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+2.1x better support

+2.3x back pain relief

+/- side sleeping

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Summer 2024 Updates: Brentwood Home is currently shipping most mattresses within 3 business days. Recent customers report good experiences overall with some disagreements about mattress firmness.

Brentwood Home offers mid-price hybrid mattresses with a sustainable mission, using all-natural and eco-friendly materials including recycled materials and plant-based BioFoam®. They have both all-foam mattresses, latex hybrids, and foam hybrids with layers of pocket coils. Most of their mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold certified as well, which is one of the most stringent third-party emissions certifications to get. With four different mattresses at a reasonable price for the materials, it is easy to see why customers are excited about these mattresses.


+2.1x better support
+2.3x back pain relief
+/- side sleeping

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 9.1/10

No Back Pain: 9.1/10

Price: $459-$2998

Trial Period: 1 Year

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Brentwood Home's Specifics

Brentwood Home sells hybrid, all-foam mattresses, and comfort accessories online and through major online retailers. One of the things that sets them apart is their focus on eco-conscious and sustainable materials while maintaining a moderate entry price.

When it comes to customer experiences, most customers have excellent experiences. While there are some disagreements about long-term durability and firmness disagreements in some models, their 1 year trial is industry leading.

Quality of Materials

Brentwood Home offers four hybrid mattresses and one all-foam design. All of their mattresses are completely GREENGUARD Gold certified (one of the most rigorous third-party emissions standards available). This means that you can rest assured that their mattresses will be safe for you and your home. Some of their materials offer eco-friendly BioFoam® and also recycled steel pocket springs.

The pros: All-natural and eco-friendly hybrid options. Elite certifications.

The cons: There are some that have experienced some durability issues over their mattress life.

Mattress Types

Brentwood Home offers 4 different hybrid mattresses with one available in an all foam option. We'll go through each of their offerings in depth.

Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The Brentwood Home Oceano mattress is their most popular. It comes with a layer of organic wool batting that keeps air flowing and reduces heat retention, followed by a layer of cooling BioFoam® that melts away pressure points. Beneath is a layer of foam between two layers of pocket coils -- the top layer being an array of microcoils that individually adapt quickly to the back and spine. This mattress is rated medium-soft, with most customers describing a comfy mattress with a balanced feel, ideal for combination (back and side sleeping). Those that mentioned issues, mostly mentioned it being firmer than expected and some durability concerns.

The pros: Good quality materials with both pocket coils and microcoils.

The cons: Some report it to be too firm -- so beware if you are a smaller side sleeper.

Price Range: $999-$2398

Final Score: 8.9 / 10

Cypress Memory Foam Mattress

The Brentwood Home Cypress Memory Foam mattress comes with a cheaper price point than other mattresses from Brentwood Home. This mattress comes in either a Classic 11 inch of a Luxe 13 inch all-foam or hybrid option. Some of their differentiators are their plant-based BioFoam® and cooling air channels in their base foam (and pocketed coils). Overall, customers are pleased with the price and value of these mattresses. but some did report durability issues.

The pros: Affordable all-foam or hybrid mattress options with high quality certifications.

The cons: Some problems with durability reported.

Price Range: $499-$1199

Final Score: 8.5 / 10

Crystal Cove Mattress

The Crystal Cove Mattress is a flippable mattress with an activated charcoal infused memory foam comfort layer on one side and a firmer natural latex layer on the other. In between, there are zoned coils with 5 zones to cradle the spine without aggravating pressure points in the hips and shoulders. Customers like the versatility of this mattress. Some found it slightly too firm for their liking.

The pros: Vegan, certified clean mattress with the benefits of foam, latex, and coils.

The cons: Some problems with firmness reported.

Price Range: $899-$1899

Final Score: 9.2 / 10

Hybrid Latex Mattress

One of the newest mattresses in the Brentwood Home collection, the Hybrid Latex Mattress, really takes their eco-conscious goals to the next level. With an organic cotton quilted cover over a fiber stuffing made from REPREVE® recycled polyester, this mattress also features a base layer made of upcycled denim. Their main comfort layers consist of 4'' of organic natural latex on top of 8'' of individually pocketed coils. While this mattress should have a medium feel for most, some sleepers found it to be a bit too firm.

The pros: Eco-conscious mattress with recycle materials, latex, and pocketed coils.

The cons: Some issues with firmness.

Price Range: $899-$1499

Final Score: 9.2 / 10


Brentwood Home has a variety of mattresses with multiple firmnesses to choose from. While the above scale provides a wide array of options, including some mattresses that are rated highly for those that like soft mattresses and prefer side sleeping. However, there are some customers that have mentioned that some mattresses are firmer than they expected.

Back Pain Relief

Many of these mattresses get good reports about initial comfort and back support with the firmer latex offerings providing the greatest amount of support for back and stomach sleepers. Those that are side sleepers may enjoy the pressure relief in the Oceano and Cypress.


With the addition of infused foams, airy pocket springs, and latex comfort layers, most customers report better heat diffusion than other foam-based mattresses and report sleeping cool and comfortably. However, if you are a very warm sleeper or live in a very warm environment, you may need something more specialized.

Who Are Brentwood Home Mattresses Best For?

Brentwood Home mattresses are ideal for those that are looking for a luxury hybrid mattress with a considerate mission, but don't want to pay the high prices of in-store luxury name-brands. Those that want the comfort benefits of foam without the eco-cost will do best with their selection.

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Great mattress!

Ordered 2 of these for my children to replace their toddler beds. Arrived vacuum packed, and immediately popped up to 9" when the plastic was removed. Took a nap on them myself to test them out. Very comfy and supportive! (Actually as good or better than our $3000 king sized icomfort we bought a couple years ago) Customer service was great when I had questions. I found out they actually hand make the mattresses when you order them, they are not sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Arrived suprisingly fast. And as a bonus on top of all that, the kids love them. Would definitely recommend!

My favorite bed ever

I love it! I'm not sure why so many people posted negative reviews, it is soft and cloud like!! At first touch it is furmish but lay in it and it cuddles you. It came rolled up and vacuum sealed into a box which by the way is super heavy. Two people will have to lift this thing, it is heavy!!! You unroll it and cut off plastic and it poofs up, ours was fully proofed up by like 10 hours. We put it on a frame suggested when buying it and it's been epicly great! I've slept amazing every night since having it, no issues with it at all!

2 year review

I bought my Queen mattress in 2014. Honestly, the best decision I've ever made in my 20's. The best purchase I ever made online and the best item I ever got from Amazon. I have prime shipping so of course, seamless delivery. I'm buying one of their King mattresses soon and have pretty much told all my friends and family about this mattress. This is not the super fluffy or bouncy mattress, this is a sturdy, contortion mattress that encourages deep sleep and often you don't want to leave in it in the morning. I put this mattress on an old box spring which was a horrible idea. This mattress is best on a sturdy platform or slates. My old box spring had a slope and although it was a slight unlevel, I felt it in my neck. I love the fact that the cover is washable (regular cycle, tumble dry on low heat)....there have been some no staining spills and I'm grateful for that cover. Also, I live on south Florida, nights can be hot. I've found that in the summer to just use 1 cover sheet and no comforter to alleviate the heat that might be harboring in the mattress. This is very effective. I've never had any issues finding sheets to fit it but it's a very deep mattress and adds height to your bed. I like the height it brings to my room. Great investment. I will be selling the mattress for what I originally paid for since the prices have now gone up and still a $200 discount to the future buyer. Oh and this is an honest review and no they didn't offer money, discount, candy or anything for my truthful experience.

Bamboo cover has snags and unsewn seams. Not a sign of good quality.

I am not happy that the bamboo cover has two small holes with a large snag/fiber bunch protruding, in addition to another cover seam coming un-sewn. I hope that whatever caused the holes did not go through to the mattress but I will be checking that out tonight. I am disappointed, and considering returning the other two I bought along with this queen size (a twin and a full) if they have similar issues.

I will update this review after I take the cover off to look underneath. If whatever caused the tears in the cover did not go through, I would consider a replacement cover if the company would send me one. Hopefully I won't have to return or replace the entire thing.

After one year, not so great.....

I initially wrote a good review for this mattress, and for the first nine or ten months it performed well; however, just over a year of ownership now and the mattress has developed permanent depressions around the waist/hip area -- on both sides of the mattress -- which is now causing moderate back pain for both myself and my wife. Rotating the mattress does not alleviate this fault, although we have faithfully followed the mattress maintenance recommendations since day one.

We of course have now been shopping for yet another mattress, and have learned that there are many quality levels for these memory foam mattresses. Average life span on them is * supposed * to be 7 to 10 years, minimum -- and we'd have been glad to get just the 7 years with this one, but if we've got this problem after just one year, there's obviously a serious quality issue with this mattress. We did call the manufacturer but the process to even have them look at the problem is too convoluted to even explain. Suffice it to say we just wasted our money on this mattress, and the "warranty" is essentially nonexistent.

So, in a couple of days our new mattress will be delivered, and this Brentwood Home mattress will be taken to wherever they recycle these type of mattresses. I only hope we've made a better choice with the new one.

Inspect upon unboxing and check the corners!

I ordered the first mattress and it literally showed up with a blood splotch (see photo). I called Brentwood and the girl who answered the phone didn't even express any concern whatsoever. She did say they'd send me a new cover at no cost should I choose to keep the mattress. Ok, cool. I let it air out for 3 full days and found that the corners were malformed as if they were melted (see photo). Ok fine, they have a great return policy (Brentwood will send someone to your home to pick it up), but alas, they don't extend that same quality of service to Amazon customers - you rely on the Amazon return policy. Ok, fine - I understand that. I called Amazon and spoke with a woman who couldn't understand that BrentWood uses a machine to compress the mattress into a small box and there's no way on EARTH I could get it back in the box. She just kept repeating to me to wrap it in plastic and put it in the box - 3 times (once after putting me on hold for a few mins). She then transferred me to the "Large Package" department and I started from zero with that guy. Same thing - couldn't understand why I couldn't get it back in the box. Until I said the magic phrase, "Not even the Incredible Hulk could get it back in the box" did he understand. Then it took me a while to make him understand that the plastic the mattress was shipped in would no longer fit the mattress now that it's decompressed - it would cover maybe 30% of the mattress. He kept repeating, "Sir, just put the plastic back on". It took me another 5 mins to convince him that it's not MY fault that there's a manufacturing defect, so there's no way I'm spending any money on a roll of plastic to wrap the mattress in. He settled on sending me a prepaid roll of plastic. 34 minutes for all this. It was exasperating. It took 30 minutes to wrap the mattress and I almost broke my back (try it alone sometime!) and the delivery guy calls in a couple days. He didn't seem to want to come up to my apt (5th floor with elevator) so I lugged the mattress down the hall into the elevator by myself. Great pickup service! THAT was fun stuff, I'll tell ya. Since there was only 1 guy in the delivery truck I had to help him load the mattress into the truck. My back LOVED that. So the new mattress arrives in a few days, and there's no blood, but I now see that even after almost a full MONTH the corners on this one are a little malformed as well (not as bad as the first one, but still not square). The corners aren't square as with every other mattress (had a TempurPedic previously). There is NO way on Earth these mattresses are, "Hand-Crafted in our own workshops in Los Angeles". Gel and latex are POURED, my friend. Maybe they hand-sew the tag on or something. Now I'm trying to figure out if I should return this one because 2 corners aren't square and I'm not sure if sheets will fit well in the long-term. One corner of the sheet is threatening to break loose at any moment. There's nothing like a corner of the sheet popping loose in the middle of the night to ruin your night (yes, it's a deep-pocket sheet). It's going to be a major hassle returning it again, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Just make sure you look at the mattress cover THOROUGHLY and make sure your corners are SQUARE (after decompressing for 3 full days). Otherwise, the mattress DOES feel great I must say. You sink in a little but it's a great feeling and overall feels fantastic. The sides of the mattress have no "edge control" at ALL. Some other mattresses fortify the edges so you don't roll off the edge, or so that when you sit on the side of the bed to tie your shoes or put on your slippers you don't fall off the bed. Well.... you WILL start to slide down. You can't sit on the side of this mattress. My last mattress held steady when you sat on the side. I feel silly because I did TONS of research and settled on BrentWood. I've receive a questionnaire from almost EVERY seller on Amazon after making a purchase - I now know why I never received one from BrentWood!


Comfortable mattress so far. It's firm but not to firm and I'm sleeping well. My husband is 6'2", 210 and sleep about 50% on his side with no issues or pain. My previous mattress had a gel pad on top but I still had pain in my hips and shoulders. The gel seems to work as I sleep hot typically but not with this. For the money we are satisfied with this purchase.

Better sleep

Buying a mattress online is not something I ever thought I would do. We were sleeping on $850 Simmons Beautyrest spring mattress that we both hated. We woke up with back aches everyday and I can't remember the last time I slept through the night. I always thought I had insomnia or some kind of sleep disorder. Seriously, I would wake up at least 5 times during the night. Decided to go for the Brentwood mattress and I am glad I did. Less than $400 for a king... You can't beat that price in a mattress store. Mattress was delivered in a large box at about 63 lbs. Me, a 5'2 woman was able to get this mattress upstairs and set it up myself. There was only a slight smell but nothing like the pillows I have bought from Costco. Coming from a soft spring mattress this to me felt firm. It is considered medium firm but I find it to be firm but very comfortable. Love the cool gel, it sleeps cooler than our other mattress. Don't be fooled by the price it is a great mattress. My sister has a Tempurpedic and I think Brentwood is just as good.




I was very happy with the mattress when I got it. Eight months later it's shot. I expected it to last longer than that. There is a big flat area in the middle.

This mattress appears to be of excellent build quality and arrived without any damage

This mattress appears to be of excellent build quality and arrived without any damage. I especially liked that there was no bad smell which can't be said of many/most other manufactures. My wife and I both like a mattress that is firm, yet yielding. This was not that mattress. For us, the mattress is too soft. For instance, if we lay on our backs (not our normal position) the bed is fine but we both sink deeply in to the mattress. My wife is only 115 lbs so our weight is not the problem. If I lay on my side, my hip and should will hurt in the morning.

I would classify this mattress as medium to medium-soft firmness.

The princess and the pea

This is the story of the princess and the pea. You may have read about her. She's the world's lightest sleeper. Too much noise, too little, too hot, too cold, too many pillows, not enough. Her body will find just about any excuse to not get a good night's sleep. Even 7 mattresses stacked up high couldn't hide the pea laying under the first. So when it comes to her beauty rest, not just any old mattress will do.

Flash back to 1988, when her parents bought a brand new spring mattress for their brand new suburban home. Now flash forward to 2014, when that same spring mattress has somehow meandered into her old room. The princess was back at the castle for a few months before moving on to greater and greener lands, and she had a job to do and a good night's sleep before waking up at 6 and teaching the kingdom's youth how to decide when and when not to use a semicolon (when in doubt, don't use it). One night, restless, two night, restless. Every night a restless sleep on the mattress before time. Waking up looking like a cartoon character crushed by an anvil was not what princess was hoping for, and that's on the nights she got any sleep.

