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Cantwell Mattress Reviews

Cantwell mattress is a mattress retailer and manufacturer based in Texas. They have been building mattresses since 1920. They are well-known for their single side and double sided mattresses that feature innerspring designs. They offer multiple mattresses that feature modern innovations like micro-coils, pocketed coils, and high end foams. However, like many mattress retailers, their prices are quite steep versus online options.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.8/10

Price Value: 7.2/10

No Back Pain: 7.8/10

Price: $289-$649

Trial Period: No Trial

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Cantwell's Specifics

Cantwell mattress offers a variety of name-brand and self-manufactured mattresses that are either flippable or one-sided. These mattresses feature pocketed coils and various types of foam.

Customers, overall, have good things to say about Cantwell's customer service, but some customers had issues with the initial feels of the mattress and some may experience higher prices than you can buy for similar products online.

Quality of Materials

Cantwell makes a variety of mattresses -- some that are one-sided and others that are dual-sided. They also source mattresses from others, like Therapedic for their memory foam options.

One Sided Mattresses: Their one-sided mattresses are made custom to order, which means that you can add some custom flair to your mattress. This is a big differentiator versus other stores. They have 10 mattresses to choose from, with the ability to customize firmness and edge support during purchase. These mattresses feature natural latex, micro-coils and pocketed coils, and natural cotton.

Double-Sided Mattresses: These mattresses come with 5 different options. They come in a variety of firmness profiles and have strong spring cores to keep things durable. These are less popular than their one-sided option, but still provide versatility for those that want the option of flipping their mattress for extra durability.

Overall Comfort

Most customers describe Cantwell mattresses as performing well initially. They have a customer service focused business and many of their reviewers describe good help selecting a mattress. There are some folks that have had issues with initial quality and unevenness.


Cantwell mattresses can be customized to your firmness preferences. Since they craft their own mattresses, they can build any firmness mattress that you could desire. Just make sure that you select the right firmness for your body type. Those that are larger in body type should be sleeping on a firmer mattress than those that are smaller to achieve spinal alignment.

Back Pain Relief

Many customers found their mattresses comfortable at first. There were a few reviewers that had issues with unevenness that aggravated pain.


Many of these mattresses sleep cool, with the addition of latex and other airy features, like cotton on the top layer. Some, who are athletes and sleep hot, may need a cooling mattress alternative that is tailored directly to them.

Who Are Cantwell Mattresses Right For?

Cantwell Mattresses are best for those that want a custom innerspring type mattress and are willing to pay traditional retailer prices.

Browse Cantwell Customer Reviews

Service is 5-stars

Service is 5-stars! When I laid on the beds in the show room, I thought I found my dream bed for the next 10+ years! Ruben was patient and provided great service! Love the fact of family owned and operated. But I was sadly a bit disappointed with the product - surface didn't look/feel even. I'm by no means an mattress (maker) expert but I wonder if there are variations due to the nature of each mattress is made to order individually? Anyways, Ruben was great about taking the mattress back to tweak but even after the fix, my husband and I can't stay in the bed for more than 5-6 hours without our backs aching. I may have to take a loss and search for another bed considering others companies have a different type of guarantee.

If you want to buy local...

If you want to buy local, experience outstanding customer service and get a great product this is definitely where you should buy a mattress in San Antonio!!!! My husband and I recently purchased two great mattresses and couldnt be happier! We loved Ruben - friendly, professional and knows his stuff...he really listened to what we wanted and throughly explained all their options! We had our mattresses built and delivered in just 4 they took away our old ones for free!

What you need to know.

What you need to know. The owner is Curtis Cantwell and probably the great grandson of the original owner. He answers the phone. I just bought a house in San Antonio and called in the morning to get a basic queen size mattress sent. Curtis had one sent right over. The drivers came right on time. I can't imagine why I would shop anywhere else when it comes time to replace the King size mattress we own.

Needed a mattress...

Needed a to buy local. Love the fact it says "Made in Texas with Texas Cotton". I live in an it is nice you adjust the size. Thanks to Ruben who helped me pick out the "right" one, the people who made my mattress and the two guys who helped get it in the back of my truck with the 5th wheel hitch (in San Antonio/Olmos Park). I had a wonderful sleep last night....looking forward to many years of great sleep.

I'm giving 3 stars

I'm giving 3 stars because that commercial (especially the very end) is FREAKIN' HILARIOUS! 5 stars if there was a humor section

Purchased a mattress with adjustable bed base

Purchased a mattress with adjustable bed base. Recommended them to my mother who purchased as well until I had a problem with the motors on the adjustable bed vibrating in the middle of the night and it smelling like burning rubber in my room. They were all too helpful when selling us a mattress and bed at 8k+++. But as soon as we had problems they sent us to the manufacturer who would not help. So the extra warranty for the extra $$$ is useless.

