?

If you are looking for a medium firmness memory foam mattress and love the benefits of bamboo, the Cariloha Bamboo Mattress could be a good fit.

Browse Cariloha Customer Reviews

Amazingly Comfortable

We have contemplated this mattress for the past year and finally decided to give it a try. We had one of the resort brand mattresses and were happy with that but liked the advantages of the bamboo. Well, week one is complete and we are extremely happy with the change. Comfortable and cool feeling which is important for our South Florida climate. We also purchased the sheets and pillows which is the cream on top.

Excellent support!

This mattress provides excellent support and was very easy to set up.

We love our new bed.

We love our new bed.

very comfortable

very comfortable


I've been eyeing this mattress as soon as it came out and I finally pulled the trigger and took a chance on such a big purchase and we love It! It cradles your body and we don't toss and turn all night long, still getting used to the memory foam vs a traditional mattress but we are not disappointed.

Best Mattress Ever

Best Mattress Ever

Am slowly getting used to it

When I wake up I feel,very relaxed Only had it a week but so far so good arms still go to sleep

I absolutely love my new

I absolutely love my new mattress!

Absolutely love it!!

I slept on the mattress the first night I got it. When I first laid down I was disappointed because the mattress felt stiff not soft but I just laid there and I melted into it. I am getting the best sleep I’ve gotten in years! I don’t wake up every hour tossing and turning! It’s amazing! This mattress sits higher then my old one and that’s not an issue.

My New Cariloha Mattress

We have been looking at this bed for the past 3 years. Black Friday you had an Amazing deal at 35% off so we bought it, we also bought 2 pillows and the Luxury Sheets. So far we love it. It takes time to get use to it but it's so comfortable!!! I'm showing everyone I know this Bed. So glad we finally bought it. I absolutely love all your products. The blanket and comforter will be next.

very comfortable mattress

We are so happy with our new Cariloha mattress! It was an especially good deal with the Black Friday sale price. I purchased a wood slat foundation for it from U.S. Box Spring, which works very well with the mattress.

King mattress

Very comfortable

Best mattress I’ve ever slept on!

I usually sleepy very hot so I was worried that this mattress would be like other memory foam mattresses—but it stayed cool and provided great support.

Great nights sleep

Love our new mattress!


We just love our new Cariloha mattress. We have a lot of Cariloha and other bamboo in our house, including flooring, clothing, kitchen utensils and more. I love that it is clean and green. I love the durability and I love the easy upkeep. None of that would matter if we weren't sleeping well. But, we've been sleeping like babies... this mattress is dream inspiring if you like memory foam that is on the firmer side. Only downside is "made in China" but this mattress is really comfy, easy to set up and took less than 48 hrs. to come to full thickness. We got the King and put it on boxsprings that we had from our previous "sleep number" type bed.


We have slept for a week on the new mattress and are very pleased.

Best Mattress, better than Tempurpedic

If you like the way a Tempurpedic is, you will love this bed.


The bed is fantastic....I've never slept through the night like i do now. However, we will need a new set of sheets already. Sage Green! The Fitted sheet is already snagging and shagged, coming apart in two corners.

Best bed I ever slept in

I have been sleeping on my new mattress for a few months And I have to say it is the best mattress I have ever slept on. I am so glad I went with the Carahola mattress. It is everything they say it is.

Can't get out toddler out of this bed either

Thanks Cariloha for the excellent customer service and the excellent cariloha mattress. We love our bed so far! you guys should really consider making crib mattresses too ;)

You won’t regret it

We needed a new mattress. Had been eyeing this one up for almost a year and finally went for it. King Mattress-Resort Sheets& 4 pillows. Best money I’ve ever spent! I haven’t set an alarm in 10 years, I slept so good on this bed I was late for work-twice in 2 weeks! Its heavenly! We are sleeping so much better. Its only been 2 weeks I can’t imagine how much better it will be when it’s actually broken in. 3 of my sisters have already ordered them just after trying mine!

Love my new bed

Love my new bed



Lovely mattress

Getting used to memory foam, still just a couple of weeks in, but great expansion from delivery box and comfort overnight: I already find myself sleeping better. Cloaked in a set of super soft bamboo sheets: Heaven.


