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Boyd Mattress Reviews

Boyd Sleep started exclusively as a water bed business, but over the years has grown to include airbeds, memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. Their most popular are their water beds and Night Air mattresses. Most folks like their products, but some had issues with durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.4/10

Price Value: 7.3/10

No Back Pain: 7.4/10

Price: $1330-$4190

Trial Period: No Trial

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Boyd's Owner Satisfaction

Not all customers report feeling good about these mattresses. Some sleepers are happy with the feel, but others have had issues. Therefore, it is more difficult to estimate if one of these will work perfectly for you. Continue reading below to learn if one of these mattresses will work for you.

Boyd's Supportiveness

There are some customers that don't feel that these mattresses do well supporting them. Though many enjoy the comfort of these mattresses, if you are bigger than average, review the mattress specifications before purchasing.

Edge Support
For those that are hoping for impressive edge support, you may want to take a look at the reviews as these mattresses have mixed reviews about edge support.

Boyd's Durability

Unfortunately, these mattresses aren't appreciated as well for their durability. While some customers found them to be comfortable, others talk about problems with comfort over a short duration. If you are thinking about buying, read up on the return and warranty policies beforehand.

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The 2210-2 Mattress

Half the vertebrae in my back have been compromised to some extent. I've had surgery on my low back and on my neck and I am in constant pain. I had memory foam mattress that worked well for about five years then it no longer worked. I would awaken in terrible pain so I decided to try the night air mattress. There was a short learning curve to find the correct setting for me, once I found it my pain was greatly reduced. I'm very satisfied with the mattress so far. The mattress was easy to assemble after watching the video on you tube.

Not For Us but great company to work with.

Unfortunately this bed was not for us. Both my husband and I experienced serious back and neck pain from our trial of the boyd night air. No matter which setting we tried it was a terrible night sleep. The air chamber felt like sleeping on a bag and when you moved the air would shift around to a different location almost like a waterbed feeling. We had tried a sleep number in the store and in hindsight maybe we should have ordered an air bed with a lot more padding but we were so disappointed with our experience and in pain we weren't willing to risk another try. To the company's credit, they were amazing and tried their very best to please us. I hate it didn't work out for us because they were awesome to work with and honored their guarantee. The return was easy easy. The materials were quality made. I guess I would recommend if you are considering this bed I would suggest buying the six chamber with ample foam or padding.

Love this bed!

My husband and I tried out all sorts of mattresses before finally settling on this one. After reading Consumer Reports we decided we didn't need a lot of extra padding (after all, you can easily add that if you want it) and bought this. He likes his sleep surface firm, I like mine soft so it really works. Great price on this especially compared to other companies.


I have been sleeping on blow up air mattress for about a year and it finally gave out. When I looked online for a new air mattress I started seeing air beds. I found out they are not the same thing and decided to use my tax refund and get a real bed. Some people might say because this bed is the cheapest it is no frills, but I think it is perfect. I set it up all by myself with no problems.

The solution to my sleepless nights!

I fractured my lower back years ago and have always struggled to find a comfortable mattress. Finally tried this bed and it is amazing. I have been sleeping on it for over a year now and have no complaints. I adjust it depending on how my back is feeling and I finally able to wake up and get out of bed without pain or stiffness. I highly recommend this bed!

Affordable for adjustable bed

This is definitely a no frills bed. But if you want something that is adjustable and will not make your wallet fly away this is pretty good alternative. We bought this for our daughter who has a hard time finding something comfortable. Only 2 chambers but she has found it adequate for her needs.

bed OK , shipping was terrible

Was expecting a normal box truck, they were sending a 53" semi (no Liftgat), Called Matt in cust. service ,he said it would be corrected. Sent a 40" truck with liftgate. Our drive is 250" long capable of handling UPS and FedEx trucks, and my 32" 5th wheel. Ended up unloading 143 lb. frame and fairly heavy mattress box myself(driver slid them to end of liftgate)I'm 74 yrs old and in good shape ,but it was a chore,and I fortunately had a trailer. As we unloaded boxes in centerlane of 3 lane rd. ,it began to rain. Got the boxes in the dry ,finally. (pretty mad by that time), so I called Matt again. He was very nice again, and made an adjustment which was acceptable. In retrospect, I don't think I would choose to go through this again.Bed seems to be working properly, thank goodness. I'm sure sending a large freight truck is cheaper than sending a box truck down my driveway, but it sure was a pain in the A__.

