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BMC Mattress Reviews

BMC Mattress is a mattress liquidator that sells comfort returns, factory close-outs, overstocked products, and discontinued models. While many budget-hunters are happy with comfort returns, there are some shoppers that report concerns with buying a previously slept-on mattress. While the durability may be a concern, BMC's prices are exceptionally low and could be a good option for folks that are looking for a great deal.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7/10

Price Value: 7/10

No Back Pain: 7/10

Price: $85-$626

Trial Period: 125 Day Exchange

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BMC Mattress's Specifics

BMC Mattress sells name-brand mattresses at a steep discount due to selling 'comfort return' mattresses or overstocked goods. While some may find that these mattresses are suitable for them, there are some concerns from some customers when it comes to longevity of these products. While they do have a 125 night match that will enable one mattress exchange with a delivery fee, there is no refund policy on these mattresses.

In terms of their selection, it may be at times variable. Customers describe their offerings focus mostly on TEMPUR-Sealy brands, such as Sealy, Sealy Posturepedic, Stearns & Foster, and others. Depending on the type of mattress, such as comfort return vs overstock, and who the previous owner was, each individual mattress may have differing durability ranges.

If you are looking for a alternative mattresses, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses. Online mattress brands offer good deals, generous trial and refund policies, warranties, and solid customer reviews.

Quality of Materials

We'll go through some of the brands that BMC Mattress sells to customers to describe the ins and outs of new products. Note: The products from BMC may be somewhat different based on specific models or being previously owned by other sleepers. Here are the details:

Sealy Posturepedic: Sealy was made famous for its Posturepedic line of mattresses that focus on lumbar support and posture relieving comfort. Their zoned mattresses come in both all-foam and hybrid options with pocketed coils. While most customers like new Sealy mattresses at first, there are reports of durability and sagging issues by some sleepers.

Stearns & Foster: Stearns & Foster is a luxury mattress line that focuses on pillow top and high profile mattress designs. Their mattresses are generally comfy at first and come in a wide range of firmness options. However, they have some disagreements with long term support, with some customers describing issues with sagging mattresses after only a few months.

Sealy & Sealy Optimum: Sealy's lower cost lines include both foam and hybrid options. When it comes to firmness options, there are multiple available and various construction varieties. Most customers like their Sealy and Optimum mattresses at first, but there were some durability problems reported by some sleepers.

Overall Comfort

While some customers were happy with their purchases, there were some reports from shoppers that they didn't understand that their mattresses were potentially previously used. However, reports from those that understood the business model describe good bargains.


BMC offers a variety of firmness options from Sealy and Stearns & Foster brands. Most customers find the firmness options to be suitable for their needs.

Back Pain Relief

Back pain relief is highly determinate on the quality of the mattress that you receive. For new products sold at other stores, most sleepers describe good experiences with these brands. However, there were some disagreements with longevity over time in some cases.


Some Tempur-Sealy products have the addition of a cooling gel-infused foam layer, which should alleviate heat for most. However, some have described heat retention with some models in some cases.

Who Are BMC Mattress Products Right For?

BMC is truly an exception in the industry by focusing on selling previously owned and overstocked items, which is an interesting option for budget-seekers. If you are looking for strong new alternatives that are highly rated by customers, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

Browse BMC Mattress Customer Reviews

Best deals

Best deals in the East Valley. We know and love Sealy products, and this store has the most Sealy products in the valley.

I was told the items where overstock and new

I was told the items where overstock and new , I get home unwrap it and come to find out is used or made from second hand materials. I was never informed of this at the store and of course no returns or warranties. Look somewhere else or go to american furniture for same price new with warranty. If you come here dont believe inspect it yourself every corner for the tags that are on the back

We loved Yvonne

We loved Yvonne She's Very Knowledgable, But Not Soft Enough We will be able to find another mattress that will be great!(LIKE LAYING ON A CLOUD!!!!!

This place is great!

