Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Review

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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Review

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Brooklyn Bedding's Aurora hybrid mattress launched in November 2017 to widespread excitement for this new mattress. John Merwin, Owner and CEO of Brooklyn Bedding, described how this mattress continues the legacy of Brooklyn Bedding's affordable luxury products. He says, "In designing the Brooklyn Aurora, we wanted to ensure all of the high-end materials, advanced technology and quality construction on which we’ve built our reputation, and combine them with TitanCool™ technology that only recently became available." The TitanCool™ technology consists of a water-based surface that is highly conductive to diffuse and draw away excess heat out of the mattress. This provides a cooler sleep than many other similar mattresses. Additionally, with over 1,000 pocketed coils in the base layer, even support without the pressure points is sure to impress in this mattress. We'll go through what's inside. Read on...

The Layers

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora comes in three different firmness options, which means that it has something for everyone in the comfort department. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1 - The first layer is the knit cover that is infused with cooling material.

Layer 2 - The second layer is 1.5'' of TitanCool™ foam customized to the firmness of the mattress chosen.

Layer 3 - 2'' of TitanFlex™ foam that is customized to the firmness of the mattress chosen. This layer provides pressure point relief while still being responsive.

Layer 4 - 1'' of firm (for medium or firm selections) or medium (for soft selection) visco elastic (memory) foam. That limits motion transfer above the coil matrix.

Layer 5 - 8'' of Quantum Edge pocketed coils, which provide support while eliminating motion transfer.

Layer 6 - 1'' of Base Foam at the bottom layer keeps the pocketed coils in place and provides structure to the mattress.

The Value

Prices for the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora are far below the high prices of traditional retailers at only $1,699 for a queen. What you get for that price is revolutionary cooling foam that you won't find in any other mattress. Also, Brooklyn Bedding provides the crafstmanship of end-to-end manufacturing in a single company. As they say: "The Aurora is made on demand in our local USA factory using the highest quality materials. Our personal approach to designing, stitching and crafting is backed by a generous 120-day free trial and a 10-year, no hassle warranty."

- A highly cooling mattress with revolutionary materials and multiple firmness options.
- End-to-end manufacturing at a significant cost-reduction versus traditional retailers.
- Reputable brand that has positive sentiment and a solid online reputation.

What The First Customers Are Saying

Thumbs up
I’ve tried several of the bed in a box option through the years and the Aurora really stands out in two ways. First I think most beds like this tend to sleep hot (or maybe it’s just me), but this bed way legitimately cool. Second, it didn’t seem dead—like a bed with no bounce. I don’t know if it was the springs or the foam on top, but it didn’t feel like I was sinking into a marshmallow from which I could never return. I liked it!!

Wow, I can't say enough good things about this bed! I am a side sleeper and the medium firmness has been perfect for me. I was having trouble sleeping through the night in my old bed and that has not been a problem since getting this mattress. The lower back pains I was waking up with have gone away too. I even decided to try one of their shred pillows... the pillow coupled with this mattress has made me never want to get out of bed in the morning! Very happy with my purchase, I highly recommend!

5 Stars
WI’ve shopped for guest bedroom mattresses previously and give Brooklyn Bedding a 5 for comfort across the board. Their mattresses are high quality while still being reasonably priced. I decided to visit a Brooklyn Bedding store to purchase a new mattress for the master bedroom. The sales associate showed me the Aurora—the main selling point was some new cooling technology. This sounds like a dream come true to most men but a cold bed did not sound appealing to me. (Unless you’re a female during a certain time of life, cold rarely sounds good to us women.) I tried it in the showroom anyway and actually loved it. The mattress was cool to the touch but seemed to adjust to individual body temperature. It is a higher end bed but still way less expensive than comparable mattresses out there. This mattress won’t bring a 24/7 end to the thermostat wars in every room in our house but it’s definitely a keeper in the bedroom.


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