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Boll And Branch Mattress Reviews

Boll and Branch was made popular by their high-end sheets sold online. With their initial success, they have expanded to everything bed and bath, with one of their newest additions being their Boll and Branch Mattress, which features a luxury hybrid design. With a focused design that comes with latex, wool, polyurethane foam, microcoils, and foundational pocketed coils, their mattress provides a supportive sleeping surface that many crave, but for a higher price than others.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 9.2/10

Price: $2400-$3600

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Boll And Branch's Specifics

Boll & Branch got its start selling high end sheets with their best-selling variety coming with a 'sumptuous 300 thread count.' Over recent years, they have expanded into other bedding and bath products, introducing their hybrid mattress that features many all-natural materials with additional support.

Quality of Materials

Boll & Branch's luxury mindset is also found in their mattress design. With trendy layers of latex and microcoils, their mattress has a slightly higher profile than many other online mattresses at 13.5''.

Below, we'll go through each of the layers in the Boll & Branch Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover is made of organic cotton with hand-pulled tufting. This provides a soft, luxurious top layer feel with plenty of airflow.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a soft layer of wool and poly foam, blended together. It allows for breathing and a subtle soft pillowy contour.

Layer 3: The top latex layer is graphite infused so it diffuses heat in a superior way. Although latex doesn't retain much heat, this layer provides a medium feel and a slight bounce.

Layer 4: The second latex layer is slightly firmer and provides a bit of supportiveness and transition for the spine, while not aggravating pressure points.

Layer 5: A layer of microcoils provide greater airflow while allowing for superior adaptability while keeping motion isolated so you won't disturb your partner.

Layer 6: The last layer is foundational coils that individually act to support the spine while adapting to the body. This layer provides a firm foundation to the mattress as well as properly supporting the body.

Overall Comfort

Boll & Branch's mattress gets good initial comfort scores from customers overall. With a feel that focuses on support, it is best suited for back or stomach sleepers.


Boll & Branch's mattress is firmer and more responsive than many all-foam mattresses and memory foam hybrids. Due to this, those that are back sleepers or stomach sleepers will do best with this mattress.

Back Pain Relief

This mattress does a great job supporting the spine and should alleviate common discomfort associated with a sagging mattress. Larger sleepers should also get an adequate amount of support.


The Boll & Branch Mattress does an excellent job cooling overall. Although there may be some heat retention in the cover, there is enough airflow and cooling properties in the comfort layers for most sleepers to sleep cooly the whole night.

Who Is The Boll & Branch Mattress Right For?

This mattress is best for those that are looking for a supportive, high profile, and luxurious sleep experience. If you desire a luxurious and supportive night sleep and have the money to spend, this mattress is a top contender.

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Sleeping sound

I am loving this mattress! This made my old foam mattress feel like a rugged, wooden log in comparison. After needing to upgrade my sleep, this mattress made my room become the oasis it should be! Thanks Boll & Branch!

Simply amazing!

Best purchase of 2018! I have struggled with lower back and neck pain for years, no thanks to my old mattress. I splurged and purchased the Boll and Branch mattress and would never go back! Thank you for coming out with exactly what I needed.

Best mattress out there right now

This mattress has been such a relief and dream for me to sleep on. I have been through 4 other mattresses over the last 18 months wasting thousands of dollars only to find that every mattress out there now puts some type of foam in their mattress. The foam makes you sink as you sleep making it difficult for you to move freely around during sleep. The foam is also hot and has many chemicals (often with a smell that lasts a while after delivery). I developed worsening back and neck problems with all these previous mattresses until I took a risk and ordered the Boll & Branch mattress online. I have never slept on a mattress that is so firm, but not hard. It allows my back relief and I look forward to going to bed at night. It is literally like sleeping on a cloud. Love it!!


I took a chance and boy did it pay off. I traded in a $9,000 Duxiana bed that, honestly, I never loved. It was always too soft. This has a nice plush top, but it is really supportive without being hard. I'll never buy a fancy high-priced mattress again. It's Boll and Branch for me!

Best Sleep, Supreme Comfort for BOTH of us

I laid on the Boll & Branch mattress in the Short Hills Mall and knew I had to have one. It was so comfortable and soft! My expectations were exceeded. I can’t feel my husband move or shift around because of the individually wrapped coils and the soft layers of luxury cotton. I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud but my back is fully supported. This is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned. I highly recommend this luxury mattress.

Comfy Cozy!

So happy with my B&B mattress! Worth every penny! So comfortable, I've never slept better. True quality!

Amazing Mattress!!

