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Bundle Sofa Reviews

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The Bundle Sofa is one of the best online values available. With customization options ranging from arm style, leg options, cushion configuration, and multiple color options, this couch will do an excellent job providing a comfortable design with a streamlined approach. Set up is simple and with a 60 day trial and forever warranty, you can rest assured that this will be a comfy choice for years to come.

Sofa Scores

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Material Quality: 9.5/10

Design Options: 9.5/10

Ease of Assembly: 9.4/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

Price: $1395

Limited Time: Get $396 Off

Bundle Sofa Details

Bundle Living offers a sofa that offers a sleek design for an affordable price. For those that want a firm, modern comfort, this sofa is perfect for those that are looking to spruce up a room with additional sitting space. Additionally, with customization options on the arm, leg, and cushion configuration, customers can find something that will match their interior design.

Bundle's Materials & Quality

Fabric Options: Bundle has four different color options, including shadow light grey, indigo blue, sand beige, and stone dark grey. This fabric is durable, stain and water resistant, and pet friendly fabric, which Bundle has aptly named 'Performance Fabric.'

Cushioning: The cushion layers include 2.0 HR poly foam, which is commonly used in mattresses and other comfort furniture. This material has higher support and delivers longer durability. It is perfect for those that want something that will stay firm and cozy for a long time. Around this is 2oz of Dacron fiber for a sleek design.

Sofa Frame: The sofa frame is a big differentiator than many other online options. With a steel wielded seat box, this sofa is very durable, even for those that are larger and want something that is going to last indefinitely.

Sofa Legs: The legs are wooden and made of solid rubber wood that has an applied finish on them. This provides a sleek, deep brown leg color that most customers love.

Customization Options

There are multiple customization options offered. Here is a full list of the options that you can choose from to make your Bundle Living sofa your own:

Cushion Configuration: Choose between three and two cushions on the back and either one or three on the front. This provides a slightly different look and comfort level for those who like to snuggle up or have their own space.

Leg Options: The Bundle Sofa has two different options of their proprietary wooden legs -- cone or tapered.

Arm Options: The last option is the difference in the arms at the side of the sofa. There is a straight and a sloped option. The sloped option provides a classic feel, while the straight offers a modern look.

Ease of Set Up

Customers describe set up being a breeze -- even for one person, which is one of the added benefits of this sofa. No hardware is needed and things are extremely simple. See the easy of just how easy it is above.


The Bundle Sofa runs medium-firm. It provides even comfort with a durable feel, but is not soft and quishy. For those that want something that lasts, this sofa is a great option.

Who Are Bundle Sofas Right For?

Bundle sofas are ideal for those that are looking for a durable, easy to set up, and sleek looking sofa for way less than luxury brands or other online name-brands. This sofa will last and last, and with a strong warranty to back that up and generous trial period, there is no reason not to try it out!

Browse Bundle Sofa Customer Reviews

Stays in shape over time

I bought this about 6 months ago. I'm very pleased with the way it has held up compared to other sofas I've had. With many other sofas I’ve had, probably because they’ve been pretty cheap and cheaply made, the cushions collapsed and looked bad right away. This sofa still looks sharp and crisp.

We love it

Before making the decision we ordered some of the fabric swatches that they send for free, and these arrived within days. Afterwards we had a few specific questions, so we called customer service. Each person we spoke with (we called about 3 times with questions) was extremely helpful and attentive. Overall, we are very happy with this couch. It’s comfortable, it’s pretty to look at, and our kids like it too!

Incredibly soft and crazy durable!

I’ve had my Bundle sofa for a few days now and my family is OBSESSED! So grateful to have been recommended this awesome sofa from a family friend. It’s so comfortable, and my family loves hanging out and watching a movie all piled in together. The dogs love it too, and the best part about that is that their hair so easily comes off of the couch, it’s like magic. I would highly highly recommend this sofa to anyone looking to upgrade their living space!

Love it!

Love this couch!

No pain after napping

I’m giving the Bundle sofa a 5/5 stars because it’s given me zero pain after napping on it, which is miraculous. I don’t think I realized just how old and crappy my old sofa was until I bought my Bundle, but it’s also a testament to just how well made and cozy it is! Love it!

Switched from leather

I used to be all about leather furniture, whether it was cozy armchairs or a big, stately, leather couch. We couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Though it’s fabric, it’s still extremely comfortable, possibly even more so than our old leather furniture. The stain resistant material is also perfect for our dogs. It’s even easy to vaccum up their hair from the cushions.

Spill resistant and durable!

Having kids and pets make a stain-resistant-fabric-couch a necessity, and Bundle really delivers on this front.

So many compliments!

I LOVE my new couch from Bundle.

We couldn't be happier!

We couldn't be happier with the Bundle sofa. It was simple to set up, and the perfect addition to our living room. We love how comfy it is and that it holds up to our pets!

Finally found the perfect sofa

I’d give Bundle a 6 out of 5 stars if I could.

Nappable and affordable

The two most important things I was looking for when I began my hunt for a new sofa was that it was 1) nappable, and 2) affordable. I am happy to report that I have found both things and much more with the Bundle brand sofas.