Well this simply would not do.

So the queen and the princess went to the kingdom's local mattress store. "$800," the market man said. "$800 for a decent memory foam. And you have to buy a set." But. The princess did not need a new box spring. She simply needed a new mattress. And spring mattresses were not her cup of tea. She wanted a memory foam. Firm but comfortable. Breathable so she didn't overheat. She didn't think this too much a request, but she also did not intend to pay $800. She was a princess on a budget, you see.

So she turned to her trust knight, Alas! The other townspeople spoke highly of a particular memory foam that would show up right at her door, and for a fraction of the price. This risk-taking princess couldn't resist.

It showed up at the castle door in a small box, not fit for a large mattress. She unwrapped it and it inflated before her eyes (after she followed the included care instructions). Could it be? Was this princess about to get a decent night sleep? One night, no insomnia, two nights, waking up feeling rested, body and mind. Could it be?

But so it was. After months of sleeping on this "bargain" mattress that arrived via horse (or UPS, whatever), the mattress remained firm but comfortable. No night sweats, no stickiness. Inducing of a good night's sleep. Insomnia at bay. Heck, there may even be a pea buried underneath it, but the delicate princess wouldn't be able to tell.

Great mattress!!!

I love this mattress, I wake up every morning feeling relaxed and good, no back pain anymore, no feeling of sleeping on stones. It arrived conveniently packed and after we unfolded it, it took a couple of hours for the mattress to reach its full height.It has zipped cover that can be washed, but the most important thing is how nice it feels to sleep on it, not too soft, not too firm, exactly what is needed for a good sleep. I highly recommend it to everybody who wants a good mattress for deep relaxed sleep.

and I never really feel like I get to browse and look at the selection ...

I was a little leery of purchasing a mattress on Amazon, but the local brick and mortar stores are so expensive, and I never really feel like I get to browse and look at the selection because a high pressure salesman follows me around, chattering away all the while. The FedEx lady delivered my king size Brentwood mattress. It was in a long, rather thin box. You would never have dreamed a mattress was inside. We took the mattress out of the box, set it on the bed frame and cleared away the plastic seal. It was almost like something from "I Love Lucy." I'm thinking of the episode where she tries to bake a loaf of bread and it pops out of the oven and stretches across the room. Once we took the plastic off, the mattress expanded and quickly! It was something to behold. We let it sit for 48 hours so it could expand completely. However, I think we could have slept on it the first day. The bed is different from a box spring coil mattress. It will take you a night or two to get used to it. It's like sleeping on a big firm marshmallow. The bed doesn't sleep hot. In fact, the gel does a good job of keeping the mattress cool. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

this one is the best so far

So I've been sleeping on this mattress for roughly ten months now. From the other mattresses I've owned, this one is the best so far. Before I bought this I was sleeping on a hand-me-down sleep number that was horrible on my back. This one sleeps like a cloud compared to that. I would consider this mattress to be on the firm side but it has give to it which I really like and need. However on hot days it doesn't help cool you, I would say it almost feels like it holds your body heat during some of the hottest nights from this past summer, it's really the only down side I've found with this mattress.

I will say when I do need a new mattress I will go back with another mattress made like this.

1+ YEAR UPDATE: great buy for a memory foam mattress compared to others I have purchased

I have had this bed for a few weeks now and must admit we really like it. I bought it for our cottage and it very closely compares to the iComfort I have at home (that we also love, but paid over $1500 for). Set up was fun and the "odor" some people talk about was kinda a new car smell and was gone by night time. I will say I think it softened up a bit over a week. It is just sitting on a plywood base on top of an old refinished waterbed frame that has drawers, no box spring. I have shoulder problems and can find a comfortable position much better with a memory foam mattress and this works perfectly. It is slightly firmer than my serta but not too firm as the wife cant stand a firm mattress and she has told multiple friends how much she likes this mattress. We purchased this to replace a bobopedic that we both absolutely hated and had to use a 2" foam topper for it to even be bearable. I have also purchased 2 best price mattresses from amazon for my teens (who love them and I also recommend) but decided to go with this for my wife & I because its MADE IN USA and has a better warranty so I hope it will last us longer. This mattress feels more supportive than the "best price" ones we have but I assume its because this is 13" thick vs the others which are 8" & 10".
Its only a few weeks old but I am very pleased with its initial quality & comfort. As with any mattress time will tell when it comes to quality but I have high hopes for this and would totally recommend it.

UPDATE: Have had this over a year now and still find it as comfortable as it was when we first got it. I have recommended this brand to others and all have been happy with it.

This Mattress = Heaven....I've not slept this good in years.

This Mattress = Heaven.

My Story: Fist off, I will say that I am that person that generally won't buy a large or important purchase online without some kind of reassurance that I'm making the right decision. Especially a mattress! I would prefer to go to a store and lay on my potential bed. The thought of trying to return such a large item just seems like more of a pain and honestly gave me anxiety.

About 8 years ago I bought a Simmons Beautyrest (innerspring mattress- firm pillowtop) and loved it for about 6 years. Slowly, however, my mattress began to sag where I laid, which left a nice hump in the middle and was basically so uncomfortable that I would toss and turn every night. My neck and back were in pain. I was going to the chiropractor 2-3x's a week. I was fed up! My mattress was costing me money.

My boyfriend and I moved in together so I gave my mattress away and we resorted to sleeping on his (another innerspring mattress-very firm not pillowtop). For nearly a month I kept trying to make it work but I would wake up every morning more tired and grumpy than I was prior to going to bed. My ENTIRE body would feel like I was tossed into a dryer and even with 8 hours of "sleep" I would feel like I was only getting 2. I could literally feel him shake his foot at night and every single movement would wake me up. I was never completing a sleep cycle and I was....well not nice.

Fast Forward: I began searching for a mattress at about two weeks of sleep deprivation. One of the big box stores was our first stop. Needless to say: I left with a purchase order for a $4000 mattress (mixed innerspring/memory foam) and a new credit card. I tossed and turned all night, sick to my stomach thinking ...why did I just spend so much on this mattress??? I FELT TAKEN! I was sick to my stomach. Unfortunately, this was the only mattress that was even comfortable to me in the store and after extensive online research, one of the few I felt had what I needed. In the end I returned it DUE TO COST.

My Search Began Again: through more online searching I came across Saatva mattresses. I was hooked. Yet, I began thinking...another innerspring/memory foam combo? Although, a fraction of the price of my original purchase. My pocketbook still wasn't sold. The more I read about: motion transfer, dust mite protection, the best mattresses to help with back pain ...I soon realized an all memory foam mattress may be what I needed. I came upon Brentwood Home. BINGO! I read so many reviews (on their home site and on amazon) my head hurt ....the price tag was less that I was expecting to spend and everyone seemed to love their bed...I needed one and NOW. I chose to order my mattress from Amazon because with my Prime account I could receive it in two days and in the end spend less that directly from the manufacturer.

Currently: my 13" Bamboo Brentwood Mattress arrived as promised in less than 48 hours at my doorstep (I live on the 3rd floor of a building with no elevator). It was in a large box which wasn't too hard to manhandle at least into the bedroom ( I would recommend bringing it into the room you are going to use it in prior to opening the box). After unpacking the mattress it expanded well enough within 6 hours and the minute smell that it did have was gone. I slept in it that evening. It was like heaven . So soft, yet firm at the same time. I felt like I was in a marshmellow that hugged every inch of my body. I'm 5'9" 135lbs. I woke up the next morning with absolutely no pain and very well rested. I am now recommending this mattress to everyone that I know. If you have been in pain, get woken up a lot by your significant other, or simply just need a new mattress TRY THIS ONE! YOU WILL LOVE IT! I also bought a metal frame and mattress protector on amazon as well. All in all, they are all exceeding my expectations. You've got to love getting products delivered to our doorstep in two days! Go PRIME!!!

Inconsistent reviews but I'm sorta happy!

I researched many mattress materials and prices. I rely heavily on reviews so I'm going to tell it straight since the reviewes are very inconsistent. It came in a cardboard box wrapping in Saran and enclosed in a thin plastic bag. It ways 68 pound I have prime and it said it would come on a Friday, changed it to mon it arrived on Friday instead my thin 15 and 20 year old had to drag it in while I was at a doc appt. Once I figured out how to unroll etc., then I found the instructions I an envelope. It wreaked of a chemical smell like acetone, I have asthma so it was a concern. It immediately started expanding and it impressively is already about 5-6 inches taller than my old mattress. I op Ed it at 2 pm today and it's 10 hours later almost at full size. The edges are ad fly at a downward angle but I will update. It's truly a gamble I love it but I'm not happy with the odd angle. Lucky for me I had an air cleaner so I shut the room with it on and the stench is gone. Looks expensive in spite of flaws. I will once again update. Don't take a chance if you aren't available or don't have a helper. The contact info for warranty etc. was included so I didn't have that issue.

Amazing mattress

This is our 1st memory foam mattress. Was very nervous about buying it online like others without being able to lay on it and test it out. We knew nothing about memory foam mattresses but read alot of reviews and googled alot. My husband is a big man with back issues so we needed something that would work for him. Although I perfer a much firmer mattress my husband likes a softer one, but we decided to give the 13" one a try and pray for the best. When it arrived it was rolled and compressed in a big box which was damaged here and there but no damage to the mattress. We were in the process of moving so we opened it and let it become full the required 48 hours. We have had it now for almost 3 months and I never want to get out of bed lol. I still wish it was a little firmer but I am completely satisfied with this purchase. We will be buying another one in the future for our spare room. I would definitely recommend this mattress.

Soft to Medium feel. No gass off smell.

UPDATE: REVIEW DATE NOW NOVEMBER5, 2015 - Slept on for about a year.
I have to say it is a little too soft for me and my back and neck/shoulders hurt more and more often. I wish I had bought the 10 inch that was firmer. It is really heavy to rotate and does not have handles so you must have two people to turn (unless you are like super strength.) So single people might have to ask a friend of neighbor to help.
I am reviewing this after only having a few days and sleeping on it one day. I will try and update in about 6 months or so as well. Here are some thoughts.

1. They was very little gas off. I didn't smell any in fact. But people were better noses might smell some...? The other three members of my family could not smell any fumes either.

2. It inflated right away. Within minutes.

3. It is SOFT to MEDIUM. The description says it is medium / firm.

4. Wait to order fancy pillow. I love a good pillow. In fact I had just bought new pillows. But with this mattress I find it sort of cradles my whole body slightly and it is more comfortable without a pillow when laying on back. I need a pillow for side sleeping. And even though I slept on my side a fair amount of time this mattress makes sleeping on my back so very comfortable.

Do NOT buy this mattress if you are looking for lumbar/hip support!

The Brentwood was my fifth memory foam bed and one of three currently in my home. Let me start with the positives.

Construction/Appearance - It has a very low VOC profile. I allowed a week for it to fully expand and air out in the garage. But it wasn't really necessary. The bamboo cover looks fairly good and is easily removed. Under the bamboo, the foam layers are encased in a soft cover that would probably be washable as well if it were not stitched on. The foam layers appear to be bonded together with a thermal adhesive of some sort. It's either thermal or the adhesive is causing some minor chemical damage to the foam (see picture).

Comfort - It is incredibly soft. I sat on the edge of the bed and thought I was going to fall off. Lying in the middle I initially thought it was just as comfortable as any of my previous beds with the exception of being a bit soft. Once I got up I realized the mattress is 'soft' because it does not bounce back like my other memory foam mattresses. When you get up, there are divots that linger for quite some time. After the first night sleeping on the Brentwood, I realized I had made a horrible mistake. The Brentwood is the least supportive mattress I have ever owned. Some reviewers call it 'firm'. Those people must think marshmallows are firm. Coincidentally, the Brentwood is best compared to a marshmallow. Unfortunately, marshmallows might make a better bed.

If you like pillow tops or plush mattresses the Brentwood may be a reasonable choice. But every night on this thing has been terrible for me and my wife. We both wake up achy and grumpy. Fortunately, we have other bedrooms so we often sleep elsewhere to avoid the Brentwood. I've been shopping locally for a replacement and EVERY memory foam bed I've tried has been superior to the Brentwood.

I gave it one star for being Made in the USA and another star because Brentwood Home at least offered to replace the bed (if I shipped it back). If I rated the mattress itself, I would give it one star at best. My 2 year-old sleeps like an angel on it but she's the only fan the Brentwood has in our home.

Worst night sleep ever.

Worst night sleep ever. I was so disappointed in this mattress, with all the good reviews, I was really hoping for something special. Woke up with lower back pain, hip and shoulder pain these are not normal occurrences for me. Also felt like we were rolling off the mattress as the sides did not seem to rise up as high as the center, so there was a downward slope. Our innerspring mattress was a 10 year old Sterns and Foster double pillow top black label. We put it up on a metal foundation
We are hoping that the foundation was a major part of the problem. Took it apart and will be sending it back today, put the mattress on our old Sterns and Foster box springs, will update as to if this helped remedy the problem.

Update 7/11/14
The mattress was not expanding completely around the corners, contacted the Sleep Shop they told me to give it 72 full hours and then take pictures if it didnt resolve. I have added the photo of the corners of the mattress to the image gallery. The sides and corners are still sloping to the point that you feel like you are rolling out of the bed. I will say that taking the metal foundation out and putting it on the box springs did help moderately comfort wise, still not pleased with the mattress and waiting on Sleep Shop to contact me about how to handle a return since the product is clearly defective.

Never hurt so bad!

I can't believe this is the same bed in the reviews! My bed is nothing like the description or the reviews! This is the hardest bed I have ever slept on. Definately not med firm to med soft. My husband developed severe hip pain after the first night,which is not normal for him. He gave it a second night, then refused to sleep on it again.I developed hip and shoulder pain. It feels nothing like memory foam, does not have any "memory" to it at all. I had other concerns with the mattress such as the mattress being soiled with debris when opening it. I did contact customer service, but was just basically told "everyone is different". I realize that these types of mattresses sleep differently and you have to give it time to get used to it, but when you wake up hurting so bad you think about taking off work....that's not right. I normally do not order outside of my Prime membership, so I can have a simple return, but with the outstanding reviews I thought I could not go wrong...won't do that again! I would not normally post a negative review on a product such as this because everyone's perception of comfort is different; however, since my experience is nothing like most reviews and the description, I am doing so.