This place is great! Yvonne was so helpful and kind. She really went out of her way to make sure we found exactly what we were looking for. They also delivered the new mattress and took our old one away for us with no problems. We love our new mattress!

Buyers Beware!!

Buyers Beware!! They don't openly advertise they sell mostly used mattresses. If you plan to purchase a mattress here, the new ones have green stripe on the bagging. Make sure you look at the sides of the mattress for stains and markings. The customer service was good, the salesperson was nice, however, most of the mattress they're selling are used.

I've been needing a new bed after searching around

I've been needing a new bed after searching around for places and deals one day a Facebook advertisement pop up on my newsfeed saying Sealy Posturepedic Cal King bed at $249.00 or with pillowtop at $269.00 with free box springs. I was wow by the price, originally there retail at $1200+ for the mattress alone. So, I did my research found out that it's a dent and scratch type of deal reasoning for cheap deals. Regardless of the condition I came to this location to check it out and the sale manager J.R. was very friendly, informative, helpful, and answered all my questions (I had tons of questions). There is so many super good deals there, but since I knew what mattress I was interested in I went to check that bed out right after that I purchased the bed, just like that ! Very simple! I am looking forward on coming back for more mattress in the future and I recommend this company to anyone looking for a new mattress! At this location J.R. is awesome he gave me a great experience, if you do go here ask for him!

Had a great experience today

Had a great experience today buying a new mattress. They were very friendly and helpful and answered all questions that we needed. You can't beat the prices!

We needed a new mattress

We needed a new mattress and made our way across eastside Tucson stopping at a couple other stores before hitting the jackpot at BMC Mattress. Ed Tourville helped us find the perfect mattress for us at an unbeatable price. We were there on a Friday afternoon and our new mattress and adjustable base was delivered per our instructions on Monday. The whole process was easy and we are thrilled with our new bed. Go to BMC and talk to Ed, you will be happy you did!

This place is awesome

This place is awesome and the store manager was super helpful. This was our second time buying from them. My parents also buy from this store.

Lindell and Lee in the Longwood

Lindell and Lee in the Longwood, FL store were amazing and really helped us find the right mattress. We ended up with a Stearns and Foster Reserve mattress that is by far the best of any we have ever owned or tried in a store. With the huge discount they take off for these mattresses being comfort returns/overstocks, we got the mattress at less than half the retail price, putting it in price competition with much worse, lower end mattresses. I can't say enough positive things about the staff there, they are genuinely helpful and zero pressure. They work hard and work with you.

My wife and I have been shopping for a new mattress

My wife and I have been shopping for a new mattress for about 2 months, and visited the Longwood store based on a tip from Facebook. Our initial salesman was Martin, and he took the time to explain the various Sealy product lines (both Sealy and Stearns and Foster) and the benefits and features of each mattress type. At no time did we feel pressure to purchase, and at that point were considering these mattresses and a few others from competing mattress and furniture stores in the area. We also reviewed mattresses from online retailers as well. After completing out comparison shopping, we decided on purchasing at BMC Mattress. The manager on duty was Lee, and he finalized the deal, making sure Martin got credit for the sale. Everyone has different needs in a mattress, but we selected a Sealy Premium Cushion Firm mattress, which was the right comfort level for us. We also needed boxsprings and delivery, and BMC has a package deal to include these things at a reasonable price. The delivery happened on schedule, and I was notified and kept up to date via email and text messaging the day before the delivery, and about 30 minutes before the truck arrived. I feel BMC Mattress is a reliable and reasonably priced company to purchase mattresses from, and will be sure to recommend the company to my friends and family. Kudos to Martin and Lee, who both provided excellent customer service and no-pressure sales.

My fiancé and I have been in the market

My fiancé and I have been in the market for new mattress for the better part of a year now. We decided to check out BMC because their advertised prices were to good to ignore. At no time did we feel pressured to choose one bed over another, and the sales pitch was very limited. Needless to say, we found the mattress that fit our comfort requirements and it only cost 299.00 for a king size. I strongly suggest stopping by if you are in the market for a new bed.

