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Bobs Bobopedic Mattress Reviews


+1.5x better support

+/- durability

+/- customer service

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: Select Bob's Bobopedic mattresses are available for delivery across the US. Recent customers mostly had good things to say overall, but some complained about comfort soon after delivery and customer service issues in some cases.

Bob's Discount Furniture has been a popular furniture mainstay in the northeastern and midwestern U.S. His Bobopedic brand was made famous by the Bob's television commercials over the 20 years and offers memory foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses. These mattresses have competitive price points for the materials used, but there are some that found the initial feel and durability disagreeable.


+1.5x better support
+/- durability
+/- customer service

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7/10

Price Value: 7/10

No Back Pain: 7.1/10

Price: $100-$2099

Trial Period: 90 Days (Fee Required)

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Bobs Bobopedic's Specifics

Bob's Discount Furniture has been a buzz-worthy name in furniture for generations in the Northeast. With their friendly jingle and playful marketing campaigns, Bob's has done well for itself over the past few years. Additionally, they entered the mattress space with their very own line of mattresses dubbed 'Bobopedic.' These mattresses range from memory foam, latex, and hybrid options. When it comes to comfort, their mattresses get good scores from customers initially, but there were some that complained about durability for some mattresses.

If long term comfort is an essential, take a look at our list of top mattresses and those that are best for the money for those that customers have given high ratings.

Quality of Materials

Bob's is in the business of selling discount furniture, which is lower priced and offer a bargain for the customer on a budget. When it comes to their mattresses, some feel comfortable initially but others report that the materials don't appear to be of the highest quality causing problems with durability and long lasting comfort.

Mattress Types

Bob's Bobopedic mattresses come in multiple types including memory foam, hybrid, and latex designs. We'll go through their mattress types and discuss their offerings below:

Memory Foam

Bob's Memory Foam line includes their Prize mattress, Signature Gel, Special Purchase, 6 Mattress, and Gem mattress. These mattresses offer multiple firmness options with dual-sided comfort in some cases, which enables partners with different requirements to both get what they want. With gel memory foam, charcoal infused memory foam, and other cooling technologies, their foam mattresses mostly describe cool comfort. Most customers find these mattresses comfortable at first, but there are some complaints about durability for some.

The pros: Affordable mattresses for the materials included. Range of firmness options

The cons: Some durability issues reported.

Price Range: $199-$1299


Hybrid mattresses have layers of foam and coil support systems underneath. Bob's options include their Envy, Distinction, Refresh, Radiance, Affinity, Prize, Cottage Chic, Synergy, Charm, and Perfection. These mattresses feature either innerspring or pocketed coil support systems, with some offering dual firmness options. Their comfort layers are made of CertiPUR certified foams that come in multiple firmnesses so that customers have a wide array of price point and firmness varieties to choose from. Their lower priced mattresses are most popular with medium-firm foam. These mattresses get good initial reports on comfort, but some had disagreements on firmness and some had durability concerns.

The pros: There are some that had good things to say about initial comfort. Multiple firmness options and price points.

The cons: Some disagreements with initial feel and durability.

Price Range: $100-$2099


For those that are looking for more natural and eco-friendly mattress ingredients, Bob's includes multiple mattresses that include latex comfort layers, including the Refresh, Distinction, and Affinity. The Affinity features the most latex layers with both natural latex and gel-infused latex. These layers provide a more responsive bounce on the top layer, along with a firmer profile versus memory foam. Overall, Bob's provides cost-effective latex-focused mattresses, but with some complaints with firmness and durability.

The pros: Good amounts of latex foam for the pricepoint.

The cons: Some issues with feel are expected for those not used to latex.

Price Range: $1199-$1699


Bob's has a variety of firmness options, ranging from softer all-foam and hybrid options to firmer mattresses like latex and firmer foam varieties. If you are a side sleeper, you may prefer something softer, while stomach sleepers will prefer firmer mattresses.

Back Pain Relief

Generally for back sleepers, relief can be found with medium-firm mattress options, which Bob's has many options for. However, some of these mattresses have durability concerns so be aware that degrading comfort can exacerbate pain areas.


There are cooling aspects to these mattresses, including gel-infused foams. Most customers describe finding a cool, comfortable sleep. Very warm sleepers may still experience some heat retention in the cover layer.

