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Bowles Mattress Reviews

Bowles makes a variety of low to mid-price mattresses for sleepers in the Indiana, Kentucky, and Southern Ohio region. They sell at local mattress retailers and are known for their affordability versus name brand options. They have a variety of types including innerspring, foam, and hybrid varieties. Most folks are comfortable in their Bowles mattress, but some reviewers report issues with durability in some cases.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.5/10

Price Value: 7.7/10

No Back Pain: 7.6/10

Price: $300-$2300

Trial Period: No Trial

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Bowles's Owner Satisfaction

Some customers felt very comfortable with their new mattress, but others couldn't get comfy. Despite those that are completely satisfied, this brand has lower sleeper satisfaction scores than the average. Read on for more specifics if you are interested in buying.

Bowles's Supportiveness

Some reviewers feel good amounts of support in these mattresses, but others have been less than pleased. For those that are of larger body types or require more support for health reasons, do some added research to ensure the mattress fits your body.

Edge Support
There are mixed signals about edge support on these mattresses. Some feel that there is evenness in support across the surface, but others had problems with dipping along the sides.

Bowles's Durability

Getting a mattress which has lasting comfort is what buyers are after. We all really want to find a bed that will be comfy a decade or more later. However, sadly these mattresses are not rated very well by sleepers on longevity and some have experienced issues after only a short time. If you are considering buying for your main mattress, make sure to review the specs against your body type to make sure it will work for you.

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Our new SPECIALLY made Bowles Mattress...

Our new SPECIALLY made Bowles Mattress was delivered to us last night from Spalding Mattress in Mt. Washington KY. I am BEYOND pleased. I chose the 'plush medium' style which means it is not too firm and not too soft. It is a pillow top mattress. Usually with a new mattress it doesn't feel nice right away..THIS ONE DOES. I LOVE IT. I slept like a dream on a cloud. My back didn't hurt me this morning as it usually does. I found out about Bowles Mattress from our stay at The Market Street Inn. I highly recommend that if you need a new Mattress or if you just WANT a new mattress Please do check out the line of Bowles Mattresses that are available. FIVE STARS!

I bought a Bowles...

I bought a Bowles 'Fairmont' (lower-middle of the line) mattress from Long's Mattress company in Indianapolis (Castleton store).

Long Furniture's radio ads for Bowles mattresses got me in the door to Long's store in Castleton (Indianapolis). Their ad says that a) Bowles is an Indiana manufacturer, and b) since Bowles doesn't have any national ad campaigns, you're paying for the matress, not the ads.

At first I thought that was just a come-on, and I was expecting to pay $50 to $100 more for an Indiana-made mattress at a furniture store that wasn't a discount store (as opposed to a Serta brand mattress at Big Lots).

However, after actually checking out the Serta mattresses at Big Lots, I ended up spending no more on an equivalent quality Bowles. Plus Long's has delivery (and removal), whereas with Big Lots I would have had to borrow a friend's truck, and done the ugly thing of leaving the old foundation sticking out of the dumpster.

Taking the delivery charge into account, for the same amount of money, I got an equivalent (or better) mattress, with delivery, compared to a discount store.

Compare things like number of coils, thickness of foam on top of the coils, and whether the mattress has foam on the sides covering the coils. Bowles comes with a 10 year non-pro-rated warranty.

My old mattress was past due to be replaced, and I knew I didn't want a cheap motel quality mattress (a la Motel 6 or Super 8). So I knew that price wasn't going to be the only factor, but I still want value for what I do spend.

I think Long's radio ad about Bowles may be correct.

The mattresses on dispaly at Long's go up to the $1500 (per set) range. Bowles makes even less expensive mattresses that the store can order from the factory if Long's doesn't stock it. If you want a lower cost one than what they have check out the Bowles web site, or drive down to Long's Franklin store to see the lesser expensive ones.

Also, the Bowles foundations are good quality. My el-cheapo no-name foundation that I had bought at a discount store squeaked every time I laid down or got up, or shifted position. No so with my new Bowles foundation.

Very disappointing purchase...

Very disappointing purchase...the mattress we ordered was described as 11.5' thick so we paid extra and got low profile box springs. I had an extra cover for mattress described as low profile that 'just for fun' I decided to try on and it fit with room to spare...which made the whole set lower than what was proportionate for our sleigh bed frame...the mattress itself measures 2'' shorter and 2'' less wide and feels like it floats on our bed. They did exchange the box for a regular size but no offers to remake the mattress...very disappointed...don't trust the sizing on the mattresses if that is important to you. I have 2 other queen sets in my home which both measure the regular 80x60 standard queen...

One of the perks of traveling...

One of the perks of traveling a lot is staying in nice hotels and sleeping in their wonderful beds and linens. I used to dread coming back to our mattress at home. Now that we have our new Bowles mattress there is no place I would rather lay my head. I wake up rejuvenated and with fewer headaches than ever before. In fact, the better sleep has helped ward off the number of migraines I suffer per month.

It was amazing how the staff really wanted us to understand how mattresses work and how sleeping on a mattress makes a difference. The sales staff were intently with us the entire time and wanted us to understand everything we could before choosing a mattress, even if we had not have chosen a mattress from their company. To me, this is the epitome of a company that cares for those that walk in their door.