Look no further

Look no further when buying high quality mattresses at the lowest possible prices with speedy and free delivery plus a 30 day trial (or guarantee) period. It's as easy as BMC: I went to the Colonial store in downtown Orlando. BMC MATTRESS, aka 4abed, sells at up to 70% off, because they sell overstock items, closeouts, display items, some are slightly scuffed but "good as new." Our Stearns & Foster mattresses and box springs are flawless and luxurious. Kenny Surjan and the entire team, quickly responded to our complex wants and needs, providing infinite patience and excellent service: Immediately accommodating my elderly father's and our exchanges. Kenny went above and beyond the Call of Duty to ensure our every want and need was met in record time. Since I qualified for 60 months financing at zero interest, my family is now sleeping wonderfully!

what a gem!

what a gem! i just happened to be in the area and walked in a super deal! mr. lee helped me and he was the greatest. not disappointed one bit!

Wonderful service

Wonderful service and prices can't beat the prices..almost all items are 60percent off retail

Just received a mattress

Just received a mattress by delivery today and ordered it Sunday, the exact mattress I requested was delivered. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star rating is because I wanted a mattress just a bit firmer and they don't have a huge selection of memory foam mattresses..but for the price, there's no way to beat it. The mattress I got retails for 4 times the amount I paid. I don't write reviews, but saw there were some bad reviews on here about this store so I figured I'd share my experience. I'm completely satisfied with the service. Thanks!

Bought a mattress from this location yesterday

Bought a mattress from this location yesterday. While it did not have a warranty and was a second, we were assured it had been cleaned as part of the process of reselling. Upon taking it out of the sealed bag at home, it is filthy and disgusting. Of course upon taking it out of the sealed bag you are then stuck with it. Don't be fooled and don't waste your money.

Had a great time flopping down

Had a great time flopping down on mattresses until we saw the one we wanted. Juan helped us and he was great. He was the only one working and there were two people ahead of us when we got there. He was fast as someone who cant type can be. But he would lift the mattresses way up high over his head to carry them out (unassisted) to the trucks. We didnt have a truck so we had to get delivery. Saturday. Which sucks but hey it was a pleasant experience.

Beware of bait and switch!

Beware of bait and switch! The store I shopped at was on 103rd in KCMO, but I think they are all owned by the same outfit. When you pick out the mattress you want to buy and want to have it delivered, take a photo of it and a photo of the tag/label to protect yourself. I bought a mattress to be delivered and they delivered the same brand but a much lower quality mattress, when I called them on it they tried to claim "well all of these are the same, the manufacturers just use different labels and we delivered you the same mattress just from a different store that had a slightly different name, but is the same". Utter BS, I went to the store where I bought it, the one I picked out was still on display I demanded they swap them out. I took a photos of the mattress they originally delivered with a tape measure against the side of it, and then another photo of the actual mattress I has picked out when they delivered it. Huge difference! My mattress was much more plush and thick than the one they tried to pawn off on me. If you ask me, these guys are either dishonest and might do this to everyone, or they made a huge mistake with me and I'm sure the hell glad I caught it.

Excellent products; terrific, customer-centered staff

High compliments for Whitney, manager of the Lee's Summit BMC Mattress store. She was patient, friendly, customer-centered, and was more than willing for us to try the comfort of as many mattresses as we wanted. Installation at our home was perfect, too. I've had several positive interactions with Whitney (and her manager) since our purchase -- and they bent over backwards to resolve a mistake of my own making. I highly recommend these folks and this store.

so comfy!

I'm not going to took me 1/2 laying on several mattresses to make a choice, along with the sales girls input. I now am having peaceful nights rest again! Love it!

Excellent customer service

I shopped all over before making my purchase. Best prices . good quality merchandise. excellent customer service . recommend Missouri ave store in clearwater. Sales mgr great.

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