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Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Reviews


+3.4x back pain relief

+2x side sleeping

+1.5x soft comfort

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: Recent reviewers still rate Brooklyn Bedding's Aurora Luxe Cooling highest for its luxurious feel and value. The Spartan Hybrid also has been receiving high ratings for balanced comfort.

Brooklyn Bedding is a quality-focused mattress maker that produces a variety of mattresses with different firmness options. Manufacturing all of their mattresses in their own Arizona based factory, Brooklyn Bedding is able to pass on competitive prices and value to their customers. Also, read about their specialty brands: ultra-firm Plank Mattress, plus-size friendly Titan Mattress, and eco-friendly Ecosleep.


+3.4x back pain relief
+2x side sleeping
+1.5x soft comfort

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

No Back Pain: 9.5/10

Price: $274-$2665

Trial Period: 120 days

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Brooklyn Bedding's Specifics

Brooklyn Bedding is one of the most interesting online mattress brands. They have built an end-to-end mattress solution that includes their own factory, multiple brands, and options that fit the needs of most everyone. Watching how much they have innovated over the years to bring customers more of what they like, we think they are a major contender in the space!

Quality of Materials

Want to see what quality manufacturing looks like? Brooklyn Bedding has its own beautiful factory (shown above) and builds its own mattresses end to end using their years of industry experience. This is revolutionary in the mattress in the box industry where most outsource their manufacturing to other companies. It means that Brooklyn Bedding provides more value and attention to detail to their mattresses than others. You'll expect higher quality out of their mattresses.

Brooklyn Bedding makes a variety of different mattresses that they either sell directly on their site or through subsidiary brands. Using their own brand, they sell: the affordable Dreamfoam Essential, the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid - #BestMattressEver, the higher end Brooklyn Aurora Luxe Cooling, the luxury Brooklyn Sedona Elite, the athlete focused Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid, and the affordable Brooklyn Essential hybrid mattress.

We'll go through each in detail to give you an idea what might work for your budget and your unique body. Here is what's in their low-priced Dreamfoam Essential:

The Dreamfoam Essential comes in a 6'', 8'', 10'', 12'' and 14'' thick models. Here, it's important to keep in mind that the thicker models will be increasingly softer and more expensive, while the thinner options will be much firmer and lower priced. Here is what's inside the different Dreamfoam Essential mattress models.

6'' and 8'' models: These mattresses both feature 2 layers. At the top is a 2'' thick layer of gel swirl memory foam which provides added cooling benefits. Next is the base layer of either 4'' or 6'' of high-density foundation foam which helps to stabilize the mattress. Due to their thin profile, these mattresses sleep firm.

10'' model: The slightly thicker 10'' model also features 2 layers -- 2.5'' of gel swirl memory foam with a 7.5'' base of high-density foundation foam. This mattress will feel more medium-firm, especially when compared to the firm, thinner profile mattresses.

12'' and 14'' models: The 12'' and 14'' models both feature 3 layers, with a top layer of gel swirl memory foam and a base layer of high-density foundation foam. What sets the 12'' and 14'' models apart is the thickness in the top and middle layer of premium VariFlex™ transition foam, which adds additional contouring and a gentler transition between the top and base layers. The 12'' and 14'' models sleep medium to soft-medium.

The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid was Brooklyn Bedding's original mattress, which has won acclaim from sleepers. With an updated design that now has pocketed coils and 3 firmness options, this mattress is sure to excite the most discerning sleepers. Here is what's inside their all-around comfortable Brooklyn Signature Hybrid (also known under the hashtag #BestMattressEver):

Layer 1: A premium quilted top cover layer provides breathability on the surface.

Layer 2: Depending on the firmness level, 1'' or 1.5'' of premium hyper-elastic memory foam contours to your body while remaining responsive.

Layer 3: Next is a layer of VariFlex™ transition foam which will provide deeper support and compression for the soft and medium firm mattresses and a traditional firm feel for the firmer mattress option.

Layer 4: 8'' of Ascension® pocketed coils independently react seamlessly to movement, keeping you well supported in any position. This layer also includes high-caliber Ascension® perimeter coils that contributes to greater edge support.

Layer 5: At the bottom is a layer of high-density base foam which adds to the mattress durability.