Nice bed

We like our bed but the padding was very thin so got a 1 inch memory foam topper and it helps but would definitely recommend getting a upgraded mattress and spend a little more. Shipping did take forever we actually bought a upgraded model but parts were backorder and would of had to wait a few months couldn't wait that long but wish we would of

Okay Bed

For the price, it's pretty amazing. But it really is an okay, only last a handful of years bed. Padding is minimal and we needed to replace our pump and controls twice in order to get one fully working unit. Customer service is decent-- shipping is forever slow. We actually wanted to upgrade to another version, but the hassle of returns and shipping was not worth the effort.

Just the right amount of foam

I'm a sucker for the cloud looking mattresses so this one caught my eye immediately. My husband was concerned that it would be too plush and we would not notice the difference with the air. There seems to be just the right amount of memory foam to be really comfortable but not so much that you can't feel the changes in the air pressure. Control is easy to use and we both enjoy it. I compared this with your six chambers but I liked the cover on this one more so.

Poor Warranty

Boyd Gel Foam Mattress lasted 5 years with a 10 year warranty, ripped right down the middle under very normal conditions on a queen size. Company has very small window of reporting any issues, their warranty is very tight (1 month) and will not work with you at all. You would think after spending $1300.00 they would at least offer some kind of pro-rated amount to help you get into another of their mattresses. Like most long warranty's they are basically worth nothing with the fine print. It is no wonder companies like Saatva are growing and thriving.

No more compromise

He gets the firmness he wants and I get the softness i like. Plus the lumbar setting is really comfortable for my hips

Perfect Combo

I wanted an air bed so that I could adjust it, but I didnt want a bed that I sunk into. So many beds out there have so much foam and they don't even tell you what it is. This bed is perfect. Just the right amount of foam and it has this gel stuff in it that helps me stay a little cooler at night. Wish I found this sooner.

Total satisfaction

I purchased the Ultra 6655 6-Chamber Air Bed Queen my total experience with customer service, delivery, assembly and function has been excellent. The bed was easy to setup and the adjustments for my wife and I are fantastic. We both are really enjoying this bed. Thanks and keep up the good work.

great concept

the concept is great, and my husband's half of the bed currenty works and he loves it. I love the concept and am sure I will be satisfied once I get parts and defects worked out.

good product

good quality, easy to assemble


I bought this bed to replace a 2 year old mattress that was giving me back pains. Within a week this bed made my back pains disappear. The only reason I didn't give a five star rating is i had two issues with the bed. When I first received the bed I received a faulty air pump and 3 months after I had an air bladder start to leak. These issues were resolved very quickly and easily. Customer service was excellent so it made up for the issues. I would recommend this bed to anyone looking for an air bed.

jury still out

wasn't happy with the crinkling noises every time I moved. wound up putting a one inch memory foam pad on top of the bed and that helped. still trying to adjust the bed.

Too firm

We ordered a Queen size. I liked the quality of it but, it is too firm for me at any setting. We added a memory foam topper which helps.

Satisfies our two main needs: Separate firmness for each of us; Sleeps cool.

I purchased the Ultra 6655 6-Chamber Air Bed, Split King and Adjustable Base Power Base 3 - and have been using them for about three months now. I was able to "roll" the boxes upstairs myself, and assembly was easy. We each set our own firmness and left it on auto to keep that constant firmness number. It has been great and very comfortable. I chose this model because I didn't want a lot of padding on top, since I sleep hot. I have been very comfortable with the temperature. The edges of the bed are firm enough to sit comfortably while putting on shoes, etc. We don't use the adjustable base as much as I thought I would, though I do secretly raise my partner's head a couple of inches when he is snoring and it helps. I raise both the head and foot sections when I change the sheets since it makes it easier to change the fitted twinXL sheets, by raising one mattress above the other so I can easily reach around it. However, if I did it again I probably wouldn't bother to get the adjustable base and would have gotten a regular king. (Though I do use the adjustments occasionally as mentioned) I purchased new twinXL fitted sheets for each of the two sections, but I think I could have used my existing king fitted sheet because it has deep pockets so can tolerate one side being raised while the other lays flat. Overall, we are very happy and comfortable in this bed.