Love it! Noticed a difference the first night I slept on it. My mom is going to purchase one soon! Just wish you offered black sheets and black towels.

I love my new mattress

I suffer from lower back problems. I have a black beauty rest high performance mattress so I went ahead and bought this new mattress from cariloha. I have many other products so I figured this is going to be a great product as well. I'm not saying this cured my back problem but my back problem has improved quite a bit. If I had to do all over again my money was well invested and I would do it all over again.


Mattress So far so good

Most comfortable t-shirts

We now have t-shirts, towels, bed sheets and a mattress. I love them all and wish all of my clothes were made from the same material!

Amazing sleep.

Amazing sleep.


We are loving our new Mattress. I highly recommend anyone with a bad back or shoulder problems to buy one.!!!

amazing !!!!

amazing !!!!

The Perfect Mattress!

We decided to upgrade from our old spring mattress to a Cariloha Mattress and we couldn't be happier. My wife had trouble sleeping on our old mattress, and ever since we started sleeping on the Cariloha Mattress she's slept like a baby all night. No more aches and pains in the morning. Delivery and setup were also very easy.

Best Mattress Ever!

I am a stomach sleeper and was looking for a firmer mattress and this is the perfect fit. Soft yet firm and cool to sleep in unlike some foam mattresses. No more back pain for me.


So far love my mattress!!!

I'm loving Cariloha products.

Ooooh this mattress feels so good. I didn't want to get out of bed. It's firm but yet you sink in. NICE!!

So Comfy

We love our bamboo memory foam mattress and bamboo sheets!


I LOVE my new mattress!!! So glad I purchased it. It came with sheets for ordering a mattress. They are wonderful.

Bamboo Matress

Great mattress

Cariloha Mattress...

I'm really loving my new Cariloha Bamboo Mattress. Unpacking and setup was easy. Most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on.

Bamboo Mattress!

Definitely a great purchase! I suffer from back pain and after sleeping on this mattress, I feel much more relief and get a much better nights sleep!

Comfortable for two!

My wife and I use to fight over our old mattresses, but not this one!

Best bed ever

I love this bed. I had recently tried the sleep number bed and found I didn't like it. It was actually worse than the bed I was replacing. It has been many years since I have slept this well.

So comfortable! No regrets.

Bought this mattress in good faith knowing how we loved the quality of other Cariloha products. So glad we did! Did not disappoint. The most comfortable sleep ever. Firm at first but also soft and adjusts subtly to your shape. No bounce. Feels just like a tempurpedic to me, if you are looking to compare, yet a fraction of the price. We also bought all Cariloha bedding to go with it. Worth the risk, knowing that you can return if not satisfied. We have no complaints whatsoever.

Cariloha Bamboo Mattress

Easy to set up and extremely comfortable to sleep on.

Great mattress!

I am thrilled I purchased this mattress--from the first night, I had a comfortable sleep and the mattress really does mold to the body. Delivery was quick and it was easy to unpack!


We've always been big fans do the Cariloha sheets. Now, we are branching out to towels and clothing. Keep making fabulous things! The mattress is WONDERFUL!

Amazing mattress!

My wife and I love our new Cariloha Bamboo mattress. We have enjoyed the comfort and feel of Cariloha sheets for several years, so we decided to try the mattress. It provides just the right amount of firmness and sleeps much cooler than our other memory foam mattress. Thanks for making a great product!!

Awesome Matress

Extremely happy with this mattress. I'm sleeping better than I ever have. Now my problem is that I don't want to get out of bed in the morning.

Love the Cariloha Mattress!

After buying the Cariloha sheets, towels, shirts, socks and boxer briefs and loving all of it! I decided to also buy the Cariloha mattress. Wise decision! Great night sleep and extremely supportive and comfy!

Heavenly Comfort

I was a bit concerned to order a mattress online, but I decided after sleeping with the bamboo sheets that I loved! I would try out the Bamboo mattress, after sleeping on it for a couple of weeks,it is the best decision I have ever made!! I love love love my Cariloha mattress!!