Here is what makes up their higher-end Brooklyn Aurora Luxe Cooling, which also comes with 3 firmness choices and an added pillow top option:

Layer 1: The first layer is the knit cover that is infused with GlacioTex™ cooling material, which is made for hot sleepers in mind.

Layer 2: 1.5'' of patented CopperFlex™ foam helps to draw away excess heat from the body while also promoting an antibacterial sleep environment.

Layer 3: Depending on the firmness level, either a soft/medium/firm layer of premium memory foam provides responsive support.

Layer 4: For the soft/medium options, this layer contains 1'' of gel swirl memory foam for additional pressure point relief. The firm version has 1.5'' of VariFlex™ transitional foam which helps to ensure a traditional firm feel.

Layer 5: 8'' of Ascension® pocketed coils (over 1,000 coils in all) provide even support to your hips, shoulders, and spine while being gentle on pressure points and decreasing partner disturbance.

Layer 6: .75'' of base foam finishes things off to keep the bottom of the mattress supported.

Next, let's look inside their luxurious Brooklyn Sedona Elite:

Layer 1: The top cover is made of a knitted fabric woven with advanced Glaciotex+ cooling yarns that draw heat away from the body.

Layer 2: 1.5'' of patented copper infused foam further cools while seamlessly adapting to the body and soothing pressure points.

Layer 3: 2.5'' of micro-pocketed coils further adapt to the body while alleviating partner disturbance completely. With over 6,000 coils, this layer also facilitates airflow through the mattress for better temperature regulation.

Layer 4: 1.5'' of hyper-dense, transitional foam provides the deepest level of compression support.

Layer 5: 8'' of Ascension® pocketed coils (over 1,000 coils in all) support the spine, while working with the layers above for supreme pressure point relief and motion isolation.

Layer 6: The last layer is 1'' of high density foam that provides a base support layer to the mattress.

Made with athletes in mind, let's take a look at what's inside the muscle and joint relaxing Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid, which comes with 3 firmness options:

Layer 1: The top cover layer is made of an elite performance fabric that utilizes Far Infrared Rays (FIR) technology to transform your body's heat into energy that is reflected back to you to enhance faster recovery and promote quality sleep.

Layer 2: 1.5'' of patented CopperFlex™ foam helps to draw away excess heat from the body while also promoting an antibacterial sleep environment.

Layer 3: 1.5'' or 2'' of hyper-elastic premium memory foam, which is customized to the firmness option chosen, provides responsive support that adjusts to your body.

Layer 4: For the soft/medium options, this layer contains 1'' of gel swirl memory foam for additional pressure point relief. The firm version has 1.5'' of VariFlex™ transitional foam which helps to ensure a traditional firm feel.

Layer 5: 8'' of Ascension® individually encased coils deliver spine support, pressure point relief, and dissolve away motion transfer so you stay asleep longer.

Layer 6: The last layer is a .75'' high-density foam layer that helps with base durability and structure.

Lastly, we'll take a look at Brooklyn Bedding's new affordable hybrid option, the Brooklyn Essential:

Layer 1: The top comfort layer is 1.5'' of high density foam that's quilted to provide a cushiony surface with some pressure point relief.

Layer 2: Next up is a .75'' layer of high density foam. This transition layer works to balance the foam layer above and the pocket springs below.

Layer 3: The main support for the Essential mattress comes from 8'' of individually encased Ascension X® pocket coils. These pocket coils individually respond to your body, providing relieving support and motion isolation.

Layer 4: At the bottom of the mattress is a .25'' thick base layer that helps to support the pocket coils.

Overall Comfort

Brooklyn Bedding has taken comfort seriously and this is shown in their devotion to their customers by testing and launching new products. Since they own the end-to-end mattress making process, they have been able to adjust products based on the feedback received by customers. This has meant more happy customers!


Brooklyn Bedding provides multiple different firmness options. Take a look at the scale above. For those that are stomach sleepers, you'll likely want to aim for something firmer. Those that are smaller may want a softer mattress, while larger sleepers will want something firmer. For those that are back or side sleepers, average sized folks should look for something medium firm. Specifically when it comes to side sleeping, Brooklyn Bedding reviewers are actually 2x more likely to mention a positive experience side sleeping* versus the average comparable mattress.