My husband and I love this mattress!! Just the right mix of firm and soft for such an incredible night's sleep!! The quantum edge support is really great too! I purchased the pillows too and they REALLY complete my perfect night sleep!!

Amazing high end mattress for a great price

Love my mattress so much, from the first moment it was delivered and I jumped in all I could feel was the support that I have been missing sleeping on my old mattress which I've had since college. Was high time to get a new one!

Absolute best sleep of my life!!

In my twenties, I decided that making an investment in my sleep was important. So I bought a Sleep Number mattress for $3,400 which felt outrageous at the time, but I think it was worth it. Other than being truly impossible to assemble, it was a great mattress. But it degenerated quickly. Less than 2 years later, the mattress would sag in the middle and I was back in the market. This time I opted for a Temper-Pedic. Over the last 10 years, I've owned so many Tempers--Celebrity, Cloud, and Contour. Other than running a bit hot, I've loved them all. That's until I recently purchased this Boll & Branch mattress. I'm not sure I fully understood what a "hybrid" mattress was but it's magical. It's this mix of coils and breathable cotton that is stiff enough to support my back but soft to melt into. It's bar none the best mattress I've ever slept on!

Nailed it!

Everything was first-class all the way. The delivery men wore booties, carried the mattress upstairs and carefully unpacked it. The mattress itself is a whole different league from the rock-hard Casper it replaced.

King Size Bed Review

PROS - Mattress really is a perfect balance, feels both supportive and plushs. - Very affordable mattress for the quality. - When I move at night my wife doesn't feel it anymore. - Recycled my old mattress which I appreciated. CONS - None. Hopefully they make a twin mattress soon.

Changed the way I sleep!

Nothing was more comfortable than my Boll & Branch sheets, then I slept on the Boll & Branch mattresss! After just two nights my husband and I could not believe how much better we were sleeping.

Best Mattress

We love our new luxurious organic Boll and Branch mattress. It is soft on touch but when you lay down, it is nice and firm which is exactly what we wanted. We have been using Saatva mattress and our new Boll and Branch mattress is by far superior in every aspect. Love it!!


This is the best mattress we have ever owned! It provides the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Better than Tempurpedic!

I was thrilled to receive this mattress and love it. We replaced our Tempurpedic with this and the feel is so different. At first it feels soft, but really supports my back better than anything I’ve slept on before. It’s unlike any bed I’ve slept on before and now that I can talk about it, I cannot stop raving. I rate it 100 stars!

The one thing on the Internet better than cats

Boland branch is new woolly mattress w/ a set of new flannel sheets.

No more waking up in the middle of the night!

I had no idea that my issues with waking up so easily in the night had to do with my mattress (was chalking it up to pre-menopause!). I would wake when the kids turned on the light for their bathroom, when my husband came to bed, when the dog moved around at the foot of the bed, everything. Now that I've had my new mattress (replacing an old foam one that had a huge dip on the side my husband sleeps on) I'm sleeping like a baby. I don't feel it when he or the dog move around or come to bed late, and apparently sleeping more soundly so the kids roaming around doesn't wake me either. Couldn't be happier with the mattress - it was more expensive than other ones on the market but considering the way it's changed my nights (and my days now that I'm well rested) I just wish I could turn back time and get it earlier!

Love it!

So happy I invested in this mattress. My back no longer hurts when I wake up thanks to it's support. I have such a great night's sleep with my Boll and Branch bedding and mattress. Well worth it!


I've been dealing with lower back pains for years. This is the first mattress that I purchased that I woke up with no pain, no discomfort. It is truly amazing to wake up refreshed and ready for the day.


I cannot rave enough about the service and the comfort of the mattress. Every part of the order went smoothly. We upgraded to a King, and my husband and I are sleeping great.

One AMAZING mattress

I was lucky enough to be selected to test this mattress. I've had 8 mattresses since I was married 20 years ago. Without question, this is the best. It is soft to the feel, but extraordinarily supportive. Boll and Branch does it again. I cannot recommend this bed highly enough!

Not for Me - Very Firm

We wanted to like the mattress but found it very firm and not the right type for side sleepers. My wife and I are of average size and weight. Seems to be nicely made, but it felt like the mattress was pushing us away and that we were sleeping on top of the mattress, not in it or being supported by it comfortably.

Amazing Mattress!!!

This is the best mattress that I have slept on! It is the perfect combination of soft and supportive. I tend to be a restless sleeper, which I track on my fitbit, but after switching to this mattress I am sleeping more soundly through the night and not at all restless. This mattress is a dream!!!

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