Love the sheets

Mattress & Pillows

We got our mattress and pillows in early December and I can't believe what a big difference they make. Love our mattress this is the best sleep I have had in years.

5 Star mattress for a 5 Star Sleep

Best nights sleep I have had in years. The mattress is extremely comfortable and was super easy to set up. Cariloha hit it out of the park with this product. Thank You

Easy and fast

we ordered the new mattress and some sheets and the ordering was easy and the items arrived fairly quick. The mattress is awesome and we love the sheets too. Just wish there were more color options, like lilac or lavendar.


So far so good but been sleeping on it a week

OMG Amazing Mattress

We just got our mattress on Friday! OMG!! We've purchased clothes and sheets previously. But, this!! I have been telling EVERYONE about it! The mattress is super comfy and soft! First time in my life.. I've petted my mattress. lol. We purchased another set of sheets as well. It was easy to set up. And, now.. the hardest part of our day.. is forcing ourselves to get out of bed. It's like sleeping on a cloud! It's official! We're in love with our mattress! The way I figure it.. we spend one third of our life in bed.. how can anyone not spend a few extra dollars to know that they are guaranteed that they will have the best night's sleep. I figure.. it costs us pennies a night over the lifetime of the mattress. KUDOS!


We've been sleeping on our new mattress for the past week and it is amazing! The back pain I was having with our old mattress is gone and I'm waking up pain free!!

Goodbye Serta, Hello Cariloha

I ditched my Serta iComfort about 6 months ago and bought the Cariloha mattress. it was easy to set up and is THE MOST comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. As somebody who has suffered multiple sprains and fractures in my lower back, I understand how important it is to have a mattress that supports you in the right ways... THIS IS IT.


BEST MAttress Ever... molds to my body, so I don't even need a pillow if laying on my back! My husband and I never know when eachother rolls or gets out of bed because it doesn't bounce around! SO SOFT, yet firm, does that even make sense? Best investment we've made. WE feel guilty knowing our guests and kids sleep on other mattresses while we lay in luxury... Our intent is to replace our guest beds with Cariloha Mattresses-- it'll be our only mattress purchase from now on... and YES, WE RECOMMEND HIGHLY.

Fantastic Mattress

Bought King Mattress based on the workmanship, quality, and satisfaction of past purchases. Was not disappointed! Mattress was well packaged and easy to assemble. At first it felt a little soft compared to past firm mattresses, but it simply just conforms to your body and gives good support. Excellent!!!!!

Takes about two weeks to get used to it.

We have now had our mattress for a few months and I would not change a thing. When m wife and I first laid on it it was comfortable but different than what we were used to. I thought after the first week we might just be sending this mattress back. Boy am I glad that we didn't. It took a good two weeks to get used to the mattress. After the two weeks the mattress was heaven. I could not remember the last time I had a dream on my old mattress and now I dream every night which means I am getting good deep sleep. Best purchase I have ever made by far!!

Best Mattress EVER

Hands down the best thing I have ever slept on. I have serious lower back issues and finding a mattress that does not leave me in pain has been impossible. I normally need multiple pillows that leave me hot just be comfortable. With the Cariloha mattress I can sleep with one pillow, on my back, my side, my doesn't matter. I haven't woke up in pain since I got the mattress. It is basically a miracle.

Best sleep ever

My husband decided to buy this mattress and I'm super glad he did! We both sleep so much better and feel great every morning! It is the best mattress we have ever owned and we both love it! No more numbness in my arms or shoulders, and the great thing is my husbands snoring has almost stopped completely! It truly is worth the price and is amazing!

Look forward to sleep each night.

You cannot compare the Cariloha mattress to regular mattresses or those with foam toppers. The Cariloha is the best feeling and comfort. We look forward to sleep each night.


BEST DAY to place the order!!! JULY 4!!! CODE. If you have been wanting to try this, NOW IS THE TIME!!! We love ours! Have had it over a month!!!!

My back does not hurt!!! Hallelujah!

We have been sleeping on the Cariloha mattress for a week and every morning my husband and I wake up, look at each other and say "I have never slept so good in my life!" We tested several other highly recommended brands and have zero regrets about choosing Cariloha. We know we made the right choice!