Back Pain

There are numerous reports from customers that Brooklyn Bedding products help with back pain. Our own review analysis shows that Brooklyn Bedding reviewers are over +3x more likely to mention pain relief than the average comparable mattress. For those that suffer from pain from working out, the Spartan mattress is a great option due to the specialty materials that are contained.


Brooklyn Bedding has taken cooling seriously in all their mattresses. The Spartan and Aurora Luxe Cooling have added specialty materials that focus on cooling specifically for those that sleep very hot.

Who Are Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses Right For?

Because of the wealth of options and high customer satisfaction scores, Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are great mattresses for just about anyone. If you don't know which to get, chat with one of their helpful service people!

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Wife is sleeping well on

Wife is sleeping well on new mattress.

Love a firm mattress and

Love a firm mattress and this one is PERFECT!!!!!

This truly is the Best

This truly is the Best Mattress Ever! I got the soft mattress for my 12 year old son, and he is in love with his new bed! He told me it feels like sleeping on a cloud. Thanks for an amazing product at a great price. You guys rock!

Very comfortable, stays cool, good

Very comfortable, stays cool, good thickness, super supportive, and a great price. We love it.

Love love this king bed

that we bought for our bedroom so much so that we got rid of our sealy posturepedic and bought another king for a guest bedroom, We will be doing the same for the other guest room with a queen size. Nice that they give you sheets and pillows with the purchase also.

Amazing mattress The medium firmness

Amazing mattress The medium firmness is more firm then expected but I rather enjoy it.

Great experience

We had a great experience through the whole process. Marcell and the rest of the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. We were very happy with our purchase!

It definitely is the #bestmattressever!

It definitely is the #bestmattressever! I purchased the medium firm one in Queen. It does feel like it isn’t all that firm at first but after a few hours it worked out. I don’t wake up with pain in my back and hips anymore and I finally achieved the restfulness feeling I was looking for. Goodbye dingy old mattress!

I shopped around for a

I shopped around for a mattress that was non-toxic and didn't break the bank. I finally decided on Brooklyn Bedding. I love my mattress! I'm a side sleeper and I chose the medium firmness level. The ordering process was easy and the mattress was delivered quickly. One thing I will note is that the mattress did have an odor which dissipated in about 10 days. I recommend it!

I spent a long time

I spent a long time looking for a new mattress and decided on Brooklyn Bedding and I am grad I did. Customer Service replied very quickly to answer all my questions. I decided on med/firm and it is a little firmer then I thought, but it has been only 3 weeks so I feel it is getting softer.The quality of the mattress is excellent for the price and feels great. My wife and I are sleeping a lot better now then we slept on our old spring mattress. We don't get that 'stuck in the bed feeling', you sink in but not to much so it's very easy to move around. We definitely enjoy sleeping on this bed so far. They use new foam layers now not latex so hopefully it holds up.Thanks Brooklyn Bed for a great mattress.

Very comfortable mattress. Skeptic about

Very comfortable mattress. Skeptic about buying online but glad I did.

Great pricing- a good deal

Great pricing- a good deal with free pillows and sheets. Fast delivery! Happy to see Brooklyn Bedding here in Phoenix. Support a local business and choose Brooklyn Bedding!

I love the mattress so

I love the mattress so far, no complaints.

Great product and great customer

Great product and great customer service. Truly a satisfying experience! I haven't had any back pain as a side sleeper on bb mattress for a month now. Thanks so much.

Seriously I don’t know how

Seriously I don’t know how I slept on anything before this!!!! Thank you so much!

Excellent in every way.

Excellent in every way.

Awesome mattress! I bought a

Awesome mattress! I bought a king with medium firmness and it is absolutely perfect. I also got 2 shredded foam pillows and sheets. The pillows are really comfortable, not too firm and not too flat. My package arrived faster than expected and was easy to set up.

This item was never received

This item was never received

First Foam Bed, Very Happy!

