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Big Joe Bean Bag Reviews

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Big Joe bean bag chairs focus on both traditional and innovative chair designs. Big Joe bean bags are filled with proprietary 'Megahh Beans' or softer foam. With both classic bean bags that are more spherical and chair shaped options, their bean bags fit a variety of living spaces and use cases -- from lounging, sleeping, and entertainment. Overall, customers like their products with some of their shredded foam items getting the best feedback. Some options, however, had issues with flattening and quality over a short time.

Bean Bag Scores

Overall Score: 8.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Comfort: 8.6/10

Support: 8.2/10

Cooling: 8.4/10

Price: $34-$169

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Big Joe Bean Bag Details

Big Joe was started by two college students that experienced discomfort and frustration from classic bean bag chairs. With a revolutionary idea to include shredded foam in bean bag chairs instead of microbeads, they started their successful company. Since then, they have incorporated both foam designs and microbead technology in their bean bags with a variety of looks to choose from.

Below, we'll go through the details of their most popular bean bags and what customers are saying about the comfort versus competitors.

First, we'll go through their XL Fuf:

The Outside: The XL Fuf is one of Big Joe's most popular bean bag designs, with enough room for two people to sit comfortably snuggled or one person to stretch out. With a softer, squishier feel, the Fuf is reactive to your touch while melting away pressure points. It comes with three different materials to choose from with suede, synthetic union, or lenox (similar to denim) styles. These options come in multiple colors -- from grey, black, espresso, and tan type colors that will fit most living spaces.

The Insides: The insides of the bean bag are unique Ahhsome™ shredded-foam technology that adapts like a pillow to each individual.

What Customers Say: Most customers describe a fluffy, comfortable experience that occassionally needs to be refluffed by hand to maintain comfort. There were a few customers that reported quality issues with the covers and internal foam.

Next, we'll go through their Dorm Bean Bag Chair:

The Outside: The Dorm chair has a firmer, traditional microbead feel, but a recliner shape. It comes at a low profile for those that don't mind sitting close to the ground and comes in 5 colors or a zebra print design.

The Insides: The inside of the Dorm bean bag chair is filled with Megahh™ expanded bean technology that offers a firmer, responsive comfort.

What Customers Say: There are good reviews about the Big Joe Dorm bean bag chair. Some described expecting a different level of comfort than the firmer bean feel.

Next, we'll go through their Milano Bean Bag Chair:

The Outside: The Milano bean bag chair has a higher profile than the Dorm option, which is good for those that want to sit upright, but with the comfort of a bean bag cushion. These are ideal for individuals that are a looking for an affordable seat with additional comfort versus wood, metal, or plastic. These chairs have a variety of cover options with 4 colors to choose from. Synthetic union fabric, shag fur, or vegan leather are some of the most popular options.

The Insides: The inside of the Milano is made of packed Megahh expanded bean technology that provides firmness with a good amount of response and cushion to alleviate pressure.

What Customers Say: Most customers describe comfortable bean bag chairs, but there are some that had issues with sagging and long term support.

Next, we'll go through their Roma Bean Bag Chair:

The Outside: The Roma is an arched pillow like bean bag chair that is very low to the ground, but assists in laying or sitting on the floor. It has a firmer feel, which is good for those that want a bit of support along with the cushioning. The exterior cover has both vibrant colored options in a synthetic blend or suede.

The Insides: The inside is made of tightly packed Megahh expanded bean technology that provides a firm, but responsive feel to the bean bag chair.

What Customers Say: Most customers describe a comfy and supportive bean bag chair that is easy to lounge in. There are some that had issues with getting out of the chair and others that found the comfort to degrade quicker than expected.

Next, we'll go through their Media Lounger:

The Outside: The Media Lounger has a large cylindrical shape and a fluffy feel to the touch. Under a little pressure, it responds and molds to the body -- relieving pressure points and adjusting to your body. This is a perfect size for someone that wants to spread out or two people that want to cuddle up. The exterior cover comes in a brushed denim look in three colors, which will blend into most spaces.

The Insides: The inside of the Media Lounger is made of the Ahhsome shredded foam technology so that it will be fluffy and pressure relieving.