Good but very (maybe too) firm

A great "value" mattress -- one of the best mattresses you can buy at this price point, which we are using for a guest room. But ... it is *very* firm. I've noticed that all of the cheaper memory foam mattresses have complaints about being too firm. It might be that a softer, plushier feel requires a more expensive production process for the memory foam. I'm not sure there is any mattress in this price range that'd be much softer. In our main bedroom we sleep on a latex mattress which is incomparably softer and more comfortable and plush than this one, but was $1,600 -- five times the cost. I think it's one of those "you get what you pay for" things. I'd say this mattress is a "buy" and maybe the best product available at its price, but if you're not into firm mattresses you may want to look around a bit first.

Brentwood 9" Gel Infused Mattress--Great Product, Fantastic Value, and a Wonderful Night's Sleep!---Edit

The Brentwood 9" Gel Infused HD Memory Foam mattress is a godsend.

To provide a little background, ten years ago my husband insisted that we buy a firm Ikea foam mattress. I hated it, but I let him have his way. I am a side/stomach combo sleeper, and so I often wake up with extreme aches in my shoulder from the way that I sleep. But that is in the past!

The Brentwood mattress popped up immediately to full size after removal from the plastic. There was little smell. My toddler immediately jumped up on it, and can be found laying on, rolling around on and playing on this mattress. He loves it, and hugs it occasionally. I tend to agree! Immediately, I noticed that I am dreaming more often. I have not woken up with bone pain in my shoulder since I started sleeping on this mattress, nor do I need a pillow or blanket to prop myself up on, as the mattress takes care of it. It is so comfortable! I am much more refreshed, and extremely pleased with my purchase.

As for the mattress, I would in no way call it firm. It is probably what one would term as medium. Motion does not transfer well, and I am able to move without the worry of waking anyone up. The mattress is definitely not hot, as some people have said. My husband, who sleeps hot, and loves his disgusting firm mattress has grudgingly admitted that this Brentwood mattress was an awesome buy. So if you are on the fence, as I was for weeks, I hope that my review helps you in some way.

Edit: 11/16/15 : I have had this mattress for eight months now, and I have experienced no problems with it.

As comfortable as your $600 mattress EDIT: But lasts only a year

Well, it was a $250 gamble. I usually don't really trust descriptions given on Amazon but this one was too good not to try. After spending considerable amount of time at Ikea testing mattresses, I decided none of them were value for money; this looked like great value if the description were true. As it turns out, it was a great bet! This is the most comfortable bed I've slept in so far. Yes, on day one it emits strong odour. But that's gone the next day once you let it breathe. I'm impressed so far 'cos its exactly as described - medium firm to firm.

EDIT: After a year, this has sagged completely in the middle, has no support on the edges and I have to rotate it every other day to get decent sleep. This is not durable at all and the 25 year warranty is bull s***.


This is our second memory foam mattress and the two couldn't be more different. (Yes, they are two different brands.) The first was very soft and somewhat broken down after about a month's worth of use and was a queen size. After the birth of our children, we needed a size upgrade since they're often in our bed sleeping.

This mattress is like an intense, 'roid raged bully. It is far thicker than we thought, which is great. It is also extremely firm. I feel like I'm sleeping on the floor. I wake up constantly in the night wondering if the sandman has taken a baseball bat to my rib cage and back. In the morning, I have to gingerly crawl out and wait for the back spasms to subside. We've only had it for a little over a week so I'm hoping that either the mattress or I will give a little. If you like a firm mattress, this is ideal. If you need a little coddling, you've probably bought the wrong mattress.

Update: This bed is totally, utterly, and completely broken down and has inexplicably shrunk. We are not obese and we don't spend our spare time lounging in it or jumping up and down on it. What manner of hell is this mattress made from?!

Buy it from Brentwood Not Amazon

I really like Amazon and since becoming a prime member I purchase a lot of items from them. Simply put I am a fan.
But in this case they failed me.

This mattress is incredibly comfortable. However when it arrived from Amazon and we unpacked it, the mattress never completely expanded correctly. This kept the fitted sheet from fitting right and made the edges really squishy. We waited a month before giving up on it. Unfortunately Amazon only gives you 30 days to return it. But when we contacted Brentwood they were very helpful and informed us that Amazon sometimes sends mattresses that have been compressed and packed for several months and this can cause the mattress to become permanently deformed. Brentwood approved a replacement and when I checked the mattress tag for the replacement details, sure enough the manufacture date was 2 months prior to us receiving the mattress.

So after paying $50 for shipping we received the new mattress direct from Brentwood. As it did before it came in a box and was vacuum packed into a plastic bag and then rolled up. We unrolled the plastic and then gently cut the bag open. The mattress transformed to full size in about 30 minutes. It was perfectly shaped into a king size mattress. Very cool. There is a smell, but based on my prior mattress this will go away in a week or two. The edges of this mattress hold their form and you would never guess that it is completely made of foam.

So if you have read this far you may be wondering what happened to the other mattress. Brentwood's policy is that we have to dispose of the old mattress. So, with no real good option of disposing of this mattress, it is now in the finished basement for when my youngest has sleep overs.

I'm sure not everyone had the experience that I did, but keep in mind that the manufacturer in this case stood behind the product even though it was not their doing. So I give them five stars for a great product and great customer service.

Against my better judgement I decided to buy a mattress off of ...

Against my better judgement I decided to buy a mattress off of amazon. I needed to replace my 10 year old Simmons beauty rest mattress which we loved. We were really looking into buying a memory foam mattress but we really couldn't afford buying a retail mattress oughtright and really didn't want to take on another bill to finance one. Even though I thought it to be crazy to buy a mattress online without trying it out, we do not regret our purchase one bit.

We decided to go with Brentwood off a recommendation of a coworker and reading most of the reviews. We purchased the 13" gel HD mattress in a queen size. Bottom like is we could not be more satisfied with it.

The mattress came shrink wrapped and rolled up in a large box which I was able to move inside and up stairs without issue. Once I unwrapped the plastic and cut the thick plastic off the mattress it began to take shape. Took a couple hours to finally go to its intended shape.

First night was slightly awkward but only because we were not used to memory foam. Regardless of this wd slept very well and the mattress is extremely comfortable and has very good support. No back pain the next day! Of course, I'm comparing this to my old saggy spring mattress.

Price was great and the bamboo cover on it is very soft and plush. I only had one small issue with the stitching on the cover but I emailed Brentwood and they immediately took care of me and sent me a new cover. I am very pleased with the customer service and the fact that it is American made.

I will be buying more mattress from this company.


I wanted to wait a week before I wrote my review. First I received my mattress way before the date promised which is always a plus in my book. Secondly this mattress comes in a very protective packaging which shows they take pride in their product. The assembly was very easy & within a few hours the matteress took shape & we were able to sleep on it that night. After reading some reviews on other mattresses I am happy to say this mattress had no odor at all & comes in a very well made cover. So now the real test was sleeping on it. I normally did not get a good night sleep, up & down all night, full of aches n pains, tossing & turning, and bones cracking in the morning. I got into bed & made myself comfortable. The mattress is firm but definitely contours to your body. First thing I noticed was my fiancé stopped snoring. After checking to see if he was still alive, I got into my favorite position on my stomach. I don't even remember falling asleep! I haven't slept through the night in years! I felt great! No aches! No pains! But here was the real test... I put my feet on the floor & stood up... Nothing cracked! I was able to walk to the bathroom without doing my Fred Sandford impression! It's the miracle bed! After sleeping on it for a week now I can say it is the best purchase I ever made. If you are looking for this type of mattress do not look any further.

Bedridden and sensitive! After 6 months STILL AMAZING! Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS sufferer..

I have severe ME/CFS and I have been housebound, often bedridden, for many years now. I am young and I deal with an invisible disease which causes intense chemical sensitivity along with extreme weakness, pain and chronic fatigue. My life is very challenging. But I do the best that I can to be as positive as possible within these constrains. …That said, I have very little money due to the fact that I cannot work and I have no family support. This mattress was a huge purchase for me. Even still, it is much less than most mattresses.

I think that I am the ultimate tester of a bed. That is one good thing about being bedridden for so long; I can test mattresses! Well, this mattress, is by far, the BEST BEST BEST mattress that I have ever slept on. I have had so many different mattresses throughout the years, including a Tempurpedic mattress. Honestly honestly, this bed is so comfortable and light. At first I was nervous that it would not hold up after a while, if at all. I am physically a big guy, about 250 pounds. But the bed has not had any sagging or odd spots in any way. It is not hot, as many other foam mattresses are. It is not too cool, for that matter either. I have NO problem with smell / odor or any chemical issues whatsoever. -And let me tell you, I aaalways do! MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) is common with this illness, and I get really sick from almost everything in this world that is not totally natural.

This mattress has quite honestly helped my entire life. I am so so grateful to have found this. Perfect size, too. I recommend this to every single person I know and care about. Love it!!!

Holy Freaking Schnikes

I cannot say enough good about this bed. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I'm always in pain, but on this bed I can sleep on my sorest parts and, not only does it not hurt, it actually makes it feel better! It gives my poor body the support it needs without any pressure points. I was terrified of switching to memory foam after researching for months, but I slept on it for the first time last night and I am completely hooked. I got up at 7:30 and feel like I slept until 11:00. Do not hesitate to buy this!!!!!

What A Big Surprise!

At 46, I’ve never owned a brand new bed in my life. Always had a 2nd hand mattress, and for the most part it’s been fine. But in the past few months, my mattress, which dates back to 1993, and been through two owners (and the box spring & frame dates to 1985), was finally giving away to the brawn of being a guy. I have intermittent back pain anyway, but it was getting worse on my old mattress . Who wants to wake up in pain? Sleep is supposed to be recuperative, not debilitating. I shopped and shopped and shopped and then shopped some more, for a new mattress. I started eyeballing memory foam mattresses. I soon learned that I didn’t need to save thousands of dollars for a good mattress. (Why pay for a name, when a small company can offer the same quality?) I narrowed my Amazon search for a few memory foam mattresses. Even found a few made in the USA. I read reviews, I went to mattress stores in my area and compared features and prices.

On April 16, 2014, I had enough money in my Amazon account to make the purchase. I was a bit nervous making such a huge purchase like that online, but I knew I’d done my research, and felt confident in clicking “Confirm Order”. I ordered an 11″ memory foam mattress with a gel topper, in a natural bamboo cover, made in the USA. On April 28, FedEx rang my doorbell, and I was like a kid in a candy store! The mattress comes shrink wrapped and is about 3″ thick. You have to open it up and let it expand.

Some notes:
1) The bed is very firm, but not uncomfortable. I was surprised at how firm a memory foam can be, especially for a big guy like me. I never feel like I've sunken so far down in it, that I'm uncomfortable.

2) It bounces right back after a night's sleep. By the time I come back from my morning routine, the bed is back to normal.

3) Regular sheets fit it nicely, and I didn't need any special sheets for it. However, I also normally buy flat sheets one size up to use for my mattress anyway, but right now I do have a regular queen size fitted sheet on it.

4) It'll sit on any regular box spring & frame, or platform type bed.

5) Some memory foam mattresses give off a terrible "new paint" type odor. With this one, there absolutely ZERO smell. I put it on my box springs & frame, and shut the bedroom door (to keep the cats off of it) for 12 hours. The windows were closed (it was still cold outside here), and when I opened the door that evening, there was no smell whatsoever. Normally you're supposed to let it expand for 48 hours but mine had a good 15 hours before I was on it, and it was fine the first night. It will expand better in a warmer temperature, than a cooler one.

6) I tend "sleep warmer" normally, always kicking off covers, even in winter (sometimes). The gel topper on this is great, and keeps me at a great temperature. The secret to the idea of memory foams being hot is that people don't get the right firmness. They sink into it to much, and as the mattress "hugs" them, they get hot. With a firmer mattress (for me), I don't feel overly hot at all in this mattress.

7) I had a 3" memory foam topper for my old mattress, and put it on this mattress at first. It was fine, but was a bit too "squishy", and also defeated the purpose of the gel topper. I'd recommend not putting any other sort of topper on it. It really is layered and made extremely well to hold many body types.

It's pretty incredibly how much spring mattresses, stitching, tufting, and all those mattress-y type things can never quite get you as comfortable as you want to be. The memory foam is a blank canvas every night, and you get great sleep on it. No divets, no wearing down or breaking down in the fabric, etc. My first night’s sleep on it was AMAZING! I still had some back pain the next morning over the first few days, but I realize sleeping on a memory foam is new territory. I don’t need all those extra body pillows, etc., that I'm used to. (I still use one, but haven't bothered with the others.) Just laying on the mattress, with a good pillow, is enough. Let the mattress do the job it's intended to do. Over the next few nights, I did sleep better though, tossed and turned much less, woke up less throughout the night, and felt 100% better the next morning. After a month, I wake up maybe once in the night to turn over, but others might not wake up at all.

I can't recommend this mattress enough!

Delightful product

I am a student on a budget, so I figured I had two options for buying a mattress: sneaking the air mattress out of my parent's house, or buying a used one. Now, while the upfront cost is appealing for both options, given that I have no money for neither continuous chiropractic appointments for the next 15 years nor long-course antibiotics to treat the plethora of fungal infections and MRSA sores I would doubtlessly end up with, I realized I needed to look for an alternative.

So I walk into a mattress store, and ask to see their cheapest mattress. Turns out, they're selling sheets of plywood for about 500 bucks now. As the commission-hungry saleswoman begins to educate me about their payment plans and reasonable delivery fee (as low as only 70 bucks!), I began to envision myself on the streets, a well equipped Fantine, if you will, with nothing to comfort me in the morning but a dewey, overpriced mattress.

No! I thought. Never! There must be a better option. But what?

And suddenly, I discovered this. It had "gel infused" parts, "bamboo" parts, "HD" parts and other marketing gimmicks that really mean nothing to me. But wait- "Made in the USA?" These were 4 words I'd rarely seen together before. It was as if some patriotic dock worker had scratched out "China" for his own personal warm fuzzies. For less than $240?!? Sorcery, I thought.

I was right. This thing is a full-sized cuboid of angel butts and the laughter of children. Not to mention, anyone who has seen this thing fluff up when you cut off the plastic KNOWS it has to be sorcery. Brentwood needs to change their logo to a pentagon with an Ouija board because we all know what's really going on.

So I let it fluff for a day, like the magic people said. There was a very, very faint chemical smell that disappeared after 24 hours, which I marked down to some sort of supernatural substance evaporating. Then I slept on it.

What an absolute delight. Now, I'm used to a firm mattress, and I like this. Think of it as an angel butt, but belonging to an angel who works out their glutes a fair amount. Very pleasant: not too firm, not too soft. Goldilocks. I haven't found it to be too warm to sleep on either; maybe the marketing gimmicks actually work? Who knows. Sorcery.

All I know, is that I do not regret this purchase one bit: it is worth every penny. Considering you can get two of these for the price of a very awful piece of plywood at your pushy local mattress chain, it's worth the "risk" of not being able to try it out beforehand. Plus, if a company will ship angel butts for free, you know they're going to be good to work with (which they have been).