Who Are Bob's Mattresses Best For?

Those looking for a discount and a bargain can find something for them at Bob's. However, there are some complaints about durability and initial comfort in some mattresses, and also some complaints around the return and exchange policies. For those that want something for the long term, please see our list of best mattresses for the money.

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Not a good experience

I would not recommend Bob's to anyone! I was scheduled to have a delivery of my mattress and bed frame this morning. I called off the whole day from work, and emptied out my room to make sure they had plenty of space to build the bed frame. It snowed the night prior so early this morning I made sure my driveway was plowed and sanded. The delivery guys show up and refused to deliver my product because of the 'bad weather conditions' of my driveway. I stated the driveway has been plowed and I even offered to shovel and sand the driveway again so they could finish the delivery. But they refused and left. So I called the manager in hopes of getting my bed & frame to be delivered today and offered to shovel & sand more since apparently that was the issue. They refused to deliver it today & offered another delivery date for 4 days later. I'm very unhappy and will never buy from them again.


Not the mattress for me. Started sagging quickly.

Good bed

Was pleased with my purchase from Bob's. Bed feels very comfortable and I like it.

I love my new Bobopedic

I ordered one of these after seeing one of Bob's commercials. I decided to take advantage of their sale and get a Bobopedic ZZZoom bed. I really love it and it is super comfortable.

Decent mattress

I am very happy with my Bobopedic bed. I wish that I could have had this bed 10 years ago. It is a good bed now too and I am very pleased with my purchase.

Bob knows

Bob definitely knows about beds. This is the best bed I've ever felt. I am really impressed by the support and the no back pain.

We purchased our mattress in March 2015...

We purchased our mattress in March 2015. We opened the packaging when we brought it home and immediately smelled a terrible odor. We were told to let it air for a few days and we did, however, a few days turned into weeks. Before our 30 day window was up we called their customer service phone number and was told to open our windows. Well we did not, and as I explained to the customer service rep because we live in Maine and the temperature was 30 degrees. They gave us an extension on our return period, however, they did not agree to refund us or give us a new mattress. Now 11 months later we would like this factory defect to be taken care of. They sent out a technician who smokes and does not have a good sense of smell to come and check out the other. He did not smell anything and now they are refusing to remedy the situation. I would not recommend Bob's Discount Furniture to anyone!

I purchased a Bob-o-Pedic with Gel Mattress mattress...

I purchased a Bob-o-Pedic with Gel Mattress mattress for $1500 from Bob's Furniture. Not even 2 years old, it is sinking and destroying my restful night's sleep and causing body aches. I also purchased a sectional that is becoming discoloring on the piece that is not even a seat, but the cup holder section. This company is getting away with murder selling this shoddy furniture. They don't even try to work with you. What can be done about them? I am filing a small claims in court. I don't know what the outcome will be, but I have to do something. I feel like they stole from me and caused me to have body aches that I never had before purchasing this mattress.

I purchased a Bob-o-Pedic with Gel Mattress mattress...

I purchased a Bob-o-Pedic with Gel Mattress mattress for $1500 from Bob's Furniture. Not even 2 years old, it is sinking and destroying my restful night's sleep and causing body aches. I also purchased a sectional that is becoming discoloring on the piece that is not even a seat, but the cup holder section. This company is getting away with murder selling this shoddy furniture. They don't even try to work with you. What can be done about them? I am filing a small claims in court. I don't know what the outcome will be, but I have to do something. I feel like they stole from me and caused me to have body aches that I never had before purchasing this mattress.

We purchased our first mattress in 2011...

We purchased our first mattress in 2011. Within months it started to sag badly. Bob's came out, found it to be defective and gave us a credit to pick out another mattress. Second mattress failed within a year. Bob's came out and found it defective as well. We got another store credit and purchased the Bob O Pedic Gel, paying the difference just hoping for a better quality mattress.

Once again within a year we started to feel like we were in a hole and Bob's came out and measured the sag and told us the sag was only a 1/4 inch and needed to be 1 inch sag for the manufacturer to replace it. After talking to a manager explaining we're tired of sleeping on this mattress with a sag he said we had to wait 60 days to have another tech to come out. We waited and he came out, measured it again and it was now 1/2 inch and we were told there was nothing they can do.