My wife & I are replacing a 10+ year old King Koil that has served us well, but is probably past it's useful life. And as we get older, a softer mattress seemed appealing. Seems the hottest trend in bedding these days is the mattress in a box concept. So, thought we'd give it a try. After a month or so of online research, I was amazed at all the new companies pushing these. They all seem to have good reviews, and the independent review sites also seem favorable to them. Where to start? First elimination was beds that did not offer different levels of firmness....took about half the field out right away. from there, I researched the company's themselves, to get a feel for them. Brooklyn took the lead by virtue of their time in the business, and the fact they are also the mfg'r, apparently making beds for other sellers. The price was also a factor, and Brooklyn was strong here too, along with the solid warranty. (To be fair, all the brands seems to back their beds very well.) Based on all this, we decided to try Brooklyn, with the King/Soft model. We went with soft based on other reviews indicating actual feel was firmer than the name might imply. Wife & I are also not large people, and wanted a softer feel. Order was placed, and the bed arrived about 5 days later. This is our first venture into non-traditional (coil) bedding, so we were a bit apprehensive at the sight of this rolled up thing we pulled out of the box (also got the pillows & sheet set, more on those later) We pushed it up the stairs, placed it on our old foundation (King Koil box spring from the old mattress), and began cutting plastic. Once it was free, we positioned it somewhat properly, and stood back & watched. Within minutes, it looked like a bed! Crazy! Overall quality of the inflated mattress was very nice, appeared to be well made. The handles on the side are handy for final positioning. We put on the included sheets, which were also of good quality, and covered the pillows, which are crazy heavy, btw. This was all in the middle of the day, so we figured on letting it completely fill with air through the rest of the day, so it would be ready to sleep on that night. So, how was it? I resisted writing a review the next morning, as I woke up quite thrilled with the experience. I think it truly was one of the best nights of sleep ever! The combination of softness & support is nearly perfect for us. Feels amazing as the soft top layer sinks in, and the underlying support takes hold. Feels very luxurious. Motion transfer is somewhere between spring & memory foam (our son has a memory foam), we found to be just fine. The new Titan foam does indeed sleep very cool, I think even more so than our old spring mattress. So, it's been almost 2 weeks now, and we both love the new mattress. We are 110% happy. The jury is still out on the pillows....they may just be a tad to "fat", but are otherwise very supportive, and also sleep cool. I may try to remove some stuffing, see if that helps. Otherwise, this is just an awesome bed, especially at the price point it is offered. Longevity is also a bit of an unknown, since this is a new material....hopefully it be comfortable for it's 10 year warranty. Since this is the only (foam) brand we've tried, can't really compare to anything else. But we can whole-heatedly recommend Brooklyn if you are considering a foam bed. For us, it is indeed the Bestmattressever!


We bought two twin xl #bestmattressever's in firm for adjustable bases for my husband and I about 18mos ago. We had a sick dog so I never started sleeping on mine until July of 2017 because I was sleeping downstairs on a futon for the dog. After our dog passed, I started sleeping on the new Brooklyn Bedding mattress and was have terrible lower back pain. We suspected I didn't weigh enough for a firm mattress. I gave BB a call and explained what was going on and they suggested the soft or medium mattress based on my weight, height, and the fact I was a side/back sleeper. I was well outside their 120 return policy but they told me they would give me a % off a new soft or medium mattress! They are excellent to their customers!! I got a new soft mattress today and I have to say it is perfect!!!! I couldn't be happier and will forever be a Brooklyn Bedding customer because they care about their customers!

The best sleep I've ever

The best sleep I've ever had. I remember my first night. I was nervous. Opened the wrapper. Got the covers on and slid in. I barely remembered what happened next cus I slept so hard and deep that I almost called in the next day to sleep some more. The pillows are glorious. The sheets are so soft. I feel so supported by the mattress. Wish I would have made the purchase sooner.

So far, so good -

So far, so good - very comfortable mattress!

The best night sleep I

The best night sleep I have ever had. Medium is perfect for me a side sleeper and my husband a stomach sleeper. I love the way you don’t fully sink in to the bed. It has a good bounce back to it!! Love love love this bed!

good mattress

good mattress

This bed is AMAZING!!!!

This bed is AMAZING!!!!