TL;DR: If you want an expensive piece of upholstered plywood, by all means go to the the mattress place across from that Chinese place you like. If you want a good quality product, shipped to your door, that is a joy to behold and supports domestic industry? Don't bother going anywhere else: you're looking at the right product.

Why do people spend thousands on tempurpedics?!

I slept on a friends thousand dollar tempurpedic for 3 months before getting my Brentwood mattress and I just don't see why people would spend so much money. My Brentwood feels the same if not Better than the top name brand! I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I was expecting a odor from the Brentwood because the tempurpedic (that's years old btw) had a slight odor, but I was shocked that my new Brentwood didn't have a odor! My roommate was also so impressed with the Brentwood that she bought one herself! We love it.

Everything I needed.

2 year update -

Everything is holding up great. I've taken the cover off and washed it and put it back on a bunch and this mattress keeps on going strong. I've never been happier with a bed. Whenever I upgrade to a king, I will be purchasing this mattress again.

Well there isn't much I can say because it's already been said. All I know is I don't wake up in pain anymore and I didn't pay much to get that kind of sleep. You can't beat this mattress. I have a lot of joint issues from the military in my hips, back, knees, and shoulders, and man I was waking up and literally rolling out of bed everyday with my other $1500 name brand mattress. Not anymore. I cannot praise this mattress enough. As far as the cooling aspect of it. I sleep hot as it is and have had memory foam mattresses in the past. I didn't expect anything different here. I won't say this mattress blew my pants off with how cool it is to sleep on, but it is slightly less warm than other foam mattresses I've slept on, so there's just another bonus.

If you are reading these wondering if it's the right choice, stop reading and just order before the price goes up again. I bought this thing and not even a week later, there were tons of reviews and the price went up a hundred bucks. Get it. You won't be disappointed.

- 2 month update - (see 1 month update below)

I just got asked a question today by another customer how my mattress is holding up after months of use so I thought I would update my review. The mattress is still holding up strong and is in perfect form just like the first day it came to my home. This mattress has changed my life really and I don't wake up in pain anymore in my back, hips, knees, and all my joints. I've also talked a few of my friends into buying this mattress and they are completely happy as well. I see the price is still rising on this mattress, but to be honest, its still worth the $400 mark its at right now. You still cannot find a mattress as good as this one for even double that price. Buy it before it goes up more!!!

- 1 month update -

I am still absolutely astounded that I found this mattress for so cheap. It's the best thing I have bought for sleeping ever. In fact, everyone who has tried my mattress has gone and bought one for their bedroom. My parents bought a mattress the same time I did for more money and sent theirs back to get this one.


Okay, I have to admit I was a little nervous about buying this mattress. In looking for a new mattress, I did a lot of research about memory foam vs. spring vs. pillow-top vs. whatever and decided I wanted to give memory foam a try after only ever sleeping on spring mattresses by major manufacturers like Sealy, Serta, etc. I became leery of going to mattress stores because I'd read online about how they scam you, such as by selling you "exclusive" models that are really just renamed mattresses identical to other models, that there's really no difference between any of the models other than prices, and things like that. I just didn't want to have to go and have a salesperson try to upsell me or steer me toward something more than I wanted, or more expensive for no apparent reason. I felt like trying a mattress in a showroom for a minute or so wasn't going to really help me decide. The reviews from actual owners of mattresses are just so much more valuable and honest than any salesperson will be.

So naturally I came to Amazon, where the reviews really help me decide what's the best value and choice in all the options out there. I wasn't sure about this item because it's so much less expensive than brands like TempurPedic, and I really didn't know why that would be. Since (when I bought this mattress) there were almost all great reviews of this mattress, I felt unsure because it's made by a company I'd never heard of. I sort of thought maybe it was just a new company that hasn't made a name for itself yet, or an offshoot of another larger company (which I couldn't verify with internet research)...I guess I figured it was offering the same or similar memory foam mattresses for much less until word of mouth spread. Who knows? But since the reviewers were verified buyers of the mattress I knew I could trust them to be honest.

There are now a few negative reviews about this mattress, which are surprising to me. Of course you will sink in more when sitting on this mattress...that's because your body's weight isn't distributed across more surface area. It's the same as with a spring mattress. I would not say this mattress is too soft or too hard. There was indeed a smell when I first unrolled the compressed mattress, but it had completely dissipated in a couple hours as the mattress rose up and decompressed. I don't know why others had such negative experiences in that regard.

I like that this mattress is made in the US, and I also appreciated the CertiPUR seal. In case you're not sure what that means, it certifies that the polyurethane foam is made without ozone-depleting materials, without mercury, without lead, without CertiPUR for more information. It's a really good thing that helped me choose this mattress. I liked the different layers and the design made sense. I liked the natural bamboo. I liked the positive reviews. Though I couldn't find much info online about Brentwood Well-Being, I decided to give it a shot and buy myself this mattress.

What a great decision! The mattress arrived rolled and compressed as shown in the image, and once I unrolled it onto the bed frame, it really only took a couple of hours to "inflate" and return to its form. Sleeping on it is really great, from the very first night! I was surprised how well it absorbed motion. On a spring mattress, when one person changes position the whole bed can bounce and jostle the other person who's trying to sleep. It's totally different with memory foam...there's hardly any motion at all for the other person when changing positions! That makes for a more peaceful uninterrupted night of sleep. The foam is firm but not too firm, and I like how you sort of sink into it and it conforms to the body.

Now one thing I'd read about memory foam is that it can be sensitive to temperature. Like, if the room is above 75 degrees, the memory foam will actually be softer and you'll sink into it more. (Maybe the people whose reviews said it's too soft live in warmer climates?) I'm not sure if that's true yet, having bought the mattress in the winter, so we'll have to see if that's the case when Seattle springtime rolls around. (I don't turn up the heat high enough to test it in the winter.) I suppose it would be fine to sink in a little more when the weather and the room are warmer...I'm just hoping it's not so extreme that it becomes hard to roll over or change positions. I guess I'll have to update my review if I feel any effects like that.

Overall this mattress is a great value! Very comfortable, and an awesome price compared to other memory foam mattresses out there. I'm glad I took a shot in trusting a company I didn't know much about in this case, and I'm grateful to the other reviewers here that helped me decide to give this mattress a shot. No regrets whatsover, and I totally recommend it!


I took a gamble & decided to try out another mattress from Amazon and the brand seemed to be getting good reviews so I went ahead and got myself this 10 inch gel memory foam mattress.

The packaging upon arrival was less than spectacular; dented, ripped and tape not all securely holding together but the manufacturer did a good job with all the plastic inside. The bed was quite heavier than I expected and we needed two people to remove it from the box.

The instructions are self explanatory, just cut it out of the plastic and let it expand. From my past experience, it wouldn't expand no where close to what was described initially but it was 10 inches right out of the plastic so kudos to Brentwood Homes for keeping it real.

The bed is a quite comfortable, a good medium between soft and firm. I'll update the review if anything changes about how I feel about the comfort of sleeping on it. But so far it was a great investment for not a lot of money.

I know what you're thinking, because I was thinking it too.

Okay, lets be real. A $300 mattress rolled up in a box sent to you by a company you've probably never heard of before gives you hesitation. I wish I made the discovery sooner! If you are looking for a new mattress, just stop here. You owe it to yourself.

My girlfriend and I were in desperate need of a new mattress as mine was so warped, waking up in the morning felt bad, but not bad enough for the light bulb to appear over my head and say, "Change your mattress" right away. The thought of dropping $800 or more for bedding just stinks, but upon discovery of a serious shoulder-dislocating warp in one side of the mattress, that light bulb finally went off. So, we popped on Amazon for "thuheckufit" to browse, and upon further reviews of the Brentwood memory foam series of mattresses, we couldn't pass it up. It was worth the risk at the price. The only negative reviews seems to be from a very select few mattresses that refuse to deflate to size, leaving a consumer with a mattress they have to return by mail.
We purchased the full sized as we aren't big people and had a box spring for it anyway. The mattress came in the time table promised, and there it was, in a box. I unpacked it, and within 6 hours it seemed to have taken to its full 11'' promised. It's a tad firm, but supportive and very comfortable. I like the idea of a firmer foam, it gives me the sensation it will last. You do sink in a bit too, so don't be too afraid of the "firm" word if you prefer a softer bedding. Overall it is a nice mix between soft and firm. Perhaps the 10'' would be a little softer? I'd ask the seller as I can only speak for this one.
One complaint I read was the heat from a memory foam mattress can be a drag, the gel must work because there's zero problems with that so far. Neither of us have noticed a temperature difference in comparison to my older pillow top, spring loaded mattress.
I am SO impressed with the quality of the mattress, I've made my boss jealous who just so happened to be one of the "Sheeple" that dropped well over $1000 for memory foam bedding (that he sweats in). Everything is soft to the touch. The bamboo cover is soft and has a great feeling of quality. The first night gave a faint smell of "new space foam", but alas, like a new car smell, it left quickly.
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY BIG BUCKS TO SLEEP COMFORTABLY!! I can't comment on the longevity as it has only been the first week, but I have a great feeling I won't be disappointed. Even if it only lasts 5-6 years, $300 bucks for a mattress isn't going to hurt my feelings. Thus far, our sleep is better, and I haven't had any strange pains waking up. I feel better. I recommend this product to anyone, and will hopefully be sending everyone at Brentwood and Sleepshop some business.

Highly Recommended American Product!

Wish I had purchased this item long ago. I have not had a single issue with any body aches since using it. Very comfortable. Great price, quality materials, and best yet it was MADE IN AMERICA!!!!!!.

18 months later, I regret recommending this mattress to my friends.

I bought this mattress April of 2014, when it arrived I was thrilled and fell in love with it. Sadly the test of a mattress isn't how it feels when it's brand new, but rather when you've used it a while. The mattress still looks new and when it's sat unused for hours it's nice and reasonably firm but when you lay on it for about 20 minutes you find you're sunk in like a cheap hotel mattress. I think the issue at hand is that all these companies that have sprung up are new, Brentwood included. They have great warranties that are useless. The foam puffs back up when you've left it alone for a bit but you lay on it and after a short while the memory foam just gives. If you change positions the foam doesn't rebound to fill the dents either, it's broken down.

I recommended this mattress to anyone who would hear me and was thrilled at the price which was over $100 cheaper than it is now. Because of my recommendations several of my friends have purchased mattresses from Brentwood and Amazon, themselves and they are just starting to experience what I am. The memory foam just doesn't stand up and even turning the mattress hasn't helped at this point. So I'm on the hunt for a new bed.

Soft, lower density, but made in USA

I got the split king for an adjustable bed with no box spring. The company was nice enough to change my order to split king after I had ordered two twin XL's. The cool gel seems to work at keeping one from getting overly hot. It is softer than other memory foam setups I have used, making me believe its lower density foam, but it still seems to work well for both myself and my pregnant wife. I definitely wanted something made in the USA, and noticed the cool gel layer plus the memory foam secondary layer added up to more total memory foam than any other brands I came across (~5" I believe), which was the other large selling point for me. I notice I toss and turn less than my sleep number, and with a $500 adjustable base from wally world, Im in quite a state of luxoury, though I do wish I had ordered a 12" or thicker mattress. But It will work. Does take several hours to hit the 10" mark. For the price I am happy for the most part, again I'd order a thicker or more dense mattress in the future though.

Worthless after 1 year.

I have had this mattress for 18 months. My main complaint when I first got it is that it is an extremely hot mattress. I woke up covered in sweat, and this was NOT a problem I had with previous mattresses that I have slept on.

Now over time, there are permanent indents in the mattress even though my husband and I are not heavy people (165lb and 140lb) and we rotated as recommended. I now wake up with back pain every day, neither of us can get a good night's sleep and we MUST purchase a new mattress, which is not in our budget.

Click away from this mattress right now!

Hard as a rock.

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to a Temper-Pedic, this mattress would be a terrible choice. The very little memory foam it has is not dense at all. It feels like I am sleeping on a old Futon. As a side sleeper, I wake up with terrible backaches and even my hips hurt. What is strange about this mattress is that the edge is very soft, but then you going a few inches and it becomes very very firm. I'm not new to memory foam mattresses, so that's not the issue. We have a 10 year old Temper-Pedic that is now in the guest bedroom.
I wish I would have bought it directly from BRENTWOOD. It would have cost $150 more, but they would have accepted my return. I will try to sell it in on Ebay or Craigs list.

Excellent & comfortable.

We love this mattress! My husband & I both suffer from back problems so I did a lot of research before choosing this one. First, it was easy to expand & did reach the full 10 inch mark, Second - there was no odor at all (more natural materials are great), Third - it fit perfectly on a nice sturdy platform bed that we bought, Fourth - the first night we slept having to get used to this. We previously had a memory foam bed without the gel which did not recover it's shape as quickly - THIS ONE DOES - I can move & feel it adjusting ASAP. It don't feel it's extra firm but I can not sleep on a hard mattress, like ever. I consider this a medium firmness but it gives lots of support as well. I was worried it might be a little too hard but no, it was perfect from day one. Sheets fit it perfectly, the dimensions are correct so we are very happy with this mattress. It feels extremely durable too.

Not what I was hoping for

The mattress seems to be well made. It is not one that can be flipped over to use the opposite side if you're considering rotating it in that manner. For me the mattress is extremely firm. If feels as if I am sleeping on top of it instead of being cushioned by it. I find I wake feeling sore in pressure areas. I had to add a thin memory pad to get any comfort. It did sleep cool the night I slept on it without the additional pad. I was really disappointed in the way it was shipped. According to the tracking, it's still not here. The box was open on both ends and it appeared it had been dragged to my door, and it's a wonder that it didn't slide out. If it hadn't been for all the plastic around the mattress, I would not have accepted it. It comes sealed in plastic which is rolled up, then it is rolled in plastic which takes about 10 turns to unwrap. Once that is done you come to the sealed plastic. Once snipped, the mattress immediately starts expanding. By the time I had the plastic entirely cut and pulled off, the mattress had fully expanded. I recommend that you do all this on the bed frame that you're going to use. I did not notice any kind of odor. I've had the mattress for about a month now and it is still taking some getting use to. My rating is for the fact that it is not the medium firm but extremely firm (my experience) and that it can't be flipped over. If I figured in the shipping it would only get 2 stars.

Not so fast.....Not all the same

i have sent two messages via Amazon to fix this issue. I ordered a queen and full. Same exact brand and type. The queen was great, opened up full and feels great. The full still has not fully expanded in one corner and IS NOT the same material. They came in different boxes/packaging and I the full is WAY softer and the sides cave in. How in the world am I supposed to ship that back? Somebody from Brentwood needs to tell me what to do. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME.....unless packaging/shipping ruined the one.

Sleep, and sex. What a bed's for.

During my years of medical training and many years since, I learned that the marriage bed should be for two things: sleep and sex.