This mattress has memory foam. So of course it's hard to 'see' the sag because the mattress just pops back up when you get up. We called again asking for a manager that never called us back. We gave up and now a year later my wife has to pull herself up out of bed by the headboard and has a backache every day, all day long. We called customer care and the tech came out, measured and it's now an inch sag and now they tell us it's got to be an inch and a half!!! You can imagine how angry we are at this point and keep in mind the mattress has a 20 year warranty on it. When you look at our bed you can visually see the mattress sags in the middle and they told me that the tech wrote that there wasn't a defect in the mattress but he had told us something totally different.

We argued the fact with them and the pictures that we're taking and that the tech only took one measurement and that was in the middle of the bed, not even at the end where you can visually see it sag. After arguing with them and not getting anywhere they said they would have Supervisor Dan call us in the morning. Well just like last time nobody called so I called them back. They of course hung up on me and I called back. I wasn't giving up this time. My wife's back is worse and the mattress is only a couple of years old.

Finally after pleading my case that obviously over the past year or so that the sag went from 1/4'' to 1'' sag that there was clearly a defect in the product. Yes I should just go buy a mattress from a different store but we don't have the funds to do so and why should we. They should stand behind their product and warranties. Finally after all that they gave us a credit so we will try this again but future reference to anyone buying a mattress from Bob's... DON'T!!!

My purchase was a pillow top queen euro Mattress...

My purchase was a pillow top queen euro Mattress for $899.99. My customer service experience was out of this world. I am handicapped and in a wheelchair and Bob's Discount store is no place for people in a wheelchair because for one there is no room and second the Representatives (customer) were mostly standing around or walking and ignoring me and my sister as we went in to look at the mattresses. When we went in to look at them it was a tight area and most people don't want to work or help us. We told them we were looking for a new mattress and the women who was lucky to get me was not happy to do it. She treated me bad and kept wanting me to get the same mattress But I wanted the $899.99 that I did get. But she was not going to be happy about it.

The shopping experience was horrible in a whole. I do have to say even though the shopping experience was horrible and I wheeled out of there humiliated and without anything I WON, and got MY $899.00 MATTRESS. OH YEAH. I went above her and went to the PRESIDENT. HE WAS FANTASTIC AND GRANTED ME MY MATTRESS. HE GETS A 10 FOR GREAT.


We are thrilled with our new mattress. So far sleeping like a baby and waking up without back pain, heavenly!

Twilight mattress

Exceptional quality at an affordable price! My back no longer hurts, very comfortable. The cooling effect is outstanding.!

Perfect firmness

My husband has a bad back so we need a firm mattress, however I like soft beds. This mattress is perfect for the both of us. It’s firm enough for him and soft enough for me. Right down the middle!

This bed was perfect. I

This bed was perfect. I haven't woke up without a back ache in a long time. It feels great to not have pain in the morning.

Bob-O-Pedic Firm Mattress

So far, very comfortable, never had an adjustable before so we're getting used to it. This replaced a conventional Firm Verlo that was 20 years old. This is different with the memory foam but still, I'm sleeping pretty well.

Works well so far

Works well so far

Great mattress I am now

Great mattress I am now sleeping wonderful!!!

The bed is excellent we

The bed is excellent we enjoyed our first night's rest and would recommend it to anyone

The Best Mattress

I love it , best mattress I have every owned.


This mattress is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. I recommend anyone with back issues to by this mattress from Bob’s.


So far the mattress is good , the service and quality of Bob’s mattresses is great . We recommend them highly


Nicely delivered, one week into use. Great quality, as advertised. Adjusting to new mattress.


I have had a water bed for 25 years. This new mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have slept on in years

Twilight Bob-O-Pedic

The mattress feels good Very firm definitely a lot of padding

Comfortable for both of us!

Plush on my side, firm on his. Perfect!

Very satisfied.

Very satisfied.

Wonderful nights sleep!

Purchased the Twilight firm with Power Bob adjustable base. Excellent delivery, the guys took my old mattress and set everything up for my new bed, including putting the batteries into the remote control. The mattress is wonderful, but the adjustable base is AMAZING! I've slept the entire night through ever since it arrived. I no longer toss and turn all night, waking up multiple times trying to get comfortable. Do yourself a favor... go to Bob's today and get yourself an adjustable bed!

The delivery, set up and

The delivery, set up and overall experience was very good. The mattress is very comfortable. Only issue was they did not take my entire old sat and left half the box spring because they had no room in the truck.


