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Brooklyn Bedding Pillow Reviews

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Brooklyn Bedding makes a latex-polyurethane foam blend pillow that is one piece of perforated foam, which provides a high amount of bounce and resistance similar to latex bedding. Some reviewers aren't used to the bouncy feel so it is definitely something to keep in mind before purchasing. Additionally, because it is one piece of foam, the comfort level is not easily adjustable, though they have a firm and a plush option.

Pillow Scores

Overall Score: 8.6/10

Material Quality: 8.7/10

Comfort: 8.6/10

Support: 9/10

Cooling: 8.8/10

Odor: 9.1/10

Price: $54-$149

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Brooklyn Bedding Pillow Details

The Brooklyn Bedding pillow is a solid state latex, poly-foam pillow that comes in both a firm and a plush version. As the plush version is more responsive, those that desire a more moldable pillow will be pleased with that option.

What's Inside the Pillow?

The inside of the Brooklyn Bedding pillow is a perforated latex poly foam blend that is customized to firm or plush based on your selection during check out. There are some complaints about the firmness options, but most people really enjoy their pillows for the price.

The Outside of the Pillow

The cover is a charcoal bamboo blend, which in feel is similar to rayon and other highly treated materials. The cover is also removable with a handy zipper and is machine washable.


There are two firmness levels to choose from: plush and firm. For most sleepers, these should be good options, but there are some that feel like they would like a medium firmness option as well. Also, some sleepers find that the pillows have an over-stuffed feel which would be good for side sleepers. For this reason, those that sleep on their backs or stomachs may do better with the plush option.

Who Is The Brooklyn Bedding Pillow Best For?

Folks that are back or stomach sleepers that don't mind a pillow that is one piece of foam should love this pillow.

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I have bought numerous pillows over the years. Foam, contoured, water (yes water in the pillow). I have neck pain and arm numbness. For a laugh I got this pillow free with a bed I purchased (I also buy a new bed every 2 years). Best pillow ever, no neck pain, no arm numbness, my head is lifted up so no more stuffy nose.

The Plush Pillow is perfect.

The Plush Pillow is perfect. Ordered the firm and plush. I found the firm to be overly firm. Can't go wrong w the plush. Very supportive, yet comfortable. Would highly reccomebd for the Price.

bounciest pillow I've ever had.

bounciest pillow I've ever had.

I ordered the latex pillows,

I ordered the latex pillows, one plush and one firm. The firm pillow was a little to firm for me. The next day I ordered another plush pillow. I’m very happy with the pillows.

I have tried many pillows

I have tried many pillows in the past without success. Frequently waking with headaches. This really has been the #BestPillowEver I have had with virtually no headaches or neck pain. I purchased the plush pillow.

Love it.

Love it.

Amazing Pillows so far!!! The

Amazing Pillows so far!!! The firm pillow out beats the mypillow


They said wait 2 weeks to write a review on the bed but not on the pillow that pillow is freaking amazing if I could afford it I would definitely buy another pillow right now little tight with money buying the bed and then fixing my car which is another 2,000 I want another pillow these pillows are amazing you must buy this pillow review on the bed and one more week

So far my husband likes

So far my husband likes his pillow. He got the queen in firm. It has a lot of bouce. Slight offgassing the first night or two, but now it seems to be fine. He has not had any headaches, and the pillow seems to have improved his sleep. I plan to get a soft version in the near future :)

The pillow is well-made and

The pillow is well-made and has the right amount of firmness and bounce-back.

I wish it had a slightly lower profile and was available in a standard pillow size (my pillowcases don't cover the entire length of the pillow), but that's just an individual preference.

Great Pillow

I recently bought a BB mattress and took advantage of the free pillow promotion. However, the free pillows are filled with loose foam and can be soft. Knowing this I took the chance and purchased 2 firm pillows. Wow, these pillows are worth their money. While we both really like the mattress, my wife is really a fan of the pillows...they really reduce any neck discomfort. Very satisfied.

They weren't kidding.

When I took this pillow out of the box & hugged it, it made me giggle. The holes in the pillow gave off a soft breeze as I squeezed it, really proving how it stays cool and aerated, unlike other pillows that can get overheated. It is so soft & bounces back every morning when I wake. It's seriously the #BestPillowEver.

Your pillow allows for the

Your pillow allows for the soundest of sleeps for even the lousiest of sleepers. I have purchased and distributed the pillows to every single member of our immediate and extended family. A true game changer.

Great pillow!

Purchased the plush pillow and it is very soft to the extent that it isn't thick enough for me. However I received two of the firm shredded foam pillows with my mattess and they are fantastic. Both are great quality pillows the soft one was just a bit too soft for my taste.

Best bed I've ever owned.