This mattress is good for half of that. We've owned this mattress for almost a year and are looking for another one. Another brand. We spent several days, afternoons, evenings shopping around the various mattress stores in the area and dealing with salesmen, CRAZY prices (how many thousand dollars do you have to spend to even get CLOSE to guaranteeing a comfortable night's sleep? Two thousand? Five thousand? And no guarantees), we read many online sources and many more reviews and figured hey, for $400 (roughly), we could be sports and give the Brentwood home mattress a try.

Both my wife and I get a very good night's sleep on this mattress, and upon waking, find it VERY easy to roll off the bed - as the edges provide so little support they compress and practically POUR you out onto the floor.

Similarly, during sex it is ALSO very easy to roll off the bed, anywhere other than dead center in the mattress and you feel like you're going to fall. Diagonally is somewhere better, cross-wise, necessary.

Lately, too, I find that trying to sit up in bed to read (I know, I know, that's NOT what the marriage bed is for, but it's a life-long habit I find much harder to break than writing reviews) is harder as the very spot my center of mass lies is sinking. Yeah, I've turned the mattress around - more than a few times - but it's no good. It's sinking, and becoming more of an annoyance as time goes by.

Now, double up that weight during sex and you sink even farther; there's just too much "give" to the materials that make up this mattress and it's wearing down faster the longer we own it. We're not really heavy people, maybe 10% over ideal body mass, but fit, and frisky, and this isn't a mattress for "active" people.

I don't recommend it. Might talk with the manufacturer, but really thinking it's got to go.

Great quality, but it's way too soft.

I cannot find manufacturer info on this, except that it's by SleepShop. I have found Brentwood products at other stores, such as chair cushions.

I thought the quailty was great. The bamboo cover is a great part, and it feels good to the touch. I did not get too warm in this, despite it being plush. Unfortunately, it is way too soft. I am 190 lbs, and I sink in at least half way, if not deeper. When I hit a memory foam mattress, I should feel some slow sinking. On this mattress, it just compresses right away, and that's it. I am a stomach sleeper, fyi. Also, my wife liked it because she is a side sleeper. However, she did say that it was just a little too soft. Hopefully the replacement will suit our needs together.

I contacted Amazon, and their big item department has set up to have a seperate freight company to come pick the mattress up, so I am very happy. All they require is for it to be re-wrapped in plastic, but not compressed. I mean, who owns the means to compress a memory foam mattress back into that little box?

My previous mattress was a Sleep Science from Costco. It was a good mattress, but I bought it on sale. At the regular price, there are other mattresses out there with better reviews that are better priced.

I look at the Lucid brand, but I didn't like that it was only assembled in the USA. The foam is actually manufactured in China. With the CertiPUR seal, I do not question the quality of the foam. However, I decided to try and find one with foam made in the U.S.

I wanted to get a DreamFoam mattress, but it was out of my price range. Unfortunate for me.

I looked at the Sleep Science mattress too. I passed on it to get the gel infused foam on the Brentwood. although I'm sure their foam would keep me cooler as advertised.

I'd like 4 lb over 3 lb (or 5 lb with a softer underlayer), but I'm not ready to spend the extra money. As a newly wed that is on the move for the next few years, I decided on the 3 lb to be a little lighter for moving. We plan to replace it with a higher density foam once we get a bit more planted.

During my research, I found that reviews and ratings were actually worse on the pricey big box brands. I found a lot of three-star reviews on Tempurpedic mattresses. It goes to show that marked-up mattresses aren't going to give you a better night's sleep. Do yourself a favor and pick up something on the cheaper side. Even the expensive ones need to be replaced more often than you think. Granted a 3 lb foam isn't going to last as long as the 5 lb (found in most Tempurpedic models, I think they go as low as 4 lb, but not 3 lb or less), but I'd much rather be able to buy 4 of these Brentwood mattresses over one Tempurpedic. My research showed me that the 3 lb mattresses were going for three years before feeling less supportive, the 4 lb to 5 lb mattresses were going for three or more years (about 5), and that the tempurpedic was going for about five or so years. So I can replace the Brentwood once to match the timeline of the Tempurpedic, get the same night's rest, and only spend half of the Tempurpedic price. That sounds great to me!

Anyways, I am replacing it with another Brentwood mattress. Check this one out, which is on the medium to medium-firm side, instead of medium-soft to soft.

Happy with purchase, would buy again!

We've had this mattress now for about 2-3 months. We went from an innerspring mattress to this one after trying out a foam mattress for my son's twin bed and finding it preferable. This is what we've experienced since owning the mattress.

Follow the directions that come with it. We haven't experienced any unusual sinking issues, because we rotated our mattress as directed by the instructions that have come with it.

Unlike the brand my son has, our Brentwood had NO chemical smell to it when it was removed from the packaging and expanded immediately, although we waited the recommended time before sleeping on it.

Our mattress sits on a box spring, off of the floor, and I would consider this mattress firm. We happened to already own a feather bed and laid it on top to and adding the cushioning to it and that was perfect. Our feather bed topper happens to be 2" thick.

This mattress has never caused us to sweat. The gel infusion seems to do what it says it does, and prevents overheating during sleep.

We use a minimum of 300 thread-count sheets and these fit on our mattress with no problems at all.

My hip and back pain that I experienced from the innerspring mattress cleared up when we got this. No more pressure points. Great night of sleep. Would never go back to an innerspring, regardless of how long this mattress lasts. I feel like we got this for a steal of a price. Well worth every penny spent already.


I am amazed at the quality of this mattress especially considering the cost. I took the dive after reading feedback from other people and are so we glad we did! After sleeping on this for a week I am completely rested and comfortable with my choice !

I must admit I was a bit leery about the heat factor of memory foam and I am please to say this has not been an issue! We live in a very hot and humid climate and I have yet to even get warm lying on this mattress. It is a bit "softer" than I expected but not so much that I sink into the mattress by any means.

The only thing that is going to take some getting used to would be getting out of the bed. I have never had memory foam before and it seems when getting out the sides sink. It isn't annoying but is a odd concept for me and I will need to get used to it.

Oh, one more thing .... NO SMELL! It of the box with no smell and expanded to the proper size within hours!

We look forward to replacing all of our mattresses with Brentwood for the same cost as it would have been to buy 1 at the "regular stores".

I'm in love with my new mattress

I'm in love with my new mattress! I ordered it with my new Amazon prime account so it was delivered in 2 days, which was nice. The mattress came in a box and was tightly wrapped with a plastic cover. I had no difficulty opening it and what was really cool was that it already started to inflate once I removed it from the box. In less than an hour the mattress was already fully inflated! I was surprised since I read reviews that it would take hours to fully inflate so I'm pretty happy with this mattress so far. But then it gets even better when I touched the mattress for the first time. It's actually very soft and mushy, which is exactly what I wanted. My mother said it's soft like a "feather". Once you get approval from your mom, then you know it's golden. For those who need support, this mattress is soft, yet firm which is the perfect foundation. Personally, I like to sleep on something very soft and plush so maybe I'd put a pillow top just to protect it and to make it even more fluffy. :)

I highly recommend this product!!!!

Run away!! Unless you like really really really firm mattresses.

I've had this for almost a year and it is like sleeping on the floor. So hard and very ribs and lower back hurt constantly and never had this issue before with previous mattresses. I weigh about 120 lbs and it doesn't even mold to my body or sink in when I lay down.

I read so many positive reviews before purchasing and the one that stands out is a reference its like sleeping angel bottoms ..I'm not sure what angel bottoms feel like..I would think soft and fluffy. This mattress is the furthest thing from soft and fluffy.

My hopes were dashed

Despite my initial happiness with my mattress, two flaws have come to light. First, the mattress is softer in the middle than around the edges. The softness causes a sinking effect in the middle, which causes misalignment and increased lower back pain. I replaced a 8 year old Temperpedic mattress with this one, hoping to continue to enjoy good sleep at a lower cost, with an American made product. Secondly, on changing sheets this morning, I noticed that the seams along the top of the mattress are coming undone in three separate places. I will be contacting the manufacturer on returning this product.

A very comfortable and affordable bed.

So far so good.

I ordered the bed on the 22nd. It was delivered to my door 8 days later on the 30th.
the tag on the bed said it was manufactured 3 day prior the 27th.

It arrived in a long box rolled up in plastic. It was well protected. After opening, it started to rise and within 20min it was at 12 inches. I left it for a few hours and when I came back it was at a full 13 inches. There was a slight odor for the first couple days. It seems to be fading though and was never very strong.

It's very comfortable, soft yet supportive. I had the 12" Lucid memory foam mattress prior to this one and I can say I do find this one more comfortable.
I can't say yet if the "gel infused memory foam" layer makes much of a difference at keeping you cool while you sleep..
You can feel it's cool to the touch initially, but it quickly warms up to body temp.. So don't think it's going to stay cool all night, it doesnt. I don't feel any "cooler" at night sleeping on this than i did on the Lucid mattress that didn't have the gel infused layer honestly...

But overall, I really like this mattress and would recommend it. This is my 3rd memory foam mattress and I feel like it's the best one yet.

I will update this review if I have any problems in the future with this bed.

You buy, you'r stuck with the worst! Reviews don't look genuine!

I do not know how other buyers have written such good reviews but this mattress is the worst mattress I have ever slept on. I had to buy a new mattress within one week. Once you buy it you are stuck with it because to ship it back it will cost you almost the amount you purchased it for, so a double loss. You cannot even put it back in the box once it is out. This mattress is low quality, does not provide any support, will create back problems and one wakes up so tired. The guarantee term used by the seller is a scam. Would highly recommend to keep away from this.

Memory foam mattress causes shoulder/back pain

I've bought/used this mattress for 2 years and it's a good time to write a review:

I gave it 2-star rating because it causes neck and back pain for me. I wake up every morning with pains in neck/shoulder and back. The reason I associated the pain with the memory foam mattress is because I tested to sleep on my roommate's spring mattress, and the pain significantly relieved.

But for those who fit well for memory foam mattress, you can ignore the comments above.

Compared to other memory foam mattress, it is made of good quality, though this mattress still traps heat, but it is slightly cooler than other memory foam mattress which does not have a gel layer.

I decided to buy a new spring mattress, though this mattress is still in good shape; and I hope this review is helpful for those who are going back and forth on choosing a spring mattress vs. memory foam mattress.

Unmatched Comfort

Lying on this mattress is akin to resting in a pile of rose petals and clouds while angels sing and the Charmin bear jealously pouts. Don’t forget to cover that all with a huge dollop of happy. In other words, I like it—a lot.

I suffered from almost constant headaches and stiffness, and I’m pretty sure I single-handedly paid off my chiropractor’s student loans. No matter how much I slept, I woke up feeling exhausted and achy. My previous mattress was a middle-of-the-road name brand with the traditional springs and pillow top. I started looking at mattresses because I wanted something softer but I wasn’t sure about the reliability of a memory foam mattress. I had heard the stories: hot, stinky, and shapeless after a few months. I found this Brentwood on Amazon and thought it sounded like what I wanted but I was still unsure. And so, it sat in my Amazon cart for over a year while I avoided decisiveness. Finally I closed my eyes and clicked purchase.

It has been four months since we got the mattress. My headaches have disappeared; I wake up feeling rested; and my aches and pains have lessened significantly. I no longer have to convince my chiropractor that I’m not an MMA fighter in my off-time. I literally smile every time I get in bed; I love this mattress that much. It contours and cradles every nook and cranny. When my fiancé comes to bed, I don’t get bounced all over, and he doesn’t get jostled during the crazy re-adjusting I do all night (not that I do much of that anymore). It offers support without being stiff or hard but isn’t so soft that you can’t get out of bed in the morning, and I have had no issue with it taking too long to “bounce back” into shape. There was a very faint scent when we first unpackaged it but that dissipated quickly. And it gets a huge personal bonus for being made in the USA.

I love this mattress as much now, if not more, than when we first got it. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a gel-infused memory foam mattress.

Gets softer over time

For about the first month or two, this bed did what it claimed to do. It helped with my shoulder discomfort and was not as hot as other brands. However, after few months of use, I noticed that the bed took longer to return to its original height after being depressed, and any more acute pressure in an area (say, your butt in a sitting position vs lying down) the surrounding area caves in a bit and it does not stay firm. Overall, I am disappointed in the product and will not recommend. Two stars because I do like the bamboo covering.

Beware of the CRATER!!

I bought this mattress a little over a year ago. Awesome delivery and packaging. I hauled it up stairs by myself and it was a cinch to place it in my bed frame. Loved it!! My wife and I slept great for the first 3 months or so. Then, my side of the bed would not expand back to normal by the next bed time. There was a crater on my side of the bed that would not go away, especially around the area my hips would rest on. I'm 6'-1" at 230 lbs. and tend to be a back/slide sleeper who does not have a history of waking up in pain during my sleep. However, I started waking up extremely uncomfortable and my back and hips would hurt. So, my wife and I switched sides. With my wife sleeping on the bad side, the crater would expanded back to normal after a couple nights. Then I slept great for a few more months on the other side of the bed and the crater came back and I had the same symptoms. So, as of today, my wife and I have to switch sides every week or two to enable my craters to expand to normal. At least twice a week I have to get up and move the couch to stop sleeping in pain. The crater seems to come back after only a couple nights sleep on either side of the bed.

I emailed Brentwood a couple weeks ago about the problem and I've heard nothing from them as of now.


Because it is difficult for me to believe fully in the validity of ALL these reviews I've decided to write my experience with this product.
I did a lot of research.

I was looking for a box-shipped memory foam mattress under $600. Ideally, plush enough I felt the switch from my s***ty spring coil, but firm enough my spine wasn't drooping.

I am so pleased with this purchase. The density and softness met my needs and instantly soothed my concerns. I immediately noticed particular pressure points were supported and my alignment was much healthier. The quality is real top notch. Just as described. It feels twice as expensive. It had no residual chemical scent. It expanded to 98% in like five minutes. It is sturdy around the edges, fits my linens, and the height really makes my entire bed appear more lux.

My cons.... The box it arrived in was shredded. Busted. Barely a suitable container. Though FedEx could have possibly been more tender, this is a pretty heavy item and I feel Brentwoods only improvement would be in their shipping materials. Without sufficient help you stand to drag this thing until it quickly falls apart. Which it did. I'm a strong gal who managed it aline up a flight of stairs, but maybe ask a friend to assist if you have more of a gauntlet.

Other than that, I have no complaints.

I can't speak to the heat retention yet. It feels warm and cozy, not hot and claustrophobic.

I recommend looking at YouTube trial videos of this and other mattresses to get a more applicable feel for the product.

I Chose wisely.

I received in 4 days(plus weekend). It did not stink like I have other stories have. I was looking for something reasonable in my budget, my daughters Neurologist suggested that she would benefit greatly from a bed like this. She has a cyst on her spin, & 2 bulging disk from it. We let it breath for 3 days so it was fully expanded, and my daughter can finally sleep restfully. The gel keeps her cool and relieves pain. Would recommend to others. As a matter of fact looking to get more for my other children.

five stars!