Incredibly durable material

We really lucked out with this one!

We love our new sofa

Bundle is the answer we’ve been looking for. Recently my wife and I have been in the market for a new couch to spice up our living space and we’ve been having absolutely no luck. We’ve gone to furniture store after furniture store, but it’s almost worse when you have a picture in your head of the perfect couch because then almost nothing can live up to the ideal you’ve dreamed up. This is when we found Bundle! We are honestly so happy because it fits every single thing on our wish list for a new sofa, it’s almost like it was fate! It’s comfortable and durable while still being stylish.

The quality for the price is insane

We were looking for something that was stylish and modern, easy-to-clean, and extremely durable. Every single sofa we’ve had in the past has been a compromise one way or another, but with Bundle it really feels like we’re getting all of our needs met and a price that we can afford. Thank you guys for making the perfect sofa! We are happy campers.

Really love Bundle

We recently moved and were looking for a new couch. We saw this one and I loved it. By looking at the photos online and reading the reviews it sounded like it was very comfortable and the color seemed perfect considering it may get dirty from our dog. Went home and read the reviews and I don't know who wrote negative reviews but the positive ones are spot on.

In our home we haven’t

In our home we haven’t had anything larger than a loveseat for a long time. We needed a new couch and had heard about a family friend of ours who had recently bought a new couch from Bundle. It was a lot of fun going to the website and choosing how we wanted to customize everything. Now that it’s in our home, it’s absolutely perfect. We had such a fun time trying to figure out exactly where we wanted it to go and how we wanted to arrange the furniture, the kids got involved and really had a good time. Thank you Bundle!

Couldn't be happier!

Couldn't be happier!

Lovely piece of furniture

The color is a cool, neutral gray, which will go with any decorative pieces I have in my house. It’s exactly what I wanted in a new couch. It’s super comfortable whether I’m laying down for a nap or working on my laptop.

First time buyer, long time admirer

I’ve been hearing about the Bundle sofa for months now and seeing ads for it everywhere. I bit the bullet and began looking into Bundle since I was seeing it everywhere, and obviously we ended up buying one becaue we’re leaving this review! We love it. It’s the perfect amount of stylish design and supportive comfort. Wish we would have bought one sooner.

Bought for my daughter for a house warming gift

I bought Bundle sofa as a house warming gift for my daughter because she was moving into her very first apartment out of college. She couldn’t be happier and I know it’s an excellent investment because it has a lifetime warranty!

Cannot believe it arrived so fast!

I’m giving this sofa a 5/5 stars and taking the time to write this review (and I NEVER write reviews!) because I am so surprised and happy that it arrived so fast!

Love the color

This was the perfect find for my apartment. The indigo color is understated and sophisticated. Many other couches I’ve found that have positive reviews about the comfort and that are stain-resistant are made with colors that are either really cheesy, outdated, or too bold. Bundle is a killer combo of all of the best things.

Recommend this sofa

Now it’s been about a month since we’ve had it in our home and there’s no way we’re sending it back. It’s perfect.

I first heard about the

I first heard about the Bundle sofa three times in the same week, which was so strange I had to look into it. It’s been a few weeks now that I’ve had it in my living room and I’m so happy I made this purchase! I think the universe knew that it was exactly what I needed to level up my living room!

If you're looking for a new sofa, this one is incredible

It was pretty incredible how quickly it was delivered. From the time we ordered it to the time we were sitting on it was about 5 days. Absolutely incredible. Love this new sofa.

This is a beautiful piece

This is a beautiful piece of furniture and I can’t stop telling my friends about it!

Amazing, I love it

Great price and great product. I’m really happy with the Forever Warranty because I have 3 small children.

Pricey but worth it

I would definitely recommend for people who don’t mind spending a bit more money because it’s well worth it.

Any easy choice for us

The Bundle sofa was an easy choice for us. The color is beautiful, the fabric is soft, and we even spilled some wine on it but it came right out! Would recommend!

Easy to set up solo

I was really surprised when it came how easy it was to assemble, even by me, a young woman with barely any upper body strength. If you live alone like me you can definitely do this too. I’d recommend the Bundle for sure because it’s also extremely comfortable.

I never knew that sofas

I never knew that sofas could come with a lifetime warranty before I heard about Bundle. Honestly, this was one of the biggest factors for me making this purchase.

Good purchase

A stain took a bit longer to get out than I expected, but otherwise no complaints.

Glad there is 60 day trial

The color didn't really match what was pictured online and I don't really love the material. Happy that there is a 60 day trial period though!

Not what I was expecting

Really not what I was expecting.

Pricey but we'll keep it

The only complaint we had was that it was a bit on the expensive side and the cushions were a bit still. We'll keep it though.

Wish it was softer

We were expecting the material to be much softer. I know it's stain resistant, but we weren't too happy. We'll be sending it back.

Cost way too much

Way too expensive. We'll be returning it.

Wouldn't recommend

It took longer to come than I expected, the color seemed to be different from the photos online, and it wasn't as comfortable as I was hoping.

Not impressed

The cushions are way too firm. Do yourself a favor and buy something comfier.


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