Great Mattress. Great Price.

I have been a fan of Cariloha since purchasing our first set of sheets. My wife and I love them. We have tried their underwear and love them too. We want to try their other products and will hopefully purchase those at a later date. My wife and I have always had a nice mattress. It is something you spend an average of 8 hours a day on. Since my wife is very picky about our mattress I was hesitant to give this one a try, but with a 100 day money back guarantee, who could resist. After all, their sheets are so awesome why would their mattress be any different. I feel the need to mention that I had purchased a very nice Serta iComfort mattress about 2 years ago that my wife does not like even though she liked it in the store. It was almost immediately placed into our guest room. After putting this mattress in our room, she is completely satisfied. I know some of the comfort comes from knowing this product is from a great company with with other awesome products. There are only two things I would like the see changed. The cover is removable for spot cleaning and "Dry Clean Only". I was hoping I could machine wash it. Second is that when it is packaged, it is hard to tell where the head of the mattress is. Probably not hard to tell on a smaller mattress, but a king it took some moving around first. Hint: Look for the green Cariloha tag. The zipper did break when trying to put the cover back on and I have a call into customer service to resolve and will update my review when I receive a resolution. All in all I am very happy with our mattress and look forward to new Cariloha products.

LOVE LOVE LOVE our mattress

Update to our review from earlier. We love our mattress. Much better that the one with the adjustable air bladders. The first day after sleeping on our new mattress, my lower back no longer hurt!!!! We have sold our previous mattress and will not even look at another brand. Cariloha has the BEST mattress. I love how it feels new every night when I get into bed. The Bamboo sheets make it feel like heaven!

I don't move...

I have the Queen size and have found that I now drop off to sleep quicker AND when I wake I haven-t moved!! Only where I sleep is messed up. The other side of bed is undisturbed!! I used to wake and the bed would be torn apart from my tossing and turning. NO MORE! I would suggest they add the extra triangular support across the bottom. I like to sit on end of bed to put on socks (bamboo) and shoes but the end is not as supportive. You really can sleep right up to the edge and feel supported. Totally satisfied with appearance, Quality and their service I was able to continue to use my traditional box spring by putting a sheet of plywood between and keep my bed height the same.

OMG. I am in heaven

Omg. I am in heaven. All I want to do is stay in bed. It is so amazingly comfortable!!! I absolutely love it!!! Thank you for making such a great product!!!

I L-O-V-E my Cariloha mattress and sheets!

What amazing sheets and mattress! When I used them together, I've never slept better! True to all things Cariloha, this mattress is very comfy. Soft top yet firm support. The bamboo memory foam stays cool and doesn't swallow me into the bed. Great quality. Looking to purchase a 2nd one for our daughter soon.

I've LOVED my Cariloha mattress!

It's the PERFECT balance between soft and firm that I couldn't seem to find shopping and testing out other mattresses. It molds to your body, yet gives you the ideal distribution and support your body needs! I've always had high-end mattresses, but this one takes the cake! I've slept better than I have in a long time and I look forward to sleep now! I'll never buy another mattress again.

It’s a decent mattress.

The mattress compresses down more than I expected it too. It is comfortable and keeps you cool especially with the resort sheets.


It's not dreamy soft like I've read


Best sleep I've had in awile

Great mattress

The mattress is great but the process before it arrived was awful. Teh customer service end of letting you now when they item was shipping etc was ridiculous. I had to contact them and it still was a horrible experience. So my starr rating is for the product but the customer service only gets 1 STAR!!!

Still trying to get used

Still trying to get used to it as I am used to spring mattresses.however I think it will be great on my bsck

To firm

To firm

bamboo mattress

If I'm sleeping alone I give this mattress 5 stars but with a partner 3 is a stretch. I feel like I'm rolling to the middle. The mattress is cool, cold actually during the winter with bamboo sheets.

Was Awesome in the Beginning

When we first got our mattress we LOVED it. We were so glad we bought. Now we are 4 months in and I feel like I'm having more back issues. My husband and I are on the larger size. We have been rotating the mattress once a month to try to get a better wear (not sure if we were supposed to). As much as I loved it in the beginning I think after 4 months I'm going to have to look for another mattress. We love all of the other items from Cariloha so a little disappointed that this didn't live up to our expectations.