If you're even looking at purchasing a memory foam mattress, you've come to the right place. This mattress is so comfortable, cool to the touch and doesn't have an odor. It is the perfect balance between firm and soft. I will never sleep on another mattress. I was worried that for such a great price, that it would be too good to be true but this is certainly not the case. Do not think twice. Buy and try for yourself.

Awesome if they decompress. Not awesome if they sit in the warehouse compressed too long and don't fluff up properly.

We got an 11" for our child's bed, which didn't decompress fully (ever) but this one did. We love the natural materials that make these mattresses - they are very comfortable.
The only concerns we warn you about is that Amazon stores them compressed. If you direct buy from the manufacturer, they'll match the price on here but they'll compress it the day they mail it.
We loves these mattresses and highly recommend them.

Best purchase I've ever made!

Normally I am not one to write reviews, but since my husband and I both did days worth of research on memory foam mattresses and had many concerns of buying a mattress online, I thought it would be nice to give an honest opinion. First, my parents have tempurpedics and that's when we first decided we must buy a memory foam mattress, but not wanting to spend thousands, we opted for online shopping. We have had the mattress a full week now and I can safely say this is the best ~$550 we have ever spent. It easily compares to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe, which is one of the higher end of that brand.

Some of our concerns before purchasing the mattress were what we read in the negative reviews. First, the Brentwood is not firm as many describe it, it's surprisingly soft, while still very suppportive. I am a stomach sleeper, my husband a back and side sleeper and we both are equally as comfortable. The only thing I can confirm that I read on the negative side of the reviews is that there WAS an extremely faint chemical smell the first two nights (my husband never smelled it). I could go on and on about what an exceptional deal this mattress, it's completely turned our quality of sleep around. I am BEYOND thrilled with this purchase. JUST BUY IT!! You will not regret it!

Excellent buy. I originally thought it'd be a a gamble, but nope.

I was having back problems every morning I woke up. I'm a UPS guy and my back is generally sore and tired when I get home anyways. It doesn't help waking up to that either. Our be that we replaced was 10 years old and just wasn't giving my wife and I the support we needed. We went bed shopping, and everywhere we went we tried beds and then saw the price tag of the in store stuff and recalled that we've purchased cars that cost less.
So I saw this on Amazon and from the other reviews, it seemed pretty good. We had tried comparable beds at the store, so we knew that this would be similar to what we liked. At first this seemed like a $400 gamble but it defiantly paid off. I thought that we might be wasting our money that could otherwise go towards a bed.

The bed is awesome. My back problems of waking in the morning with a sore back were gone. My wife loves it too. We love this bed so much that we convinced my brother who has had fused vertebrae surgeries to get this bed and he loves it too.

It came via fedex ground. in a 18"x18"x however long a queen is box. It was rolled up and vacuum sealed. Make sure that you are in the area where you want the bed or in an area big enough for the bed when you break that seal because as soon as you open it, it expands really fast to full size. Pretty smart packaging. Anyways all in all its a great bed

Room for improvement

Okay, I've been waiting for several day's to write a review because I wanted to be sure my observations were accurate; here is the conclusion I have come to after three day's of sleeping on this mattress. The Gel memory layer is too porous and should probably be an inch thicker? My daughter has a memory foam mattress (6-7" thick - no other materials) and it is firm, BUT it does contour to your body and gives a softer "feel" and I find it to be much more pleasing to sleep on. The Gel layer on the Brentwood (seems like a quality company) does not seem to produce a "cooling" effect in comparison to a standard memory foam mattress. I like the fact that this product is made in the USA and the quality is there, I just think it would be a better product if it were constructed a little differently. All of that being said; I am not happy that I purchased this product and would shoot for something along the lines that I mentioned as improvements if I were doing this again.

Short mattress // no support

The shipped a short mattress, 2.5" shorter than the standard size. My mattress didn't fit on my bed. I talked to Brentwood since I live in Los Angeles, a few miles from the factory, they told me it needed more time to inflate to the full length and call back in a week if its not for an exchange. A week later I called when it was unsurprisingly the same length, the rep from brentwood was unapologetic and offered no support, he told me I had to send it back to Amazon.

Comfy but a BIG change from a conventional mattress

I really like this but I think my wife is less enamored of it. I was waking with bad backaches so thought I'd give this a try. I wake much less stiff now, but it comes at a price. If you sit on the edge of the bed you do sink down a bit (I'm heavier than the average bear, though) and other activities are a bit more awkward (without going into details). But for sleeping I really enjoy the memory foam and with the gel infusion I think it stays cooler than pure memory foam.

Brentwood Home 13" Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress

I bought one of these for the guest room and then went back and ordered another for my own bed, replacing a really mediocre mattress at a second home. I own a ridiculously expensive Tempurpedic mattress with an adjustable base, so I had pretty tall expectations. I can say with great confidence that this mattress stands up to that comparison. They arrived carefully shrink wrapped, for shipping. They pop up very quickly after unwrapping. NOTE: They are fairly heavy so I recommend two people to lift. Even the shipping box says "TEAM LIFT" on it. It says 13" but mine is a bit more that that.... Typical of quality memory foam. It would be nice if they sewed on some handles (like Tempur) for easier handling... but even that won't lower my rating... The cover is soft and beautiful. There is a very slight odor... but I am very sensitive and it didn't bother me. After one week, I don't notice any odor. If you are not familiar with a memory foam mattress... it can be very firm or even very soft... I consider this mattress to be medium to medium firm.. of course this is MY personal opinion. It properly softens and recovers for memory foam. My husband and I agree that we toss and turn way less on a memory foam mattress than a regular mattress. My husband sleeps a bit warmer than I do, but doesn't think that this mattress makes him too warm. Another plus, this mattress is made in the USA. The price point and quality to me is every bit as good as the stupidly high cost Tempur mattresses. I always update my reviews if new information would be helpful. Honestly, if you're considering a memory foam mattress, this one, at this price point is certainly worth consideration. NOTE: I am NOT compensated for my reviews in ANY way.
UPDATE: 3/28/2016.... After a few weeks of use, I am still convinced these mattresses were one the best investments I've made. Also remember that 25 YEAR warranty! Might be the last mattress I even have to buy. Literally... and... just an FYI.... Memory foam mattress are NOT friendly to a whole host of critters, dust mites, bedbugs, etc...... in case that is one of your fears. Again, the mattress is definitely not a "soft" mattress... most quality memory foam mattresses are medium firm at best. Tempur does carry a softer, cushier mattress in their "cloud" line... but honestly for the CRAZY stupid price of the Tempur, I'll stick with this Brentwood mattress. You can purchase a more plush mattress cover if you're interested in a fluffier feel.... Even if you purchase an adjustable base from another vendor, you're still just a fraction of the price of Tempur queen size at about $5000.00 or more... depending on your line choice and base.....Thank goodness we have choices in the US of A !!!

i guess i was unlucky

i bought this mattress (king size) after reading pages and pages of reviews and deciding that i would take the chance. so i receive the package and me and my boyfriend open it up and it starts to inflate immediately. within the first hour most of the mattress had inflated and it was very soft and comfortable but the edges of the mattress never full inflated (its obviously a defected mattress). we have now had it open for over a week and it still hasn't inflated on the edges. so it feels like when you laying on your back that your back is arched. or if you turn in the other way, if you get too close to the edge it feels like you are going to roll off the bed. super disappointed. and the return process is becoming a huge pain! the ups guy literally laughed in my face when he showed up at my door and i told him that the item was an unopened king size mattress before he left without the mattress. now i am waiting for yet another ups guy to come pick it up and i hope he doesn't laugh in my face too. i would love to stop this back and forth nonsense today so i can receive my refund and buy a mattress that is actually worth the money.

Would I Do It Again? STILL To Be Determined...

Updated... again. ;)


OK... this may seem a bit overly critical in parts, but keep in mind it will be an ongoing review. ;)

I've been checking around for the past month or so for an upgrade to my old, king-size, bargain, basement coil spring mattress we inherited a few years ago (along with the frame) from a family member. Prior to that time, I slept on a lightly baffled waterbed for over 15 years, and simply couldn't stand the considerable firmness of a relatively cheap regular mattress. I wanted to retain my regular frame, however (which is much nicer than the mattress), so have been researching and shopping around for memory foam at a reasonable price for the past month or so.

Anyway - I recently visited Big Lots for their 20% off your entire purchase sale (decent deals on home supplies), and after laying on a Paula Dean endorsed Serta, queen-size, 10-inch "gel" memory foam mattress, I was all but sold on the comfort of the material and style.


It wasn't, however, offered in a king-size (period), so I continued my search on Amazon and ultimately purchased this mattress based on a combination of both reviews (on Brentwood's entire line) and the can't beat price. Having had memory foam pillows for years (both a TempurPedic contoured one from Bed, Bath & Beyond as well as a couple affordable "Miracle" ones from Walmart) and being able to feel an uncovered sample of the blue "gel-infused" material used on the Big Lots' Serta mattress, I admittedly kind of had at least some 'expectation' as to what the comfort level on this one should be.

All that noted, on to the review...

Shipping: My estimated shipping time frame was not met, although I did receive a tracking number the day after the stated 2-day time frame, which was a Saturday. No information was provided from the FedEx system until the following Tuesday, however, which then stated it was picked up on Monday. The mattress did still arrive on the very last day of the expected delivery time, and did have to come from coast to coast, so I have no complaints here. It was, however, only "as expected".

When my package arrived, the heavy-duty staples had torn out all along the top (or bottom, one) side flaps which were partially open on one end. They were still pretty much holding the sides flaps into the end flaps and the entire box had been wrapped about every foot in additional packaging tape along the side that was opening, but I'm honestly not sure whether the latter was the shipper's doing or FedEx. There were also a few decently sized holes in the box at the worst end of it but there was no damage to the mattress itself, as it was rather well-wrapped in relatively heavy gauge plastic.

The box itself was 75" x 15" x 15" (I believe I read slightly larger dimensions in a previous review) , which may have been slightly too small for this size mattress, thus causing it to put outward pressure on the box and to open partially during shipping. Also, with 2 people handling it, it certainly felt a bit heavier than 65 lbs (and I'm far from weak), but that could have admittedly just been the overall bulk of the thing.

Personally, I would suggest to the seller a slightly larger, properly-sized box and a different delivery carrier.

Unpacking: It obviously wasn't hard to get the compressed mattress out of the box since it was already partially open, and we ultimately rolled it out it right onto our existing split box springs. Tearing the heavier outer plastic off wasn't bad working from both sides, and after doing so, as soon as the inner plastic "bag" was punctured it immediately started to decompress within it. We then just slid this inner bag off from top to bottom once it laid out flat (but hadn't fully compressed), which was a relatively painless process.

Out of the bag, the cover that was on it needed some adjusting (in my opinion), as the seam on the bottom end was over the top of the mattress and seemed too tight at the top. We simply maneuvered it around as best we could while on the bed, which was not as easy of a process as removing the bag, in order to keep it from constricting the full expansion of the mattress in any way. It expanded to a full, advertised 13" within no time (a few hours at most), and while there might still currently be a very slight rounding right on the corners, which a couple others had mentioned, it is by no means drastic, might still be a result of the cover keeping them from fully expanding, is certainly not any worse than a regular innerspring mattress, and regardless... I won't be sleeping on the corners.

As for a chemical (or any kind of) smell, it was virtually non-existent, which is a definite plus.

My first impression (with promised updates to come, as we have only laid on it momentarily): While moving the mattress cover around, I could slightly feel where the edges of the different layers were when rubbing my hands along the sides of the mattress, and there is a very slight slope from the bottom to the top as though the layers get incrementally smaller as you go up through them. I didn't happen to feel the sides of the Serta mattress, however, so having nothing to compare it to nor being familiar with the manufacturing process, I have no idea if this is normal or possibly a intentional procedure of cost-effective manufacturing. Either way, not a deal-breaker for the price, as again, I won't be sleeping on the sides of it.

A first, firm push with my hand into the fully expanded mattress left me with the impression that the top "gel-infused HD memory foam" layer was much quicker to return to it's original shape than any other memory foam product I have had experience with (pillows and floor model mattress), and after further comparison, I still agree. It does have a slower rate of returning to normal form than just regular old standard foam, and thus, definitely has some "memory" characteristics, but not as much as 'expected'. Then again, while the pillows I'm currently comparing them to, side-by-side, are roughly the same thickness as the top layer of the mattress, they are also several years old and well broken in while the bed has yet to be slept on, so it might be an apples-to-oranges comparison. Then again, I didn't necessarily think memory foam was really supposed to "break down" and lose that much resilience over time.

Now... upon first lying down on the mattress, I got the feeling that it was rather firm (very comparable to the one it was replacing), and definitely not 'cloud-like', but I did notice that it contoured well to my body and seemed to provide adequate support. The mattress has also, however, been sitting, uncovered (except by the factory cover) in a closed room with the air conditioning on the lower 70s, so the outermost layers of it are probably a bit colder than they would be with a sheet and comforter set on it will soften up after actually having time to absorb some body heat. I did, however, get the feeling that the point of a 13" mattress was overkill and ultimately pointless (unless it was just to fill out you head board and foot board, which it does in my case) as my body only 'sunk' into the top few inches of the mattress... mainly, the memory foam one. Then again, there are very few specifications on the "1-inch extra comfort" or "2-inch Ventilated Cool Airflow" layers, and from pushing on them individually on the sides where you can tell which layer i which, the "Aircool" feels very similar to the HD base layer while the "Extra Comfort" one is somewhere in 'between' (both literally and figuratively) the memory foam and the other two.

Regardless, there was no "sinking" feeling to speak of, and definitely not as much of one as the showroom Serta model (which had admittedly probably been laid on by tons of various weight people over time) which, while having the same total 4 inches of top "comfort" layers (above the more solid, dense base layers), only had 2 inches of gel memory foam as compared to 3 inches on this one. It was probably also in a warmer environment, though, so all of these differences could factor in over time.

Anyway - I suppose I'm going to go ahead and try sleeping on it tonight for the first time, 'break it in' over the next couple of weeks, and then I'll follow-up, but as of this point, my initial assessment is...

1) Delivered on time
2) Packaging and handling during shipping could stand for some minor improvements
3) A bit firmer than expected (at first test)
4) 13" does not necessarily mean 'extra comfort', but just more 'filler'
4) Overall, still not a bad bang for the buck depending on break-in and overall durability

Wish me luck!

EDIT: I also added a (decent) picture of my bare, set up mattress to the Customer Images section since there are no actual pictures of it... just illustrations.


So... did you think I forgot about you, or was still blissfully asleep from 2 weeks ago - LOL? Not a chance (either way). In actuality, I just wanted to give the bed a couple week break-in period to give it yet another fair assessment (or 'shake', if you will). Moving forward...