Fantastic mattress! I purchased a

Fantastic mattress! I purchased a queen soft, because i am a side sleeper and need better comfiness. Received in about 4 days from purchase date which was great. There was only a little smell with it but by the end of the day it was subtle enough to sleep in. It truly unrolls and inhales air QUICKLY! so fun to watch =) This mattress is about 80lbs+ i am guessing, so for my 5'2" frame its a bear to move to the bedroom to set up. I LOVE plushness in my mattress so the feeling foam was not quite what i was originally hoping for but i think its great now (coming from a spring mattress). In spite of all that I still think I am going to go find a plush mattress topper to give it a little more of that amazing i-am-sleeping-on-a-cloud feeling. //side note, i received a deal on my mattress that included pillows and microfiber sheets. the pillows were WAY too firm so i took out some of the stuffing and its better. The sheets are not as incredible as they made it sound- not as cooling for sure- but they are decently comfortable, they are my back up pair now. Dont expect egyptian cotton but they are nice!

We have had the mattress

We have had the mattress about 3 weeks. We ordered the firm. Reason being, all beds soften up after about a month or 6 weeks and end up too soft. We wanted back support and we got it. The bed is very firm but is already softening up to perfect. Firm but there is still a comfort layer. We have tried other online companies and this is our favorite so far.

One of the best decisions

One of the best decisions I ever made !

Bed is great, still only

Bed is great, still only a month old, but love it.

A guest who has this

A guest who has this same mattress at home, was the first to sleep on this. She gives it 5 stars

Extremely comfortable. Back feels great

Extremely comfortable. Back feels great

It is the first time

It is the first time in a long time we have not tossed and turned. We are certainly starting to feel a good nights rest.

Its definately firm. I'll give

Its definately firm. I'll give it 30 days, then decide how i like it. It does sleep cool & edge support is good

So far everyone that have

So far everyone that have slept on it in the guest room have liked it.

Wonderful bedding, price and service!

Wonderful bedding, price and service! Recommending to my family & friends.

Love this bed

Love this bed

love this mattress! both my

love this mattress! both my wife and i prefer firm. This fits the bill perfectly. been almost 3 months now and we still do not have a furrow forming which is a good sign. I spent about a week trolling the internet finding out as much as i could about mattresses and checking reviews etc. And this is the one i ended up with. As an aside, we just went on vacation recently for 10 days - half way through we were both wishing we were home again just to get a good nights sleep!

Love it, shipped fast and

Love it, shipped fast and straight up to my apartment and unwrapped and in position nn in less than 5 min. Very comfortable .

Have had it less than

Have had it less than a month; but, so far so good. I'm sleeping well on it.

loving it!

loving it!



Solid mattress.

Solid mattress.

We are very pleased with our purchase.

This is the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on! We bought it about a month ago and we sleep very well and wake up refreshed. So glad we found this mattress.

Great mattress. Firm . I

Great mattress. Firm . I put it on top of my steel bed frame and haven't had any issues for the month I've had this mattress. I sat on a tuft & needle mattress at a store and almost bought it but đecided on this mattress (without having tested it) at the last minute. I'm so glad I did. Before I had been waking up with terrible arm pain because i was sleeping on my side (on a spring mattress on a wooden slat frame). I haven't had that problem with this mattress. As a grad student it was a bit of a splurge but the best use of my money. I love it! I'm writing this review from my bed right now. :)

We have been sleeping on

We have been sleeping on our bed almost a month and absolutely love it! Bye bye back ache!

If this thing holds up

If this thing holds up for five years, I will for sure buy another one. Do I need to rotate this thing? Also fat dude approved, if your in the 240 club this mattress is g2g.

Bought soft, is perfect for

Bought soft, is perfect for side sleepers

Best sleep I've had, amazing

Best sleep I've had, amazing mattress

Very Happy with this bed.

Before we purchased this matress, we owned a 12 year old box spring mattress which has been giving me lower back pain. We bought the medium mattress and it arrived just last week, just 6 days ago. This matress is really comfortable, gives plenty of support yet is soft to lay on. I am waking up with less back pain :) and feel like I am getting a good nights sleep. The pillows are also really good-the right height, soft yet holds their shape. I love this bed. It is so worth the money. Thank you Brooklyn Bedding! 5 stars!

Love ! Love the mattress

Love ! Love the mattress bought xtra firm. This is my 2nd mattress and love it. Their payment plan makes it easy.