Worth every penny

This was a big step up from our normal routine of buying a pillowtop coil mattress every half a decade or so. It's hard to imagine that we made the wrong choice here though. I sleep comfortably and the quality seems superb. It was an investment that Im happy with so far and have recommended it to a close friend. Getting in while they have their deals going on definitely helps too Im sure.

Costly but not in comparison

My husband and I spent the better half of the last week searching for an air bed. We quickly realized there was little choice available. We went to the sleep number store and laid on their top of the line i10 (I think it is). We really liked everything about it except for the price. After researching further, I stumbled across this site and I'm glad we did. When comparing features it was apparent that they had everythign that select comfort did but at a more attractive price (not that price is everything) but they also have more chambers of adjustabllity which is nice for really getting your whole body in line. In the end we got a really nice adjustable bed for a lot less money.

Top Tier Experience

Ordering was simple, shipping was fast and the set up took no time at all. We went with the Split King set as an "early Christmas gift to ourselves" as she likes to call it.

happy wife, happy life

making the wife happy is what its all about right? she's very particular about how she sleeps while i can pretty much sleep on anything but being able to pick for ourselves is nice. happy wife, happy life.

Quick and Timely Delivery

Ordered the 6680 on a recommendation from a friend. So far so good. I did have to call customer service to add an adjustable base on after my initial order but Matt was helpful and extremely pleasant to work with.


Really happy with this bed. I like my side firmer than my wife so we can both adjust to how we like it. My back always hurts so i like having the separate support under my back.

Just buy it!

If you want to be comfortable when you sleep, and have your body feel great when you wake up, then get this bed. Seriously! After hard workouts, I like that I can adjust the support differently under my lower back, so I'm less sore the next day :)

Definitely recommend!

My husband and I love this bed. My husband can make his side firmer underneath his lower back, and I can make mine a bit more soft. We've both been sleeping really well so far!


Great bed. Wife and I both sleep well

Great Choice

Finally, I now get a good night's sleep. For years, I have had bad back problems when I get up in the morning....but not anymore. This bed is the most comfortable bed I have ever had! It was a great choice.

Useless warranty

Pump/remote failed within a year but I didn't get around to reporting until after 2 year. 50% warranty at point. That's ok but the replacement ($250) comes based on the original purchase date, thus essentially without any warranty. If it fails in a week - another $250.

Not a good product

I bought this bed back in July of last year. Went through the whole trial period not liking the bed. At one point I had to get another air chamber. The pump didn't work right. I will say this though, the people I dealt with in the company were nice and helpful. I had to return the product and they were nice with the return.

Better than sleep number, long review

We considered Personal Comfort, Innovox, Amerisleep. Sleep Number and Air-Pedic among others. We dismissed the two chamber models because when you lay on it, the air is displaced from the heavy portion of your body to the lighter, meaning spine alignment is off Picture squeezing a balloon). We really liked both the Night Air and the Air-Pedic due to the six chambers. Bear in mind, that does NOT mean you can adjust six separate areas. You adjust your head and feet to one setting and your torso, the heaviest part of your body, to another. My wife has "sensitive hips" and discomfort while sleeping. NOT WITH THIS BED. I have a medical condition which has caused my weight to balloon. With her at 130# and me now 320#, when I get in bed or shift around, I don't bounce her off the ceiling. Boyd went a step further and uses two separate chambers (each with three internal chambers) meaning there is NO motion transferred from my moving around to her side of the bed. The quality of the components is excellent. The ordering process easy. Shipping was prompt. Packaging was sturdy. Installation instructions and user manual clear and concise. EVERYTHING Boyd claims about this mattress is accurate with the minor exception of the washable cover. Yes, it is washable but you have to virtually dismantle the bed to get it off. The controls are easy to use, well lit and the functions are clearly marked. SUGGESTION; we purchased the U6660 ($1951 Queen from Amazon) and ordered an additional 2" gel infused memory foam layer from Amazon at $54. This gave us the exact same comfort foam padding as the U6670 and U6680 models SAVING OVER $800. BOTTOM LINE: At some $2000 less than the Air-Pedic, this mattress is a steal.

Boyd operetta mattress

We love the mattress you have the availability to have any comfort or firmness you want, the six chamber is by far the best. It is definitely higher maintenance than a normal mattress but it doesn’t start sagging in a few years. You may have to replace a air pump or a blatter but you have to put tires on your car. All in all it’s a great bed.

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