Getting used to it.

Love it so far!

I have only had my new mattress for two days, but I’m very happy with it already. I usually have lower back pain during the night and I have not had any since I have been sleeping on this mattress. The delivery team was very professional and quick. The smell people complain about was present but is almost gone after two days. I ordered the plush, which I highly recommend over the firm.

Matress and pillows

The matress and pillows are unbelievable I enjoy sleeping on them. I never had a bed that allows my body to relax like the one I bought

Twilight Queen Mattress

The mattress is very comfortable. We can both move independently in our sleep without disturbing each other. Love it!

Very good

Very good

not bad

well, I did not order a california king.. so that is incorrect. I ordered a king. So far it seems ok, no complaints, the vibration function seems unnecessary,but I do like the zero gravity on occasion.

I really like the mattress,

I really like the mattress, very comfortable. The only downside is that it made my bed higher than I anticipated.

Customer satisfied

Excellent customer service and flawless setup. Thanks Johanna

Best sleep ive had in

Best sleep ive had in a long time

Twilight firm mattress

It’s the best mattress to have. Now I sleep very well, no rolling and turning , I feel refreshed when wake up in the morning.. there’s no crazy scent as people say.. I love my mattress.

very comfortable and soft mattress

Just got this bed, getting used to a soft mattress after having a hard one for years. Time will tell how it holds up to larger womens body. But I have to say I was impress with Bob's delivery notifications and service.


Have slept on it for two nights and so far it is amazing, I'm so glad my husband and I made this purchase.

Very comfortable...

Love this mattress. I haven't been able to get a good night of sleep in some time. With this mattress, I'm sleeping great every night. Couldn't be happier!

Love this mattress.

Was not sure I was gonna like this matress because when you sit on it, it feels a little frim but once you lay down, its like you have gone to heaven.

Delivery was great very professional

Came when they said they would fast and courteous service

Mattress is too hard

Mattress is too hard

Mattress is great. Rest of experience was unpleasant.

Love the mattress. The rest of the kind set order got botched and the aftermath was very disappointing.

Twilight firm full mattress

That is almost exactly what I want to get.

Bobopedic mattress

Fantastic, best nights sleep in years. Delivery was quick and efficient.

Great Bed!!

My bed was more firm than I expected it to be but thats because it's brand new. For a bed that came more firm than I wanted it to be I can say that after a few minutes in the same position my body was beginning to sink into the memory foam but more of a conforming fit. Not in the sense of actually sinking in because the mattress is new. So far I've been sleeping in this mattress for about 3 weeks. I love it, I wake up with my body feeling as if I just received the best massage. No aches and pains soundless sleep. This coming from someone who hates firm beds. You have to try it at the store it feels amazing after being broken into. I think in about 3 months it should be more plush than firm. Remember it's plush memory foam so it still has a memory foam firmness but it becomes plush after a while of laying in it.

Very comfortable i slept like

Very comfortable i slept like a baby, the delivery guys was very helpful

service at Bob's

we had a great service from JR and he know enough about the product which help up to decide which one we wanted to buy




I always thought that I liked soft "pillow top" style, boy was I wrong! We have never slept so well!

Felt good in the store but...

My husband and I laid on this mattress in the store and it felt ok to me and good to him. We loved how it felt cool. We asked the salesman if we'd still notice the coolness through the sheets and he assured us we would. Well after getting this mattress home, we use thin sheets, but it still feels as warm as any other bed. My husband did want a firm mattress, but this mattress is so firm that it's been causing has back to hurt. It started hurting so much that he could no longer sleep in it. We will be returning. The good thing is that there is a 90 return policy!

It’s very comfortable just a

It’s very comfortable just a little higher than we expected it to be than our last mattresses

Delivery was quick, reliable and mistake-free!

Thank you so much for being so clear and dependable with your pick-up! We could track the order the whole time, and had no time meeting the great delivery guys who were quick, friendly and very helpful.

new matress and fireplace

so far so good delivery men were excellent

bought two one firm and

bought two one firm and on plush plush is definitely the better of the two

This bed is WAY too

This bed is WAY too high . Looks ridiculous

Mattress is great! Salesman was

Mattress is great! Salesman was great! Delivery guys were great! Person setting up the delivery wasn’t so great! When I called the store to tell them the date had been changed without me knowing, they said no it’s alreDy on the truck. Another lie because I found out it was placed on the truck at the last minute. Didn’t appreciate the lies


Mattress way to high for bed frame. I'm 6ft1 and can barely get into this bed.