What Customers Say: Most customers found the Media Lounger to be comfortable and adaptable to most laying and sitting situations. There were some that had problems with the comfort / quality and found the bag lumpy.

Next, we'll go through their Lumin Bean Bag Chair:

The Outside: The Lumin is similar to the Milano with its chair-shape, which is ideal for those that are looking for an upright sitting position. It comes with synthetic blend covers in four colors or a camo print.

The Insides: The inside of the Lumin features Megahh expanded bean technology. It comes tightly packed with these beans for a firmer feel, while still having a cushioned support.

What Customers Say: The Lumin get good reviews from customers initially, but there were some that experienced issues with degrading quality over a shorter than average period.


Big Joe's offerings feature two comfort materials -- the Ahhsome™ shredded foam technology and the Megahh™ expanded bean technology. The foam filled items are squishier and contour more around the body, while the expanded bean filled items are firmer and less fluffy overall.

Who Are Big Joe Bean Bags Best For?

Big Joe's products offer some low prices for those that are looking for a good selection of innovative bean bag furniture designs with shredded foam options. However, there have been mixed reviews from customers when it comes to lasting comfort. For those that are looking for the best bean bag furniture options, see Our Full List of Bean Bag Reviews for a full breakdown of available offerings and how they will work with your body.

Browse Big Joe Bean Bag Customer Reviews

A very great bag!

This foam filled bag is absolutley comfy. I am a heavy guy, roughly 280 pounds. I wanted to buy something to substitute a couch i have in my room that i consistently keep hitting my toe with one of it’s metal legs. My room is small at about 18ft x 23ft. And when this bag arrived, it was wrapped in a box roughly about 4ft x 5ft. It had a bad odor like brand new puddy. I have been letting it air out in a guest room with plenty of ventilation. Its been two days though, upon writing this review and the odor is going away. The bag overall is super comfy to me, when i tried it out i really wanted to fall asleep on it. No other furniture made me feel that way besides my new mattress. Hope this helps everyone because the negative comments have to do with the odor. The answer is air it out for about a week max, its been two days for me this far.

It's Ginormous

Well, my daughter likes it, and apparently uses it. She's 16.

BEST college couch

This is our third Fuf. One for home, and 2 for college dorms. They are comfy and a favorite spot to chill or crash when you are too tired to go home. A little tough to move, due to the bulky size, but they can be shrunk with a giant plastic bag and a vacuum for moving.

I want to love this

My mother bought me one of these Big Joe chairs, and I want to love it! It is soft, and I love how big it is! It's great for cuddling, but there are hard pieces in it and my zipper was broken when it arrived. Broken as in unattached to one side of the zipper. Like when you break a jacket and the zipper won't zip anymore because it isn't connected to both sides of the coat? Like that. I asked my mother to return it, and now she's on some bender to fix it herself, but I don't see that happening, as she has had it for a couple days now and I've heard nothing. I want to buy another, but I am a college student and don't want to spend that kind of money, so I guess we'll see if my mother is a miracle worker or not.

Five Stars

Perfect for your game room or kids bedroom. Our son's friends slept on it. They loved it.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable to sit on and watch Tv

Better than a $200 mattress with a $200 headboard amd a $200 footboard and rails.

Honestly next time I'm getting the larger one . That's my only regret. I sleep on this daily and it's very comfy imo . I think beds are getting a little outrageous on pricing.

Comfortable but not well made

Very comfortable, but there’s a 3inch tear on the seam & i have only had it for a couple weeks.

Worst bean bags ever 0 Stars

The seams have ripped since the day we got them. They are hardly ever used and every time I remove the sheets that I have on them to wash the sheets there are more tears.


This was one of the worse purchases I’ve ever made

It’s sooo comfy!

The most comfortable bean bag EVER! I love this so much! You kinda just sink into it and it hugs you back

Pretty cool

Super dope, kinda lumpy. Like me.

Not what I thought

I had to sleep in it for awhile. Sunk straight to the bottom as soon as I sat or laid. I weigh 149 lbs. I shouldn’t sink to the bottom. Yikes

One Star

Was huge! had to give it away

This thing is big

Product is very big and good luck putting it back in the box. It is a great addition to the living room as everyone wants the very comfy spot to watch a movie on. I have taken a nap or two on this and they have been great.

