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Birch Living Mattress Reviews

Summer 2024 Updates: Following their recent merger with Brooklyn Bedding, Birch Living mattresses are now crafted here in the US from their Arizona based factory. These organic mattresses are currently shipping in 3-10 business days.

Birch Living is an organic mattress brand by Helix, which is one of the most popular mattress in a box companies. After merging with popular mattress company Brooklyn Bedding at the end of 2021, Birch Living mattresses are now made in a Arizona and feature all-natural and organic comfort layers with pocketed coil support systems. With a focus on back support and 'ergonomic pressure relief,' there is a lot to love about these natural mattresses.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: $1373-$3123

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Birch Living's Specifics

Birch Living is a brand by Helix, which has won acclaim in the mattress in a box industry. They started out with their competitively priced Birch Natural mattress, which features organic cotton and wool, and later added their more luxurious Birch Luxe Natural mattress. Most customers like their mattresses, and those that found it too firm for them were able to add the organic topper to balance the firmness level. Overall, the Birch Living mattresses are a great option for those looking for natural and organic latex hybrid mattress.

Quality of Materials

Joining forces with Brooklyn Bedding at the end of 2021, Birch Living mattresses are now crafted in their Arizona based factory. Building their own mattresses from start to finish means Birch Living can provide additional value and attention to detail while also ensuring quality manufacturing.

The Birch Living materials are comparable to other organic mattresses in a box, with the addition of eco-INSTITUT certified low-emissions latex, organic wool, and crafted in America. We'll go through what's inside each of their mattresses below to see if it's right for you.

Here's what's in their original Birch Natural mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover is crafted from organic cotton and is supplemented with a subtle stretchy quality. Overall, customers find that it sleeps cool and comfy.

Layer 2: The Birch Natural uses more wool batting than many other mattresses. This organic wool and natural rayon fibers layer acts as a fire retardant.

Layer 3: The third layer is wool batting, which helps regulate temperature and is elastic for added pressure relief.

Layer 4: The following layer is a natural latex which provides support while also relieving pressure.

Layer 5: The main support layer is individually wrapped coils that respond to align the spine properly. Customers describe them as providing medium-firm support, which may feel more like a medium for heavier sleepers.

Layer 6: The last layer is wool batting that is organic and keeps the coils securely in place as you move around at night.

Next, we will take a look at their higher priced Birch Luxe Natural mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover is a quilted, organic cotton euro-top that provides a plush and breathable surface.

Layer 2: Next is an organic wool and natural rayon fiber layer that acts as a flame retardent.

Layer 3: The third layer is an organic wool fiber comfort layer, constructed to provide a plush feel while also being breathable.

Layer 4: Another layer of organic wool helps to enhance comfort while also lending to the mattress moisture wicking and temperature regulating properties.

Layer 5: Next is a layer of natural latex which relieves pressure points while also providing balanced support.

Layer 6: The main support layer consists of individually wrapped coils with reinforced edge support. These pocket coils are zoned to provide targeted lumbar support while also limiting motion transfer.

Layer 7: The base layer is an organic wool and rayon that helps to provide durability to the mattress.

Overall Comfort

Most customers describe these mattresses as cozy with a medium-firm profile and subtle bounce. Most customers like the feel of these mattresses, but there are some that had issues with initial comfort. Versus other similar mattresses, folks have described feeling the wool components more than the latex.


The Birch Natural mattress is on the firmer side, but there is good pressure relief in the wool layers. The Birch Luxe Natural mattress has slightly more medium-feel due to increased comfort layers.

Back Pain Relief

Overall, these mattresses will support the lower back and cradle the spine properly. Larger sleepers may experience some subtle dipping in the wool layers over time.


With the wool layers, these mattresses will do a great job diffusing heat for most sleepers. All but those in the hottest environments will experience a comfortably cool night sleep.

Who Are Birch Living Mattresses Right For?

Although the Luxe Natural mattress is a bit pricey, both of these mattresses are great for those that are eco-conscious but want a balanced wool and latex feel that isn't as bouncy as latex alone.

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great mattress and service

It's only been a few weeks, but I love the mattress so far. I had some questions and customer service was a great resource.