3 days in our new

3 days in our new Twilight bed and we couldn't be happier with our purchase. We have been sleeping so good!!


Super comfy, great support and excellent, quiet motion features, however massage feature is too loud and remote could be a little smaller. All in all much better and less expensive than sleep number.

I can already feel it

I can already feel it correcting my back!!

Ahhh sleep!

Very comfortable bed-slept great for the first time in ages!

Very comfortable, exactly what I

Very comfortable, exactly what I was looking for



I am sleeping so much

I am sleeping so much better on my new mattress. I have RA and sleeping has been restless and not a full nights sleep for some time, but now I am sleeping through the night.

Love my bed, is so

Love my bed, is so comfortable.

I am impressed

So far me and my wife really like this mattress. We got the King size Firm version. We had a Kingsdown plush matress before this one. It surprised me that if I turn or my wife turns we do not feel the matress move. We don't wake up thru the night as we were before. So far its a 5 star. Its the most expensive matress Bob's had, but when you spend 30% of your time laying on it, I think its worth it.

So far so good

We have only slept on it for 2 nights so it is too soon to tell

New Matress

Love Love this mattress. Thanks so much Peter for all of your help

Bob-o-predict form mattress

Love it!

Heavenly Comfort

I couldn't ask for a better mattress to rest on after a hard day at work. It cools me on those warm days and is just as comforting during those cool nights. I am totally satisfied with my mattress. I would definitely recommend it to anyone I know looking for a mattress.

Bobopedic mattress

FABULOUS! Haven’t slept this good in years!


So far it has been a great mattress. My hip pain is gone and I don't constantly wake up in pain. I guess my only complaint would be that it's a really tall mattress which can make it a little difficult to get into and to find sheets, but other than that is great.

Job well done.

Delivery people were very professional and accommodating. The mattress and frame seem seem to be very comfortable. We’re very pleased with our purchases.

Twilight mattress

Great delivery service and amazing nights sleep!

Love Bedroom Set but...........

My furniture was delivered timely and we love it. Only issue I had was the delivery guys left cardboard and styrofoam in my driveway and front yard for me to clean up after they left. A little unprofessional I thought and I regret giving them the $20 tip. Guess I’ll check my yard if I ever use your services again before they leave and I tip them.

Excellent customer service

The compaby rep was helpful, provided excellent custoner service. I feel my bussiness is greatly appreciated

Just ok so far

I hope it has a break in period because as of now it’s way to firm and rather warm

It is great, I can

It is great, I can sleep better and before. My back loves it and I love it. The best purchase I have ever made.

Twilight Mattress

This mattress is a huge upgrade from what we had. This provides My husband and I a comfortable night sleep. It’s firm yet soft, definitely a great purchase!

I have purchased many of

I have purchased many of the brand name mattresses in the past and feel that the Bobopedic Twilight mattress is the most comfortable. As a Physical Therapist, I can attest to the importance of maintaining proper support of spinal alignment during your sleeping hours and this mattress has been wonderful! I am very pleased with the firm support as well as the memory foam for accommodating position changes!


we exchanged our pillow top , paid more $ and got this last week. It's sooo firm that I dont like it.I think Bob only allows one exchange and now I am STUCK. I hope it gets softer over time

Way too firm and smell still present after over 2 months

Felt much more comfortable in store but after over 2 months of use, the bed stayed way too firm being both uncomfortable for my wife and I. The smell from the foam stayed in the bed as well when moving around. The foam was way too stiff and did not conform to our bodies as we thought it would. Very uncomfortable for side sleepers. Better for back sleepers. I will not buy another Bobs furniture mattress. Luckily they honored the return and took it back providing a full refund for the mattress.