Total beany comfort!

I always wanted my own personal comfortable bean bag and I've had this bag of beans for almost two years now and I personally haven't regretted it yet. The bean bag is filled with memory foam cuncks that break an fluff real easy! So there's no need to refill the bag over time. The bags also stick and compress as you use them so it'll conform to a comfortable seat or loung chair or couch easy too. I LOVE THIS BEAN BAG!


This is huge! Very nice product!!

not worthy

feels like be tricked l will satisfied if this bid only20 dollars


It's big, but it worked well for us for over 2 years. The only downside is that it sometimes flattens out, and you need to move it around to puff it back up

Not a chance.

Just throw the entire product out refurbish recycled foam. Literally looked like it was hand picked from the trash can. Returned immediately


Great item for the house

Love this chair

Love this chair. It took about a week to expand but it's a awesome and I love sitting in front of my fire with it

it gets huge

It came in a smaller than i expected box. but to my surprise and in just a few hours it is consuming most of my living room. It is about waist high (im 5 foot 11). Very comfortable to sit and lay on. According to the enclosed booklet it can take up to 10 days to fully expand, but just after a few hours its huge.

So big!!!

Be sure you want this size before you purchase. I wanted a big one but I did not realize this was actually the size of a couch beware it is actually the size of a two-person couch! long run I'm glad I bought it it's very comfortable you melt into it and you never want to get up but it is hard to move in the room and a pain to move from location to location.

Lord no

It’s huge which is what I wanted. What I don’t like is it feels awful. It feels like someone shoved a whole bunch of cut up felt and filled it up. So uncomfortable. But it is big and can fit like four of my friends at once

Poor quality

I purchased 3 of these for our basement rec room. After a few months of light use, the seams busted open on all 3 bags in the same place. We have foam filling all over the basement.

Will not disappoint!

First off this bag is huge! For the price you can't beat the comfort. For a similar size bag you will pay upwards of a couple hundred dollars! This is a great alternative for a couch.

Wonderfully comfortable

I love this chair. I wish I could get it to stay higher. Might need to get more stuffing at some point but I love it none the less. Everyone wants to take it home with them

Two years and still everyone's favorite seat

This is amazing. It's help up to tons of kids and adults for 2 years. It's always the favorite seat. Very comfortable. Many times it's been slept in. I'd buy another if I had any room for it. This was the 5 star Christmas gift for a 6 ft tall 16 year old boy. He still loves it! Sometimes he and his brother both sit on it. It's that big.

Poor zipper and stitch quality

Received 5/1/2018, by July stitching on one side started to come apart, sewed it up, and now 10/2/2018, zippers busted open while trying to reposition. Warranty?

Massive !

My husband is 6ft and still has plenty of room. His new gaming chair and new bed when he makes his wife mad.


Cheap, cheap and more cheap

So comfy

Love it

Love it

Ibhave had mine now for a year h half. Love it. Keeps its shape! Sometimes I sleep in it because it's so comfy

Two Years Later & Still Like New

I ordered this bean bag for my daughter 2 years ago and she has used it faithfully since. She is a teenager and like most teenagers, is quite rough on things, especially furniture. She has had this bean bag since 2016 and it has definitely stood the test of time. Even after paint spilling on it, it getting wet numerous times, & being well used, it has maintained it bright color, it's easy to clean AND the "beans" are still in good shape!!! If you are in the market for a good bean bag that can take a beating, and stand the test of time, I would strongly suggest this brand. They do NOT disappoint.


My son got this last Christmas , he loved it first but now it shrink so much useless!!

Arrived with holes and stuffing falling out.

I was very excited to receive this product. When it arrived the box was filled with styrofoam balls which stuck to the beanbag with static electricity and which it was a pain to pick off. Once I had gotten the beanbag out of its box I discovered a hole in the seam, as well as several holes along the edges from which the balls had apparently escaped from. I would otherwise be very happy with this product. Other than the holes it seems to be well made and very comfortable. It is unfortunate that I received a defective product.