Best bed I've ever owned. I searched a lot on the net, there's a lot of false reviews etc. I contemplated a Casper, then a Tuft and Needle, then Purple. I finally settled on Brooklyn Bedding and couldn't be happier. I was a little worried about the medium either being too hard or soft, but it so far has been perfect for both back and side sleeping. I can't say if it'll last, all mattresses seem fairly good in the beginning but if this one keeps up I won't be changing for a long long time.

Great firm pillow with good support

I'm a light back sleeper with anxiety so getting a good nights rest is top priority for me. While I don't have the BB bed, I do have a Saatva innerspring mattress in the Luxury Firm option. My old pillow was a contoured sleep number foam pillow. That pillow slept hot, and after 2 years wasn't as comfy. I decided to give the BB firm pillow a shot and I haven't regretted it. The latex sleeps cool, the pillow provides great support for my head and neck. I wake up feeling refreshed and don't have any back pains. It works hand in hand with my mattress. While I was skeptical that it didn't contour to support my neck, it does & I would highly recommend anyone to get it. For the price, it can't be beat..

Great pillow for comfort and price!

I've spent over $300 in the hunt for a nice pillow for the past few years and this one has surpassed any of the others. My husband loves it also! One thing to note though these pillows are a little larger than your average standard pillow. They just fit into our standard pillow cases.

This is the best. Most

This is the best. Most comfortable mattress we have slept in. Very satisfied. I purchased the pillows and sheets as well, and they also are fantastic. I recommend it to all my friends and family.

So I have not had

So I have not had the bed the recommended 30 day they say to get used to the bed, but I have noticed a difference already. We have a memory foam bed at work for when I have to spend the night, every time my back hurts. But with the Brooklyn bed, I have zero back pain. Finally found a bed that works for me! Just wish I could get one at work as well.

I saw your ads saying

I saw your ads saying 'best sheets ever' and I thought it was great marketing. Then I got the sheets and realized YES they really ARE the best sheets ever! I bought a second pair and now have the pillow too. You guys are amazing. Keep up the great work.

Soft comfortable pillow, but does

Soft comfortable pillow, but does not sleep like a down pillow. Best pillow I've used other than a down pillow (which I have slept on since a kid, -not the same pillow but always a down pillow). Very comfortable for watching TV or just relaxing, but for sleeping, I gotta have down. Thanks.

Best pillow under $40

I've had this pillow for 2 months. I got the queen firm. I'm a side sleeper that had huge trouble finding the right loft for me. Even spent $70 on a polyester filled pillow that lasted less than a year. This pillow is very good.

I bought this initially to see if the company makes a quality product, and therefore proceed with the mattress. Yep! It keeps it's loft (barely fits in a standard/queen pillowcase), withstands use as a back cushion, and have eliminated neck & back pain after 5 days of getting used to it. The only reason I rated this 4 stars (I really want to rate it 4.5) is that the loft is a bit reduced after 60 days. I will gladly update this after a full 120 days.

Not #thebestpillow ever for our family

We purchased both the firm and soft versions of the regular sized pillow after purchasing a new mattress from BB. After a brief adjustment period, we have definitely become fans of the mattress, with one exception--the new 'firmness' of the mattress caused our old tempurpedic pillows to no longer work well. The old pillows now felt too 'short' for neck comfort. So we decided to try the BB pillows. Not knowing whether we'd prefer the firm or the soft, we ordered one of each, planning to swap them after a night so that husband and I could each try them both out. We immediately realized that the soft pillow was incredibly soft--it flattened like a pancake under our heads. So then we each tried the firm--and it was just that--too firm. The pillow barely compressed when you put your head on it. We even let our 13-year old try them to see if either worked for him, but no. We need a Goldilocks version of this pillow--one that is not too soft, and not to hard, but just right--something in the middle. The price of these pillows is very reasonable, so I wish they had worked out.

Pillows don't work for anyone in my family

We recently purchased a new mattress from BB and love it, but our old pillows were no longer working with the new mattress (we needed a different height for comfort). Decided to try out the 'best pillow ever'. We weren't sure whether the soft or firm would be the way to go, so we bought one of each. Having tried both, I cannot sleep comfortably on either. The soft is really soft and compresses down a lot under the weight of your head, making it way too low or thin for my comfort. The firm is nice and firm, but it's too thick to begin with and doesn't compress enough for it to feel good on my neck. Husband tried both too and had the same complaints. We also let our teenaged son try them out and he doesn't care for them. I hate that these pillows don't work for us because that means our search for pillows that are as perfect as our new mattress must continue.

Plush = super soft

I ordered the Queen plush version. For me, it was just completely too soft and lacked any support; it felt like my head just sunk straight down to the bed. It reminded me of jello encased in a pillowcase. I sadly ended up sending it back. I will probably end up trying the firm version. I really want to like this pillow.


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