Bob's really tested my patience to the utmost, but came through in the end. It was time for a new bed upstairs in my office, where I'm often bannished to due to my snoring. This time, though, I was going to get a mattress and frame just for me. I set out to test beds at all the big local furniture / bedding stores. I made a day of it. I knew I wanted an adjustable frame to help circulation in my lower back. After testing several beds at several stores, I ended up ordering a Bob's Stardust Twin Firm hybrid mattress and adjustable bed frame from Bob's. The frame I ordered adjusts the head part only, not the legs. I wasn't able to be delivered for a month due to being out of stock. I was okay with that. The very next morning, my back went into total spazm. I had to go to the hospital because I couldn't breathe. The next day I went to see a new Chiropractor and got adjusted. I went back a week later for a deep-tissue massage. That night, something snapped in my back that when I was taking off my socks. I'm surprised you didn't hear me scream, but I can tell you it was MUCH worse that passing a stone which I've done twice now. I didn't think a human could manufacture that much pain. Needless to say, I was in 2 hospitals over the next month while my Bob's hybrid mattress was still on its way. As I was recuperating, I was seriously considering seeing if I could change the mattress from firm to plush before it arrived. Bob's assured me FIRM was the way to go, but my doctors said it was totally my call. The delivery day came and I waited almost all day when I realized they weren't coming. A phone call confirmed this. I was livid! This caused me to disassemble and haul my old bed and frame downstairs 2 days early. I ended up having to sleep on my old mattress w/o a box spring on my living room floor for those 2 days. The White Glove Delivery people finally showed up with my hybrid bed. They moved super fast, so fast that they built the frame incorrectly thus throwing necessary parts out in the trash that they hauled away in their truck. I saw them toss a whole bunch of parts thinking they must just be "extras", but nope, they were the leg washers that help spread the leg load for all 6 frame legs. They also installed the mattress stay incorrectly and only locked one side of the stay (the mattress stay is what keeps the mattress from sliding off the bed when the frame is adjusted up). After figuring out all the things they did wrong, I immediately called to complain. I was on hold for about 1 hour, and finally spoke to someone who said they must send a Tech out to look at it. I told them it would be much easier if they just sent me the parts so I could install them, but she said the Tech had to do it. I told her the exact parts the Tech will need and to make sure he had them when he came here. 1 week later, the Tech arrived. It's a pizza-faced boy in an old car. He was never told what parts to bring and used MY phone to order them from some very unenthusiastic voice on the other side of the phone. In the meantime, I realize this bed is WAY too firm for me and my messed up back. I'm having all sorts of circulation issues, so I'm gonna do what my gut tells me to do and order Plush! I ask the Bob's salesman who initially sold me the Stardust hybrid Twin if I could possibly not wait for their 30-day trial period that you're supposed to wait before making a change, and just order a Bob's Copper Sport Gel Twin XL Plush with the same Power Bob's Essential frame, but in XL. This all costs just a little more, but I thought I didn't have the room, which I know know I do. He agrees to the early exchange and doesn't charge me the up fee due to the delivery and assembly trouble I had. In the intrim, the parts for the first bed show up. The parts that arrived were TOTALLY WRONG!!! Not that it matter anymore because they won't be usedm but they sent 6 frame hinge pins with lock keys and a new mattress stay that was for some other frame. NICE GOING BOB'S!!! Finally, my new bed shows up. They assemble it to my satisfaction, made sure it worked properly, then I proceeded to tell them why I'm not tipping them... the schmucks! LESSON LEARNED.... Bob's has decent salesman and in-store people, but their White Glove Delivery service, phone Customer Service and tech people are worse than idiots. They simply don't care about anything, aceept maybe tips. They are the worst of the worst. Try to avid them at all costs. I am happy with my Bob's Copper Sport Gel mattress and Power Bob's Essential head adjustable frame. There are some smaller things I didn't tell you here, like I was supposed to get more compensation for the delivery error through the customer service hot line, but you have to be on hold forever while listening to horrible music, so it's obviously designed to make you give up trying to get compensation of any kind. This is a tacticle ploy used often in business. Be careful of it!. Lastly, I found out that Bob's is now owned by Bain Capitol of Boston. This saysa it all fold. Bain is a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE company that liquifys companies in distress. They take them over and usually drive them into the ground while firing all employees. This explains a lot.


I received my mattress with base. Received booklet for base but nothing for the mattress??? I’ve called customer service and was told the call had to be moved higher. Have not heard back over month. Went into store, received a computer printout description. Why didn’t I receive any info about the mattress?? Still waiting

Worse Mattress ever slept on

Feel better if I was to sleep on the floor. No support if partner moves whole bed moves. Wake up with pains I never before experienced.

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