I was a bit hesitant

I was a bit hesitant buying a mattress online. A friend recommended this mattress to me, as I recently moved to start a new job. I was attracted by the great value and overwhelmingly positive reviews online. I am glad to report that the reviews are well-founded. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Loving the mattress so far.

Loving the mattress so far. We've never had a 'nice' mattress before and this feels like an amazing luxury!

we love it, best sleep

we love it, best sleep I've gotten in a long time.. finally!

My girlfriend and I LOVE

My girlfriend and I LOVE this bed. We are both small people and the soft firmness is perfect. It's absolutely worth every penny. Best mattress purchase ever!

The #BestMattressEver might really be

The #BestMattressEver might really be the best mattress ever. My sleep has improved significantly and my girlfriend LOVES the new mattress. Thanks! So happy to have supported products made in the USA!



Performed as expected, great mattress

I have a 1928 bed from my grand mother it is 54x76. I lengthen the bed to accommodate your matters size. The mattress came as expected. had no visible order, which I was worried about. I got the firm mattress. I have just passed the 120 day mark, and i can tell you their is no difference in the mattress from the day it arrived. No sag, great firmness,and is not hot to sleep on. I will be replacing my other bed , queen size next year. For family and quest i will be getting a medium.I am very satisfied. with Brooklyn Bedding.

So far, I love this

So far, I love this bed! 5 stars!

This mattress is the most

This mattress is the most comfortable I've ever owned! I had been tossing and turning all night and unable to sleep on my old mattress, but now I'm sleeping comfortably through the night. Very happy with it!

This truly is the #bestmattressever!

This truly is the #bestmattressever! I have had back pain since a car accident in my teens, and after sleeping on this mattress my pain in non-existent! I couldn't believe how easy it was to order a great mattress online, and have it shipped to my door and set up within minutes! VERY happy with this purchase.

Slightly more stiff than the

Slightly more stiff than the research I did had me to believe, but I soon realized that I learned to love it as I hit the bed already halfway asleep.

Awesome deal the no cost

Awesome deal the no cost pillow and sheets are way better then expected and the bed it self is amazing. perfect firmness docent hold heat living in phoenix AZ this is a must and great support all the way to the edge.

talalay bargain

did a lot of research and wanted talalay latex. This was by far the best value and ohh the feels!

Natural, Comfortable

Great mattress with natural materials. We are loving it after a couple weeks!

Loving It

Great feeling bed, huge improvement over the garbage I was sleeping on

Like the combination

How could something so natural feel this good. Love this bed. Soft version was just what I needed for sleeping on my side

cool setup

I don't understand how this bed suppports me and also feels like a cloud? I usually wake up in a completely different position than I went to bed and I still wake up super comfy. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone who depends on good sleep as much as me who works all the time and is on their feet.

High expectations!

I expect this thing to work wonders over the coming months.


this mattress is pretty dope. i feel rested when i awake from my slumber. #slumbersohard #dope

Miracle bed

The Spartan is a miracle bed. I workout hard and can already tell a difference in how I feel in the morning. It is so soft and comfortable. I love the smooth top and foam feel. It's very supportive and I fall asleep much easier now.

Super comfortable mattress!

Super comfortable mattress! Being an athlete, I was initially drawn to it because of the Nanobionic technology. I have slept on it for a few weeks now and I can't wait to crawl into bed every night! It is so comfortable and I finally can sleep through the night without tossing and turning.

Perfect bed for the athlete

As a highly active person I was very excited to try the Spartan mattress. And it didn’t disappoint. I felt like it provided the perfect amount of support while still being super comfortable. It is a great feeling to wake up and finally be recharged.

Looks and feels amazing!!

This bed looks great and feels just as great. The gray and black combination really stands out among other mattresses. Laying on it feels amazing. Supportive yet you sink into it.

Sleeping Better Already

I workout hard, sometimes late at night, which makes it harder to fall asleep. The medium firmness feels supportive with just enough of a sinking feeling. I fall asleep much easier now on this mattress.

Mattress is awesome! My husband

Mattress is awesome! My husband nor I wake up with any sort of back pain any more! Our frame however was broken upon arrival and without hardware, and they also forgot to send our sheets and pillows. Once I spoke with customer service, they made everything right for us! Highly recommend the mattress!

It’s a tad more firm

It’s a tad more firm than expected but comfortable still.

