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Brooklyn Bedding

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Brooklyn Bedding is actually a Phoenix, Arizona company founded by two brothers in 1995 and named after one of the founder's daughters. What they have in experience shows in their matresses and attention to customer service! Over the past few months, they have revamped their mattress ingredients, moving from latex to a brand new blend of foam called TitanFlex™ foam. With a culture of innovation, it's definitely a low priced contender!

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9/10

Price Value: 9/10

No Back Pain: 8/10

Price: $450-$1050

Trial Period: 120 days

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Brooklyn Bedding's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Brooklyn Bedding makes one latex / memory foam mattress in three different firmness options. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: The cover is a traditional looking quilted cover made from cotton and polyester, making it soft and cool. Inside is a thin layer of foam that provides a 'plushtop' feel.

Layer 2: 2'' of TitanFlex™ Comfort, which is a softer blend of foam with thermal titanium beads to diffuse heat.

Layer 3: 2'' of TitanFlex™ Support that has more resistence and provides a good transition to the base.

Layer 4: 6'' of high density base support foam that acts as the foundation.

Overall Comfort

Most like the feeling of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress. Some regret their decision on the firmness.


Brooklyn Bedding provides three different firmness options that provide a good variety for those looking for a firm or soft mattress.

Back Pain

Based on the firmness profile, the medium version should alleviate back pain for most. Most experience a comfortable sleep, though there are a few reports of increased back pain from sagging.


There are some reports that this bed may sleep warmer than others. Some warm sleepers should do additional research.

Who Is It Good For?

Those that are looking for a memory foam / latex mattress with firmness options and are not warm sleepers should be comfortable with Brooklyn Bedding.

Browse Brooklyn Bedding Customer Reviews

Love it!

Absolutely love it! Very comfortable and a really good deal on a very nice mattress! Would definitely recommend.

Amazing bed! So much better than the $2500 bed ...

Amazing bed! So much better than the $2500 bed we just ditched. Soft yet supportive for side sleepers.

Five Stars

Great mattress. Very firm, just like it should be.

We've had it for two months now. Still love it, no back problems, no change in the condition of the mattress. We highly recommend it.

Four Stars

The matress is comfortable. I wish it was a little more firm. But overall I'm very happy.

Broken Bedding

Latex makes this a hot mattress. I had an original tempurpedic for the last 10 years and, boy, do I miss that. Never got hot...felt like I was sleeping in heaven. This mattress heats up like nothing I've ever felt.
Medium is way too firm. I'm 170 lbs and it gives me back aches every night. I've had it for almost a month now and there has been no 'breaking in' period.
I assume most people that have reviewed this mattress positively are obese or have never slept on a good mattress before.

You can 'return' this mattress, but good luck compressing it back to the original size to fit in the box it came in. Probably will just bite the bullet on 750 bucks and use this as the bed for my guest bedroom...maybe I'll get a mattress topper for it.

#BestMattressEver; in our case, it seems to be... so far.

One of the frustrating things is folks (like me) have their NEW bed, LOVE IT, and that's all the review consists of. New mattress (presumably replacing a broken down, worn out mattress) are more than likely going to feel a lot better (after a short adjustment period, most likely.
Well, now I'm passed my 120 trial period. I've had some real time to "sleep on it".
I'm still in love with it. I do tend to sleep hot at times. Occasionally I do wake up a bit warm, but nothing close to what I experienced with the mattress this one replaced.
I wake up every morning with no aches or pains, feeling rested and start the day. My bed partner is NOT a morning person and I have to use various techniques to get them to finally slip out from between the sheets.

Even as a large guy, I find more than sufficent edge support. Now I tend to sit where my knees are nearly touching the mattress, not my butt right on the edge. The latex foam does have a different feel, if you've never experienced it before, but one that is conforming and supportive.