We went to several mattress stores

We went to several mattress stores and came out of every one more confused than the previous one. We came home and did an internet search and came up with Cantwell. What could it hurt to check one more? The best decision we have ever made! While it was a little bit of a drive for us, it was definitely worth the drive. The customer service is the finest we've ever experienced. The two gentleman that worked with us took their time to listen to what we wanted in a mattress, explained what each of their mattresses offered, and encouraged us to take our time in picking one out. Of course we came down to our final two most liked ones, and they assured us that whatever one we picked out, we would be happy. Then they said that if it wasn't comfortable for us, they would gladly take it back to their store and do what needed to be done. How can you go wrong with that? We loved our mattress but found it could be just a tad bit softer. I called, and the gentleman quickly made arrangements to have our mattress picked up and it was back the same afternoon. The absolute best nights sleep I've ever had. Thank you Cantwell Mattress....i cant wait to recommend you to everybody we know.

While we haven't formally committed to the purchase

While we haven't formally committed to the purchase, I'm pretty sure we will by week's end. We were fortunate to be greeted by and helped by Curtis Cantwell, the owner. He was in from Corpus, where their other and original I believe, facility is located. Don't be put off by the construction going on at this McCullough location. They are expanding, but are still providing great customer service. A factory is actually in the back. If you're not happy with your mattress feel, they will take it back within the first year and add or take material out of it as necessary to achieve your desired feel and firmness. Pretty sweet. We tried out several levels of firmness. Really nice feel to them. We like the 'Grand' model, super firm. They have softer levels as well as pillow tops. They have one-sided and two-sided mattresses. Mr. Cantwell explained that his mattresses truly 'breathe', where mass-produced ones do not do so well because of the foam that is inserted all around. Cantwell uses cotton. They also offer a natural fill. I didn't ask about natural. Included in the deal is the disposal of your old mattress set. Nice deal. Nice company. Go there. April 16: so now we've had the bed three nights. I'm in love. The super firm is awesome. Our old bed must have been beat down, because now when I swing my feet over the side, they arena good three inches off of the floor. Ha, ha. Our cat Dexter seems happy, even though he has to jump a little higher.

My antique bed did not accept the standard size memory foam mattress

My antique bed did not accept the standard size memory foam mattress I bought from Cantwell Mattress even though I had a standard size regular mattress and box springs on the bed. My salesman was less than impressive and should have come to measure my bed instead of assuring me that the memory foam mattress was the same size. It measures the same size but it does not fit the same. The memory foam expands to use up all available space and then some. So it had to be sent back to the factory and I had to wait another week. Thanks to the excellent measuring by Eric who delivered the mattress and recalculated the proper dimensions to fit my bed, we settled on cutting the base an inch so it would not press on the hinges that hold the side rails to the head and footboard and cutting the mattress 3 inches so it would not press on the rounded banister trim at the top of the footboard so I would be able to make the bed up more easily. Mr. Cantwell worked on the mattress himself and the mattress finally fit. Not only did a few inches need to be cut off but he also rounded the corners on the base to fit the rounded footboard of my bed and tightened the sides of the mattress with new material and a finishing cord so it would not spread out and push against the footboard. I feel Cantwell Mattress went above and beyond to provide me with the best finished product possible. I am finally having a wonderful night's sleep on my new mattress and not waking up with one joint or another hurting. I will try to post a picture of the bed. My thanks to Eric who educated me on types of mattresses and guided me through the measuring process to decide the final dimensions and thanks to Mr. Cantwell for producing it.

We had the absolute pleasure

We had the absolute pleasure of doing business with the highly professional and friendly staff of Cantwell Mattress. Our salesperson, Ben, was very knowledgeable of Cantwell's products and service, to include an incredible product warranty. At the end of our shopping day, we purchased a memory foam mattress, and for the past two nights, we have had an incredible night's sleep. I cannot recommend Cantwell Matress Company enough!

Unfortunately our experience was not the best

Unfortunately our experience was not the best, the sales associate was great, very friendly, but the owner is extremely rude and condescending. Be careful.