We love everything we have ever bought at Cariloha with the exception of our mattress. All of our sheets and towels are from Cariloha. We own many shirts, from Cariloha, and have purchased Del Sol swim wear at Cariloha. Because of our love for Cariloha we bought the Mattress. All the reviews on the website are 5 stars. This is not our experience. We bought our bed on June 14 in Bar Harbor, Maine. It was delivered to our home in Lafayette, Louisiana a few days later in perfect condition. We have now been sleeping on this mattress for just over 100 days. We did decide not to return the mattress because of the trouble involved. This week we added a TemperPedic mattress topper and that has helped. We did not find that the Cariloha mattress conformed to your body as well as we anticipated. We tossed out our old mattress so if we were to have sent this one back we would have had to go mattress shopping. It is difficult to buy a premium quality mattress as most of them sell online. This is a nice mattress, but being totally honest the mattress my daughter bought at Sam's Club for several hundred dollars less is just as nice.

Not as good as I had hoped

We bought this mattress this past summer while we were on vacation. Cariloha had it shipped to our home and it arrived a couple days after we got home from our trip. We switched to this mattress from a sleep number mattress that was about 16 years old. Our first impression of this mattress was not positive, but we figured that was due to the change from a different kind of mattress. Over time we have gotten accustomed to the difference but overall I don't find this to be a super comfortable mattress. I have a bad back and bad hips. Sleeping on the left side I wake up in severe pain. That is something that did not happen with our old mattress. I can sleep flat on my back or on my right side, but again, it's just not as comfortable as a sleep number bed. I thought that the memory foam bedding was supposed to envelop your body releasing you from pressure points. That is not the case with the Cariloha bed. We decided not to send it back because we have already gotten rid of our old mattress due to the age of that mattress. I'm sure for a younger person this mattress would be great. For us it is just not what we had hoped for.

Extremely disappointed!

If I could subtract stars, I would. My mattress has been lost, tracking number useless, i call requesting info, get told I would be called back.. no call. call two more times, both times get told I would be called back, no call. Called a fourth time, declined the return call, to be told I would be shipped another mattress expedited and emailed a new tracking number, i still have no mattress and no tracking number to find it. I don't even have an order number to reference when i call. I am so disappointed. My husband had back surgery Monday and we needed this mattress for his recovery, which is why i ordered it in plenty of time. I truly expected better for the money :(

So far not so good unfortunately!

I am not pleased so far with the mattress. I have had seven back surgeries and have had a great memory foam mattress for 15 years. Of course it is getting old and I am in need of a new mattress. I am giving this time to see if I adjust. So far it is causing me more pain in the morning. Too bad because I love everything at Cariloha.