So far so good. Like

So far so good. Like the firmness. Hoping it holds up. I don’t like how the mattress moves on the base too much. The pillows just aren’t tall enough to keep my neck straight. I like the #bestsheetsever

you never sent me a

you never sent me a shipping number I had no idea when it was going to arrive.

Love the mattress, pillows are

Love the mattress, pillows are good, sheets/pillow cases are very comfortable but fit is not great

Great matress !! The pillows

Great matress !! The pillows are thick and plush but tend to leave you hot and sweaty. Glad to have gotten the sheet set free as they fell apart after the first wash.

After trying memory foam mattresses

After trying memory foam mattresses in-store, we decided we liked a medium, but knowing the BME is not memory foam, but a little firmer, we went with the soft. Perfect decision! I was never a huge believer that my 15 year old mattress was bad, per-se, but after having 2 weeks with the new mattress so far, I actually wake up feeling very refreshed and energized. The soft version has a small amount of "sink in" on top and provides enough support to sleep all ways for us. We are 150-160lbs. and that may be a factor for some. I can sleep all the way on the edge and not roll off, as some may worry about the edge-support (it's totally good). Motion transfer is minimal. It's there, but certainly much less than the old spring mattress. All in all, the mattress is great and seems very high quality. I didn't want to cover it with sheets, it's so nice to look at! So far so good! Would recommend.

Feels sooo good!

Feels sooo good!

We ordered a King in

We ordered a King in "soft" but I expected it to be a little softer.

Quality mattress and construction. I

Quality mattress and construction. I absolutely adore the feel and styling of the cover. I have no doubt it will last for a long time. However, the mattresses seems a bit firmer than their stated softness numbers, but not to worry their customer service is amazing, and I'm certain they will do whatever they can to help.

Ordered soft. Feels rather firm.

Ordered soft. Feels rather firm. still adjusting. Hips and shoulders are beginning to hurt less.

So Far So Good

Really comfortable, glad I got the firm as that seems to be working for me. Feeling good in the morning.

Solid Mattress

The mattress is comfortable. Whether or not the Nanobionic stuff really works is hard to tell, but I am sleeping well.



I was really excited about

I was really excited about the “sleeps cool” feature, but I actually sweat quite a bit at night now. Also the medium firmness is a bit more firm than I am used to. Overall, not as great as I had anticipated. The pillows are comfortable!

Not as soft as wanted

We ordered this bed as our first ever memory foam and bed in a box. We were looking for a bed that we felt we could sink into and that was 'cloud-like.' Unfortunately, even the soft version was too firm for us as we felt like we just laid on top of the mattress with no give. Brooklyn Bedding was great with customer service and helped us initiate a donation. We actually ended up going with a mattress from their sister company (Dreamfoam Bedding) and their soft mattress was PERFECT for the feel we wanted!

Sleeps hot, but high quality

Sleeps hot, but high quality

Decent mattress but too firm

Decent mattress but too firm for us even with the medium grade firmness. Doesn't conform like a traditional memory foam mattress.

Only positive things to say

Only positive things to say about the ordering, delivering, and customer support at Brooklyn Bedding. We don't think this is the right mattress for us, though- we've been sleeping on our mattress for about 2.5 weeks now and both my husband and I are waking up with sore backs. We plan to stick it out for a few more weeks to make sure its nothing on our side, but the mattress's softness just doesn't seem to work well for us. We had a great experience with Brooklyn Bedding and aren't keen to return the mattress, but hope that the process will be smooth if we need to.

Mattress is nice. Customer service

Mattress is nice. Customer service was not.

A little to expensive for

A little to expensive for product it's great quality but just not for me

They bed isn't as soft

They bed isn't as soft as I was hoping and I went for the softest option. I'm still giving it a chance, but my girlfriend is not a fan at all. I might have to return it.

The mattress itself is nothing

The mattress itself is nothing particularly special and would've gotten 3 stars by itself, but I had to take another star off due to the 30-day minimum trial. I knew after night number one that this medium mattress was too firm for me. If there were no minimum trail period, I would've immediately exchanged it for the soft and that probably would've been the end of it. Instead, you basically forced me to continue looking at other mattress options and the would-be exchange will end up being a complete return. This could be common, industry-wide policy, not exclusive to Brooklyn Bedding, but either way, it cost you at least one sale.