My wife and I were in the market for a new bed

My wife and I were in the market for a new bed. I was dreading the whole thing. Choosing a new bed is confusing because there are so many options and "one has this, the other has that, but not this..." Also, my wife was really concerned about all of the toxicity of the chemicals used in making beds. We went to all the "brand name" places like Mattress Firm, Factory Mattress, and Sleep Number. The salesman at Sleep Number basically lied to us about everything. The salesman at Mattress Firm acted like we were bothering him. The salesman at Factory Mattress was your typical salesman, yet also honest. Funny enough, the rep at Factory Mattress realized he wasn't going to get a sale and said, "you might want to try Cantwell Mattress." So, we did. We could not have been more happy. Ruben met us as we walked in and was very friendly. You can tell the difference between friendly and "salesman-friendly." Ruben didn't act desperate for a sale. He asked us what we wanted and showed us what we asked for. We told him what we wanted and he offered us the lowest price, although he could have up-sold us to the more expensive option. We actually had to ASK for the more expensive of options if we were interested. We, of course, just ordered the bed yesterday, so we won't have it for a few weeks. Am I posting an awesome review pre-maturely? Maybe so. But, I left with the feeling that there is nothing that they will not do to make things right if they need to. Need it softer, need it problem. All you have to do is pay them for the transportation which is understandable. Of course, any major changes would be at a cost. But, I have just never felt as confident in making a big purchase as I did yesterday. Anyone I talk to that is looking for a new bed will be referred to Cantwell Mattress Company. Hey, if it's good enough for Tim Duncan, it's good enough for me. Thank you Ruben & Cantwell Mattress.

We needed a new mattress

We needed a new mattress, but I was dreading going to the chain mattress stores. The salespeople can be overeager and pushy; I hate that. I happened to see a TV ad for Cantwell Mattress Co. and did a little online research. I loved the idea of a locally operated company that actually manufactures what it sells! Reviews were glowing, too. We stopped in to check it out and were greeted by Ruben, the manager. He helped us by suggesting some midrange mattresses to start. He explained the differences between them as we tested them out, all without being pushy or pitchy. He gave us freedom and time to go between mattresses, testing them out, asking questions. Something we really found attractive was that he said we could have the mattress refreshed (refilled, brought closer to original feel, etc.) if we felt it was necessary during the generous warranty. When we decided what we wanted, he even offered to give us a discount on the display mattress that he said was only a couple of months old, and we took the offer! He also threw in a couple of free pillows. When the delivery men brought the wrong size pillows, we took them to the store to exchange, and Ruben even offered us upgraded quality pillows for our trouble. We are really happy with the whole experience. Ruben seemed genuine and dedicated to making sure we were happy. We also love our mattress!

I've been on the hunt for a new mattress

I've been on the hunt for a new mattress to go with my new bedroom furniture lately. I have visited several stores in town and this one being locally owned, was one of my first stops. The selection here is very small (that's the only reason for 3 stars instead of 4), but the prices were very competitive. In most cases, they beat the big box stores. And since it's locally owned, they were able to have more control over what their customer paid, so negotiations weren't totally out of the question. The service was fantastic. Knowledgeable sales staff that weren't pushy in any way. I haven't made a final decision yet, but will update when I do. This is a great choice and supporting a local business is a no brainer always!

Can't say enough good things about Cantwell

Can't say enough good things about Cantwell ... great products using organic materials, great service, great prices and it's LOCAL! Ruben was FAB and worked with us to find the perfect mattress at the right price. While we had never been to Cantwell, the YELP reviews made it our ONLY stop and how glad we are it was. Love this store and love the mattress. We couldn't be happier nor sleep better! I would never go anywhere else again to purchase a mattress.

Do you know how hard it is to find a mattress

Do you know how hard it is to find a mattress around here! Yeah I know there is like Mattress Firm on very corner ...but I'm talking about a mattress that is not $5,000 plus, doesn't sink in within less than a year and a company that actually keeps it's promise regarding quality mattresses....long list I know! Well after buying what we thought to be a VERY good quality and well known mattress brand Simmons through Macy's.... I will NEVER..ever buy a mattress anywhere but a local place of business again. This place is nothing fancy and looks old fashioned but nowadays we know old fashioned means well-built so I knew we were in the right place. I found this place by yelp and I also remember them advertising on TV. We are about five months in I am very satisfied with the mattress and the best part is the pretty much unofficial lifetime warranty meaning if the mattress sinks in or repositons to something that is odd, for a nominal fee they will "revitalize" your mattress to good as new. I hope this doesn't happen for sometime ...however if it does ..I am thankful I can call a local store that has been in the mattress business for years willing to "fix" it vs replace it. Pricing is surprisingly reasonable for the product being offered compared to the crazy retail pricing of a nationwide named brand mattresses. I'm glad I found this place. I would never buy mattress from Macy's again....ever.