Best purchase!

This our first time ordering a mattress that comes in a box - but we are pleasantly surprised!!

we shall see

to be determined!

natural mattress

I knew I wanted an organic mattress because I get worried about the smell from a lot of the foam beds out there. We stumbled on Birch and wanted to give it a try. So far it's been really good - zero smell. Feel is medium / medium firm.


It's my new favorite thing in my apartment.

Just what we needed

A lot more affordable than some of the other natural mattresses we saw in stores and just as comfortable.

Great customer service

I spoke with an agent who was very helpful. Steered me towards adding the pillwo top to help make the bed more plush.


OMG...this mattress is awesome

Best sleep

My girlfriend and I both really like the mattress so far. And I must admit I like the social cause too.


I've had back pain for a long time and finding the right mattress has always been a big struggle for me. When the bed is too soft, I get pain in my lower back every monring. When it's too firm, I get pain in my upper back. Feels like a no win situation. I wanted to try the Birch mattress because I hadn't tried a bed with these materials yet. So fa...Read Morer it's been fairly good, but I'm holding on judgmenent for a few more weeks. Read Less

Side sleeper

I like the pressure relief on my shoulders


We got this mattress to replace our old dingy bed we had for years. It has a good amount of support on my back, and my wife enjoys it as well.

Super plush with the topper

Feels like a mattress you'd find in a fancy hotel with the topper. Really like it so far.

A little firm

It started off a little firm.

It's awesome.

Can I never leave bed again? Like, seriously?

Good so far

Great mattress, but also great company. Love the 1% donation policy. I've been sleeping on the mattress for a few weeks and it has the right amount of bounce, but also plushness.


I like it so far, but need to give it a bit longer.

No more pain

Just the right amount of support for my back

Great quality

Transparency is key for me - it's not just about the mattress, but also the supply chain. I love that they are Rain Forest Alliance approved.


It has really good support and sink for a bigger guy like me. Heavy to carry up the stairs.

Love it

Holy wool - this mattress is insanely comfortable. You can really feel the wool as compared to other mattresses I've tried.

Love it!

Very comfy!

Thick enough to relieve nerve

Thick enough to relieve nerve pain in my leg.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable

Not for me

The mattress did not work for me. Thanks for trying.

Comfortable, but a bit firm

Full, disclosure, my prior mattress had a built in pillow top, so that’s what I’m used to. I do like this mattress a lot, but as a relatively small person (about 130 lbs) I don’t sink in as much as I’d like. It does seem to be getting better with time though.

Very happy

Noticeable improvement in my comfort level at night after getting this. Minimal odor which quickly dissipates. Very happy with purchase and would recommend to others.

Super organic!

The mattress did not smell at all when I opened the package! It's comfy, supportive, and breathable. Every time I have friends over I show it off to them and have them lay on it. The responses are always the same. "Wow!"

Best mattress I have tried

This is very comfortable with the added topper. Would buy again

Peaceful Sleep and Peaceful Mind

In these first couple weeks of sleeping on the Birch mattress I am waking up refreshed, not sore and tired as with my old mattress. We feel great about the sourcing and material of the mattress and the ease of the process and glad we purchased from Birch.

Still don't have my mattress on day 19 and they guess maybe sometime a week from now

This is a buy then build model. They have supplier issues. I don't have my mattress, but they DO have my money. when I emailed and DMd them their response is My guess is next week some time? If you don't need a mattress for a month or more and don't mind them taking your money before they give you a product then order away. But don't expect to hear from them or get any updates that are meaningful or useful when you "track" your shipment. Even though they know about their supplier problems they just keep advertising 5-15 days to delivery. I hope this honest review helps the next person.

best mattress ever

I was skeptical after some initial issues with customer service (wrong item sent initially & then delay in the shipment of correct item), but this mattress is incredible. I'm a chronic insomniac and this is the only mattress I've ever slept in that gives me a halfway decent night's sleep. I can't even begin to imagine what this does for folks Read more aboutwithout chronic sleep issues. One thing I want to note is that it is a lot softer than I expected. Maybe for people that are used to sleeping on super soft memory foam it will feel firm, but if you've been sleeping on a pretty firm mattress, this might feel too soft. The wrong item they initially sent was the mattress topper, which made it way too soft for my liking.