Night 1: It was a Sunday night and I had let the mattress 'settle in' for 48 hours before sleeping on it. My lower back was admittedly a little sore from doing some yard work during the day, so I thought it would be a good test of the bed based on how I felt the next morning. However, morning came sooner than expected for upon lying down, I could not get comfortable, and ultimately laid there and tossed and turned for a good hour and a half. I actually think the obvious firmness of the mattress exacerbated (or at the very least, magnified) the already existing pain, or, in all fairness, maybe the soreness just kept me from getting comfortable, but either way, it was noticeably more defined after lying down... so much to the point that after remembering reading the few reviews about it "lacking memory foam qualities", I almost got up and initiated the return process that night at 1:30 am. I eventually started to nod off to sleep on my side, however, and caught myself doing so, at which point I realized it felt like I had sunken into the mattress just slightly more so than while trying to get comfortable but lying in the same spot (or there was a bit more of 'conform, at least), so I went with it and slept soundly through the night. Mind you, though,... I'm a heavy sleeper, and could probably sleep on carpeted floor through a tornado (albeit not comfortably, I'm sure).

The Remainder Of The Past 2 Weeks: This being my first memory foam mattress, I guess it may have taken a night or two to 'adapt' to the feeling, and from the second night on, I've honestly slept soundly each and every night without waking except for once last night. It is definitely different from sleeping on an innerspring mattress, and considerably more comfortable in my opinion (at least in comparison to my old 'el cheapo, standard, non-pillowtop one), but the overall firmness of the mattress as a whole still bothers me, and here is why...

After reading just about ALL of the reviews here on this like of products (not only on this particular 13" mattress, but also on some of the other, thicker, 10" and up models) I still have to wholeheartedly agree that something is off about this "memory foam". Now keep in mind, I (again) have had no previous experience with lying on a memory foam mattress save the one Serta floor model in Big Lots, but as several others have stated and described in their lower-rated reviews, it really just does not feel, compress, nor expand like ANY other "memory foam" product I have ever come across before in my life. In fact, I even, after having slept on it for two weeks now, went back to Big Lots this evening after work just so I could sample the Paula Dean endorsed, "Big Lots exclusive" Serta mattress I originally tested and was using for a 'guideline' in analyzing the comfort of this one, and quite simply put... there is absolutely NO comparison.

When I again laid down on the Serta mattress, which is comprised of "2-inches of Macro Cool(tm) Memory Foam with Infused PODS(tm) Gel Activated Support, 2" Serta Plush Polyurethane Foam Comfort, and a 6" Serta High Density Polyurethane Foam Core Support" there was an immediate and noticeable 'sinking' into the mattress, several inches deep, and I could literally feel, even in my work clothes, the mattress easily and evenly conforming to and hugging each and every curve of my body. Basically, it compressed well, and, like most products I have had experience with (which are admittedly limited to various pillows), took roughly two seconds to 'spring back' when pressing my hand into it (again, a couple inches deep with minimal pressure). Additionally, when sitting on it and placing all my weight in one, relatively small area rather than dispersing it over a larger area while lying down (I didn't want to stand on it with one leg in the store - LOL), it resulted in a 3-4 seconds spring back time. Either way, there was a noticeable "memory" effect in regards to the rebound effect of the indentation in all instances, as was the case with the Serta 3" contoured memory foam topper sample I also squeezed, compressed, and played with for a minute (which I could have practically rolled and compressed into nothing with my bare hands). The mattress still, however, on it's 1" thinner 6" support core (which again, didn't feel quite as firm as the Brentwood one) provided ample support.

To the contrary, with this 13" Brentwood mattress, everything is basically either doubled or cut in half by basic comparison (in my opinion). It takes twice the amount of force (or presumably, weight, as I'm currently down to around 165 lbs. at 5'10") to compress my hand into this mattress as far as I could much more easily do so with the Serta. It also takes half the time for the mattress to spring back to it's original shape, which could be good or bad, but doesn't seem to contribute to "comfort". Now this may be a result of the difference in densities (which in the Answers section a user quoted Sleep Shop as saying 4 lbs. for the gel and 5.4 lbs. for base, both of which are relatively high... but higher densities usually equate to longevity), a higher IFD (internal force deflection) rating, or simply a characteristic of the gel (which is supposed to speed up spring time time as opposed to older generation memory foams), but whatever the case, while there it seems there are certainly 'some' memory retention characteristics to the top gel foam and "comfort" layers, I can definitely see where people are claiming it is simply high density foam and not 'memory foam" (as I think I've seen lesser spring back and greater softness levels IN regular, plain old foam). Additionally, my partner (separately, just now, at a totally different Big Lots), compared the two mattresses herself, and her impression is exactly the same as mine. ABSOLUTE night and day. And speaking of "partners" (and this is a somewhat minor gripe), this mattress certainly does not "eliminate" motion transfer as advertised. It may "minimize" it as compared to a traditional innerspring mattress, but you can definitely still feel your partner's movements when you are awake.

That all said, while I understand everyone has a different interpretation and preference for "softness" or "firmness" levels, I still wonder if all the different reviews on this variable is somewhat due to a lack of consistency, or just getting 'whatever foam is available at the time for the best price' (which could also explain the price fluctuations), as when I contacted Sleep Shop they told me directly that the manufacturer could source foam from different vendors from time to time. As such, they are actually just the middle man, per se, and construct the various layers into a finished product (not that I expected any different, as this is probably the case with most mattress manufacturers).

Anyway - I'll leave it at that for now, but since I'm still undecided as to what to do about the mattress. It certainly wasn't what I expected based on the Amazon description, mostly exemplary reviews, or post-purchase description from Sleep Shop, which amounted to "Our 13 inch mattress is the softest feel we currently offer and is made to have a plush "sinking in" feeling" (which, in comparison to the ACTUAL "sinking in" feeling of the Serta, is far from accurate in my opinion). But considering I have to 'flip' (or rotate, rather) it tonight for the first time, I think I'm going to take the opportunity to unzip and pull back the cover, see what this thing is REALLY made of, and take some pics (possibly video, too) to help further illustrate exactly what I'm referring to in my written review. I've also yet to leave seller feedback, so we'll see what that will reflect based on my decision on how to handle the situation.

In (updated) summary...

1) This is still a VERY firm mattress in comparison to any other memory foam product I have ever come across
2) The density is either very high or not fully memory foam, as the spring back rate is almost instantaneous
3) The uniformity of construction of the product leaves a little to be desired in certain areas (specifically, the sloping sides and corners)
4) Do NOT buy this mattress if you indeed want a 'sinking in' or 'sleeping on a cloud' feeling
5) For the price I paid for it several weeks ago, I may deal with it, but would not for the current price. Then again, maybe my price was proportionate to the comfort level at the time?

Hope some of (ALL of) this helps! :D


Well after sleeping on it for a while now, I'm beginning to wonder if the lower layers of HD foam aren't starting to 'break in' a little. Overall, I guess I still sleep well on it, but it's still firm for my taste even after several months.

Sorry for the late follow-up (been massive busy as of late), but I contacted the company a while back regarding my concerns and was informed of a few things (a few of which I'm not sure why they couldn't be disclosed in the actual item description). First, Brentwood is not a 'company', but little more than a branding name for this "line" of mattresses, which are apparently manufactured by Springfield Mattress (according to my "Law tag"). Additionally, it seems Sleep Shop is not a 'company' with "over 30 years", either, but simply a storefront identity apparently developed to sell this, and a few other mattress lines (SilverRest being one of them), on Amazon and eBay.

That clarified, ALL of these entities are subsidiaries (or separate facades) of a parent 'company' named "BRK Group LLC", who I ran across some various bills of lading for regarding imported foam and mattresses from China, which made me question the quality, integrity, and actual manufacture location of our purchased products that much more. Additionally, all the website domains for said 'companies' (those that have actual websites... Sleep Shop not being one of them) are all maintained by the same admin, showing further connection between them all. I then took the liberty to also, as one other reviewer has stated, remove my cover and inspect the individual foam layers, which was rather easy to do considering the seam on the inner 'cover' (which equates to a cheesecloth-type wrapper for the foam layers) had separated in a decent area, so it allowed me to both look at the construction and snap a few pictures... all of which I have now included in the customer photos section.

So... my (quick) assessment? The top layer of foam doesn't even come close to the "blue" color of the other samples I've seen of gel memory foam in stores, and as such, I'm hesitant to say the gel content is very high. It does, when compressed by itself, have memory foam compression qualities, but again, not near some of the samples and floor models I've seen. Furthermore, Dan over at Sleep Shop cordially informed me that the foam used in the manufacture of these mattresses is provided by HSM (Hickory Springs Manufacturing), who is not only Certi-Pur certified, but ironically located right here in my hometown! More to possibly come on that later, as I may inquire further with them directly...

Aside from that, he also provided pretty detailed foam specs, which seem to vary greatly from what has been posted before. They are as follows...

1. 3" Gel Infused Memory Foam Layer 3.0lb Density and 16ILD
2. 1" Extra Comfort Layer is made from High Resilience Foam with 2.0lb Density and 15ILD
3. 2" Ventilated Layer is made from Perforated High Resilience Foam with 2.0lb Density and 30ILD
4. 7" Base Layer is made from High Resilience Foam with 2.0lb Density and 30ILD

Now after "speaking" with some well-educated experts on the subject, and regarding these specs, some of them seem to contradict themselves, so I'm really not sure what to believe. Apparently... "the minimum specs for HR polyfoam is 2.5 lb density or higher and a compression modulus of 2.4 or higher so 2.0 lb polyfoam is HD not HR although it may still be a higher performance foam." Regardless, the densities are not anywhere close to the 4-5 lb specs that were quoted to some people previously, and, also, according to the provided specs, seem high based on the advertised shipping weight (which I personally think was understated). However, I now have the knowledge to calculate the actual foam densities based on the weight of the actual mattress, so if anyone could provide that, after removing the box but before unwrapping it, I'll try to provide more precise specs (based on ACTUAL science) and try and see if what we are getting for our money is as advertised and of decent quality (which the quoted specs would qualify as) or "exceptionally low quality" (if they are not accurate, and the foam is of an even lesser density).

I'll leave it at that for now, and thanks in advance to anyone who can provide the weight specs! ;)

In depth review of the Brentwood 13" HD Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Well my mattress arrived on May 29, 2014
Although I was not pleased with it saying it shipped and did not ship but then eventually shipped.
All my inquiries about my order was responded to quickly by the company which I appreciated.

Ok now on to the Mattress the mattress is rolled up but the outer plastic is just wrapped around nothing to cut
as it starts to open when you unbox it so be careful it don't roll on you :)

But after cutting along the seams of the plastic of the enclosed mattress was simple enough and I enjoyed watching the mattress
rise from a flat state to a inflated state amazing how they can compress almost anything these days.

My mattress arose to a full 13" in no time I did not have to wait days like some reviews I read on it.
also the mattress did not smell at all there wasn't any trace of an odor present.

The mattress is not hard as I prayed it would not be I would describe it as a medium to a medium firm but at first testing it was nice and soft so I didn't know what to make of it so the best way I can describe it beyond the above is a soft yet firm cradling feel as it does contour to your body.

Last night was the first night I slept in it ( No I could not wait ) it was comfy in nice like sleeping in a cloud although when I awoke my hips did hurt slightly but to me that was nothing as it could as well been my Rheumatoid Arthritis but I only put this into the review because they weren't hurting previously but maybe my body needs to get use to a memory foam mattress since this is my first memory foam mattress purchase, but I will say having Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia I did ache less upon awakening.

I use to work for a big name company and sold memory mattresses and use to test them myself while on the job
so I do know of them even though I didn't have one so comparing my knowledge of them I wouldn't compare this to an Tempurpedic as I found that brand to be too hard for me no matter what style I tested
I would compare it to an icomfort memory foam mattress as I absolutely loved those just was a little too pricey for me.

The materials that I could see was very impressive and well done I love the cover and the design of the cover it doesn't look chincy like some would think it might be because of the price this Mattress can go toe to toe with the big named brands.

All in All I would give this 10 stars if I could instead of 5
because of the prompt courtesy I received from the company
because of the quality of the manufacturing of the mattress which can be seen and felt.
(Important note the mattress is white not brown as the photo would lead you to believe and it's beautiful)

Since this is in the early stages of testing I'll come back within a month to give another review
as I still need to get use to the mattress and then I can say without any doubt that I would still be happy with
it then as I am at this moment.

Thank you Sleep Shop for such a wonderful product. :)

This was moments after it was unwrapped.

I've only had this for a month but so far so good!!

So comfy!! It's firm but I sleep better with firm mattresses.

10 Inches in the way your Boyfriend measures his anatomy

I have ordered several mattresses on Amazon, I have several AirBNB and a good memory foam "sleep surface" makes all the difference in the world for reviews. Being in AZ memory foam has a bad rap because it can be too warm for sleeping. Gel infused foam is cooler, and the bamboo cover on this mattress should also help with that.

It is cooler. It is well made, but i isn't even close to 10 inches. I will try and upload a picture later but it is about 7 and 3/4 inches thick.

This is less firm than I would like as well. On a solid surface (like the floor) it is obvious that my 6'2" 240 pounds compresses this to the point of having pressure points. This is reduced if you put it on a spring set, but I wasn't planning to do this.

There is no putting the genie back in the bottle once you take these out of the box, so I'm stuck with it. Likely I will get 2 inches of high density foam for under this and call it good, but that will negate the price savings of this compared to other items that worked better.

Currently I like the Sleep Innovations "12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress 20-Year Warranty"

yes that is advertised as 2 inches thicker. it is also the same price. And the "sure temp" seems to work well enough. In reality it is about 4.5 inches thicker.

Cant beat the price.

I am very impressed with this mattress up to this point. I have a lot of back issues and so far sleeping on this has cured most of them. I did read another review on here that said that had issues with this bed letting their back decompress. My solution was to sleep on my side. I would suggest this bed to anybody on the fence about this type of mattress as we were in the same boat. We found similar mattresses in the big box stores selling well over $1200 and that was for an entry level one.

Should have purchased a long time ago!

Saw niumerous good reviews about other Brentwood products sold at Amazon, but none for the 13" Gel Infused HD Memory Foam Mattress. I couldn't be happier with the sleep I am getting. I did enlist the help of my neighbor (a young man) to move my standard mattresss to my offie and then to unbox and place my new Brentwood Mattress on the adjustable bed base that I have.

There was very minimal odor (not unpleasant) after opening the product. After only four hours, I made the bed up and slept with my best friend Marley (my dog) the night through - and when the alarm told me to awaken for a new day, I felt really rested and my low back pain was much less than usual. I'm hoping for continued improvement.

Thank you for a great mattress at a really fair price.