I NEVER write reviews on companies

I NEVER write reviews on companies, even when I say I will. Something always happens and I get busy and don't get it done. I am determined to get this one done! I LOVE this company! I live in Austin and my parents, who can no longer shop for themselves, live in San Antonio. They loved the bed they had, bought at Cantwell many years ago. Now they needed an adjustable bed. I called and Curtis Cantwell found their previous purchase in his records. He made this new adjustable bed "feel like" their old mattress with all the new bells and whistles of an adjustable. Because no one could see the bed in advance or really prepare for its arrival, he threw in the first pair of sheets for free! It's arrival was only 3 days after my phone call and the two installers were incredible! My parents live on the third floor of a retirement home and these poor guys had to get the king sized adjustable bed into a rather small elevator and then bring down the old bed the same way. This whole process was completed within an hour and mom was back in bed! They are also helping me find more sheets and delivering them to my parents apt even though they don't really "do " this just because they know it is hard for my parents to get things done! I highly recommend Cantwell! This is a fabulous company with fabulous people!!!! Thank you for being so flexible and helpful!

I first purchased a Cantwell Mattress

I first purchased a Cantwell Mattress when I was stationed in San Antonio at Lackland Air Force Base. Previously I've always had "other" name brand mattresses and always had problems sleeping. After a recommendation from a friend I checked out Cantwell Mattress and worked with Curtis and Ruben at their store on McCullough Avenue. They delivered it to my house in North West San Antonio and even helped me haul off the old one. It was the best night's sleep I have ever had and that mattress lasted us for years till we decided to upgrade to a King Size. By that time I was station in Florida and called Curtis to see if it was possible to get one delivered to my new house. Of course I thought it would be too expensive to make it practical but I was WRONG! They took my order and within 10 days I had my new mattress delivered to my door. This 4th Gen mattress is amazing and well worth the cost and delivery. I'm now living in Washington D.C. and just got off the phone w/ Curtis because I need a mattress for my other guest room. He pulled up my previous purchases, made a recommendation and arranged for the delivery to my home in Virginia. I can't imagine any mattress shopping experience being more pleasant or any bed being as high quality as a Cantwell Mattress. I've recommended them to my family in Texas and now both my parents and my brother's family all sleep on Cantwell Mattresses. Thank you for being a company that stands by their word and supports the military families!


WOW! After reading the other reviews I know all I can add is their commitment to the customer is exactly what they tell you when you buy their goods. After spending a ton for a Stearns & Foster king We found there were problems with "cavitation" on my side of the bed (I'm 6'4" 240 ) and my Wife's side of the bed (She's 5'2" and about half my weight). We could turn the bed 180 but that was all and the "cavitation" took a while to rearrange. We went looking for a mattress which we could turn & Cantwell was the only provider that offered that. We decided on 2 extended twin mattresses to have even more turning options. Order was placed, delivery was as promised, old mattress was removed as part of the purchase agreement. We ordered orthopedic (extra firm) & after 3 months decided that was too firm, called Cantwell and they came and took the mattress' on a Monday morn- returned them that afternoon after they had made them softer for a $70 charge....... Nuff Said!!! Thanks Cantwell!

I love local businesses

I love local businesses. The sales manager Robert was a knowledgeable young man who answered all my questions to how their mattresses are designed. I was impressed that he knew all the contents inside each mattress I was interested in. It was not a surprise that he use to hand craft the beds himself. Honestly I was just killing time while my tires were being installed down the street. The mattress I have now is from the MATTRESS FIRM, it is only 2 years old and it sinks in on both mine and the wife's sleeping spots. I have warranty on the mattress but when I called the Mattress store they charged me 100 dollars so that someone can come by my house and tell me that they can not work on my bed because it is normal wear and tear. So what is the point of having a warranty if I have to jump through hoops to get anything worked on. Robert assured me that they build their mattresses locally in Corpus that when there is need for warranty work that he is one call away not a 800 voice machine. I am appreciative for the young man's time and I look forward to purchasing the Tradition TWO SIDED PILLOW TOP mattress and box-spring combo. The mattress felt not too hard and not too soft, it was described that this mattress holds up more than my 265lb frame and that he would custom support the box springs for me. It's good to know that this company has been in business for so many years, that has to tell you something about them. I will buy from them real soon.