Great color

Perfect fit for dorm room living

Meh, easily broken, REALLY COOL BOX

First, let me say, the drop ship castle box is my child's favorite part of this bean bag. It has been up in our house for over a week and gets tons of use. So cheers to you on the packaging! Second, the bean bag itself broke open quickly. We have had it for a week and it has a hole in it and is pouring out stuffing beads. I am so disappointed, I thought the canvas would be stronger.

Exteremely Disappointed!!! Poorly packed, permanent stain right out of the box!!!

I was pretty excited when the box containing my "Dog bed for humans" showed up. But my excitement rapidly declined as soon as I opened the box. The box had little foam beads that went everywhere as soon as I opened the box. I finally took it into my garage so I could use my shop vac to suck away the beads as I pulled it from the box. However, these beads were obviously all over the inside of the box when the pillow was stuffed into the box. As I sucked them away with the vac, they still left little white circles all over the pillow. I ordered a blue pillow... NOT a blue pillow with random crappy white dots. I've tried to rinse these off, I scrubbed them with a damn cloth, the dots are still there. I tried some mild spray cleaner, the dots are still there. I think the little Styrofoam dots that were packed so tightly inside the box actually melted to the surface of the pillow. The polk-dots are now permanently tattooed to the outside surface of the pillow. Frankly, it looks like crap! You'd think at the factory they would find some way to avoid these from getting outside the pillow and into the box, to avoid this cross-contamination issue. Money wasted!!!!

Very nice chair

Very nice

Filler dots stain the outside cover

Everything they said it was. Very durable. My only issue, and it's a small one, is that when it was packed, some of the small white filler dots were on the outside. They come off easily, but leave a permanent white stain on the cover that doesn't wash off.

Terrible shipping and packaging, and far from stain free.

The box it arrived in was great. Had a unicorn on it and instructions to turn the box into a castle after removing product. But when I opened it, it would seem someone at the factory accidentally spilled an annoying amount of the foam pellets used for the bean bag inside the box. No big deal, I'll just clean them off and make sure it's not from my own bean bag. Well, first impression of this fabric reveals it's not really meant for sitting. It's more like a rain wicking fabric then something meant to be comfortably sat in. Still, not a deal breaker entirely. I began vacuuming off the pellets so I could inspect for tears, only to find the "stain free" fabric was stained white by each foam pellet I removed. I was now officially over it. Too many disasters in one. I'm mostly sad about the box I don't get to turn into a castle now.

UPDATE>>>>>Already FLAT!

UPDATE>>>>> I bought this just 1 month ago and it is already FLAT! I am very disappointed because this was a gift. Now I feel like I didn't even give the gift because it is unusable. Big Joe - you need to put way more filler in this bag for it to hold up! Would not recommend or buy again. We just got this a few days ago but my husband has already declared it to be "life changing!" The only negative I can say is that the box arrived a little crushed. Normally this would not be a big deal since the bean bag was not damaged but the box itself is pretty cool. The box comes with directions on how to cut it so that it is a castle that kids can play in. My grandson would have loved it. I guess he will just have to be happy trying to take the Big Joe away from his granddad. Again, Big Joe is great and I will probably be buying more!

I use them as dog beds

I have a Rottweiler and a 180lbs English mastiff. They are easy to wipe down, and my daughter made covers that I can wash for them. With removable covers I can just order what ever color is cheapest!!

Huge and pretty!!!

We just got the bean bag, and its the best bean bag ever! We don’t know how will it be in time, but first impression: big, comfortable, gorgeous!

Four Stars

Product is just as I expected!

Defective item

When I opened the box, the white fillings popped up, they were all around the bean bag making a mess in my living room. Once I was able to clean everything and make sure that the bean bag was not pierced, I noticed white spots all over the fabric. Returning it...

Three Stars

Chair is ok, but not as pictured, it does not stand on its own.

Three Stars

Great concept but the filling is a bit to firm. We were hoping for a softer cushion.

Five Stars

Kids love it..

Not worth it

Flattened after like two months.

Great quality!

Daughter LOVES this! Great quality!