My five star review stands. I will try to come back every so often and give updates. Should something drastically change I'll update the review sooner, but next check-in will probably be at the "one year mark"

I purchased my #BestMattressEver directly from Brooklyn bedding. If you want the full 120 night trial period, this is the way you really should go.
I ordered the Queen Medium firmness after speaking with Keaton at BB, upon his recommendation.
Both myself and my partner are side sleepers, predominately and at times I sleep warm while my bedmate can sleep roasting hot at times.
I am 6'4" 240 pounds, my "sleep partner" is 5'8" 165.
Choosing a mattress is a VERY individual thing, so know up front these are my/our preferences.
Our major concerns:
Sleeping hot
being able to use the full width of the bed, as some have issues with the support at the edge of the bed.
We like sleeping "on" not "in" a bed.
Cushioning, preventing pressure points.
Support to keep things properly aligned. sometimes tricky when dealing with two very different body shapes and weights.
Amorous activities. Hey, a bed is for more than just sleeping.

To the best of my knowledge, I had never slept on a latex bed before. After visiting MANY "mattress review/mattress revenue sites" (you know those sites where the guys get a mattress at a discount or for free and then earn money off you if you use their link to purchase a mattress) I only got more confused. There seems to almost be a correlation between their kick-back and how well they like and recommend a mattress. and not all mattresses are going to work for all people. It's not a bad gig, but in the end I found them rating most mattresses they link to be "very good-excellent"
What you are looking for can be condensed down pretty simply.
1) do you know what style bed you're looking for: innerspring, hybrid (combination of either innerspring/foam or different types of foam i.e. latex/memory foam/some proprietary material), memory foam or latex. They all have their proponents and drawbacks.
2) are quality materials being used? Needless to say, the better the materials going into a product, the better long-term usage you'll get out of the mattress
3) what is the track record of the company? There are literally new internet mattress companies popping up weekly. What use is a 10, 15, 20 year warranty (with 10 being pretty common for the internet mattress companies) if they aren't going to be around when you do have an issue. That doesn't mean that someone that is just starting out is going to fail and not be around in 5 years, but some of these folks simply won't make it. Just the harsh reality of doing business in a very competitive market.
4) great internet campaigns and presence does NOT necessarily mean a great product; and certainly NOT a product that is made for everyone.

Try to find some unbiased review sites, ask questions, compare notes.

For us,the #BestMattressEver seemed like a really good choice. We can try it for 120 nights (the average is around 100, though some are 75 and this seems to be the highest I've seen offered)

There is some new technologies out there that you simply have to try to see if it works for you. (The Purple comes to mind in this category, with their hyper-polymer top) they are unique enough there is nothing short of trying it out to know if that is the mattress that you'll be happy with for the next 5,7,10 years.

Price/quality/value: Find a price point you can live with, get the best quality materials and you have a good valued product.

Even at 240 pounds, the medium for a side sleep like me is more firm than what I was expecting. That's not a bad thing. Perhaps our old mattress was just much worse off than I realized. I don't feel pressure points, it does give me great support, I DO like sleeping on top of a mattress, not in it as with most memory foams I've experienced. I wanted to try something different, as innerspring mattresses have always developed dips and sagging over time. Directly relatable to the quality of the springs inside.
I will update this review as time passes and the bed adjusts to us and we adjust to the bed.
If you have any questions, just add a comment and I'll try to respond.

As a side note, Ours arrived sans box, just the wrapping material. I was a bit concerned, thinking the box may have been destroyed, but it arrived in perfect shape with no damage. It IS heavy (queen coming in right at the 100 lb mark, so be cognizant of that should you need to go up stairs, it may be helpful depending on your size and strength to have someone to assist. Open it AFTER it is on the bed frame.

Best Mattress Ever

This is the best mattress I have ever slept on. I got the Queen medium. I have it on an adjustable bed frame and it works perfectly. So glad I took a chance on this. I did my research on latex mattresses vs. memory foam (not fond of memory foam) and then picked this out as equivalent to many very high priced mattresses. you are great, Brooklyn Bedding, I would buy this again in a heartbeat.