I would be giving a 5 star rating

I would be giving a 5 star rating, but the fact that I have had problems over the past year, lowered it a bit. I sent an e-mail to Curtis Cantwell, and explained my problem, and he got my mattress fixed, Kind of. It still had problems, so I sent another email, and he called to let me know that I had been sold a mattress with a weight rating of only 250lbs. I weigh in at 340. The fact that no one told me mattresses needed to be sized for heaver people, got the rating to 4 stars, but the latest contact, where he told me he would make me a new mattress for free, that would be rated for my size, gets a 6 stars rating. Admitting a flaw in the sales portion of my experience, is something not many companies would do. I have to admit, I am more than happy again.

I came in to this store looking for a bed

I came in to this store looking for a bed. The salesman was friendly and helpful, but I did not get what I thought I was going to get. I liked one bed, but I found that it was like $3,000, so I said no, I will just stick with one in my price range, which was not all that cheap either. I lay on several of the beds, and I even inquired on buying one like I loved for $3,000 in a twin. Well, the twin in that bed would cost as much or more than that bed I bought. The salesman clearly stated, " if you like that bed over there, which was the high priced bed, then you would love the one you bought, and we can stuff 2 inches of cotton inside to see how you like it, it will be just about like that higher priced one over there." " Then he proceeded to tell me that if it wasn't right the first time, that they would take it back and add more stuffing or adjust what I had etc... well, I called them up as soon as I had a good chance to lay on the bed, and this bed feels nothing like that really expensive bed. To me it feels like I could be lying on a quilt that was on top of springs. I told the man this, and he said, " Well, you have to sleep on it for at least 10 days till we will take it back and fix it to your liking. " I said, "10 days?" He said finally, " well, today is Wednesday, and well, let's see, call us on Monday, we can take it then if it is still bothering you." I said, " ok, I will call on Monday." I mean I dropped $985.02 in that store. Now that I am stuck with a bed that is not to my liking, I guess I will have to switch my old bed with the new one and sleep on it till it wears out, because I do not have money to drop everywhere looking for a good bed. That is one of the reasons I went to this store, because they are supposed to have quality products and they are local and seemed to have a good reputation. It should have been a lesson learned from how they treated my mother back in 2001, when she spent way more than I did, and these people were very ugly to her and would not work with her. They say no not refunds or returns, but back then, they sure as heck took back the adjustable bed, but then gave her a small pittance back in return, but it was not in money, but any merchandise she wanted to buy in their store. I should have followed her lead and never gone back in there, but I thought things may have changed. Well, obviously, they have not. I did sign the receipt/ contract, and yes, it does say no refunds or returns, but I would have thought for this amount of money, especially if I wanted to put the money towards one of the most expensive beds in the store, they might have seen fit to work with me. Well, it did not happen. It is my fault for going back in there, but I will not ever go back again, and that's a promise.

Lack of interest and customer service

I contacted the local Cantwell Mattress store here in Corpus Christi looking for a low profile box spring and was told by the gentleman who answered "I'm with a customer now and will have to call you back". He asked me for my phone number which I gave him and waited for a call back but was never contacted. I eventually located the box spring with another company in the city and they were very helpful and even gave me an awesome price for the box spring. Needless to say, I will never look at purchasing a mattress or box spring from a company that does not care about a sale or customer service!

Not to Happy

I bought my mattress combo (with rise) end of Jan. and haven't had a good nights slept yet. The coils in the bed hit every spot on my body the wrong way. I took the first twin mattresses for the king which (for more money) was suppose to have more coils and closer together but still no good they felt the same as the twin. I swear it's set off my sciatic nerve to where I dreed trying to go to bed at night. Plus there's a 10 year warranty which means nothing, still out $3800.00 with out taxes.

Excellent delivery service

A shout our to Chris and Robbie for going above and beyond in the delivery of the mattress. They not only moved old parts of bed to patio, but vacuumed floor before placing the new bed. Very courteous and helpful.

Watch out for bait and switch

I have Spine issues and was looking for a good mattress to sleep. The mattress I tried at the store was not the mattress I received a week later. If you Go online you will Find reviews of Cantwell Mattress's being UN EVEN. The MAttress I rfeceived is like sleeping on a hard hill. I paid $1000 dollars for a ridiculously poor mattress and the salesman hung up on me when I demanded my money back. So much for customer service. Thgis poor mattress because of the un evenness caused me to have a hospitalized stroke last week not to mention aggravating my spinal stenosis. WATCH OUT FOR THEIR BAIT AND SWICH TACTICS OR YOU WILL GET SCREWED LIKE I DID. I HAVE THE POOR MATTRESS to prove all this and will find any lawyer interested. The mattress I received is horrible , like sleeping on a hard hill. RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, THEY WILL SCREW YOU.

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