Bait and Switch Experience

I was really excited to make a purchase with this company. While in Northern Maine, I visited the Cariloha store and decided to take a chance on their mattress, sheets (2 sets) and gel pillows. However, I felt that the classic mattress on display was just a little firm for my taste and opted for the resort level mattress for an additional $700. I was issued a nondescript receipt that had ID numbers with a total at the bottom of approximately $2107. I was promised an email receipt that would detail everything and I accepted there statement on faith. I never received that email receipt. The deal was $100 off the mattress, 2 sets of free sheets with the purchase and a gel pillow for $109 with the second pillow half price. About a week after I got home I received the mattress. I lugged it upstairs and set it up. After waiting more than the 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand, I realized that the mattress received was the classic mattress and not the resort level mattress. As in the store, it was too firm for my taste. The real issue was that there was no identity on the box as to what mattress was shipped. I went to the website to get the specs on the two mattresses, classic and resort, but found no information. So how is a customer to know what they received unless they knew what the specifications were? Fortunately, I had measured the mattress up in Maine and it matched what I had received. The resort mattress was supposed to be 2 inches thicker and much softer. I contacted customer service to report the mistake and they were very kind and courteous. I never suspected that this would end up as anything other than a rectification of a mistake. I was asked to take a picture of the mattress and submit it for their inspection. I complied with the request and showed that the mattress was indeed just 10 inches thick consistent with the display model in Maine. Upon examination the customer service representative confirmed that I did indeed receive the classic mattress and not the resort mattress. She said she would have to get her manager to decide on how to handle the situation. I was concerned that they might have to dispose of the mattress and therefore offered to keep the mattress and just put a gel topper on it in order to mitigate the situation. However, I would need for them to charge me for the classic mattress by refunding me approximately $700. I thought I was being reasonable. However, the customer representative informed me that their manager said that his paperwork indicated that I got the resort mattress and completely ignored the photographic evidence. The manager told the customer rep to offer me $150 back for my trouble. Clearly this now appeared to be a bait and switch rather than a mistake and I instructed them to pickup the mattress and associated sheets and give me a refund. I told them I would keep the pillows but wanted to be given the deal (buy one get the other half off) that was offered in Maine. I supplied the calculation on the refund and they said I was correct. They did come and picked up the mattress and I shipped back the sheets. However, they refunded me in such a convoluted way that even the sales representative couldn't explain how it was done. In short, they ended up charging me too much for the pillows. I decided not to fight them anymore but wanted to get the word out that there is a lack of transparency in their business practices. This includes receipts (or lack thereof) that do not reflect what was purchased or how the charges were configured. The product is shipped in a box that does not identify the contents nor is there any documentation inside of the box that describes what was received. I could not find any specifications on the web site that differentiates between the classic or resort mattress. While the frontline customer service was great it is evidently not backed up by scrupulous management. In the end, this was a waste of my time, effort and money. My experience was unfortunate in that I think they have a good product. I did like the sheets and hated to send them back. Perhaps my experience was unique but the unwillingness of management to work with me in light of hard evidence suggests a business practice that is not congruent with the quality of the product. Needless to say that I will not deal with a dishonest business.

Waste of Money

Purchased this mattress less than a year ago and it is a complete waste of money. My wife and I wake up every night and morning with shoulder pain. It is not soft to medium. I would not purchase this mattress and will be replacing it.

Are you kidding Me!

With so many mattress choices to choose from, how did we decide on Cariloha. We were first introduced to Cariloha when we received a set of their bamboo sheets. They are out of this world incredable! So, when we decided it was time for a new bed and mattress we looked at and layed on every brand we could find...then we found out Cariloha had their own brand of bamboo infused, memory foam mattresses, and their corporate offices were only 10 min. from our home in Utah. We tried both their resort commercial mattress and the standard one. I liked the standard one which just seemed to fit me like a glove and my wife like the resort. We ordered their power base, which is awesome and so quiet. I got the Twin XL standard and she got the Twin XL Resort...So we can adjust each side differently. We are both in heaven. Cariloha offers a 100 day full refund or exchange guarantee, so we order it and it came in two shipments over 2 days....I have never been able to stay in a bed for more than 5 hours without waking up with some kind of discomfort usually lower back...I can stay in this bed for 10 hours if I wanted to. We just LOVE CARILOHA Products. Eric Towner

Not Impressed as I Expected

Day 3 of sleeping on my split king adjustable bed: Pros: lights, zero gravity, sitting up/leg adjustment pretty cool for watching TV; sheet set is very light and cool. Love the name and history of the company; customer service was very good; bed arrived within a week of purchase; bed setup was completed the day after the bed arrived. Cons: Regular mattress at firm is firmer than expected; store display didn’t have the regular mattress so I didn’t get to try first; firmness is hard to sleep on so I have to put my other pillows soften around me when sleeping; pillow is too firm to sleep on (my ear aches after a while) so I use my down pillow; tilt feature doesn’t work and was a big deal since I like reading in the bed; White Glove Service was expensive / service didn’t match; screw missing from one of the adjustable frame to hold mattress in place when adjusting. Overall: Customer service is very good and may try their next level mattress or will return for another bed. Will find out why head tilt isn’t working and getting the missing screw. For the price, I expected a much better bed.

Product warranty isn't backed up by company

Very comfortable in beginning. Once started to break down they come up with reasons for not backing up warranty. wouldn't recommend purchasing mattress.

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