This bed is like a dream to get into

This bed is like a dream to get into. I haven't had it very long and I do occasionally awake with soreness in my neck. I think that has more to do with my pillow than the bed. The pillow is down, and I probably should have found some foam.

This is my first foam bed. I was really unsure what to expect because I had never laid on one of these when I ordered it. And I ordered the King size softest you could get. It was a little bit expensive for a foam bed, but I in no way regret it. I ordered some bed frame with slats from here on amazon. Also wired up some lights underneath. I also picked up some high thread cottons and a suede comforter. It's amazing going to bed at night. I thought I'd wake up sweaty due to the thick suede and the foam bottom, but so far no complaints.

When I first got the bed I took it out of the box and I really thought it was a full size bed. Like the company sent me the wrong thing. But I decided to open it to be sure. It's interesting how sneakily fast it springs to life. It's almost difficult to get the plastic completely off it before the mattress expands beyond plastic's borders and pulls it too tight to get your knife into.

You know I've slept in some pretty awesome pillow top beds as well. I cant say that this one is really more comfortable than that one. It's kind of a different feel, but both are incredibly pleasant. What I like about my foam bed is after I bought it I thought it was a good idea to jump on the bed. Surprisingly nothing horrible happened. I jumped up and down on the foam and the bed didn't shake hardly. I just sunk into the foam. But I didn't sink so far into the foam that I could feel the slats underneath. I jumped around for a little while, and absolutely nothing bad happened. Considering I'm 6'4" 245 pounds that a pretty impressive thing. Sometimes it comes in handy to have a bed that does not shift or squeak.

I've got some nice photos of the bed all assembled. I don't have them now, but perhaps I'll upload them later.

Excellent bed. I have scoliosis so I got the ...

Excellent bed. I have scoliosis so I got the soft which was the correct choice. It's pretty comfortable. It's not quite as comfortable as some higher end hotel mattresses but I've looked at those prices and they were over $1500 for what I wanted. I've also tried one of the online competitors and had to send it back because it was too uncomfortable. Overall I'm happy with my choice. For the price I doubt you will find better.

I'm convinced that I made an excellent choice. I am extremely satisfied with this product ...

My name is Miguel Lefort and I work as a physical therapist. I have just recently purchased a Brooklyn Bedding medium comfort king size mattress. After just 3 nights sleep on my new Brooklyn Bedding mattress, I'm convinced that I made an excellent choice. I am extremely satisfied with this product and I will recommend it highly to all my family, friends and patients.

Working as a physical therapist, I see many patients who have issues sleeping at night. Many times, patients will state that pain symptoms are typically irritated by uncomfortable resting positions due to issues with their mattress. I am convinced that the soft / medium / firm concept offered by Brooklyn Bedding could help many of my patients. Getting a good nights sleep is an essential aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle. Many individual patients have spoken to me about their mattress preferences depending on sleep positions as well as their personal health histories (ie.) lumbar patient who sleeps on their back requiring a firm surface vs. a shoulder patient who sleeps on their side requiring a softer sleeping surface. Brooklyn Bedding offers individuals a choice which can be tailored to their specific needs in order to achieve a comfortable / painless sleep cycle.

Even though I have only slept 3 nights on my new Brooklyn Bedding mattress, I'm very impressed by the quality and comfort associated with this product. The affordable cost and high quality of this product are second to none. I did lots of research on various companies and mattress prior to making this purchase. Ultimately, I kept coming back to the Brooklyn Bedding website. I am very pleased to have this mattress as it encourages a good nights sleep which is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle. Once again, I would like to express my sincere recommendation to consider Brooklyn Bedding for your next mattress. I am convinced that anyone who tries this product will be extremely satisfied.

Incredibly Comfortable

This is a beautiful mattress - incredibly comfortable mix of enough firmness with a cushy feel on top. After many struggles and attempts with mattresses in Goldilocks fashion, I find this mattress is "just right". The company is incredibly helpful as well.

Definitely worth your time and money

Great bed for the money , researched all the online brands to death. Overall Brooklyn bedding is a great value for the bed. The medium is more medium firm but with just the right amount of give unless your used of sleeping on a ultra soft bed you'll really enjoy they bed like I do.