Worst Mattress Ever

This will make your back ache and the quality is terrible. My husband weighs 170 pounds and his side of the bed is sagging.; we've owned this bed for 6 months. We spent 1,600 dollars and regret every penny. Trying to get a refund now, but the company is not working with us.

Well this is not my

Well this is not my first natural latex bed, I wasn't that impressed at first I think mainly because of the springs. But that said we continued on with the test, it was cooler temp wise then our previous mattress which was the main reason I wanted to try this mattress. I eventually purchased a additional topper and at least for me that made a big ...Read MoreRead more about review stating Well this is not mydifference so I guess we're going to keep it. Read LessRead less about review stating Well this is not my

Awesome mattress!

My birch mattress is awesome. So incredibly comfortable. My son & his wife were visiting & I let them stay in my bedroom. They commented on their own how incredibly comfortable the birch mattress is. I highly recommend it.

Extremely comfortable, very quiet. The

Extremely comfortable, very quiet. The stronger springs on the edges make for a secure feel. Love it

Mattress is great. It feels

Mattress is great. It feels really good to lie on and is very comfortable. The firmness is perfect for our requirements. The best part is the support at the edges of the mattress, so you never feel like you're gonna fall off. Also the way the mattress is built, movements on the bed arent transmitted which is great for a good nights sleep! Highly r...Read MoreRead more about review stating Mattress is great. It feelsecommend! Read LessRead less about review stating Mattress is great. It feels

Great mattress

I love that, in addition to the firm support underneath a comfortably soft top layer, the mattress is made of safer, natural and nontoxic materials. The warranty is also really strong, which adds peace of mind. And unlike the last mattress we purchased that came compressed and rolled, the Birch relaxed to a perfect shape quickly and didn't have an...Read MoreRead more about review stating Great mattressy smell of chemical offgassing. Read LessRead less about review stating Great mattress

Side/stomach sleeper

Very happy with our first bed in a box purchase. I am mostly a side and stomach sleeper, and previously was feeling pressure points. The Birch bed has provided all the support I need as advertised. My wife sleeps more on her back, and agrees mattress was a great purchase. Also really appreciated not having to deal with VOC off gassing we experienc...Read MoreRead more about review stating Side/stomach sleepered with kids mattresses bought locally. Only negatives we noticed were minor: 1) the mattress being replaced went right to edge of Foundation, Birch mattress appears to be about 1” narrower (~1/2” of foundation visible on each side). 2) long lead time to receive, ~5-6 weeks from what I recall. Read LessRead less about review stating Side/stomach sleeper

Very comfortable. Love that is

Very comfortable. Love that is made in USA with natural products. Thanks!!

Good experience and mattress

We are very happy with the mattress. Hip pain ended within one night on the new Birch mattress. Feels great to get into bed every night.

Worth it!

The mattress is comfortable and cool. Setup was quick and easy. It also looks amazing with our bed frame. I was worried about the overall firmness of a hybrid but we haven’t had any back or neck discomfort. It certainly is a balance of our sleeping positions and needs. The mattress pillow top is a must for side sleepers. We also have the peace of ...Read MoreRead more about review stating Worth it!mind that the organic quality of the mattress is well worth the price. Read LessRead less about review stating Worth it!

Great mattress for the price.

We're very happy with our Birch organic mattress. Super comfy and a great value for the price. I had hoped it would be just a touch firmer than it is, which is the only reason I withheld that fifth star. :)

First night on the new

First night on the new mattress and had the best sleep score I've had yet! Great mattress for side sleepers.

So far, so good!

It took about a week to get used to, but I'm pretty happy with this bed. I got the mattress topper as advised because I'm a petite side sleeper. It's possible that a latex hybrid bed is not ideal for someone like me because it's not super soft but I really like the materials for environmental and personal health reasons.

Worth the money

Honestly the most comfortable, warm and simply perfect mattress. I assembled it by myself, no problem. I love it. Hard to believe a bed/mattress this wonderful is delivered on my front doorstep rolled up In a box.