Enjoyed it while it lasted

Big Joe doesn’t last forever the little “beans” get compressed over time so he looses his puffy comfortablity. But before that I loved big joe used it on our sailboat out doors the outside material is stiurdy and water resistant (although we didn’t leave it in it the rain all the time). Wish there was a way to ad more beans but I would still buy it again.

No good.

Has already lost all its air. No good.

Moldable seat

Nice product just be aware it comes flat like a dog bed and u have to mold it. Need enough space to store it when not in use. Otherwise the kids look real comfortable once they mold it to what they are doing.

Flat as a pancake. Do not buy.

It’s been less than 24 months, and this chair is flat as a pancake. Absolutely useless. I do not recommend

great product

We bought 3 of these for our kids. So far they seem very durable and easy to put into any shape for sitting, laying down, etc.

Super comfy! I have fallen asleep in it many ...

Super comfy! I have fallen asleep in it many times, the kids love it!

Great buy 3 years ago, buying a 2nd now!

Have had this bean bag at least 3 years. Our children were 2 and 4 and now 5 and 7 and have thoroughly abused it and it is in perfect condition. Have replaced the filling twice. Soo worth it. I was worried to death that they could or would access the filling and a nightmare i would find but the double zipper has kept that from happening! About to purchase a second. I am 5ft 6in and 135lbs and fit on the bag comfortably as does my 5ft 11in husband.


Birthday gift for 6 year old. Big hit. Loves it.

I hadn’t written sooner because I had just tucked them away because we were so disappointed. Seeing them in the closet is very unfortunate

My children only got a few uses out of these bags. Both under 100 pounds and both bags were flat. I hadn’t written sooner because I had just tucked them away because we were so disappointed. Seeing them in the closet is very unfortunate. Waste of money. I wish the company had gotten back to me for an exchange when I had asked. I believe they were defective.

Five Stars

Lightweight and super comfy. Great for anywhere around the house!

Do not buy

Awful!!! The whole chair has collapsed into a bag that just lay on the floor! Waste of money!!!!

Half full

Bean bag chairs were half full... looks nothing like picture

Save your money people! Not worth buying!

Looks nothing like it dose in the picture. Arrived late and I’m just overall unsatisfied with is product. Save your money people not worth it at all! It’s not even full it’s like half full. Please read other reviews before buying, I’m not the only one unsaisfied.

I did'nt like it.

I didn't like'd so bad as a chair.

Goes flat quickly

We've had the chair since April & it is flat already. My kids don't sit on it anymore because it's not comfortable like it was when we bought it. If I would have known it would go flat so quickly I wouldn't have paid as much for it. Now I have to buy stuffing if I want them to use it again. The first picture is fluffed up & the second is after it is sat in.

Hit or miss

I purchased two Big Joe bean bag chair and one is perfect but the blue one I purchased is has hardly any of the cushion inside. My kid who is 5 years old sits on it and it seems like he’s sitting on the floor.


Not at all comfortable. Quality not very good. Wish I hadn't purchased these. Waste of money.

Really Small

The photo of the product is misleading as the chair is much smaller than expected and it feels like I'm sitting on the floor. Even my 3 year old grandchild had difficulty getting up out of it. Very disappointing.

Had the chair for only 3 months and not used ...

Had the chair for only 3 months and not used that often but it already is falling apart at the seams, literally.... and now I have a hundreds of white Styrofoam balls to pick up. I really wished it would have lasted a little longer than 3 months.

Think about it.

It looked smaller than picture. The beans started falling out of it. Didnt support well.


I would give this a zero star if there was one. Turned to pancakes after a few weeks. Terrible!

Don't waste your money

Terrible! They lose form quickly and you cannot refill them! Yes, I too watch the refill videos and read the directions. It did not work! Waste of money!!