I'm so pleased with the mattress

I'm so pleased with the mattress, which I've been sleeping on for 2 weeks now. It provides enough support yet is comfortable and soft enough for me as a side sleeper. It was sent quickly, was very well packaged, and was easy to unwrap.

Fantastic this is your mattress quit looking

It is everything the ad claims it was here quickly it unfolded expanded very rapidly no smell flip on at the first night the first night I slept literally in years super fantastic I have no reservations I would recommend it to anyone

Fit For A Queen

Fit For A Queen......Measures 80 Inches Long, 60 Inches Wide, 10 Inches High (SOFT), A Very Comfortable Mattress Whether Sleeping On My Side Or Sleeping On My Back (II Am 5 FT..8 Inches Tall Weigh 145 Lbs.....Very Attractive Looking, Three Shades Of Light Grey And White Sides.....Very Nice All White Comfy Top..........( A Side Note)....Mattress Arrives In A Sturdy Box.....Nicely Wrapped In Plastic....Take Great Care In Removing The Plastic From The Mattress.....I Had No Issues......Fit For A Queen......I Use The Mattress Right On A Laminate Floor.....No Issues ........

This mattress is the most comfortable we've ever purchased

This mattress is the most comfortable we've ever purchased. I'm glad I paid the extra for the latex, as it doesn't hold the heat. It was easy to unpack and plumped to shape quickly. We placed it on top of our current box spring. It is the perfect height and the fitted sheet fit easily over the corners. It was great the first night we slept on it. No getting used to it. Will be purchasing another for the guest room!

Stop searching, buy this one!

I am glad I purchased this. Read many reviews and decided to go with this mattress because of the reviews. I saved up money and was ready to buy a "top of the line" mattress and just searched Amazon and found many reviews (even for other mattresses) directing me to try this mattress. It's great. I have been sleeping on the mattress for a month and have no back pain anymore. I am a side and back sleeper. What sold me (besides the price) was all of the rave reviews and the customer support. Brooklyn Bedding offers great support/warranty and they are a family owned company. It is a great product. I will be buying mattresses only from them from now on.

Soooo comfortable!! Love this mattress

Scared me at first bc it looked small but grew large after removed from packaging.. Loveee this mattress! I have looked all over for a mattress like this! Its perfect

THE BEST NIGHT SLEEP IN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This bed is everything that it promised to be. I can not even find a "but" or "or" at this point. The soft bed is what i wanted. After a few night rest my back was better, and i was sleeping. Anyone who doesn't believe me look at my fitbit page i get a very restful sleep every night now. We did nto have to add any type of toppers (which i wouldn't want to add anyway) to the bed either. We had a tempurpedic and we almost pulled the trigger on a Tuft and Needles until we read that the beds were to firm. In Austin where we live this same bed goes for 4200 dollars at Natural Mattress, We go it for 950. This bed is awesome, and i will never buy another bed again. Also their is no chemical smell to this bed either. THESE GUYS GOT IT FIGURED OUT!!!!! Thank you BB i am a customer for life.

Best ever

The most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on. Over sleeping may become an issue.

I also like being able to buy an American made product

The mattress came exactly as advertised; the shipping, packaging, and firmness are as represented on the web page. I weight 210 and sleep on my side: medium firmness suites me.
I also like being able to buy an American made product.

Five Stars

The best nights sleep I have ever had was on this mattress

Awesome Sleep

The finest bedding item I have ever purchased! Heard about it on the Elvis Duran Radio Show...wish I had purchased this mattress long ago! Do not shop around ... Be more than happy and BUY THIS NOW!

After three months there is bad sagging on both locations my wife an I sleep ...

After three months there is bad sagging on both locations my wife an I sleep on. We have rotated it twice since we have owned. I have terrible back pain now

The best mattress for ever

The best mattress for ever, is perfec to me feels like a cloud, and the box package is the best way to put this mattress on my 2nd floor room.
I love it.

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