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Brentwood Home Pillow Reviews

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The Brentwood Home feathered gel pillow is a traditional pillow alternative for Amazon lovers everywhere. Rather than being made with real feathers, it is made with gel-foam that is shredded to provide a feel that is quite similar to a feather or down pillow, allowing for a good amount of moldability.

Pillow Scores

Overall Score: 8.4/10

Material Quality: 8.4/10

Comfort: 8.4/10

Support: 8.3/10

Cooling: 8.5/10

Odor: 7.2/10

Price: $30-$70

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Brentwood Home Pillow Details

The Brentwood Home feathered gel pillow is a great option for those that desire a feather or down alternative and are animal conscious. These pillows, however, are not adjustable and some sleepers describe them as not as supportive as they'd like.

What's Inside the Pillow?

The Brentwood feathered gel pillow is made of strands of memory foam that are designed to feel similar to a feather or down pillow. Overall, some report that they can feel the individual pieces of memory foam through the cover and that the shredded foam is too noticeable. Also, there are some complaints of some odor from the foam.

The Outside of the Pillow

The cover of the Brentwood Home feathered gel pillow is a derived bamboo rayon, which is extremely soft but also highly treated with chemicals during the manufacturing process. The cover does not allow for easy access to the fill to adjust the support.


Most people enjoy the support and describe it as medium support, good for most sleepers. However, there are some mixed reviews on the supportiveness of the pillow and those that claim that some of the pillows purchased feel different from one another in terms of support. For this reason it is hard to put a finger on how supportive the pillows will be after purchase.

Who Is The Brentwood Home Pillow Best For?

These pillows are for folks who are on a budget, enjoy the shopping experience from Amazon, and aren't too picky on pillow consistency.

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1st order great, 2nd order just meh, hoping 3rd order is great.....

Have ordered 3, 2 standard and 1 body. The first order of body pillow and standard pillow were good. My wife and daughter love the body pillow and my other daughter loves her standard. I also loved the standard so I figured I'd get one of my own. First order, both have zippered pillowcase. Which is great since tag says you can wash the pillowcase. Well, got my order and it looks the same, same tag, but no zipper. So it says you can wash the pillowcase but I can't because there is no zipper to take it off. Also, the 2nd standard pillow is not quite as full as the first and is too thin and limp. I am returning the 2nd and have already placed a new order. I guess I'll just have to hope it comes with a zippered pillowcase.

Great for back sleeper!

I had a hard time picking three stars or four stars. I opted for 4 because for the price I paid. The stuffing is chopped up memory foam.

I am hypersensitive to smells and there was almost no smell when I got it. Not really a chemical smell, it smelled more like a store. I could have used it that night but decided to give it a night to fully air out and decompress.

The pillow is mildly comfortable. I sleep mostly on my side and it does have the flexibility to form into the nooks and crannies for comfort. It takes a couple minutes to adjust to be comfortable. A complaint i have is that I am waking up with my head not on the pillow. I think it it too tall and I slide off. This would be a great pillow for a back sleeper for sure.

Comfortable but Smells

t is comfortable, but as others have mentioned, the smell of the foam is pretty pungent. I recommend that those with overly sensitive noses avoid this product. I have aired it out for several days, air-dried it in the dryer with a dryer sheet, slipped a dryer sheet inside the case with it, and I can still smell it very easily when I lay on my side. So, caveat emptor.

I would also like to point out that Amazon sent me pillow in a ripped package (it was a product fulfilled by Prime). This wouldn't have been a problem otherwise, but the corner of the pillow laid on the ground and had been run over a few times by some sort of warehouse machine, perhaps a skid loader. It should have been either sold at a discounted price because of this, or not sold at all. Since the stain was only on the Bamboo case, I was able to spot-treat it, wash it, and get the stain out. So, Hey! Amazon! I'm willing to accept a discount credit on my account because of this! :)

Five Stars

My favorite pillow ever. Def worth the price.

Lumpy and unsupportive

Just ordered this and really disappointed about the texture of this pillow. I was hoping for a classic memory foam pillow but it was very lumpy with broken up bits of cushion inside the pillow which is just like any $10 pillow you could buy at the grocery store. Would not recommend if you need a supportive pillow, and I returned this.

Five Stars

Love my pillow!! I already want to order another one for my husband.

Brentwood is a superior company with awesome products.

I have referred lots of people for the Brentwood mattress and they have provided both excellent customer support and superior products. I'm so stoked at how comfortable this pillow is for sleep. Awesome product!

they are very comfortable and quality is very good as well

Got two of these, they are very comfortable and quality is very good as well.

Changed From What It Used To Be

Very disappointed. I bought the same pillow, (so my Amazon account says) a year ago and it was a great pillow. I needed a new one, bought this expecting to get a pillow like my old one. They've changed the material or maybe the amount of material they put inside it. Anyway, it did nothing for neck or head support, and I had to buy a new pillow from another company.

Horrible smell

Great pillow if this smell goes away i will definitely use it but as of now it's making me sick to be around it which highly concerns me as to what is causing this smell mine does not have removable case and is not lofty as other reviews stated


Has a slight smell coming out of the package initially. But, it dissipates quickly, and it's nothing like the other memory foam/ gel pillows I've purchased.

I wanted a soft memory foam pillow and I finally found one. The cover is high quality as well!

Absolutely the BEST pillow I've ever slept on.

This is the best pillow I've ever had in my life! I don't know how I lived without it so long. It's the perfect mix between fluffy soft and supportive. I have both the standard and queen size pillows. The standard works great when I sleep on my stomach and I scrunch it down when I sleep on my side. It does get a bit small so that's why I got the queen sized pillow. The the combo of pillows, no matter how I go to sleep or whichever position I end up in, my head is comfortable. Most importantly, no neck aches. After I bought these pillows, I ended up buying their Gel Bed. That, also, has cured me of so many aches and pains I never associated with my bed.

Pretty good, comfortable pillow. Takes some time to break in.

Dimensions/Size -- I got the Standard size. It runs a little high in loft, and I needed something to prop up my neck, in particular, to a certain degree (about 4'' from the mattress). So at first it was too high, but I started bunching it up, folding it in half (though that's hard to do; you have to wrangle with it quite a bit to make it the size you want), then slept with it that way, under my head, which worked fairly well. Now I've 'punched it in place' to sort of match where my head feels most comfortable, and I can sleep on my back, side, and stomach. I like that I can put my arm under it completely and still have plenty of pillow space left.
Smell -- There was a slight smell when it arrived, and it hasn't quite come out, but it's not bothersome at all. It has that 'new smell' to it, which I kind of like. I'm always reminded that I'm sleeping on a new pillow.
Materials -- Memory gel foam was new to me, but it's more comfortable than latex or even a down pillow because it molds to my head/upper back and shoulders to some extent. It does bounce back, though. The bamboo cover is nice enough that I haven't put a pillowcase on it, but I likely will soon.
Heat factor -- It does run a little warm for me. I like cool/cool pillows, but again, if I put a cotton pillowcase on it, this mild problem would be solved, but it isn't so warm that I suffer or wake up; it just makes me keep flipping it from one side to another.
Overall -- It's a good pillow to fall asleep on. I'm a restless (and light) sleeper, and it keeps the kinks out of my neck and is soft to sleep on but still firm enough to keep my head and shoulders up some distance from the mattress. Last week, when I first got it, I would have given it a 3. I've broken it in over the past week far enough to give it a 4 rating. Hope this helps.


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