While we were there our three year old had a blast! There was no feeling embarrassed for his three-year-old tendency to want to climb on the beds. Even more, the president of the company came out and took our son for a tour and offered him a 'prized' piece of foam to take home!

Since I have a truck there was no need for delivery. However, a delivery man did help me load the bed into my truck. This particular employee was extremely helpful and very kind. Having a full-service experience at Bowles enlightened me to the fact that Bowles is a company that offers integrity and satisfaction from the very top of the company to the very bottom.

If you are looking for a bed I urge you to make your way to Bowles. You will not be pressured, but neither will you leave uninformed. My wife and I cannot sing the praises of Bowles Mattress loud enough!

One of the perks of traveling...

We just bought a mattress from Bowles and couldn't be happier with it and the service that we received from the company. They made and delivered our mattress as promised and we are now enjoying much better sleep!

We had one small issue with the height of our new mattress being too high. The staff worked with us and replaced the box springs with a low profile set. Problem solved!

If you thinking about purchasing a new mattress, check out Bowles. It is great to work with a locally owned and operated company that cares about their customers experience.

One of the perks of traveling...

We just bought a mattress from Bowles and couldn't be happier with it and the service that we received from the company. They made and delivered our mattress as promised and we are now enjoying much better sleep!

We had one small issue with the height of our new mattress being too high. The staff worked with us and replaced the box springs with a low profile set. Problem solved!

If you thinking about purchasing a new mattress, check out Bowles. It is great to work with a locally owned and operated company that cares about their customers experience.

We absolutely LOVE our mattress...

We absolutely LOVE our mattress from Bowles! My neck pain has been so relieved after sleeping on their mattress and I am very comfortable even though I'm six months pregnant! Wonderful customer service, great experience choosing the mattress perfect for my husband and I, and the most helpful friendly people work there. Highly recommend! No where else to get a mattress!

We bought a Bowles Mattress and box spring...

We bought a Bowles Mattress and box spring about 3 years ago...What a Joke! Worst purchase I've ever made in my life! You guys are the laughing stock of Indiana and I'm gonna go out of my way to let everyone

Know what a bunch of crooks you truly are


Love love love our new mattress. The gentleman running the store knows everything. I took a pillow and lay down on different mattresses until I narrowed it down. Then I lay on my choice for a while. He never rushed us and answered every question to help us. So glad we went there!


Horrible customer service, was yelled at by employee when I called with a issue. Will never buy there again.

Excellent Choice

Who would think buying a mattress during a pandemic good be so easy! Our search lead us to Bowels. The staff at the Stoney Brook location were so knowledgeable and friendly. They worked with to make sure we made the best decision for us on the perfect mattress and pillows! We have had the mattress for 2 weeks and I haven't slept this well in years. Best quality, service and overall experience!

The jury is still out

I had a serta before. Very good for years. It got trenches where we slept but it was pretty old. We have had a bowles for about a year and I just noticed indentations where we sleep and a firmer place in the middle.

Customer service not so good.

Purchased a king mattress this past month. A little pricey I thought but husband liked the mattress so we purchased it. We was told for the warranty to be good that we would need to have purchase a mattress protector another 89.99. WHAT no warranty unless we purchase a protector. I have no complaints with the mattress just this warranty issue. I think next mattress will be bought somewhere else.

Visual Impressions

This bowles mattress was purchased Feb 2015. Not long after that it became very lumpy with visual impressions. The store where we purchased the mattress sent it to Bowles for repair. It is now Oct 2021 the mattress has even more impressions. Have called the store Marvin and Toni's Bargain Barn in Ferdinand,IN 3 different times and the owner has yet to return my calls. Will not purchase another Bowles. Poor quality, poor customer service, not standing behind 15 year warranty.


We bought our Bowles mattress and was told we needed to get a waterproof mattress pad which we did. It was delivered on a Thursday and in 4 days time we could not sleep on it, so uncomfortable. We called the store and were told sorry there is nothing they could do about it since the plastic was off the mattress. We were never told this by the salesman and the delivery guys who brought it in and ripped the plastic off. This was $1300.00. They offered to give us 20% off another mattress. Are you kidding me? So we are now out $1300.00 with a mattress that we can't sleep on. They are definitely not customer friendly. I would advise no one to go there after seeing that all other companies offer money back or free trial period.

Worst mattress ever!!!

We brought a Bowles mattress over 14 years ago and absolutely loved it!! When we purchased another, only 5 months ago, I never even shopped another manufacturer. However, this mattress is not even close to the same quality or comfort level! Within a month of sleeping on it, we had indentions, and it felt as if you were trying to climb over the side of a boat to get out of bed!! I called the local furniture store where I purchased, they contacted their rep who did absolutely nothing! The suggestions were to load it up, drive it to another state where manufactured, and take a LOANER mattress while it is being repaired! They wanted pictures, which were of no use as you have to lay in it to see the issue. The furniture store did offer to send the delivery man out to take a look, not sure what the delivery man would know about the mattress. Very disappointed in the furniture store, and will certainly never buy another Bowles mattress. I would never recommend, as they obviously do not stand behind their product.

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