Great company!

I liked this mattress but it's too firm for side sleepers without a topper. The company was great to work with and very accommodating.

Good Fit

Upgraded from a decade of sleeping on an incredibly basic mattress. Happy to finally have a comfortable mattress while limiting the environmental guilt of the transition.

Two XL Twins - Two Happy Sleepers

My husband and I bought two XLTwins and put them on a king frame with box springs. We have both been sleeping amazing. And when one of us gets up in the middle of the night or in the morning, there is so little transfer, the other one can snooze. The mattresses are firm enough but also soft enough to feel the comfort of the intended design. Oh, an...Read MoreRead more about review stating Two XL Twins - Two Happy Sleepersd you can't even tell the mattresses are separate. We love our birch mattress. Thank you! Read LessRead less about review stating Two XL Twins - Two Happy Sleepers

This is a great mattress,

This is a great mattress, although it took over a month to receive.

birch mattress is great.

Getting the cover on the frame was a challenge for a single person, I had to call in assistants.

Better for you and the world

Decent bed, and feels good that we are sleeping on a completely organic mattress. So much better for you!

Mattress cover does not fit

The mattress is comfortable. However, the cover does not fit properly on the body of the mattress. I imagine this had something to do with the shipping process. As a result there is piping that is about two inches over the part where you sleep which makes it uncomfortable. I reached out to customer service and they said there was nothing that coul...Read MoreRead more about review stating Mattress cover does not fitd be done. Read LessRead less about review stating Mattress cover does not fit

Con referral program, lumpy, smelly bed after 1 month

Con referral program. I referred my sister to have the same bed I bought and had it delivered to my house. The incentive was a $50 amazon gift certificate. I emailed them 4 times asking where my gift certificate was. They replied back with return instructions on the bed instead. They then replied asking details of my referral bed which I supplied them twice. They then wrote back I wasn't eligible because the mattress was delivered to my home which is where I bought my bed from. Not only this but the bed smells, the bed is already having indentations after only a month of use and the sides are rolling from getting in and out of bed. These mattresses aren't cheap and I'd expect a lot more. I loathe companies like this. Poor customer service, promises not kept and overall bad product. I will most likely be returning my bed and having her return hers out of principle.

Dips After Less Than Four Months

We had a number of issues from the start. Our mattress shipped and then was sent back only to come in a ripped up and torn box. Two times we got pillows that were not even in a sealed bag. It was gross and we were offered new ones for free. However the quality of the pillows is terrible. These are about $100 each and are worse quality than Walmart pillows. They are lumpy and uncomfortable. I'm glad we got them free. The mattress seemed nice at first. It didn't smell and didn't appear to be damaged. However, after about three and half months we have dips were we lay. I weigh 115 pounds and my boyfriend weighs 185 for reference. I am so upset and feel like I wasted my money.

Not for me

I would give their customer service 5 stars, they were great and very helpful. I ordered the Birch natural mattress in December plus the topper. I am a side sleeper and found this mattress to be way too firm for me. I love that it is organic and made in the USA and that is one of the main reasons for my purchase. I gave it a few months, but was waking up with shoulder and hip pain. I wanted to love this mattress like so many of the reviewers. I did not love or even like the comfort level. I will say that returning the mattress was pain free and customer service was extremely responsive. I did receive a refund very quickly as well. I hope the company continues to do well and I give them credit for keeping it clean!

Horrible mattress, horrible company

This mattress by Birch (a division of Helix) is the worse mattress I have ever purchased. The mattress has springs popping out, uneven corners that slope in, sinks down in center. Filed a return and ordered another mattress from a different company. They never called, emailed or picked up the mattress they agreed to return. The mattress has been sitting in my storage. They tell me it is past their 100 days - even though I filed the claim within that period. Such a bad company, they would rather fight their customers than to pick up the mattress and honor their agreement. I have filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau.

Not a Great Mattress

I weigh 130 pounds. I've had my Birch mattress for 10 months. About 2 months ago, I started feeling the coils when I move. My arms, hands and feet fall asleep pretty regularly. Don't waste your money.

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