Backache is gone

I really like this mattress. My sister was horrified when she saw how thin it is right after unrolling it from the packaging, but a couple of hours later it had fully expanded to the size I expected. It is very comfortable and my lower back no longer hurts in the morning. I was shipped by FedEx ground and left on the porch and I was able to bring in the king size mattress on my own. I did need some help getting it up the stairs to the bedroom, but it was a lot easier that getting my old conventional mattress back down the stairs. I like that it has a nice smooth bamboo cover, very soft and feels nice. And, it is made in the USA. This is great at any price, but especially at this price.

If you're not sure about it, go to a mattress store and lay on one with the same materials. That's what I did so I could order with confidence. I was not disappointed in any way by this great purchase.


I was very skeptical about buying a mattress over the internet by just going with the reviews, but, as a low back pain sufferer I can verify that this mattress is wonderful! So wonderful that I went ahead and bought the king version and will use this one for my son's bedroom.

A great mattress for a great price

This is an excellent memory foam for an affordable price. I got a full size mattress for a little less than $500. An equivalent mattress from a brick and mortar will cost at least $1000, and more likely around $1500. One disadvantage of buying a mattress online is that you will not able to test its comfort and support. That was a chance I took, and it worked out greatly for me. By the way, the full size mattress is ~80 lb, not the 43 lb listed here.

This is a medium comfort mattress with:

Bamboo zipper cover
Natural wool layer
3.5-inch gel memory foam layer
2-inch ventilated airflow layer
7.5-inch therapeutic support base

(I have unzipped the cover and saw these 3 major layers: Gel memory, Ventilated, Support)

A little background knowledge. Memory foam mattresses been getting popular. Their biggest attractiveness is the memory foam ability to mold/contour to your body shape better than other materials, therefore yielding greater comfort and translating to better support. Its biggest and most common complaints are: (1) getting too heat (heat trap) and (2) body sunk in too deep, and not able to move around. Gel memory foam is the newer form of memory foam to mitigate the heat trap problem and the second ventilated airflow layer here is also to reduce the heat trap problem The final 7.5 inch support base is to do exactly that: support.

I will address a few important point here.
First, a few people here complained that their mattresses did not expand to the proper thickness. Mine did. The moment I opened the package the mattress immediately expanded to 12.5 inch in thickness. *I am not disputing their experience. I am just saying that mine is fine*
Second, it is summer now, and I set air conditioning at 80oF (not that cold). I have not once felt hot on the mattress. The mattress simply didn't feel any hotter than the rest of the room. So it seems the gel memory foam and the ventilated foam are working for me
Third, I have never felt trapped into the mattress. Moving and rolling on the mattress has been easy.
Fourth, it took me about 2 days to get used to this mattress. I was waking up in the middle of the night during my first 2 nights. I don't know if it is this mattress or that this is my first memory foam mattress. However, after 3 nights or so, I have been feeling great.
Fifth, I chose the medium support because I knew my comfort level is around medium to plush-medium. Since I could not test the mattress in person, I took the conservative choice and chose a mattress which *could* have been slightly firmer than my preference. Had the mattress been too hard for my liking, I can always put on a thin layer of mattress padding to increase the comfort level to make it feels softer. However, I believe it will be more difficult to make a mattress to feel firmer. This may be something for you to consider as well.

Didn't fully fluff

They are stored too long at Amazon and the mattress didn't fluff up as it needed to. One corner stayed compressed and pulled that side of the mattress down - never fully decompressing. Buying directly would avoid pre-compressed stuff sitting around.

Super comfortable, love this mattress, great value.

I received the new mattress shipped in about two days with Prime. We easily carried the box upstairs and, following the detailed directions, laid out the mattress and let it expand. I did notice the smell that others have mentioned, though it was not overpowering. I ran a fan in the bedroom to circulate air and it was fine.
Prior to getting the Brentwood memory foam I had a good quality pillow top which did not hold up as long as I had thought it would. I also slept rather hot on it. I have slept better in the last several weeks than I have in over two years. When you first lie down, the mattress feels firmer than my pillow top did however I fall to sleep faster, and sleep more soundly than I used to. I have not been waking up with the daily back pain and over all body aches that I had been on the pillow top. I also have not been overheated either. This is quite something considering we run a wood stove all winter so generally the bedroom is warm anyway.
I shopped locally before buying through Amazon. The memory foam option I found were almost 3X the price, for the exact same components. I carefully shopped to compare apples to apples. When I inquired why the local purchase cost so much more, the local sales person's only reply was to ask if the online choice was made in the USA. I am happy to say the a Brentwood is listed as Made in the USA. I would highly recommend this bed. It is super comfortable, and a great value.I also appreciate the great service from Amazon.

I love my bed

I purchased this mattress early September in 2014. It's now January 2016 when I'm writing this review. I wanted to wait until I had slept on it awhile, and just completely forgot to come back to it. I don't know how to describe the mattress as firm or soft. It feels firm when you first sit or lay down, but you sink into it slowly so it feels soft once you've got your little body crater dug out. I guess I'll go with medium?

I'm a big girl, 235 pounds, and I sleep in pretty much the exact same spot all night every night. There's no sagging or difference right now after a year+ in that spot than any other. It's kept it's shape and firmness despite my sleeping habits. I have a dog that sleeps on the bed every night, and tears through at 90 miles an hour on it in circles for fun randomly throughout the day. I also have a 180 pound teenage son that likes to flop down on it every time he wanders into my room. If I took off the bedding, you could not tell the bed is even a day old. It looks and sleeps exactly as it did the first day.

I was a huge toss-and-turner before this mattress. I woke up every day worn out and exhausted from the marathon I ran in my bed overnight. I don't do that anymore. I pretty much sleep like the dead until that side of my body is numb and asleep from the weight on it, then I flip over to the other side and repeat. I can say that it took some getting used to. I actually woke up more stiff than I used to because of not moving so much, but my body has adjusted and now I just wake up feeling like a million bucks. If you're not overweight like me, you probably wouldn't have these issues at all.

I absolutely love that this mattress is made in the USA. I try so hard to buy products made here at home, but with certain things it's just not possible. It was a challenge to find a mattress I actually wanted that was made in the USA. Before ordering this I had read some shock and horror article about all the chemicals being sprayed onto our mattresses to make them more fire resistant.. dangerous chemicals. I found myself stuck trying to find something not only made in the USA, but also free of scary chemicals. This mattress fit the bill on both counts and was ultimately my reason for giving it a try.

I would buy this bed again, but since it's pretty much exactly like it was over a year ago, it's looking like I won't have to buy it again anytime soon!

Very disappointing.

I purchased this mattress and gave it a full week to expand fully. It is about 8" thick, not 10". The biggest problem with the mattress is that I sink all of the way to the foundation box. It is super soft, which feels nice, except that I'd need two mattresses stacked on top of each other to create enough padding so I do not hit the foundation box. I am quite disappointed, and there is no way I will ever get the mattress back into the box it shipped in so I could return it.


What I received is not a 76x80 mattress as ordered, but closer to 72x80. The wrapping used (plastic only, no box) was torn in multiple places- the mattress was stained as a result and never expanded as it completely should have. The base never fully expanded, so the left side of the mattress hangs over the base... Looks like a beret! And as far as it being cool, no it is not!! Wish I'd never bought this mattress.

Hypoallergenic and hugs n snugs the curves of your body like a cloud

I needed a hypoallergenic mattress and I chose this one because it had good rating, reviews and in the description of bed itself was everything I was looking for. I had it in the box in my home for about week was just deciding on frame and hadn't ordered it yet. My frame arrived Saturday and I opened the mattress which was tightly pack and compressed. This mattress expanded very quickly to full size in less than five minutes (I'll post picture I took right away). Some reviews said it took 4-5 hours, but maybe because I had it in box for week I dude house could of been why it expanded with on five minutes. First night I slept on it I wasn't sure about feel of the mattress because the heavier part of my body sunk in little more than I liked, but may of been just need more time being that I had just opened earlier. Day two wow a real dream bed and my mid section stopped sinking in much. I love it and slept do good and very comfortable!

My wife and I are pleased with what we received for the price

Mattress was what I expected. For the price, I can't complain. Do not be fooled, there is no comparison to a $3,500 memory foam mattress. My wife and I are pleased with what we received for the price, similar mattresses in retail stores sell around $1,100(if you want an idea before purchasing).

I read many reviews prior to my purchase. The mattress fully expanded in 4 to 5 hours vs many of the complaints of the mattress not fully expanding. The odor many spoke about, was gone in the morning, so not worth even complaining about. Last, the mattress is kind of firm and supports the body well. There were many complaints about sinking to deeply. My response would be to get a gym membership and watch your calorie intake. There is no way an average American sinks to the box springs.

Great mattress for the price, like many things in life, you get what you pay for. Don't think your getting a $3,500 mattress for $400, expectations have to be realistic.

Cool gel layer is dubious

I have owned a full size of this mattress for over 1 year now & the verdict is: the effectiveness of the so-called 'cooling layer' of gel-infused foam is dubious--I do not think it has much of an effect. Sadly, there does seem to be some heat retention (which you might expect w/memory foams), especially during the hot months. The 13 inch is a little high on my boxspring, so I probably could have done alright w/the 10 or 11 inch. I did like the feel of the materials & I have never received a mattress compressed into a box before, & I like that it was USA-made, but I have to reduce the rating b/c of the lack of cooling effect. I probably would not buy another one of these for that reason.

Very comfortable

This Brentwood Home mattress arrived in a rectangular box, approximately 2'x 2' x4'. The box had hand holes that made it easy to carry. We removed the rolled up mattress from the box and placed it on the platform bed. Then cut open the heavy duty plastic that held the compressed mattress. The mattress started to decompress immediately and very shortly it was a full queen sized mattress. We opened it around 5pm and by 10pm I had sheets and blankets on it and it was ready to sleep on.
I'm so happy with this Brentwood Home mattress. I have had exceptional sleep since I got this. It is so comfortable, cushy but not too soft. It is so supportive. I would say it is supportive without being hard. This mattress has actually relieved most of my back pain.
I am a side sleeper and if a mattress is too hard I get pains in my hips, with this mattress I have none of this.
The bamboo cover is very nice, it is soft and adds a little cushion. It does zip off for laundering but I haven't done that yet.
I'm very sensitive to heat and cold, I do not get over heated from this mattress. It is quite comfortable temperature-wise. I have heard that memory foam can be quite warm but this mattress is not.
This mattress is firm enough that I can sit on the edge to put shoes and Sox on and I don't sink in very far. Maybe 1-2 inches at most.
I can't imagine a more comfortable mattress and I highly recommend the Brentwood Home mattress if you are looking for comfort and a well constructed mattress. It's also got a 25 year warranty and is priced very reasonable.

Great buy! Haven't slept this well in YEARS!

We absolutely love it! INFINITELY Better than our previous innerspring. This one is a tad more firm than the 10" twin from Brentwood which is marshmallow-ly wonderful!

To soft for people who like firm

I just wanted to say, customer service has been top notch. Before we purchased this mattress, we were coming from a Sealy Posturepedic firm mattress. My wife has back issues and I have some shoulder issues and we both need a mattress with lots of support. After reading reviews, alot of people thought this mattress was to firm, so I thought it probably would be ok for us coming from a firm, and would be good for pressure relief and support. After sleeping on for a week, I would classify this mattress as a medium soft mattress, we sink in quite a bit and its too soft for us, not enough support. We also like to read in bed, and its' very uncomfortable, your behind sinks in way too much to sit up. Also, you can't sit on edges of bed, mattress compresses to much. I think if you like a softer, sinking in feeling, this mattress would be good, it has good pressure relief. For someone looking for a mattress thats firmer with lots of support, maybe no.


We got the Brentwood Home Oceano mattress for $1300. Less than two years later the mattress had sagged so much that my wife, who has a lower spine issue, could no longer sleep on the mattress. We contacted customer service, and, despite a supposed 25-year warranty, they said it has not sagged enough for them to honor the warranty. So we spent $1300 on a mattress that lasted less than two years and are now having to throw out. These wear out fast - DO NOT BUY!!!

Latex hybrid queen msttress

Both latex hybrid mattress and topper have provided me with wonderful sleep. Mattress was a little firm, so they provided me with a topper, it's just right. I do not get hot. I cannot say enough about your exceptional customer service! I have told my friends and family about my experiences and product satisfaction. I would definitely by from yRead more about review stating Latex hybrid queen msttressou again and highly recommend you to others looking to by a new latex mattress and/ or mattress topper. I did NOT notice any smell when opening the mattress and slept on it right away. I did vast amounts of research before buying a latex mattress and highly recommend the Brentwood Home latex.

Just right for the 2 bears

So far this bed is great. We’ve had it for about 6 weeks. The two of us are opposites—he’s 6’, 220 lbs, stomach sleeper. I’m 4-10, 110lbs, side sleeper. This bed is working well for us. I wanted a hotel feel, he didn’t want it too plush. I think we achieved that. It’s definitely not too soft for my spouse, as I feared it would be. We both also sleep hot and this bed had helped in that realm. I’m glad I decided on this bed—the sleep trial really made a difference in that decision. I knew, based on reviews, that we were taking a risk that it would be too soft. All natural and recycled materials—I feel great getting into bed each night.

I waited 9 months to write a review

I loved the mattress when I first bought it. Very little off gassing and a dream in which to sleep. The only initial negative was the weight. This mattress is so heavy I can barely tuck in the sheets when making the bed. But that was fine. Flash forward 9 months and the bed has permanent depressions that are really causing my hips to hurt horribly- along with my lower back. I've ben rotating the mattress (with the help of friends) regularly but the sagging is there. I am not a heavy person either. Will be starting what looks to be an arduous return process next week. We'll see how that goes.

False advertising

I recently purchased Brentwood Home's "Replacement Bamboo Mattress Cover," drawn in by the promise of a cover made of bamboo and lined with natural New Zealand Wool. The site's image and description were convincing, suggesting a natural, high-quality, and eco-friendly product that I expected to deliver comfort and safety. Regrettably, that is not what I was given. The tag on the mattress cover stated "100% polyester," which is, in fact, not bamboo OR wool. This misrepresentation of the product is a clear case of misleading advertising, which is illegal. Not only are bamboo and wool more comfortable and higher quality materials (more breathable, better at moisture-wicking, better at temperature regulation), they are safer too. Wool is naturally flame-resistant, and bamboo also tends to be less flammable than polyester. Conversely, polyester can catch fire more easily and, worryingly, melts when it burns. This melting can cause severe burns (I do not recommend looking up pictures). Needless to say, this safety concern was not something I signed up for when I ordered a cover advertised as bamboo and wool. In conclusion, this product was not as described, and the quality and safety were not as promised. I would strongly advise against purchasing this product unless the company rectifies its misleading product description. Consumers should be made aware of what they are buying. I encourage prospective buyers to look elsewhere.

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