Someone else enjoying this product

Did not make this purchase I was in Europe, I was state side November 1st to 15th 2017 n cand back may 2018 fly back out July 28th 2018

Super flat

Haven't had that long and its completely flat ..very disappointed


Looked great, but after very little use it was matted down and flopping over. My son was very disappointed. He's only 13 and not heavy at all! Would never buy again

It's like when you the different between a big mac on tv and a big mac in real life... so disappointing

Based on the photos, I had very high expectations for this product! A bean bag chair that is firm enough to have in a classroom setting? Sign me up! Unfortunately, after only using the chair for a week, the firmness went down DRASTICALLY! My poor students are basically sitting on the floor now and where they used to race to the door to call dibs on the bean bag chair, it is one of the last to be chosen now. It's like when you see a commercial for a hamburger and it looks thick and delicious... and then when you actually order the burger it looks nothing like it... At this point I am trying to decide if it's even worth it to buy more beans to refill it. Definitely wouldn't fork out that amount of money for a chair that will deflate so quickly.

I tried refilling with 4 large pillows, 2 bags ...

I tried refilling with 4 large pillows, 2 bags of stuffing, and a giant trash bag of packing peanuts. STILL FLAT. Do Not Buy!

In 6 week's u will throw it out!

I own 6 big joe chairs, all went flat within 6 week's. Pellet's are expensive and messy to fill. Then it goes flat again. Some one should sue big joe chairs, the landfill's are full ot it's toxic waste.

One Star

The bean bag lost its beans and shape so quickly.

make my son happy

everything great

Adults or children can lay comfortably

Awesome . I bought it for my 9 year old but I can fit or lay on it comfortably. Very good quality!

What a Lounge Chair for a big guy!

I bought the chair for my husband who had wanted this chair since last year- so I bought is and it is big enough for him to lounge on- he is 6'4" and it is great! He loves it. Money well spent.


Son loves

Worth the money. Shipping was fast, item packaged well.

We love this bean bag. It is soft and very volumous. Easy to move with two people, the handles are super helpful. The dogs like it too. The only thing I can recommend is if you are giving this as a gift and want to inspect it first, you will need an alternative place to store it, as it will NOT fit back into the box. Laugh away, because that was me trying to jam it back in. This thing is way bigger than the box when opened. Hope that’s helpful.

Love it! Just a cool bean bag

We added some foam to it for more firmness, but the bean bag is great. When unzipping, use a paper clip to grab hold of the zipper mechanism, there is a lock preventing it from unzipping that is released when using a paper clip. Good idea too!

So Cool!

I bought two of these for the teen room at church and they are a huge hit!! I sneak in and lay on them from time to time myself!

I have two

Have two for my house and love them! They are great for when we have several teens over to the house for extra seating!

Love this!

Love it! So comfortable to sit or sleep in. Perfect for my teenagers room!!!

Not round but very soft.

So this isn’t round!!! Lol! It’s oblong by a LOT! So the only way 2 can be on it is if they aren’t sighted in! Otherwise one laying long ways works! It is soft and the kids love it but not being round is aBUMMER!

It is so comfortable

It is so comfy and cozy. Im already looking at ways to make it a permanent fixture in my livingroom and have claimed it as all mine.

Great present for the holidays

Amazing , me and my friends are always watching movies on this. Comfortable, relaxed and recommend.

smells awful- not as comfortable as I hoped.

Disappointed. Not comfortable and has an awful memory foam odor. This will be going in the basement.

So comfy!

I go it for my hubby. He loves how comfy it is. Like a huge nest. Fits the whole family. Great for watching TV.


Great big size and stuffed well.

Really nice bean bag chair

Real nice

Looks good but not made very well :(

My daughter loves this thing. It just arrived today. Unfortunately, one small section is already not made securely so I am anticipating that the threads will continue to open and weaken and then this lovely chair will end up spitting foam everywhere!

Super comfy!

I bought this for my daughter...she loves it, can't get her off the thing! She's had friends sleep over on it, and they all agreed it's really awesomely comfortable. A bit tough to get out of, so not for older folks, and I deducted one star because it doesn't hold it's shape like the picture at have to shake and fluff and sort of remold it from time-to-time because it squashes out when you lay on it, but still a great purchase and very decent price.


First bean bag and I have trouble watching tv on this thing. It’s sooooo comfy I fall asleep in minutes. Amazingly cozy for one or two. LOVE IT!!!

Wont buy another one

It didnt last. Its slumps now didnt even have it a month and the chair is terrible. It doesn't even look like a chair anymore. Bought it for my boys to sit on while playing their game. They wont even sit in it anymore cause its uncomfortable.


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