Sleeps hot for a mattress

Sleeps hot for a mattress that says it doesn't. Has way too many pressure point for a mattress that says it doesn't. After 3 weeks, we're still sleeping in pain every night. Would not recommend.

Bed is to firm .

Bed is to firm . I wake up with pain in my back every morning.

Way too hard

Recently recieved my medium queen mattress and it is entirely too firm. Based on my weight 240, and reviews, I thought that it would be a good fit, but I was wrong. Maybe I should have gone with the soft. Other than that excellent delivery, staps on the mattress, and no odor.

Bed is too firm.

Bed is too firm.

Off-gassing for weeks after opening

Off-gassing for weeks after opening - it's still off-gassing. Their softest model is very firm to my wife and I. Three weeks in and it's gotten a bit softer, but its still significantly hard. I sleep intermittently through the back pain and wake up with lower back pain every morning; which is an improvement over the lower back neck and rib pain I used to wake up with during the first two week of owning this mattress. Hope things get better.

I bought the softest mattress

I bought the softest mattress and it is still much too hard for me. I would expect to have shoulder pain because I sleep on my side but my whole body is sore from sleeping on this mattress. Somehow it also doesn't have enough support.

Too Firm

I've had this mattress for almost 2 years and I just bought a new one to replace it. I got the Signature in medium firmness and it's just too firm for me. Brooklyn Bedding was nice to send me the mattress topper but it still was too firm. Hits all my pressure points and I wake up feeling miserable. Wanted to love it, just didn't!


I absolutely love my new mattress and pillows! Wendy at 74 & Bell rd. In Glendale AZ made sure I tried many of the different Samples to find the perfect one for me. The best comfort I could ask for. Thank you Brooklyn Bedding and Wendy!

Customer Service

I heard great things about Brooklyn Bedding and was eager to try out their Aurora Eurotop Mattress, Queen Medium (a relatively expensive purchase) but the shipment never went through. I placed an order and scheduled it to arrive on a particular date only to find out that it shipped early and needed to be turned around. I called and an associate helped me turn the order around and assured me it would arrive on the date specified. However, once I turned the order around it got stuck/lost with FedEx - not what the Brooklyn Bedding associate originally told me would happen - and I was forced to cancel to order and place a new one. After speaking with several different associates (one was rather rude) who told me various things, I opted not to place a new order and take my business elsewhere. I'm sure others will have better a experience but be weary when dealing with customer service, as they won't always be nice and helpful.

Wrong size mattress, smaller than advertised and terrible customer service

They do not manufacture the matresses to the sizes that they advertise and hide behind "manuifacturing variance." We purchased two single mattresse for a day bed/couch that were too small and couldnt fill out the day bed covers. Turns out they were shipped one inch too short on both the lenght and width. We contacted customer service and they shipped us two more, that were the excact same size. The tag even states that they are smaller than the size advertised online. Customer service says they cant guarantee the matteress will be the right size even if they try again. I have asked them repetedly to just measure before shipping which they wont do. Seems like this is one of the "made in america" companies that just buys all materials form overseas and doesnt actually have the capability to produce them the right size. On top of the issues with the size, they woudl rather send a junk removal service to pick them up and throw them in a landfill rather than wait for me to find a donation site or a family that needs them. They are actually pretty terrrible, we wanted to support made in US handmade product but they cant even correct thier mistake or admit to it. Stay away if you want a mattress that will fit your sheets.

Bad backs best friend!

I bought a bed about 10 years ago. It wasn't the best experience with Dustin in Riverdale and then I talked to Candy! Not only did she fix the problem that I had but she got me a brand new bed! I absolutely loved my old bed there were just a couple problems with it. My new bed is AN ABSOLUTE DREAM!!! I've had 2 back surgeries and I have never had a better nights sleep as I have now. I've had my newer bed for about 3 years and it is still like it's brand new! I will never buy any other kind of bed again!

Mattress Failed In About Two Years

We bought their Signature Hybrid mattress, their signature product. It failed after around two years. We can't get them to honor their ten year warranty no matter what documentation we send to them. I would never deal with this company again if I could help it.

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